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tv   Rewind Silent Bombs  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2020 4:00am-5:01am +03

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we revisit a game i'm just here really invests in now, and that's a privilege. as a journalist, the pool the world i'm given allendale, how the top stories on al-jazeera. the 2nd u.s. drug may come and has announced it's asking regulate, is there. and in the european union for emergency approval for its covert 90 vaccine, then it says its final trial results confirm it's more than 94 percent effective. the u.s. health secretary says if everything goes to plan federal approval for vaccines could be granted in the coming weeks. with pfizer, we have the f.d.a. announced an advisory committee for december the 10th. and if everything is on track, everything proves out what, what it appears to be. we could be looking at approval within days after that
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midair knows basically one week behind that. and general perna has said from operation work speed that will ship within 24 hours of f.d.a. authorization. so we could be seeing both of these vaccines out and getting into people's arms before christmas has more on this from the white house. well, they're hoping their own $20000000.00 vaccinations might be available in the run up to the end of the year. no, the priority would obviously be health care workers. then you're talking about nursing homes, not just the residents, but also the staff are working there and then frontline workers getting the vaccine . me seem relatively easy when it comes to the next stage, which is of course, getting the vaccine to people and getting it into people's arms. and already we're seeing from one government watchdog seeing that 17 states believe that there could be greatly or completely concerned about supply. so they may well have the vaccine, but the difficulty might be that they don't have the needles to inject it,
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or they don't have the syringes to inject it. so all of these logistical problems have to be addressed before people can start saying, well, this is good news. they're hoping december 21st might be the day that we start seeing people being vaccinated, which is an incredible amount of time given that the vaccine really only started to get public awareness back in march. so you're talking about $45.00 times quicker than any vaccine in medical history. so that is quite incredible. but of course there's a big job to be done after that. so 20000000 in the initial stages. and then the drug companies are hoping that somewhere between 500000000 and 1000000000 people will be vaccinated in 2021. it's a hope, it's a realistic hope they think. but there's still a long way to go. the u.s. battleground states, arizona, and wisconsin have become the latest to certify joe biden's, action victories, trunk campaign, and republican policy challenge. the arizona results in court. trump is expected to
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continue appealing the results. meanwhile, the president elect is moving ahead with his transition. he's nominated former federal reserve chair janet yellen to the post a treasury secretary and a d.m. all who will be the 1st black and deputy treasury secretary deforestation, and brazil's amazon region has surged to a 12 year high. the area of land destroyed has sharply increased since president jaya both came to power in 2018 and relaxed environmental regulations increases. being blamed on a combination of forest fires and an out of control logging industry. the u.s. secretary of state is urging the ethiopian prime minister to end the fighting in the north into great region. prime minister told ethiopia's parliament federal forces are in full control of the regional capital mechanic. however, the great people's liberation front says fighting is still going home. turkey is tightening coronavirus restrictions after a record number of deaths for the 8th consecutive day. 188 people have died in the
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last 24 hours. full lock downs will be imposed on the weekend and curfews will be imposed on weekdays. the turkish medical association says hospitals are stretched to capacity. iran's top nuclear scientist has been laid to rest until there was assassinated on friday. around z.-z. is a blaming israel for the killing and evolved to retaliate. france's government has dropped a controversial draft all that would restrict the publishing of images of police. the bill sponsor large protests on sunday, fueled by anger. over a video of police beating a black man in paris, critics of the law say it could prevent such incidents from being exposed and your version of the bill will be submitted. but as the headlines, more news on algis, there are to rewind, silent bombs, stay with us. hello
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and welcome once again to rewind. i'm come on santa maria zuber english back in 2006, and in the more than a decade since then, we've built up a library of award winning documentaries here on rewind, where revisiting some of the best of them. and looking at how the story has moved on today, the threat of nuclear war is once more on the table with north korea carrying out a series of missile launches in recent months. and back in september,
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news emerged of an underground nuclear test in north korea, which registered the equivalent of a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. kim jong un's north korea is the only country to have carried out nuclear tests this century. after the u.n. passed a resolution banning testing back in 1906, but the terrible legacy of testing is still being felt more than 5000 kilometers away beyond mongolia and northern china. over a 40 year period, we're talking $949989.00. soviet union exploded, 460 nuclear bombs in eastern about 200000 villages. living near the test site were exposed to high levels of radiation, often deliberately and the effects of the testing program have been passed down and intensified in generations. born decades later today, we are rewinding to 2009 and silent bombs a film by jerry sperling, who travels accounts exam to document the human cost of nuclear tests.
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for centuries, horse has been being loved by the catholic people. very simple and the central asian step. but for decades now, a dark cloud has hung over the spirit people between 19491990, the soviet union exploded almost 500 nuclear bombs, only miles from their diligence and a test site called polly la jolla . all of this to me and said you know, good song,
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good looking, good clean those the ball of the sea is their will over the summer boy. oh boy, in the book 41 characters i'm about to get in the best little car, but it didn't try to work shop caught up on a lot. lot lot mcguinn was a pretty good book about it. i know you didn't get it, but it forthwith. well that's going to wipe out a lot of cookies among that truck
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liquidity. the new comedy that has come just because of what the times that i was on. i've not seen bush tax cuts be chopped salad cut costs, just one piece. hahaha cannot solve the lawyer better sound just for the one see on tickin premiums shafts, question court. it was inevitable
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that the health of the people who live so close to the nuclear blasts would deteriorate. doctor saw dramatic increases in low blood pressure, miscarriages, skin diseases, breast cancer, throat cancer, new system, diseases, memory loss, mental retardation, and physical deformities. he said you were too late, you already were early. he would begin to think you get what you want your career while all that can are really running for the shooters rushers, are you going to bring your special struggle you notice, which are almost not for the most astute looking jurors and the way it
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is just a portrait of them, but it isn't going to get it. sunny cressy. my sister there, but i told her only as soon well because that man on the right is a christian, wasn't it all to roll over when the crew of interest rates were to go up there to complete the pilot warning. i said just when they were going to shove, is from the our treasure when they get to $200.00 a torch. and that's what it was from grimstone bit of just trying to get her to some of those on the ground there who are going by country
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one more desert west in the us. that's one move put on the whole cheney and sits in the east palace. that's a chest the but too little to use. you all should just yes. people who partied with you to this question asked much more
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to do much to do was lots of things did basically up obama, the mother of god or you're a human or you know, god like eucharist or if it's a simile is here you posting that other innocent i wanna mention a video and the last 10 years have done you yet don't know how much you say or sasha would get unstuck either. so he's here yet. if she got into it was necessary, of course,
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for both superpowers to continually test their nuclear arsenal. the big question was, where should this be done? soviet union leaders quickly zeroed in on kazakstan. it's a huge country, the 9th largest in the world, with a sparse population of only 15000000 people. a region the size of belgium in the northeast part of calixto, near the city and so many politicians was selected. it was called the polygon. 'd 'd mileage which a star or the order of the water center
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the ship operator. well humor issue just you read the real board here but had yeah, sure. if your word is jellyfish, or there's a clear bill or didn't there with it or with, but you more because a stunning video, a girl might need to do a serious go say use it. arms are a little, it was more sophisticated to get the sticky. who of mr. moore, the deal, it will appear to go on to something need to gain a go in the end of their way to see the puzzles need to be suitable as deal with at the time. because a stance that they leave though, in the bill personally, showed them to only piccoli it when he was dissolved. the soviet government poured enormous resources into the development of nuclear weapons. an entirely new town
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with a population devoted to nuclear research was built on the edge of the public. they believe would be the reason for the work which you want. is that what you mean? you never give them a look. it's probably for you. nobody but you no, you, when you parallel or go to the cities each other it's collage to by media that's tiny at the edge of a bill passed by me and maybe the simple life is completely one up, you know, nestle new will. each of us either deeply cut or a lot of people are going to snip what i wish measure on their ma sign. it was too
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cool or more about what he originally. but his was the only thing a fist of any, i don't know how to read on august 29th 1949, the soviet union exploded its 1st nuclear bomb. the polygon proved to be the perfect test site. going to bust them when they promised p.p.s. hear something new to look at. there's a walkman at the ear off to get the seeing you chris at the top of the car with the one we just are and then we can make up a good idea to shoot for that. if you set up a push through, put that we see a press release take years, but he has the air product here that was to the mostly
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a chain. you please hear me too. it was said here, but those were more at the exit and i was toast. open to doing that, just inches of what i thought of auschwitz as that you or other sort us will surely play in their gear. he was some out there, but he has the ear so we were into a couple who are on year poor, medium schooling, him across the probably arthur meany. air show here are you on the phone? not noble of this nice little name. the impetus will come to see you go. i just missed it. moment, years ago, i thought, and yes, even they would look at it that bullet for thier secret out goof. i see of best come across. that was posted on here was the morning sun. i'm up and she knew nicole could get the money then you cause i've been dealing nationally. you want
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they split a lot of a bull about that. i mean only gable. you push up at the edge and they are registered yet they have died in may if that is all for you, but really when you because it is really where young has come under you believe, particularly if you're in this market, if you do pretty well, but only look at the stupid one, which is what your cancer
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people are still pondering. many better questions. at what point did soviet leaders understand that their nuclear testing was poisoning the local population? did they attend to the vergers or the kazakhs merely guinea pigs in the quest to produce weapons of mass destruction? during the 1950 s. same down, the cutoff was the chief radiologist in the soviet union's ministry of health. he was sent to the polygon as a government representative. he remembers meeting with soviet officials on one particular day in 1957. last by michel, it worked as
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a political question through brittania that many of the young we traded by. got their richard quickly delude you gotta stop me with people early start. i spy way more in with the yeah. you might appear the nurse was in the machine. they got the aftermath of the mullah evolved. but this one got the act of congress. that is but then you look at public should split a slaughter fish. can annie guest a pretty many good. they're going to look at gaining the law as the valar. the move was not i get that when you word a deer for you in your ears, james. that city year dr. brown chernoff was finally
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signed to head a medical team investigating the effects of radiation on the public eye. serious health problems from anemia to high incidence of cancer. schizophrenia which sometimes resulted in suicide cover. the report was duly sent to moscow and then disappeared. dr. brown was forbidden by law from traveling anywhere near the polling on the years go by. there was next to me. are you only me? i think overly. yes or a bit shaped is it that in the 1950 s. a research institute with a large staff of medical experts was set up in sydney pellet in school to study the effects of exposure to nuclear contamination. and there's a list broach of a bookseller's, the just been set of them, which did it really kill list just in the, in the bill is
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a little too good vision . i'm still basically at them simply has to be a share with them to do it for the sheer good that of water. but b. school and it has the same year of chicken about, but it would, it says dish at the will. ocean city as the shark, no of 2 m. in the water say it's come so use if they are going to put up with another one of them. but the one near the cookie for process will go to double that. like a scared bunny. it's a center that there is deeply serious confuse it over to that that not just need a bigger chance here. that is plenty to eat them, decorate them by machine literature. there's the muck. you couldn't, you have the time is still the really critical mass. dr. gooses and his team
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also traveled to the villages near the polygon. they found serious illnesses, particularly long and breast cancers, which had been very rare until the nuclear testing. years later, he studied a sample of the affected population until august because of where they were, mr. smith goes to the shooting year with at the group took a go at it. a year was not stopped idea with enough joyously you could look at the gossip which in you give, you have to divert us a bit of a shot at the cup live with what i said. it was said at the go, we're closer than in your security way. the doctor who says teams are provided with sophisticated equipment to diagnose the disease. it's caused by radiation contamination and they kept good records which were sent to the soviet authorities . but how did this research benefit the villagers to just? yes, they yell or so that charity cheat that they are put through it. is that that
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particular loser? almost a celebrity just didn't need it. you'll see 1st moved out of the absolute. they were live to 90 way and leave the meaning yet, even though it was there when the a pit bull, the girl, their leader here they say, leave the editorial producer of your dog immediately visit a body bomb. if you're going to see video at the shrubberies or slow cooked or mirror, what that the body on study of see what it was, it will see it. but the more thought emotion of sort of the early kotori bit stale civil court regarding the 70 and it wasn't just cancer villages were treated as human guinea pigs. ordinary suited soldiers were also victims of their government's relentless determination to produce weapons of mass destruction.
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the suspect then you get a lot of that is that all your denials through store mall is syria and that he just said it said that as it were, but it is the i'm almost still deeply in the dark. i mean the from the get the the idea that we needed to win, but i would give it is, but then, but it's given little chair. it's not style. apostle much. not all, but no, paul or my mr. you do good or for the other way, but of government with germany and your newsgroup, which was delighted some of those money up us history when you watch in the us. for others of us prefer d.d. above rough the mushroom and we human. you make you work, that's what the machine you're so pretty you. but the extra much, you know when is, are you the mature live?
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we're the born grow, stupid. you measure me or some of us go for them and call them a boo. not your pretty sure to do to you to smooth with them when you know much will saw the mirror make you glad you should the way or the gloves are gone. when you got up to give them what you do for problem vause reports, gene, you, you, your one. so that would be good just been said are going to stay in, is that all the excel that system we did in those us that in the dealing need. there's a new with them deal of don't store which it is a good visit of chester with them straight on. yes, it is clear that there are going is that support but there is no excel that.
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ringback i knew in jealous just become part of most of sere, for me live in that you wouldn't believe doesn't talk to doesn't mean you know prison i should vote for the other, but i was a key figure of the early 20th century arab literary scene and a feminist writer had ever had time. so why did her story and in such tragedy, al-jazeera won't expose the life and why of maisie arda on al-jazeera
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as a 2nd wave of covert, 19 brings us surgeon infections. a few months ago, there were dozens of cases a day. now if we chose 2000 and countries and force new measures to curb contagion, this is the 1st step for the government of mass testing. the entire population. scientists are on the brink of releasing new vaccines to reduce the spread of the virus. will it be enough to bring the global health crisis to an end, the coronavirus on them a special coverage on a jazeera after world war 2, france's great empire began to unravel in vietnam to most people. it was throwing themselves into the streets, bursting with joy, kissing each other. and algeria, years until she asked if the indochina mean that many, steve biko french army, why not that? the decline continues an episode or 2 of blood and tears. the french to colonize
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ation. on al-jazeera to the top stories on u.s. drug, they committed or is seeking approval from american and european regulators. the agency use of its coronavirus sexy u.s. health excrete says if everything goes to plan federal approval for the scenes could be granted in the coming weeks. with pfizer, we have the f.d.a. announced an advisory committee for december the 10th. and if everything is on track, everything proves out what, what it appears to be. we could be looking at approval within days after that. madonna's basically one week behind that general perner has from operation works speed that will ship within 24 hours of f.d.a.
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authorization. so we could be seeing both of these vaccines out and getting into, people's arms before christmas. the u.s., battleground states, arizona, and wisconsin have become the latest to certify joe biden's election victories. the charm campaign and republican party had challenge the arizona results. of course, trump is expected to continue appealing the results. deforestation in brazil's amazon region has surged to a 12 year high. the area destroyed has grown sharply since president jaya balls. a lot of came to power in 2018 and relaxed environmental regulations is being blamed on a combination of forest fires and an out of control logging industry. the u.s. secretary of state is urging the ethiopian prime minister to end the fighting in the northern tier, a region prime minister told ethiopia's parliament federal forces are in full control of the regional capital mechanic. however, the 2 great people's liberation front says fighting is still going on. turkey is
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tightening, grown a virus restrictions after a record number of deaths for the 8th consecutive day. 188 people have died in the last 24 hours for lockdowns will be imposed on the weekend. and curfews will be imposed on weekdays. the turkish medical association says hospitals are stretched to capacity around the top nuclear scientist has been laid to rest in tehran most and there was assassinated on friday. iran's leaders are blaming israel for the killing and a valid to retaliate. france's government has dropped a controversial draft law that would restrict the publishing of images police. the bill sparked a large protest on saturday, fueled by anger over a video of police beating a black man in paris to stay with us. the news continues on al-jazeera. after rewinds sign a bomb in 1963, the united states and the soviet union signed a test ban treaty,
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which prohibited the explosion of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere. she just all of us, just so this is a sphere to cuba. i took to be here to help carry atmospheric explosions ceased at the polygon. but that didn't mean nuclear testing halted. it simply moved underground. 340 bombs were exploded in the bowels of the poly. don't you but you made the point yet at the poorest usual last vadar. but xemu what it is,
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i'm a chast that is a mass ballistic ship. others are wily. i don't know bomb over braswell or addictively immune thing. you would years roll a bullet pretty much any minute you diminished when he put it into but you have only one of a kind of they are staunchly and then we're going to see his mullah
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put on his hot mike what more and more often there are just as good phone shifted all article one i need in what i read there school instruments says you wouldn't because what all sides of the thunder feel knew what was but when you see me of supposedly free will and went to the table with i didn't astonish any of any that's in there was a study with a shock to the man with a deep question. mr. what is an area? and i was there when that adjustable foot of the katherine lee bridge in their time, i thought, i'm illiterate mother of the degree that a leper,
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the more you are still new, but they're not yet nothing. when you get to do a test, let's kill him for what item would do when you put it a bit and put him there. that was the instruction and asking you to list the biggest mistake in this thing is to actually take these, do you seriously post me to wonder? what does it say with his li, does your business to mobile left? the building was too, unless he doesn't with the sub akki. yes, the cheers to that he asked us a fun seat. here's
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a gentleman just putting down any further. you must of course, no longer meet or understand i'm going to get talked into what messed me up for possible, but i'm just as we're going to trip over this rolling wall looking for more and of course you better hold something but i'm for the good job a mess going to cause me to want to disconnect, but sort of get into when you say you're going to iraq. you're so sorry. you started to come to the company. and congress are going to stooge before to produce you or to let it big parties are long gone,
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assert their authority to do their very good. what are the greatest tragedy the kazakh people face is the ill health of their children. the dire effects of the radiation contamination are seeping down from one generation to another human a yes yes. government that doesn't know most admit it yet it prevents upon the streets. everybody approving would you do set the record in your closet of liquid gold without the geneva women,
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you're going to spit that to speculate an image, but only ditty. but soon as that, no good word of us dollars erodes the, it's easy to lose, put on your idea that you know, when you believe in this, we have needed where the clip gives you, who are going to submit it to give you some it is to get a store and is just in the slow it down which you know, it's not merely one of them is below on the no, no, it is just in there preaching there a new initiatives, the same one. this is the way that i would say it was this year. there are good
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company and of the case of the sort of middle of a tech there, there is a way, it's a participatory and as a web summit, each given what that same summit is across, it's a stop at center period. they are subpoenas, that nonnegative us the path and i mean it's a strange claim and if it's a consistent hands of attached member of the press and they need to militarization of a thief scandal, even if it's going to take my own minister to say he hasn't taken thomas and hit him, but a mum i wish list of serious civilian finest years and i believe i am clearly so arsonists resisting political have to sit on you for 3. smelly, cause and make me my postage scanning me. i'm in your position, but it's got on the steep inescapable process that in his persistent click when
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you group convictions is ok or the district attorney replied cripps, in the rain and blog on the initial raudonikis to see who is really pretty quick question. it is just that arsonist assume you're a democratic strategists because i discovered there are other talk over near by the tech you cover the c.b. model of the study of those studies. yes, it has in the blue chips minute by minute and others who have more muscle than water. do you have
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a spot on the blue or the alter just like lauren that was a lot of eyes for anyone. want to just touch what was wanted just as pulled in by oh, just super, just small talk or want to kill the world with the engine. oncology of our all out quickly is a bargain dong is the 12 that cannot hold until one of the kisser seriously. you probably have to single me to give you simply must be a lot more than just for me. this was a little education drawn last year. the moon, a prison in canada. i stood in a stream national political. you had to bustling in years to give me your name
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because i started to sweat nationally. school became a chance is a bit of a mr. bush, both of us by reality of us you know, sort of took over, you wouldn't sleep with bill and mr. you still are, of course, which is a statement you're a mr. bush will cut you. thank you because i should put it off by being jewish and whether there was a just cause i started like i'd not be human. but at opposite way, i do not say when i'm drunk, that the children should get a couple years because of the posters that look at the start of a source, going to see the social customs, but also the promotion of it. you are pushing the brady permission i was going to be on the atmosphere, is that if you are going to secure the site yet, they used what the quit the course for just because of that. one said, i have come to go cause it's in my sleep if you, but knew your motivation for me to wear it at a video on you,
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but you gonna cut it all not usually assume that i see what it was useful. simple. that's completely gone. so beautifully szell's have long blamed the poor health of the polygon, villagers on anything but exposure to nuclear contamination. it was the fault of poor diet, inadequate sanitation, a harsh climate, and the faulty genes of the kazakh people from time immemorial. and her kashagan of us is a kazakh filmmaker who in 1900 confronted soviet officials with the facts about the polygon that sydney morning, out of the book. it seems to temper is what it is now that the 7 is it in me,
4:45 am
but i'm most i me or me at all. but it's all when you look to those to know this attitude has not changed much in the russia of today. he really did pass of is a senior radio chemist in st. petersburg. what years later here, bust through it like years ago. have got my dear. it would look like yours across syria that are all you can imagine. or news is news when you look probably on your believe the kazakstan government hands are barely adequate pensions. small payouts and free health care to the victims of radiation contamination. but the russians categorically refuse to accept any responsibility for the poisoning of the people of the polygon.
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in february, 1900, rumors spread to underground tests of the polygon that exploded into the atmosphere . the kazakh population growth armed silliman off is a beloved kazakh poet, is based here everything others will never see, but that most of us see it. you're going to get advantage because even if the us is that i don't see him, yes, let us agree which it is little work in the movie screen, but you don't it's quite soon. the men are called a public meeting. we don't know about your fear. we think will not get over. it won't be argued that it
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would done much good if we could. we could also see the serious political him coming down the lift, get a read on a key, be the biggest task. this needs to be less skilled in business, he would be a good new board could, could have studied what effect teach him to place the movement towards democracy in the soviet union facilitated the nationwide protest. all the signs, all the good policy good whiskas only at the idea was a dumb decision you're quite there with discussed on local book need only choice for a larger audience. of all good, honest citizens movement to
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a successful in 1990 on nuclear testing ceased in the polygon of kazakstan. in 1902. soon after independence from the soviet union, the country became a nuclear free cell son of a padded cell. all of the sudden however, the horror has not gone away. levels of radiation in some parts of the holy ghost remain 10 times higher than normal. the bad. yeah, but idealist yet again. why did you pick up a book in that city? as i did up there watching, it was so quiet again at a party played out of my lap. do you know you're at the map in your ear? what is a postcard you reward iyam of what a slug. oh my god. you got me granted,
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sometimes not coming when you deliver, but using your method of just the money doesn't follow. doesn't close on to a little news to most of all of us to not get to the world of love in the sight of a lot of the want people to love the hours, almost similar to the one looking to see where with them live. you only to meet the other worst of simplest of the some lonely is this the most recent years? are a little zillion. not a predicate for these images of the mr. i don't know what's with
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the scars and we'll call them up her chair and wait to see what it's of them to where i'm wish.
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silent bombs a disturbing reminder of the long term consequences of nuclear testing. but since
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that film to add a new field of research has emerged, as a member, i mentioned the north korean nuclear test at the start of this program, the one which registered as the equivalent of a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. well, it wasn't a natural earthquake, of course, but just 8 minutes later and a little over 5 kilometers away. there was another earthquake, a real one, measuring 4 point one real in the sense that it wasn't a bomb, but it definitely wasn't natural. it's what's known as a human induced earthquake and there are a lot more of them. then you might think, and we're going to discuss that now with professor julian folger, who's compiled a database of more than $700.00 earth quakes, which were probably caused by human activity professor. it's a pleasure to have you with us. can you talk me through that second earthquake, which i described there in north korea, iran and what it was this earthquake, which was 8 minutes afterwards. it could have been simply
4:53 am
a geological fault that had been induced to slip, or it could possibly have been implosion of the huge cavity that's formed by the test. it's well known that this occurs, it's been observed many times. for example, at the nevada test site with american nuclear testing and following these tests, there's such a disruption of the local stress fail that swarms of earthquakes often occur. what's been to your knowledge, the biggest of these human induced earthquakes? the biggest earthquake which has been proposed on scientific grounds to have been human induced is the 2008 magnitude 7.9. when trying a quake in the people's republic of china. this has been proposed to have been triggered, started off by filling a reservoir locally. and because of the nature of earthquakes, they just require
4:54 am
a little jog to set them going and then they can just keep on normal and develop into a big earthquake. and that is, is possibly what happened on this occasion. so then, how careful do we, as humans now need to be if this is you. so you've got a database of 700 of these potential quakes. what do we need to be thinking about more when building things or living off explosions or whatever it might be? how, how much more careful do you think we have to be everybody i think was surprised at the huge range of activities that can induce earthquakes. and these include mining, filling reservoirs, building tall buildings, extracting gas and oil. and i could go on and on. so when we build a big project, we have a mine, we have a reservoir, we explore in oil or gas, or just thermal reservoir or something like this. of course is great economic benefit, but there's always a downside there, industrial accidents,
4:55 am
there are road accidents. there's environmental damage in this kind of thing. and we now realise that there can, can also be induced earthquakes. and this needs to be added to the portfolio of health and safety hazards that should be managed whenever a big project is undertaken. do you think hydro schemes need to be perhaps rethought? i mean, they are a very popular way of generating energy. you'll see, you know, hydroelectric dams all over the world, but do we need to rethink that sort of scheme? there's definitely a case for including seismic monitoring equipment when a dam is built in the reservoirs impounded and also doing geological investigations to assess what the seismic risk might be. so where in the world are you seeing this issue the most is that i mean i think of earthquakes, i think of somewhere like california for example, or japan. well, one would have to say oklahoma, because the state of oklahoma in the united states,
4:56 am
used to not be very seismically active a tall. they were just a few earthquakes and very it was very rare that any of them troubled anybody. but because of the increase in the oil and gas operations there and also changes in strategy such as injecting large amounts of weight sporter, oklahoma has gone from being completely off the map when it comes to earthquakes, to being more seismically active than california. just funny, do you get any pushback professor from your research people saying not just not true? 1st of all i'd like to get on the radar screen. quite database is completely freely available to everybody from w w. w dot induced earthquake. org. but what we think coded in it is not just earthquakes or earthquake sequences that were absolutely 100 percent certain were induced by human activity. we've included everything that
4:57 am
has been proposed on scientific grounds. so the database comes with a caveat emptor or that. here's the database. here's everything that's been published and it's up to you to make your own decision about whether you believe this or that case. professor jim involves or what a fascinating topic and i'm really glad we could talk to you about it. thank you so much for your time. it was a pleasure, kemal. thank you. and that is it for us to join us again next week, and also check out the rewind page at al-jazeera dot com for more films from the series. i'm come on santa maria, thanks for joining us. to see you again soon in 2008, traveled across the united states, discovering what it was like to be both a patriotic american and a devout muslim. can you be muslim and american, you know how to be american 1st. i didn't have much appreciation for why it would
4:58 am
be a big deal that a muslim to be elected to the united states congress want, has changed. rewind islam in america on al-jazeera. hello the cold air will come to shared so far, significantly in the next 2 or 3 days 1st of all this massive cloud up here, which means on the warm side drains, going offshore on the columns, turkey and it will bring some star briefly as far south as georgia, the more concentrated lays up in the that will further those to be honest,
4:59 am
west virginia northwards not cold edge towards the east coast snow for a time. then the tocsin is colder. there are breaks of snow over the rockies, but nothing significant here. but if you follow the wind direction, trust florida than he or not, is that cold over the warm waters generated yet again, pretty heavy rain, stormy conditions, i think quite possible up through texas to oklahoma in the backwash here is also more snow for the texas panhandle. that's something we need to probably watch by the middle of the week. and as that cold front, the one that gives you the rain in the east coast comes out through cuba towards mexico and delays out of the significant role. particularly on this lower end and overground that doesn't need any more potential flooding. the seasonal rains existing, concentrating over costa rica and little less over panama, in the caribbean. this time the you tend to get daily showers for the time being. they're largely absent.
5:00 am
what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through here. and i just, we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. american drug test 6, emergency approval for its covered 900 vaccines from health regulations in the u.s. and europe from canada. all this is all just there a lot from dar also coming up. a double blow for donald trump's attempts to overturn his election defeat. 2 more states certified joe biden as the deforestation of the brazilian rain forest hits a 12 year high government figures, reveal the scale of destruction under president both an adult and artificial.


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