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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2020 7:00am-7:33am +03

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motion against the tree. of knowledge is it. we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world on the day u.s. coronavirus deaths past 200000 president trump attempts to put the focus and blame squarely on china. watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters and i'm very navigator also coming up arab leaders use the general assembly to raise the plight of palestinians after 2 gulf states normalize relations with israel. anxiety builds on the iris border as the u.k.
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moves closer to breaking international law with its breck's a deal farmers along the now river in sudan face the impact of destroyed homes and livelihoods from heavy flooding. hello the number of people who died from corona virus in the u.s. has now reached 200000 and on the day that grim milestone was reached president trump again at the blame on china in an address to the u.n. general assembly he slammed the country for unleashing this plague on the world and response china calls for unity in the fight against covert 19 years our diplomatic editor james. like all the other world leaders speaking at the u.n. president speech was prerecorded his words were as controversial as apple. we have waged a fierce battle against the invisible enemy the china virus which has claimed countless
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lives in 188 countries in the united states we launched the most aggressive mobilization since the 2nd world war fact checkers in a country that suffered more than most from cope with 19 unlikely to question those claims as the chinese ambassador to the un listened in the general assembly hall the president intensified his attack on china we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague on to the world china in the early is days of the virus china locked down travel domestically while allowing flights to leave china and infect the world before introducing president xi the chinese ambassador made an impromptu intervention complaining about bullying. china resolutely great acts baseless accusation against china his president in
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a clear contrast to president trump said international cooperation was the key to combating covert 19. 19 realize that we're living in an interconnected global village with a common stake all countries are closely connected and we share a common future no country can gain from this difficulties on the taste of billet taking advantage of this tramples in his address the president of france expressed his growing concern about the tension between the world's 2 largest economies new purpose for the today's world cannot be left to the rivalry between china and the united states regardless of the white in the world that these 2 great powers share regardless of the history that ties us especially to the united states the collapse of the frameworks of our cooperation. that just referenced all of that means we
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must build a new order from speech was almost certainly the shortest ever given by u.s. president to the un general assembly just 7 minutes long it was delivered with a machine gun like style of oh there was criticism of iran china was the main target in his sights diplomats say speeches like this do nothing to decrease the polarization on the world stage james pays out 0 at the united nations and speaking on his way to a rally president trump said the number of deaths are uncovered 1000 is bad but could have been far worse i think it's a shame i think if we didn't do it properly and do it right you'd have 2 and a half 1000000 deaths if you take a look at alternatives you could have 2 and a half 1000000 or something there about you could have a number that would be substantially more with all of that being said we should never hurt anybody and you saw my united nations speech john issue to stop that at
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their border they should never let this spread all over the world ryan graham is the intercepts washington d.c. bureau chief he says trump has repeatedly tried to deflect attention from his poor handling of the pandemic. it's notable 'd that the reason that we know that we cross the threshold the macabre threshold of 200000 deaths. from the corona virus is because john hopkins university has been tallying those deaths in other words a non-governmental actor has you know had to do the compiling of the system and share them with the public because the the president has affected really shut down the federal government's ability to cause to collect and then distribute those statistics which which undermines a case that he could reasonably be making about china's handling of the coronavirus but none of it is going to get through because of who the messenger is. the the
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goal was so transparent that a lot of legitimate criticisms might get overlooked what president trump was trying to do here is you know with just weeks left in the campaign and with people already voting was to shift blame away from his handling of the fire number one deflection from the from the very beginning has been to a call of the china virus and beats a point out that he banned travel coming out of china and you know that that's been his go to no matter where we have been in this pandemic the fact that we now know through the bob woodward tapes that that trump as early as february 7th had learned from the chinese government that the coronavirus was passing through the air was extremely deadly and extremely contagious undermined you know any attempts that
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he's going to make to try to shift blame at this late date. the british prime minister boris johnson has announced new coronavirus restrictions including curfews for pubs and restaurants there only apply in england scotland wales and northern ireland decide their own roles johnson says infections are again rising exponentially and warned an even tougher response may be needed if barker reports from london. britons hoped it wouldn't have to be not the full lockdown of march but facing strict controls on the lives and livelihoods of millions measures that could last for 6 months we have to acknowledge that this is a great and freedom loving country and while the vast majority have complied with the rules there's been too many breaches too many opportunities for our invisible enemy to slip through undetected never in our history has our collective destiny and our collective health depended so completely on our individual behavior
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if we follow these simple rules together we will get through this winter together there are unquestionably difficult months to come and the fight against aids is by no means over. among the raft of measures bigger fines for not wearing a mask and face coverings are now mandatory for shop staff taxi drivers and passengers from thursday pubs bars or restaurants must close at 10 pm they'll be restricted to table service and takeaways the hospitality sector is still reeling from months of lockdown. there's also a u. turn on encouraging workers back to offices people are being told to work from home if possible but businesses schools and universities will remain open the government says it wants to limit unnecessary social interaction a maximum of 15 people will be allowed to attend weddings 30 at funerals parallel
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measures have been announced across the u.k. has devolved nations but scotland and northern ireland went further imposing bans on people meeting in each other's houses the backdrop to all of this is an infection rate that's doubling every week hospital admissions are up to and are likely to increase towards winter but this trajectory is not written in stone providing urgent action is taken now and that means extra powers to enforce the rules police and local authorities will be given more money and the option of drawing or military support if there's no progress the prime minister's promised more firepower for now he stopped short of introducing a suggested 2 week down to slow the spread of the virus that could still come any measure will need to be delicately chosen to protect lives and the country's battered economy back at al jazeera london anti-government protesters in egypt have been back on the streets for a 3rd night. these are pictures
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from gaza and gaze or excuse me just north of cairo there defying a police crackdown that seen at least 200 people arrested since sunday. 140000 homes are now known to have been damaged or destroyed in sudan's floods huge amounts of farmland are also under water and victims admit it's unlikely the government can help them to recover ever morgan reports from the river nile state. this is what's left of a highly out the last home in sudan's are now state he says his farm used to extend from here to the banks of the nile nearly 2 kilometers away now the river is one with the farm destroying what was his main source of income while living mother i love and i used to live in this house with my kids and their families that's all gone on the farm where i used to plant onions and nuts is all destroyed i've lost nearly $20000.00 because of the floods but that's just from what i had ready for
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harvest this season and now i can't farm for winter and i don't know if i'll get any government assistance. ali says it's hard for him to know exactly how much financial damage the floods have done to his farm he'll have to wait until the waters dry out completely to find out his village of is one of dozens on the banks of the nile and river in my old state that was destroyed by floods countrywide hundreds of villages were also destroyed because of the river rising to levels not seen in a century at least 120 people have been killed and more than 600000 have been displaced most now are waiting for government response to cope with the situation after losing either most or all of their belongings. manana the other muslim well we need the government to come and take care of the water that's in the houses because the water is now mixed research water from the latrines that collapsed we need to avoid malaria color and the hardship because we can't deal with diseases on top of losing our homes the damage in chicago
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a village nearly 5 kilometers away has forced all of its 1000 families out of their homes most had relied on farming and livestock for income both devastated by the floods thank you very much you're a village which residents say was once vibrant with schools markets and farms now look like this their homes either damaged or destroyed so dams government which has declared a state of emergency says the nile has receded in many parts of the country it's distributed tents and food aid to help those affected in the state but many say it's not enough even as the level of the nile river drops to where it was prior to the floods sudan's government and aid organizations say the impact of the damage will continue for months with agriculture health care and economy all affected and here in river nile states the residents say a slow response will make the effects last even longer. and chef italy for us to get on the boat with us to see what remains of her family home she couldn't help but break down when she saw what she's lost. this house is where i lived with my
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mother and father it's the home where i got married and had my kids and when my grandkids were born all those memories were in this house of lost but i thank god my children and grandchildren are alive and were away when the house collapsed i'm now waiting to know government plans to help us recover and rebuild. a recovery that may take months if not here is in a country already facing an economic crisis and where more than 60 percent live in poverty many say they expect the economic situation to worsen in the coming weeks if no help is offered he will morgan on to 0 river nile state. still ahead al-jazeera iran's president puts out u.s. foreign policy by making comparison to the death of george floyd and a pandemic prevents pakistani and indian pilgrims from marking a sikh anniversary together.
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hello welcome to another look at the international focus i think some of us will find the phrase picking up over the middle east over the next couple of days that aside is lossy sunshine hazy sunshine pretty much everywhere there will be a few showers just around the caucuses for the black sea and the caspian sea a little further south more hot sunshine into baghdad into kuwait so that wind piling out of iraq picking up in the process sliding down towards a concert just around at least the side of saudi arabia i just noticed over towards levant temperature is a rather more comfortable $29.00 celsius the beirut and for jerusalem and this couple dyesebel values coming through here similar conditions down towards doha temperatures around 36 hours just the wind is to say these are the prices of picking up you might catch a shower or 2 around the western side of yemen over the next day also the shows continue across the heart of africa over towards the gulf of guinea will see some what the weather once again pushing towards cameroon the showers now started to
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push away into northern parts of angola some showers to around eastern areas of kenya over the next day also some heavy downpours there also just around the democratic republic of the congo for southern africa it is generally trial that we will see one of 2 showers into central parts of mozambique. as astrolabe prepares for the bushfire season the survivors of the last summer's catastrophic fires are still struggling one on one east follows one community's road to recovery on al jazeera. if you want to help save the world. to. sneeze into your own. food
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to. hello again the top stories are al-jazeera donald trump has used his speech to the u.n. general assembly to attack china over the coronavirus pandemic us president accused of failing to share information when the outbreak began. shortly before the president trumps speech was played at the u.n. and the u.s. death toll from the coronavirus past $200000.00 the country has 4 percent of the world's population but 20 percent of the total reported over 1000 fatalities the u.k. government has brought in a raft of new restrictions in england the prime minister boris johnson is warning that life may not return to normal for at least another 6 months. more now from the
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un general assembly and iran's president has taken aim at the u.s. accusing it of trying to crush his country the u.s. is attempting to unilaterally reimpose u.n. sanctions against iran despite opposition from other u.n. members has compared washington's treatment of iran to that of george floyd a black man who died after a police officer knelt on his neck so to. all of us across the globe i experience in difficult times however my nation the resilient people of iran instead of enjoying global partnership and cooperation is grappling with the harshest sanctions in history imposed in blatant and gross violation of the charter of the you ladies and gentlemen the footage broadcast to the world concerning the treatment of an african american by the us police is reminiscent of our own experience we recognize the feet kneeling on the neck as the feet of arrogance
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kneeling on the neck of independent nation us. beggars into iran and says rouhani was keen to convey the difficulties iran is facing. he spoke about the effects of sanctions he actually acknowledged the effects of sanctions he said life under sanctions is tough but life is harder without independence and said that iran won't trade its domestic freedom for foreign intervention and it's something that's a dream a common theme throughout president rouhani speech but not only him but through his foreign minister devolves reef and other high ranking officials that is that iran is still committed to the way that 2015 nuclear deal he called it the greatest diplomatic achievement but said that iran doesn't deserve the treatment that it's getting he pointed to iran's peace initiatives in the region from syria dealing with turkey over the syria issue as well as opposing so damn a sense occupation of iraq but he appealed to the world he said that they must
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stand up to us. that this was the time to make a choice so in contrast to what donald trump has been saying about iran he is saying that asking people to stand with iran but stand up for what he called was the rule of law because the united states has considers those u.n. sanctions back in place and iran desperately needs the world community the countries especially the europeans not only oppose the united states but actually stand up to them and not give in to what the united states considers is the u.n. sanctions been better put back in place this year is general assembly also follows some headline grabbing changes elsewhere in the middle east osama bin job it were 4 pts. these groundbreaking peace deals are the dawn of the new middle east despite american enthusiasm multiple crises in the middle east where yet again an important highlight as world leaders gathered for the 75th united nations general assembly
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but it's not just unique because of the covert pandemic or the diamond jubilee for the world body but for the 1st time speeches by muslim majority states are made after diplomatic relations but established between multiple arab nations and israel as a custodian jordan says it is bound by a special duty to safeguard jerusalem and its nomic and christian holy sites only way towards just time lasting peace must lead to an independent sovereign and viable palestinian state on the june 4th 1967 lines with east jerusalem as its capital living side by side with israel in mutual peace and security. president trump's version of reality see the decades old conflict coming to an end albeit without palestinian consent israel the united arab emirates and bahrain all side a historic peace agreement at the white house with many other middle eastern countries
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to come they are coming fast and they know it's great for them and it's great for the world. not so great say others because the u.s. brokered deal doesn't make israel abide by previous u.n. resolutions english philistine argument turkey will not support any plan that the palestinian people do not give consent to participation of some countries of the region in this scheme does not mean anything beyond serving israel's efforts to a road basic international parameters. there was the 1st arab state to open trade ties with israel in the 1990 s. which were severed in 2009 after israeli attacks in gaza but unlike some of its neighbors it has not jumped on the normalization bandwagon the more jetted to enter to the slightly well list of the international community stands helpless without taking any effective steps visibly the israeli intransigence and persistence in occupying the palestinian and arab lands besides imposing
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a stifling siege on the gaza strip continuing a policy of expanding settlements imposing a fait accompli policy in a flagrant violation of international legitimacy resolutions and the 2 state solution agreed upon by the international community it's a yearly ritual of strong words from some of the world's most powerful leaders but this year's virtual addresses mean there are no diplomats carrying world leaders to sideline meetings actually making headway in some of the middle east longstanding issues such as the war in syria the conflict in libya iran's nuclear saga or the humanitarian crisis in yemen see more than ever. although there. cameroon's main opposition party says one person has been killed in antigovernment protests police used tear gas and water cannons to break up the crowds in the economic capital. protesters are calling for an end to the long running conflict between the english speaking separatists and security forces which has killed at
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least 3000 people there also demanding the resignation of president paul bia who's been in power for nearly 40 years most juries says been monitoring the situation from a neighboring nigeria. at the center of the protests is a call by the government of president paul bia for regional elections to hold on december 5th now demonstrators wants to see the government tackle the key problems faced in the coming years state for example the separatist violence in the west of the country since 2017 more than 3000 people have been killed as secession is under the i'm with you in your movement want to see an independent english speaking come ruling separated from the main community and state now apart from that there are also issues of book quite an insurgency especially close to the border with nigeria thousands of people have been killed since the outbreak of clashes between security forces and fighters in that particular region now
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the protesters today took to the streets of several towns and cities and police responded with tear gas we also understand that several arrests have been made of opposition figures and also journalists who are out on the streets covering the demonstrations income room there have been protests in mexico to mark 6 years since dozens of student teachers disappeared demonstrators started a fire at a government building in the state of guerrero 43 student teachers went missing in 2014 police have still not been able to solve the case the remains of only one of them were found and another bone fragment believed to be from another student was discovered in july the number of people killed in a collapsed building in india has risen to 30 rescuers have been digging through the rubble of the 3 storey apartment block near mumbai's since monday morning at least 20 survivors have been pulled out. followers of the sikh religion have commemorated the death of their founder in pakistan it's the 1st year of
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commemoration since a visa free travel corridor was opened between india and pakistan to allow pilgrims to reach the holy site of darbar so hoban carts are poor but indian 6 were not there as shallow bellus explains. this convoy of sikhs in southern pakistan is on its way to one of their holiest sites debussy he. is where they found a guru nanak spent the last years of his life and this is the anniversary of his d.s. . the pilgrimage their own is seen trees olmert but the road is new a 4.6 kilometer therof there between india and pakistan it is the 1st of these a free border crossing in the 2 nations history it opens last november the rim moment of cooperation between the nuclear and rivalries was meant to allow sikh pilgrims to visit holy sites on either side of the border. that covered $1000.00
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restrictions put a stop to that and much now pakistan is allowing the pilgrimage to continue but india is not yet kids get excited excited. just sad. the way that people from india. brought the water. and like a salad or the rest of life. that if you come there sure. is the feds. was india's stops the pilgrimage citing concerns about the spread of covert 19 is now experiencing a record number of infections with around 90000 new cases every day. the pilgrims here believe that we are absolutely saved by the grace of baba good enough pakistan has come out of co the 19 so we believe that we are safe here and nothing will happen to us. india is concerned about the spread of
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covert 19 because this is a 3 day commemoration with thousands of pilgrims few people when mosques and social distancing rules have largely been ignored. there's or not if we don't use a mosque nor do we followed the other precautions because it's against our ritual or the programs here believe that nothing will happen to them and they are safe here at the shrine indian sikhs have struggled for more than 70 years to visit the sacred trying and while political disputes on this issue have been resolved the road built one obstacle remains covered 19 ballasts. but european union has repeated its warning of legal action against the u.k. if it pushes ahead with its threat to break international law and breaks at negotiations the collapse in talks is creating huge anxiety for communities on the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland as lawrence lee reports . you need
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a long memory to understand why the roads between northern ireland and the republic are such a flashpoint on this stretch of road alone dozens of people have been blown up or shot in fighting between the british army and irish republican fighters they even blew up an army checkpoint on the railway line under the road and it all began with the u.k. putting customs posts to check on the movements of cops they were attacked and then along came a large amount of policemen or you syrian forces to protect them and then when dear attacked in there was many attacks and then along came the british army. and there were subsequently attacks or and then all of a sudden build up a huge military infrastructure here along the border the biggest in the west. army helicopters army troops in the green it became a war zone really putting a trade border in the irish sea was the agreed solution to avoid a return to the past but the collapse in talks in the u.k.'s insistence that it might rain aid on parts of that agreement it signed up to has once again put
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enormous fear into the people who live and work on the border what breaks it is now boil down to is a massive says have disagreements about how to organize cross border trade between the european union and northern ireland in the u.k. and vice versa both sides insist that they will not reintroduce a hard border cutting ireland in 2 because they would breach the terms of the belfast peace agreement but what neither side can say is what they will do if by the end of this year there is no deal ministers from across the e.u. mess again for more talks on how to solve the riddle of the u.k.'s changing position they certainly don't sound like they think it's their place to be flexible police dear friends and london stop the games time is running out what we really need is a fair basis for further negotiate. and we are ready for that
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the british government position is being used by supporters of reunification of islands as the best example of that cools off a lifetime ago the skies here were full of british army helicopters in the hills heat irish republican fights his risking a return to old deaths because of all human save the trade tariffs remains an implication of bricks it lawrence lee al jazeera on the irish border. and again the headlines on al-jazeera donald trump has used his speech to the un general assembly to attack china over the coronavirus pandemic us president accuse beijing are failing to share information when the outbreak began we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world china in the early is days of the virus china locked down travel domestically while allowing
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flights to leave china and infect the world the chinese government and the world health organization which is virtually controlled by john and falsely declared that there was no evidence of human to human transmission later they falsely said people without symptoms would not spread the disease the united nations by this whole china accountable for their actions. shortly before president trump speech was played at the u.n. the u.s. death toll from the coronavirus passed $200000.00 the country has 4 percent of the world's population but 20 percent of the total reported go with 1000 fatal its. prime minister boris johnson has announced new coronavirus restrictions including curfews for pubs and restaurants though only apply in england scotland wales and northern ireland decide their own rules johnston says infections are again rising exponentially and warns an even tougher response may be needed antigovernment
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protesters in egypt have been back on the streets for a 3rd night. these are pictures from just north of cairo demonstrators are calling on president of the for the his sisi to step down they've been defying a police crackdown that seems at least 200 people arrested since sunday. cameroon's main opposition party says one person has been killed in antigovernment protests police used tear gas and water cannon to break up the crowds in the economic capital douala demonstrators are calling for an end to the long running conflict between english speaking separatists and security forces. there's a headline sun al-jazeera the stream is coming up next the memorably more news in less than 30 minutes time see event. talk to old to 0. is the government not to take the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen
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i still think that air travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter is there oh. i have a welcome to the limited edition series the stream at united nations general assembly we are teaming up this week the united nations to bring you some of the biggest issues in the world right now these are conversations we are not intending to have by ourselves so we are on t.v. we are on instagram and we are only you but you know what to do you can just jump into the comments section and you too can be part of every conversation this week so today we are looking at me.


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