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tv   Robo Gal  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2020 1:33am-2:01am +03

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to congratulate a member. of the united nations. indicates the united nations has the assembly. has helped to stabilize the global community. in addition. to international peace and security. and. on forward. and use development and humanitarian agencies. the. assembly the future we want. we need. commitment to multi literalism. effective multilateral action is indeed most appropriate and timely
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as it kept as calm and. a new. organization in the. approaches to the many challenges we face in the water. as we reflect on the future. we want and the united nation we need we must realize that the peoples. of us count on us. it was a system. to marshal a truly effective and inclusive as opposed to the can order. then the united nations would have its core mission of giving exploration.
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and solution to the things of the intent if you know when we need to. actually seize. the future we want to get in t. human rights. human dignity. human for us. and of course. the principles or believe no one behind and do we know how. to be expressed through accountability. groups initiatives and elimination of. quest for by future hope and who is credited for nigerians. administration has embarked on measures. and. it is if. we intend to achieve this implementation of
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the. system we need. and the medium. who the 20202025. 2026 to 20. she has initiated will deliver. growth. and development. read. on the. united nations we need has 2 men and agent progress by giving expression to the tenets of literalism. and intention and. it is within the context of this through multilateral order. that
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can find solutions to its many problems. the wild is currently in the groove of the canoe. and they make regrettably communities and countries lose the. corner of pandemic has driven economy and the strain the capabilities of the have. of many countries including. country after a mess. we are ties to groups. including women and. children. and the. efforts to free media and social system to cushion this economy effects of the disease.
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accordingly. we have expanded our nation associated with just to include. 1000000 nigerians. investment program has been the vehicle for reaching out to the poor and vulnerable members of the nigerian nation as well as for. 22000000 households. i use this opportunity to commend the efforts of the united nations and the was to have organization in. corowa now by a pandemic. appreciation the 2000000000 unite. global humanitarian interest was given by the united nations secretary
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general. to find the current what is supposed in the poorest countries. also a command his call was seized. in conflict areas. and groups were literal to coral buyers. i should also state that nigeria is committed to watching with member states in this global corporation and. to promote human have and. the. nigeria will continue to put in with the world health organization and some countries. development and manufacturing as. inhibited self and i
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see and effective. to all in order to mitigate its impact or nigeria's administration has commenced the disbursement of the 10 for internet. to households and micro. and medium enterprises related. a 500000000000 fiscal stimulus package and delivery of humanitarian and social. to 4 and vulnerable households. our central bank has learned 34 and 5 trillion stimulus package to manufacturing and. import substitution. international community we need to cope with. this.
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particularly in developing countries which is in this guide to commend the president of the $74.00 assembly for lynching and. we encourage the global leaders particularly. from the global north to support us at this time when the. pandemic is that avastin gains made in the mind of the 2037 able to. push in. into extreme poverty. as we mark the beginning. of the united nations. who the implementation of the sustainable
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development goals nigeria has made significant. in domesticating. that is an ongoing realignment of the nation statistical system requirements and indicators of the. expected. infective. and morning. and guide as the entire vision. of the country. nigeria has also developed. integrity. for assessing how making can better address individual nature. use. excellences.
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means differently consigned or was carried. and cite your relation of some. particularly on the continent of africa. we. need to renew efforts to traffic and for a. treaty in order to codify accountability in their own good a better i guess. border crimes including terrorism and acts of piracy. and. the litany of. attacks. ditty of the challenges. facing today. we must. efforts. to security in. the
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face of violent extremism. and bandits. we continue to counter a stroke or person with united nation counter terrorism bodies and neighboring countries to overcome the it is in the lake to be seen in the way so had a rig. in. the village. construction and resettlement of victims of terrorism and insurgency knows. the news is that one commission has been established that. it. is commuted to university nuclear. would
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liberation. in this connection. treaty. on the. nuclear weapons which one whose signature on september. 17th. in the process is leading. to a signature and it. was less than 10. needed for the teacher on the floor he was. very into force. member states who have nurtured to keep the treaty. important to. climate change
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is in crisis which would require action. ministry. it's a question of. fact attainment. would be. the consequences of climate change. holistically and with the pace agreement. this is. intense. calamity. solu review of addiction and greenhouse gas emissions and the time in contributions. agreement. fast. to the vision of. the rich i didn't believe. the little condition people in the.
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intestate corp. community. and. environment and security challenges for the region and its resources. were intended. for the region efforts to raise the united states. to. these. experiences. and extending the migration due to the side of the nation. economy situation and climate. we. are committed to migration management and prevention. migration and human trafficking.
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and the international community to also communicate the contributions of migrants particularly in the countries of decision to convert discrimination and tax and facility to. integrity and for teaching. mr president. the global ration. to a couple. of pandemic will not to be fully met with exist in a structure that make it more difficult countries to generate and retain. that. immediate president of the general assembly and the economy.
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to the. bundy and. more. effect to be. in the high level. intonation nation accountability transparency and integrity. the 20. i joined. the president in the area of human rights nigeria has a number of related bills into. the business including. the torture act. the comprehensive treatment and care for victims and short act. as a nation. act and if you. nigeria has
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launched a new action plan. and counter violent extremism. and to strengthen. institutions coordinated. extremism and have little access to and who moderates. engage in communities and build resilience and integrity communication. has made progress in advancing gender equality and. went through initiative. and for all grown. and the combination. all forms of discrimination. they could.
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for gender equality and women in july 2010 important my. knowledge of the importance of quality and the critical role the 2 women can be in development. that she never. went to edge and. mr president. education. is a. might. in this connection.
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that the fed. will be hosting the 4th intonation at a conference on safe schools and. community want. to participate in the comfort of that which is to educate for the for texan education for my take as we walk together toward the future we want mr president as we. were going to. include. as members of the intended me to. support the exploration of the united nations security council to reflect the city and dad mix of the
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21st century. and seats in the united nations security. mr president. but. nigeria's commitment to promote. peace and security and sustainable development as well as strengthening parts in the ships and of course was intended and you know the organization thank you. so you're watching the nigerian president model bihari there giving his previous coded speech to the united nations general assembly focusing very much on the coronavirus pandemic terrorism and climate change and the role of women he talked about the strong u.n. leadership in steering the fight against the pandemic he said that the efforts to tackle coronavirus are in keeping with the un's theme of multilateralism he said the world needs to be mobilized together to fight the virus he also talked about
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the rise in terrorism and violent extremism and the efforts nigeria is making in their fight to tackle the armed group boko haram insurgents in the northeast of the country where kristen salumi listening to that speech is at the united nations christian so the nigerian president there talking very much initially about the u.n. theme of multilateralism and how that's key in the effort to fighting the pandemic . yes president mohamud do bihari very much in keeping with the theme of this year's 75th annual general assembly at the united nations the theme of multi-lateralism of working with other countries to solve some of the most pressing issues of our day be they peace and security. poverty eradication be they the coronavirus pandemic all of which are having an impact on nigeria he discussed the pandemics impact how it was straining
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nigeria's health systems and efforts to deal with that but also how it's straining the economy of nigeria which has contracted some 6 percent in the last quarter as a result combine the coronavirus with violent extremism in his country and you have a very dire situation there the united nations humanitarian chief mark recently penned a note to the security council in which he listed northeastern nigeria as one area of the world that he fears is on the brink of famine and this of course is not being helped by the coronavirus but it is largely attributed in the un size to the work of extremist groups in that area they say that there is alarming levels of food insecurity there some 10000000 people 4 out of 5 in need of humanitarian assistance 300000 children at risk of acute malnutrition and
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a 1000000 of those people can't be reached at all by aid groups because of the insecurity in the region they are blocked actively obstructed according to the u.n. and by some of these groups all of this background to say that nigeria looks to regional institutions and global institutions like the united nations for help in making his case. to. preserve and strengthen the organization that he and others here are appealing to this week for help particularly in dealing with this virus pandemic all right christine so let me live for us at the u.n. in new york christiane thank you very much for that well earlier at the u.n. general assembly iran's president took aim at the u.s. accusing it of bullying and trying to crush his country the u.s. is trying to unilaterally reimpose u.n. sanctions against iran despite opposition from other u.n. members
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a sign rouhani compared washington's treatment of iran to that of george floyd a black man who died after a police officer knelt on his neck sorry. all of us across the globe are experiencing difficult times however my nation the resilient people of iran instead of enjoying global partnership and cooperation is grappling with the harshest sanctions in history imposed in blatant and gross violation of the charter of the you ladies and gentlemen the footage broadcast to the world concerning the treatment of an african american by the us police is reminiscent of our own experience we recognize the feet kneeling on the neck as the feet of arrogance kneeling on the neck of independent nation that's. what turkey's president used part of his address to accuse greece of inflaming their standoff in the eastern mediterranean 2 countries are in dispute over drilling rights but have agreed to new talks about their contested maritime claims. because. there are countries
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with the understanding of winner takes it all the few tile steps to exclude our country have no chance of success we do not have designs on anyone else's right remedy and legitimate interests neither in the eastern mediterranean nor in any other region however we cannot turn a blind eye on the violation of the rights of our country and the turkish cypriots and to the fact that our interests are being ignored. all right well that's it from me for now i'll be back at the top of the yacht with another news so don't go away stay with us here on al-jazeera scene a minute. north korea isolated and heavily sanctioned yet earning billions around the globe there are 39 is involved in everything that makes money for this korea. they carry defy the cuss words take on tyson. the money
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this year and it goes straight into the coffers as the leader said a $2.00 part people in power investigation bureau $39.00 cash for came out one on a. performer weeks america engulfed in protest every day all over the u.s. even as the country faces the continued threat of a deadly penn demick. it morphed into a movement calling for police reforms sometimes it was violent. but mostly it was peaceful we asked people to describe what america is now feeling i think people want change. and i think people are willing to do whatever it takes to get there on friday billions of people in america are expected to celebrate what's called june 13th at an official holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the united states this year in the wake of the nationwide protests there is a growing number of calls to make it and if. federal holiday. people see it as
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a great opportunity to take to the streets to continue to let their message be her . as a stray only appears for bushfire season survivors of the last summer's catastrophic fires are still struggling whether one east follows one community's road to recovery and how to 0. we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world on the day u.s. coronavirus deaths past 200000 president trump attempts to put the focus on the blame squarely on china. but on down jordan the sound of syria live from doha also coming up. there's been too many breaches too many opportunities.


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