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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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but all in this before even the saudi government of the just a. murder in a saudi consulate on al-jazeera. judge amy coney barrett. donald trump nominates a conservative judge to the supreme court and pushes for a rapid senate confirmation ahead of november's presidential election. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back t. ball also ahead less than a month after his nomination levanon minister designate quits after failing to form a new government. the seeking justice for mexico's
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missing students' new arrest warrants are issued for members of the military and comic is head to the beijing auto show as the industry struggles to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. thank you for joining us 8 days after the death of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg u.s. president donald trump has officially nominated amy connie barrett to replace a barrett's appointment would add another conservative voice to the bench further shifting the court's balance of power to the rights for decades to come president tom says barrett's count confirmation will be very quick and straightforward but democratic presidential nominee joe biden has a shit senate to wait until after the election. as described as someone who will issue a ruling spaced on a fair reading off the law. we must preserve our priceless heritage of
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a nation of laws and there is no one better to do than that amy coney barrett. law and order is the foundation of the american system of justice no matter the issue no matter the case before her i am supremely confident that judge barrett will issue rulings based solely upon a fair reading of the law she will defend the sacred principle of equal justice for citizens of every race color religion and creed and any county barretts has promised to serve all americans. if confirmed i would not assume that role for the sake of those in my own circle and certainly not for my own sake i would assume this role to serve you i would destroy the judicial oath which requires me to administer justice without respect to persons due equal rights to the poor and rich
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and faithfully and impartially discharge my duties under the united states constitution on democrats have been quick to react senate minority leader chuck schumer says smalls goes against the wishes of the late justice ruth bader ginsburg . judge ginsburg at a dying wish that the next president q. justice ginsburg must be turning or over in her grave up in heaven to see that the person they chose seems to be intent on undoing all the things that ginsburg did. i will strongly strongly strongly oppose this nomination. amy connie barrett has a large following in the religious right because of her stance against abortion mike hanna has more than that i can give to women judge amy coney was on the
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shortlist to fill the last supreme court vacancy but it was controversial pick rick cavanagh who was appointed president trump reportedly telling advisors at the time he was keeping barack to replace ruth bader ginsburg when the time came and so it has the nomination being made just over a week off the death of the iconic liberal justice and in defiance of a last wish that the nomination be made after november's election unlike the justice she will replace amy barrett is a strong opponent of abortion we do know from her record that she has raised questions about abortion rights and also suggested that there are many more abortion restrictions that she would find allowable under the law then say justice ginsburg during her confirmation hearing for the 7th circuit court of appeals the devolved catholic and mother of 7 was quizzed about whether her religion would influence her position on the road be weighed case
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a landmark supreme court decision guaranteeing a woman's right to choose i think in your case professor when you read your speeches. the conclusion one draw us is that the dogma lives loudly within you and. that's of concern being considered for a position where their peers and there would be no opportunity to be a no vote on roe and as i said to the lady i would faithfully apply our supreme court precedent among her staunchest supporters at that time as he is now was the senate majority leader professor berge writings and her testimony clearly show a nominee who will uphold our constitution that our nation's laws as they are written as they are written not as she wishes they were. this was the philosophical
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basis of a previous supreme court justice antonin scalia for whom amy barrett worked as a clerk early in her career and she's made it clear she will follow her mentors originalist stance resting on the belief that the supreme court appliance of law as outlined by the constitution but leaves it to congress to make law the constitution set a floor below which we can't go but that above that floor there is a lot of room for democracy for the people to add additional protections in to make changes to your services or the supreme court if confirmed any barito drawing 5 other justices who share this belief or 3 others on the bench who largely argue the constitution is a living document that reflects a changing society now very much in the minority. mike hanna al-jazeera. well now that president has officially made his nomination less took at what
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happens next the process has traditionally taken 2 to 3 months he'll notify the u.s. senate in writing then the judiciary committee will conduct their own investigation and many senators will meet with barrett the committee will hold public hearings before voting on whether to recommend her nomination to the full senate once in front of the enticed senate they'll be another debate and then it will go to a floor vote where majority of 51 votes is needed to confirm barrett's republicans currently hold the balance of power in the opera house with 53 senators let's speak to barbara perry about all this she is the director of presidential studies at the university of virginia also a former judicial fellow at the u.s. supreme court and was a researcher for former justice chief justice william rehnquist she joins us from charlottesville very good to have you miss parry with us on the show so i had i say x. battle that now moves to the senate how do you think democrats are going to handle this confirmation process. i think they're going to have to handle it very
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carefully it was kid gloves one might say that is they will want to make their opposition known to this particular nominee but they also want to respect her and the mayor is that she brings to the table and also respect her gender but what i think they will particularly focus on is how quickly this is the push through the senate on what i'm calling a rocket docket so let's talk about her and justice is served for life and decide many of the country's hotly contested disputes and a lot of people are describing this nomination as the supreme court's tipping point what does that mean in practice what is on the line with disappointment of connie barrett which issue is the most immediately in jeopardy if you will. well what's particularly fascinating to me as a political scientist is that the issue that could come before her presuming that she would be confirmed and placed on the court prior to the election is if it is a close election and if for example trump takes cases or to the other side biden
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takes cases involving litigation about the election to the u.s. supreme court that would be possible that she would be the tipping point in favor of her appointing president president trump so that's the most immediate issue the next immediate issue is that when the court rises for this next term next week it rises the 1st monday in october by tradition within a few weeks by mid november it will be here in a very important case on the affordable care act so-called obamacare and she has tony barrett has indicated that she is against the affordable care act and so that could eliminate health coverage for many people including those who have preexisting conditions and then of course reproductive cases involving abortion and birth control a coming back to to what you talked about the role she could pay if there's a dispute in the upcoming election an interesting fact about her is that she worked along with john roberts and brett kavanaugh on george w.
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bush's legal team during the 2000 election recount in florida if she's appointed as you said she would be the 3rd justice on the court to have worked for republicans are directly on the bush versus gore case 2000 do you think that she would recuse herself how do you see her handling a potential election dispute. i certainly think that given that she was appointed at this time by this president and would have worked in that dispute i would think she would be like my former boss that is chief justice rehnquist who recused himself in the watergate tapes case that really brought down the administration of richard nixon because he had worked in the justice department of richard nixon 3 other members of the court at that time had been appointed by nixon but they had not worked in the administration i should think that county bear would be closest to that historical precedent and i should think that she should recuse herself the fact of the matter is though there is no one who forces someone to recuse the justice gets to make that decision himself or herself one last question
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of course democrats have been have been complaining about this about the fact that she's nominated before the election itself but could they get something out of this . they could they've already gotten something out of it that is millions of dollars flowing into the coffers of the democratic party for senate and for the presidential run so that is they stirred up the base of the democratic party the liberals who supported justice ginsburg and who will be opposing this particular nominee so they've already got something there and they may get something on november the 3rd that is a very large turnout of people who are opposed to this nomination thank you so much for talking to us thank you for your insights barbara perry director of the presidential studies at the university of virginia by there from sean a small thank you very much for your time. and other world news the man picked to be lebanon's next prime minister has resigned method a month into the job. says he hasn't been able to form
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a government of specialists in a country where power is shed on long sectarian lines this sense that went on back to square one in its search for a new stable government as in a hot air has our report from beirut. it's been almost a month since most of a db was designated prime minister his job was to form a government independent of party loyalists after the previous cabinet resigned following the devastating explosion at the port of beirut last month it's not easy in lebanon where the same political elite accused of pushing the country to near bankruptcy have been in power for decades i realise that the agreement on the basis i accepted this national mission during this difficult time of lebanon's history no longer exists as well as that the government line up for dispositions that i put. a deaves mission was supported by france which has been leading international efforts to resolve lebanon's multiple crises by bringing change to the leadership president in mind where mccall said during his 2nd visit after the port blast that lebanese
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politicians agreed to form a cabinet by mid september see an already. fragile skepticism with this class and was very much a final ultimatum so i would be surprised if the french choose to give that same strategy another shot the armor movement and hezbollah backed by iran have been blamed for standing in the way of a deal by insisting on naming shia muslim representation in government a 1000000 hezbollah are part of the so-called march 8th alliance that currently control political power in the sectarian based system of government here the shia parties feel the other camp the march 14th alliance is carrying else a political coup against the results of the last election. but others say their loyalty to iran brings lebanon into the heart of the us iranian rivalry there are 3 and they are squeezed cornered instead of being them through his will on the border
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and israel has moved towards the borders of iran so basically yes it is in the core of the conflict in. iranian conflict much is in. doubt for a country where more than 50 percent of its 5000000 people are officially poor the reforms the mandate by the international community to unlock financial assistance among them fighting corruption and audits is likely to hurt and implicate the political class that is why leaders resisted for years micron's roadmap however doesn't just set deadlines it warrants a possible consequences this is a broken and broken nation not even the threat of western sanctions pushed politicians who are stronger than the state to give up power and agree to change some say the french initiative to save lebanon has died others say it can still be revived but the lebanese president did warn the country was going to hell if a government is not formed xenophobe beirut sima head on al-jazeera how he
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is of u.s. sanctions 2nd on a virus and devastating floods have made sudan's economic crisis worse plus. hello there we've had some very heavy rain across japan for the last couple of days is beginning to improve the still plenty of cloud around i want to acquire out of the woods just yet we will see some heavy downpours at times through central areas of honshu not bad at all across the korean peninsula quite cadsoft that on sunday but the clouds will clear as the day progress is that rain though travels way back into these southern areas to china and then elsewhere it's very unsettled we've got as a ray working away across towards beijing and again a front sliding down to the northeast that'll take the temperature down in harbin on sunday made for a wet day just 19 degrees celsius but good studies guys across the grandparents the
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on a much better day monday across much of a japan and then we had down into south asia again have had some very heavy rains particularly up towards the northeast but look at these totals this is over the last 48 hours just over $600.00 millimeters that is actually double the entire total average september rainfall not as much bus a lot further to the north but believe it or not we actually have 4.4 meters as an annual total in the northeast so it isn't a huge amount of rain but there's more in the 4 cars as you go through sunday cross into bangladesh as well heaviest rain and once again through central states of india. for centuries egypt the sort of man power of the nile. we don't homing any of the nile basin countries and they don't need the oil they get they were from. upstream
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this dominance is being challenged by countries who want to upgrade to the i know some people in nature. on the question i.d.'s this circumstances have changed in change for the. struggle over the nile on al-jazeera. the eh the in. the air. war come back our top stories on al-jazeera us reza donald trump has nominated judge amy connie barrett as his choice to replace him a supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg if she's confirmed barrett a religious conservative favorite would cement a solid conservative majority on the court potentially for decades to come.
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lebanon's prime minister designate will stop i deep has quit it comes less than a month after he was given the task to form a new government previous administration resigned following protests about its handling of the be able to halt explosion. mastodons leaders are holding a 3 day conference to figure out a way to solve the economic crisis it's so bad they declared an economic state of emergency anyway this month devastating floods and the coronavirus pandemic have compounded the problems caused by years of u.s. sanctions even morgan reports. facing rising inflation and a currency that's lost have its value in the past month alone sudan's transitional government launched talks aimed at resolving the country's troubled economy. our economy has been deteriorating for years and it's reached its peak now citizens are bearing more than they can which forces us even though we're late and doing it to look for sustainable solutions at home and abroad at home we need to know the
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causes of the economic crisis because we're still trying to figure out of the problem is structural or administrative it was a shortage of fuel bread and high inflation that triggered protests in 2018 that led to the overthrow of sudan's president a few months later and it's these very same issues along with the continued drop in the value of the sudanese found that the transitional administration now faces the coronavirus pandemic and widespread floods have weakened the economy even further. in this conference we should look back at the past year and get over it obstacles by using the experience to achieve the 2nd article of our declaration that article states ending the economic deterioration and improving living standards of citizens in every aspect that will not be achieved until we take advantage of our resources and making sure the ministry of finance is in control of all public funds sudan's economy has been in a downward spiral since south sudan gained independence in 2011 taking with it 75
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percent of the oil fields which then provided nearly half of the country's g.d.p. to save money the current administration has lifted the fuel subsidies which ate up what in a 3rd of the country's budget while keeping subsidies on other things like wheat and medicine. reforming the economy is crucial for the stability of sudan's transitional government and for its transition to democracy but the challenges in making reforms are not just that home the sudanese government's been on the u.s. list of states sponsoring terrorism can fly 993 which has contributed to economic isolation by many countries that lack of foreign trade meant little access to hard currency and made getting off that u.s. list even more urgent after agreeing to massive compensation payments so dan had expected the matter to be resolved very soon but then during his visit to hot zone last month the u.s. secretary of state at the requirement that sudan normalize ties with israel so dan replied by saying the current administration did not have such a mandate and that the 2 issues should remain separate meanwhile the sudanese
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people continue to suffer the impact of being blacklisted out of that we now have a crisis in transportation in bread in market prices and it's all because of the state of the economy we want the u.s. to get us off the list of state sponsored terrorism so we can develop like the rest of the world you know to have that you if i buy a kilo of meat one month i can't do it in the next if i get medical treatment one month i can't get it in the next simply because the prices keep increasing because of the economy and the currency shortages it's becoming unbearable for many more than 60 percent of the country's 42000000 people live below the poverty line the government says the conference is the 1st step in a long journey to revive the economy he will morgan al-jazeera how to. anti-government protests have taken place in egypt for a 7th straight day at least one person has been killed in the rallies against corruption a deteriorating economy poor living conditions and the demolition of neighborhoods in a notable change from past demonstrations these protests are happening in smaller cities
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like giza and in some in egypt and solidarity protests have also been held in italy and the netherlands people gathered in milan and the hague calling on president abdel fattah sisi to resign. the foreign minister venables has blamed western countries for weeks of anti-government demonstrations following president alexander lukashenko is controversial reelection that mia mackay told the un general assembly that benon russians have voted for stability and prosperity but that western countries were trying to interfere with the result. zuma statements brimming with cynicism have been made by a series of our western colleagues about their alleged concern for belorussians sovereignty and well being in actual fact they are nothing other than attempts to bring chaos and anarchy to our country to make a bell or lose many years of development we call on our partners to demonstrate wisdom restraint and impartiality. to mexico now where investigators have issued
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arrest warrants for military members who could be links to the disappearance of dozens of students in 2014. it comes as relatives of the victims and supporters stage another last protests in mexico city the group was abducted by local police in the town of wana 6 years ago assumes were reportedly turned over to a gang that's believed to have killed them and burnt their bodies money rapido is following the protests in mexico city. this is mexico city's central plaza thousands of people have gathered here to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the i.o.c. up of 43 behind me is the presidential palace where earlier today pres. it looked as over the top met with the families of the 43 missing students who went missing in 2014 from the state of get it all from the scene up a teacher's college in a while now this is just one of several events that are taking place over the
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course of the weekend to commemorate this 6 anniversary of the disappearance of the students but it is also a very significant day apart from the anniversary of the disappearance there what there is a new investigation that's been launched that's had several new several recent pieces of evidence that have been presented new discoveries that abreu presented and today we heard of a new or rest warrant set a bit issued against members of mexico's security forces something that had not happened before and with each one of these new this is about evidence presented each new discovery and arrest ones that's it shoot it up ends the previous government's official narrative of what had of what actually happened to the students to the 43 students from iowa to see napa and unlike previous years where we've covered this was peaceful protests that takes place here in the mexican capital what we're hearing different from people this year they're expressing a lot more hope than they had in the past that investigators are actually getting closer to uncovering the truth about what happened to these missing students and
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salvatore's president is vowing to publish documents relating to a massacre by soldiers say 89 years ago that night says most of the documents from that time have already been destroyed so just by the u.s. kills nearly a 1000 people in 1981 it took 31 years for as salvador scotland to acknowledge its role in the mass their lives throughout in the in the government asked for a search and this is what we phoned all of the documents we recovered were from the joint staff of the armed forces where we assume they took part in or had something to do with the massacre this will be officially handed over to the judge and will also be handed over to the attorney general's office. north korea has warned the south not to enter its territorial waters as it searches for the body of a south korean official south korea's military says the knoll shot the man at sea then burned his body leader kim jong un issued a rare apology describing the killing as a disgraceful event young un says seoul's naval operations in the area threatened
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to raise tension between the 2 sides. malaysia's prime minister has had a significant boost to his position after his ruling alliance won a majority in a state election the vote in sabah is a 1st since my dania scene took power in a political coup in february his party and its allies have held a film majority in parliament since then as seen had been facing pressure told snap elections to secure a stronger mandate. japan's new prime minister yoshida is so gas says he is willing to meet his north korean counterpart kim jong un without preconditions in his speech to the united nations general assembly so that signaled he'll continue the policy of this process ocean zoabi he said japan will strive to normalize relations by addressing nuclear tensions as well as the issue of passive duction is of japanese citizens with a. job. as the new prime minister of japan i am ready to meet with chairman kim jong il without any conditions stablish in
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a constructive relationship between japan and north korea will not only serve the interests of both sides but will also greatly contribute to regional peace and stability i will miss no opportunity to take actions we told my dedication. environmentalist's are again targeting a coal mine in western germany protesters say the government's decision to extend the use of coal for another 18 years is too late to effectively tackle climate change rallies have been held at the guys wheel and mine and power stations for years activists say they're among the biggest sources of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions anywhere in europe. at the beijing auto show is attracting big crowds it's the 1st large trade event of any industry since the coronavirus began katrina you has been to see what's new to try. new foreign luxury models are among the almost $800.00 cars on display at the beijing. the 1st major international trade fair during the current virus pandemic. this year there are fewer exhibitors but
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crowds still gathered for the unveiling of new models including b.m.w.'s latest offering the german cars make a is one of many expanding operations in china. and china has become a very special meaning. it's a symbol. week in the u.s. and across europe have forced several international manufacturers to close factories and sack stuff many are relying on chinese consumers to improve their bottom line but even by bargain that. they realize china is still a goldmine luxury cars and ultra luxury cars have a huge market in china and this is also their only international arena to show off their vehicles other auto shows geneva detroit and tokyo have all been called off
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analysts say the 10 day event points to the chinese government's confidence in having contained the carbon 1000 outbreak it also hopes will help to spur the sluggish economy china's auto industry is worth 1.3 trillion dollars employs more than $33000000.00 people nationwide. punched by almost 80 percent at the height of the epidemic in china in february but sales have recently returned to preplan demick levels electric vehicles and cars using ai and internet technology are in the spotlight this year by the a 2025 china's government wants 25 percent of all cost out here to be electric so chinese and. international brands are racing to produce hybrid and electric motors in order to meet government course. government krishnan determined to invest in electric vehicle infrastructure attracting more investments creating a better market and a more incentives for people to choose electric. show is being held against the
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backdrop of the trade with the united states to make is tesla ford and volvo among companies suing the trumpet ministration this week proposing what based on the move 25 percent tariffs on imported chinese parts. al-jazeera. to bowl with the headlines on. u.s. person donald trump has nominated judge amy connie barrett says his choice to replace an 8 supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is confirmed by the senate barrett's a favorite of religious conservatives would cement a solid conservative majority on the course potentially for decades to come a white house correspondent. what we've got in front of us is an unprecedented battle in the u.s. senate to confirm judge perez and the timeline is particularly tight where 38 days
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from the u.s. election donald trump knows 2 that he may not win reelection and as a result is very keen to energize his base with this appointment so that's one of the concerns for republicans now we've seen in the past that these can be very contentious hearings particularly as we saw with justice cavanaugh still we know that the initial hearings are planned for some time in the neighborhood of october 12th with a vote to confirm judge barrett happening somewhere around october 29th with just days until the u.s. election. lebanon's prime minister designate has quit it comes less than a month after he was given the task of forming a government the previous administration resigned following protests over its handling of the beirut order explosion anti-government protests have taken place in egypt for 7 straight day at least one person has been killed in the rallies against corruption a deteriorating economy or living conditions and the demolition of neighborhoods
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demonstrations this time are happening in smaller cities like visa and in 7 egypt and there was solidarity protests in italy and the netherlands people gathered in milan and the hague calling on president abdel fattah el-sisi to resign. investigators in mexico have issued arrest warrants for military members who could be linked to the disappearance of dozens of students in 2014. relatives of the victims and supporters stage another nosh protests in mexico city the group was abducted by local police in the town of eagle on a 6 years ago. those are the headlines on our air i have more news for you right after inside story we do serious.
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pre-election control of the sea in the united states don't trump repeats the threats that he might not accept the result if he loses in less than 6 weeks time can he carry out his threat this is inside story. holcomb's inside story. on the u.s. presidential election in november is happening against the backdrop of a global pandemic recession nationwide protests against racism police brutality and inequality but it could take the united states into uncharted territory.


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