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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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a small step for science the giant leap for mankind in kind of a star nirvana place inside and at the scheduled time the south like to be sent into space women make science discount space at the certified on al-jazeera. president nominate amy coney baratz to the supremes court sparking a senate battle to get her confirmed ahead of november's presidential election. oh i maryam namazie london and watching al-jazeera coming up all is more uncertainty in lebanon the man tipped to be the prime minister resigned saying is
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efforts to form a government would doomed to fail. 6 years since 43 students disappeared in mexico new arrest warrants are issued for members of the mexican military. and the state election that's delivered a boost for malaysia's beleaguered prime minister. well u.s. president donald trump has nominated judge amy carney barrett as his choice to replace replace the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg barretts would cement a solid conservative majority on the court potentially for decades to come announcing her nomination at the white house trying to scribe heiresses someone who will issue rulings based on a fair reading of the law. we must preserve our priceless heritage of a nation of laws and there is no one better to do that than amy
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kone barrett law and order is the foundation of the american system of justice no matter the issue no matter the case before her i am supremely confident that judge barrett will issue rulings based solely upon a fair reading of the law she will defend the sacred principle of equal justice for citizens of every race color religion and creed supreme court nominee any kind of barrier to promise to serve the american people if confirmed as justice if confirmed i would not assume that role for the sake of those in my own circle and certainly not for my own sake i would assume this role to serve you i would destroy arts the judicial oath which requires me to administer justice without respect to persons due equal rights to the poor and rich and faithfully and
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impartially discharge my duties under the united states constitution well 48 year old is a charge on chicago's federal court appeals and has a large following in the religious right because it has stance against abortion mike hanna reports. i can give to women judge amy kone barrett was on the shortlist to fill the last supreme court vacancy but it was controversial pick bricked cavanagh who was appointed president trump reportedly telling advisers at the time he was keeping barack to replace ruth bader ginsburg when the time came and so it has the nomination being made just over a week off the death of the iconic liberal justice and in defiance of a last wish that the nomination be made after november's election unlike the justice she will replace amy barrett is a strong opponent of abortion we do know from her record that she has raised questions about abortion rights and also suggested that there are many more
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abortion restrictions that she would find allowable under the law and then say justice ginsburg during her confirmation hearing for the 7th circuit court of appeals the devolved catholic and mother of 7 was quizzed about whether her religion would influence her position on the road be weighed case a landmark supreme court decision guaranteeing a woman's right to choose i think in your case professor when you read your speeches. the conclusion one draw us is that that dogma lives loudly within you and. that's of concern being considered for a position where the peers and there would be no opportunity to be a no vote on roe and as i said to the kuwaiti i would faithfully apply our supreme court precedent among her staunchest supporters at that time as he is now was the
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senate majority leader professor birch writings and her testimony clearly show a nominee who will uphold our constitution that our nation's laws as they are written as they are written not as you wish they were. this was a philosophical piece of a previous supreme court justice antonin scalia for whom amy barrett worked as a clerk early in her career and she's made it clear she will follow her mentors originalist stance resting on the belief that the supreme court appliance of law as outlined by the constitution but leaves it to congress to make law the constitution set a floor below which we can't go but that above that floor there is a lot of room for democracy for the people to add additional protections in to make changes to do it so this is a free world view if confirmed amy barito drawing 5 other justices who share this
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belief the 3 others i've been through largely argue the constitution is a living document that reflects a changing society not very much in the minority my camera al-jazeera. well of course can really help get our white house correspondent who's been following developments there and a committee i suppose the concern of the democrats about abortion voting and health care rights will not be allayed by any kind of barrett's early every assurances. no but the challenge for democrats and they'll have to navigate this very carefully within a tight timeline because we know these confirmation hearings are going to move very swiftly will be not to attack character but instead attacked the conduct in terms of the arguments that could be made or considered by any kone baret the bottom line is that even those who don't necessarily share her views in
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the legal community will not dispute her boat a few days that they in fact her credentials are stellar she is highly and well liked and regarded and in terms of her own family background from the fact that she's a working mother of 7 that she has 2 children of color which she adopted a child with special needs makes her certainly a unique and warm and likeable personality so already in terms of reactions we've seen that the arguments against judge tony barrett will be in terms of how she could further shift the court to the right in terms of conservatism and this is what we've already seen in terms of reactions from not only the democratic presidential nominee joe biden but also the top democrats in the u.s. congress that's you pull o.c. and chuck schumer fact they've all really statements on this nomination saying that if she is confirmed their fear is that she could undo the affordable care act that the supreme court has twice of held as constitutional they feel that this is
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something that could be ripped away in the middle of a pandemic leaving millions of americans not only out of short but potentially penalized if they get covert 19 in terms of a preexisting condition the other concerns they have abortion as you've mentioned and even that there could be some undoing of the same sex act when it comes to marriage upholding the rights of same sex partners to marry or even environmental rights so these are the kinds of attacks we expect that we will speak see from the left knowing that her character may. a.b. difficult to attack as we saw with the previous confirmation hearing of justice kavanagh what we see is this instead will be on the makeup of the court and adding judge tony barrett what that could do to potentially decisions for decades to come yeah because of the way it changes that conservative liberal composition on the supreme court is going to be fascinating to see how just weeks away from the election it galvanises the right and then also the groups on the left that have
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been doing this incredible fund raising yeah and that's going to become clear in the next few days what i think we may see is the energies of the left not going into challenging the appointment or the nomination of judge tony barrett but instead in trying to win the white house because there are a number of. remedies if you are a liberal mindset here in the united states that that could be done to counter this one of them is if democrats win the white house if they win control of the senate if they maintain control of the house of representatives they could change the law and increase the number of justices from 9 to even 11 or 12 so this is being noticed packing the court so it appears that there may be some challenges for democrats in trying to fight this particular nomination republicans have the upper hand controlling the senate it's very clear they want to push this through and so
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we may not see the big spectacular fight as we saw the previous time with judge capital oh thank you very much committee how can we help it. oh it's only been less than a month but the man who is supposed to be lebanon's next prime minister is saying he doesn't want the job was deemed a deep says that his bid to form a government was doomed to fail because of a complicated system in which power is shared between muslims and christians as resignation is also dealt a blow to france which has been pushing lebanon to fix its financial crisis santa holder imports now from beirut. it's been almost a month since most of a db was designated prime minister his job was to form a government independent of party loyalists after the previous cabinet resigned following the devastating explosion at the port of beirut last month it's not easy
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in lebanon where the same political elite accused of pushing the country to near bankruptcy have been in power for decades i realize that the agreement on the basis i accepted this national mission during this difficult time of lebanon's history no longer exists as well as that the government line up with this specific ations that i put failed. mission was supported by france which has been leading international efforts to resolve lebanon's multiple crises by bringing change to the leadership president in mind where mccall said during his 2nd visit after the port blast that lebanese politicians agreed to form a cabinet by mid september see an already. fragile skepticism with this class and was very much a final automator so i would be surprised if the french choose to give that same strategy another shot the armor movement and hezbollah backed by iran have been blamed for standing in the way of
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a deal by insisting on naming shia muslim representation in government a 1000000 hezbollah are part of the so-called march 8th alliance that currently control political power in the sectarian based system of government here the shia parties feel the other camp the march 14th alliance is carrying else a political coup against the results of the last election. but others say their loyalty to iran brings lebanon into the heart of the us iranian rivalry there are squeezed cornered instead of being them through his will on the border those in the area and israel has moved towards the borders of iran so basically yes it is in the core of the conflict in. iranian conflict much is in. doubt for a country where more than 50 percent of its 5000000 people are officially poor the reforms that mounted by the international community to unlock financial assistance among them fighting corruption and it's likely to hurt implicate the political
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class that is why leaders resisted for years micron's roadmap however doesn't just set deadlines it warns of possible consequences this is a broken and broken nation not even the threat of western sanctions pushed politicians who are stronger than the state to give up power and agree to change some say the french initiative to save lebanon has died others say it can still be revived but the lebanese president did warn the country was going to hell if a government is not formed so that it has a big root now thousands of protesters marching through mexico city on the 6th anniversary of the kidnapping of 43 students in inquirer they're demanding answers to what happened to these students and for the lopez obrador government to hold those responsible to hold those responsible for their disappearance accountable in some way much just hours after mexico's president met with the families of the
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missing students they were abducted by local police in kuala 6 years ago and then reportedly turned over to a local gang believed to have killed them and burned their bodies. all money rafael joins us live now from mexico city and the protests are continuing that just tell us who is who's involved in these demonstrations. will set the scene for you a little bit here the mexican capital we're on our video out of form of this is one of the main avenues in mexico city where there are several 1000 people now marching in commemoration of the 6th anniversary of the i your seat up of $43.00 it's really a case that's become emblematic here in mexico of forced disappearances this is one of several events that are taking place today to commemorate that anniversary earlier in the day mexico's president of venezuela has over those met with the families the mothers and fathers of some of the missing students it what is now the 3rd such meeting these beatings have come to symbolize a new
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a new path in the investigation that with every new piece of evidence with every new discovery with every new announcement of an arrest warrant. it opens the official government narrative over what happened exactly to these students and what we're seeing today from all of these different groups that have come together to commemorate this anniversary deceptive that we haven't seen in previous years a little bit of hope that investigators may actually be getting closer to the truth of what happened to these students i mean nasa thing 6 years on the families are still asking for some sort of accountability in this case what i mean why has the investigation been so botched. this investigation follows one from the previous administration that has been found to have led it to an actual cover up so not only are investigators in the new investigation under the new presidential administration having to start basically from scratch to find out
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and piece together what happened to these to these students they're having to do this with a foundation that isn't solid with ever. unfits been tampered with but like i said before with every new piece of evidence that's turned and there have been quite a few in recent months recent discoveries presented in the investigation each new discovery or parents and discredits that previous narrative that had been painted by the previous government administration so now we're seeing unlike other years unlike other times that we've covered this same protests here in mexico city there seems to be more hope that investigators will actually find out what happened that day all right thank you very much money around us from mexico city where that protests at taking place calling for those responsible for the disappearance of those 43 mexican students to be held accountable. in al jazeera life in london still ahead thousands protest coronavirus or sections in london as fears grow the
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conspiracy theories could put people off a vaccine. and on the brink of extinction kenyan conservationists hope a bold plan can save the white ryan. had though there is the very unsettled across the southeast australia plenty of rain and snow and some very cold it is beginning to carry away towards the southeast but not before it left us to say this is in victoria this is that to the northwest of melbourne people at about enjoying the cold weather on horseback anyway now as i say as you go through sunday it is all clearing fairly chaotic conditions left behind clearly across tasmania as well some kept pushing into the far west of western australia 21 degrees is the high in perth on sunday by monday we've got more rain pushing through really just scattered showers and cloudy skies
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but it is improving across the southeast 20 celsius in sydney mostly dry and fine and a fairly warm day in adelaide with a high of 23 now the next couple days across into new zealand very unsettled some severe weather warnings in place here not surprising just look at this a blanket of rain snow to the mountains a very heavy rain working its way through the north island and those temperatures again on the low side and as we go through monday more of that snow really even to low levels in the south island and then it's a bit about the rain across the northeast that will begin to clear throughout sunday want to 2 more scattered showers more rain across the south of china abbesses a generally on monday across japan a mostly case guys in the korean peninsula. from during my period. and cameroon al-jazeera world means full rightism performers this person journeys to europe have changed their lives. therefore it's
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about women who are falling down the road that we we we are moving fleeing persecution seeking a safe haven and creative freedom a hard road from home journalists and actors on al-jazeera. the in the the world. of them back a quick look at the headlines now u.s. president donald trump has nominated judge amy kearney barretts as his choice to replace the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg barret with cement a solid conservative majority on the court potentially for decades to come. the man
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who was designated to be lebanon's next prime minister is resigning mystified a deep says his bid to form a government was doomed to fail because of the complicated system in which power is shared between muslims and christians. and the thousands of protesters are marching through mexico city on the 6th anniversary of the kidnapping of 43 students in a while or they were reportedly abducted by local police and then turned over to a gang that's believed to have killed them and burned their bodies. when out of malaysia the prime minister has had a bit of a boost to his position after his ruling alliance won a majority in a state election the election and is the 1st since we've seen took power in a political coup in february and might now be emboldened to push for a stronger mandate for its early reports. the summer state election had been billed by many as a referendum on the national government of prime minister we did nothing and it's delivered him a boost with parties who back its government winning control of the state assembly
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. weeden came to power in a political coup 7 months ago when he and his supporters withdrew support from the governing coalition causing its collapse his party known as to and its allies hold a narrow majority in parliament the prime minister has been pressured by his allies to call for early elections which are not due till 2023 to secure a stronger mandate the immediate reaction is what you did not write me. while i was waiting lot the result of this election well now be and bold and all right. we hadn't had personally campaigned in sabah and victory here will strengthen his position it will also help and fend off a challenge by opposition leader anwar ibrahim who announced last week that he had secured majority support in parliament in a brief televised speech the prime minister thank to voters for putting their trust
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in his government and the. state government there will be formed will be given full support from the federal government led by me as prime minister of this country and god willing we will fulfill our campaign promises as soon as we came to the best of our ability. the governing coalition has taken control of many states after politicians defected mirroring what happened nationally in february with sabar now having voted to stay with the governing coalition the opposition controls only 2 of malaysia's 13 states florence louis al-jazeera. now dozens of protesters in better rusa been arrested including a 73 year old woman has become a central figure in the protest movement video site cates on social media showed i mean a bug in sky of being dragged into a van by last riot police app and as hundreds rallied in the capital minsk in a protest dollars a rehearsal for the presidential integration of opposition leaders fit on
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a chicken off sky i was on the lookout shanker was sworn in for a 6th time on wednesday off to winning an election the opposition says was rigged. well now as work continues around the world to develop a corona virus vaccine there is concern that some people will refuse to be inoculated recent study here in the u.k. found that people are more likely to reject the vaccine because of their attitudes and beliefs about science and authority the poll carried out last month suggested that only a little over half the population or 53 percent would definitely take a vaccine about 16 percent of those polled said they definitely wouldn't but scientists rest amazing that about 60 percent take up is needed across the citee in order for a vaccine to be effective and then here in london today thousands of people protesting for a 2nd weekend against government measures to control the cost of it 19 reich john hall has that story now. so. they call themselves
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the resistance. the idea is that it's a creep towards shipping off. controlling us and this has been an agenda of possibly the rockefeller in particular. the swarm the deep state they're here some of them to protest against the government's powers to reimpose lock down restrictions by decree some of course believe the pandemic is a hoax there are those as well who see evil intent in the rollout of 5 g. technology but it's the ones who are here to protest against a possible covert 19 vaccine both traditional anti vaccines and those influenced by what they see and read online but have the scientific community particularly worried that we're getting now friends. back now they're doing everything they can
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to force us to say ok just give me the good the injection it's extremely dangerous we often forget that up until 100 years ago and credibly large numbers of children were dying from infectious diseases and one by one from polio measles and so on we have managed to largely eliminate those diseases from widespread transmission and that's had a huge impact the only way that we are going to control the spread of this disease is by having an effect of seeing and having sufficient uptake of the vaccine to prevent it being spread from person to person the resistance is itself meeting resistance in the form of online groups trying to stop the spread of what they say is false information clearly what we see here this is a website waiting times is one of the key disseminators of false information and hero and verse they've managed. does the whole thing over yet though we do we
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come to these brands. he says keep buying from. and we asked the blacklist the silent movies ads to stop funding them which isn't his real name didn't want to be identified because of abuse he's received online how many people directed are going to see a headline that will be influenced by more senior. most likely a lot of people will be looking for us where they can't find any and if this is trying to suggest that government is using the virus as a means to control all of the fear it's one advised me 3 top law people like dr that volunteers like dozens of others it's a race against time and the virus while the numbers of those persuaded for all sorts of reasons to refuse a vaccine possibly undermining efforts to end the pandemic continue to grow.
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now it's a procedure that's never been performed on wild animals but conservationists in kenya use it as they try to save the white rhino the mammals on their extinction and campaigns are underway to try and save them across the border ganda similar efforts paying off catherine soy explains. meet born last month as you are right now a sanctuary in uganda increasing the number of rhinos there to 52 in what conservationists a's one of the most successful rhino breeding projects on the continent his mother was among 6 endangered southern white rhinos brought from kenya and the u.s. in 2005 until the early 1980 s. there were rhinos in uganda in march of the region but are killed off by poachers during the civil war this hobby falls have come a long way the fast one was born in 2011 nearly 30 years after the last one was spotted in the wilds we have 24 hours when you tearing feels good morning to
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everyone there where the rain does go out records everything that iran is doing the dear. help us so much more to normal the behavior of their own nose to land is around us in 2 days i know what you're doing which is which car. 1000 why trials are listed as near threatened the north and white ones are on the brink of extinction only 2 females remain in the wild and they're in kenya at the old projector conservancy in the central highlands scientists extract eggs from the gene and had daughter for 2 more than a dozen have been retrieved since last year and 3 embryos created with spam preserved from 2 males who have already died the scientists plan to do something that has never been done before with wild animals in vitro fertilization and when we collected the eggs last year. in december we had
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a plan to. release. the items i just mentioned you know welcome all of. what i did. i did for. the sort of games we were supposed to. receive but because of the global problem. all those who. shared the locals born. there were hoping to implant the embryos into solid white females it's too risky for the last dog the north and whites to carry the pregnancy to term as a scientist in all projects and germany do what they can to save this species back in uganda the rain just celebrate another birth raud born to lawyer just weeks
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before they say the rhino in africa may be endangered killed for its horn but here in uganda they're thriving and on the course to be introduced to the wilds i 2022 catherine soy ologist 0. so many more to be found right here al jazeera dot com is the address including of course all the latest on breaking news story more on that msec. u.s. president all trampas nominated judge amy carney barrett as his choice to replace the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg if confirmed it would cement a solid conservative majority on the court for decades to come trying to describe barrett as someone who will issue rulings based on a fair reading of the law if confirmed i would not assume that role for the sake of those in my own circle and certainly not for my own sake i would assume
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this role to serve you. i would destroy the judicial oath which requires me to administer justice without respect to persons due equal rights to the poor and rich and faithfully and impartially discharge my duties under the united states constitution all in all the headlines this hour the man who is designated to be lebanon's next prime minister is resigning most of a deep says his bid to form a government was doomed to fail because of the complicated power sharing system between muslims and christians his resignation has dealt a blow to france which had been pushing for lebanon to fix its financial crisis. in the past hour we've seen more protests in mexico city with demonstrators marking the 6th anniversary of the kidnapping of 43 students in. a marsh just hours after
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mexico's president met the families of the missing students they were abducted by local police 6 years ago and then reportedly turned over to a gang who killed them and burned their bodies dozens of people have been arrested in better including a 73 year old woman who became a central figure in the protest movement after scuffling with police last month the deal was circulated on social media of the arrest of nina back in skier who was dragged into a van by masked riot police hundreds rallied in the capital minsk in a protest dollars a rehearsal for the presidential inauguration of opposition leader sat on a chicken off sky as she and her supporters say she won last month's disputed election alexander lukashenko was sworn in for a 6th term on wednesday after winning an election that the opposition says was raped that's it for myself and the team here in london rewind is coming up next introducing us to a pioneering eye doctor in nepal. keeping
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law and order is a primary function of any state. in protecting the people became police brutality a domestic incident became a global opera. in a country torn apart by racial inequality. when americans find a leader to unite them. follow the key issues of the us elections. on al-jazeera. little. welcome again to rewind on the koran.


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