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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2020 2:00am-2:33am +03

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it at this al-jazeera has teams on the ground people are just talking about wind and solar as if that's going to solve the problem if you want to bring the moon in documentaries. or actions today or a warning that should be heard worldwide the u.s. goes it alone in imposing new sanctions on iran despite objections from both friends and foes for. the announcement was made as the u.n. called them countries to work better together while marking its 75th anniversary. follow on down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the number
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of recorded coronavirus deaths worldwide nears 1000000 as government struggled to get on top of resurgent outbreaks. in the prisons they were tortured. terrorist and trade to shocking presentation by bella ruse whose main opposition leader fails to get e.u. foreign ministers to agree on sanctions. the u.s. to set the stage for a showdown at the u.n. general assembly this week slapping additional sanctions on iran that followed the trumpet ministrations disputed weekend declaration that all un penalties eased on the 2050 nuclear deal had been restored nearly all u.n. members including u.s. allies in europe reject this the new sanctions may be a target those involved in iran's defense sectors. just imagine what iran would do
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that for able to freely purchase more advanced weapons we have no intention of letting that happen the president's executive order announced today gives us a new and powerful tool to enforce the u.n. arms embargo and hold those who seek to evade u.n. sanctions accountable today i will take the 1st action under this new executive order by sanctioning the year in the ministry of defense and armed forces logistics and iran's defense industries organization and its director. christensen he joins us live now at the united nations christian so we're still waiting to hear from the iranians at the u.n. what are they likely to say about the u.s. reimposing sanctions. well to be fair derren the iranian foreign minister zarif videotaped the address we are expecting to hear before the united states announced it was re-imposing these sanctions that said the announcement came as no surprise and even as secretary of state mike pompei it was
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making the announcement in d.c. with the united states u.n. ambassador by his side. zarif was speaking bird surely to a gathering here in the united states and he called the u.s. an irresponsible actor he said that the iran nuclear deal remains very much alive despite what the united states says with the other 5 countries that signed it through very hard fought negotiations in 2015 and we're likely to hear more along that theme from the speech we are going to get from iran iran's u.n. ambassador has gone so far here to call the united states a bully for going back on this agreement and trying to get other countries to do the same and the theme for the general assembly this year kristen is multilateral
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is in many countries coming together but that's very much at all with the u.s. his latest sanctions move on iran. absolutely the united nations is using this occasion the 75th anniversary of the organization that was formed after world war 2 as a reaffirmation of multi-lateralism and calling on countries to come together and work together that's what the united nations was established for and they were hoping to reinvigorate countries in their response to things like the coronavirus to conflict to climate change to continue to work together instead what they have is the united states essentially going alone not only did it make this announcement president trav was expected to send an address to the delegations here today he'd never made that address instead this coveted spot was taken by a relatively low level diplomat in the u.s.
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mission while the united states was making this announcement in washington so. attempts to get those sanctions reimposed here at the united nations really have failed not only have all of those security council members rejected virtually all but one have come out directly rejecting the united states efforts to reimpose sanctions through a mechanism here at the united nations known as snap back that was part of the deal the iran nuclear deal. some of the closest allies of the united states in fact including european allies on the council the united kingdom france and germany have basically rejected the u.s. way of thinking saying that it's more important to stay together to keep the deal intact to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon so while other countries are holding up this value of multi-lateralism the u.n. clearly rejecting that by making this announcement today on the 75th anniversary
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all right of course and certainly their line for something not to nations person thank you. well as you can tear ron explains the internal political divisions over how iran should respond we had foreign minister say that these new sanctions are nothing new that the intention of the united states was to bring the population to its knees and they have failed but what the real question is how iran will respond to the united states and how the united states decides to impose the these u.n. sanctions as they see it now within iran this lots of political differences the president has and rouhani and his reformists are defending the deal domestically because there has been some opposition to it but the conservative and hardliners who make up the majority of parliament well they want a stronger response if those sanctions are put back in place in fact the head of the commission of foreign policy and national security has said that iran should
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return to preach a nuclear state which means that a high level of enrichment more centrifuges more advanced centrifuges should be used and nuclear propellant should be used to aid iran's navy and there's also suggestions from some of the conservatives here that should reduce its cooperation with the i.a.e.a. in terms of reducing or limiting the amount of inspections that take place but president hassan rouhani is very much invested in the. 2015 nuclear deal and he's policy and he's allies policy is wait and see what happens and then looking forward to the u.s. elections but ultimately iran's response will come down to how the united states reacts of what the united states does if they start stopping iranian ships and also how the united nations and other countries around the world will react if they willingly or reluctantly start to give in to u.s. pressure and start imposing these sanctions then we could very much see
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a very tough or a tougher stance a response coming from iran. now governments around the world are reluctantly reimposing with 19 restrictions as the global death toll nears a 1000000 parts of spain's capital madrid are now back in lockdown the country recorded more than 100000 new cases in the past 2 weeks while neighboring france has seen rising intensive care admissions and deaths and the british prime minister boris johnson is considering a 2nd national lock down his top medical advisor has warned of 50000 infections a day by obama if immediate action isn't taken it's estimated infections across africa have now passed $1400000.00 nearly half of this total is in south africa alone and the us is on the verge of recording 200019 deaths well alan fischer joins us live now from outside the white house allan so president trump is off to a high over a campaign rally that's despite the u.s. as you were saying they're closing in 120-0000 deaths from the coded 900 pandemic
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trump seems to be ignoring this grim milestone. well it's not something he's acknowledged in very many of his news conferences certainly when he left the white house here a couple of hours ago he talked about the pandemic but he framed it in terms of talking about therapeutics and vaccines being well on the way and he suspects and he who says that there will be a vaccine available before november the 3rd a very important date in the united states of course because that is the presidential election in ohio in the last hour he really can agrees dover the whole idea of the pandemic all he would say is that he blamed china for it and he was holding china to account but we know that when asked does he take responsibility for what's happening during the pandemic he has said no no the national cathedral here in washington d.c. yesterday told a number of bells to mark the 200000 deaths of fish really we're still not over
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that threshold but it's coming close and the other thing to remember about donald trump is earlier in this process he said that the projections where the be about 100000 deaths in the united states he said if he could keep it to that sort of figure that he would have done a very good job well it's heading to be twice that figure and a new report just in the last couple of days said that the next 3 months could be watched than the last 6 months and there is the potential the potential for $200000.00 deaths between 0 and the end of the year meanwhile allen joe biden has also been talking again about trump's handling of the pandemic what more is he been saying well he believes the president hasn't done a good job and he's mentioned that several times if you go back to several speeches he's made on the campaign trail he did it again just in the last couple of hours and he said that the president is guilty of double standards he holds what he calls
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offense where people are exposed to the virus but he doesn't want to get anywhere near it. trump keeps his distance from anyone in the ground. the folks who can't. are packed in tight as they can be. risky disease mostly without land but not trying to be shaven keep his distance as a reporter they showed up a couple days ago reporter trying to come up with some comparison i know you've got to keep your distance i don't get close to these people. really like everybody else in the crowd mr lott but not here. so we wait to see if the white house will make any acknowledgment if and when the u.s. passes that $200000.00 death total and what is interesting is that in his campaign speech joe biden made no mention of the upcoming vacancy at the supreme court instead he talked about covert he talked about the unemployment caused by corporate
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and he talked about public health and health care in the united states and how it's put under stress by corporate all of these talking points he believes are much more effective at taking his support away from donald trump as we get closer to that november november the 3rd date all right alan fischer there at the white house allan thank you. time for a short break here now just about when we come back anti-government protesters are back out in egypt defying a crackdown. and more heavy rains in sudan could hamper cleanup efforts from earlier catastrophic flooding more on that status. we've got some right in the forecast for north america not really where we need it we do of course have tropical storm beta making its way towards southern parts of
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texas and that was next system making its way through teddy now passing to the east of bermuda grass pushing up into the far east of canada for the latter part of the week we could do with a right across western parts of the u.s. into california in particular if i were not going to see any wet weather here look a little further north of the system rolling in from the atlantic will bring some wetter weather into british columbia washington state and also into oregon it's going to be heavy at times i suspect there will be some flooding and inevitably some mudslides as a result of that further east a few showers just around the southern rockies but i think too much to speak of scattering the showers across the caribbean meanwhile the west the weather is going to be of southern parts of mexico around the yucatan peninsula and watch the weather just making its way into cuba through his band jala some showers there too into to make was you go on into wednesday further east not too bad in the last round here this is the way in would be fine and dry the some showers in place for
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the leeward islands. russia has jeopardized the united states' security interests we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking in. but what's the picture from the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft calculus russian goals have be achieved not peace and to the full russian on al-jazeera. group. all.
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welcome back a program about top stories this hour the united states has announced new sanctions on iran weeks before an arms embargo is due to expire over the weekend the trumpet ministration declare that all u.n. penalties eased down the 2050 nuclear deal had been restored but nearly all un members reject this. governments around the world are being forced to rethink their pandemic strategies in global death toll nears a 1000000 the us is on the verge of recording 200019 deaths. and need back around london reports now on the precarious situation faced by european governments. the british government's been accused of sleep walking into a 2nd search of coronavirus if so this was the alarm call dispassionate data delivered by the you case chief medical and scientific officers showing a doubling of infections every week let's say there were 5000 today would be 10000
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next week 20000 a week after 40000 that week off them and you can see that by mid october if that continued you would end up with something like $50000.00 cases in the middle of october per day more infections mean the likelihood of more deaths urgent action is needed elsewhere in europe spains ruled out a 2nd national lockdown favoring partial restrictions where contagion levels are highest in the capital madrid police checkpoints are back the city's poorest areas are suffering the most a blow for businesses already on the breadline. in the czech republic a surge in cases has cost the country's health minister his job restrictions lifted months ago and now likely to return france greece and denmark have also imposed measures in virus hotspots while health authorities in italy say the average age of
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patients is creeping up risking more deaths governments across europe are wrestling with a worsening health emergency an ongoing economic crisis leaders are having to walk a very challenging fine line between controlling covert 19 and inadvertently fueling unemployment and poverty. britain is now at the same tipping point more than $13000000.00 people are already facing restrictions and curfews in the north of england and the midlands the capital could be next in the absence of a vaccine and while testing remains inadequate because of a shortage of laboratory capacity there are very few options and little time to lose. london. well more now from the u.n. whose general assembly this year coincides with its 75th anniversary the summit is happening mostly via video link due to the pandemic 2nd a general antonio television was one of the few to speak at the headquarters in new
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york urging countries to unify and support the un's work climate calamity. biodiversity is collapsing poverty is again rising hatred is spreading geopolitical tensions are escalating and nuclear weapons remain on hair trigger alert transformative technology and up new opportunities but also exposed new surveillance and the covered $9000.00 pandemic as laid bare the worlds for the jews we can only address them together us president donald trump skip monday's event sending the acting deputy ambassador to the u.n. has proven to be a successful experiment. with notable exceptions it's convening power brings much of the world to the table. despite some unfortunate failings the un's blue helmets
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have worked to maintain peace for decades to missions around the world. and organizations such as the world food program saves lives and improves futures every day. the united states has played a central role in these successes. european union foreign ministers have been confronted with images of what i said to be the crimes of belarus his government opposition leader to going to sky made another plea for sanctions against president alexander lukashenko was accused of rigging elections and violently suppressing protests but dip about's failed to agree as many reports. in the prisons they were and to which are. harris and trade bellerose is opposition leader paying tribute to pro-democracy protesters in her country which she fled after last month's presidential election widely seen as rigged in favor of alexander lukashenko sideline a taken off sky i was speaking at the european parliament in brussels once again
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calling for sanctions on senior officials so i proceed to your friends to tell us the basic things to look at nice mr illegitimate to release political prisoners to introduce individual sanctions against all individuals involved in their election possibly cations and political credit down earlier she held talks with several e.u. foreign ministers ahead of their meeting telling them applying sanctions quickly could force the belorussian government to enter a dialogue with the opposition coordination council of influence are hard to make their progress we will have to discuss the question of whether they shouldn't because those who participated in election rigging and those who participated in abuse directly who face european union sanctions we must also ask ourselves the question of whether mr lucas schrenker who bears the main responsibility should also be sanctioned by the european union it's not just sanctions also we have to
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report to support and society we have to support the media and we have to not just express and part of the people which are suffering we're suffering still as we speak being called in class that the daughter of raped and definitely in the serves our attention will possibly independent international investigation. on sunday once again crowds demonstrated in the belorussian capital minsk and other cities activists put the number of minutes get around a 100000 similar to previous weekend rallies where. police say they arrested more than 400 protesters with more than 300 still in custody but the e.u. can't impose sanctions. travel bans and asset freezes unless all 27 member states agree. so i persist been accused of blocking sanctions on belarus until similar measures are applied to turkey over its energy exploration efforts in the eastern mediterranean in the end the foreign ministers failed to reach
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a decision the issues now set to be discussed at the leaders' summit on thursday al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he expects to announce his pick for the supreme court by week's end before late justice ruth bader ginsburg is buried it launch a senate confirmation fights between trump's republicans who control the senate and rival democrats who say it's too close to november's election senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says democrats objections are unfounded as of today there are 43 days until november 3rd on 104 days until the end of this congress the late . justice john paul stevens was confirmed by the night train. to this body formally received his nomination the senate has more than sufficient to proffer of the nomination history and precedent. perfectly clear now justice ginsburg's death leaves
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a vacancy on the supreme court with only $44.00 days left before a national election that could result in a different president a vacancy that could determine the future of the supreme court for generations and make rulings that touch every aspect of american life reporters will no doubt cover the political machinations here in washington but for hundreds of millions of americans this vacancy on the supreme court puts everything everything on the line . anti-government protesters are back on the streets for a 2nd night in several egyptian cities these pictures are from shubra just north of cairo demonstrators are calling for president abdel fattah el-sisi to step down and for an end to what they describe as his military rule defying a crackdown that seen more than a 1000 people arrested since saturday. reports. defined government orders
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to stay home thousands of egyptians marched on sunday to express their anger about deteriorating conditions and called on the president to resign. south of the capital cairo and giza demonstrators were hurt chanting against the military police later fire tear gas to disperse the crowd of stone throwers. security was heightened ahead of the demonstrations after actor and businessman turned opposition figure. called for mass protests against president abdel fatah sisi from exile in spain to how do most egyptians unite out of love for the egyptian people take back your country again don't leave it in a hands down with the sisi regime down with the sisi regime don't go home do not go home if you go home they will detain us don't go home we're in the streets and now we need to stay there. there were similar scenes one year ago after all the accuse the military run government of widespread corruption and stealing
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millions of dollars of public money thousands rallied then and thousands were arrested after in $1.00 of the biggest crackdowns of cc's rule more than 2300 people according to amnesty international this time the rates came 1st it was over a 1000 preempt the tensions that metro stations bus stations areas like this and there's been a crackdown. university students citizens all agree and larger. i think what's important here is not. their size that they're happening at all in such a tightly controlled situation and really. as this is just the anniversary of the protests last year some answered ali's call to march but not the millions he'd hoped for still it's proven that many egyptians will find a way to vent their frustrations and call for change no matter the cost and al-jazeera. mollies former defense minister has been appointed as interim president
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by the military. coup leaders named colonel i see me going to be his deputy echo as the organization made up of 15 west african states has been pressuring the army to return power to civilians as soon as possible abraham was removed from the presidency last month the transitional government to set rules for 18 months until elections planned. more heavy rain is forecast in sudan where flooding has killed 120 people and damaged or destroyed 100000 homes on top of that there's an economic state of emergency rising inflation in us but food and other basics out of reach for many more families reports now from khartoum in the. hopes things would get but to put them after that move all of sudan's longtime leader on the bush years. but a year and a half later prices of basic goods are still sorting an officer who is disabled and
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makes falafel or being cake to support our family is finding it hard to make ends meet. she added of course this life is very hard prices are increasing by the day and some days we eat some days we don't. a week ago the sudanese government declared a state of economy can watch and see the move for a sharp decline by the sudanese pound against the dollar since then inflation has risen to a record 167 percent with prices of essential commodities like bread and sugar rising to more than double long queues for bread visible almost everywhere. if we are forced to wait in queues for more than 3 hours at a time to buy bread just 10 pieces of bread the elderly who can't stand for long are really suffering we're all suffering the inflation has also affected the provision of aid to tens of thousands of people displaced by the week's long flooding in 17 of sudan's 18 states aid agencies say they're forced to deal with
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a huge shortfall in funding actually it has been quite catastrophic if i may. when we receive let's say a dollar only $0.25 of that maximum is what we're able to use because of the inflation last july inflation was at 144 percent in august was almost 167 percent so that means our ability to buy things is only 25 percent sudan's transitional government blames the decline of the currency on what it calls a systematic operation to vandalize the economy by those opposing it well i'm the guy one have been for has been we will crack down heavily on those trying to manipulate the markets we won't be united in doing this as a government we will also introduce regulations for import and export of coal and yet some people are blaming the government itself for the crisis. raise the minimum wage from $5.00 to $60.00 just in the country's history broken with no resources
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of its own the government opted to fund the increment by printing more money setting food done on a perth before the economic decline u.s. secretary of state mike pump recently raised hopes of but the economic prospects here when he announced the possible remove all of sudan from its rule of state sponsors of terrorism perhaps even before the u.s. elections in november that would allow said done to shed its but i a status attract foreign investors and once again access to credit from institutions like the i.m.f. and world bank but diplomats say that's hinged on sudan 1st normalizing relations with israel a bitter pill it may be forced to swallow to ease its own domestic problems without the world how to sudan now the amount of ice covering the arctic sea has shrunk to its 2nd lowest level since satellite records began more than 40 years ago scientists say a week long heat wave in siberia early this month was
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a big contributor the last time arctic sea ice melted this much was back in 2012 ongoing warming is threatening wildlife and ice sheets covering parts of canada and greenland scientists say about a 3rd of the $270.00 whales stranded off southeastern australia have died there still trying to save the rest of them the whales became stuck on a sandbar along the coast of the island state of tasmania is described as one of the worst beaching events in a decade. time for a quick check of the top stories here on al-jazeera the united states has announced new sanctions on iran weeks before an arms embargo is due to expire it comes after the u.s. declared that all u.n. penalties eased down the 2050 nuclear deal had been restored bought all u.n. members reject this just imagine what iran would do that for able to freely purchase more advanced weapons we have no intention of letting that happen the
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president's executive order announced today gives us a new and powerful tool to enforce the u.n. arms embargo and hold those who seek to evade u.n. sanctions accountable today i will take the 1st action under this new executive order by sanctioning the already ministry of defense and armed forces logistics and iran's defense industries organization and its director governments around the world are being forced to rethink their pandemic strategies as the global death toll nears a 1000000 the us is on the verge of recording 200000 deaths british prime minister barak johnson is considering a 2nd national lockdown his top medical adviser has warned of 50000 infections a day by october if immediate action is not taken the united nations is marking 75 years since it was formed the summit is happening mostly via video link due to the pandemic 2nd a general antonio with ted it was one of the few to speak at the headquarters in
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new york urging countries to unify and support the un's work. anti government protesters are back on the streets for a 2nd diet in several egyptian cities these pictures are from shubra just north of cairo demonstrators are calling for president abdel fattah el-sisi to step down and for an end to what they describe as his military. mollies former defense minister bond has been appointed as interim president by the military joint and coup leaders named colonel i seem to be his deputy the transitional government is set to rule for 18 months until elections planned for parts of sudan are bracing for more heavy rains even as the cleanup from recent flooding continues more than 120 people died at least 100000 homes were damaged there's also economic state of emergency for rising inflation those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after people in power states without
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a washing. on counting the cost an aging population soaring debts and recession and japan's new prime minister thinks the economy.


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