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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 149  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2020 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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and the escalating economic crisis associated with it also had negative effects on sustainable development and on the 2030 goals. developing countries and countries with low income are more affected by this crisis. in fact what happened during the pandemic has shown us that sustainable development goals had be an important guide in combat in all kinds of global crisis. we should also use the transformative power of digitalization in preparing economic perceptions to survive the crisis we support the united nations secretary general for digital cooperation. we also set the theme of the 1st on tell you diplomacy forum which we have designed to address global and regional issues as diplomacy in the digital age. we also host the united nations
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technology paying for the least developed countries. being the eastern most european and the western asia increases turkey specifically in all areas. with asia a new initiative we will give our relations a new dynamism in our current time when the pendulum of history is shifting again towards asia. we have also gained significant momentum in our relations with that with which we have humanitarian and historical ties connecting our close geographies. we plan to implement projects aimed at strengthening africa's capacity at the 3rd turkey african union partnership summit that we intend to hold in turkey next year. so as i conclude
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my remarks i would like to say that our strong support for multilateralism will continue during this sensitive period we are passing it through so you really must of course keep our distance from the pandemic but we must also close ranks in our joint struggling cooperation against all the challenges that threaten the international community so. we will continue our efforts to transform this dam one of the most prominent cities in the world throughout history into a regional hub of the united nations. i wish success in the 75th general assemblies work. i greet you with respect and half of myself and my nation . i wish you the best of health. the turkish president writes a typer the one there with his address to the united nations general assembly a wide ranging speech which are again with a call for u.n.
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reform the world is bigger than 5 pieces he said the fate of the world cannot be left to such a small number of countries he called for restructuring of the security council and the general assembly he said that issues over iran's nuclear program should be resolved through dialogue diplomacy and on the international war it's futile he said to exclude turkey from its rights and interests in the eastern mediterranean and called the proposed rather a regional conference with mediterranean states including turkish cypriots at a future covert 19 vaccine he said should be universally available regardless of where it is produced so now we're waiting for rudd china's president xi jinping this is china's ambassador to the united nations with the preliminary remarks before the prerecorded message from president xi jinping is played and will go to that directly the moment it starts them or expecting. well next up on the list is
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south africa's president sorrell rama pose we will take a pause at that point to analyze what we've heard so far with the various correspondents and guests and then in the morning session we're expecting to hear from president vladimir putin of russia jordan's king abdullah at the mia of casa shake to mean been hammered out funny. and also to speak in this morning session of the philippines president refried go deterred say president hassan rouhani of iran and france's president president emmanuel. let's listen in now to the president of china. so that colleagues this year. some to 1st anniversary of the victory in the world and the fastest one. and the founding of the united nations yesterday the high level meeting to commemorate the sumter 5th anniversary of the un that was how untied the time meeting was
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a significant one as it reaffirmed our way of biting commitment in going to the professor and principles of the un charter on the basis of reviewing the historical experience and lessons of the world and the facets war and age and. mr president we humans are battling cold nineteen's a virus that has huge life edged with the world and has kept researching wellman with the law in this fight we have witnessed the efforts of governments dedication of medical care girls exploration of scientists in the dream and perseverance of the public. good image showing strength people of different countries have come together as are encouraged and resolve and compassion with which to live that dark hour at all and we have confronted the disaster head on the single and young baby and the virus will be to beat he'll manage to eat it and we'll win this battle.
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we in the human face in the virus. we should shop put people and life 1st which will mobilize all resources to make us sign space to bridge and target response so you can know in case truth be missed tongues and you know a patient should be left untreated the spread of the virus must be contained within the king facing the virus which should in the house of solidarity and get this through together european could wish should follow the guidance of science to give food play to the leading role of the world health organization launch a joint international response to this pandemic you can find any other times of politicizing the issue although stigmatize ation must be rejected me in the face of the violence we should adopt a comprehensive a long term control measures you know you wish you agree all businesses and schools
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in an orderly way so as to create jobs boost economy and restore economic and social order and vitality that major economies need to step up michel policy coordination which you not only risk i don't only economists but also contribute to global recovery in the facing the virus which will show concern for and accommodate the needs of the developing countries especially african countries they international community needs to take timely and roll bus measures in such fields as debt relief and international assistance or about ensuring the implementation of the 2030 no doubt for sustainable development and help these countries overcome their difficulties. in some 25 years or goldman china made historic contributions to bringing the world and the fastest war. and supported the founding of the united nations today it was
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a same sense of responsibility china is actively involved only international fight against covert 19 contributed to up holding global public health security. and we're going forward will continue to share our academic control practices as well as stock in all stocks of therapeutic swith other countries provide support and assistance for countries in need ensure stable global epidemic supply chains and actively participate in that global research on tracing those who was on transmission routes of the virus. the moment several covert knightly of vaccines developed by china are in phase 3 clinical trials when their development is completed and they're ready for use these vaccines will be laid out global public goods and will be provided to other developing countries are not a priority basis and china will owner its commitment of providing $2000000000.00 us dollars of international assistance over 2 years further international corporation
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in such fields as agriculture poverty reduction education women and children and climate change and so port other countries in restoring economic and social development. again mr president the history of development of human society and his history of our struggle is that against all challenges and difficulties and our victories over them thing present the world especially in the cold at night in prime time make as it goes through profound changes never seen on a centric yet you peace and development remain the underlying trend of the times and people everywhere and crave even more strongly for peace development when we are corporations conflict 19 will not be the last crisis to his or confront humanity so we must join hands and be prepared to meet even more global challenges 1st night in reminds us that we're living in an
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interconnected global village with a common stake and. all countries are closely connected and we share a common future. with no country can gain from others difficulties or maintain stability by taking advantage of others troubles from. to pursue of the neighbor policy or just watch from a safe distance when others are in danger will eventually learn to one in the same trouble faced by others. this is why we should embrace the vision of a community with a shared future in which everyone is spent together which shouldn't reject attempts to build blocks to keep others out and opposes it or some approach which will see each other as members of the same big family pursue winning corporation and rise above ideology or quit disputes and not fall into the trap of clash of civilizations more importantly who should respect our country's independent choice
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of development part and model their role to his diverse in nature which will turn this diversity in a constant source of inspiration driving human advancements this will ensure that human civilizations remain colorful and diversified places 2nd cup in 1000 reminds us that the economic globalization is an indisputable reality and i can still recall trundle a battery of one's head in the sand lot like an ostrich in the face of economic liberalisation trying to fight it with don't hear our taste luntz goes against a trend of history you let this be clear the world will never return to isolation and no one can savor the ties between countries which are not dots there are challenges sort of economical of allies ation instead we must face up to major issues such as that wealth gap and the development divide should strike appropriate balance between the government and the market and fair is anti fish and see
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a growth and income distribution and technology and employment so as to ensure a full and balanced development that delivers benefit to people from all countries sectors and backgrounds and it could have a way. that we should pursue all and inclusive and you development remain committed to building an open world economy and i. hold a multilateral trading retreat in with the world trade organization as to cornerstone wish you a saying no to unilateralism and protectionism i want to ensure the stable and smooth functioning of global industrial and supply trains 3rd. 19 reminds us that humankind should launch a green revolution and now very faster to fight to create a clean way of development life pushed serve the environment and make mother earth a better place for all women so humankind can no longer photo ignore their repeated
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warnings of nature and go down the beaten path of extracting resources without investing in conservation personal development at the expense of protection and exploiting resources without restoration of powers agreement on climate change trust of course for the wall to transition to green. development outline stone minimum steps to be taken to protect the earth our shared homeland and all countries must take decisive steps to it all in agreement china will scale up its intended nationally determined contributions by adopting more the various policies and iraq and measures aimed to a higher sea over to other nations before 2030 and truly kompany try lady before 2060. call on all countries to pursue innovative coordinated on green and open to valinor for it all cease the historic
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opportunities presented by the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial a transformation achieve a green recovery of the world economy in a post covert iraq and thus create a powerful force driving sustainable development. for the cult it 19 reminds us that global governance system calls for reform and improvement in the cove at 19 is a major test of the governance capacity of countries it is almost all a test of the global governance a system let me argue issue a stay true neutral and multilateralism and safeguard the international system with the u n at their core. global governance should be based on the principle that extensive consultation joint cooperation and shared benefits so as to ensure that all countries enjoy equal rights and opportunities and follow the same rules the global governance system should adapt itself to evolving global political and economic
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dynamics meta global challenges and to embrace the underlying trend of peace development when when corporations. are doing things it is natural for countries to have differences what's important is to address them through dialogue and consultation the country's main cation competition but such competition must be positive and healthy in nature when in competition countries do not breach the moral standard and should comply with international norms in particular major countries should if you act like major countries they should provide a more global public groups take up their do responsibilities responsibilities to live up to people's expectations. mr president. since just start of this year we've got one point for dealing chinese undaunted by the strike of cold at night iran 'd as with the government should the people you're knighted just one have laid
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it all out efforts to control the virus and speedily restored to life an economy of normalcy we have every confidence to achieve our goals within this set timeframe to finish the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects lift out of poverty own who are residents living below the current poverty line and meet 10 years ahead of schedule the poverty eradication target set out in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development china is the largest developing country in the world a country that is committed to peaceful cooperative and common development who will never seek to be for could germany expansion of a sphere of in all things floods we have no intention to fight either a cold war or a hot one with any country will continue to and that to narrow the differences and resolve disputes with others through dialogue and negotiation will be announced seek to develop only ourselves or engagement 0 sum game and will not pursue development behind closed doors rather we aim to foster over time new developments
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paradigm with domestic circulations as their mainstay and domestic and international circulations reinforcing east each other this will create more space for china's economic development and impetus to global economic recovery and growth in china will continue to work as a builder of global peace a contributor to global development and a defender of international law international order to support the u.i. name playing its central role in international affairs i hereby unannounced the following steps to be taken by china and china will provide another $15000000.00 u.s. dollars to the you own code that $98.00 global humanitarian response from china will provide $50000000.00 u.s. dollars to the china as a whole the celt south corp trust fund faced 3. china
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will extend that peace and development trust bond between the crew and then trying to acquire 5 years after it expires in 2025. china will set up a if you will an globe or geospatial knowledge and innovation center and father and international research center of big data for sustainable development goals to facilitate the implementation of the 20 or 30 agenda for sustainable development. mr president go it call x. the baton of history has been passed to our generation and when must make the right choice the choice is worth the of the peoples trust and of our times let us join hands to hold the values of peace development i quickly justice democracy and the freedom shared by all of us and we will build
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a new type of international relations and a community where there is shared future of all mankind together we can make them we're all be a better place for ever one. china is being they're speaking virtually as part of the 75th annual general assembly of the united nations which is under way in new york he really focused there on covered 19 on the chrono virus outbreak saying china will make coronavirus vaccines when they are available available as a global public good saying that china has made every effort in the fight against covered 19. and saying that china has no desire for a cold war nor a hot one we're going to hear from many of the speakers today next i believe is 6
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chile south africa cuba or will be going on then to hear from persian from russia let's bring in our diplomatic editor james bays who is at the united nations james there is talk about watching ping had to say obviously a focus on covert 19 what stood out for you. well i think actually what stood out was not the speech itself it was the introduction to the speech by the chinese ambassador to the u.n. john june who was in the hall there's only one representative from each country in the hall and clearly the speeches are all prerecorded and had to be submitted to the u.n. some time ago so there's absolutely no realty for the leaders to react to what other leaders have said but the chinese ambassador reacted to what president trump said he said there was no place for bullying and baseless allegations and that followed president trump speech the 2nd speech of the day delivered in a machine gun like manner very much in his sights was choice he called it the
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choice made fresh allegations against joyner saying that china had locked out all its domestic trouble but encouraged people to leave china and spread the virus certainly in a very short speech of president trump china who very much seen the. the target of that speech the chinese premier is not someone who often comes to new york for his speech every leader now can speak because they're all speaking capitals so you actually even though they're recorded speeches you have it on president did roster of speakers during this week's general assembly and he was very much stress in the context of the 75th anniversary of the u.s. and global cooperation and china he said prepared to play its part and encouraging other countries not to politicize issues that i'm sure if he was able to react to president trouble is how he would describe the trump speech we heard earlier. ok james. that's the u.s. china tensions playing out at the u.n.
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then let's talk about what turkey's president richard type one had to say a very long speech he took a loss in the war in syria turkey's role obviously in that he spoke about the fight against terrorism and i was interested also he proposed a regional conference on the situation in the eastern mediterranean. yeah i think that was the most the bit of news the negative news there in the speech by turkey's leader the idea that could be a regional conference he said that turkey was compelled to shoulder the burden of the negative developments in the eastern. mediterranean but he said that could be solved by sincere dialogue based on international law and then the call for this regional conference there was an important caveat in that though the regional conference should include all the countries of the region including the turkish republic of northern cyprus the turkish cypriots because they are not
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a member of the united nations so they're not recognized by some of the others so he very much wants the turkish cypriots to have a seat at the table if there is such a regional conference ok thank you for that diplomatic i said james bay is live for us at the united nations let us. dive into this a little bit more and bring in senior political analyst mon bashar who is joining me now from paris my one so you had us talking to james there about. paying speech in contrast to what we heard from donald trump is this the u.s. trying to tensions playing out at the united nations now absolutely and it's not just the bench in which force james talked about. you know quite. specially the introduction by the by the chinese diplomat some support but instead of diving in and let's make the helicopter or the 25000 feet view of this
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because it was very interesting in terms of knowledge you have president trump. the nationalist the high for nationals then we have you on the nationalist sash international most every horse i think shock me over the last few years is president chief. internationalist i mean here we have a situation whereby the american president the leader all of the i think that is the architect of the brutal order thinking a hyper nationalist perspective of united nations while the chinese president picking up that leap into rationalist perspective on everything by the front. and climate changed to market that that wasn't what he did and also for some of their own trucks and that of bush so a rules between the chinese president and the end i think was just amazing and or
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course lots of fighting a lot of the time he used to listen to what was in the article from the wife and it's listed offense against time. we talk a little bit more about. i want to end his speech as i was saying to james the proposal of that regional conference on the eastern mediterranean was against the news ipad of that but he also spoke about the israeli occupation of palestinian lands he spoke about the palestinian cause saying turkey will not support any plan that palestinians do not support was he talking there about the israeli normalization of ties with the u.a.e. . are we going to hear more about that do you think from the other they desire is that turkey basically that it's going to go out on a limb there. no actually we've been hearing more and more are sort of kind of more open than which of the parts of the turks recent days also of course the europeans
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as you know have been trying to discuss what the possible snipers are there if it weren't for the should period objections just shoot a couple a few hours through this a couple of days ago i think we would have sued probably both partners and i think probably will see it more like this because there is a serious intentional in both parties both of them of course assuming the ourselves the nato members so again for the i.p.o. market now that is just ridiculous and they would have to talk that way it was solution of whatever there is this the mediterranean now what's interesting about a president who are speeches i think you want to tell us where it is that he was more than one half and today we heard him speak in the piece was for house he starts of course as that all turkish leader who cares much for national security then use the middle east only there is that static leader and lastly he's the nationalist leader and he talks i mean i'm sorry my when we have to leave it
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there we have run out of time for this news that we will obviously be talking to you in the coming hour as we break down the 75th annual general assembly on the united nations which as i said is underway in new york silence more news in just a few minutes time. corruption it is there invisible behind a wall of silence by means of the corruption is not something people being told and that that. is not the african. country his. let's destroy this war. in 2020 the free space over encourages the heroes who are fighting against corruption
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this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption here and. nominate now. from the for vendors of caracas so the battlefields around also our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. this is al-jazeera. combat al this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world china donald trump uses his address to the un to demand china be held responsible for the global pandemic. and british prime minister announced as
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a raft of new restrictions to stop the spread of coronavirus power stanton says they.


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