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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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and he's to europe have changed their lives i can't use therefore i said about women who are fallen that day i'm talking about we we we are moving fleeing persecution seeking a safe haven and creative freedom oh drop from home journalists and activists on al-jazeera. you are not in saudi arabia you are in the united states of america it is a democracy. under fire from both sides of the political divide us president donald trump costs further adults on the prospects of an honest election. watching al-jazeera light from a headquarters in doha in derry navigate also coming up growing anger in the u.s.
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city of louisville protesters defy a curfew for a 2nd night over the decision not to charge officers for the shooting of a black woman. is the best. the u.n. secretary general warns the coronavirus crisis is out of control as the global death toll approaches 1000000. and the world's 3rd worst kovan 1000 hot spot brazil is set to test a chinese vaccine. hello thanks for joining us donald trump's refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he loses the november election is stirring more reaction from both sides of the political divide while the democrats have hit out at the president senior republicans have been distancing themselves from trump
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remarks and promised an orderly transition of power but trump has once again questioning the fairness of postal voting our white house correspondent kimberly halkett house this reports. the peaceful transfer of power between presidents is a time honored tradition dating back to america's found. thing but it's one donald trump refuses to endorse should he lose the november election you have to see what happens. on thursday citing fears of widespread ballot fraud and vote rigging the u.s. president again cast doubt on whether he'll accept the results of the november poll we want to make sure the election is honest but i'm not sure that it can be i don't i don't know that it can be with this whole situation unsolicited ballots. his press secretary says trump will accept the results but with conditions the president will exact except the results of a free and fair election. how exactly the white house defines free and fair or
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is not clear casting grave uncertainty over the integrity of the vote trump is particularly concerned with mail in balloting which states are offering so voters don't have to travel to the polls during the coronavirus pandemic top republican and democrat leaders in congress on thursday tried to reassure voters on twitter mitch mcconnell the republican leader in the senate wrote there will be an orderly transition just as there has been every 4 years since 792 democrat house speaker nancy pelosi went further criticizing trump's failure to commit to a peaceful transition you are not in saudi arabia you are in the united states of america it is a democracy. so why don't you just. try for a moment to honor your oath of office but the white house is pushing back on
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criticism of the president's controversial remarks arguing trump's 2016 presidential rival hillary clinton last month made similar comments joe biden should not concede under any circumstances because i think this is going to drag out and eventually i do believe he will win if we don't give in and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side of. the controversy has added uncertainty and underscored fears that it could be weeks before the results of the november 3rd presidential election are no kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house earlier president trump went to pay his respects to supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg who's coffin is being displayed in washington.
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you receive the less than warm welcome with protesters chanting vote him out trump says he will announce his nominee to replace justice ginsburg this weekend she had requested that her replacement be chosen by the winner of november's election and staying in the u.s. some protesters have defied a curfew for a 2nd night in the city of louisville they're angry about a decision not to charge police officers for the death of a young black woman briana taylor the city's mayor has called for calm and extended the curfew throughout the weekend more than 120 protesters were arrested on wednesday night john hendren has more from louisville. last night we had a number of protesters all gathered in the town square in jefferson park square as they call it here in front of city hall just after curfew and police swept in on all sides and that's where many of those more than a 120 people were arrested yesterday so today protesters have decided to do something
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a little different this square has been largely cleared out but this church here the 1st unitarian church in louisville has offered them sanctuary so you can see there 'd are maybe a couple of 100 or so visible people out here who are taking sanctuary at the church and why are they doing that because police are cracking down very aggressively on the curfew at the end of this street there is a long line of police ensuring that anyone who leaves gets arrested on their way out the curfew is from 9 pm to 6 am and what they're doing is anyone who decides to leave this church property is no longer in sanctuary and so they will arrest them and the idea for the protesters has been to own the streets whose streets our streets that has been there chant the police have a strategy here and that is to keep them off the streets because they've become very dangerous for the protesters nevertheless the protesters want to remain out here and speak their message french hospitals are struggling to cope with record
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numbers of coven 1000 cases the government's war and it is in a race against time to stop a repeat of the crisis in march france has had record totals of new infections and 4 of the last 8 days and new restrictions are set to be introduced in parts of spain health authorities in madrid are asking residents to brace for a tough weeks ahead as the capital continues to be a hot spots. well the u.n. secretary general has told world leaders they have failed to fight the coronavirus prefer him to trade words rather than unite in the face of a pandemic and one of the terrorists was speaking as representatives from the u.s. and china were involved in angry exchanges at assessment of the security council over who is responsible mike hanna reports from new york the normally unflappable secretary general could not disguise his anger at the lack of international unity in response to the pandemic the president make is that get the best of
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international cooperation at best we have essentially faith is yes q nearly went 1000000000 people at all infected over certain indian and remains largely artificial these was the result of a lack of global preparedness corporation unity and solidarity the tone of conflict was said earlier this week in a record address by president trump to the general assembly in which he lashed out at china we have waged a fierce battle against the invisible enemy the china virus we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world president xi jinping sprit recorded speech was restrained at the time making no direct reference to president trump but he rejected what he called the politicized sation of the response to the coronavirus but no restraint from the chinese ambassador in the security council session if someone should be held accountable if you should be
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a few u.s. politicians themselves. the u.s. should understand that believe me our viewers were not solve its own problems well not directly naming president trump a number of other representatives made clear their rejection of his attack on china and the us ambassador exploded in anger or shame on each of you. i am astonished and i'm disgusted by the content of today's discussion i'm actually really quite ashamed of this council members of the council who took this opportunity to focus on political correctness rather than the critical issue at hand among those who attended the sacramone us meeting with several presidents and foreign ministers in addition to the ambassadors the secretary general's call for unity was ignored if not forgotten and made clear in this virtual session that differences of the past have been gouged further open during the months of this
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pandemic mike hanna al-jazeera united nations nancy soderberg is a former ambassador to the united nations she says there won't be any progress unless countries stop blaming each other for the crisis. any time you have to so we have the p 5 and particularly the u.s. china and russia basically throwing mud on each other it's a symbol of how broken the world or spawns is to this virus as the secretary general said a 1000000 dead 30000000 infected and where in the midst of a world crisis where we need unity we need to work together in this blame game which actually was started by president johnson his speech on tuesday has just from the council into a game of name game that's just going to cost a lot of the need stuff we need unity needs leadership and today was a sad day for the security council a body that has
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a responsibility to keep the will say senate failing the u.n. having worked there it's a microcosm of the state of the morrow and the fact that you have the 3 embassadors from russia china and the u.s. going at it in the security council throwing mud at each other's names playing games playing this so do how did functional the global response to the world then that is then we all those centuries their responsibility to listen to the facts social business and get a vaccine listen to the science and i think this is this is a sad day for the world on display for all to see and it really has to stop. rio de janeiro's world famous carnival will be delayed for the 1st time in a century due to the pandemic the spectacle of elaborate floats and costumes usually attracts tens of thousands of people to the city every year but organizers say they can't ensure the safety of the crowds brazil's 1st confirmed case of over
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1000 was reported a day after this year's carnival in february. german carmaker volkswagen will pay around $6.00 and a half $1000000.00 in compensation to former employees who were persecuted during brazil's military dictatorship a government commission found evidence that volkswagen helped the army identify employees suspected to be subversive during military rule from 1964 to 1985 they were then detained and tortured but the company says there was no clear evidence that cooperation was institutionalized. pope francis has accepted the resignation of an influential vatican cardinal after he was found to have links to a financial scandal and q denied wrongdoing after he was implicated in a scandal that involved church money being used to purchase a luxury property in london several vatican officials are under investigation but becky was not among them. still ahead on al-jazeera uniting in the face of
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diplomatic deals by israel rival groups fatah hamas won the 1st palestinian elections in 14 years. revisit an exit bishan the looks into the past to help understand the risks ahead for refugees and migrants. hello there a fairly calm picture across much of the middle east how much is know also assholes as they have been and in fact we have seen improvement with the weather conditions through the east end of the bed and on shore breeze so feeling much better get in jerusalem time which is the high twenty's 28 on friday 29 in beirut not to the north of there because you see some showers into southern areas a turkey that could be quite heavy at times and what the way gradually across towards the caspian sea but of course away from the it is fine and dry we could
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also see quite a few showers across into northern areas of afghanistan on towards pakistan as well also some blowing sand and dust as the temperatures not supposed to kill a whole day and a high of $35.00 celsius but feeling very humid with very light winds now central africa plenty of showers pensions on the storms and of course this time of year beginning to push further south would say you can see the clouds here into northern and go that that could bring a few more showers and thunderstorms as we go through friday again those coastal showers of course across into as a tanzania and up towards somalia some fairly heavy rain as we go through friday into south africa certainly impacting cape town and then it works its way around to the east coast john is the to the will stay is fine and dry as you can see how much is on the high side against an average of 23. as it's really prepares for good. fire season survivors of the last summer's
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catastrophic fires are still struggling one on one east follows one community's road to recovery on al-jazeera. one day i might be covering politics to do in the next hour my fear of micro tossing from serbia the hungry to what's most important to be just talking to people understanding what they are going through so that i can be the headlines in the most human way possible. cure it i just see it or we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. to. hello are you on the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump is standing by his refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses november's election senior republicans
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distance themselves from his controversial remarks trump has again questioned if mail in voting will be honest protesters have defied a curfew for a 2nd night in the u.s. city of louisville they're angry about the decision not to charge police officers for the death of black women brianna taylor the city's mayor has called for calm. the u.n. secretary general has told world leaders they have failed to fight the coronavirus prefer into trade words rather than unites in the face of a pandemic antonio terrorist claimed a lack of global power in this cooperation unity and solidarity. millions of doses of a chinese made corona virus vaccine will arrive in brazil next month the aim is to begin advanced clinical testing in sao paolo by the end of the year with more than 4600000 infections vaccine makers are looking at brazil as a candidates so widely test their products monica yant
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a cure reports. resilience may be out in about as if the pandemic were already over but far from it with almost 140000 dead the country is the world's 3rd largest coal the done 1000 hotspot but there's light at the end of the tunnel at least in brazil so powerful state and it's coming from china the middle watch. dog the 1st lot of 5000000 doses of the chinese made vaccine or arrived here in october to be used in sao paulo. we have to complete the phase 3 final trials and wait for the results but by mid december we can begin immunization. that scene has already been tested on $50000.00 chinese volunteers less than 6 percent felt mild adverse effects but in order to be used in brazil it must be tested locally as well and approved by the health regulatory agency and. the chinese vaccine is not the only one being tested
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in brazil 2 states by yet and have signed agreements with russia to help develop the sputnik 5 vaccine and here in rio de janeiro your crusade institute is working with oxford university on the astra zeneca vaccine. with over 4000000 infected thousands of volunteers and a deep bench of mena station scientists brazil has become a world laboratory for the covert 1000 vaccines to the sin of act and astra zeneca are in their final trials what with you expecting this vaccines that have been that have been tested in brazil is that they are going to achieve more or less 5560 percent of the action they are not saxon's of which we are expecting a very very high rate of actions comparable for instance we danes a vaccine which is all for the. present i had both sonatas son congressman and
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a lot of the bill so not all has bling china for the pandemic but many brazilians like the net because those who don't care where the vaccines come from as long as they work and get here soon monica al-jazeera rio de janeiro. rival palestinian groups hamas and fatah have reached agreement to hold the 1st palestinian elections in 14 years the 2 groups want to form a united opposition against diplomatic deals israel has signed behind them the u.a.e. that's angered palestinian groups who accuse their arab neighbors of betrayal the elections are due to be held within 6 months in the. head that is the restoring a national unity is a strategic and dialogue is the only course to take elections and a democratic process are the only means a clear cut agreement has been reached that elections on proportional representation basis are the most conceivable course to take with a timeframe no later than 6 months. away says
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a palestinian american political analyst he says the agreement between hamas and fatah is the right move. they have no choice but to reconcile and to unite because on them started with. president trump when he moved the american embassy in to jerusalem and gave carte blanche to the prime minister of israel to annex lands and that's the golan heights and do whatever you want to see and he does whatever he wants as well without the americans being a broke in fact i classify you president as he is this honest broker and then he has to be the people who are located. meaning rain. who are taking the side of the israelis now and they are all over the social media
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backing the palestinians i mean they did not just go with the peace deal so-called peace deal with israel is no they have now. social media farms i call them backing the palestinians al-jazeera has learned that a date has been set for a libyan peace talks the united nations hopes to name a new envoy in the coming days and the current plan is to bring the country's warring sides to geneva for negotiations on october 15th our diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations. libya's prime minister gave his address to the u.n. at a time when a flurry of diplomacy is once again on the way to pull his country out of conflict international efforts to bring peace to libya would derailed last year when general foley for huffed are launched an attack on tripoli it failed and prime minister seraph says countries supporting hafta among them the u.s. egypt and russia now need to adopt a new approach and we had the time of
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a few more popular we call on the states to revisit their positions and to no longer bet on the aggressor and to discuss with the government of national accord the means to address their concerns we must work to establish relationships based on mutual respect and common interests and the non interference in internal affairs the humanitarian situation in libya is now the worst it's been in the last decade of conflict according to the president of the international committee of the red cross who made a recent visit walking through some of the outskirts of tripoli but being gassed i have been surprised by reports destruction which in which the cities find themselves it has reminded me of some of the poorest urban settings that i have been seeing over the last couple of years in in mosul in homs in here in early or the u.n. hopes to name a new envoy for libya in the coming days the plan is for
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a meeting of international players at the beginning of next month and then by the 15th of october they want to bring the libyan sides to geneva it's all very ambitious with a plan for elections next year but in the past high hopes on libya have been dashed by the ongoing violence and meddling from outside the country james plays out 0 at the united nations. french investigators are looking into banking giant b.m.p. probably about over allegations of complicity in crimes against humanity genocide and torture in sudan that's according to the paris based international federation for human rights the rights group filed a complaint against the bank for allegedly facilitating crimes committed in sudan's darfur region between 2002 in 2008 b.m.p. has also previously been investigated for suspected complicity in the 1994 genocide in rwanda. the west african regional bloc ecowas says it will lift sanctions on
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mali if a new government is sworn in later this week negotiators are in the capital for talks with coup leaders members stop financial transactions into mali and close their borders after last month's military takeover which ousted president sobre him boubacar kaito suu kyi suppressor killed most of my lead i'm very happy with what is going on in mali the young military men that took power are doing a good job they were following what it cost which is for an accurate during the september 15th meeting i'm very happy to be back where things are getting back to normal i would like to thank the military for their actions taken and i hope it will be one of my last meetings as a mediator because after the swearing in ceremony things should get back to normal mali doesn't need sanctions and they're not beneficial for the region or the world i hope that after the president's swearing in on friday sanctions will be lifted and who doesn't wish to sanction member countries but they have to do it for molly's good so it's time for things to follow the right that the audit office in
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cyprus thousands of passports may have been issued without proper approval a report found that wealthy families may have exploited an investment for a citizenship scheme to obtain so-called golden passports it comes after al-jazeera as an investigative unit published leaked documents that showed cyprus sold passports to criminals fugitives and people considered to be at high risk of corruption the families of $43.00 mexican students who disappeared in a suspected kidnapping 6 years ago have held an anniversary rally they gathered outside mexico supreme court on thursday demanding answers from officials the group of student teachers were taken from a college in southern mexico in 2014 and were never seen again they were reportedly handed over to a local gang. a years long quest by 4 african nations to nominate lake chad as a world heritage site is in doubts because of oil and mining opportunities the lake
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straddles the border between china and cameroon but the basin covers nazaire and nigeria to all fours submitted the nomination 2 years ago and now in a letter to unesco leaked to the guardian newspaper in britain chad says it wants to redefine the boundaries after signing agreements to drill for oil the lake has shrunk by around 90 percent over the past 50 years due to climate change and the use of water for irrigation and around 45000000 people are dependent on it's using its water and often unsustainable ways. vivian looks at climate change and security issues for the think tank adelphi she says the move taken by tchad is regrettable. it's nothing short of a travesty and not just for environmental reasons but also for very few men reasons . that lake is an exceptional natural phenomena and it really deserves
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unesco recognition as something of an ecological miracle it's a freshwater lake in the middle of the area to her desert and you mentioned there that it had it it was shrinking as it was shrinking for. decades in the seventy's and eighty's but it's actually been in a period of expansion for the past 20 years so it's it is this very resilient natural resource that communities around it have been depending on and surviving on for millennia there's really nothing like it in the world and yet at the same time it's also the location of one of the world's worst humanitarian crises since 2009 the region's also been destabilized by a long in violence between armed opposition groups or just because iraq and islamic state with africa problems and state security forces and so combined with the added challenge of climate change which isn't actually shrinking the lake but rather causing the water levels and the rainfall levels to fluctuate so. severely that
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it's very difficult for people living around the lake to pursue their lives and their lives at which a lake dependent i know exhibition has opened in london exploring 100 years of refugee experience of the imperial war museum is featuring objects and arts which tell the stories of some of the millions of people who've had to escape conflicts or persecution jessica baldwin went to see the show with a refugee from iran. revisiting 40 days of horror crush was held in detention at the maria refugee camp in greece he doesn't want us to use his full name because he has family back in iran. fearing for his own life he made the perilous journey across the med the english channel and is seeking asylum in britain everyone should fear it may happen to them as well it really does not matter if you have money you're educated you're leaving
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a safe country you are stable at the moment i've had all of. it and the latest crush has given up his dream of being a doctor he's not allowed to work and gets less than $50.00 a week for food at a new show in london crush sees clearly his chances of getting asylum are slim and that means he will be sent back to around where he is afraid he could be killed 100 years of refugees crossing continents. identity cards from world war 2 efforts to help those displaced some often receiving less than a warm welcome. at the imperial war museum is hoping visitors will come away with a better understanding of refugees why they leave what they bring with them and how they are treated we have to by meeting these people odeon says we have to emphasize
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a little more and dig into the fact that refugees are of course after all just people like you i right now at this moment they get knighted nations puts the total number of refugees at 80000000 people that's 80000000 who have had to flee their homes often to save their lives 80000000 is the highest number in history and that number is only expected to grow a chilling look into the future an artist imagines a border post completely unmanned as countries struggle to process the backlog of asylum seekers some may turn to artificial intelligence a further humiliation for refugees their lives handed over to an algorithm determining who stays or is turned away jessica baldwin al-jazeera london.
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probably got the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump is doubling down on his refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses november's election senior republicans distanced themselves from his controversial remarks trump once again questioned of malin voting will be honest protesters have defied a curfew for a 2nd night in the u.s. city of louisville they're angry about a decision not to charge police officers for the death of black women brianna taylor the city's mayor has called for calm and extended the curfew throughout the week and john 100 has more from the we've all. today protesters have decided to do something a little different this square has been largely cleared out but this church here the 1st unitarian church in louisville has offered them sanctuary so you can see there are maybe a couple of 100 or so visible people out here who are taking sanctuary at the church and why are they doing that because police are cracking down very
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aggressively on the curfew at the end of this street there is a long line of police ensuring that anyone who leaves gets arrested on their way out french hospitals are struggling to cope with record numbers of cope with 1000 cases the government warns it is in a race against time to stop a repeat of the crisis in march france has had record totals of new infections in 4 of the last 8 days the u.n. secretary general has told world leaders they have failed to fight the coronavirus preferring to trade words rather than unites in the face of the pandemic and terrorist blamed global preparedness cooperation unity and solidarity rival palestinian groups hamas and fatah have reached agreement to hold the 1st elections in 14 years the 2 factions wants a former united opposition against diplomatic deals israel has signed with behind the u.a.e. . groups accuse arab neighbors off the trail those are the headlines the stream is coming up next. talk to al-jazeera. is the government not to take the necessary
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action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter to their own. welcome to the final episode of the stream app under the united nations general assembly the u.n. and the strain teamed up this week to bring you some of the most important global issues being discussed at the united nations general assembly so these are big conversations important conversations we're not intending to have them without say we are on t.v. we are on instagram we are on you tube jumping to the comments section of new t can be part of our the sky so today we're looking at activists musicians who are
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determined to make sure that paris agreement actually happens the engine passed way to paris.


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