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there were reports. that crucial news doesn't seem to have reached the w.h.o. . on january 14th the organizations director general. tweeted that there was no evidence of human to human transmission. looks like they just totally trust beijing. and all but all these 2 weeks 1st 2 weeks in january. they were basically the copy cat. remember stay organized. the members. of the chinese government right. right. in the beginning
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you basically. the. chinese government. we break into people in the power to take you to the u.n. general assembly in new york russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov is about to address the summit via a video recording so we're just waiting for him now to be introduced by. an official there a representative from russia so let's. address. what it was next to the city's latest and. i have the honor of speaking on behalf of the member states of the collective security treaty organization the republic of armenia the republicans but the groups the republic of kazakhstan take a stand. the republic of tajikistan and the russian federation and today we are commemorating a truly significant event 75 years ago the foundation of our common global house
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the united nations organization was late looking back we marvel at the decisiveness with which the founders of this global organization and to build a deployed democratic system for international relations they came together as one in order to spare future generations the horrors of war to strengthen a faith in human rights to create the conditions for international order and social progress years later some tended to take this great achievement as a given however we should recall that each step in this direction was a true feat the main element of which was the victory over naziism bringing together the free peoples in the face of such terrible tragedy became the basis for 'd bringing to life the ideals that had to be considered utopian against this background attempts to revise history lookups these include attempts to
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downplay the role of those peoples that made a decisive contribution to defeating fascism the memory of those who died at that terrible time is sacred. we should all remember the lessons of history on of the feats of the warrior founders and preserve the monuments erected to their glory unfortunately soon after the foundation of the un the cold war began and this did not allow us to fully realize this great collective creative potential 44 years later the berlin wall fell it had symbolized the geopolitical combat between 2 impractical placable systems and only then was a new hope born it was already not just a question of preventing armed conflict but also of overcoming mistrust inequality restraining neo colonial ambitions and also establishing constructive cooperation to build a common future today unfortunately different regions of the world continue to be
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shook shaken by armed conflict we also see severe threats of a mother nature international terrorism drug and cyber crime climate change this year we added a new terrible threat to the list the coronavirus pandemic it has provoked serious crises in the socio economic sphere and elsewhere. we therefore think that the secretary general's call for a global ceasefire in connection with the covert 19 pandemic is very timely the member states of the c.s.t. unanimously supported it reacting to these and many other global problems is becoming more and more complex year by year in particular in conditions where we see increasing discord in the international community it seems that the situation in many ways is connected with the reluctance of some countries to consider the legal interests of other states that we see the imposition of concepts and standards such as the rule based international order attempts to meddle in the in
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domestic affairs of state the the application of unilateral sanctions violating the prerogative of the un security council we also see intolerance and hatred but the natural course of history cannot be reversed today in the international arena we see new centers of economic growth there is also a need to settle armed conflict exclusively through peaceful means and there is increasing interdependency the world is tired of dividing lines dividing states into them and us as the world requires increasing multilateral unity multilateral assistance and cooperation in other words the aims that were laid down 75 years ago in the un was founded on more timely than ever we also must restate our commitment to the un charter and the norms of international law and extent the fact that there is no alternative to general multi-lateralism and reactivating efforts to find collective solutions to global problems with the un playing the
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central coordinating role mr president. this anniversary gives us reason to go to gives us the chance to shape the activities of our organization in the future today the un should remain an effective organization leading harmonised work in strict compliance with its charter we cannot allow the mandates of the main organs of the un to be watered down or to see the juba cation of mandates which would only prevent us from achieving our goals it is practical steps the un should take into account the experience and know how of regional organizations such as the c.s.t. . the lion's share of the un's achievements are connected with this peacekeeping activity. there are higher hopes than ever laid on peacekeeping operations in fact they are called on to resolve pressing issues but also to facilitate long term settlement in this one of the main activities of the international community should remain settling conflict exclusively through peaceful. political and diplomatic
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means within the framework of international internationally agreed negotiation formats on the basis of international law as in a choir known here should remain a broadening cooperation in the fight against terrorism and its connections to organized crime. we see the development of international information and communication technologies and these are actively used by terrorist criminals and the military and therefore against this background we must guarantee international information security there's also a need to erect a barrier to attempts to weaken the system of controls over armaments disarmament and nonproliferation thought to uphold global stability particular attention must be paid to reflecting threats of a cross border nature including those connected with the movement of foreign terrorist fighters into conflict zones the threats of chemical and biological terrorism and also safeguarding the use the peaceful uses of outer space the
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un's focus should remain on helping development which is. an essential condition for strengthening peace it's important to complete the process of decolonization as quickly as possible which makes it difficult for those centers of previous colonial empires to maintain their interest their influence in new conditions mr president in conclusion i wish to stress that the fate of the organization lies in the hands of its member states we need once again as in 1045 to set aside discord and to come together to resolve common problems with an emphasis on equal dialogue and mutual respect of interests the un is the forum that creates all of the necessary conditions for this thank you very much. so you're watching the address there by the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov the addressing by a previous message to the u.n. general assembly he talked about the commemoration the 75 years of the founding of the u.n. and marveled at the democratic system for
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a fair and international order he talked also about attempts to revise history after the 2nd world war was a rather broad based message he talked about different regions of the world continuing to be shaken by conflict and war and now a modern problem the coronavirus pandemic and he said you cannot allow the mandate of the u.n. to be watered down so let's bring in christine salumi she's outside the u.n. and christine you were listening to the russian foreign minister there one significant point he made for me was he talked about the application of unilateral sanctions by some member states against others i guess that was a diplomatic way of pointing fingers at the u.s. really imposing sanctions on iran. i think you're right and overall it was a very diplomatic speech. reaffirming the goals of the united nations the reason it
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was founded to bring nations together to overcome conflict and solve problems and promote development but there was that reference to some countries who are reluctant to consider the legal responsibility of others he said and of course these comments are coming on the day when the united states has announced that it is unilaterally re imposing sanctions on iran it had attempted to get the backing of. russia and other members of the security council to impose international sanctions on iran under the iran nuclear deal and it has not gotten that support we've seen more outspoken complaints against the united states from russia in the security council chamber on twitter from ambassadors and deputy ambassadors from the russian delegation here taking the criticism of the united states even
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farther whereas i did not mention the united states by name it was pretty clear to anyone who follows what's going on here who is talking about other members of the delegation have gone so far as to call the united states hypocrites. despisers of international law. trying to be the world share of and so on for essentially going back on this agreement that was negotiated over years between the united states iran and the other members of the sick permanent members of the security council and germany russia not surprisingly one of the harshest critics of the united states but the united states failing to get support from even its close allies on the security council when it comes to reimposing the. sanction so again. rather veiled criticism from foreign minister sergei lavrov but very clear
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what he was driving at. u.n. headquarters in new york kristin thank you for that that's it for me i'll be back at the top of the art with much more news stay with us here at al-jazeera but for the. north korea isolated and heavily sanction yet earning billions around the globe there are 39 is involved in everything that makes money for this korea. to carry defer the cost for us so they called us. the money this year and it goes straight into the coffers as a leader said a $2.00 part people in power investigation bureau $39.00 cash for kim park $10.00. if you want to help save the world. a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. the unconventionality of life is what inspires us.
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witness documentaries on how to 0. and. 50. children. 6.
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or actions today are warning that should be heard worldwide the u.s. goes it alone in imposing new sanctions on iran despite objections from both friends and foes. announcement was made as the u.n. called on countries to work better together marking its 75th anniversary. jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the number of recorded coronavirus deaths worldwide may has 1000000 as government struggled to get on top of resurgent outbreaks. in the.


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