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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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we understand the differences. of cultures across the world so no matter what we. call it to us that matter to you. you are not in saudi arabia you are in the united states of america it is a democracy under fire from both sides of the political divide us president donald trump casts further doubt on the prospects of an honest election. results 0 live from headquarters in doha in dayton obligato also coming up during anger in the u.s. city of louisville protesters defy a curfew for a 2nd night over the decision not to charge officers for the shooting of a black woman. but they used it to get this. right at this.
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u.n. secretary general warns the coronavirus crisis is out of control as the global death toll approaches 1000000. and uniting in the face of diplomatic deals by israel rival groups fatah and hamas won the 1st palestinian elections in 14 years. hello donald trump's refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he loses the november election is stirring more reaction from both sides of the political divide while the democrats have had out at the president's senior republicans have been distancing themselves from trump's remarks and promise that orderly transition of power but trump is once again questioning the fairness of postal voting our white house. respondent kimberly
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hauck at has this report. the peaceful transfer of power between presidents is a time honored tradition dating back to america's founding but it's one donald trump refuses to endorse should he lose the november election you have to see what happens. on thursday citing fears of widespread ballot fraud and vote rigging the u.s. president again cast doubt on whether he'll accept the results of the november poll we want to make sure the election is honest but i'm not sure that it can be i don't i don't know that it can be with this whole situation unsolicited ballots. his press secretary says trump will accept the results but with conditions the president will exact accept the results of a free and fair election. how exactly the white house defines free and fair or is not clear casting grave uncertainty over the integrity of the vote trump is
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particularly concerned with mail in balloting which states are offering so voters don't have to travel to the polls during the coronavirus pandemic top republican and democrat leaders in congress on thursday tried to reassure voters on twitter mitch mcconnell the republican leader in the senate wrote there will be an orderly transition just as there has been every 4 years since 792 democrat house speaker nancy pelosi went further criticizing trump's failure to commit to a peaceful transition you are not in saudi arabia you are in the united states of america it is a democracy. so why don't you just. tried for a moment to honor your oath of office but the white house is pushing back on criticism of the president's controversial remarks arguing trump's 2016 presidential rival hillary clinton last month made similar comments joe biden
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should not concede under any circumstances because i think this is going to drag out and eventually i do believe he will win if we don't give in and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side of. the controversy has added uncertainty and underscored fears that it could be weeks before the results of the november 3rd presidential election are no kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house earlier president trump went to pay his respects to supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg whose coffin is being displayed in washington. you receive the less than warm welcome as you can hear with protesters chanting vote him out trump says he will announce his nominee to replace justice ginsburg
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this weekend she had requested that her replacement be chosen by the winner of november's election. thing in the u.s. some protesters have defied a curfew for a 2nd night in the city of louisville they're angry about a decision not to charge police officers for the death of a young black woman briana taylor the city's mayor has called for calm and extended the curfew throughout the weekend more than 120 protesters were arrested on wednesday nights and these are live pictures from los angeles where you can see protesters are out there as well this case is drawing widespread condemnation and outrage in cities right across the country brianna taylor's name among those that have become a rallying cry for the black lives matter movement john 100 reports from louisville . the. in louisville the price of protest can be high. it ends at the
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city jail where those with a window can look down on ground 0 of the demonstration where they were arrested is a horrible but when they come out. those we talk to say it's a small price to pay for demanding justice for briana taylor and the other black americans who suffered and died at the hands of police was it worth it yes yeah like. everyone we go to jail and off to the side brianna to go the lawyer for brianna taylor's family tells al jazeera that while those protesters are paying a price the officers who gunned down in her home are not the only charges 3 counts of wanton endangerment against one officer for firing into the neighboring apartment of a white family in that justice route of tayla family certainly doesn't think it's just as the people marching in protest and all across america certainly doesn't think is justice. what happened here has resonated across the u.s.
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parking protests from portland to colorado to chicago and washington d.c. most were passionate but peaceful but in louisville police charged one protester lorenzo johnson with assault and wanton endangerment for allegedly shooting 2 police officers both now recovering at the briana taylor memorial people still come to leave flowers and in the street they chant her name but so far no one has paid for firing the shots that killed her and protesters here say they will continue demonstrating until someone does. ben crump says briana taylor story is part of a crisis in civil rights in the united states over 401 years we have been delaware of systematic racism and all press that has see the police killing us and the streets as see the system killing this inside the court rooms so all the people who are march and i say to them that we have to change this moment.
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hundreds here demonstrating in brianna's name. seemed to be following his advice john hendren al jazeera louisville kentucky. the u.n. secretary general has told the world leaders they have failed to fight the coronavirus preferring to trade words rather than unites in the face of the pandemic and sonia where terrorists was speaking as represented says in the u.s. and china were involved in angry exchanges at a session of the security council over who was responsible mike hanna reports from new york the normally unflappable secretary general could not disguise his anger at the lack of international unity in response to the pandemic the president make is that get the best of international cooperation at best we have essentially face it just a few nearly $1000000.00 people at a little infected over 6 feet median and remains largely.
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these was the result of a lack of global preparedness corporation unity and solidarity but tone of conflict was said earlier this week in a recorded address by president trump to the general assembly in which he lashed out at china we have waged a fierce battle against the invisible enemy the china virus we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague on to the world president xi jinping sprit recorded speech was restrained at the time making no direct reference to president trump but he rejected what he called the politicized they should not the response to the coronavirus but no restraint from the chinese ambassador in the security council session if someone should be held accountable if you should be a few us politicians themselves the us through to understand that believe me our viewers were not solve its own problems while not directly naming president trump
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a number of other representatives made clear their rejection of his attack on china and the us ambassador exploded in anger or shame on each of you. i am astonished and i'm disgusted by the content of today's discussion i'm actually really quite ashamed at this council members of the council who took this opportunity to focus on political correctness rather than the critical issue at hand among those who attended the ceremony this meeting with several presidents and foreign ministers in addition to the ambassadors the secretary general's call for unity was ignored if not forgotten and made clear in this virtual session that differences of the past have been gouged further open during the months of this pandemic my kind of al-jazeera united nations. german carmaker volkswagen will pay around $6.00 and
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a half $1000000.00 in compensation to former employees who were persecuted during brazil's military dictatorship a government commission found evidence that volkswagen helped the army identify employees suspected to be subversives during military rule from 1964 to 1985 they were then detained and tortured but the company says there was no clear evidence that cooperation was institutionalized pope francis has accepted the resignation of an influential vatican cardinal after he was found to have links to a financial scandal and you know a big queue denied wrongdoing after he was implicated in a scandal that involved church money being used to purchase a luxury property in london several vatican officials are under investigation bay cuba is not among them. rival palestinian groups hamas and fatah have reached agreement to hold the 1st palestinian elections in 14 years the 2 groups want to form a united opposition against diplomatic deals israel has signed with the u.a.e.
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that's angered palestinian groups who accuse their arab neighbors of the trail the elections are due to be held within 6 months in a way that will turn the head that. restoring a national unity is a strategic and dialogue is the only course to take elections and a democratic process are the only means a clear cut agreement has been reached that elections on proportional representation basis are the most conceivable course to take with a timeframe no later than 6 months. from other ways as a palestinian american analysts he says the agreement between hamas and fatah is the right move. they have no choice but to be concise and to unite because. started with. president trump when he moved the american embassy into jerusalem and gave carte blanche to the prime minister of israel to our next lands and that's the
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golan heights and do whatever he wants you know he does whatever he wants as well without the americans being brought in fact i classify you president as you this honest broker and then he has to be the people or blockade. meaning rain and let it go are taking the side of the israelis now and they are all over the social media back in the palestinians i mean they did not just go with the peace deal so-called peace deal with israel is no they have now. social media farms i call them attacking the palestinians still ahead on al-jazeera the un marks about 75th anniversary but their virtual general assembly meeting is giving businesses in new york a little to celebrate plus they've survived for nearly 3000 years but now
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unprecedented rain is threatening some of sudan's most iconic structures. hello there a fairly calm picture across much of the middle east how much is known as asshole's as they have been and in fact we have seen improvement with the weather conditions through the eastern end of the med and onshore breeze so feeling much better again in jerusalem time which is the high twenty's 28 on friday 29 in beirut now to the north of there they could see some showers into southern as that. they could be quite heavy at times if out there what their way gradually across towards the caspian sea but of course away from the it is fine and dry we could also suffered a secret a few showers across into northern areas of afghanistan and towards pakistan as well also some blowing sand and dust as the temperatures also particularly hot day and have
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a high of 35 celsius but feeling very humid with very light winds now central africa plenty of showers pentagon storms and of course this time of year beginning to push further south would say if you see the clouds here into northern and go to that could bring a few more showers and thunderstorms as we go through friday again those coastal showers of course across into as a tanzania and up towards somalia some fairly heavy rain as we go through friday into south africa certainly impacting cape cod and it works its way around to the east coast john is the to the all states fine and dry as you can see how much is on the high side against an average of 23. from mountain areas liberia ponderous and cameroon al-jazeera well means full rightism performance. journeys to europe have changed their lives i can't.
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tell me who the we we're moving fleeing persecution seeking a safe haven and creative freedom. from home journalists and activists on al-jazeera. tell them again the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump is standing by his refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses november's election senior republicans distanced themselves from his controversial remarks trump has again questioned if mail in voting will be on this. protesters have defied a curfew for a 2nd night in the u.s. city of louisville they're angry about
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a decision not to charge for these officers for the death of one woman brianna taylor the city's mayor has called for calm. u.n. secretary general has told world leaders they have failed to fight the coronavirus preferring to trade words rather than unites in the face of the pandemic and to undergo terrorism blamed a lack of global preparedness cooperation unity and solidarity. french hospitals are struggling to cope with soaring numbers of cope with 1000 cases the government's war and it is in a race against time to stop a repeat of the crisis in march france has had record totals of new infections in 4 of the last 8 days and new restrictions are set to be introduced in parts of spain how full authority is in madrid or asking residents to brace for a tough weeks ahead as the capital continues to be a hot spot. well the u.k. government has unveiled a package of financial measures to protect jobs new restrictions including
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a curfew on bars and restaurants have also come into force corona virus infections are doubling every week it's raising concerns that the government's plans don't go far enough barker reports from london. a shake up for england's nighttime economy. a new 10 pm curfew is put the squeeze on this. part of a careful mix of measures the government says will stem the runaway infection rate that the move i'm welcome news for a sector struggling to recover and for these revelers the party's over early the time pm curfew is limiting our training affectively means that we can only really try to 25 percent capacity of what we were doing pretty covert and yet you know all of our costs are pretty much the same. thousands of businesses have been dependent on government grants to pay workers' wages but schemes coming to an end but with
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infections doubling every week the government's been forced to find an alternative to avert must job cuts it's announced it will provide tax breaks extend loans and top up workers' wages up to 2 thirds of their hours for 6 months the government will directly support the wages of people in walk giving businesses who face depressed demand the option of keeping employees in a job on shorter hours rather than making them redundant while the government shores up the economy it also wants to tackle the virus by limiting social interaction weeks after people were told to eat out to help out something they did in great numbers. there are no bigger fines for not wearing a mosque limited numbers that can attend weddings and funerals and people are being told to continue working from home if possible there's also a new contact tracing up launch moments behind sched jewel. it's all a step in the right direction say the scientists but some fear it's not enough
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followers and restaurants may have a new curfew for the virus doesn't the earlier you cut it off you can avoid a lot more cases and hospitalizations and deaths and we sort of missed that window in march we can see now from what happened with the curve if we'd act you know acted about a week earlier we could have you know avoided a lot of unnecessary cases and deaths of that feeling that were hesitating until it's way too late is a bit of deja vu and i and i hope we can you know do the right thing this time. with dark evenings drawing in britain's bracing for an uncertain winter for many this feels like a lol before another pull a lockdown if you infection spiral. promise toyota measures many businesses warn of devastating consequences others are asking why wait nieve barca al-jazeera london rio de janeiro's world famous carneval will be delayed for the 1st time in
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a century due to the pandemic the spectacle of elaborate floats on costumes usually attracts tens of thousands of people to the city every year but organizers say they can't ensure the safety of the crowds brazil's 1st confirmed case of over $1000.00 was reported a day after this year's carnival in february and as we've been reporting the un is holding its annual general debate a time when new york is usually packed with delegates this year the meeting is being held virtually because of the pandemic bad news for businesses that were already struggling christine salumi reports from new york. from the general assembly hall to the streets of new york $193.00 member states typically bring their entourages and their wallets to the united nations for the annual debate this year there's little foot traffic empty hotel rooms and no wait for a table at local restaurants although if you want a table it will have to be outside. business that keats one block away from the un
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is a fraction of what it was last year thanks to the corona virus so it's actually a un body that's our identity where un during the day karaoke at night into our dining still isn't allowed here and most of the un's 15000 employees still aren't coming into the office to work in years past we have a lot of people we'd have people come as early for breakfast we have people come for lunch and this year there's no point tracking the restaurant next door another longtime u.n. haunt has already gone out of business one thing local businesses and residents don't miss is the gridlock traffic or the heavy police and security presence in the streets but with that inconvenience came a whole lot of un customers you're around the city's diplomatic corps with 193 permanent missions consulates and trade commission's help support countless local businesses a study commissioned by the city of new york in 2016 found that the international
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organization attracts some 300000 visitors annually and some $56000000.00. in terms of posts to the u.n. general assembly this 1st virtual. you know it's going to. you know extremely hard economically but right now the most important thing is that new yorkers are seeing that we are reopening in a cautious way still it's a sad day and not just for new york but also the u.n. an organization that was established to bring people and nations together but we're missing the informal diplomacy we're missing. the side room which you know the the side bar chats the politicized the discussions during lunches which are critical part of what happens here at the united nations general assembly not to mention a critical part of the local economy kristen salumi al-jazeera the united nations. al-jazeera has learned that a date has been set for libyan peace talks the united nations hopes to name
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a new envoy in the coming days and the current plan is to bring the country's warring sides to geneva for negotiations on october the 15th our diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations libya's prime minister gave his address to the u.n. as a time when a flurry of diplomacy is once again on the way to pull his country out of conflict international efforts to bring peace to libya would derailed last year when general foley for huffed are launched an attack on tripoli it failed and prime minister seraph says countries supporting have to among them the us egypt and russia now need to adopt a new approach. them about him or can we call on the states to revisit their positions and to no longer bet on the aggressor and to discuss with the government of national accord the means to address their concerns we must work to establish relationships based on mutual respect and common interests and the non interference
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in internal affairs the humanitarian situation in libya is now the worst it's been in the last decade of conflict according to the president of the international committee of the red cross who made a recent visit. walking through some of the outskirts of tripoli but began as he had been surprised by the level of destruction which in which the cities find themselves it has reminded me of some of the worst urban cities they have been seeing over the last couple of years and in mosul in homs in. all the u.n. hopes to name a new envoy for libya in the coming days the plan is for a meeting of international players at the beginning of next month and then by the 15th of october they want to bring the libyan sides to geneva it's all very ambitious with a plan for elections next year but in the past high hopes on libya have been dashed
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by the only going violence and meddling from outside the country james plays out 0 at the united nations the audit office in cyprus says thousands of passports may have been issued without proper approval a report found that wealthy families may have exploited an investment for a citizenship scheme to obtain so-called golden passports it comes after hours as there as investigative unit published leaked documents that showed cyprus sold passports to criminals fugitives and people considered to be a high risk of corruption the family is a $43.00 mexican students who disappeared in a suspected kidnapping 6 years ago have held an anniversary rally they gathered outside mexico supreme court on thursday demanding answers the students were taken from a college in southern mexico and 2014 and never seen again they were reportedly handed over to a local gang mexico's president is expected to give the families an update on the
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investigation. well french investigators are looking into banking giant b.m.p. over allegations of complicity in crimes against humanity genocide and torture in sudan it follows a complaint filed by the paris based international federation for human rights it alleges the bank facilitated crimes committed in sudan's darfur region between 20022008 b.m.p. has been investigated previously for suspected complicity in the 1994 genocide in rwanda ancient pyramids in northeastern sudan have been damaged by unprecedented flooding authorities and sure we are trying to protect the relics but residents there say the water has destroyed existing barriers and swept away dozens of homes . in hama the dough traveled to the region to find. these other ruins of the royal city in but you know we're the post once the city of the powerful kingdom of
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kush that dates back to the 8th century b.c. there are remnants of temples palaces cemeteries and other places of interest that testified to the wealth and power of the question at state a major power in the north east africa region for more than 1000 years but now these ruins which have weathered thousands of years under threat through 2 weeks ago also residents of nearby villages joined hundreds of students from hutton university to protect the ruins ha tim had that was one of them. a cent of the honestly we've never seen anything like the floods this year they broke old differences and destroyed many homes including mine we're really worried they will sweep away the ruins the kings bought the house one of the few buildings still standing at the site was nearly flooded before the students and locals intervened it's. this is out here it is a mess of history right here that belongs to us and it should be protected properly
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no river floods every year and there's no guarantee it won't damage the site a few 100 meters from the ruins of the royal city saddam's murder we pyramids where kings and queens were interred told slender and graceful this moment bear witness to the last thing splendor was the kingdom that once rival the federals of egypt through the years the pyramids have been blunted of all their wealth and left to the elements as conventions began here only in the mid 19th century a few of the smaller pyramid self since been restored looking new in comparison to them all but suddenly his daughter meant they had i would have to think about these morning ones are not just was something to enter that black race should be part of it just have been to have a rich history white and. weak so flooding in sudan has killed nearly 100 on thought to people and made thousands homeless saddam's prized pyramids safe for now
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but for how long will floods have been predicted with help that of informal justice was done by the highlands of neighboring. archaeologists say and the destruction to the pyramids as well as the thought was also well that really that the us all over the ruins of these ancient city would be a huge loss how about the world does it but you know we're so done. telecon the headlines on al-jazeera us president donald trump is standing by his refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses november's election senior republicans distanced themselves from his controversial remarks trump has again questioned if malan voting will be on us. protesters have defied a curfew for a 2nd night in the u.s. city of louisville they're angry about a decision not to charge police officers for the death of black women briana taylor
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the city's mayor has called for calm and extended the curfew throughout the weekend and the outrage over her case continues to spread to other cities including los angeles protesters are demanding that all 3 officers involved in the drug raid that led to taylor's death be charged with murder here's $100.00 with an update from the evil today protesters have decided to do something a little different this square has been largely cleared out but this church here the 1st unitarian church in louisville has offered them sanctuaries so you can see there 'd are maybe a couple of 100 or so visible people out here who are taking sanctuary at the church and why are they doing that because police are cracking down very aggressively on the curfew at the end of this street there is a long line of police ensuring that anyone who leaves gets arrested on their way out french hospitals are struggling to cope with record numbers of cope with 1000
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cases the government's warned it is in a race against time to stop a repeat of the crisis in march france has had record totals of new infections and for the last 8 days the u.n. secretary general has told world leaders they have failed to fight the coronavirus preferring to trade words rather than unites in the face of the pandemic on sunday to terrorists blame the lack of global preparedness cooperation unity and solidarity rival palestinian groups hamas and fatah have reached agreement to hold the 1st elections in 14 years the 2 factions want to form a united opposition against diplomatic deals israel has signed of behind the u.a.e. palestinian groups accuse arab neighbors. those are the headlines on al-jazeera more news at the top of the hour but for now it's the bottom line thanks for watching by. russia now seems to be going off to the main economic resource which is a pool story we bring you the stories in development is that the rapidly changing the
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living presidents america policy to make it a try wall that morphed into a technological wall counting the cost on al-jazeera hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question is the united nations still the go to place for the world to solve its problems let's get to the bottom line. the biggest intergovernmental organization in the world just turned 75 years old this year it was created by the big powers to prevent another world war and in that mission it's generally succeeded but how's it doing on the other missions like securing peace and delivering health and humanitarian relief with regional war is raging with refugees and migration at an all time high and a global pandemic on top what a mess my guest today is mark low cost the point man for humanitarian relief at the united nations and u.n. speak he is the underside.


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