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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2020 8:00am-8:33am +03

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in places like libya the sahara legion and so many others we go to the lake yes we care we stay. 3 people are reported killed in egypt as protests against the president and desperate living conditions sweep across the country. itself is there a lie from headquarters and. also ahead ruth bader ginsburg becomes the 1st woman to lie in state in the u.s. capitol donald trump prepares to nominate her supreme court replacement. more than a 1000000 voters go to the polls for a state election in malaysia that could have far reaching consequences for the
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prime minister. the 1st major event for the auto industry since the start of the global pandemic is underway in beijing. hello at least 3 people are reported to have been killed in anti-government protests in egypt thousands of people have defied a police crackdown for 6 straight day demanding the resignation of president top in fact the has c.c. there is growing anger over corruption a deteriorating economy and poor living conditions. reports. despite the threats of arrest or even deaf egyptians took to the streets in several areas across the country on friday. the friday overreach to demonstrate their opposition to the rule of opting for tougher c.c. and among the tea resigned. slogans like this so you tell too loud. don't be scared
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of c.c. has to go on were heard in cairo's one neighborhood. in the giza governorates which has been the epicenter since protests began last sunday police and other security personnel were deployed in force thanks. this latest wave of anti-government an anti military rule protests were triggered by cc's decision to demolish entire neighborhoods across egypt under the pretext that the homes were built illegally. these neighborhoods how some of the country's poorest communities who have already been suffering the brunt of a faltering economy unable to cope with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic according to the world bank 70 percent of all egyptians 70 percent live under either under poverty or on the brink of poverty that's a situation that's understandable that the social and political constraints just yesterday $150.00 appeared for the state security court i'm charges of terrorism
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because they were protesting in the street we know that terrorism charges in egypt are the ways in which the state clamps down on any bourses of dissent there were calls to by former army contractor turned opposition figure mohamed ali now an exile for people to demonstrate with september 20th marking one year since similar demonstrations took place against c.c.s. rule let's see supporters particularly those who control egypt's media will claim that these protests are marginal and largely in significance but the way in which the states is the ending with the protesters would suggest otherwise. human rights groups like amnesty international have already denounced the mass arrests of demonstrators over the past few days. egypt has now witness 6 consecutive days of protests the slogans have all been demanding an end to cc's rule and while the number of protests may be growing gradually ceases grip on power doesn't seem to be loosening. at least 15 people have been killed in
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nigeria during an ambush on a state governors convoy armed group boko haram is suspected to be behind the attack which happened near the northeastern town of bagger the governor of borno escaped unharmed but 15 security personnel died when gunmen opened fire and threw grenades at the vehicles u.s. media is reporting that president donald trump intends to nominate 48 year old amy cody barrett's a favorite with social conservatives to replace justice ruth bader ginsburg on the supreme court members of congress have been paying their respects to ginsburg the 1st woman to lie in state in the u.s. capitol how does it castro has more. a military guard escorted ruth bader ginsburg's casket up the steps of the u.s. capitol on are a woman who helped transform life for millions of americans it is with profound sorrow and deep sympathy to the ginsburg family that i have the high honor
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to welcome justice ruth bader ginsburg to lie in state the late supreme court justice was a champion for equal rights for men and women born to a world vastly different from the america today in the 1950 s. despite her brilliant mind and dog good work ethic she was demoted because of her gender and questioned for taking a man's spot in law school her tenacity and painstakingly thorough legal record eventually caught the eye of president bill clinton who nominated her to the supreme court ginsburg sat on the high bench for 27 years her diminutive size be lying her juggernaut status as a feminist icon for the left and voice for social justice through her scathing dissents. lying a topic had a bill for president abraham lincoln ginsburg broke yet a final barrier becoming the 1st woman and 1st jewish person to be afforded the
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honor of lying in state at the u.s. capitol as a lawyer she won equality for women and men not in one swift victory but brick by brick case by case through meticulous careful lawyer. she changed the course of american law. democratic presidential candidate and former vice president joe biden was among those who pay their respects at the end of a long struggle with cancer ginsburg's dying wish was to have a new president named her replacement to the supreme court polls show a majority of americans feel the same but president donald trump plans to announce his nominee to fill ginsburg's vacancy saturday trump will nominate a conservative judge and senate republicans have the numbers to push through confirmation possibly before the november 3rd election that would give trump a significant victory to tout to his base the creation of an ironclad conservative
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majority in the supreme court whoever replaces ginsburg could wield key votes for upcoming cases on health care and abortion rights and as the president has acknowledged could even help resolve any legal challenge to the election results those powder keg circumstances fewer than 40 days before voters choose their president all but guaranteed contentious congressional hearings ahead but for now a last quiet moment beneath the u.s. flag at half mast in honor of a woman who leaves the country more equal for individuals and more divided in politics. castro al-jazeera washington. the number of confirmed covert $9000.00 cases in the united states is now past $7000000.00 that's according to johns hopkins university it's more than 20 percent of the world's total reported in factions meanwhile a study in the u.s.
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says the reopening of university campuses could be linked to more than $3000.00 additional cases a day top infectious diseases expert out they felt she says he wants to see cases fall to below $10000.00 a day before the flu season starts in october president trump claims the country is rounding the corner on the crisis and as the world approaches a 1000000 deaths from cover 19 the world health organization is calling for more collective action fearing that figure could double it's certainly unimaginable but it's it's it's not impossible because we look. people in 9 months and then we just look at the realities of getting vaccine out there in the next 9 months it's a big task for everyone involved. very edges just like the issues of listing there's the issue of scale up there's the issue of funding these well actually this is the issue of distributing these vaccines and then the issues of acceptance beyond that. with the work we still have to do in controlling this disease and
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remember we have things we can do now to drive transmission drive and drive down the number of deaths the auto industry is latest innovations are on the slate the beijing motor show but the cars aren't the only reason people are paying extra attention this is the 1st major trade show to be held for any industry since the coronavirus pandemic manufacturers say the exit bishan is a glimmer of hope for an industry that suffered multibillion dollar losses and it comes at a time of heightened trade tensions between the u.s. and china katrina you has more. this event was supposed to take place in april but it's been postponed for a few months finally taking place now and when it last took place in beijing in 2018 there were almost 1000000 people attending now you can see behind me there was quite a few people quite a few crowds behind me but the numbers this year kept because of coron of the wrist measures people have to wear mosques when they come into the venue and also china's
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borders are still tightly controlled so that was a problem for international guests who would have liked to fly in and those who did would have had to 1st complete 2 weeks of orenstein but despite all these logistical challenges they were really keen to put this event to have it happen because it really underscores the importance of the auto show for firstly the chinese government the auto industry is huge here it's worth 1.3 trillion $1.33 people are employed by this industry here in china and the government is really looking to cost to help spur the sputtering chinese economy in february during the height of the pandemic here in china. up to 80 percent and only in the last few months have they proved they rebounded slowly to preplan demick levels and secondly this order show was really key for global makers elsewhere in the world in the u.s. and in europe cost tells a really suffering and carmakers there have had to shut factories many about to cut stock so really many looking to the chinese market to help improve the bottom line
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b.m.w. china's c.e.o. spoke hours ago he called the older show a glimmer of hope a heart full of that for the global order industry so here over the next 10 days they'll be about $800.00 vehicles on show and there is a special interests also in the luxury models and electric vehicles in particular. voting is underway in a state election that could have significant consequences for malaysia's national government voters in sabah her choosing their legislative assembly this is seen as a test for a prime minister more delicately balanced coalition government and its neighboring state have a quarter of all parliamentary seats florence 3 is following the election outside one of the polling stations in the state capital. that's a lot at stake in these elections this is the 1st test for prime minister and we needed gaston since he took power in a political coup about 7 months ago and you currently holds a razor thin majority in parliament now there are calls from even within his
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coalition for him to call let's not elections that are not due until 2023 to secure a strong mandate so the results of these polls could have an impact on the way on when the next general election will be called no on top of that the prime minister is also facing a new challenge from the opposition a couple of days ago opposition leader anwar ibrahim his government collapsed when prime minister and we said that his supporters withdrew their support. and i brought him said a few days ago that he now has come on come on to majority support in parliament and will be asking the king to appoint him as the prime minister he hasn't yet been able to meet the king because the more nothing is in hospital than the prime minister has dismissed unless claims and says he is still in the just a minute prime minister but unless the challenge has also thrown open or underlie just how fragile the support for the prime minister is even within his own
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coalition the united malays national organization that's the biggest component party in the governing coalition and also known as well the president of that party has said that there are there are politicians from that party who have defected to on last poncy and that indicates just how fragile the support for the prime minister is still ahead on al-jazeera making history and original artist wins australia's most prestigious art prize plus we look at a bold move by afghanistan's president that is breaking a long held. lots of sunshine is the usual across the middle east a little more cloud up towards the caspian sea pushing ever towards the black sea
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a chance of wanted to showers into armenia maybe into azerbaijan and also into georgia but otherwise it's looking pretty quiet or very warm sunshine not quite as hot as as been recently around the eastern side of the med but the temperature is in jerusalem and by or it will just not up a touch as we go on into sunday for sunday they'll be some showers around that western side of yemen and across the other side of the water well the showers continue to roll off the highlands pushing over towards the gulf of guinea some well beat down poles coming back in across calmer room we'll see those showers there into gabon easing down across congo democratic republic of congo also seeing some very wet weather along with you can do the shallows you don't respond safe here they'll sink a little further south was across like victoria where you are right down the ethiopian highlands but you come further south of here it's fine and dry a little bit of cloud just through the western cape easing across the southern cases some west of weather coming through here cool enough with a southerly fade on those winds temperatures around 15 cells just over the next
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couple of days that wet weather making its way towards the east. and that cities for the blinds and a robotic arm for the disabled. a young australian engineer isn't venting tools to help people gain independence. or decided that will put me in volatile tracking i'll check on the same program vision will be able to recognise every day women make science group of gals episode 4 on al-jazeera. the.
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other way down the top stories just 0 at least 3 protesters are reported to have been killed in egypt as thousands of people defied a police crackdown to protest against the government for a 6 day they're demanding the resignation of president that fatah has sisi anger is rising over the worsening economy and grampians corruption. u.s. media is reporting that president donald trump intends to nominate conservative judge amy cody barrett to the supreme court she would succeed the late justice ruth bader ginsburg who died on friday and has become the 1st woman to lie in state of the u.s. capitol. voting is underway in local elections in malaysia state it's seen as a test for prime minister malaki d.n.a. is delicately balanced coalition government. and its neighboring state have a quarter of all parliamentary seats. 7 people have been arrested in paris
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after a knife attack on 2 journalists near the former offices of the satirical magazine charlie hebdo the french interior minister described the attack as an islamist act of terrorism that comes 3 weeks after 14 suspects went on trial over the 2015 charlie hebdo attack in which 12 people were killed. it's so tragic to see. and as attack people are treated almost 6 years ago in the same street in front of the same building and for the same purpose. to. come each is that they want to take this they want to break you this is a very bitter of our freedom of expression and it's absolutely crucial that we sustain the resistance. at least 22 people have been killed after ukrainian military plane crashed while trying to land it happened at an airport in the east
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of the country around 400 kilometers from the capital kiev the plane was reportedly carrying students from an aviation university run by the defense ministry it's not yet clear what caused the plane to crash. protesters in the city of louisville have returned to the streets for a 3rd night since a grand jury decided not to charge police officers for the death of briones taylor taylor's family have condemned the ruling calling on the kentucky attorney general to release transcripts from the grand jury. the arrest and prosecution of all 3 officers involved in taylor's shooting police say one officer was shot in the leg by taylor's partner during the botched drug raid in march she has. more from the protests. rallies. here it's another night of the protests on the streets of louisville since the
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grand jury decided not to indict any police officer the death of briana taylor it's not a lot of curfew to but there's a loophole this unitarian church downtown in louisville has declared itself a sanctuary and it is welcoming the protesters to come in during the curfew those who are not welcome other police officers on the national guard they're not allowed in here so therefore despite the curfew this place. is buzzing and they have as you might have heard food toilets war legal help jail support they say and transport shuttles for people who want to go home even despite the curfew because if they do step out of here it's very likely that the police could arrest them in the meantime as far as the case of brianna taylor is concerned there are still questions about how the grand jury came to the decision and the suspicion is amongst his family and her lawyer is that the attorney general didn't give all the information to the grand jury specifically he didn't tell the grand jury that although one witness said they heard the police announce themselves before they barged their way into
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briana terrace home 11 other witnesses say they didn't hear the police announce themselves so now they want the transcripts that's the main fight now get the transcripts of the grand jury find out what the attorney general actually said and see whether justice was really done venezuela has come under strong criticism for repression and persecution at the united nations the human rights commissioner accused security forces of killing young people in poor neighborhoods repressing activists and journalists president nicolas maduro says the report on which the findings are based is full of flies fears that. the criticisms launched by michel about the latest in a growing tide against the government of president nicolas maduro. the peaceful protests are being repressed that indigenous and human rights activists and journalists are being persecuted and that the supreme court is obstructing opposition politicians the list is a long one. i am concerned about the high number of deaths of young people in
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disadvantaged neighborhoods as a result of security operations based on an open source analysis my office recorded 711 deaths from june to august reaching over 2000 deaths since january 2020 the report also says returning migrants are being blamed for spreading the covert 19 virus but she's also calling for sanctions against venice waited to be eased so it can better fight the pandemic and praises the authorities for progress in some areas we're going to see i acknowledged positive steps taken recently by the government of venezuela such as the pardon of 110 people and the release of 40 and increased cooperation with my office but the shalit speech only adds to a critical un report on venice whaler published earlier this week which accuses the security forces of torture and sexual assault. president maduro denies the accusations document. the document is a mess from
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a technical scientific point of view in the light of universal human rights it is a mess and it is unsustainable it's full of manipulations of lies the daughter added to all human rights abuses in venezuela are investigated and the perpetrators prosecuted and in his speech to the un general assembly on wednesday he blamed washington for instability in the region. it's necessary for peace defending nations to make the united states understand that in the midst of a global pandemic no one understands or can explain why there's a resurgence in criminal blockades against noble countries venezuela is already battling a dire economic and social crisis more than $5000000.00 of its $29000000.00 strong population have fled the country the coronavirus crisis has only made matters worse and now the external political pressure directed at venice weyler since before my coffee 7 years ago only seems to be intensifying. al-jazeera
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a protest by health care workers in chile turned violent as they faced off with police protesters threw rocks at police who responded with water cannon the workers are demanding more paid holidays if you are working hours and psychological support during the pandemic there have been weekly protests against inequality and people are demanding a new constitution protests over the killing of a prominent lawyer in indian administered kashmir have ended in a gun battle between armed groups and police 2 people were killed civil rights lawyer above are qadri was gunned down at his home on thursday night when he died in hospital qadri had recently asked police to investigate death threats. hundreds of pakistani hindus are protesting in islamabad demanding an investigation into events that led to the deaths of 11 members of the same family the hindu family were from pakistan but living in northern india they were found dead in august
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local police say they were poisoned due to a property dispute has more from the protests in islamabad. right now on pocket star on constitution avenue that leads to parliament as you can several 1000 people have been traveling from a cross bar get started some of them traveling from the start unfortunately of karachi other plaited in the train driver and they're all had 2 large protests against the indian government for the killing of 11 family members who day share cared because dead if you were to cooperate with indian intelligence and therefore the government ordered that day be carried by the ira say i did watch these people i think their whole affair is shrouded in mystery no one knows how 11 members of one family were to commit suicide rate was alleged. worn on from the
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indian government started. we have a set where you have killed our people at least give us a reason if we demand un to help us and force india to arrest the culprits. unprecedented for the pakistan hindu council to be able to bring thousands of french people to the cafeteria 50 via d.m. or dog barked why do you want from them and by you i'm not she have not done the shadow of the best model to go to the us it is not fair when you have the international need to then buy you out by lifting the. window to do international law we will call the civil society because the human eye doc to the east who have the real international route so we will see and. other demands will be fulfilled by the indian government otherwise india have no. chance right now
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a delegation had already said he date and travelling up to the indian i commission with your just a few on. 100 meters from the large a protest these people who say their day was day under day get just as their dear mondo does so why bring family members as dead as should be a brought both forensic examination and investigation into this mysterious gray enraged if big brother died while they were in india they warrant an explanation from the indian government and also the international court of justice. afghan women have achieved a political milestone getting their names on their children's identity cards previously only the father's name was documented which meant women found it difficult to prove they were mothers or to assert rights over their child charlotte dallas reports. don't to america rees divorced and see washes her only son
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but on his national afghan identification card arnie her husband's name a show in leaving who guardianship unrecorded now president gunny has signed a decree that a mother's name must also be included. the bit about that that it's symbolic but i'm happy that step by step we're getting out of the stage where there was no identity for us we have taken initial steps and they're excellent but there are still some women who are nameless and who will die nameless and all their children are called by their father's name none of them are called by their mother's name attests cara card is the primary form of identification for afghans used for proof of identity resiliency and citizenship many mothers say they have faced discrimination over their rights related to their children because they were not mentioned in official documentation including the mother's name and that has character as well and no woman to legally challenge for those rights and will also
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help thousands of widows who have lost their husbands to the war and who struggle to prove their relationship to their own children when i met. it is true women have support but we want the full support of our government which is yet to be achieved the government must have a plan and place for women's rights we can see some support in media but it's often superficial maybe it will take time but the government must bring equality in the system. gunnies decrees a bold move in a country where saying a woman's name in public is often considered dishonorable and to form a taliban commander. says the law is an islamic arguing that allows for a woman to have rights she's not entitle to undershoot. he adds many afghans may choose not to register for id cards to avoid recording the mother's name publicly for the. us if we call someone by their mother's name they will be obsolete
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generally we know and by our father's name in foreign countries where they don't know who the father is they call a child by the mother's name because there's a lot of illegal 6 the norms being introduced is the taliban and afghan delegation a debating the future of afghanistan including women's rights during peace talks in the capital of qatar doha so well afghan women may have won this round for recognition many say the fight is far from over shannon ballasts. an aboriginal painter has won australia's most prestigious our prize for the 1st time in its 99 year history the archibald prize went to events and now my chiro who for his self-portrait with former australian rules football or adam goodes who is also our aboriginal he called the when a turning point for the aboriginal people let alone it is to be the 1st indigenous
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when. it took. it took years. to beat the. indigenous landowners and it's indigenous it is. this year and she is. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera at least 3 protesters are reported to have been killed in egypt as thousands of people defied a police crackdown to protest against the government for 6 straight day they're demanding the resignation of president i've been fatah has sisi anger is rising over the worsening economy and rampant corruption. at least 15 people have been
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killed in nigeria during an ambush on a state governors convoy armed group okayama suspected to be behind the attack which happened near the northeastern town of baghdad the governor of borno escaped unharmed it's us media is reporting that president donald trump intends to nominate conservative judge amy coney barrett to the supreme court she would succeed the late justice ruth bader ginsburg who has become the 1st woman to lie in state at the u.s. capitol the number of confirmed covered $1000.00 cases in the united states is now possibly 1000000 that's more than 20 percent of the world's total infections a u.s. study has found the reopening of university campuses could be linked to more than 3000 additional cases a day and as the global death toll from covered 19 approaches a 1000000 the world health organization is calling for more collective action fearing that figure could double. it's certainly unimaginable but it's it's it's not impossible because we look at losing
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a 1000000 people in 9 months and then we just look at the realities of getting vaccine out there in the next 9 months it's a big task for everyone involved to varian just just on the issues of listing and there's the issue of scale up there's the issue of funding these vaccines there's the issue of distributing these vaccines and then the issues of acceptance beyond that with the work week still have to do in controlling this disease and remember we have things we can do now to drive transmission drive and drive down the number of deaths voting is underway in local elections in malaysia states it's seen as a test for prime minister more. fragile coalition governments those are the headlines on al jazeera women make science is coming up next. deported from the u.k. indoctrinated by somalia's and sabbat how can a young man disillusioned by fighting rebuild his life as
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a mixed race going to make a mistake to get killed and to unite his family africa's no not call me an awful mike in the last warrior a witness documentary on a just. a. little . when i was your age i read about very but i'm told they were looking at.


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