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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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flic to buy the pandemic on the various vital and basic aspects of everyday life makes it a landmark had to know what marked by terrifying upsurge in the number of victims to about 160000 deaths. 30000000 documented cases. in addition. to the hardest recession yet hitting the word since the aftermath of word war 2 coupled with the lowest revenues ever since 1870 and the increasing risk of 100000000 people falling into abject poverty. all this has revealed to the word of the importance of bolstering the existing economic health social and environmental systems.
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the viability of multilateralism has been thus put to the test. in this regard we highly value the extraordinary and significant roles undertaken by the united nations and its secretary general mr antonio good terrors of this harnessing old means and measures to address this pandemic through accelerating action to provide universal access to vaccines and i ignore stick and therapeutic tools. with top priority given to the most vulnerable groups namely women children and the elderly all. countries and societies that suffer from armed conflict induced humanitarian and refugee crises. i have always been
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a preoccupation for this long standing organization as the secretary general cold for silencing the guns in a global cease fire on march 23rd 2020. he announced it as an approach in 80 to address the root causes of conflict and to allow for tireless efforts to defeat the malady of war and to close ranks in our global fight against this pandemic while focusing on recovery in all its phases from the destructive consequences there are often to build a more equitable word where the long desired link between education and the labor market is forged where is it in a development and social protection are enjoyed by all and where universal health care systems are improved where the role of women is promoted and gender equality
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is up held this is the true many face station of the purposes for which the united nations was founded which maintaining international peace and security and sparing future generations the scourge of war mr president the word continues to suffer the repercussions of coverage 19. meanwhile it anticipates with anxiety as solution there too be it. a certified vaccine or approved treatment this will deliver the words from the dilemma of this international crisis and the brink to a whole to the spittal of deterioration and restore hope to mankind for resuming their usual way of life and will dispel the feelings of panic at tribulation that have developed hated them at the outset of this year this begs pondering over the situation in a number of regions of the word as this pandemic has contributed to the aggravation
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of the crises endured their body and increased the burden of the challenges faced by their people and unfortunately our arab middle east region was among the hardest hit regions by this pandemic despite the ability of written solutions and prescribed remit is found in the endless terms of references and security council and general assembly resolution is however the chronic long standing challenge inherent in implementation and serious and earnest. implementation thereof and of the provisions of these has remained an insurmountable obstacle to moving forward educating the desire to progress the state of kuwait or in supporting the efforts of the international community to responded to this pandemic has contributed $290000000.00 stressing her commitment to cooperate in support of international efforts to accelerate the process of manufacturing the vaccine and making it
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equitably available for the countries most in need. co it also announced its readiness to host critical cases of you and personnel infected with a covered 19 virus while working in the field in central and west asia to receive medical care in kuwaiti hospitals. mr president ladies and gentleman. the palestinian question continues to occur of pi is central and his toric position in our arab and islamic words we stress our principled firm and unwavering position in supporting the choices of the palestinian people to attain their detriment rights meanwhile efforts should continue to resume negotiations within a specific timeline to reach just and comprehensive peace according to the terms of reference of the peace process international legitimacy resolutions and the arab
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peace initiative days really occupation should should come to an end and the independent state of palestine should be established with east jerusalem as its capital on the pre june 4th 1967 borders in this regard we do value all international efforts made to resolve this key issue mr president. the ongoing crisis in sisterly yemen and the serious threats it poses to regional security and stability indicates the reality of house relevant security council resolutions are received and acted upon. it is important to our poor old the stockholm agreement in this regard we reaffirm our position that the political solution is the only solution to this crisis which should be based on the 3 terms of reference agreed on namely the gulf initiative and its executive macon ism the outcomes of the yemeni national dialogue conference and security council resolutions especially resolution $2216.00 we do it or it our support for all
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efforts made by the secretary general's special envoy to yemen aimed at resuming the political process. to reach a political solution. it could bring an end to this crisis all we call on all parties to positively gauge in disapproves this and to agree to the proposals made at the same time we do welcome to constructive roles played by the brotherly kingdom of saudi arabia to start to the employment implementation of the riyadh agreement meanwhile we renew our continuation of all attacks on saudi territories thus reaffirming our support to all measures taken by the kingdom of saudi arabia to maintain its security and stability we also urge for the right for rapid action to be taken regarding the oil tanker said for to avert an imminent environmentalists catastrophe mr president ladies and gentleman. the
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developments of the syrian crisis which has entered its 10th year with all the human suffering it entails standards to witness to the loss of international consensus and increased foreign interventions that was a major reason for prolonging this belligerent conflict we do appreciate the resumption by the constitutional committee of its work and as its 3rd round of talks will be convened was convened in geneva last august and we do look forward to its continuing its work 2 or 3 allies in the hopes and aspirations of our syrian brothers and sisters by reaching a political settlement in accordance with all of the security council resolutions special resolution $2254.00 and the $22.00 of geneva communique stressing that our position that there is no military military solution for this tragedy only then only negotiations. is the only way out
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of this plight and we do commend and devalue the efforts of the u.n. secretary general special envoy to syria mr president. there's another issue. concerning i would arab region namely libya especially the severe constitutional divide that is witnessed india for over 6 years a matter that has its repercussions in the country and the region and we do urge all that libyan parties to exercise restraint and to allow for peaceful solutions based on their law to take precedence over violence in this context we do welcome the positive results achieved during the dialogue sessions between the delegations of the parliament and the supreme council of state through reaching an end. to draw a road map to unify the state sovereign institutions according to the security council resolutions including resolution 2510 and the outcomes of relevant regional
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and international conferences. we do commend the hosting by the kingdom of morocco of the recent sessions and we hope that these efforts will come in aid into a comprehensive political settlement or that would guarantee the security stability and unity of libya and also me this variations of the libyan people mr president i'm able to give you. all one of the principles of good neighborliness as per the united nations charter. and in upholding these principles we do appeal and urge the islamic republic of iran to take serious measures towards confidence building to commence their low built on respect for the 70 of states not interference in their internal affairs and to ease the tensions in the gulf and to base our relations on the wrist the prosody and reciprocal respect for a region. that enjoys security prosperity push prosperity and development and we
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call upon iran to cooperate with the international community to ease the tensions and the escalation in and for the escalation in the region mr president terrorism and violent extremism constitute are one of the most dangerous challenges to the word order the middle east region in particular has suffered from an upsurge in subversive operations. at the hands of terrorist organizations especially dies or eisel which took islam as a pretext or as a cover for cover. up and this begs us to to intensify efforts to combat and to fight of this real threat in all its forms and to give in fittest to all relevant international and regional agreements to counter terrorism and given the excess abating effects of this of this danger in our region including yemen libya syria somalia and i'm going to
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stand iraq's experience has been recorded as one of the most important. experiments in combating days in collaboration with the international community the security council and to the iraqi government and it has a very tangible impact on the clearing the iraqi territories from the terrorists and from this terrorist entity and we do stress the importance of continuing the support to the efforts of the iraqi government for the reconstruction and in force mental stability on its territory is in this context we also express our satisfaction with the results of the afghani peace talks that have been hosted by the state of qatar and in this regard i would like to praise the role and efforts of qatar in this regard as we do also convey our appreciation for the responsible spirit shown by the participating afghan court is to achieve the desired b.s. and security. mr president ladies and gentleman.
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the adoption of the 20 the adoption of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development goals which illustrates the love to stearman plan striving for a better future. and this is a culmination of. the human effort aspiring to achieve the millenium development goals with with people at the center thereof. this is an opportunity to recall that the fulfillment of international obligations and solidarity at the global level would represented the real starting point for accomplishing those goals aiming to eradicate poverty in all its forms and to ensure that all humans would enjoy equal rights of dignity it occasion health political participation in addition to the empowerment of youth and women and addressing the impacts of climate change within the framework of the paris agreement as the ongoing environmental degradation is one of the biggest obstacles
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to realizing these goals according to the principle of shared responsibility taking into account the difference in responsibilities and burden bearings. although the united nations announced in general 2020 that this decade will be the decade of action to accelerate the implementation of this plan they facts and repercussions of the pandemic. created a lot of difficulties. in front before this approach. of sustainable development. is conditional upon activating multilateral international action and raising global cooperation and set it according to the rule of common destiny by restoring balance in financial and treat systems and effective you're providing vital global public goods guided by sustainability standards in taking decisions while bearing in mind the 2nd most answers and conditions in developing countries. in conclusion.
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irene you. call our upholding of multilateralism and the principles and purposes of the un charter. which promotes international governance. to fulfill its noble mission of maintaining international peace and security and serving all humanity and peace be upon you. you're watching out as iraq and we've been bringing you pictures from the united nations general assembly where the prime minister of kuwait. has been speaking my want to bring in our diplomatic editor james bays who's at the u.n. headquarters in new york james kohut is often central to negotiations in the gulf region is perhaps not surprising that when he was the prime minister was talking about palestine yemen syria libya the underlying message was that. armed force
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doesn't work and negotiations are key to finding solutions in all these countries. absolutely rob kuwait often plays a role of mediation in the region and speaking that the prime minister who's been in his job for 10 months him self a veteran diplomat you don't even in this job for 10 months but previously 5 years he was kuwait's foreign minister and so he knows all of these subjects very very well i think the most significant of of those because in most of those countries that you've mentioned he just really the existing position of kuwait and in some ways he did that with regard to israel and palestine but i think that is relevant given that some other nations in the gulf. and the united arab emirates have now got ahead and signed peace deals with israel kuwait's position was being like whole other countries in the gulf region being closely watched and kuwait of course has
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been a very long standing supporter of the palestinians he's continuing that position he said that kuwait's principled unwavering commitment to the palestinians will continue and again he's making the point that kuwait sticks to its longstanding position in the position of the international community that there needs to be an independent sovereign palestinian state based on 9067 borders with its capital in east jerusalem and we heard this from quite a few hours leaders at this general assembly it's group. the mole speak it is interesting because we. are part of your problem present. the united arab emirates and bahrain were actually involved of the arab peace initiative which was signed in 2002 a saudi led initiative there are many other states that is sticking with the status quo that not criticizing these peace deals will quite certainly isn't and they're not criticizing the approach of the trump of the destruction but they are staying
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we have not changed all beliefs in any way a troll it's interesting to the gulf leaders we're hearing quite a few of them speaking at the general assembly where normally the only one of the gulf leaders who actually normally comes here is the emmy or but many of the speaking this year including the saudi king and the bahraini king they're able to speak from their own countries whereas normally they'd have to come to new you'll worth noting when we say that it's the emir of kuwait who has been like his country a very strong figure in mediation in the region is still on well and has been treated recently in hospital here in the united states james thanks very much that's diplomatic editor james bays outside the u.n. headquarters in new york protesters in cities and towns across egypt to defying a crackdown on dissent to demand the resignation of president. has been rising over the worsening economy and corruption security forces made dozens of arrests when it
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raided homes on friday morning security remains tight in major cities diana fahmy is assistant professor of political science at long island university and a member of the egyptian rule of law association she explains why this movement has come as a surprise to egypt's leadership and to observers. well this is it really interesting moment in egypt's modern history if you recall just around this time last year this . figure in exile of mohammed ali had emerged and was starting to narron to the gyptian people what was really happening inside of egypt's political elite are really about the president so if we think about since the 2011 revolution especially since the 2013 military coup egypt bingo undergoing a level of austerity measures clamp down state security forces in the streets but he was indicating to gyptian population was something that they didn't know which is the level of internal corruption in the sisi regime but also in amongst him and
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his family members while he was asking the average egyptian for you know these austerity measures but 2013 many people last year this time but many people did come to the street and they came to the streets in the larger cities the difference this time this week is muhammad ali reemerged and calls for the people to come into streets and where they came out this past the 20th and today are in the peripheral cities which is very different than the protests of the past and while the stay security forces for the most part have been quite restrained there have been mass arrests but there haven't been shootings and the squares like we did see last year there have been some videos and internet there i'm verified but for the most part there been massive arrest over 2300 people have been arrested according to amnesty international and just yesterday 150 people appeared before state security forces but not how might that be in reemerged today telling people to come to the square
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so that they can protect one another from arrest because not everyone can be arrested now these are troubling for the egyptian regime for 2 primary reasons is that someone in exile is able to move the egyptian street this is not an expectation everyone. what has been saying if change was going to happen is going to come from within egypt but here you're seeing a person in exile able to move the egyptian street and 2nd people are not coming out in the major cities people are coming out in peripheral cities which means these are the return of what we used to call bread riots people coming out because of the extreme living conditions they live under so the egyptian regime had not anticipated this we as people who study this did not see this coming that someone in exile can move the egyptian street but more so at the peripheral cities are the ones who are leading this moment. dozens of farmers in india have blocked roads and
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rail lines to protest against new laws approved earlier this week they're worried they won't continue to get guaranteed prices for their grain the government wants to loosen rules and who can buy wholesale produce farmers say the changes could allow a large private buyers like supermarket chains to control the market and drive down prices has more. promise in india angry thousands across the country are protesting against new legislation they say will expose them to exploitation by private buyers of their produce and by big business. blocking roads and railway lines they're demanding that screen bills already approved by parliament on not signed into law. is a danger to the arden intended demand has been immediately. stop and database and road
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if the government doesn't pay heed to our voice then you'll be forced to take even most gating actions. the agriculture sector contributes nearly 15 percent of india's $2.00 trillion dollar economy and employs around half the $1300000000.00 population. under the 1964 agriculture producing markets in committee act farmers have to sell their produce of government regulated markets such as this one they're known as mandy's when middlemen help farmers sell their harvest to either state run companies or private buyers most farmers lease only less than 2 hectares of land and have suffered for decades many have been driven into debt by increasing costs of fertilizers and their inability to secure competitive prices for their produce the main opposition congress party accuses prime minister narendra modi of making farmers slaves of capitalists. modi's on the
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pressure to increase private investments in a sense that economists say has stagnated he says the new loans are historic. for the 1st time farmers have got actual rights over their projects the reforms in agriculture will benefit small and marginal farmers the most there are $85.00 out of $100.00 farmers in the country that belong to this category. the government says monday's won't be shut down for them and has to end and he says the so-called minimum support price of which the government buys farm produce won't be scrapped. maharaj seeing is a farmer who saw pradesh state he grows rice on the hearth ahead which he leases from a landlord he says the government's regulated system was failing but he's worried about how much protection the new laws will offer farmers against big corporate
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interests. what can i see the crops that can be sold for peanuts the middleman and the business from the show they decide the farmers don't have any choice and they're unable to meet their food lasers of course sometimes these middlemen do offer loons i don't the big corporations will do that actually we don't know if they would support the farmers it's up to our government and let's see what decisions they make. winning support for change among such a vast and important population is india's pharmacies proving difficult for prime minister modi who won the last election promising to improve their lives chance transferred onto their. mali has a new interim leader 5 weeks after the military ousted president evo him. bond was inaugurated in the capital bamako the colonel and former defense minister is promising to hand over power in 18 months when nationwide elections are planned the ecowas organization of west african neighbors says sanctions won't be lifted until
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a civilian prime minister is named as the world approaches a 1000000 deaths from covert 19 the world health organization is calling for more collective action to stop that from doubling. it's certainly unimaginable but it's it's it's not impossible because we look. at 1000000 people in 9 months and then we just look at the realities of getting vaccine out there in the next 9 months it's a big task for everyone involved to vary in just just the issues of listing there's the issue of scale up there's the issue of funding these were actually this is the issue of distributing these vaccines and then the issues of acceptance beyond that . with the work we still have to do in controlling this disease and remember we have things we can do now to drive transmission drown and drive down the number of debt that i'd supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has become the 1st woman to
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lie in state in the u.s. capitol on a god's carried her casket into the capitol building her family and members of congress have been paying their respects ensberg died at 87 after a long battle with cancer the family of briana taylor have condemned the decision to not bring homicide charges against any of the officers involved in a raid that led to her death the family's lawyers have called in kentucky's attorney general to release transcripts from the grand jury a statement from brown his mother said a lack of investigation had failed her daughter protesters have been defying overnight curfews to express their anger over the decision. what i had hoped is that he knew he had the power to do the right thing then he had the power healing. then he had the power to help me and over 400 years of oppression what he helped me realize is that it will always be. there we are never say when it comes.
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john hendren has more from louisville. protesters want to stay out past the curfew but we've seen something here that we haven't seen in places like minneapolis in konoha wisconsin when we've had protests like this and that is that the police have pretty well shut the protests down at or shortly after curfew on the 1st night when there were people remaining in this square behind me afterwards they arrested over 100 people 124 for the night some were arrested earlier but the bulk of them were arrested there ending the curfew so overnight last night thursday into friday they shut down the square and a lot of the protesters gathered at a church the 1st unit tarion church here where they had been invited for sanctuary eventually police negotiated a deal by which they would be able to leave with their cars as long as they didn't remain and that's why only 24 people were arrested overnight then so the protests
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have been. relatively peaceful there was a minor vandalism overnight but they have not been effective in owning the streets in the way that they have in these other cities and that means that the focus is really on the message a 17 year old accused of killing to protest as in can tho so wisconsin is fighting being extradited back there it's a face homicide charges in the house is accused of killing 2 people and wounding a 3rd during anti-racism protests last month it happened during demonstrations over the shooting of jacob blake a black man who was left power lies shot 7 times in the back by police officers. a legendary indian singer has died from cover 19 at the age of 74 s.p. balasubrahmanyam recorded some 40000 songs in his 5 decade career is music was 1st popularized in tamil until 2 cinema in southern india he later gained success in
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bollywood he sang in 16 languages with hits playing in homes and dance foes across the country s.p.v. as he was widely known tested positive for the virus in early august and ended up dying of cardio respiratory of this. a medal for bravery has been awarded for discovering unexploded landmines in cambodia the winner margalla a giant african poached rocked mcgovern has snuffed out 39 landmines and 28 other unexploded devices in his career he is the 1st of a species to be honored with a gold medal for gallantry from a british veterinary charity. this is all just here are these of the top stories anti-government protesters in egypt have defied a crackdown on dissent to demand the resignation of president of the c.c. they're angry at the worsening economy and corruption security forces made dozens
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of arrests when they raided homes on friday dozens of farmers in india have blocked roads and rail lines to protest against new laws approved earlier this week they're worried they won't continue to get guaranteed prices for their grain the government wants to loosen rules and who can buy a whole still produce as the world approaches a 1000000 deaths from covert 19 the world health organization is calling for more collective action to prevent that from doubling. it's certainly unimaginable but it's it's it's not impossible because we look at losing a 1000000 people in 9 months and then we just look at the realities of getting vaccine out there in the next 9 months it's a big task for everyone involved through very engines just logline the issues of listing and there's the issue of scale up there's the issue of funding these were actually used as the issue of distributing these were actually news and then the
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issues of acceptance beyond that. with the work we still have to do in controlling this disease and remember we have things we can do now to drive transmission drown and drive down the number of debt the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has become the 1st woman to lie in state in the united states on a guy's carried her casket into the capitol building ginsburg died at 87 after a long battle with cancer. and the family of briana taylor have condemned the decision to not bring homicide charges against any of the officers involved in a raid that led to her death the lawyers are demanding kentucky's attorney general release transcripts from the grand jury a statement from be on his mother said a lack of investigation had failed her daughter protesters have been defying overnight curfews to express their anger over the decision those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story by.
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a new round of the decade's long struggle for power between pakistan's military and politicians the opposition says the military is helping the government in ways it shouldn't. is this just politics as usual this isn't some sort of. hello welcome to the program imran khan now mostly not the box on the prime minister but we will be talking quite
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a lot about him because pakistan's opposition seems to be directly challenging the powerful military establishment saying it has to know.


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