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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 150  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2020 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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but he's in cameroon of use tear gas and water cannons to disperse hundreds of protesters and dollar demonstrators according for an end to the long running conflict between english speaking separatists and the security forces which has left 3000 people dead protests as are also demanding that president paul be a step down the 87 year old has been in power for almost 40 is. and several people have been injured in an explosion in southern lebanon the blast happened at hezbollah arms depot in the village of ain of qana the group say the boss was the result of a technical error so going to bring you much more from the u.n. general assembly in new york that's going to be coming throughout the evening but in the meantime the stream is coming up next looking at how misinformation around the pandemic can be stopped.
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i have a welcome to the limited edition series the stream of united nations general assembly we are teaming up this week united nations to bring you some of the biggest issues in the world right now these are conversations we are not intending to have by ourselves so we are on t.v. we are on instagram we are on you tube but you know what to do you can just jump into the comment section and you too can be part of every conversation this week so today we are looking at misinformation around 90.
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welcome to the guests i have to say hello to catherine think i can tell everybody who she is still any instruction take out ahead. my family i'm claire wardle and i'm the u.s. director of fast draw for a nonprofit that helps people tackle the challenges of misinformation so i'm pretty excited about this conversation you tatiana i to tell everybody here. sure i'm heidi larson and i am a professor of anthropology at the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine but i lead something called the vaccine confidence project and we're trying to build confidence around extreme but also trying to understand why people don't have confidence. i always call him david but officially he's still feet delta david
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nabarro dave attell everybody who you are why you're playing a critical to this conversation it's hard for me 1st of all it's just lovely to be with you again i'm david as you say i've been working as a public health doctor 1st a lot of years more than 40 and i'm really interested in helping people handle really complex challenges right now i'm working with the world health organization envoy on kind of the 90. david i'm just wondering what's the worst thing that you seen in terms of misinformation emissions and things that our online community is sharing at the moment so we said we're looking at some of the phipps the lies misinformation around 1900 on twitter must help stop infection 1000 is no worse than flip a coin of ice tests cause brain damage and then underneath somebody jumped in and said could a virus is a project made by bill gates and then another come in to says very true and above
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they can all fake and that absolutely right and then one more day because i'm just interested about how you actually deal with this because underneath the comment somebody said well yet the absolutely are fake and then one war. this is from 2 eyes john the 161 sit down now an outer space cadet so i think what they actually meant was your kind of misinformed david how do you deal with this you know a special envoy if the coronavirus not until i get it right and then the sins of us this is a huge huge horrible disease outbreak i've never seen anything like it in my life and the trouble is it's just the beginning when you see more people with this disease than most people would die because. i suspect at least 5000 health workers of. nearly a 1000000 people have died as
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a result of this virus it's horrible and you see i don't think many people find this easy to believe sometimes it seems worse than some abstraction and. that everybody is trying to make sense of it or a lot of people the most immediate thing to do is to find someone to blame and you just saw this to get to as being the most incredible philanthropist for global health is to is accused to being responsible for it and i've seen of course tape being made of our masks actually make you worse all the tests actually make you sick if you use a vaccine it's going to aid in india into some kind of computer chip in and i think that's because people actually are stuck up there they explained something said tera an ing to humanity and i like to feel that over time you get used
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to it but we are dealing with something very new the lot of uncertainties and i think it will be quite rocky for the next few months i just hope that this kind of misinformation doesn't cause too many people to get sick and die and and that does worry me and i have to keep saying to everybody even if you get the kind of aid and you recover there are an awful lot of people are actually not feeling well for a very long time afterwards this is not trivial this is a really serious illness even for the virus so this isn't the 1st time that you've been the strain took about misinformation but we haven't taught that single serious as a global pandemic before what makes this situation different doesn't make the situation different. yeah i mean absolutely if i mean i think we was an election misinformation before and for the last 4 years that's been the kind of
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misinformation we've been talking about different elections and struggled with this but often people say to me oh that's just politicians they always lie but actually now what we're seeing is a this is affecting the whole planet at the same time and what we're seeing is health misinformation is really damaging and leads to real world harm and so i think the good thing if there's a tiny silver lining in all of this is that we see more people wake up to the damaging aspects of misinformation but i've never been i've been working in this space for 10 years i've never seen one story where you'd see rumors crossing border to border but to border in seconds and seeing the same room and appear mean just the scale of the kind of problems that where we're working with right now it's nothing like i've seen. in 10 years. agile can be good communicators we're trying to get great information over to the public it was one example you brought of a rumor which is a gentleman with an irish accent talking of what was going to happen to new york down and as i listen to this i thought my friends told me this back in march and i
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was think you just can't possibly be true but this was a rumor that was going all over the world have a listen to this isn't it. i know it was a lot of videos and messages going around on facebook in relation to lockdown and the army dissing the guard stuff and so forth but take what i'm going to tell you i was gospel next to my best friend who was in the region today. he works for your of her and it was in a meeting with anger and she economy today to seize on the our defense forces. to hate to see porches or to be couriers from them on the basis that it was cheaper than lease and them as day one for 3 to 6 months because they think that's a long dissertation. so the russian i originally had was my best friend in.
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what we're now about to hear from the egyptian by the end of a c.c.s. speech has been that delivered at the un general assembly general of the united nations during its previous session i would like to wish you mr president success in conducting the work of the current session objectively and wisely mr president the convening of the high level segment of the current session garners particular importance this year as it coincides with the come aeration of the 75th anniversary of this stablish month of the united nations it also comes at a time when the world is facing the novel cover the $1000.00 pandemic. that has caused a tragic human loss as well as a profound economic and social impact mr president egypt when.
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one is. given its history location and given its african arab islamic and mediterranean affiliation and as a founding member of the united nations has its own vision regarding the approach to be adopted to improve the performance and develop the effectiveness of the multilateral international system while paying special attention on the united nations i would like to take this opportunity to go over some of the measures. that could help us achieve our common goals in the 3 you and the pillars the 1st pillar. regarding maintaining international peace and security it is imperative for all of us to adopt an approach that guarantees the implementation of resolutions adopted within the multilateral
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system priority should be given to the implementation of the well established rules and principles of international law which are in trying in the charter says this requires political will on behalf of member states to respect and implement such resolutions and enhance the united nations on 2 main fronts one they need. to diligently follow up on the implementation of one what had been agreed upon and take all necessary measures to assist states in implementing their obligations and building their capacities while taking into account the principle of national ownership 2nd the need to hold states that deliberately breach international law and un resolutions accountable. especially as illusions of the security council in this context it is no longer acceptable for
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a binding security council resolution which deal with counterterrorism and which provide a legal framework for combating this deadly scourge to remain without implementation and without folke amendment by some member states. which believe that they will not be held accountable for political reasons. it is regrettable that the international community continues to turn a blind eye to a number of stay. we do. that. provide. support to terrorists whether by funds and weapons or by providing a safe haven to them and political and media platforms they also facilitate the transfer of terrorist fighters into conflict zones especially libya and syria be
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for egypt's interest in upholding international peace and security include protecting people from the scourge of armed conflict through launching comprehensive political process is based on relevant security council resolutions in libya for example egypt continues to adhere to the political resolution process led by the united nations based on the so high that agreement among the outcome of the berlin conference and the cairo declaration subscribed to by both the speaker of the libyan house of representatives and the commander in chief of the libyan national army the cairo that liberation serves as a joint comprehensive political initiative to end the conflict and including a set of precise steps and a clear schedule aiming at restoring the political system and instituting a consensual libyan government that lives up to the aspirations of the libyan people there are medications of the ongoing crisis are not only confined to libya
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but also spillover to affect security in neighboring countries and international stability egypt is bent on supporting libyans to rid their country of armed militias and terrorist organizations and put an end to the blatant interference of some regional parties that deliberately transported foreign fighters to libya in an effort to fulfill their well known greed and longstanding colonial illusions. hence as we have the cleared before and we reiterate today of any breach to the line extending between the towns of sirte and go for previously demarc ated as a red line will be fiercely faced by egypt and defend of its people in the hands of its people and its national security we also renew our call to all parties to return to the political process i'm aiming at restoring peace security and
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stability deserved by the people of libya. and. if we truly wish to implement international resolutions. and maintain peace and restore peace and security in the middle east no issue would be more worthy of our attention than the issue of palestine whose people still strive to their most basic human right to live in a free and independent state along with its neighbors in the region generations of palestinians have strived to achieve this right and a multitude of resolutions elapsed ever since to no avail putting a heavy strain on human conscience part of the. work to keep the prospects of peace alive and to achieve co-operation and coexistence we must fulfill the legitimate aspirations of the palestinian people in an independent state with
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east jerusalem as its capital. for peace and security to prevail in the region. the international community has an obligation to honor its commitment to achieve the long awaited peace and address any measures that eat up at palestinian lands and undermine the 2 state solution. as stipulated in international resolutions. and the basis of the peace process initiated by egypt to achieve a just comprehensive and durable peace. in syria a comprehensive political solution has become a necessity in order to put out the raging war and implement all the components of the political settlement outlined in security council resolution 2254 in its
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entirety. in a manner that preserves the unity of syria its territorial integrity the integrity of its institutions fulfills the aspirations of its people and terminates all forms of terrorism. it is also high time for a firm stand in yemen to put an end to the ongoing crisis there in accordance with un security council resolution $2216.00. of the initiative and the outcome of the comprehensive national dialogue and in a manner that upholds legitimacy guarantees yemen's unity and independence and puts an end to using yemen as a launching pad targeting its neighbors and obstructing the free navigation industry of. mr president with regards to the to the renaissance them matter i wish to seize this opportunity to convey to you the mounting concerns of the egyptian people regarding this project currently being constructed by neighboring
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unfriendly country which shares a river that has provided life to millions of people for thousands. of years we have spent the better part of a decade in tiresome negotiations with our brothers in the sudan and ethiopia through which our aim was to reach an agreement on the feeling and operation of the dam in agreement that strikes there was a balance between the development needs of the friendly if your peon people and the preservation of egypt's water interests and a strike to life. throughout this year we have undertaken successive rounds of intense negotiations in which the united states government exerted much appreciated efforts to bring the positions of the 3 countries like closer through the talks it sponsored for several months with the world bank. because he gypped also engaged
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in good faith in the deliberations initiated by my brother the prime minister of the sudan and afterwards in the negotiations called for by the republic of south africa. in its current capacity as chairperson of the african union unfortunately none of these efforts resulted in any tangible outcome. indeed the nile river must not be monopolized by one state for egypt the nile water is an existential matter this however does not mean that we want to undermine the rights of our brothers and sisters sharing with us the nile basin in this vein the convening of the security council consultative meeting on the 29th of june of this year highlighted the importance of this issue. and its direct bearing on international peace and security. right.
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the international community bears the responsibility to urge all parties to reach the desired agreement in a way that meets our mutual interests. nevertheless it is unacceptable for the negotiations to continue forever and in an attempt to impose the realities on the ground just because our people yearn for stability and development to words a new promising era of cooperation. between mr president early guarding the 2nd pillar of the united nations that it cheating sustainable development and egypt firmly believes that fostering development efforts is a fundamental precondition to enhance international peace and security and to establish a stable world order this is paramount to prevent extremism and armed
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conflicts and humanitarian crises. egypt has supported the option of 2030 agenda for sustainable development and carried out a vital role to support the efforts of the secretary general to reform the un developmental systems because we believe in the importance of bolstering the organizations efforts to accomplish these optimistic objectives. that. the current financial crisis due to the novel covered 19 pandemic. ism mandates the world to provide support for developing countries through offering stimulating packages for their economies reducing their accumulated that liabilities and utilizing the vital vailable instruments of the international financial institutions aiming to add contributing to creating a favorable environment for them this would help developing countries contain the
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impact of the pandemic and deal with their already existing problems such as terrorism this orderly migration and treating the root causes of conflicts regarding the 3rd pillar of the word of the united nations the international agenda of human rights garners increased importance for direct impact on strengthening. human development and improving the level of services provided to people. and to preserve human rights making this guarantees a decent life and the ability to deal with the challenges on all levels. which at the same time and had says the stability of the international system. in egypt we have embarked on strengthening our endeavor and human rights to words all political economic and social perspectives with a belief in the necessity of their integration. in light of the egyptian
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constitution and its amendments related to the basic rights and liberties as well as the rights of future generations we have also restamp lish it's the senate and its role in supporting the democratic system. the. women also play an important role in our political system they hold many of this is in making. positions. i like that we have also worked on strengthening citizenship and achieving equality liquor and equal opportunities without any discrimination but. we also empower the gyptian women and we sought to combat all forms of violence against egyptian women. calling for the reform of religious discourse promoting citizenship as
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a principle that does not differentiate between compactor it's. that we also enable people with special needs and we invested in our youth by including them in the decision making process should we also establish direct dialogues with young people through periodic youth forums and we've also implemented the training and qualification initiatives for young people to participate effectively in public work at the economic level. and based on egypt's 2030 vision problems. if it weren't for the support given by the egyptian people to our institutions we would have been unable to overcome this difficult period. our national plan to help strengthen our economy. and limit
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our losses due to the coronavirus pandemic that is egypt is among the few countries . that were able to achieve positive growth rates the start this pandemic. we also controlled inflation rates. and saw a decline in unemployment to its lowest levels in 20 years. we also implemented national projects in infrastructure we provided decent housing and energy this. and provided social programs for people with low income because of that he's although we have focused also on health care as a main right by adopting several initiatives yes. you can we 6 we also implemented the universal health coverage program
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for all citizens. as part of our 1st to guarantee a decent life for all egyptians and the myths of all of the above and without any propaganda or blackmail i would like to point out that we have never failed in our humanitarian duty to worse there nearly 5000000 immigrants and refugees who were forced to leave their countries due to wars political crises and difficult economic conditions. egypt is hosting them among the gyptian people. putting where they enjoy all services provided by the state to egyptian citizens. without receiving any aid or any significant support from our international partners this by the importance they
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attach to the rights of those immigrants. mr president. we must work. on. addressing the issue of equitable job graphical representation in the security council in order to better reflect the realities of today's world and the current balance of power which is very different from what it was during the formulation of the international system egypt stresses the importance of expanding the council in both its permanent and nonpermanent categories which will enhance its credibility and achieve a fair representation of africa to correct the historical injustice inflicted on it and address its legitimate demands and try and and is a really consensus answer declaration. mr president with you to confront the grave challenges resulting from the outbreak of the coronavirus
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pandemic as well as existing regional and international problems it is imperative for us to uphold the principle of international cooperation and solidarity. to address these challenges and to avoid rivalry and polarization if hope is borne out of pain then perhaps we will find in the current crisis what motivates us to breathe new life into our relentless efforts to enhance international multilateral action and the role of the united nations as its driving force egypt as a founding member of this organization and given its contribution to human civilization since the dawn of history it has spare no effort to achieve the vision of renewal and reform that this is bad.


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