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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2020 11:00am-11:33am +03

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you see the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer it's not still destroy the system it's just a look at. this tree on out is the iraq. war . the frustration of thousands across egypt defying a protest band to take their anger to the streets 3 are reported killed. again i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our world headquarters here in doha also in the next 30 minutes elections in a malaysian state that could have major national implications and affect the prime minister's future. the conservative judge from chicago who could be the next u.s. supreme court justice donald trump is preparing to name his replacement for ruth
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bader ginsburg. and why in one african nation the quest to save the white rhino from extinction. not allowed to protest but that didn't stop thousands of egyptians from demonstrating determined and defiant they marched to voice their frustration about the economy poor living conditions and corruption they want president abdel fattah el-sisi gone at least 3 people have been killed and many others arrested jamal has more. this pride with threats of arrest or even death egyptians took to the streets in several areas across the country on friday. they dubbed it the friday of reach to demonstrate their opposition to the rule of opting for the c.c. and demand that he resigns. slogans. this saves outloud don't be scared of c.c.
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has to go more her than kairos one neighborhood. in the giza governorates which has been the epicenter since protests began last sunday police and other security personnel were deployed in force. this latest wave of anti-government an anti military rule protests were triggered by cc's decision to demolish entire neighborhoods across egypt under the pretext that the homes were built illegally. these neighborhoods how some of the country's poorest communities who have already been suffering the brunt of a faltering economy unable to cope with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic according to the world bank 70 percent of all egyptians 70 percent live under either under poverty or on the brink of poverty that's a situation that's untenable add to that the social and political constraints just yesterday $150.00 appeared for the state security court i'm charges of terrorism
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because they were protesting in the street we know that terrorism charges in egypt are the ways with which the state clamps down on any voices of dissent. there were calls to by former army contractor turned opposition figure mohamed ali now in exile for people to demonstrate with september 20th marking one year since similar demonstrations took place against c.c.s. rule was that sisi supporters particularly those who control egypt's media will claim that these protests are marginal and largely in significance but the way in which the states is dealing with the protesters would suggest otherwise. human rights groups like amnesty international have already denounce the mass arrests of demonstrators over the past few days. egypt has now witness 6 consecutive days of protests the slogans have all been demanding an end to cc's rule and while the number of protests may be growing gradually ceases grip on power doesn't seem to be loosening. and the. voting is underway in
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a state election that could have significant consequences for the government in malaysia and the people in the oppositional state of sabah a choosing their legislative assembly is seen as a referendum on the prime minister weekend and yes since coalition government sabah and its neighboring state have a quarter of all the seats in the paula months florence louis is following the election outside one of the polling stations in the state capital kota kinabalu. there's a lot at stake in these elections this is the 1st test for prime minister maliki didn't gaffin since he took in a political coup about 7 months ago and you currently hold a razor thin majority in parliament now there are calls from even within his coalition for him to call that's not elections that are not due till 2023 to secure a strong mandate so the results of these polls could have an impact on the way on when the next general election will be called now on top of that the prime minister is also facing a new challenge from the opposition
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a couple of days ago opposition leader anwar ibrahim his government collapsed when prime minister and leader and his. forces we do that support down on i brought him said a few days ago that he now is come on come on from georgia he supports and parliament and will be asking the king to appoint him as the prime minister he hasn't yet been able to meet the king because the morning is in hospital and the prime minister has dismissed honest claims and says he is still in the just a minute prime minister but unless challenge has also thrown open or underlying just how fragile the support for the prime minister is even within his own coalition by the united malays national organization that's the biggest component party in the governing coalition and also known as i know well the president of that party has said that there are there are politicians from that party who have defected to anwar sponte and that indicates just how fragile the support for the prime minister. the u.s.
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president donald trump says he will name his pick to be the new u.s. supreme court justice on saturday afternoon and u.s. media reports say is likely to be amy kone baratz a chicago judge considered a strict conservative should fill the spot left vacant by ruth bader ginsburg who died last week how did you cast her reports on the tributes on capitol hill. a military guard escorted ruth bader ginsburg's casket up the steps of the u.s. capitol on uring a woman who helped transform life for millions of americans it is with profound sorrow and deep sympathy to the ginsburg family that i have the high honor to welcome justice ruth bader ginsburg to lie in state the late supreme court justice was a champion for equal rights for men and women born to a world vastly different from the america today in the 1950 s.
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despite her brilliant mind and dog good work ethic she was demoted because of her gender and questioned for taking a man's spot in law school. her tenacity and painstakingly thorough legal record eventually caught the eye of president bill clinton who nominated her to the supreme court ginsburg sat on the high bench for 27 years her diminutive size be lying her juggernaut status as a feminist icon for the left and voice for social justice through her scathing dissents. lying atopic had a bill for president abraham lincoln ginsburg broke yet of final barrier becoming the 1st woman and 1st jewish person to be afforded the honor of lying in state at the u.s. capitol as a lawyer she won equality for women and men not in one swift victory but brick by brick case by case through meticulous careful lawyer.
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she changed the course of american law. democratic presidential candidate and former vice president joe biden was among those who pay their respects at the end of a long struggle with cancer ginsburg dying wish was to have a new president named her replacement to the supreme court polls show a majority of americans feel the same but president donald trump plans to announce his nominee to fill ginsburg's vacancy saturday. trump will nominate a conservative judge and senate republicans have the numbers to push through confirmation possibly before the november 3rd election that would give trump a significant victory to tout to his base the creation of an iron clad conservative majority in the supreme court whoever replaces ginsburg could wield he votes for upcoming cases on health care and abortion rights and as the president has acknowledged could even help resolve any recall challenge to the election results
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those powder keg circumstances fewer than 40 days before voters choose their president all but guaranteed contentious congressional hearings ahead but for now a last quiet moment beneath the u.s. flag at half mast in honor of a woman who leaves the country more equal for individuals and more divided in politics. castro al-jazeera washington the south korean government is demanding the north further investigate the killing of a government official who went missing from a fisheries patrol boats and was shot by north korean soldiers in the sea near the disputed maritime border the body of the suspected defector was then burned in line with the north's coronavirus rules the north korean leader kim jong un issued a rare apology describing the killing as quotes a disgraceful event. to sudan where leaders are meeting to address the economic challenges facing the country the situation is so bad the earlier this month the
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declared an economic state of emergency still recovering from devastating floods its economy has also been affected by the coronavirus pandemic morgan has more now from that meeting in the capital car too. this conference comes at a time where sudan's economy is facing tough challenges not just because of the recent flooding which has devastated its economy or the coronavirus pandemic which has also had an impact on the economy but that devastation has happened even prior to the coronavirus pandemic we've seen the sudanese pound continuing to devalue and lose its worth against. against a hard currency partly because the country has been repeatedly saying that it does not have foreign currency reserves now to dan has been on the list of usa so sponsoring terrorism for more than 20 years and that has affected its relations with the outside world it's dealing with the international monetary fund and the world bank that has had an impact on sudan's economy and this is of course despite
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the country having vast agricultural land having a vast mineral resources now this current transitional government is saying that the reason why the economy is in a downward spiral is because of the policies of the previous government which was ousted from power in april last year but people are saying that the policies of this new government of this transitional government which came to power last august has been not turned fair and has been very unclear and not suitable for the country now 3 sides of the government and the suffering council the executive council and the forces of freedom and change which has brought the executive council to power. are not on the same page they have been despairing about how the economic situation should be dealt with. those more still to come here on al-jazeera including searching for answers what brianna taylor's family is now demanding from prosecutors that could shed light on why the police will not face any charges. and continue at the beijing also show the 1st event of its kind to take place during
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the prime time and coming up next i'll tell you why global comic is so reliant on the chinese mine. has a very unsettled picture across much of europe not so great to the sunshine left plenty of. the satellites we have clear skies there out tools to and look at this people enjoying some kite surfing off the beach chair meanwhile how to. some snow course along the lines of the out story conditions right germany's very heavy amounts of rain and similar stormy conditions well into northern areas of spain and that pretty much is what we're going to see throughout saturday lots of rain very heavy throughout germany working its way across into areas of poland on towards ukraine and training right there down across into the balkans some very heavy rain here as
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we go through the day more heavy rain strong winds coming into nor that as a spy and again southern areas of france and really as we go through into sunday it remains very unsettled heavy rain through france still into germany and again look at this some particularly heavy downpours working their way again through italy on towards the balkans we could well have some localized flooding here and when it comes to some of the cities well london is mostly dry the winds have also ease to much is not too bad. his a little bit below the pot for this time of year rome time which is again a little bit cooler as you can see thunderstorms and rain on and off for the next few days that warmer across into book arrest. but. an image can change the way we see the womb if we had not seen this week with me talking about it it can spark mass action or serve the interests of the powerful he created this longing for
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a full opportunity that can obscure the truth this is a legitimate news story that is correct and that talking points are pretty identical it can forge narratives all right through the listening post gives you the full picture on a. cold . let's just update your top stories for you so far this half hour now thousands of people across egypt have defied a ban on protests and demonstrated against the government they're angry about deteriorating living conditions they're demanding the resignation of the president abdel fattah el-sisi. voting has begun in a state election in the lazy and that could have significant consequences for the
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delicately balanced coalition government in kuala lumpur is being seen as a test for the prime minister. and the u.s. president trump is set to pick a new supreme court justice. ginsburg who died a week ago american media is reporting he could choose religious conservatives. to replace democrats want a successor to be picked after the election on november the 3rd. the family of brianna taylor is demanding to see the transcripts of this week's grand jury proceedings the african american woman was shot and killed by the police during a raid on her home protesters in the city of louisville kentucky returned to streets for a 3rd night and say they'll continue to demonstrate until all the officers involved in taylor's death are fired or someone is charged she has pretends he has the latest on the protests from the region.
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it's another night of the protests on the streets of. since the grand jury decided not to indict any police officer of the death of briana taylor it's another night of curfew too but there's a loophole this unitarian church downtown in louisville has declared itself a sanctuary and it is welcoming the protesters to come in during the curfew those who are not welcome other police officers on the national guard they're not allowed in here so therefore despite the curfew this place is going to have. as you might have heard food toilets water legal help jail support they say and transport shuttles for people who want to go home even despite the curfew because if they do step out of here it's very likely that the police could arrest them in the meantime as far as the case of brianna taylor is concerned there are still questions about how the grand jury came to the decision under suspicion is amongst his family and her lawyer is that the attorney general didn't give all the information to the
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grand jury specifically he didn't tell the grand jury that although one witness said they heard the police announce themselves before they barge their way into brown to tell us home 11 other witnesses say they didn't hear the police announce themselves so now they want the transcripts that's the main fight now get the transcripts of the grand jury find out what the attorney general actually said and see whether justice was really done. has come under fire for its handling of antigovernment protests the u.n. human rights commissioner has accused security forces of killing young people in poor neighborhoods and repressing activists and journalists has done. the criticisms launched by michel about the latest in a growing tide against the government of president nicolas maduro. the peaceful protests are being repressed that indigenous and human rights activists and journalists are being persecuted and that the supreme court is obstructing opposition politicians the list is
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a long one. i am concerned about the high number of deaths of young people in disadvantaged neighborhoods as a result of security operations based on an open source analysis my office recorded 711 deaths from june to august reaching over 2000 deaths since january 2020 s. the report also says returning migrants are being blamed for spreading the covert 19 virus but she's also calling for sanctions against venice waiting to be eased so it can better fight the pandemic and praises the authorities for progress in some areas we're going to see i acknowledged positive steps taken recently by the government of venezuela such as the pardon of 110 people and the release of 40 and an increased cooperation with my office but passionate speech only adds to a critical u.n. report on venice whaler published earlier this week which accuses the security forces of torture and sexual assault. president denies the accusations.
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the document is a mess from a technical scientific point of view in the light of universal human rights it is a mess and it is unsustainable it's full of manipulations of lies the daughter added that all human rights abuses in venezuela are investigated and the perpetrators prosecuted and in his speech to the un general assembly on wednesday he blamed washington for instability in the region. it's necessary for peace defending nations to make the united states understand that in the midst of a global pandemic no one understands or can explain why there's a resurgence in chris. blockades against noble countries venice when there is already battling a dire economic and social crisis more than 5000000 of its 29000000 strong population have fled the country the coronavirus crisis is only made matters worse and now the external political pressure directed at venice weyler since before doro
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took office 7 years ago only seems to be intensifying. how does the era. the number of deaths from corona virus could double to $2000000.00 that's the warning from the world health organization which says the countries must work together to avoid that it's certainly an amount of them but it's it's it's not impossible because we look. at 1000000 people in 9 months and then we just look at the realities of getting vaccine out there in the next 9 months it's a big task for everyone involved through very engines just like in the issues of listing there's the issue of scale up there's the issue of funding these vaccines there's the issue of distributing these works and then the issues of acceptance beyond that. with the work we still have to do in controlling this disease and remember we have things we can do now to drive transmission drown and drive down the number of deaths. china's international car show is attracting big crowds this
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year is the 1st major trade event of any industry since the virus pandemic began manufacturers see the exhibition in beijing as a glimmer of hope for an industry suffering multibillion dollar losses and the trade war tensions between the u.s. and china don't help business either correspondent katrina picks up the story. this event was supposed to take place in april so it has been postponed 2 by a few months and in 28 when this last place there were almost a 1000000 people attending now you through behind me there are still quite a few crowds but there are much fewer than previously as fewer exhibit and fewer attendees everyone who's coming here as well as had to wear a mosque in order to enter the venue and many international exhibit it's couldn't come basically because china's borders are still very much tightly controlled and those who did had to complete 2 weeks of quarantine beforehand but they really under schools the governments of a nation to put this event on show because of how important it is the chinese
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government is looking to the auto industry here in china to help spur the sluggish economy the china also industry is worth about $1.00 trillion dollars and employs about 33000000 people nationwide and during the height of the pandemic in february casals in china plunged by almost 80 percent and over the last few months they've slower they've gotten back and rebounded to almost preplanned levels and it's also very important for global carmakers elsewhere in the world in europe and in the u.s. to cottle's are still extremely weak and several car brands about to close factories and fly a stuff that many see the chinese market as a source of hope b.m.w. the c.e.o. in china here said it this this show was indeed a source of hope for many international comic has and many of unveiled new vehicles especially electric vehicles here and about $800.00 vehicles and will be on display over the next 10 days here in beijing. now it's a procedure that's never been performed on wild animals but conservationists in
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kenya hope to use it as they try to save the white rhino the mammals are near extinction and campaigns are underway to save them across the border in uganda the efforts paying off cancer and so he explains. meet born last month as you are right now a sanctuary in uganda increasing the number of rhinos there to 32 in what conservationists a's one of the most successful rhino breeding projects on the continent his mother was among 6 endangered southern white rhinos brought from kenya and the u.s. in 2005 until the early 1980 s. there were rhinos in uganda in march of the region but are killed off by poachers during the civil war these hobbyhorse have come a long way the fast one was born in 2011 nearly 30 years after the last one i spotted in the wilds we have 24 hours when you tearing his good morning to everyone there where the rain does go out records everything that iran is doing in the
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day and this has helped us so much more to know the behavior of the rhinos to land these rhinos in 2 days i know which it is doing and which is which car. 1000 why trials are listed as threatened the north and white ones are on the brink of extinction only 2 females remain in the wild and there in kenya are the old projector conservancy in the central highlands scientists extract eggs from the gene and had built up to more than a dozen have been retrieved since last year and 3 embryos created with spam preserved from 2 males who have already died the scientists plan to do something that has never been done before with wild animals in vitro fertilization and when we collected the eggs last year. in december we had not planned to.
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release. the items you just mentioned you know. when i did. identify that would be sort of we were supposed to do that. but because of the global economy or the lion's. share and they were postponed indefinitely they were hoping to implant the embryos into salad and white females it's too risky for the last dog the north and whites to carry the pregnancy to term as a scientist in. germany do what they can to save this species back in uganda the rain just celebrate another birth raud gone to a lawyer just weeks before they say the right not in africa may be endangered killed for its horn but here in uganda they're thriving and on the course to be
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introduced to the wilds i 2022 catherine sorry argenziano. ok let's stay with that story went to sit down you know he's chief executive of a leading conservation organization called the african wildlife foundation he's in . uganda kut-o. simple you're welcome to al-jazeera why is the go to position on this get more young white rhinos up and running if you will and then put them into the wild why not keep them on a sanctuary someplace. no because that's not quite course artificialities i just watched misha a reader wants us to do all these these wonderful i did was and is to be in their own way or in order for them to provide they followed you call this in cities that didn't need some vibe but also all what you as an as as a human needs be able to create our own sort is that really what we need to do is
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put them in there while. we are techie but the story all far of that go that way to try it out is the reader what what's going to happen if we don't take that weight steps just you know if you shoot it we had 3000. that exhibit is lived that is $62000.00 and we had declared the extinct we see that trend or not it was in africa how do the countries that are involved in this put together areas of protection with areas of policy because poaching still happens doesn't it. we went and we're devolved into a project out. or introduced the blood. started to be 3 only $98.00 and now there are $300.00 block right on the scene but it is sudden lot grow a process it requires government force governments other large logs so required
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government participation would require the will the party says to be less such a return has to be provided but as such what is need to be for example what is subtle is what will be that national park a well known created a solution for littering was guided trade forwards but that government's role is very very important here the laws breaking the international cooperation on this because that by busy to national is out of africa so that traffic is done up across the board as a whole into that of the international markets so government's role in bringing the rest of the world to bear in the course of action is very very product for the party since i do so since i can what they're doing with the white rhino be applied successfully to other species. absolutely. trying to follow him but insists that putting the right resources and the right science behind but that's really not what what the biggest problem
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we stop biggest probably because our vision is that how we are treating our or blacks. as opposed to 90 does showed us you leave wildlife quite a lot on its flaps what life now without human toll visits is right in everywhere of the who when we want a new protected areas so it's really that i'm human species actions that are going to be called across that managed you know order for wildlife but most of these groups yes. ok we have to leave it there thank you so much for joining us. ok let's bring you some breaking news coming to us of the lebanese capital beirut we understand the lebanese prime minister designate we're talking about moustapha deep has chosen to resign we have one report saying he's resigned we have another
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report saying he is recusing himself in effect he's recusing himself from being front and center in that process of putting together a nonpartisan cabinet despite french pressure i guess from him on the country's sectarian leaders to rally together to get the to get levanon out of its current crisis the crisis of course or this latest chapter of the crisis that was ignited when we had that massive port explosion when hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate combusted in the port area several 1000 people tens of thousands of people were left homeless hundreds $12030.00 were killed people took to the streets there was so much anger in the country anyway there was so much so many demonstrations and protests in the country anyway causing for calling for a change to the political scene in lebanon on. something of a full stop in this process perhaps. is
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a better metaphor to go for as we understand now the prime minister designate has decided to quit. the other top stories for you. other news thousands of people across egypt have defied a ban on protests and demonstrated against the government they're angry about the worsening living conditions situation there they're demanding the resignation of the president we see voting in a state election in malaysia could have significant consequences for the delicately balanced coalition government. it is being seen as a test for the prime minister. he came to power 7 months ago. the u.s. president donald trump is set to pick a new supreme court justice it will be his nomination we understand that his nominee will replace ruth bader ginsburg she died of course a week ago lying in state there on your screen american media reporting he could
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choose a conservative it's a meek barot democrats want her successor to be picked after the election november the 3rd the united states goes to the polls so korea is demanding that north korea should further investigate the killing of a government official near the country's disputed maritime border he was shot by north korean troops after going missing from a patrol boat. and to its waters illegally but kim jong il and it is a rare apology yesterday calling the killing a disgraceful event so offer to conduct a joint investigation we'll get more on that top story for you when we come back the interim lebanese prime minister has decided to quit up next the listening post more news see that. global pandemic. family comes 1st. for. health care has never been more important.
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because the new disease does not favor republicans over democrats bridge over r block over white. extensive coverage of the u.s. elections. on al-jazeera. hello i'm richard burton you're watching the listening post working from home here are some of the media stories we're covering this week.


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