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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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cultures across the world. take it we'll bring you the news in kind of for that matter to. much info brianna taylor more protests are held across the united states there's anger over a decision not to charge police officers involved in her death. this is out there a live from doha also coming up a rare apology from north korea's leader for killing a south korean official a shooting in the north says it was an infection measure. at a race against time in france as the number of corona virus infection is hitting the record and the prime minister warns it could get worse. trying to reassure
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voters politicians promise to accept the results of the us president cast doubt on the chances of an honest election. so in crowds of people who've been out for a 2nd night calling for justice for brianna taylor the african-american was killed by police in a home in louisville in kentucky from los angeles to new york demonstrators are demanding that all 3 officers involved in the shooting be arrested and charged on wednesday a grand jury decided not to file any charges against him and in taylor's hometown protesters defied a curfew which is now been extended through the weekend police want people want police reforms and an end to wonderful violence against minorities and national guard is on hand in louisville to keep peace in the past 2 nights they have been several arrests john 100 reports now from louisville.
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in louisville the price of protest can be high. it ends at the city jail where those with a window can look down on ground 0 of the demonstration where they were arrested there's a horrible when they come out. those we talk to say it's a small price to pay for demanding justice for briana taylor and the other black americans who suffered and died at the hands of police was it worth it yes yeah really every month we go to jail and off there's the side brianna to go the lawyer for brianna taylor's family tells al-jazeera that while those protesters are paying a price the officers who gunned down in her home are not the only charges 3 counts of wanton endangerment against one officer for firing into the neighboring apartment of a white family is that justice route of tayla family certainly doesn't think it's just as the people marching in protest and all across america certainly doesn't
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think is justice. what happened here has resonated across the u.s. parking protests from portland to colorado to chicago and washington d.c. most were passionate but peaceful but in louisville police charged one protester lorenzo johnson with assault and wanton endangerment for allegedly shooting 2 police officers both now recovering at the briana taylor memorial people still come to leave flowers in the street they chant her name but so far no one has paid for firing the shots that killed her and protesters here say they will continue demonstrating until someone does. ben crump says brianna taylor story is part of a crisis in civil rights in the united states over 401 years we have been doing the wolf systematic racism and all press and. see the police killing us and this. this is see the system kill on this side of the court rooms so all the people
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who are march and i say to them that we have to change this moment. hundreds here demonstrating in brianna's name. seemed to be following his advice john hendren al-jazeera louisville kentucky. north korean leader kim jong un has issued a rare apology to the south over the killing of an official shelton burned see the man disappeared from a south korean fisheries patrol boat on monday while wright has more now from salt . quite a surprising development it is not very often that north korea admits to making mistakes like this rarer still that they would then go and issue one appears to be a very sincere apology according to the presidential office here in south korea this apology has come personally from kim jong un saying how sorry he is to have
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disappointed moving jay in the president of south korea talking about this unsavory case and putting in place measures to prevent a similar occurrence and the north says that it has apparently carried out its own investigation and has pretty much confirmed the details of what we know happened that apparently this was a south korean citizen on a some sort of floating object that came across to the northern side of this maritime border he was intercepted by this patrol boat and that north korean border guards fired a total of 10 rounds 10 shots at this individual it then says that that the crew of this boat then set fire to the flow take floating material that this fortunate individual had come across on as a preventative measure it seems against covert 19 now south korean officials as we know have said that the north koreans actually set fire to this man's body so there
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seems to be some dispute over that but at least this does seem to be a recognition that this did take place north korea is apologizing for it and it does seem to be a concerted effort by north korea to try to keep the door open to better relations at some point in the future. republican policy leaders in the united states the distance and themselves from donald trump's refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses november's election to trump again question the fan is a postal voting they've joined democrats and reassuring voters of an orderly transition as all white house correspondent. thanks for the peaceful transfer of power between presidents is a time honored tradition dating back to america's founding but it's one donald trump refuses to endorse should he lose the november election you have to see what happens. on thursday citing fears of widespread ballot fraud and vote rigging the u.s. president again casts doubt on whether he'll accept the results of the november poll
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we want to make sure the election is honest but i'm not sure that it can be i don't i don't know that it can be with this whole situation unsolicited ballots. his press secretary says trump will accept the results but with conditions the president will exact except the results of a free and fair election. how exactly the white house defines free and fair is not clear casting grave uncertainty over the integrity of the vote trump is particularly concerned with mail in balloting which states are offering so voters don't have to travel to the polls during the coronavirus pandemic top republican and democrat leaders in congress on thursday tried to reassure voters on twitter mitch mcconnell the republican leader in the senate wrote there will be an orderly transition just as there has been every 4 years since 792 democrat house
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speaker nancy pelosi went further criticizing trump's failure to commit to a peaceful transition you are not in saudi arabia you are in the united states of america it is a democracy. so why don't you just. tried for a moment to honor your oath of office but the white house is pushing back on criticism of the president's controversial remarks arguing trump's 2016 presidential rival hillary clinton last month made similar comments joe biden should not concede under any circumstances because i think this is going to drag out and eventually i do believe he will win if we don't give in and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is the controversy has added uncertainty and underscored fears that it could be weeks before the results
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of the november 3rd presidential election are no can really help at al-jazeera the white house to a friend's now where the government has warned it's in a race against time to stop the spread of coronavirus front's reported more than 16000 new cases in the past day a new record of daily infections government has reimposed new restrictions in some cities and i must say bars have been ordered to close sparking a protest by business and hospitals are struggling to cope with a rise in admissions all right let's go to natasha butler who joins us from paris monitoring events there in fronts in the touch a big worries there in front not least about the infections but also the further shutdowns. yes more than $16000.00 new positive infection cases last 24 hours more than 50 deaths now doctors do say of course there is far more widespread testing now than
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there was earlier this year not can account for that rise in numbers nevertheless it is a situation that is causing a lot of concern for the government we saw the prime minister shot cast texas speaking on national television on thursday evening he said the france could be running out of time that unless people are more vigilant and the situation in is under comport under control then france could be facing a situation as they did in march and april that was the peak of the 1st wave if you like when the country actually had to lock down now until now the government has ruled out ruled out the idea of a national lockdown but the prime minister said that a national lockdown could perhaps be on the table if the situation continues as it does so certainly a far more grave and somber tone coming from the government there have been restrictions put in place in several cities to reflect the growing virus infection
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rates we've seen that in cities like lee or nice i must say in the south of the country where the virus is circulating a lot more freely we've seen restrictions on the number of people gathering for example in the government also calling on all bars and restaurants in the southern city of mass say to shut completely for 2 weeks a form of partial lockdown they're now in the city the mayor is the local authorities and the restaurant or bar owners have not taken that very kindly indeed they say that that is simply unfair and that the city is already doing everything they can to try and bring the situation under control and we have seen some restaurants owners actually coming out and protest today you know we're looking at those pictures right now and this gruesome infections of course is not just confined to front. no it is a similar picture among. several countries in europe in fact european health
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experts have been warning that we could be facing an extremely difficult few months ahead as you have this convergence of what might be a flu pandemic and the 19 pandemic and that is why again health authorities are urging people to be more vigilant than ever to take care to really respect the restrictions that are in place in germany we saw more than 2000 infection positive infections in the last 24 hours that's the highest of that country's recorded since april in spain the government there battling with the situation in the madrid region which is already 'd quite a cause for concern they have been some targeted downs in some districts of madrid region and we understand the government may put in place more restrictions today the same in portugal so across europe it's a worrying situation what we're seeing is really governments really trying to continue to avoid national knock downs and put in place these targeted localized
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lockdowns it is a very fine balance between keeping the economy going of course and protecting people's health more in trend emerging natacha thanks for that and such a problem part. so ahead here announcer tween fatah and hamas that could help unite both sides in the face of israel's diplomatic deals with some arab nations. we look at why the un's virtual general assembly meeting is bad for business in new york. and there is a very unsettled picture across much of europe central region saying very heavy amounts of rain thunderstorms to the south and strong winds to the north that 1st of all let's have a look at this in paris in front of the storm clouds really all aiming plenty of rain in the 4 calls that a not to descend the down into the south coast as well across into nice meanwhile
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in madrid in spain look at this this is just one metro station but at least 5 lines were affected and several stations are closed really for quite a while it is drying up as we go through friday the rain is further to than all 3 widespread through france strong winds coming down the north say some heavy rain there as well heavy rain across areas of scandinavia and that frontal system train right there way down across into the outs that's where we can see the snow but the rain very heavy again across the balkans and particularly on saturday across into greece so literally a week on from last week's really damaging storm this very heavy rain the 4 calls particularly heavy as well across much of romania and really just generally that unsubtle pattern really just continue more heavy rain coming in to the southwest of france as we go through the 1st day of the weekend now london is mostly dry this rain showers elsewhere throughout the u.k. touches all on the low side and certainly cool in 08 how much is well below the average showers on saturday on a cloudy day on monday. education
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is the big and mights the future and of any society but for those who live in amanda new places getting an education takes inspiration and determination to get out of the shadows and to live in the remote areas don't have electricity t.v. or computers. to short films show how a love of learning finds a way to. a.j. selections on al-jazeera. more. urban. or.
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deligated what you observe her mind of our top stories this hour and a large crowds have defied a curfew for a 2nd night in the u.s. city of louisville in kentucky states they're protesting against decision not to charge police officers for the death of a young black health worker pretty entertaining. north korea's leader has issued a rare apology for the killing of a suspected south korean defector the south accuses northern soldiers an atrocious acts of brutality shooting the civil servant in the sea near their disputed border and burning his body because of anti coronavirus rules. the french government has reimposed new restrictions in some cities for months at a new daily record of corona virus infections in the us a restaurant and bar owners are demonstrating state governments ordered to shut down all public venues. now hamas and fatah have agreed to hold the 1st palestinian elections in 14 years rival groups want to form a united opposition against deals that israel has signed with bahrain in the u.a.e.
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to normalize relations palestinian groups accuse their arab neighbors of betrayal the elections are due to be held within 6 months in a way to work in the head that is that r.t.g. restoring our national unity is a strategic and dialogue is the only course to take elections and the democratic process are the only means a clear cut agreement has been reached at elections on proportional representation basis are the most conceivable course to take with a timeframe no later than 6 months let's say now for mohammed always to use a palestinian american political analyst and he says the agreement is the right move. they have no choice but to be concise and to unite because on them started with. president trump when he moved the american embassy in to jerusalem and gave rise to the prime minister of israel to our next lands and that's the golan heights and do whatever he wants he does whatever he wants as well
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without the americans being it broke in fact i guess if i am president i see this honest broker and then he has. the people who are located. meaning rain. who are taking the side of the israelis now and they are all over the social media backing the palestinians i mean they did not just win the peace deal so peace deal with israel is no they have now. social media farms i call them that being the palestinians mollies transitional president barn door is jew to be sworn in following in last months can the veteran soldier and former defense minister is due to be interim leader for 18 months the west african regional bloc echo us met with the head of mommy's military jointer on thursday after agreeing to lift sanctions if
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a new government is sworn in this week acosta stopped financial transactions and closed borders after the ousting of president and pretty cocky to. the un secretary general has told world leaders they have failed to fight the coronavirus preferring to trade words rather than unite in the face of the pandemic and turn to good terrorism speaking as representatives from the u.s. and china were involved in angry exchanges and a session of the security council over who was responsible for my kind of reports now from the. the normally unflappable secretary general could not disguise his anger at the lack of international unity in response to the pandemic the president make is that clear the best of international cooperation best we have essentially fate is eschewed nearly went 1000000000 people around all infected over certain indian and remains largely artificial these was the result of a lack of global preparedness corporation unity and solidarity but tone of conflict
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was said earlier this week in a record address by president trump to the general assembly in which he lashed out at china we have waged a fierce battle against the invisible enemy the china virus we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world president xi jinping sprit recorded speech was restrained at the time making no direct reference to president trump but he rejected what he called the politicized sation of the response to the coronavirus but no restraint from the chinese ambassador in the security council session if someone should be held accountable if you should be a few u.s. politicians themselves the u.s. through to understand that believe me our viewers were not solve its own problems while not directly naming president trump a number of other representatives made clear their rejection of his attack on china
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and the us ambassador exploded in anger or shame on each of you. i am astonished and i'm disgusted by the content of today's discussion i'm actually really quite ashamed of this council members of the council who took this opportunity to focus on political correctness rather than the critical issue at hand among those who attended the sacramone us meeting with several presidents and foreign ministers in addition to the ambassadors the secretary general's call for unity was ignored if not forgotten and made clear in this virtual session that differences of the past have been gouged further open during the months of this pandemic my kind of al-jazeera united nations. this time of a new york is usually packed with delegates who are attending the un general assembly this year the meeting is being held virtually because of the pandemic and
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that is bad news for businesses that were already struggling christine salumi reports now from new york. from the general assembly hall to the streets of new york $193.00 member states typically bring their entourages and their wallets to the united nations for the annual debate this year there's little foot traffic empty hotel rooms and no wait for a table at local restaurants although if you want a table it will have to be outside. business that keats one block away from the un is a fraction of what it was last year thanks to the corona virus so it's actually a un body that's our identity where un during the day karaoke at night into our dining still isn't allowed here and most of the un's 15000 employees still aren't coming into the office to work in years past we have a lot of people we have people come as early for breakfast we have people come for lunch and this year there's no point tracking the restaurant next door another longtime u.n.
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haunt has already gone out of business one thing local businesses and residents don't miss is the gridlock traffic or the heavy police and security presence in the streets but with that inconvenience came a whole lot of un customers you're around the city's diplomatic corps with 193 permanent missions consulates and trade commission's help support countless local businesses a study commissioned by the city of new york in 2016 found that the international organization attracts some 300000 visitors annually and some $56000000.00. in terms of posts to the u.n. general assembly this 1st. you know it's going to. you know extremely hard economically but right now the most important thing is that new yorkers are seeing that we are reopening in a cautious way still it's a sad day and not just for new york but also the u.n. an organization that was established to bring people and nations together but we're
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missing the informal diplomacy we're missing. the side room which you know the the side bar chats the politicize the discussions during lunch hours which are critical part of what happens here at the united nations general assembly not to mention a critical part of the local economy kristen salumi al-jazeera the united nations. a years long quest by 4 african nations to nominate lake chad as a world heritage site is now in doubt because of oil and money jude sees the lake straddles the border between china and cameroon but the basin covers new jaron one to all 4 submitted the nomination 2 years ago now in a letter to unesco leaked to the guardian newspaper in britain chad says it wants to redefine the boundaries of to sign agreements to drill for oil the lake has shrunk by around 90 percent of the past 50 years due to climate change in the use of water for irrigation and around 45000000 people are dependent on it using its
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water and often unsustainable ways or janani if it can and studies climate change and security issues for the think tank delfin she says that chance decision is regrettable. it's nothing short of a travesty and not just for environmental reasons but also for very few men reasons . the lake is an exceptional natural phenomena and it probably deserves unesco recognition as something of an ecological miracle it's a freshwater lake in the middle of the iris to her desert and you mentioned there that it had it it was shrinking as it was shrinking for. decades in the seventy's and eighty's but it's actually been in a period of expansion for the past 20 years so it's it is this very resilient natural resource that communities around it have been depending on and surviving on for millennia there's really nothing like it in the world and yet at the same time
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it's also the location of one of the world's worst humanitarian crises since 2009 the region's also been destabilized by alarming violence between armed opposition groups just because and islamic state west africa problems and state security forces and so combined with the added challenge of climate change which isn't actually shrinking the lake but rather causing the water levels and the rainfall levels to fluctuate so. so severely that it's very difficult for people living around the lake to. pursue their lives and their lives that which will make dependent a challenge a cleanup effort is under way in australia to dispose of $350.00 whale carcasses rescuers are being forced to face some of the survivors from one of the world's worst driving close to 500 pilot whales beached in tasmania rescuers have spent days trying to get them back to the sea rescue groups managed to free nearly 100 of their concern some may return to shore but most are productive marine scientists in
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sydney she says disposing of the whales will be a challenge. the reason why i was. there an hour. early adolescence. i would have to be very very sure that at least reassurance you could leave the final. warning. area not. just. the state we're now she's absolutely. sure moved it can't. wait. but francis has accepted the resignation of an influential vatican cardinal linked to a financial scandal and you know brooke you've denied wrongdoing off to being implicated in the use of church money to buy luxury property in london several vatican officials are being investigated by. the new exhibition in london is giving people a glimpse of life as
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a refugee it explores 100 years of experiences of the imperial war museum is featuring objects in the heart which tell the stories of some of the millions of people who've escaped conflict poverty or persecution just gives us a sneak peek revisiting 40 days of horror kharaj was held in detention at the maria refugee camp in greece he doesn't want us to use his phone name because he has family back in iran. fearing for his own life he made the perilous journey across the med the english channel and is seeking asylum in britain everyone should think it may happen to them and it really does not matter if you have money you're educated you're leaving a safe country you are stable at the moment i had all of them. it ended up like this. crush has given up his dream of being a doctor he's not allowed to work and gets less than $50.00 a week for food at
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a new show in london crush sees clearly his chances of getting asylum are slim and that means he will be sent back to around where he is afraid he could be killed 100 years of refugees crossing continents. identity cards from world war 2 efforts to help those displaced some often receiving less than a warm welcome. at the imperial war museum is hoping visitors will come away with a better understanding of refugees why they leave what they bring with them and how they are treated we have to by meeting these people. odious is what we have to emphasize a little more and dig into the fact that refugees are of course after all just people like you i right now at this moment they deny that nations puts the total number of refugees at 80000000 people that's 80000000 who have had to flee their
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homes often to save their lives 80000000 is the highest number in history and that number is only expected to grow a chilling look into the future an artist imagines a border post completely unmanned as countries struggle to process the backlog of asylum seekers some may turn to artificial intelligence a further humiliation for refugees their lives handed over to an algorithm determining who stays or is turned away jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. so this is odds are these are the top stories in large crowds of defying a curfew for a 2nd moments in the u.s. city of louisville kentucky they're protesting against a decision not to charge police officers from death of young black health workers be and tell you. north korea's leader has issued a rare apology for the killing of
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a suspected south korean defector accuses northern soldiers of an atrocious acts of brutality for shooting the civil servant in the sea near the disputed border and burning his body because of and she coronavirus rules. senior republicans have distanced themselves from donald trump controversial remarks and promised an orderly transition this comes as trump once again question the fairness of postal voting the french government has reimposed new restrictions in some cities after reporting a new daily record of corona virus infections restaurant and bar owners must say are protesting against the government's order to shut down all public venues butler has more from paris there have been restrictions put in place in several cities to reflect the growing virus infection rates we've seen that in cities like li are nice i must say in the south of the country where the virus is circulating a lot more freely we've seen restrictions on the number of people gathering for
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example in the government also calling on all bars and restaurants in the southern city of mass 8 to shut completely for 2 weeks a form of partial lockdown they're now in the city them as the local authorities and the restaurant or bar owners have not taken that very kindly indeed they say that that is simply unfair and that the city is already doing everything they can to try and bring the situation under control and we have seen some restaurants owners actually coming out and protest today. have agreed to hold the 1st palestinian elections in 14 years rival groups want to form a united opposition against deals israel it signed with the u.a.e. to normalize relations elections and to to be held within 6 months that's what the headlines got more news coming up here on al-jazeera right after stream. if by trying to win it by the mob where he lied to the american people failed to do his job on top don't fall asleep in jail for nothing ok he still doesn't have
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a place to stay this christmas one of the past presidential t.v. debates on al jazeera. welcome to the final episode of the stream app on get the united nations general assembly the u.n. and the string teamed up this week to bring you some of the most important global issues being discussed at the united nations general assembly so these are a big conversations important conversations we're not intending to have them without you say we are on t.v. we are on instagram we are on you jumping to the comment section of new can be part of out the scotian so today we're looking at activists musicians who are determined to make sure that paris agreement actually happens the angio to paris.


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