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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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well. just imagine what iran would be therefore able to freely purchase more advanced weapons the u.s. announces new unilateral sanctions on iran a decision that's finding little support from its european allies. that my 1st bar enjoy watching al-jazeera live from london and so coming up. no one wants a world government but we must work together a world government. a call for unity in the face of global challenges the u.n.
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marks except the 5th anniversary with a virtual general assembly. the scars of the better or worse political crisis an opposition leader meets the e.u. and demand sanctions against president alexander lukashenko. and the global test toll from covert 19 me is a 1000000 less government struggle to control the outbreak. color u.s. secretary of state might pompei or has announced a raft of new sanctions on those involved in iran's defense sectors $27.00 entities and individuals have been hits with new measures including the iranian defense ministry or pay or has also announced sanctions on the venezuelan president nicolas maduro who has built a close relationship with terror on us is also one that anyone connected to the sale or transfer of conventional weapons to iran will face sanctions. just imagine
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what iran would do that for able to freely purchase more advanced weapons we have no intention of letting that happen the president's executive order announced today gives us a new and powerful tool to enforce the u.n. arms embargo and hold those who seek to evade u.n. sanctions accountable today i will take the 1st action under this new executive order by sanctioning the are a ministry of defense and armed forces logistics and iran's defense industries organization and its director. has more on the iranian response to those u.s. sanctions. we had foreign minister say that these new sanctions are nothing new that the intention of the united states was to bring the population to its knees and they have failed but what the real question is how iran will respond to the united states and how the united states decides to impose the u.n.
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sanctions as they see it now within iran lots of political differences the president hassan rouhani and his reformist are defending the deal domestically because there has been some opposition to it but the conservative and hardliners who make up the majority of parliament well they want a stronger response if those sanctions are put back in place in fact the head of the commission of foreign policy and national security has said that iran should return to preach a nuclear state which means that a high level of enrichment more centrifuges more advanced centrifuges should be used and nuclear propellant should be used to aid iran's navy and there's also suggestions from some of the conservatives here that should reduce its cooperation with the i.a.e.a. in terms of reducing or limiting the amount of inspections that take place but president hassan rouhani is very much invested in the. 2015 nuclear deal and he's policy and he's allies policy is wait and see what happens and then looking forward
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to the u.s. elections but ultimately iran's response will come down to how the united states reacts of what the united states does if they start stopping iranian ships and also how the united nations and other countries around the world will react if they willingly or reluctantly start to give in to u.s. pressure and start imposing these sanctions then we could very much see a very tough or a tougher stance a response coming from iran. us now bring in our diplomatic editor james bases at the united nations for us said james it's important to stress that these are of course you know lateral sanctions so what has been the wider international reaction to this u.s. announcement. they they are unilateral sanctions because the u.s. try it said it had done to trigger a snap back over the we can snap back it was part of the iran nuclear deal which meant that you could reimpose all the sanctions if you felt that iran was not
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complying of course all the other countries involved in the clear deals that the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear deal 2 years ago didn't have the right to trigger snapback and that the international sanctions were not back in place what you've got now is most of the international community on one side the u.s. on the other they have do have some strong supporters the u.s. notably israel and some of the gulf states but all the key players here at the united nations particularly the u.n. security council on nought on the side of the united states the european allies have remained strong i'm told about 11 different letters have been received by the president of the u.n. security council by countries or groups of countries and they all oppose the u.s. position right now so the u.s. certainly at the u.n. right now reasonably isolated but as you just heard the big moment ahead is none of this bank we're talking about now the big moment is the u.s. election coming up in november and if donald trump wins another term where do we go
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we're running out of road and i suspect one of the only directions we can go is in the direction of conflict james also interesting that neither the u.s. president or indeed the secretary of state all where you are right now of course the united nations which is currently marking its 75th anniversary. yeah that seems to have been a little bit of a snub or at least some are saying maybe not a deliberate snub but it felt like it because president trump. we're supposed to give the 1st of these addresses we're having addresses by all the world leaders he didn't tape address as world leaders are doing he could have had one delivered by the secretary of state might pompei or the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. kelly craft they were in washington for that meeting and announcement of those iran sanctions so instead the acting deputy ambassador to the united nations a relatively low key official spoke 1st before president xi president macro and
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this array of world leaders that will continue speaking for many hours to come so that i think the u.n. certainly led to some raised eyebrows at a time when the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists is trying to reinforce eyes the need for multilateralism countries working together. to come amity. biodiversity is collapsing poverty is again rising hatreds is spreading geopolitical tensions are escalating and nuclear weapons remain on hand to be going alone. the informative technologies ever opened up new opportunities but also exposed new sense and the carvey of 19 pandemic as laid bare the worlds for the g.t.s. we can only address them together. as the secretary
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general said then there was a big test this year covert 19 this year was the year to try and get the world working together again to reboot multilateralism but instead when the test came countries instead focus on their own populations their own problems and didn't work together they're now trying to change that particularly with the possibility of a vaccine to get countries working together to try and make sure that if there is a vaccine everyone in the world gets it. now here opinion union foreign ministers have failed to agree on sanctions against better us officials suspected of election fraud or playing a part in the recent crackdown on protests he is considering asset freezes and travel bans on around 40 people but cyprus is blocking the sanctions move until similar measures
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a spot on turkey is not in baba reports. in the prisons they were and tortured. harris and trade bellerose his opposition leader paying tribute to pro-democracy protesters in her country which she fled after last month's presidential election widely seen as rigged in favor of alexander lukashenko so i'd learned to cut off sky i was speaking at the european parliament in brussels once again calling for sanctions on senior officials so i proceed to your friends to help us basic things to look at nice mr illegitimate to release by the tickle prisoners to introduce individual sanctions against all individuals involved in their election process occasions and political credit down earlier she held talks with several you foreign ministers ahead of their meeting telling them applying sanctions quickly could force the
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belorussian government to enter dialogue with the opposition coordination council which have been brought so hard to make that progress we will have to discuss the question of whether it shouldn't because those who participated in election making and those who participated in abuse directly who face european union sanctions we must also ask ourselves the question of whether mr lucas schrenker who bears the main responsibility should also be sanctioned by the european union not just sanctions also we have to report to support civil society we have to support the media. and we have to not just express empathy for the people which are suffering they're suffering still as we speak being called in cast of the torture raped and definitely in the service our attention will possibly independent international investigation. on sunday once again crowds demonstrated in the belorussian capital minsk and other cities activists put the number of minutes get around 100000 similar to previous weekend rallies i police say they arrested more than 400
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protesters with more than 300 still in custody but the e.u. can't impose sanctions like travel bans and asset freezes unless all 27 member states agree. cyprus is been accused of blocking sanctions on belarus until similar measures are applied to turkey over its energy exploration efforts in the eastern mediterranean in the end the foreign ministers failed to reach a decision the issues now set to be discussed at the leaders' summit on thursday al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he'll announce his nominee for the supreme court by saturday he says he's looking at 5 candidates to replace the late liberal justice ruth bader ginsburg who died on friday a white house correspond to the how that has more on this. there are a number of reasons that he's doing that number one he's behind in the polls there's no guarantee that the u.s. president's going to win reelection and this is
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a very important issue for particularly christian conservatives in the united states is president already filling the promise on the campaign trail for 2 conservative portman's and now vowing for a 3rd even as democrats say they're vowing to fight that joe biden the democratic presidential nominee saying that it is up to the american people to choose a president and the president can then fill the appointment and some of the words of republicans are haunting them if you'll recall under barack obama when it came time for him to be able to make a 3rd appointment so close to an election the republicans blocked that effort saying that it was up to the american people to choose a president 1st and now those words are coming back to haunt them now in the midst of all of this there have been protests not only outside the supreme court but also in spots around the united states and even here in washington this is an issue that's really galvanized both the left and the right just to give you
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a sense of the fundraising opportunities that have occurred for democrats in particular in the 28 hours after the death of ruth bader ginsburg the justice from the supreme court that died on friday $91000000.00 raised outpacing republicans in those fund raising efforts for joe biden so now we are looking ahead to the sort of ceremonies and proceedings that will take place we know it has been announced that ruth bader ginsburg will rely in repose in the supreme court on wednesday and thursday and friday it will be in the u.s. capitol followed by a private ceremony with her family. all right still ahead so on the program. rare protests in egypt demonstrators are demanding president algal fattah el-sisi step down. and officials in botswana believe they discovered what is behind the mysterious deaths of hundreds of elephants in the world famous rock bank adulterer
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. however we've got some colder fresher weather pushing into northwest and possibly a big line of plow coming in him that will slide its way further south which is a cold front hence the the cooler air tucking in behind it ahead of it so quite a rash of showers there into central and southern france easing across italy and also into the balkans that's all going to slide its way further south what's in these was as we go on through wednesday still a few showers in play through central parts towards the northwest as well as still some showers there across by and portugal the dry weather the price of weather the sunny weather that's for ace but up towards the northwest as i said this system will sink further south which you can see the temperature in london falling away quite sharply as because through awareness day in fact you're looking at something
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like a 10 degree drop from choose day to friday just 1415 celsius for the back half of the week here but at least it should be. bright if a little breezy breezy too across northern parts of africa certainly into northern areas of egypt's northern parts of libya also seeing some of that breezy weather filtering through heavy showers across central africa some big downpours a possibility hey ben in tokyo seeing some heavy showers longer spells of right it runs away across the ivory coast all the way to liberia. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop their energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to make such the mounds as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against least amount that we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and in byron mentally sound
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energy solutions for future generation the brush fire metering future energy. or. the earth. hello again and remind of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. secretary of state mike pompei it was announced a raft of new sanctions on those involved in iraq's defense sector is 27 entities and individuals are being hit with new measures including the iranian defense ministry. the united nations is marking 75 years since it was formed this year for the 1st time the general assembly is being held virtually because of the coronavirus time demick. and european union foreign ministers have failed to agree
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on sanctions against belarus official suspected of election fraud or playing a pass in the recent crackdown on protests the use considering asset freezes and travel bans on about 40 people. with a global death toll from coded 19 is nearing a 1000000 on the resurgence of the coronavirus is forcing some nations to rethink their strategies united kingdom has started imposing tighter restrictions the government's top medical adviser says if things continue on their current course virus related deaths could spiral out of control prime minister boris johnson an emergency response meeting on tuesday in spain parts of the capital madrid are back in lockdown countries reported more than 100000 cases in the past 2 weeks france has also seen record numbers of daily deaths. united states is the world's worst affected country and it's expected to pass 200000 deaths shortly while over in
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africa the centers for disease control says infection numbers of now pass 1400000 south africa has nearly half the continent's total cases. or for more now on those warnings across europe need barca has sent this update from london. the british government's been accused of sleep walking into a 2nd search of coronavirus if so this was the alarm call dispassionate data delivered by the you case chief medical and scientific officers showing a doubling of infections every week let's say there were 5000 today would be 10000 next week 20000 a week after 40000 a week of them and you can see that by mid october if that continued you would end up with something like $50000.00 cases in the middle of october per day. more infections mean the likelihood of more deaths urgent action is needed elsewhere in
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europe spains ruled out a 2nd national lockdown favoring partial restrictions where contagion levels are highest in the capital madrid police checkpoints are back the city's poorest areas are suffering the most a blow for businesses already on the breadline. in the czech republic a surge in cases has cost the country's health minister his job restrictions lifted months ago and now likely to return. france greece and denmark have also imposed measures in virus hot spots for health authorities in italy say the average age of patients is creeping up risking more deaths governments across europe are wrestling with a worsening health emergency an ongoing economic crisis leaders are having to walk a very challenging fine line between controlling covert 19 and inadvertently fueling unemployment and poverty. britain is now at the same tipping point
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more than $13000000.00 people are already facing restrictions and curfews in the north of england and the midlands the capital could be next in the absence of a vaccine and while testing remains inadequate because of a shortage of laboratory capacity there are very few options and little time to lose before london well as i'll take a closer look at the situation in the united states south as there is any gallacher to join us live from miami and andy there's been some confusion over the guidance on airborne transmission of the coronavirus tell us more about. yes this is coming from the center for disease control and prevention whose website is an extremely important resource for millions of americans it is generally known as the premier organization on the planet on friday they released a statement on their web site that saying that covert 19 can spread through airborne spread something they called aerosols and they said that would go beyond 6
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feet now that has huge implications for all of life here in the united states schools colleges businesses it goes on goes on and there are many people in the scientific community that believe that covert 19 is passed like that through these aerosols that go beyond 6 feet which is the recommended distance for social distancing and then a few hours ago just a couple of hours ago the c.d.c. removed that guidance from their web site saying it was a mistake on their part and that is quite shocking when we are on the cusp of reaching 200000 deaths here in the united states or exceeding 200000 deaths and it raises the question as to whether the trumpet ministration has been politically interfering with the c.d.c. or the c.d.c. is refining the language of that latest warning and then they will release it but it has big implications it speaks to how politicized this pandemic has become here in the united states yancey you mentioned that milestone of 200000 death which the
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u.s. is rapidly approaching how significant a milestone is that to have people there i mean are they watching the figures closely. i mean i think people are watching the figures but more importantly there aren't many people i've certainly met over the last 6 months that haven't been touched by this pandemic who either fall in ill themselves or lost a loved one or lost a business it is a huge milestone but i think it's a continuing statistic that just shows how bad things are in this country there is no one's life that hasn't been touched by the covert 900 pandemic as is the case with the rest of the world but the figures here are shockingly bad this is supposed to be the most advanced nation in the world and yet they are not handling the covert 19 pandemic very well and we have a presidential election in a couple of months and i got a good life for us in miami thank you process has been taking place in several
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egyptian cities calling on president abdel fattah el-sisi to step down their figurehead is an anti government activists calling for regime change from his exile in spain security forces had arrested more than 1000 people in a failed attempt to prevent the demonstrations under schapelle reports. defined government orders to stay home thousands of egyptians marched on sunday to express their anger about deteriorating conditions and called on the president to resign. south of the capital cairo and giza demonstrators were hurt chanting against the military police later fire tear gas to disperse the crowd of stone throwers. security was heightened ahead of the demonstrations after actor and businessman turned opposition figure. called for mass protests against president abdel fatah sisi from exile in spain to how do i stop the most egyptians unite out of love for the egyptian people take back your country again don't leave it in a hands down with the sisi regime down with the sisi regime don't go home
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do not go home if we go home they will detain us don't go home we're in the streets and now we need to stay there. there were similar scenes one year ago after all the accuse the military run government of widespread corruption and stealing millions of dollars of public money thousands rallied then and thousands were arrested after in $1.00 of the biggest crackdowns of cc's rule more than $2300.00 people according to amnesty international this time the raids came 1st it was over a 1000 preemptive detentions that at metro stations bus stations areas like this and there's been a crackdown the arrest of university students citizens all temporary and larger. i think what's important here is not. their size and that they're happening at all in such a tightly controlled situation and really i know. this is just the anniversary of
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the protests last year some answered ali's call to march but not the millions he'd hoped for still it's proven that many egyptians will find a way to vent their frustrations and call for change no matter the cost and al-jazeera. parts of sudan are bracing for more heavy rains even as the cleanup from earlier floods is continuing well 120 people have so far been killed in the floods and at least 100000 homes have been damaged sudan's current economic crisis is making the situation worse the currency is declining against the u.s. dollar leading to rampant inflation and a sharp increase in food prices. malise former defense minister has been appointed by the military as the country's new interim president has made the announcement on state television they've also named a vice president colonel a scene. a group of 15 east african nations known as echo us has been putting
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pressure on the 2 leaders to form a civilian led transitional government the minute she now has 18 months to hand over power completely to a civilian government nicholas hawkers been following those developments from dhaka in neighboring cycle. the announcement came on the heels of days of negotiations between the military involving civil society religious leaders and the opposition movement the m 5 it came in the form of a statement to read out on national t.v. by the new vice president of mali of the transition of mali colonel a semi going to who is leading the military the new president is the former defense minister under president in 2014 also a former military man a colonel and so it seems that the leadership in the transition leadership is heavily based on security given the situation in mali where there is still an armed
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insurgency in the north in the center of the country this comes as no surprise that it will address the issues by their protest movement the 5 who want to see the return of the state in mali in places where they have been deserted interestingly this is have been in the last few days where we've seen the foreign minister of algeria heavily involved in negotiations to try to find a new leader in mali remember that there was the 2015 algiers accord signed as part of the accord this new government will not only have to reform the political scene in mali but also address the peace accord which involves changing the constitution so a lot of work ahead for this transition team that will be sworn into power on friday and this announcement was just made just before the 60th anniversary of molly's independence. wildlife officials in botswana believes they've discovered the reason behind the mysterious deaths of hundreds of elephants in the past year they're
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blaming a water borne but cereal in section and assign a bacteria at least 370 elephants have died in the same region of botswana in the past 12 months with similar deaths in neighboring zimbabwe the dead elephant still has their tusks in tax adjusting they were not killed by poachers. following that story from the zimbabwean capital harare. the elephant in the swine were found in the uk a bangle adult was a puppet a popular tourist area and this one is home and one of the largest herds of elephants in southern africa now during the dry season the animals moved from country to country in the region looking for water in occasional hearings then bob with thing they seeing something similar the thing in the past few weeks or months dozens of elephants have also died in this country they've been compost to africa in the united kingdom for tasty still waiting for those results or because of covert 19 national parks in many parts of the region had been closed and the range that you can home in the bobby it means that very few fish were able to patrol the
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park and with it the elements have actually been affected recently opened into the bar which was the theory now going to try and increase those patrols and also try to use drones now if the body is not. a stranger to elephants dying for example over the years i gave. him cyanide poisoning way coaches put cyanide in the water to kill these animals and when. they don't have the touch on them with this kind of an odd being found with. his respect that elephant in the lobby could be dikembe the same bacteria that caused the deaths of hundreds of elephants in was one of the countries are talking to each other to find their way forward to find out if it is confirmed that both kinds are stated by this bacteria what is the next step forward and i'm going to prevent more animals from actually dying. australian marine biologists a planning a massive rescue operation to save around $250.00 pilot whales stranded off the
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coast of tasmania at least $25.00 have died in what is being described as one of the worst beaching events in decades they're stranded on sound balsam a quarry harbor additional crews are travelling from mainland australia try to help it's a rescue operation. under mind of the headlines here on al-jazeera u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has announced a raft of new sanctions on those involved in iran's defense sectors 27 entities and individuals have been hit with new measures including the iranian defense ministry or pio has also announced sanctions on the venezuelan president nicolas maduro he's built a close relationship with terror on just imagine what iran would do therefore able to freely purchase more advanced weapons we have no intention of letting that
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happen the president's executive order announced today gives us a new and powerful tool to enforce the u.n. arms embargo and hold those who seek to evade u.n. sanctions accountable today i will take the 1st action under this new executive order by sanctioning the already ministry of defense and armed forces logistics and iran's defense industries organization and its director the united nations is marking 75 years since it was formed this year though for the 1st time the general assembly will be held virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic opening the event secretary-general antone the terrorists will the un was needed now more than ever. european union foreign ministers of failed to agree on sanctions against belarus officials suspected of election fraud or playing a part in the recent crackdown on protests the e.u. is considering asset freezes and travel bans on about 40 people cyprus is accused of blocking the sanctions until similar measures slaps on turkey as the global
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death toll from coated 19 nears a 1000000 the resurgence of the corona virus is forcing some nations to rethink their strategies chief medical offices in the u.k. warm up without further action new cases could reach 50000 today by mid october or the us is approaching 200000 deaths. malise former defense minister bhandari has been appointed by the military joint or as the country's new interim president has made the announcement on state television the military genter now has 18 months to completely hand over power to a civilian government. and those are the latest headlines stay with us the stream is next asking how the u.n. is missing new challenges to 75 years stay with us.
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i am familiar cave welcome to the stream of on girl united nations general assembly this week in a limited edition serious istream is teaming up with the un to bring you some of the most important global issues around the world now of course we cannot do that without isa we are going to be on t.v. we're on instagram we're on you tube we want you to jump into the comments section and you too can be part of these very important conversations or the way through the week we start with an unscientific survey of global citizens looking at the united nations on its 75th anniversary this is what they tell us.


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