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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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empty supreme court seat left by the supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. we're going to go now to the other live event that's happening today the united nations general assembly that's happening in their headquarters in new york although mostly it's a virtual event with leaders sending in their prerecorded speeches on the line addressing a mostly empty general assembly let's bring in our diplomatic james bays at the u.n. james we are waiting on me for the saudi king to deliver his speech it will be a rare event normally we hear from the foreign minister but given that he doesn't have to travel in self to new york we will be hearing from him we expect in just a few moments in fact i do think that the saudi ambassador is introducing him now
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so we should be hearing from him very shortly. this to my money at andy's. peace and blessings of god be upon you it's my great honor to introduce this statement of the custodian of the 2 holy mosques control man bernard. king of the kingdom of saudi arabia thank you mr president. in the name of god the compassionate the merciful your majesty's your highness's your excellency's mr president of the general assembly. mr secretary general distinguished attending is or may god's peace and blessings be upon year at the outset i would like to extend my sincerest congratulations to mr of our can bask here on his election as president of the 75th session of the
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u.n. general assembly in washington success in fulfilling his duties i would also like to extend my thanks to his predecessor and dr to johnny muhammad dandy president other previous session for his great effort. it would be a remiss not to commend the distinguished endevor is of his excellency secretary general and tanya terris to improve the performance of u.n. institutions to attain the objectives and purposes of its charter mr president distinguished at indians. i address you today from the birthplace of islam place of revelation and that for muslims of my message is based on the teachings of our noble religion our arab culture and our
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common human value. we all call for peaceful coexistence moderation and solidarity among the nations and peoples of the world to confront the extraordinary challenges facing. our world why. our world today is facing tremendous challenges. especially with a covered $910.00 demick and it's healthy a military and economic repercussions it compels us all to stand together and face those common challenges to humanity. in its capacity as president other g 20 the kingdom has coordinated international effort. by holding a leaders' summit last march to coordinate the global effort to combat the
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spend demick. the summit aimed at curbing the humanitarian and economic impact of the spend damming during the summit the kingdom and now a pledge of $500000000.00 u.s. dollars in support of an effort aimed at combating the condemning and reinforcing emergency preparedness and responses. the kingdom continues to promote global response effort to address this pandemic and its repercussions are. looking to m.m. is one of the largest donors of yemen a tarion and developmental aid it provides its support to all peoples of the world irrespective of their political ethnic or religious affiliations over the past 3 decades the kingdom provided more than $86000000000.00 u.s.
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dollars in humanitarian aid benefiting $81.00 countries distinguished matter. my country ever since the foundation of this organization has been at the forefront along with other nations to achieve international peace and security it has been consistently working to mediate conflicts to reach peaceful solutions to disputes as well as seeking to prevent conflict and support security stability development and prosperity. however the middle east has been suffering from major security and political challenges that undermine the security of its peoples and the stability of its country as. our region has been faced. thing for many decades attempts by the forces of evil and extremism
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to impose their malign views and policies in order to hijack this country's present and future paying no heed to the aspirations of the people of the region for development prosperity and peace in the kingdom we trolls a path for the future through our vision 2030 which aspires to create or a boston economy and an interactive community thus contributing actively to the progress and civilization after humankind. regionally and internationally the kingdom advocates a policy based on respect for international law and its principles to achieve security stability and prosperity in the region we support political solutions to the conflicts and combat extremism in all its forms and manifestations
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distinguished at injuries and that over the past decades the kingdom's hands were extended openly and positively to iran searching for peace but to no avail the kingdom received several of iran's president and other law senior officials in line with the kingdom's efforts to seek ways to build relations based on good neighborly ness and mutual respect we want continue the international effort to address iran's nuclear program but time and again the entire world witnessed how the iranian regime had believed this efforts to fuel its expansionist activities build its terrorist networks and use terrorism in the process it squandered the resources and wealth of the iranian people to fulfill its expansionist project which only brought about chaos extremism and sectarianism the
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iranian regime conforming with its hostile attitude targeted oil facilities in the kingdom last year in a blatant violation of international law and international peace and security. it demonstrated. that this regime has total disregard for the stability of the global economy or the security of oil supplies to international markets they're a new regime also continues through its proxies to target the kingdom launching today over 300. ballistic mistrials and more than 400 armed drones in a stark violation of security council resolutions 22162231. hour xperience with ever a new regime has taught us that partial solutions or appeasement will not stop its
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threats to international peace and security comprehensive solution and a firm international position are needed to ensure fundamental solutions to the iranian regime's attempt to possess weapons of mass destruction or develop a ballistic missile program and its interference in the internal affairs of other countries as well as its sponsorship of terrorism the iranian regime interference in yemen by supporting the coup. carried out by its proxy the healthy militia against the legitimate government led to a political economic and humanitarian crisis that the fraternal people of yemen are still suffering from this coup is a threat to the security of the countries of the region and the waterways vital for global economy and furthermore the whole theme unless she is impeded the flow of
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humanitarian aid to the yemeni people they also obstructed efforts to reach a political solution in yemen they rejected efforts to deescalate the situation the last latest of which was the cease fire announcement made by the coalition to support it in the sea in yemen last april in response to the un's request in order to proceed with efforts to combat the covered $900.00 pandemic to him and instead they continue to target civilians in yemen and in the kingdom. and we re to pray that the condiment will not hesitate to defend it. national security nor will we abandon the fraternal people yemen until they regained their complete sovereignty and independence from everything in had an e kingdom will continue to provide humanitarian support for the people of yemen and we will continue to support the efforts of the u.n. secretary general special envoy for yemen in accordance with the g.c.c.
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initiative the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue and security council resolution at $2216.00 distinguished attendees terrorism and extremist ideologies pose a major threat to the world at large. together we have made remarkable progress and was passed a few years in combating extremist organizations including substantially rolling isis strongholds in iraq and syria punk's to the efforts of the global coalition. similarily the forces of the coalition to support legitimacy in yemen were able to strike hard against al qaida and isis in them and to succeed in our battle against terrorism and extremism we must intensify our
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don't efforts by facing this challenge comprehensive. this includes combating financing of terrorism and extremism. the kingdom has supported many international entities that contribute to reinforcing our joint efforts to combat the strum and the kingdon supporting the un counterterrorism center. with $110000000.00 new it has established the global center for combating extremist ideologies. in riyadh. you know it also hosts the international terrorist financing targeting center they love that we in the kingdom thanks to our position in the muslim world there are a special historical responsibility to protect our tolerant of faith from attempts to defame it by terrorist organizations
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and extremist groups. and in. the killing of one individual with the killing of all people thus it is undoubtedly innocent of all cry and then atrocities committed in its name by the forces of terrorism and extremism terrorists and extremists organizations find that fertile ground to grow and problem for 18 countries of them where there are sectarian divisions weaknesses or where state institutions are in columbus if we intend to win our battle against terrorism we must not waver in the face of countries sponsoring terrorism sectarianism we must stand firm in the face of countries promoting transnational extremist ideologies which behind false
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political slogans to hide their extremist chaotic and destructive nature are more around distinguished at indy. or old. peace in the middle east is our strategic vision. and we will spare no effort to work together towards achieving a brighter future work peace stability prosperity and coexistence among all the regions prevail. the kingdon supports all effort aimed at advancing the peace process we have been introducing peace initiatives since 1981. this included of the 2002 arab peace initiative which is the basis for a comprehensive and just solution to the arab israeli conflict it ensures that the
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fraternal palestinian people would regain their legitimate rights for a front for in those 2 being an independent palestinian statehood in east jerusalem as its capital we supported the efforts of the current us administration to bring about peace in the middle east by bringing palestinians and the israelis together on a negotiating table went to reach a fair and comprehensive agreement. while we follow with concern the developments in libya we call upon all of our libyan the brothers to sit at the negotiating table and unite to maintain the territorial integrity and safety yeah we condemn foreign interventions in libya and support a peaceful solution in syria that maintains its territorial integrity and ensure the departure of all militias and mercenaries we also stand by our fraternal
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people of lebanon are horrocks kerry and saying humanitarian catastrophe following the explosion of the port of beirut this was a result of the header many of hezbollah that terrorist organization affiliated with their. on their head many over the decision making process and lebannon by the false alarm as a result of the constitutional state institutions and lebannon were this fabled order for the fraternal people of lebanon to achieve the restoration is for security stability and prosperity this terrorist organization must be this on. sir president distinguished atoms from this podium we call for the intensification is a global effort to confront the great challenges facing humanity whether it's due to climate change poverty organized crime the spread of at damage or other challenges which require strengthening our cooperation for
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a brighter future so that future generations can live in stability peace and security thank you mr president and may god's peace be upon you. we were listening to the saudi king solomon been giving his 1st address to the united nations let's bring in our diplomatic and said james bays who's at the united nations that speech of course was prerecorded live from recorders and actually from saudi arabia says what do you make of what the king said. well i think it's in some ways what he didn't say 1st words telling you that it's very rare for a saudi king to address the u.n. general assembly normally it's done by a foreign minister you don't normally get a king and you have to look back a very long time for the king to address the general assembly clearly normally you have to make the journey to new york and he didn't have to do that this year he
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spoke from saudi arabia i think the 1st thing people remark on is just that and they'll be people will be looking very closely diplomats and others at the video because there's been all sorts of reports that he's in ill health so he certainly was there unable to deliver the speech and didn't look particularly troubled with regard to his health in the speech as i say though it's not what he said in the speech because i think it was a reiteration of saudi policy and nearly everything he said has been said by saudi diplomats before but some of the things he didn't mention the long war in yemen clearly the coalition is getting very tired after 5 years their partners their main partners u.a.e. seem to be mainly withdrawing from the effort no suggestion there that saudi arabia is going to bring that war to a close all although they did talk about the efforts of the u.n. to try to bring peace a lot of mention early in the speech about the humanitarian gestures saudi arabia
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makes of the money goes to humanitarian funds in it and when he spoke specifically about yemen it was mentioned it is worth reminding you that saudi arabia promised recently money to. the u.n. in yemen and i'm just going to quote you from the u.n. see military in chief mark speaking just a couple of weeks ago several donors including saudi arabia the u.a.e. kuwait who have a particular responsibility with this region they discharged in recent years has so far given nothing to this year's u.n. plan he went on and this is tough for a u.n. official it's particularly reprehensible to promise money which gives people hope and then dash those hopes by failing to fulfill the promise so although he was heralding the saudi contribution to u.n. humanitarian aid the man in charge of the u.n. see monitary their efforts is not so positive about what saudi arabia has been doing on the iran nuclear deal no specifics other than he said that iran should be a firm international position with regard to iran on peace in the middle east which
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he came to very quickly at the end reiterated the saudi position and said vaguely they supported the efforts of the trumpet ministration but no direct response from the king to those recent peace deals done between israel and the u.s. and israel and bahrain which clearly are some of saudi arabia's closest partners and normally aligned their foreign policies very closely very little mention of syria and libya just a quick mention at the end and clearly of things that were not mentioned that you pretty much knew the king was going to talk about but the ongoing siege of qatar the death of jamal khashoggi almost 2 years ago which is certainly affected the perception of saudi arabia in the international community and repression at home in saudi arabia including the imprisonment of mohammed bin nayef the former crown prince deposed by the king's own son who is now the the crown prince mohammed bin
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saw a man no mention of him he said to be important ok joining us there from united nations thanks very much that's going to have a man. she is a former u.s. state department official and the c.e.o. of the political risk consulting strategy she joins us now from mclean in virginia just outside washington d.c. good to have you with us hilary do you agree with james there when really no surprises in the saudi king's speech that it was rather just a reiteration of saudi policy touching on all the main predictable issues of iran. the regional regional politics. yes so i think it was quite important for a number of reasons at 1st i thought i thought it was very important in terms of the ongoing various normalization deals or we could perhaps like it's called and diplomatic or peace deals between the united arab emirates bahrain and the truck administration continues to tantalize perhaps 5 or 6 other arab states are just
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waiting to formalize a peace with israel there's been a lot of questions about whether saudi arabia would do that and a lot of reports that there are differences within the royal family particularly between king some on and and crown prince mohamed bin son and so this was an opportunity for the king to publicly before the world reiterate saudi arabia's longstanding position that is codified in the arab peace initiative from 2000 to also dating back as the king said in 1901 with the king fahad initiative that saudi arabia did position of saudi arabia as the leader of the muslim world as one of the most important states in the arab world that the position of saudi arabia is that there needs to be 2 states and independent state of palestine with its capital and east jerusalem that's a clear reaffirmation of saudi arabia's stand and a real rejection of the current efforts to push arab and muslim states to normalize
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with israel before israel is willing or ready to give anything in return so that was critically important the other very interesting and important piece was dead thinking were furred to these forces of evil that's an important phrase that's a phrase that the former president george bush's axis of evil to designate iran iraq and north korea as an axis of evil that were deserving of invasion and so he uses a very similar term forces of evil to practice his comments about iran and he really puts iran in that had a great as an evil force. that in fact used its proxies or in fact maybe even directly itself attack saudi arabia and its oil facilities last year and attack and saudi arabia and the whole world he said on the global economic supply that's important because that is a real sore spot in saudi arabia they do perceive that as an attack on them body by
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iran that want answered by there's a close it greatest ally the united states so that continues to be a sore spot and to have it articulated by the kean the saudi arabia before the entire world shows the importance that the king still attaches and the saudis still attached to those 2 issues to how the united states handles iran and its policy in the region and how the united states is approaching israel arab students muslim states and any normalization there how do you think saudi arabia is looking at the u.s. now coming up to this election and every possibility that it will not be a trump presidency after the beginning of november how concerned do you think it is about. i think they're very concerned i think they're looking at it with great trepidation in some ways president trying to trying to ministration has been very good at deciding rabia it has looked the other way or infant condoned actions that the entire world has condemned from saudi arabia whether it's the killing of the
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journalist jamal khashoggi whether there were in yemen and there blockade of qatar saudi trying to ministration has really shielded saudi arabia from international condemnation of these these internationally agreed bad acts so in one way they're trying to ministration has been very good for saudi arabia but on the other hand the trump administration has not come to their defense as the king articulated today for what they perceive as an attack 'd by iran on their oil facilities and it's a question about whether to try ministration really would come to their defense of something even worse happened to them they know that president trump is a transactional president that he approaches foreign policy in transactional terms he doesn't look at saudi arabia as a friend of the united states as a real ally that he's obligated to protect is basically what's in it for president truck or maybe even the united states so it's been a mixed bag with the truck administration however. the president biden would not be
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any softer on saudi arabia when breton when biden was vice president he gave an important speech at her university just a few years ago where he condemned saudi arabia he condemned the united arab emirates arab emirates and turkey for what he said was their role in financing and and forming. in syria and the precursor of isis in syria it was there were very strong comments by the then vice president biden and they were particularly targeted at saudi arabia the united arab emirates so there the saudis i think are with some reason and concerned about what president biden would bring to their country ok leverett whatever the for the moment thanks very much taking time to join us there from virginia. thank you. now let's bring you some other news in 5 years after more than a 1000000 refugees arrived on the continent the head of the european commission has admitted its asylum policy is working on the lan has told you members they must all
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share the responsibility of refugees and take the pressure off mediterranean nations like walter italy and greece as the efforts so far have often led to devastating human consequences this package reflects a fear and reasonable balance between responsibility and solidarity among member states we all share the benefits we all share the burden this package also reflects a very pragmatic and realistic approach we know that we have to build trust among member states and citizens confidence that we can manage this as a union. 70 deca has been reporting from les paul over the past week and joins us now stephanie you commissioner mentioned specifically as an area where the e.u.
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can improve its migration policy what is the situation. and i think they're really really talking about it because europe's biggest refugee camp morea camp which is on this island into the ground and you ended up having around 12000 people sleeping on the streets they've now been put in this new camp behind us the conditions again it's early days but certainly the reports we're hearing from people who are in touch with inside that there's only one meal a day there is an issue with with running water sanitation and people are very much afraid that the conditions down the line will be very similar to those in moria which were described by many people as living hell and i think you know listening to the european policy what it sounds like reading between the lines is that what they're going to be focusing on is tightening border controls trying to. clamp down on the illegal route that people take to get here but also i think important to
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note is it's such a complicated asylum process or we've just been talking to a young lawyer a young greek lawyer who works for an ngo who's helping people process their asylum claims and also the appeals because if you have your asylum claim rejected you do have the right to an appeal you have the right under greek law to an attorney but there are no attorneys who was telling me that there is around 25 lawyers on the island now working for n.g.o.s even though the government should provide you with one for around 12000 people and i think interestingly listening to him talk he got very emotional when he said that when it came to let's say you know you and i might think that once someone gets granted asylum this is a dream come true well he was saying yes they believe it's a dream come true and he actually got tears in his eyes when he said but then you know i have these. people that i've been i've been earning their trust and fighting their case and then they think it's the best day of their lives and i have to break them again and tell them that they will then be on their road that there is no
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integration policies here that they will be put on the streets basically because there's a short period of time between getting that asylum to that and being independent but the state doesn't make it easy so i think it's very very difficult the whole thing is difficult and certainly i don't think anything that's come out today is going to make the situation for them any easier so i think that reporting from the island of lesbos where all those thousands of refugees and migrants are in limbo thanks very much to. go with al jazeera these are all top stories the king of saudi arabia is calling for a comprehensive solution on iran king solomon made a record of address the united nations general assembly he also called for disarming hezbollah and lebanon and expressed support for u.s. efforts to start talks between israel and the palestinians the head of the european commission. has called on the e.u.
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member states to share responsibility of refugees brock's new plan hopes to ease pressure on mediterranean nations which handle a disproportionate number of arrivals this package reflects of fear and reasonable balance between responsibility and solidarity among member states we all share the benefits we all share the burden this package also reflects a very pragmatic and realistic approach. we know that we have to build trust among member states and citizens' confidence that we can manage this as a union the russian opposition has called for an immediate campaign of civil disobedience that's after president alexander lukashenko was sworn in in the capital minsk has been under mounting pressure to resign following last month's disputed election. russian opposition leader has been discharged from hospital
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where he was being treated for poisoning the kremlin critic says he has a long we have billet taishan ahead of him he spent more than a month in the hospital german experts believe it was poisoned with a nerve agent novacek moscow is denying any involvement. the u.s. has begun 3 days of official tributes to supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg pall bearers carried her coffin into america's top court where or main until friday she died last week at the age of 87 of pancreatic cancer president donald trump is expected to pay his respects on thursday he's vowed to fill her seat on the supreme court before the election next month that's despite outrage from democrats those are the headlines more news on al-jazeera after the stream. if by trying to win it by the mob where the large of the american people fail to do his job on top
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don't fall asleep in jail for nothing ok he still doesn't have a place to stand this christmas is one of the last presidential t.v. debates on al-jazeera. and i ask them yeah ok welcome to the limited edition sirius the stream in 1000 nations general assembly we are teaming up this week united nations to bring you some of the biggest issues in the world right now these are conversations we are not intending to have by ourselves so we are on t.v. we are on instagram we are on you but you know what today you could just jump into the comment section and you too can be part of every conversation this week so today we are looking at misinformation around 90.


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