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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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to put all these people they're all individuals the children that would like to get back story this place has become a complete wreck you have to hear all of them and to treat them with something that in respects. risking diplomatic isolation the u.s. is re-imposing sanctions against iran in a move that's out of step with all major world powers. hello i'm down in jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up so i think we're going to start the brushes extremely. well have a nominee for president trump says he could choose a successor to supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg as early as next week. more than 300 people are arrested in belarus as protesters march for another day
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calling on the president to step down. and calls for sudan's government to do more to prevent future disasters the tackles the worst flooding in a century. the u.s. has broken with almost every other member of the u.n. security council on dream post sanctions on iran washington insisted as a legal right to do so was part of the iran nuclear deal even though it pulled out of the agreement 2 years ago our diplomatic editor james bays has more. it's aroud it's even pitted the us against some of its closest allies it's now over 5 years since the iran nuclear deal was signed in vienna joining the negotiations the us team under the leadership of the very end secretary of state john kerry devised a mechanism called snap back if iran breached its commitments all internet.
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sanctions could snap back into place but that's not the way things played out the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal it was the u.s. under president trump that pulled out of the deal 2 years ago. despite this in objections from the rest of the international community the u.s. still argues it could trigger a snapback the one thing that the previous administration got right is they created provision where under u.n. security council resolution 2231. any one of the nations identified there had the right to say we want the sanctions that were in place prior to this that moment to snap back and that's what will do the rest of the world have ignored the u.s. declaration and in some ways more important than snap back is what happens on november the 3rd but one of the diplomats who negotiated the iran deal told me even if joe biden is elected president told that day getting back into the deal might
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not be that easy i mean i think it's as easy as some people have made it out to be that president i'm certain i want that yes and then everything we go back to school and see how i think actually your army wants you argue that the man out on station or the sanctions or other countries receive the united states i mean out of. your ass i think is going to be much more complicated than just. yet diplomats say behind the scenes a great deal of pressure was put on the other members of the security council to support the u.s. position only one country the small nation of dominican republic did say whatever washington says it seems that the plan to snap back sanctions has failed james bays al-jazeera at the united nations so how did we get to this point well in . 2015 a raft of u.n.
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sanctions on tehran was suspended following the signing of that landmark accord that also included a so-called snapback clause which allowed sanctions to be reimposed if terror on didn't keep its end of the deal the u.s. is now citing this very close even though it backed out of the deal in 2018 the u.s. also trying to push through an indefinite extension of an iranian arms ban shuttle to end on october 18th but failed well doug bandow was a senior fellow at the cato institute he says the trumpet ministration has misjudged iran well it's quite embarrassing for the united states it only got the dominican republic a very small country very close to the u.s. to support it 13 members refused to recognize this the u.s. tried to bring it to the security council for discussion and was rejected by the president of the security council at the time so look us looks very foolish and very isolated for the you know that
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a country of this power that has dominated the united nations for so long to get so little support shows how badly the trumpet ministration is misjudged this issue or what the administration will have to do is create its own sanctions on this like it is done on other issues because no other member of the security council that matters is going to recognize them and most members of the united nations will not recognize them so the only way the united states can move forward would be to have its own sanctions on other companies on other countries and that will create additional hostility which the u.s. has run into because the prior sanctions that applied apply to european companies and others so this again is another problem for the united states. u.s. president donald trump says he could announce a nominee to replace supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg as early as next week ginsburg died on friday after a long battle with cancer democrats and even
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a few republicans say her replacement should not be nominated until after the u.s. presidential election trump says he will most likely nominate a woman. well i have a short list i've had a short list for a while we added up for. people on the listed bridges list we have about 45 altogether i do indeed have a few are but i've gotten to know i've gotten to know many of them by that is probably from a legal standpoint from a. sophisticated understanding of the law from a constitutional standpoint i think it's the greatest list ever assembled and i think that the other side should show their radical left list and i think you'll be surprised at what will be going on in the. well he's very highly respected i can say begin to be. i could see most likely it would be a woman yeah i think i could say that it would be
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a woman i would if somebody were to ask me now i would say that a woman would be. in 1st place yes the choice of a woman i would say would certainly be. appropriate. say it however she's an extraordinary person i've heard a credible beggs about her i don't know her. she just panicked and a highly respected miami highly respected. but one republican senator disagrees with trump susan collins from the state of maine says and i quote the decision on a lifetime appointment to the supreme court should be made by the president who is elected on the bamboo thurgood that's a position republicans also took back in 2016 on the barack obama when he tried to nominate a judge to the court before that year's election where particular hain is in washington d.c. she explained the position the republicans are taking. oh you just heard the president is promising the crowd that he's going to fill that seat he told
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reporters before leaving the white house that he likely would nominate a woman and he would do it soon possibly by this coming week unclear if he's going to wait for the funeral of ruth bader ginsburg really was like within the hour after they announced that she had passed that the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell came out and said he was going to fill the seat despite the president that he himself said under president obama so here's the problem for the president and senator mcconnell they have $45.00 days to the election most supreme court justices takes months that in normal times they meet with pretty much every u.s. senator it's really a lobbying campaign to try and get this done $45.00 days that's going to be tough the other tough thing for the senator is what his own members have said on the record don't forget it was in march the president barack obama put up a nominee and the republicans at the time said no no you cannot put up a justice in the lection year so now we're $45.00 days but we're seen senators like
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lindsey graham who came out and swore that he would never put up a supreme court nominee in the middle of a presidential campaign he's now saying that he's fine with it that he thinks they should do it in the 45 days but he does senator mcconnell doesn't have huge numbers he just needs a couple of his own members to say no we're not going to do that to really have a tough fight at his hands so far we've heard from 2 senators and 2 female republican senators who are pro choice say that they believe that this should be held until after the election so all eyes are going to be on a couple of republican senators they have very little time on the clock and very little room to maneuver with when it comes to the actual numbers colombia's president just called for his venezuelan counterpart to be prosecuted as a war criminal even to kate made the announcement during a joint news conference with the u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe who's on a tour of south american countries that is when i'm president nicolas maduro accuse pompei of wool mongering and said u.s. efforts to depose him have backfired he's done there sean. the u.s.
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secretary of state might bomb bale came to south america to strengthen an 18 month campaign of economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure directed at the president of venezuela nicolas maduro on eve. eve. he received firm backing in colombia the final leg of his 4 nation tour from president to van the colombian leader highlighted a report released this week by united nations mission on venezuela alleging unlawful executions in forced disappearances detentions and torture. using international justice we should go ahead and as i said many years ago denounce nicolas maduro to the international criminal court but not during his 7 years in office has heard it all before and withstood several attempts to overthrow
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him the latest a failed military incursion 5 months ago he remains defiant my palm one then when the heat up my pompei i was in a war mongering tour against various waiter but it's backfired on him what has failed in all his attempts to get the governments of the continent to organize themselves in a war against venezuela a great friend of the notices of america brazil colombia and several other governments in the region support the us stance on venezuela others condemn what they see as interference by washington and. the people that have to take care of my dear are the people of venezuela not the united states might promptly or doesn't have to take care of more during the venezuelan voters does. the ideological battle rages the humanitarian crisis continues in northern brazil pompei or visited some of the hundreds of thousands of venice walen migrants who have crossed the border to escape economic and political turmoil then a swale or won't take them back while it tries to contain the coronavirus pandemic
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. of the dura has made it clear he doesn't plan to go anywhere either. than usual i'ma al-jazeera. time for a short break here not just iraq when we come back the chinese out to kill will be allowed to operate in the u.s. for now despite their national security concerns we'll have reaction coming up more and stay with. hell of a stick a conditions across than areas of china still want to see cloudy skies and some showers to kid away from the funnel been has been fairly unsettled all this time to the south that's his goal more all the heavy rain embedded within it you can see here this line of rain showers all tied to a front that will head up again towards japan generally staying to the east but another very wet day in tokyo a high that of 23 degrees celsius and then here is the rain through the central and
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southern areas and really quite heavy at times and it's been in place now for a couple of days along the south coast we could have some flooding but by monday it tends to ease off a little bit across the south but again we see some very heavy rain developing through the central areas but it's a much better day across much of japan and it'll stay fine and dry across much of the korean peninsula i mean well into south asia huge massive cloud really spilling off for areas of myanmar we're seeing some very heavy rain here courtesy of the latest tropical storm noel that is now of course gone but it will still produce some heavy rain across the region and certainly through sunday the rains again really pushing into these northern sections of the bay of bengal so once again into west bengal bangladesh that's where the heavy rains will begin to full and all the while down the west and got some very heavy total say these areas in yellow doesn't mean we could see in some areas maybe $400.00 millimeters of rain.
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this limestone manila home to extraordinary talent and. dedication and hard work transform child's compensation just on. in true professional boundary now she has the strength technically she's a very strong and mixed martial arts fighter just battle his way through the streets to success in the ring so i could tell you this is your stepping stone. this man on are just syria. welcome back or come out of our top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. has broken with all other permanent members of the un security council and re
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impose sanctions on iran washington says it has a legal right to do so as part of the iran nuclear deal even though it pulled out of the agreement iran's ambassador to the u.n. says the u.s. deadline was false and illegal. because president donald trump says he could announce a nominee to replace supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg as early as next week ginsburg died on friday trump says his nominee will likely be a woman. at least 2 republican senators have joined the democrats in rejecting a vote on ginsberg's replacement for the election that's the position republicans took in 2016 under barack obama when he nominated his candidate for the supreme court. returning to the coronavirus pandemic now nearly 31000000 people have been confirmed infected worldwide and almost a 1000000 people have died it's led to concerns of a 2nd wave of infections the united states india brazil they have more cases than any other countries the death toll in the u.s. alone stands at more than 200000 in europe countries from denmark to greece of
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announced new restrictions france has registered its highest daily number of infections since the start of the pandemic and. spain's capital madrid is gearing up for a lock down that will impact $850000.00 people in the u.k. meanwhile prime minister barak's johnson says people who break self isolation rules will face a $13000.00 fight well dr brad can hear from the university of exeter medical school he says a lack of public health messaging has led to a surge in infections i wouldn't call it a 2nd wave i would call it a continuation of the 1st wave so the 1st wave case numbers went down when we started to go into lockdown and restricted movements and and interactions with fellow human beings and as soon as schools businesses and lockdown is lifted and we start creating with fellow human beings the case numbers go up and this is
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what we have seen in europe and now we are seeing in the united kingdom to unfortunately we haven't been very good with car messages and what is needed are continuous good understandable messages that the worst has not gone away don't drop your guard be careful even in the summer months when of course the infections go down because we are outdoors people needed that constant reminding and i think we've made a little mistake big mistake actually in not continuously reinforcing our public health message which is the wire says that be careful a growing number of coronavirus cases among refugees on the greek island of less boss is causing concern at least $214.00 people have tested positive the 1st case was detected at the start of this month 9000 refugees have been moved into a new tented camp the previous one europe's largest burn down 10 days ago
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authorities are testing them before they go in. now donald trump says he would approve a deal to allow the social media op tic toc to keep operating in the us he said an agreement with the tech firm oracle and supermarket chain wal-mart to take over the american operations of the chinese owned would get his blessing the white house had applied pressure on the company over what it called national security concerns let's bring in larry maggette he's a tech analyst and the c.e.o. of comic safety dot com larry good to have you back on the program again so trump now says look if you he will approve this tick tock oracle deal after threatening to ban the chinese app in the u.s. so what does this all mean then for tick tocks u.s. operations well it means presumably if they mean that he stays with shane gets on it could be an on again off again that oracle would run at least that data and the u.s. operations in oracle of course is very good when it comes to online security they don't have any experience with consumer products but of course wal-mart does so
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perhaps a oracle wal-mart combination might make some sense but remember this is a product that's years primarily by young people teenagers and very young adults so having a enterprise related company running it could be problematic if oracle were doing it all by itself here larry i'm trying to now says the deal now addresses u.s. national security concerns but he's given no details whatsoever so what exactly is the threat or is this really about trump's ongoing bust up with china. i think it's mostly political although if i were trump i'd be careful about alienating so many young people who used to get caught many of them are voters but having said that i think it's partially a good relationship with china and partially the fact that it is at least see a radically costly bulls are by cancer the company that owns the cot has access to a certain amount of data from u.s. citizen so the issue is will oracle make sure that the data doesn't get into the chinese hands and if that's the deal the china might make some of the money but not have access to the data then that could certainly address u.s.
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security concerns larry let me just pick up on a point you made earlier because many observers say look this all recording is just terrible i mean oracle as you say isn't a consumer facing business that deals in software for database management it certainly has no experience in social media platforms so where is the synergy here that i think the synergy is number one the fact that the c.e.o. of the founder of oracle larry ellison and trump are buddies joe ellison has raised money for trump as the c.e.o. of the company but he there's a relationship there that's a big part of it my pinion and the only other synergy is that oracle knows how to run data centers and that is one important aspect of it frankly i think microsoft would have made more sense because microsoft does have consumer products and also knows how to run data centers but for whatever reason the microsoft deal seems to have not been approved by the government so now we've got oracle and it's unclear what wal-mart's role is going to be a lot of just a final thought to you know the chinese government has to sign off on this deal for
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it to go ahead but beijing has already said it will only agree if bite dance doesn't have to transfer they ought to fish and intelligence algorithms that drive the tick tocks business so could this issue scuttle the deal do you think. well if i think it could be because it depends on what the algorithm they're doing it the algorithm they're accessing the data of their customers and that's data is being gone going to china then it could if the algorithm is simply running oracle's computers but by cancer owns it then it might not be a problem larry might get great to get your thoughts thanks again for talking to al-jazeera thank you larry thank you so much now sudan's government is being urged to do more to prevent damage and loss of life from heavy flooding half a 1000000 people have been forced from their homes and more than 100 have died there are warnings of more flash floods as authorities work to stop disease spreading in affected villages behalf of the reports now from cynthia
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the small letup in the suffering of sudan's flood victims in singe a town in south western sudan and tired neighborhoods remain completely cut off. the neighborhood is only accessible by canoes up the law made up the law sent his wife and children come for the displaced but chose to remain behind to guard his flooded house he's angry at the lack of help. even the response from the government has been very weak for the past 3 years we've been begging the government to reinforce the flood defenses but they didn't we went and spoke to everyone from the local authorities to the national government and still nothing. that was floods 400 years in sudan completely destroyed most homes in this neighborhood the government has defended its response so far saying that it's been handed by international economic sanctions as well as the shop full in the sudan
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he's palmed i want to know about i know what bad you know who do what at that our house with the 1st one to be flooded in the neighborhood we were asleep we could only save our lives everything we owned got swept away sudan's rapid deployment forces of sprayed insect sights on pools of stagnant water to kill mosquito love but given how widespread the flooding has been it's almost impossible for everywhere to be disinfected the destruction will follow isn't sulphuric latrines by the floods also is a great bend to the population you know and i guess it's like unicef are now helping the government run the budgets to help the census to deal with and it all breaks. up one of the numerous comes for the displaced in syria units of medical stuff immunizing children against missiles and other communicable diseases the health care workers say they are doing everything they can to avoid outbreaks it's getting up our nutrition said roylance. now at collecting what is getting.
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to be honest some buy for anyone is you know and also to detect early. monitors in case and to take them and to defend them if they need further. treatment the government in recent days issued new allots to communities living on the banks of the nile that reigns in the highlands of neighboring ethiopia could did to flush floods sudan's humanitarian aid commission say 650000 people have been affected since the start of the rains in mid july millions of others are facing hardship as the cost of food and chance put so as because of the flood disaster and long running economic tom oil in sudan how do all jazeera cinda in south western sudan. police in belarus have detained more than 300 people at a women's protest they defied a crackdown to march against the government in the capital minsk they're demanding
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the resignation of president alexander lukashenko following last month's disputed election many opposition figures have been forced into exile jailed but the demonstrations continue across promised fast and witness some of those arrests in minsk. after last thanks and last week the women are back here this 3 women have been. protest. since the very 3 women were the opposition leader 2 of them have fled the country one of. the women here thinking over and they are still praying and. police arrive women are running away they are trying to hide in 2 shops and restaurants here in this area that have panicky and i.
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feel. a. sense of women by now have already been put in the detention vehicle some of them quite aggressively you're pushed inside they keep pushing the press away all the time and. they also have of course been detaining journalists over the past weeks or so everyone has to be really careful here. some women are really emotional some are crying and shaking out of fear because of course very intimidating they also have in the past been trying to grap them actually reveal their identities to make sure that they will be held accountable for what they have done. the head of iran's revolutionary guard has vowed to target everyone involved in the killing of the country's top military commander qassam so the money will. assassinated by a u.s. drone strike in january while in iraq the revolutionary guard says there will be obvious serious and real revenge early this week responded to reports of iranians
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planning to target the us ambassador by saying he would hit back a 1000 times harder. for the protesters in southern yemen gathered to denounce bahrain and the u.a.e. for normalizing ties with israel demonstrators rallied in the city of zinjibar chanting slogans in solidarity with the palestinian cause the u.a.e. and israel signed a diplomatic agreement brokered by the u.s. on tuesday the white house chief of staff says 5 more countries could normalize ties with israel. now an animal hunted to extinction in england 400 years ago is making a comeback beavers are thriving in the county of devon and his challenger discovered they're attracting tourists as well as improving water quality and reducing the risk of flooding. a family of beavers frolicking on the river otter hunted to extinction in the 17th century for the 3rd and meet eurasian beavers were discovered here 12 years ago no one knows where they came from the when the
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government threatened to remove them fearing they could carry disease there was local outcry the beavers were allowed to stay for 5 years as long as they were closely study scientists said the benefits they bring obvious there's a whole long list but 4 main ones are flood reduction so when the build dams they reduce flooding downstream water quality improvements those same dams capture pollutants receive the carbon capture within the dams in the vegetation that grows in the sediments behind them and then we see an explosion in the wall of life so much more wetland wildlife than losing it and after the beaver sort of for a columnist. 15 families now live here and the government has sanctioned their reintroduction across the country it's a groundbreaking decision returning a once extinct native species to england but not without problems beavers are brilliant architects cutting down trees to build dams which create deep pools of water to hide in and store their plant food you can see here free food is created
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it's funny i believe it and it's a welcome change for this land 1st some landowners a concern that some of the downs could flood their fields conservationists are urging the government to provide funds so that everyone can embrace the return. flooding and managing it is already costing the u.k. $2800000000.00 a year ecologist sikkim to point out that the work they believe is due has real value far outweighing the costs of mine to floods to farmland these beaver dams store water they can slow the flow of water through catchments which can alleviate flooding and create more for resilient landscapes the beavers slow water down as it moves through their territory and that has the impact on the side of an. dropping out of the water and that can trap environmental pollution such as phosphate and not treat so release of species to reintroduce in england back on the rivers the numbers grow so his interest in them attracting tourists and boosting the local
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economy this female has for spring they will each go out to find their own rhythm to build lodges. spreading the benefits across the country charley and algis their southwest england. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the u.s. has announced that u.n. sanctions are being reimposed on iran even though every other permanent member of the security council says that's not the case washington pulled out of the iran nuclear deal more than 2 years ago saying iran had been violating the deal. us president donald trump says he could announce a nominee to replace supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg as early as next week ginsburg died of cancer on friday a death comes just weeks before the u.s. presidential election. i could see most likely it would be a woman yeah i think i could say that it would be
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a woman i would if somebody were to ask me now i would say that a woman would be. in 1st life choice of a woman i would say would certainly be. appropriate. they had. an extraordinary version i've heard a credible but about i don't know or. you just panic and a highly respected miami highly respected. at least 2 republican senators have joined the democrats in rejecting a vote on ginsburg's replacement before the election that's the position republicans took in 2016 under barack obama when he nominated his candidate for the supreme court. police in better routes have the chain more than 300 people at a woman's protests they defied a crackdown to march against the government in minsk they're demanding the resignation of president alexander lukashenko well in last month's disputed election many of the opposition figures have been forced into exile and jailed but
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the demonstrations continue. a growing number of corona virus cases among refugees on the greek island of less boss is causing concern at least $214.00 people have now tested positive the 1st case was detected at the start of this month 9000 refugees have been moved into a new tented camp the previous one europe's biggest burn down 10 days ago or thirty's are testing them before they move in. sudan's government is being urged to do more to prevent damage and loss of life from heavy flooding half a 1000000 people have been forced from their homes and more the 100 have died there are warnings of more flash floods as authorities work to stop disease spreading in affected villages so those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the inside story station thanks a lot but for now. uninstalled
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take care and we chat stunnel truong danced me to a popular chinese out citing security concerns does this role the americans own their freedoms and what it leads to an east west of values over the internet this is inside story. hello there and welcome to the program on how he had seen it starting this sunday americans will not be able to done loads 2 of the most popular social media apps in the world the u.s. department of commerce said it would bar.


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