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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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as the journey of a man. who after losing his freedom and his marriage is left all mended with concern. over the future of his daughter. the reminder on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes protests on capitol hill where the confirmation hearing for donald trump's supreme court is set to get under way. 48 hours into a cease fire reports of more shelling in the. threatens the shaky truce between armenia and azerbaijan. iran can separate politicians are implicated in
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a scheme to sell e.u. possible routes to criminals we have an exclusive investigation. more coronavirus restrictions expected to be imposed in england for temporary hospitals have been put on standby because of a surge in infections. and install a bron james in the. back on top of the basketball world the lakers have ended their 10 year wait to win the n.b.a. championship. and we begin this hour in the united states where the divided senate is now charging ahead with confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee amy kone barrett republicans are trying to rapidly confirm barack before november's election and expand the court's conservative majority protesters for and against the confirmation have been chanting outside the court in pouring rain as the hearing
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gets underway a seat opened up after the death of liberal justice ruth bader ginsburg her dying wish was for her replacement to be chosen after the presidential election alan fisher is joining us live on capitol hill amy connie barrett is. it's going to be subject to some of the most intense scrutiny in the senate hearing isn't it. but that the democrats have got to be careful how they frame this because they got a great deal of criticism after the way they conducted. themselves during the hearing into just this break cavanagh you'll remember that lindsey graham is now the chairman of the judiciary committee attacked them for trying to destroy a man after he was accused of sexually assaulting someone at a party in his teenage years so they've got a fine line to trade here their argument is that this should not be taking place a toll to go back to 4 years ago when. justice antonin scalia died and the
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republicans refused to allow a vote to be held in the senate for justice merrick garland who was nominated by democratic president barack obama this time around they say it's different because the president is republican but the senate is largely controlled by the public and they give me i'm going to introduce i'm going to interrupt you there because senator lindsey graham who's the chair of the judicial committee has just started speaking we want to hear what he has to say. i doubt if there's any room in the country's been given more attention in detail to make sure is c.d.c. compliant the architect of the capitol working with the attending physician has said that we can safely. do our business similarly is that been cleared by your physician welcome back the cobra problem in america is real is serious is dangerous and we have to mitigate the risk and we just let every
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american know that many of you are going to work today. and your employer will take care of your health care needs but we do have a country that needs to move forward safely and there are millions of americans cops waitresses nurses you name it going to work today to do their job and we're going to work in the senate to do our job and one of the most important jobs the senate judiciary committee will ever do. is have herring thank you confirm a justice to the supreme court so for housekeeping purposes. the 1st day has traditionally been opening statements by my colleagues will do 10 minute rounds and everybody i have 10 minutes to talk about their views of the hearing and what this is all about then we will have a panel to introduce judge barrett and she will make a note statement will try to finish mid afternoon at that's possible then tuesday
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and wednesday will be long days will be 30 minute rounds for every senator followed by a 20 minute round my goal is to complete that wednesday at some kind of reasonably reasonable hour in the in the evening thursday will begin the markup i intend to hold it over and bring the committee back on the 22nd to vote on the nomination so if i may i'll start off with a opening statement and say why are we here number one. justice ruth bader ginsburg died on september the 18th. what can you say about judge justice ginsburg she was confirmed 96 to 3. now those who are days that have since passed i regret that. 96 to 3 this was a person who worked for the a.c.l.u. someone who was known in progressive circles as an icon. apparently just about
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every republican voted for her. her good friend on the court justice scalia i think got 97 votes i don't know what happened between then and now because there's we can all take some blame but i just want to remind everybody there was a time in this country where someone like ruth bader ginsburg was seen by almost everybody is qualified for the position of being on the supreme court understanding that she would have a different philosophy than many of the republicans who voted for her 27 years on the court before becoming a member of the court she was an active litigator pushing for more equal justice and better write better rights for women throughout the country her close friend
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until that his death justice glee scalia called her the leading and very successful litigator on behalf of women's rights the 3rd good marshall of that cause what high praise. i can't say any more than that statement says in my view the person appearing before this committee is in a category of excellence something the country should be proud of and she will have a chance to make her get her case to be a worthy successor and to become the knight member of the supreme court of the united states on september the 26 judge amy barrett was nominated by president trump to the supreme court who is she she
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is a judge sitting on the 7th judicial circuit. she's holly respected she was a professor at notre dame 3 years during that tenure she was chosen by the students to being the best professor which i'm sure is no easy task in any college. she's while it marred for her integrity she grew up in new orleans graduated from rhodes college in memphis tennessee in 1904 graduated summa cum laude in person or class from notre dame law school in 1997 so academically she's very gifted she clerked for judge laurence silberman on the u.s. court of appeals for the d.c. circuit and then for justice scalia on the supreme court she practiced law in washington d.c.
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she joined the path will be at notre dame in 2002. she's published numerous articles in prestigious journals including the columbia university of virginia and cornell law review she's been a circuit court judge at the 7th circuit since 2017 she was confirmed to that position in a bipartisan with a partisan vote she has heard hundreds of cases in that capacity. she said i clerked for justice scalia more than 20 years ago but the lessons i learned still resonate his judicial philosophy is mine. a judge must apply the law as written judges are not policy makers and they must be resolute in setting as any policy views they might hold she will give her statement but i think that is
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a good summary of who she is. that sue amy baird is in terms of the law terms amy barrett the individual she and her husband have 7 children to adopt. so 9 seems to be a good number for. the process this is an election year we're confirming the judge in election year after the voting has occurred. what will happen is that my democratic colleagues will say this is never been done and they're right in this regard nobody's i think they ever been confirmed electioneer past july the bottom line is justice ginsburg when asked about this several years ago said that a president serves 4 years not 3 there's nothing unconstitutional about this process this is a vacancy that is a kurd they're a tragic loss of
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a great woman and we're going to fill that vacancy with another great woman the bottom line here is that the senate is doing its duty. constitutionally tested judge garland the opening that occurred with the passing of justice scalia was in the early part of an election year the primary process it just started and we can talk about history but here's the histories i understand it. there's never been a situation where you had a president of one party in the senate of another where the nominee of the replacement was made in election years been over 140 years ago i think there been 19 vacancies filled in election year 17 in the 19 were confirmed to the court when the party of the president in the senate or the saying. in terms of timing. the hearing is starting 16 days after nomination more than half of all supreme
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court hearings have been hill within 16 days of the announcement of the nominee stevens tan rehnquist 1313 blackman 15 berger 13. all i can say is that i feel that we're doing this constitutionally they're our democratic friends object to the process i respect them all they'll have a chance to have their say but most importantly i hope we will know more about how the law works. checks and balances what the supreme court is all about is over. well this hearing a lot of people on our side just ram it through i hear that a lot as well i don't listen to the radio much anymore so the bottom line is i think it's important this is a live to the point appointment i would like the world in the country to know more
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about judge barrett i'm proud of you and we're proud of what you've accomplished on that you're a great choice by the president this is probably not about persuading each other unless something really dramatic happens all republicans will vote yes democrats will vote no and that will be the way to break out of the vote but the hearing is a chance for democrats to dig deep into her philosophy appropriately ask her about the law how she would be different. what's on her mind gives republicans a chance to do the same thing most importantly it gives you a chance the american people to find out about judge bear judge for yourself is this the person is this person qualified.
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if she is qualified is sort of marin kagan at think so these were 2 nominees presented to the committee by president obama they had a different legal philosophy than my own but i never doubted one moment that they were not qualified. the corsican kavanaugh were qualified the senate in the past has looked at qualifications more than anything else we've taken a different path at times bork thomas alito kavanah i hope we don't take that path with judge greer she doesn't deserve that and i don't think it makes this hearing any better in the american people believe we're not deserve a repeat of those episodes and the senate judiciary committee is history to my democratic colleagues i respect you all we've done some things together and
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we've had some fights in this committee i've tried to give you the time you need to make your case and you have every right in the world to make your case i think i know how the vote is going to come out but i think judge barrett is required for the good of the nation to submit your questions and ours this is going to be a long contentious week and we just asked one thing of the committee to the extent possible let's make it respectful let's make it challenging let's remember the world is watching senator feinstein. thanks very much mr chairman and i i do want to just address your last statement we feel the same way and i believe we want this to be a very good hearing and i certainly will strive to do my best to achieve that. good
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morning judge farrah and welcome to you and your family less than one month ago the nation lost one of our leading voices for equality ruth bader ginsburg less a very big shoes to fill judge ginsburg love the law and she loved this country she worked all of her life to ensure that the opening words of our constitution we the people of the united states in order to form a more perfect union included all the people not just a few elite few she was a standard bearer for justice and justice ginsburg's nomination was the 1st one that i participated in when i came to the senate and it was a real thrill to be part of that crowded in celebratory hearing for someone who had broken down barriers and reopened doors and staunchly believed in
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a woman's right to full equality and autonomy and filling judge ginsburg seat the stakes are extraordinarily high for the american people both in the short term and for decades to come most importantly health care coverage for millions of americans is at stake with this nomination so over the course of these hearings my colleagues and i will focus on that subject we will examine the consequences if and that's a big if republicans succeed in rushing this nomination through the senate before the next president takes office but most him. courtly in just a few weeks on november 10th the supreme court will hear hearings in texas v california a case brought to strike down the america the
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a ca the president has promised to appoint justices who will vote to dismantle that law as a candidate he criticized the supreme court for upholding the law and said and i quote if i win the presidency my judicial appointments will do the right thing unlike bush's appointee john roberts on obamacare and quote and when he appointed judge barrett to fill justice ginsburg see the president said that eliminating the affordable care act would be quote a big win for the usa judge barrett you've been critical of chief justice roberts for his $54.00 opinion upholding the law stating that roberts quote put the affordable care act beyond its plausible meaning to save the statute and quote this well could mean that if judge barrett is confirmed american stand to lose
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benefits that the a c. a provide so i hope you will clarify that in this hearing. first more than 130000000 americans with preexisting conditions like cancer as i'm a or even cove at 19 could be denied coverage or charged more to obtain health insurance this in colludes more than 16800000 californians with preexisting conditions and we're just one state but i think you should know how we feel secondly some 12000000 working americans are covered through the a ca's medicaid expansion if the act is struck down they lose their health care 3rd more than 2000000 americans under the age of 26 are covered
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by their parents' health insurance and they could lose that coverage for birth insurers could charge higher premiums for women simply because of their gender and 5th women could lose access to critical preventive services and maternity care including cancer screenings and well woman visits now the bottom line is this there have been 70 attempts to reveal to repeal the a ca but clearly the effort to dismantle the law continues and they are asking the supreme court to strike down the affordable care act this i believe will cause tremendous harm consider people like christina munroe garcia of my home state at age 60 christina's eyesight started to fail because of
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cataracts she had always struggled to obtain of surance because their preexisting conditions including c sections and epilepsy the cause. of coverage when it was even offered to or average between $2503000.00 a month far more than she and her husband could afford in 2010 she was able to obtain coverage through the affordable care act within weeks she was able to have cataract surgery this saved her life christina described her reaction when she was able to get coverage through the california health exchange following passage of the a c. a and let me quote it was like mana from heaven i cried after all these years of struggling to obtain coverage i was able to get insurance through the california exchange no questions asked about my pre existing conditions the
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premium was worth $200.00 a month as compared to the 25023000 monthly payments i would have to pay before the a ca if i could even get an insurer to offer me coverage as christina further explained and i quote people just don't understand what it was like the incredible fear before the affordable care act having to war about being able to cover medical expenses and not being able to find affordable insurance and quote we can't afford to go back to those days when americans could be denied coverage or charged exorbitant amounts that's what's at stake for many of us for america with this nomination and that's why the questions we will ask and the views
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hopefully that you will share with us are so important we are now just 22 days from the election mr chairman voting is under way in 40 states. credit senate republicans are pressing forward full speed ahead to consolidate a court that will carry their policies forward with i hope some review for the will of the american people president trump said last week that he had quote exe's truck to my representatives to stop negotiation over a covert 19 relief package until after the election and quote and to quote focus full time on confirming judge parrot to the supreme court when justice scalia died in february of 216 senate republicans refused to consider a replacement for his c. until after the election at the time senator mcconnell said the american people
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should have a voice in the selection of their next supreme court justice when asked in october 2008 chain if republicans intended to honor their own rule if an opening were to come up in 2020 chairman graham promised quote if an opening comes in the last year a president trumps term and the primary process has started with wait until after the next election republicans should honor this word for their promise and let the american people be heard simply put i believe we should not be moving forward on this nomination not until the election has ended and the next president has taken office thank you mr chairman thank you very much senator feinstein senator grassley welcome judge. on march you're watching all jazeera bring you live pictures from
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capitol hill and the confirmation hearing for donald trump's pick for the supreme court to amy and we start off by hearing from the senator lindsey graham the republican senator lindsey graham the chairman of the senate committee on the judiciary since 2019 and he set out the opening remarks including a breakdown of the experience in publications of amy kone and i did a little bit of personal detail about that we then went to dianne feinstein who is a democrat she's the ranking senator on the committee and at this point i want to bring in alison fisher who's joining us live from capitol hill and you were telling us before that the democrats were having to be very careful about how they handled the questioning of this but it sounds very much from what dianne feinstein was saying that she's essentially setting the guidelines already she started talking about the affordable care act that's going to be negotiated discussed at some point
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in november and if amy tony barrett gets appointed she's going to have an influence on that. well a couple of interesting things 1st of all lindsey graham acknowledging the real politic of this moment the 22 members on the senate judiciary committee there are 12 republicans 10 democrats and he said that he expects the vote to go through on party lines and that is almost certainly what is going to happen before it goes to the floor senate he also made the point that justice ruth bader ginsburg whose death created this vacancy was confirmed by 96 votes to 3 eliminated the fact that that sort of thing doesn't happen anymore because it said we don't seem to he was making the point essentially that it divides now along partisan lines and that people are given a job or people vote against them not because they are qualified but because they feel that they would reflect their ideological views on the court interestingly he then went on to speak about merrick garland who of course was nominated by
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president barack obama and that in the final months of his presidency and if lindsey graham believes what ruth bader ginsburg said when presidents are elected for 4 years not 3 that should have gone through the senate but of course the republicans refused to hold a vote on that but he ignores that no one says that while the republicans are acting constitutionally even though as dianne feinstein pointed out he said just a couple of years ago if there was a vacancy in the primary process had already started then he wouldn't be inclined to hold a vote now not only is the primary process started it has finished we know who the nominees are and is dianne feinstein pointed out there is no voting in 40 states that she was essentially laying the battle plans for the democrats here the suspect that they're going to lose this forward and that we will be nominated to the supreme court before the election on november the 3rd but she is not making this about whether or not him equally but it is qualified to sit on the court but this is about the affordable health care act and they want to know what she is going to
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do because they believe that is under threat why because as you pointed out on november the 10th exactly a week after the election there will be a hearing. in the supreme court they will talk about the affordable health care act or obamacare as it became known and there is the possibility that it will strike down preexisting coverage for preexisting conditions and they believe democrats believe that with a 63 conservative majority that is more likely to happen oh by talking about preexisting conditions by over talking about the affordable health care act the democrats know that they're going to lose the vote here in the committee but they're hoping to mobilize public support they're hoping that people will start calling their republican senators and saying look you can do this to me because i could lose my preexisting health care coverage so this is a battle about what happens in the committee room but also what happens outside the committee room this is about exerting public pressure and the latest polls are to be believed then the majority of people in the united states want to hold this
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nomination process over until after the election what is clear from what we're hearing from the republicans that's not going to happen allan told let's talk about those protests but of course there are protests going on at the moment outside the hearing. yeah and i passed them on my way in there are hundreds of people there was where this morning the rain has stopped when i was coming in but there are more people see with for science seeing confirm. rather than on the opposite side. but this seems clearly organized it's clearly put together by groups like the heritage foundation who produced a list of judges that they handed to donald trump and here's what a seduce lee from the list. but the democrats know that a lot of people are tuning in on t.v. to watch this rather than stand outside where they might be able to listen to some of the hearing on the radio but people will be watching and they will see what
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happens on the night evening news shows as well if the are working and so this is all the vote not so much what happens in the room but it's about public pressure so the protesters are there and i'm sure the republicans will say see there is support to make sure that this nomination goes through but more people would like according to the pauls would like this whole process essentially to be in deep freeze and then considered after the election it's clear that with a $5347.00 majority in the thought senate itself even if you see that 2 of the republicans 2 republican senators have said that the don't particularly want to vote on this before the election the democrats still need to put enough pressure on to others to turn around and see we can't cast a vote at this stage and it seems unlikely certainly when there was the brick of course in 1000 at the white house in effect
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a number of senators one of them was senator mike lee from utah he is in place he is there we had lindsey graham see that he has been given new york clear by his physician to attend these hearings but it's just about making sure there's enough pressure on at least 2 republican senators that's all they need to flip to stop. this process but certainly what we've been hearing from the republicans over the weekend even with the protests in favor of. it it seems unlikely that this isn't going to go to a full vote on the house of the senate before november the thought and certainly seems like this 1st is going to be going on for the next few hours during that time we are going to be joining you again to find out what the latest says but for now allan thank you very much indeed still ahead on al-jazeera it's back to school for millions of children in africa after their 6 month coronavirus shut out. and in sports this south korean golfer has just claimed the biggest win of a career sonisphere with that story.
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corruption it is the invisible behind a wall of silence. against. corruption is not something to be told that. is a. long country his. let's destroy this wall. in 2020 the free space only encourages the heroes who are fighting against corruption this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption here i. nominate now. is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel
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and to spend that we meet with global news makers and the stories that matter. we want to go to syria a reminder of our top stories this hour a divided u.s. senate is now charging ahead with confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee amy kone barrett republicans are trying to rapidly confirm ballots before november's election and expand the court's conservative majority russia's foreign minister has indicated that turkey will not be involved in peace talks over the disputed region of nepal know how to back the foreign ministers of armenia and russia have been meeting in moscow as a by john has proposed its ally turkey be involved in discussions but russia sergey
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lavrov says there will be no changes to the format for peace talks over the region there was more fighting throughout sunday night with both sides accusing each other of violating a humanitarian cease fire. and funerals have been held in the us by johnny village of some care for the victims of sunday's attacks on gunja at least 9 people were killed and 34 others were wounded by shelling in the early hours of the morning hundreds have been killed across the region since fighting fired at the end of last month it's the worst violence between the 2 sides in decades boosting we reached an important agreement on sense today initiated by president putin but we see that this agreement is not being fully complied with and the fighting is continuing we expect that our contacts with you are now as a by johnny neighbors including by our defense ministries will ensure full compliance with the agreements that were reached in a trilateral format. since september 27 the full scale aggression against the
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people of nagorno-karabakh has continued meanwhile a military solution is being openly expressed as a solution to the car but conflict as well as the physical extermination of the people of any corner car but the azari armed forces ignored their obligations to not target civilians the absence of military objectives in the area that i was advised on is attacking proves their motives yet again which is equivalent to war crimes. emergency hospitals in england have been put on standby and new coronavirus restrictions are expected to be announced in cities with high infection rates hard hit areas such as liverpool and manchester are expected to face the toughest rules some business owners are resisting the latest clamp down saying they're not to blame for the resurgence in infections and you 3 traffic lights on will classify regions as being on medium high or very high alert. having had a rather flat summer with very low amounts of covert positive patients in the u.k.
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you can see that from early september there has been a marked pick up the epidemic this time has clearly picked up pace in the north of england earlier than it did in the 1st wave but. pretty much all areas of the u.k. are now seeing growth in the infection rate bob brown is live for us in london we were just hearing our jonathan valentine the deputy chief medical officer for england speaking there just give us an idea more broadly what he was talking about . well jonathan mann tam was acting today i think as the wall a person for the prime minister boris johnson essentially softening up the public in the media for the for what's to come and that is a news conference sorry appollo mentary statement from boris johnson in about an hour from now and then a statement to the public press conference place this evening and the backdrop of it all is this concern over the rapidly increasing rates of infection of
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coronavirus here in the u.k. both in england wales and in scotland and northern ireland and john van tam put it in very stark terms and showed some very alarming graphical representation of what's going on too he showed for example a map which had a purple blotch over the over the northwest of england showing that this is where corona virus is particularly prevalent at the moment but a 2nd map of england wales which showed a brit use the brown color to show where the rate of infection was it was escalating in accelerating at a very rapid rate and it wasn't just concentrated in the north west it was much further south indeed jonathan van dam went on to say for example it was wishful thinking that elderly people could somehow be fenced off he said it was a national phenomenon and that further deaths are inevitable because of the rise in cases already recorded so the lag in the system in the data meant that the deaths are inevitably going to go up because that's the way the figures work and finally
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he said that the rise in hospital admissions was a concern because it's doubled in england in the past 2 weeks and this is a very clear cut and fairly defined message compared to some of the messaging that we've had over the last few months and johnson government there as you mentioned or is johnson's going to be speaking in parliament i think in about an hour or so you said what's he expected to announce. well there's been a lot of wrangling as to exactly what the response to this rise in infection should be there are clearly problems in the north west and indeed the northeast but the problem has also been messaging how do you get people to change their behavior they're not changing their behavior it seems at the weekend for example people were still going out in the streets drinking enjoying themselves the message doesn't seem to be getting through so the government's plan appears to be to simplify the system make it 3 tiers you mention it in the introduction tier 3 will be the strictest here a very high level in essentially what's happened in the last 2 hours is that
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members of parliament for the areas affected and it's looks like it's just going to be liverpool have a hastily invited to a zoo meeting with the health sector and coke and inform the liverpool would be put into that here 3 m.p.'s from manchester though we're told that they are going to stay in tier 2 so to walk to free means pubs will be closing gyms will be closing the fitness places will be closing but restaurants should be able to stay open at least until 10 30 pm until 2 in manchester and in the north east of england the hospitality places will stay open but there's a lot of wrangling as to how these tears will be divvied up who will go into which one and also how you get between them and the final thing that's really of great concern to the people into 3 into 2 is compensation how are you going to compensate those businesses that you're forcing to close and that has not yet been resolved
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paul thanks very much as paul brennan in london. supporters of spain's far right vox party have protested against a partial lockdown in the capital madrid demonstrators say they're fed up with the government's handling of the pandemic a state of emergency was imposed on saturday to try to contain soaring infections nearly 5000000 spaniards have been barred from leaving the city except for work school or medical reasons for the next 2 weeks. france's prime minister sharon cast tex's warning stricter restrictions could be imposed the health minister is reporting around $43000.00 infections over the weekend 9 cities including paris i must say have been placed on maximum virus alert health care workers in china have been told to test all 9000000 residents of an entire city in just 5 days reported a dozen cases linked to a hospital treating coronavirus patients all 11000000 people and will han with
4:41 pm
a global pandemic started were tested in may millions of students in 12 countries across africa heading back to classes schools reopen following a lockdown this lasted more than 6 months universities are also expected to open their doors despite the corona virus outbreak some like jurors are warning they won't be going back to work unless they get a pay rise welcomed by a visitor to school in kenya's capital nairobi. schools in kenya have reopened for the 1st time in 7 months but with some precautions in place children here have to wash their hands frequently with so. i meant to be wearing my only 3 yo groups of resumes those that are due to city exams let's take a look inside this classroom these primary age children haven't been in class since march but children's rights organizations say this isn't simply about learning these children come from kipp era it's one of nairobi's most densely populated and
4:42 pm
poorest slums and the children's welfare organizations say if they're not at school there are much greater risk of being sent to work all kinds of abuse and during the lockdown 1700000 kenyans have lost their jobs so that means that some children probably won't be coming back to school the tool if their parents are no longer in a position to afford uniforms lunches and so on now scientists are estimating that kenya's coronavirus pandemic already peaked in late july and that more than a 3rd of the old urban populations already had it means well on the way to herd immunity idol say that only one in 5 people who had the virus actually had any symptoms until less than 800 people have died here now it's not really understood why this is based on very low levels of testing a lot of skepticism about the government data and the code red 19 response. to
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corruption scandals allegations of millions of dollars worth of funding being stolen but nonetheless it's the scientists data is right it would suggest that kenya is over the worst of the pandemic and more schoolchildren in other yo groups may be able to resume their education soon an undercover investigation by al jazeera has exposed high ranking officials in. cyprus expressing a willingness to aid convicted criminals obtain e.u. citizenship in august the investigative unit released the cyprus papers which revealed serious flaws in the country's citizen buy investment program now as phil reese reports the investigation leads to the highest offices of the cypriot state the cyprus investment program allows foreigners to buy a european passport for an investment mostly made in property of 2 and a half $1000000.00 the government insists that applicants need a clean criminal record the holder of
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a cypriot passport has the right to live and work across the e.u. our undercover reporters went to cyprus to represent a fictional client who has fled china mr x. is a wealthy businessman who was sentenced in absentia to 7 years in jail for bribery and money laundering and he is seeking a cypriot passport. property agents denise and tony kate help those investing in property to get cypriot passports our undercover reporters tell them about our proposed applicant. china's gone and charging him fall and. where there are problems it costs more money to achieve these things so what we will do is find out who has to be spoken to be paid what vested states be made to give you what i think the case a part of a network of enablers that include lawyer and raise protect this song business opportunities. when you can go to it is even going to be huge potential
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describes a 2 track application system the official route and another for difficult cases that requires more money they can still get a philosopher to know what insane option. goes over them we overdid it and. see if you want to do that. and look at cities in any book in the regulation. and we want. to ask questions asked. why. how how you top the higher the better. our undercover reporters meet property developers and politicians who repeat the same message. have people take us for a while and. are undercover reporters are finally invited to discuss mr x.'s passport application with the president of the cypriot parliament you can tell it.
4:46 pm
to her without permission maybe we're here for support. i don't know what you do girlie. ok seriously i'm going to. have to prepare it's like. when confronted with the evidence all of those involved deny any wrongdoing and they claim they were aware from the onset that our undercover reporters represented a criminal after our team left as you said he filed a report about them with cypresses and the money laundering unit. system phil race al-jazeera sank a gold as a german greens a european free alliance member of the european parliament he says several other e.u. countries have also got gold faulty gold and passport schemes which are similar to cyprus. this is shocking and the revelations show again that we have
4:47 pm
a reality of criminal structures in cyprus which an assault on the rule of law and the fight against crime in europe and this needs finally a treaty violation procedure by the european commission now i think that this needs a serious investigation in cyprus but i'm not naive enough to believe that cyprus is alone able to clear up the mess because what is so shocking about these pictures is how natural it seemed so this was not a one case an accident but it seems truck show and therefore it is key that the european union takes over and that this means that the resident program and the investment program have to be ended this is not only a separate problem because we have very similar programs in multan in by garia in portugal and others and they are basically an open door for criminal money into the
4:48 pm
european union and this is therefore an assault on our successful model of a social market economy where owners of capital at the same time responsible toward democracy and to the workers and their local authorities and if we let in criminal money this will shape change the way how we want to live together and work together for more on this investigation watch the cyprus papers under cover at 20 g.m.t. today. e.u. foreign ministers say they're ready to sanction belo russian president alexander look as shanker the move comes after more than 700 people were arrested on sunday as anti-government demonstrators rallied for the 9th consecutive day rights groups say several journalists are among those detained the e.u. already sanctioned 40 other russian officials to step up pressure against the violent crackdown on protesters. nigerian president mohamed who bahati is promising
4:49 pm
that police officers will be held accountable for any misconduct days of protests for the police to dissolve an elite anti robbery unit on monday night after its members were accused of murder extortion and disappearances hardy's says there will be extensive police reforms. you can area islands have seen the highest number of migrants arrive in 14 years more than 1000 people landed in the spanish islands off the coast of west africa over the weekend they're increasingly taking the more dangerous atlantico sion route to reach europe instead of the mediterranean sea. flash flooding into rental rain have damaged at least 100000 homes in vietnam the stormy weather killed at least 18 people causing ships to sink and forced nearly 50000 people to seek shelter weather experts are warning that another storm is heading in from the south china sea. the number of natural disasters around the
4:50 pm
world have nearly doubled in the last 2 decades according to the united nations floods and storms account for around 80 percent of the increases the u.n. says leaders of failing to stop the world from becoming an uninhabitable hell that of what's been released ahead of the international day for disaster risk reduction on tuesday. 2 americans responsible for improving the way auctions are held have won this year's nobel prize for economics paul milligan and robert wilson's research underlines much of today's economy in the way google sells advertising to the way telecoms companies acquire airwaves they're all swedish academy of sciences described their auction for months as a beautiful example of how basic research can spark inventions that benefit society still ahead and al jazeera and sports basketball fans in the santa leagues are celebrating the end of a long wait for title success. business
4:51 pm
leaders. and the brass part. business leaders. and the brass part.
4:52 pm
org. started this border here sana thank you very much rob while the l.a. lakers have won the n.b.a. championship for the 1st time since 2010 the bron james led the team to fall to says vick's real with the miami heat and there were some reports. to get said that after a 10 year wait for a title win and 3 months of play inside a bio security bubble the end game had finally arrived for the l.a. lakers. bron james leading the team to the championship just as he promised to do when he joined the like has in 2018 for me to be a part of such
4:53 pm
a historical franchise is up it's unbelievable feeling not only for myself my teammates for the organization for the coaches for the trainers everybody that's here. which is what i respect. very make a point blank shot james to the miami hated kept the series alive with a win in game 5 but this time out james and the lakers were on a different level this is a mazy nastily they've built up a 28 point hof time lead the 2nd biggest in n.b.a. finals history. and assured him the 1st. time she mentioned 6 or 6 chima feel. the pressure this season has been about so much more than behavior now again days for although it seems the players came to talk about racial injustice as basketball. games dry fish are like yours have also been
4:54 pm
dealing with the death of franchise legend kobe bryant this. they said it would be played in his memory game 6 finished in 810-6293 win for the lake is for the 1st time since bryant's 5th and final title a decade ago the lakers are celebrating again just as a 4th championship for james with his 3rd different. championship but you're. not sure if this is a story do you want to be a championship was still a surgical strike or the matter without going to this point there's still a little rumblings of doubt. you know compare me to you know the history of a game and. has he done it has he done it you know so. i mean that in my head haven't entered my mind santa myself why not still have some of the pull i've always believed in the broad james. you know he's the greatest he's a great player but that's what universe has ever seen and if you think you know you
4:55 pm
don't know maybe i did go do i want you to coronavirus no fans have been allowed to witness the lakers only to play off charge los angeles is now enjoying its return to the top of the basketball world. and the richardson al-jazeera. on adele's already is setting his sights on a raechel break in 21st grand slam title and has got his hands on the french open trophy for 13th at a time sunday's win was his 20th a major victory and to him level with the career mark set by roger federer a 39 year old that federer has been out injured for most of the season but host to be back on next year's australian open. after. all the rivalry that we had together amazing to the big well on that great number 20 but we're still playing so i hope for. will to have brought her back on the door and to keep having would buy
4:56 pm
those of course i would carry us. will not be going for the next 10 years but let's say what's going on when we finish our careers where we just keep having fun keep enjoying time keep trying i was i would just he nation's leading counter between the world and european champions didn't quite live up to its billing france versus portugal finished in an illness draw the match was a repeat of the euro 2016 final at the same venue in paris when portugal upset the host to win the title this result leaves that both teams level and 7 points in the nation's league group and be moved top of their group with a $21.00 win over the world's top ranked team belgium chelsea mason mt it's going the 2nd half when at london's wembley stadium we're not going to face a more complicated game defensively i think you'll face different sorts of challenge you know counter attack speed power but they've got
4:57 pm
a bit of everything in their ranks and i mean dobrynin they've got such a special playa so. you know i just think for us it was. a brilliant test. the tampa bay rays have gone one up in baseball's american league championship series the rays beating the houston astros 21 in game one of the best of 7 series of a are aiming to reach the world series for just the 2nd time they got there in 2008 but lost out to the philadelphia phillies. as south korea's kim say younger has won the 1st major title of her career kim's closing a round of $63.00 in pennsylvania and gave her a 5 stroke victory at the women's p.g.a. championship one more major is left to play for on the women's tour this year u.s. open is coming up in texas in december. and that's why it's full for mail and you're back to my side i thank you very much indeed that's it for me rob matheson
4:58 pm
for this news hour i'm going to be back in a moment with more of the day's news don't forget the web site al-jazeera dot com. rewind return. with updates on the best algeciras documentary. fool's gold just millions and millions of dollars of people's money cherish being taken in for their whole lives for my money i'm just down a drain and $1.00 day on al-jazeera. afghanistan is on the cusp of a new chapter in its history. after the u.s. of the telephone signed an agreement to pave the way for the withdrawal of the new national troops. the high cost was paid to get to this point.
4:59 pm
over the past few years the u.s. has increasingly conducted its part of the war from the sky was more bombs dropped last year than any other year in the past decade. but with that came a rise in civilian casualties. he says war accidents to happen at mistakes do happen and that this is about owning our mistakes says about things are in this about accountability in the in a largely unaccountable war for families we interviewed not receiving adult humans from the u.s. left without closure. they told us that they still look what happened to their loved ones was a crime. and they want justice and answers something war too often do not. cut through the noise figure out where they're going to be our and listen journalists. far away. tell this story one of the problems that there just really
5:00 pm
are a lot of people of color who are making. friends. life a little off the fact that it's worth the risk to find a pretty nurse because work table by listening post monitors and interprets the media on al-jazeera. the confirmation hearing for donald trump's supreme court pick is underway as republicans rush to seat amy coney before the november presidential election. i'm about this in and this is all you see a live from doha also coming up 48 hours into the cease fire reports of more shelling in the going okada back threatens the.


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