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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2020 6:00am-6:33am +03

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people in power investigates exposing and question the use and abuse of power around the globe. amount to seeing. the u.s. demand for the reimposition of u.n. sanctions on iran is ignored by world powers. looking to have a one on come on santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera student activists in bangkok challenging them on a case with a symbolic pluck to clear in thailand belongs to the people. so i think we're going to shock the brushes extremely. you will have a nonbeliever president trump says he could choose a successor to supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg as early as next week and
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the u.s. ban on social media we chat is due to come into effect the latest in the tech war with china. so the united states is broken with all other permanent members of the u.n. security council and declared snow call so-called snap back sanctions on iran americans major allies that is britain france and germany had already written to the u.n. to say sanctions relief will remain the dispute is over the iran nuclear deal which remember washington pulled out of 2 years ago and so the other signatory say the u.s. no longer has the legal power to force through any changes of diplomatic editor james bays reports. it's aroud it's even pitted the u.s. against some of its closest allies it's now over 5 years since the. iran nuclear
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deal was signed in vienna joining the negotiations the u.s. team under the leadership of the then secretary of state john kerry devised a mechanism called snap back if iran breached its commitments all international sanctions could snap back into place but that's not the way things played out the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal it was the us under president trump that pulled out of the deal 2 years ago. despite this in objections from the rest of the international community the u.s. still argues it could trigger a snapback the one thing that the previous administration got right is they created provision where under u.n. security council resolution 2231. any one of the nations identified there had the right to say we want the sanctions that were in place prior to this that moment to snap back and that's what will do the rest of the world have ignored the u.s.
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declaration and in some ways more important than snap back is what happens on november the 3rd but one of the diplomats who negotiated the iran deal told me even if joe biden is elected president on that day getting back into the deal might not be that easy i mean i think it's as easy as some people have made it out to be that president i'm certain i want that yes and then. we go back to school and say i think actually your army wants you argue that the man out in station or the sanctions or other countries receive united states issues coming out of. your ass so i think it is going to be much more complicated than just. yet diplomats say behind the scenes a great deal of pressure was put on the other members of the security council to support the u.s. position only one country the small nation. dominican republic. whatever washington
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says it seems that the plan to snap back sanctions has failed james. at the united nations let's look at reaction 1st of all russia which is a signatory to the iran nuclear deal its deputy ambassador to the u.n. wrote it's very painful to see how a great country humiliates itself poses in its obstinant delirium other members of the u.n. security council he goes on to say the security council rejected the u.s. demands as illegitimate last month and france's ambassador to the u.n. has also commented the european signatories of the deal remain committed to its implementation and says u.n. sanctions on iran continue to be lifted. that any researcher at the center for strategic studies in teheran who told us washington is not in a legal position to bring these changes. all previous u.n.
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security council resolutions and nuclear related sanctions will not be restored simply because the united states wants them to be restored the united states is not in a position to trigger the snap back of sanctions simply because it is no longer a participant to the j. scipio a it's not in a legal position to do so defers to initiate snapback sanctions is to be a participant and the united states drew from the nuclear deal unilaterally so. the u.s. announcement doesn't bring any changes in a common sense urging the international community not to allow not allow do not trying to bully the world and this is at a time when even america's closest allies have refused to cooperate with
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trump's unilateralism. donald trump is is following a policy of scorched earth. a strategy to ruin and destroy anything remains of the j. scipio way so that in case a democratic president is elected joe biden will not be in a position to revive the nuclear deal as he has promised to do so. on to other news and protesters in thailand continue their calls for reform of the political system and the monarchy demonstrate his place to pluck in the field next to the grand palace in bangkok tens of thousands of protests and so on so called for the resignation of the prime minister who took power in a coup and one disputed elections last year let's check in with wayne hay in bangkok now when i believe the protests are over but if this plug there what is the
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significance of that. with a couple of things that come all the. way the protests has been taking place is a significant location in itself sits just across the road from the grand palace has been the scene over the centuries of many royal ceremonies it used to be a place that was also open to the public to assemble in recent years that hasn't been the case it's been barricaded off so the protest leaders said they want to take that back for the people and that's exactly what they did on saturday the plaque itself is a symbol all of the 932 revolution that saw thailand move from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional one on it it says that thailand but almost to the people not just to the king so that bloc as you mentioned as now being placed into the ground in the pa cold some of the one now 3 years ago an official clock commemorating that 932 revolution disappeared overnight no one knows who did it the indications are
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all the assumption is that the oldest came from the very top and that it was seen as a sign that the king was strengthening his power and in some regards turning thailand back into an absolute monarchy when is there an expectation the protests will carry on. absolutely the already laid out some key dates ahead commemorating political events of the past that they will gather on again this was certainly the most significant protests that we've seen in recent years the largest political gathering we've seen since that military coup in 2014 tens of thousands of people coming here continuing those demands to reform the political system and reform the monarchy so the certainly no sign that this is going to die off i think that there is an expectation here that they are going to continue to try to achieve those goals to as one of the leaders put it to rid this
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country of dark forces and i think in many regards they will escape escalate their campaign in the weeks and months ahead thank you wayne hay with that update from bangkok in thailand. he was president donald trump says he will announce a nominee to replace supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg as early as next week people gather outside the u.s. supreme court to honor her ginsburg died at the age of 87 a pioneer of women's rights with tributes pouring in from across the political divide but with weeks to go into the presidential election republicans want to cement a conservative majority on the court i will be voting for the nominee next week it will be the my. world view would you rather have a woman on the supreme court yes woman yes of the. term journalist those yes so would you rather have over or would you rather have
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a man on the supreme court. democrats and even a few senators from across the aisle say ginsburg replacement should not be nominated until after the november election and among those disagreeing with trump is maine's republican senator susan collins she says the decision on a lifetime appointment to the supreme court should be made by the president who was elected on the vendor 3rd that is a position republicans also took back in 2 of the 16 under president obama when he tried to nominate a judge to the court before that year's election pedicle hayne is in washington d.c. she explains now the position the republicans are taking. so you just heard the president is promising the crowd that he's going to fill that seat he told reporters before leaving the white house that he likely would nominate a woman and he would do it soon possibly by this coming week unclear if he's going to wait for the funeral of ruth bader ginsburg really was leaked within the hour after they announced that she had passed the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell
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kim said he was going to fill the seats despite the president that he himself said under president obama so here's the problem for the president and senator mcconnell they have $45.00 days to the election most supreme court justices takes months that in normal times they meet with pretty much every u.s. senator it's really a lobbying campaign to try and get this done $45.00 days that's going to be tough the other tough thing for the senator is what his own members have said on the record don't forget it was in march the president barack obama put up a nominee and the republicans at the time said no no you cannot put up a justice in an election year so now we're 45 days but we're seen senators like lindsey graham who came out and swore that he would never put up a supreme court nominee in the middle of a presidential campaign he's now saying that he's fine with it that he thinks they should do it in the 45 days but he does senator mcconnell doesn't have huge numbers she just needs
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a couple of his own members to say no we're not going to do that to really have a tough fight at his hands so far we've heard from 2 senators 2 female republican senators who are pro choice say that they believe that this should be held until after the election so all eyes are going to be on a couple of republican senators they have very little time on the clock and very little room to maneuver with when it comes to the actual numbers. in the news ahead colombia's president calls for his venezuelan comes about to be prosecuted as a war criminal during a visit by the u.s. secretary of state and calls to sudan government to do more to prevent future disasters as it still tackles the worst flooding in a century. not so good picture to all across southern regions of the united states you see in the
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back of what was how to consolidate all this how they can say this is not coming from a tropical storm this is be so it is going to say in the gulf of mexico for the next 2 or 3 days producing heavy amounts of rain and it really is bad moving says can have quite an impact along the southern eastern sections of texas and again across towards louisiana and all the while we're watching t.v. this is a major hurricane now this is on its way hopefully to the east of bermuda but it should pause father thrives sunday and monday well as it became skies across much of the country away from the south has seen some very good rain pushing into washington down into oregon across a few more showers as we go through monday but it's mostly clear and dry that there's this system still continuing to spend that rain becoming much more widespread as i say we do expect this infighting cut as the over the system meanwhile how to kentucky the major hurricane the continuing its journey up towards the northeast and then we had down into central america has been some heavy rain in the last few days across areas of the southern mexico that has that is some
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flooding in and around mexico city there is teddy as you can see continuing to spin in the gulf of mexico but at least it does take the rain away from the east of mexico. and counting the cost an aging population soaring debts and recession and japan's new prime minister thinks the economy famine pulpy an uprising says the pandemic wipes out a decade of economic growth plus pakistan's asia's best performing stop. counting the cost on al-jazeera we know what happened when i returned we know how to get a feel that either and all the fires are still ongoing how do we think you can tell the story isn't what can make a difference. top
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stories this hour on al-jazeera the u.s. has broken with all other permanent members of the u.n. security council and declared so-called snapback sanctions on iran america's major allies britain france and germany had already written to the u.n. to say the sanctions relief will remain. thousands of protesters in thailand of continue to call for reform of the political system and the mana keep they also want the resignation of the prime minister who took power in a coup and one disputed elections last year and people are gathered outside the u.s. supreme court to honor justice ruth bader ginsburg who died at the age of $87.00 president trump says he will nominate a woman to replace a partisan battle begins to fill that 9th seat on the court which. president travels and says he will approve a deal to allow the social media at tick tock to keep operating in the u.s.
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he said an agreement with the tech from oracle and supermarket chain wal marts to take over the american operations of the chinese owned app would get his blessing the white house had applied pressure on the company over what it called national security concerns a ban on new downloads has been delayed by a week. however that extension doesn't apply to the other app the white house has blacklisted we chat where a ban on downloading it is due to come into effect at the end of sunday it's used by 3300000 people there in the u.s. every month to communicate with and do business in china but the white house says it poses a national security risk far from just being a messaging platform which happens so it's a super app if you like it combines messaging payments right hailing you can book flights and hotels it's got facebook style albums and news feeds as well in china it is used by many businesses as a primary form of communication and so for chinese americans this ban comes at
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a personal cost most other forms of messaging the whatsapp and facebook for example are banned in china so we chat becomes the main means of communication between families on different continents we're going to talk to jim anderson about the tech analyst and also the c.e.o. of social flow joining us from new york nice to have you with us jim this is what we were actually discussing this bit a little bit in saying a lot of people won't know we chat it won't necessarily affect them but when you hear a description of and see how much it does why the people who do use it and really be a loss yeah i think that's a great point you know it is a little used app in comparison you know you mentioned 3000000 users that's not tiny but compared to tick tocks usage i'll say there was a rush on the downloads in the app stores yesterday and we chat was downloaded 10000 times tick tock was downloaded 250000 times and that gives you an idea of the relative popularity but it's one of the few remaining links we chat between sort of what you would call the u.s.
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version of the internet and the chinese version of the internet and you're exactly right those people who do rely on it rely on it for you know quite heavily and it's going to be quite a blow to those people in terms of their ability to communicate with family friends and family back in china as well as to you know make payments transfer money do those kinds of things the white house says it poses a national security risk why. well i think ultimately the belief is a chinese own company is subject to the chinese government which of course every country you know has provenance over the company's in side of its territory and i think you know this is clearly where we chat and tick tock are really supporting actors if you will in what's really a trade dispute between the united states and china and it's you know sort of unfortunate if you happen to be we chat you're caught in the middle of a much larger issue and it's funny even oracle which is a giant u.s. tech company wal-mart a giant supermarket chain as you mentioned you know those are supporting actors as well this really plays out between the u.s. and china and i will say the tick-tock deal appears to have president trump's
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blessing and that makes a lot of sense in terms of a deal potentially happening but the chinese government has to bless it as well and i don't think we've seen the last of the moves here between the u.s. and the china and china and the governments right so it's not so much the app it's the it's the onus on me and. yes. do you use we chat do you work with people who do i don't use we chat i do use tick-tock it's interesting so again from a u.s. perspective but i don't have friends and family in china if i did i bet i would and i haven't asked for a poll but i do know i have a number of people who have friends and family in china and i'd be willing to bet they use we chat to communicate with them ok is this possibly without getting too clichéd tip of the iceberg stuff this is the big ones but there are more apps out there which could become targets more things which could affect more people. yeah i think definitely and so the chinese government has already started alluding to the actions it's going to take in response to this and the speculation seems to be the chinese government hasn't mentioned them by name but 2 giant american tech
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companies apple and google operate significantly in china and so if china says ok you know united states you've taken an action against chinese own companies for whatever reasons you say we're going to take action actions against us own companies google and apple being too likely candidates and then you know the u.s. could respond in kind and so i think that's how trade wars and trade conflicts end up escalating the real question is you know there's a lot going on in the united states as you were reading the top stories you know you touched on just a little bit of it here we've got a vacancy now on the supreme court in an already wildly politicized election season so it wouldn't surprise me if the current administration seeks an off ramp to this or at least a deescalation of tensions for the time being because there's a lot of other things going on as well but you know we're going to have to see i think the chinese government probably has the next move here and we'll have to see what they end up deciding jim it's light on a sunday in new york so i do appreciate your time thanks so much for talking to us but to be here. now
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a growing number of coronavirus cases among refugees on the greek island of last waltz is causing some concern at least 214 people have now tested positive the 1st case was detected at the start of this month 9000 refugees have been moved into a new camp after the previous one which was europe's largest burn down 10 days ago authorities are testing them before they go in. police in belarus have detained more than $300.00 people at a women's protest that defied a crackdown to march against the government in minsk demanding the resignation of predict president of exam the. following last month's disputed election many of the opposition figures have been forced into exile or jails the demonstrations continue chorus one step boss and witnessed some of those arrests in minsk it was. the. aftermath and thanks himself last week rally the women are back here on this 3
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women have been driving for saudi's protest. since the very green women were the opposition leaders 2 of them have fled the country one is in the tanks and so now we are the women here thinking over and they are still praying and shouting for look at. police arrived women are running away they are trying to hide and to go shops and restaurants here in this area that is of panic and i. feel. a. sense of women by now have already been put in the detention vehicle some of them quite aggressively you're pushed inside they keep pushing the press away all the time as well they also have of course been detaining journalist over the past weeks as well so everyone has to
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be really careful here. some women are really emotional some are crying and shaking out of fear because so very intimidating they also have in the past been trying to grab them actually reveal the identities to make sure that they will be held accountable for what they have done. colombia's president has called for his venezuelan counterpart to be prosecuted as a wall. war criminal even decay made the announcement during a joint news conference with u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh he's on a south american tour and when the president nicolas maduro accused pompei of war mongering and said u.s. efforts to depose him it backfired and support from daniel. the u.s. secretary of state mike bombero came to south america to strengthen an 18 month campaign of economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure directed at the president of venezuela nicolas maduro on. the.
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if. he received firm backing in colombia the final leg of his 4 nation tour from president to van. the colombian leader highlighted a report released this week by united nations mission on venezuela alleging unlawful executions in forced disappearances of which we detentions and torture. using international justice we should go ahead and as i said many years ago denounce nicolas maduro to the international criminal court but no during his 7 years in office has heard it all before and withstood several attempts to overthrow him the latest a failed military incursion 5 months ago he remains defiant my palm one then when the heat up my pompei was in a war mongering tour against venezuela but it's backfired on him and he's failed in all his attempts to get the governments of the continent to organize themselves in a war against venezuela
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a great friend of the notice it's of america brazil colombia and several other governments in the region support the us stance on venezuela others condemn what they see as interference by washington and. the people that have to take care of my dear are the people of venezuela not the united states might prompt doesn't have to take care of more during the venezuelan voters does. all the ideological battle rages the humanitarian crisis continues in northern brazil pompei you visited some of the hundreds of thousands of venezuela migrants who have crossed the border to escape economic and political turmoil then a swale won't take them back while it tries to contain the coronavirus pandemic. in the doura has made it clear he doesn't plan to go anywhere either. thank you shrine or al-jazeera. the head of iran's revolutionary guard has vowed to target everyone involved in the killing of the country's top military commander some sort of money was assassinated by a u.s.
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drone strike back in january when he was in iraq the revolutionary guard says there will be obvious serious and real revenge earlier this week donald trump responded to reports of iranians planning to target a u.s. ambassador by saying he would hit back a 1000 times harder hundreds of protesters in southern yemen have gathered to denounce but her reign and the u.a.e. for normalizing their ties with israel demonstrate is rallied in the city of zinjibar chanting slogans in solidarity with the palestinian cause the u.a.e. and israel both signed diplomatic agreements brokered by the united states tuesday and white house chief of staff says 5 more countries could yet normalize their ties with israel 2 people been killed after a rare mediterranean hurricane hit central greece the storm called caused widespread flooding north of athens hundreds of people have been rescued as heavy rain and high wind wrecked homes shops and warehouses cause power cuts as well on
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the iranian islands and train services linking the north and the south of the country have been halted or sudan's government being urged to do more to prevent damage and loss of life from heavy flooding half a 1000000 people have been forced from their homes and more than 100 have died there are warnings of more flash floods as authorities work to stop disease spreading in affected villages mohamad doe has a report from sin john. there is no letup in the suffering of sudan's flood victims in singe a town in south western sudan and tired neighborhoods remain completely cutoff. the higher share of the neighborhood is only accessible by consumers of the law sent his wife and children come for the displaced but chose to remain behind to guard his flooded house he's angry at the lack of help.
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the response from the government has been very weak for the past 3 years we've been begging the government to reinforce the flood defenses but they didn't we went and spoke to everyone from the local authorities to the national government and still nothing. that was floods 400 years in sudan completely destroyed most homes in this neighborhood the government has defended its response so far saying that it's been handed by international economic sanctions as well as the shop full in the sudan he's pound i want to know about i know what bad you know who do what at that our house for the 1st one to be flooded in the neighborhood we were asleep we could only save our lives everything we owned got swept away sudan's rapid deployment forces of sprayed insect sights on pools of stagnant water to kill mosquito love but given how widespread the flooding has been it's almost impossible for everywhere to be disinfected the destruction of thousands of quick look 3 by the
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floods also is a great end to the population you and i guess it's like unicef are now helping the government run the budgets to help scientists to deal with and it all breaks. up one of the numerous comes for the displaced in syria unicef medical stuff i immunize in children against missiles and other communicable diseases the health care workers say they are doing everything they can to avoid outbreaks it's getting up our nutrition said right. now at collecting what is getting. to be honest come by for anyone is you know and also to detect early. monitors in case and to take them and to defend that they need further. treatment the government in recent days issued new allots to communities living on the banks of the nile that rains in the highlands of neighboring ethiopia could did to flush
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floods sudan's humanitarian aid commission say 650000 people have been affected since the start of the rains in mid july millions of others are facing hardship as the cost of food and chance puts solos because of the flood disaster and a long running economic tomboy in sudan. how. soon is sold was to. say our knowledge is there at these at the top stories the u.s. has broken with all other permanent members of the un security council and declared so-called setback sanctions on iran but america's major allies britain france and germany had already written to the u.n. to say sanctions relief would remain thousands of protesters in thailand of continued calls for reform of the political system and the monarchy demonstrators place to plug next to the grand palace in bangkok when hey explains its
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significance. the plaque itself is a symbol of the 1932 revolution that moved from absolute monarchy to a constitutional one on it it says that thailand belongs to the people not just to the king so that plaque as you mentioned is now being placed into the ground. called. now 3 years ago an official commemorating that 932 revolution disappeared overnight no one knows who did it the indications are all the assumption is that the orders came from the very top and that it was seen as a sign that the king was strengthening his power and in some regards turning thailand back into an absolute monarchy. u.s. president donald trump says he could announce a nominee to replace supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg as early as next week people have gathered outside the u.s. supreme court to honor her she died at the age of 87. with weeks to go until the
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presidential election republicans want to cement a conservative majority on the court. for also says he will approve a deal to let social media app tick-tock keep operating in the united states he says he'll be giving his blessing to an agreement with the tech firm oracle to take over the u.s. operations of tick tock if it can strike a deal with the apps chinese on a bike dance the white house had applied pressure on the company over what it called national security concerns. and police in belarus have detained more than 300 people at a women's protest that defied a crackdown to march against the government in minsk they are continuing to demand for the resignation of president alexander lukashenko following last month's disputed election her up to date with the headlines on al jazeera the latest edition of counting the cost is next. keeping law and order is a primary function of any state. in protecting the people became
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police brutality a domestic incident became a global law. in a country torn apart by racial inequality. in americans find a leader to unite. all of the key issues of the us elections. on al-jazeera. this is counting the cost of your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week japan i'm aging population soaring debts and follow me in recession can japan's new prime minister of void decades of contraction. also this week.


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