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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 266  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2020 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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region to fight saddam hussein the very man stan they had themselves created and nurtured and financed and is imposed war against iran equipping him with chemical weapons and the most sophisticated a woman she. knows to be fighting terrorism and dying. while it is they themselves who created this terror network and they have the audacity to expect regional gratitude for such behavior. they accuse us without any foundation of trying to build nuclear weapons and they impose sanctions on others on the pretext of nuclear proliferation this is while they have the infamy of being the solely user of atomic bombs in the history of humanity. and while the only possessor of nuclear weapons in west asia
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is running the nonproliferation theatre. they speak of human rights while they have targets that through their maximum pressure health welfare and sustenance and even the right to life of all iranians who they are directly involved along with the regional accomplices in every single case of occupation war and aggression bit in palestine afghanistan yemen syria iraq lebanon libya sudan or so malia yet they blame iran for their own inevitable defeats in confronting the will of the people of the region. they have sold hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons to their clients turning a region into
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a powder keg. yet they try in vain to deprive iran of its minimum defense requirements and disregard international lauren global consensus in order to extend arms restrictions against iran in control vention of the letter of the united nations security council resolution 2231. here i should express our appreciation to the president of the security council for the month of august and september 2020 as well as the 13 of its members especially russia and china who twice said a decisive and resounding no to the unlawful us attempts to exploit the council and its resolution 2231. this is a victory not just for iran for the global community during the transitional
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international order and the post western world a victory that an aspirant of her germany is humiliated in such self created isolation. ladies and gentlemen what can you find precedent for a government to remain without any reason on the outcome of 13 years of multilateral talks also attended by its predecessor shamelessly violate a resolution of the security council and even polish others for abiding by a united nations security council resolution. and simultaneously claim to be seeking negotiations on a big deal. the united states can impose neither negotiations
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no war our. life is hard on the sanctions however harder is life without independent. political freedom. is important for us. we as the oldest democracy in the middle east a proud of our people determining their destiny and we're not trade domestic freedom with foreign interference. in democracy is the sovereign right of a nation and not the right of interference by an outsider let's alone a terrorist an interventionist outsider that remains captive to the illusions of the 19th of august 19th 53 when its predecessors overthrew the
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only democracy in the middle east through a coup d'etat. dignity and prosperity of our nation essential for us. and they are taint through diplomacy relying on national will coupled with resilience. we are not a bargaining chip in us elections and domestic policy. any us administration after the a coming elections will have no choice but to surrender to the resilience of the iranian nation. and for the world today is the time to say no so bullying and arrogance is the era of dominance and had germany as a long over our nations and children deserve
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a better and safer world based on the rule of law. now is the time for the right choice. i thank you for your attention. ok a was iran president hassan rouhani there speaking to the 75th general assembly of the united nations which is under way in new york speaking virtually in a previous court and statement as all lead is doing given we are of course in the middle of a pandemic and we are next expected to hair from the french president emanuel mccaughan who will be giving the last address of this session before a break and things kick off again this afternoon. u.s. time let us listen in to what the french president has to say about this when mr
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secretary-general united nations ladies and gentlemen heads of state and government . last year we met here in new york for a general assembly at the time i called upon each and every one of you to have the courage to construct peace and together to shoulder our responsibilities that courage i must say has been more than put to a harsh test by the health economic social security shock which is of unprecedented scope and immediate global crisis the most immediate one since the creation of our realization 75 years ago that courage which from the very 1st was seen in those men and women who are on the front lines around the world and who still are to heal us nourishes accompany us support us and hold us our health care and our humanitarian workers and i want to 1st take these words to think of them. they expect that we commit and that we work together to build concrete responses
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together because this crisis no doubt more than any other crisis demands that we cooperate demands that we invent new international solutions 1st i believe in science and knowledge and humanity will overcome this pandemic. a cure will be found but in that as we await that moment that everyone knows that we must learn to live with the virus we have no choice and the world will learn that we have to live with the new reality which is imposed on all of us which reveals our front of billet is and which puts us before our immediate responsibilities this new reality this new world reality is clear it's brutal it's dizzying and we must face it without falling into despair without being discouraged but be lucid as we face it all of these challenges to which we are faced has been in recent months accentuated
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and exacerbated the successive cheve or which has been impeded and there have been well there has been much ground lost the years of progress in fighting other diseases infectious diseases such as hiv. malaria and tuberculosis these are what we need to think of 1st and most for most we have lagged behind now with them 37000000 people have fallen or fallen once again into abject poverty food insecurity is a serious threat and has increased more than a 1000000000 students around the world have been affected by closing of schools in 160 countries and 40000000 children were not able to go to 1st grade and begin their education women have been at the forefront of an accumulation of all forms of violence against them sexual domestic and gender based violence and given this and many other consequences linked to the pandemic which has struck our planet and which continues to impact all continents there is the fracturing of are a means of collection action which is accelerated and while the only solution can
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come from our cooperation the international organizations that we so very much need the world health assembly have all have been accused by various of complacency of being used by others the 3rd parties scientific. experts and journalists who are so important in to be able to understand what is happening in active affectively feasibly the crisis have all been called into question by states propaganda is and by the epidemic of this information i will going to say sion itself has run the risk of impotence the new united nations security council which is a guarantor of peace and stability had a great difficulty in coming to an agreement on a humanitarian truce which we've had to support with every part of our beings imagine that to have so much trouble in agreeing on so little but our permanent members were not able to even with the exceptional circumstances come together as
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we would like to have seen them do because several have chosen to showcase their rivalry over the importance of collective effectiveness all of these cracks which preexisted the pandemic have led to a hedge a monic. called collision of the powers a calling into question of multilateralism or the use of it trampling of international law all of this is accelerated and deepened because and is worsening global destabilisation created by the pandemic we can not close our eyes we don't have the right to close our eyes to this we don't have the opportunity or the luxury to. hesitate to spend demick for our organization should serve as an electric shock as a lifesaving wakeup call it's possible given this trial that there are motivations for hope as well clear opinion of.
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beyond the predictions of division and impotence worked in favor of the crisis and took a historic step of unity of sovereignty of solidarity a choice for the future it is europe working with its african partners which took the initiative of the g 20 to help those most vulnerable countries to face the pandemic and to lighten the load of the debt burden which weighs on their economies and endangers the very future of the continent for the 1st time in the g 20 finance as we acted in an acted a moratorium on the death of the poorest countries of africa it is europe that is working with its partners has made it possible to build the act a initiative with the means to fight the pandemic and make it available to everyone and it is europe working with others that made it possible for the world assembly of health to draw the lessons of the pandemic and improve early warning alert systems it is europe working with its partners in asia america and the africa's
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that had the energy to build and propose and bring solutions solidarity and action we need to count on the strength of goodwill because the day today's world cannot be left to the rivalry between china united states regardless of the weight in the world that these 2 great powers share. regardless of the history that ties us especially to the united states the crisis the collapse of our frameworks of cooperation the fragility i have just referenced all of that means that we must build a new order and it means that europe needs to fully shoulder its responsibility in other words bring its values its taste for the future and it needs to know how to craft new solutions because we are not collectively condemned to a 2 step dance which to some extent would reduce everyone else to unfortunate spectators who are collectively impotent we do have some leeway and it's up to us
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to leverage it and to know how to define our priorities in this environment to clearly make our choices and to forge new alliances in the coming weeks there are fundamental choices to be made decisions to be taken before our people and before the international community. and these choices will have an immediate impact on the life of our nations on the existence of our fellow citizens on the running of the world. and we cannot hesitate here we need to understand that when everything is shaky that is the time that we need to get back to bases the basics i deeply believe that since the very beginning of the code that crisis this is not a parentheses that is opening and that will then close it is a world be set by deep seated crises which are also also due to our very interdependent us no doubt there will be
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a cure for the pen demick at some point but there will be no miracle cure to the destructuring of the modern order there will be no miracle cure for this paradox in which we live one where our societies are so interdependent and at the same time where there is so much disagreement where we are not in the line with each other we're incapable of finding swift solutions it's a situation where we ourselves are in a position where we might destroy the very framework of cooperation that we were able to create over recent decades and that's why i want to say this before this assembly the 5 main priorities for france which france wants to build with its european partners are 1st and foremost of that with all powers of good will that we need to work together to make sure that we are prepared and committed that we lay the foundation for a new consensus that will make it possible to take specific action in the world as
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it currently stands the 1st principle the 1st goal is combat ing the political ration of weapons of mass destruction which and terrorism which are the main threat to our collective security strategy of maximum stress or pressure brought to bear over recent years has not made it possible to put an end to the destabilizing activities of iran and that's why france and you will recall is not the country that started the negotiations that led to the agreement but france and and its partners. german and british partners will maintain its requirement that the agreement be fully implemented as well as the vienna 2015 agreement and will not accept iran's breaches of this agreement we will not compromise on the activation of a mechanism which the united states there own neither in exiting the agreement was not able to activate. that would be undermine the security council and the integrity of the decisions and it would further exacerbate tensions in the region
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but we do need to build a framework for useful action as i was saying 2 years ago at this very general assembly it is up to us to fulfill the 2015 agreement 1st in time and over time to make sure that iran never has access to a nuclear weapon but also to ensure that we bring a response to iran's ballistic activities and also to do stabilization in the region turning to north korea now we have supported efforts undertaken by the united states of america to allow commitment and undertaking of negotiations even if tangible results have not yet been achieved the initiative was important and what we're looking for now is specific gestures of commitment and engagement by north korea it needs to comply with the security council resolutions quickly and in good faith that the 2 it needs to commit to
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a denuclearization process which is complete verifiable and irreversible it's the only way to achieve a political solution lasting peace in the korean peninsula this is unavoidable that for the purposes of stability and regional security and it's also unavoidable for international peace and security that amendment likewise. we will not tolerate chemical weapons being used in europe russia or nor syria could be on the. half of its collective security i restate here to russia that the light needs to be shed on the assassination attempt against a political opponent using a neurotoxic agent. this clarification needs to take place quickly and without fault because we will inforce our red lines and on this topic france has always been prepared to enforce the effectiveness of red lines or at least since i've been
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president of the publicly that would be our collective security is also about combating terrorism everywhere that is necessary france was affected several years ago in a repeated manner affected by terrorism on our soil i think on in our flesh affected by terrorist acts which sometimes were fermented in the very heart an epicenter of islamist terrorism and here i am thinking specifically of the attacks of 2015 conceived in syria this is why france will always be strongly in gage in the middle east and supporting iraqi sovereignty and will stand on the side of its partners in this ahead on them in the levant we will continue to be committed alongside the international coalition we have enjoyed a 1st victory at the end of the territorial caliph but that victory is not the end of the war in that region we will continue to fight against terrorists in the
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context of international coalitions and alongside our regional partners and i want to recall here the role of the kurd combatants in syria and. alongside the coalition fighting diet and terrorists and i want to hear again also recall the essential role played by iraq and iraqis and a role that they will continue to play in the strength of this is why france supports. with strength all initiatives that iraq is undertaking today will continue to. so for its sovereignty and its role in the fight against terrorism in the silos you know france is deeply committed alongside the 5 hell states and these summits of pole and then the some of them in new york trot allowed us to lay the foundation for a coalition to strengthen the fight in the region against our 2 enemies the islamic state and al-qaeda these 2 organization have recently suffered unprecedented
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setbacks and it has made it possible to focus on the 3 frontier zones and a.g.'s sounds which lead to tangible and an equal to result but we will continue our work with the support of our canon our european and american partners the armies of the g. 5 so how have managed to take back the advantage and the good resume position that had been lost before this momentum and must continue and it's along these lines that we'd also like to recall a truth here seen in recent weeks and that is that democracy and the fight against terrorism go hand in hand these 2 struggles are inseparable only democracy and justice the rule of law and development will bring lasting peace back to the somehow what erupted in mali under these principles cannot now be betrayed you must put mali back on the irreversible path towards a return to civilian power and the organization of elections quickly france like
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its african partners more specifically can only remain committed under one condition i state this and i state it very clearly france is present on mali and soil as its present on the other the soil of countries in the region at the request of sovereign states and regional organizations the very minute where these states wish to see our departure or wish to fight terrorism alone we will withdraw. and thus. reiteration of that request the need that i have asked for in power and then know what chuck which was then re confirmed by the governing giunta in mali and on this topic we will remain very vigilant because we believe in the sovereignty of people and we believe that our action against terrorism can be useful and lasting only if we define the priorities and sovereignty and if we work towards a bold solution of together collectively libya the crisis as if they had
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a profound impact on regional stability and were exacerbated by external interference. they do simply the 2nd priority in my eyes for in the coming months for libya is the demanding construction of peace and stability while respecting equal suffering t. of peoples. the grammar of peace and stability needs to be redefined because the lines have moved due to the crisis but actually even before the american withdrawal bill which was supposed to be a last resort guarantor in a system that has been exceeded and other and the powers exerting their power british projection of china beyond its borders the strengthening of european sovereignty as all of these deeper trends need to really lead us to rethink our collective commitments to guarantee peace and security in the name of the principle
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of action in this area needs to be clear and our hand must not tremble in force and the respect of suffering t. of peoples when the rule of law means of action the demands and responsibilities to ensure effective implementation of decisions undertaken under the auspices of the united nations that's exactly what we are doing in lebanon where the aspirations of the lebanon nice suffering people need to be respected heard and supported regardless of the misguided ways of the lebanese political class and here i must restate my full support for the lebanese people and my determination to act where i am and in full respect and support of the lebanese people with demanding friendship as i often say with it so that life can be improved and also so that the path towards peace and democracy which is more effective can be found
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toiba but lebanon is a treasure for all of humanity it's a treasure because it said it will kind. of exception of democracy and pluralism in a region wishes pushed around by terrorism and hedge of monic power so that the united nations and needs to specifically run as it did in the with the has it's done in the past and over time it needs to be committed alongside civil society and n.g.o.s to meet the immediate needs and undertake i mean construction in. syria the resumption of talks in geneva under the auspices the united nations is a positive step but the process cannot be limited just to drafting a new constitution it needs to also include transparent regular and free elections and respect the aspirations and suffering t. of the syrian people france and its european partners will thus continue to tie the
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financing of reconstruction and normalization of relations with damascus to tie it to a credible political solution a lasting solution is the only way to eradicate terrorism in the region the peace in the middle east is a need it's a requirement 1st for the israelis and the palestinians but for all of us as you know i am pleased that israel has attained recognition by 2 new arab states it's judgment recognition it's also a gauge of hope for the future but still lasting and fair peace 1st and foremost requires decisive negotiations that will allow palestinians to finally enjoy their rights there is no alternative to courageous negotiations which will in turn require an agreement on the most thorny issues while respecting the legitimate aspirations of each side and in the full recognition. yes of and security and
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sovereignty of each i do not believe in a piece that would be built on hedge amounting or humiliation or even less if it were to be compensated by money because we know too much we know that humiliation cannot be companies sated by money for a people. it's up to us then collectively to work towards a bold solution in libya now the crisis is henceforth had a deep seated impact on regional stability and then worsened by external interference libya in our eyes is the perfect illustration of errors that can take place when we do not respect the sovereignty of people no power on the you can build the well being of a people unless it's wished so itself and built in itself through transition as it desired also. we need to make choices very specifically as it is done in europe in some respect effectively respect of the embargo or arms embargo decided by the
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united nations this embargo has been violated by a number of powers and that is not sustainable a number of the powers have continued to import combatants from the syrians they please theater thereby exporting terrorism to the region despite the interests of libya despite the interests of this a hell neighbors or europe. collectively we have been too silent about these actions and we need to speak up when you want it much more in the coming weeks when working together with our partners in the neighboring countries of libya in order to obtain a lasting cease fire and then to start a process which will allow forth a peaceful resolution of conflict under the auspices the united nations is france's initiative to be in the coming weeks to work with the secretary john and i did nations to bring together all the neighboring countries of libya at this.


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