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play an important role protecting you when ringback. the u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has died at the age of $87.00 she was a liberal icon and a champion of women's rights. as mourners gathered to remember ginsburg the senate leader says a vote will soon take place for the vacancy she's left in the supreme court. again i'm peter sagal you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up protests against the president in peru but opposition politicians failed to win enough votes to impeach him. also ahead demonstrators are back on the streets of
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thailand tens of thousands are expected to turn out against the government. people across the united states and beyond are paying tribute to the u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg she died at the age of $87.00 she had pancreatic cancer death has significant political implications and comes just weeks before the u.s. presidential election ginsburg was a champion of women's rights and the leader of the court's liberal wing ellen fisher looks at her life and legacy. they started to gather on the steps of the supreme court in washington as news of ruth bader ginsburg's death broke it brought flowers and candles the number swelled people marking a loss they felt personally. ruth bader ginsburg was physically small but her presence loomed large on the court she was a blunt talking liberal who often challenge her conservative colleagues on the bench born to jewish immigrants in brooklyn new york in 1033 ginsburg was
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a brilliant student she was one of only one woman to enroll in harvard university law school in 1956 later transferring to columbia university where she graduated at the top of her class the skin's broke told one television interviewer no law firms wanted to hire a married mother i had 3 strikes against me when i was due to our. 4 year old. but as the sixty's and seventy's launched the women's movement ginsburg found a place in academia then as co-founder of a women's rights project for the american civil liberties union she wrote the 1st supreme court brief on gender discrimination after 12 years as an appeals court judge in washington d.c. president bill clinton appointed ginsburg to the u.s. supreme court in 1993 ginsburg proved to be a consistent liberal voice on the increasingly conservative high court she
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supported abortion rights and gender equality she also advocated using international laws to shape u.s. laws there spoke in ginsburg for several battles with cancer are dying wish was the vacancy her passing creates will not be filled until after the election. outside the court one trump supporter with a megaphone the president to move quickly he was joined by the chants of others. the president has already unveiled a list of people he wants to put on the court if he wins a 2nd term but leaving a rally he only praised justice ginsburg. basically like. what else can you say she was an amazing moment. in time she was an amazing woman. and in many ways you live. near in that. and 2016 justice antonin scalia a republican choice passed before the presidential election the senate refused to
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confirm a democrat successor named by president obama democratic candidate this time around joe biden says there must be no decision until the election has passed voters should pick the president and the president should pick the justice for the senate to consider this was the position of the republican senate took in 2060. or almost 10 months to go before the election. that's the position the state senate must take today the republican leader in the senate mitch mcconnell says he will press ahead with nomination hearings if given a name by donald trump that is almost certainly going to happen now he might not be able to get confirmation hearings done by the election in november but could possibly push them through by the inauguration in january and if joe biden wins the election that could create a constitutional crisis here in the united states ginsburg strive to maintain
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strong liberal voices on the supreme court to balance the conservative ones now her own voice has been silenced that balance under threat alan fischer al-jazeera outside the u.s. supreme court. says a democratic congressman he says fast tracking a replacement for ginsburg would damage the democratic process. a tragic out death of a short 'd lady best thank you but again on the bench and for america i think that everyone gravitated towards her particularly young people felt a keen interest in her and she was just tremendous and he started assented out and supporter of the constitution the nation is very divided right now there are strong feelings on both extremes i think we need to take a deep breath and move for expeditiously but carefully and of course.
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we've seen the ports play a pivotal role in the last 3 and a half years in our democracy the courts have often have to step back and. to decide issues of 00 importance to the american people of great importance to the american people and very often to. the president i checked we have even seen some of his appointees take positions that are not that were no very nice of his making but an attempt to fast track this nomination. 47 days before the election and to stack the deck but at the end i didn't even want to wait will really up put some damage to it for a democratic process and in a democratic system. well this is all having implications for the forthcoming u.s. election early voting has begun in 4 states people being cast in their ballots in
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person in minnesota the ginia south dakota and wyoming voting by mail is already underway in other states too john hendren has more now from minneapolis. from the shores of its $10000.00 lakes minnesota looks to serene to be a battleground but joe biden and donald trump are treating it like one billionaires in america doing as pandemic you may know 300000000000 dollars here what i just said in the middle of the pandemic that the left to wonder as a consequence ordinary folks who's looking out for me but it is even pledged to terminate our travel then jihadist regions jihadist regions they've already been doing that too you have an opening the floodgates to radical islamic terrorists. long reliably democratic stronghold minnesota hasn't voted for a republican for president in nearly half
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a century but he came close in 2016 when donald trump did better than expected in rural and suburban areas his campaign says the state remains in play this time around. the 1st test of the election came on friday when voters in minnesota and 3 other states cast the 1st in person ballots of the presidential polling. biden's campaign says he will be making a couple stops a week focusing heavily on the really voting states with the polls open both candidates are campaigning in the northern mining area known as the iron range once a democratic stronghold more recently the site of a pro trump rebellion biden wants to hold on to a traditionally democratic state for trump if he can win here in minnesota he can lose in one of the other swing states he won last time and still have a path to victory. the death of george floyd in minneapolis fueled racism demonstrations across the country and trump's call for law and order when the far
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left riders rampage across minneapolis and they rampage across your stayed. how about your police department let's just run for your lives at the south their fault they were told to do you have a good police to pop and you have good police but they're not allowed to do their job the campaign stops on friday showcase the 2 men's views on the pandemic biden's cautious crowd was socially distance mast and spars while trump supporters were largely masculist close and crowded trump has given up and even for tended to do is jump almost 200000 lives lost in the last 6 months polls show biden ahead here as they showed hillary clinton ahead in 2016 but trump is confidently telling voters to ignore the polls and cast their ballots for him this time in minnesota is well john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis minnesota. taiwan says it scrambled jets in response to an approach made by chinese aircraft
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for a 2nd straight day taiwan's defense ministry says the aircraft crossed the middle line of the taiwan strait and air defense missile system has been deployed incursion comes during a visit by a senior u.s. official to taiwan. to peru for the president has survived an impeachment vote in congress martin the skara have been accused of corruption he denies interfering in an investigation into government contracts awarded to a musician who was a friend mariana sanchez reports now from lima. they voted against their own intentions one week after a majority of lawmakers decided to impeach a president for moral incapacity many voted against unseating him legislators said it was for the benefit of the country but during the impeachment proceedings many had accused the scott over interfering in an investigation into a government contract awarded to a friend and the president denied any wrongdoing he said even while we hear what's
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the basis that motivates this congress to impeach me which is the justified cause that until now can't be proven i mean come on but many lawmakers who voted to impeach miscarriage didn't give him the benefit of the doubt yet not only that all politicians must be ethical and we must demand good behavior that's why we must penalize the behaviors that go against the dignity appropriate for the most important job in the country. there were many different opinions throughout the proceedings some lawmakers condemned the president others said he was morally unfit to govern but the consensus was that he must be investigated but the law protects presidents from prosecution until the end of their term making national. i will not accept the accusations against me they are biased i ask what is the crime i'm not
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saying things shouldn't be investigated on the contrary i'm the 1st to be interested that the truth is known. since he took over the presidency met these cover confronted political enemies 7 cabinets ousted more than 60 ministers resigned to dissolve congress last year. despite surviving the impeachment the 57 year old leader has only a few allies in the legislature with little support he must rely on popular support from peruvians and with 10 months to go until his term ends 79 percent said he should stay i guess i'm just i'm just happy to the government in sudan is being urged to take steps to prevent more damage and loss of life because of flooding there since july half a 1000000 people have been forced from their homes and more than 100 have died research a savior authorities must now make use of existing warning systems to monitor the river nile and they're calling on the government to address the poor planning of buildings and roads in flood prone areas. still to come here on al-jazeera out of
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the flames but thousands who survived a fire at europe's biggest refugee camp and are protesting against inhumane conditions. and europe struggles to contain a surge in corona virus infections with record cases in the u.k. france and spain. however the weather looks fine and dry across many central and eastern parts of europe still got some very wet weather to come where we had asked the woman by the cane just around that western side of greece is sliding down towards crazy days in the process of weakening now but we are still looking at some very heavy rain and also some very strong winds as well to watch out for wet and windy weather to be making its way across northern parts of political problem areas of spain in this
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area of low pressure here is what was sub tropical storm alpha that's going to continue driving its way across a good part of france has begun on through the next 24 to 48 hours you see have a shower stretch across the much of northern spain well the parts of portugal as well western parts of france also seeing some wet weather but you push into central areas and it's a slushy fine and rise we go through the remainder of sounds day apart from down in grace where that wet and windy weather will continue to swirl away saying a little further southwards starting to weaken as we go on into sunday but still there nevertheless central and eastern parts still enjoying the lion's share of the sunshine some sunshine too into the british isles through the low countries but some wetter weather coming back in across northern parts of spade pushing into france from north africa it's fun and dry but some very heavy right for the gulf guinea. image can change the way we see the womb back if we had not seen this week with me
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telling you about it it can spark mass action or serve the interests of the powerful he created longing for a fellow opportunity that can obscure the truth he says only do you can get news story like this play and cooking points look pretty intense. it can forge narratives all right through the listening post gives you the full picture on a jazeera. cool way they ever were both the oh the war. welcome back let's just recap your top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has died at the age of 87 she had pancreatic cancer hundreds have gathered outside the supreme court building to
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honor her life and legacy. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says a vote will soon be held on trump's choice to replace ginsburg democratic nominee joe biden is insisting that should be made after the elections the presidency on the member for. president in other news to survive an impeachment vote in congress martin the scarlet denies interfering in an investigation into government contracts awarded to a musician as a friend of his. now hundreds of protesters to force their way on to the campus of the thomas not university in the thai capital bangkok is the venue for the latest anti-government demonstrations that have been taking place since july now these student movement is calling for a new election the constitution to be written and the monarchy to be reformed saturday's rally is expected to draw tens of thousands of people when hey joins us live from bangkok so in what's the atmosphere like there among the protesters.
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for so far it's a festive in peaceful atmosphere certainly a huge crowd has come here to tell me show you this city and i would say that we are on track to see the largest political gathering in thailand since the military coup in 2014 and that's because the things that the students have been demanding calling for over the past few months are beginning to appeal to a much broader audience now so seeing a very diverse crowd here today certainly much more than just students it's also the anniversary of another coup in 2006 that saw the removal of a government led by former prime minister taxation what do remains if usually popular figure here so we see as well those students many supporters of that go. meant that was removed in 2006 so. ordered to thomas university in their thousands and they've also now broken in my heart just across the road from thomas at university pulled some wiring it's a historic park just across the road also from the grand palace and over the centuries it's been used for many royal ceremonies including promotions kings
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queens princes and princesses well it used to be a place that was open for the public to use but in recent years it's been closed off the protest leaders said they wanted to take it back to the people it seems that's exactly what they've done how do you think your sources might react to this . the approach over the months when we've seen these protests taking place is being largely one of standing off we haven't seen any attempt by the security forces or the government to crack down on the protest movements again they have been peaceful so. we will see a large police presence here so far the government has said look we're willing to engage with the youth of thailand we want to talk about and push through some amendments to the constitution those things aren't going to be enough to end this protest movement right now they want a lot more including reform of the monarchy of course which is
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a very sensitive issue here in recent weeks we've seen much more aggressive rhetoric from the prime minister prior. to 2014 a man who these protesters want gone from the office of prime minister he said that if the protesters continue along this path they risk and don't think the country in flames and also on thursday in a televised address he played the coronavirus card saying that coming together in such large numbers risks a 2nd wave of covert 19 in thailand and therefore risks damaging the economy even further as it's being crippled right now but clearly with the thousands of people going to showing up here now those words certainly have to tearing anyone from protesting today ok when many things when one 1st in bangkok. now prosecutors in colombia have charged 2 policemen with the torture and murder of a man whose death sparked riots have a gay ordonez was videoed being pinned to the ground by the police and repeatedly tasered police in the capital bogota said he was arrested for violating coronavirus
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restrictions 13 colombians were killed hundreds were injured and police stations torch in the nights of unrest which followed mexico's president plans to comply with an agreement to supply water to the united states despite opposition from mexican farmers under a 76 year old treaty mexico needs to send more than 300000000 liters of water to the u.s. by october the 24th protesters in the stricken chihuahua state stormed the compound at the dam that's used to divert the water 2 people were killed the national guard was sent in to disperse them. britain france and germany say u.n. sanctions relief for iran will continue despite american pressure the u.s. triggered a 30 day process at the u.n. security council last month pressing for the reimposition of sanctions on sunday the european nations say that's illegal because the u.s. withdrew from the iran nuclear deal 2 years ago. police on the greek island of
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course are continuing to move people into a new refugee camp however sanitation facilities there are already reported to be breaking down around $6000.00 people have been relocated so far after the previous camp on the island stuff has more now from last boss. it's a crush of broken hopes this suffocating heat not making their wait any easier on the 2nd day of a greek police operation to move refugees into the new camp on the island of lesbos we saw them rounding up hundreds of people in various areas making them wait before joining the long queues and. the situation is bad we are unfortunately affected by problems created by others for example the afghans they do awful things who were put in the same basket there's no justice now the police came to our tents and kick us out what can we do as the day went on this road once packed with refugees and migrants almost empty. some try to argue that there is no point.
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the last few finally making their way to the new camp they prefer to sleep on the streets rather than move into the new facility aid agencies are concerned if there's problems with the conditions. especially today where the camp is not ready for the people of the 10012002 be taken to it what is it for are we talking about 2nd morea with the people piling up the terrible conditions or talking about a reception camp for transit of the population on their way to other places but we're extremely worried that in fact it's just a containment policy that's going to be maintained that is just come to keep people there for months on that or even years and in conditions that are going to be practically worse illinois usually this would be an ideal location nestled on the shores of a greek island but these tents are a symbol of broken policies of delayed bureaucracy as well as broken spirits and
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lives on hold most people have now been moved off the streets where they were sleeping to this new camp many of them reluctantly many have told us they don't want to be here fearing that this camp could be worse than moria because it simply isn't ready the next few days will tell how this camp deals with the influx of thousands of people stephanie decker al-jazeera island greece now egypt's security forces have arrested demonstrators ahead of protests planned for sunday the detentions happened in sue is problems on friday in advance of anti-government rallies activists accuse president. of corruption and of destroying the economy. fears of a 2nd wave of coronavirus infections in the european countries is forcing governments to reimpose for strict spain is limiting movement in and around the capital madrid british and french people are being warned to expect a repeat of earlier restrictions is not in baba. early on in the pandemic spain was
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hit just about as hard as anywhere in europe now in the capital madrid the health system is under a new pressure with covered 19 cases rising one in 5 hospital beds in the region is now taken up by someone with corona virus. we're set you're a good with people who need health care and patients that need care we're doing the best we can but we need more health workers we need more resources. spain's one of many european nations now bringing in localized lockdowns worried about a 2nd wave of covered over winter months for this bus driver bringing his son in for a test it's the right approach and i understand that we need to save the economy and move forward the health is the most important thing without health we don't have money in the czech republic there were more than 3000 new cases on thursday adjusted for population only spain and france within the european union have seen a bigger jump in the last 2 weeks now bars are having their opening hours reduced and in prague people will have to wear a face covering it outdoor events with more than 100 attending in the u.k.
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covered cases have doubled in a week and health officials are worried about rises in infections and hospital admissions among all ages next week people in more regions will be told not to mix with other households just like nearly 2000000 in the north east of england have i think it's a fast because and one hand she's got people going honey do this if the papers here can go into jeans it's a paper that we're going to restaurants in pope's up to 10 o'clock at night but you can't have your own family tree house i mean i don't understand this where's the sense in it was the logic of the other that if we hadn't come along to willingly all people that are being checked more nor. we wouldn't be in this position now we've been so they don't know along the u.k. government's considering warnings from its scientific advisors that restrictions may have to be imposed across england next month to drive down transmission we are now seeing. the wave coming in we saw see it in france and spain of course across
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europe it's been absolutely i'm afraid inevitable you would see it in this country in scotland the 1st ministers calling this the most decisive moment since march we may know. at 10 airlie or stage or a similar path to that that has been taken in recent weeks by france so our task is to make sure if we can interrupt that and we don't end up we're the hour now here in london the mayor city can is warning that the city's about 2 weeks behind those regions of england already under local lockdown he's also hit out at problems experienced by londoners needing a covered test citing government incompetence across europe governments are having to act fast winters approaching and with it predictable pressures on public health facilities but persuading the public to abide by new curbs on their freedom could prove a tough challenge the dean barber al-jazeera london. meanwhile israel has imposed
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a nationwide lockdown for a 2nd time it's come at the height of the jewish holiday season and could further affect the already struggling economy there israel currently has one of the highest infection rates anywhere in the world many shop owners say their businesses are unlikely to survive the 2nd closure. guatemala's president has tested positive for covert 1964 year old alexandro. is now urging his entire cabinet to get tested he's the 4th latin american leader to contract the virus. next week marks 5 years since united nations member states committed to a set of targets meant to make life better for people around the world but the plan to achieve sustainable development goals by 2030 is way off track and the coronavirus pandemic has not helped you as our diplomatic editor james bays to explain. special while still socially distance meeting at the un strong
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words aimed at global leaders from one of the world's youngest yet best known campaigners i believe is their policy of the united nations and agreed to sustainable development goals if was are present the future of millions of people of those who want to go just full of women who are fighting for their sakes and of young people who fight for it again in the seat that i saw you have not kept up if you want what i would like to know what are you cutting to do but what will our use of sorry i spoke in support of the sustainable development goals when they were launched 5 years ago an ambitious plan to improve life around the world with to people out of poverty battling illness and disease and fighting the climate crisis but the goals weren't on track before the outbreak of the pandemic and the u.n. deputy secretary general told be coded 19 has made things even harder because make
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the projections of the millions that are going to be pushed back into poverty it has pushed back access to health services because in weak health systems that the focus has been on how to deal with covert it has also taken kids under school and we've not been able to get them back on the lines the head of a group that's been doing research into the progress of the goals 'd tells me they're not just behind schedule but decades behind well the good news is that the world is making some progress and is moving forward but the bad news is it's nowhere near fast enough based on our projections on social progress index we're not going to hit the s.t.g. targets until 2080 to 52 years to like. so what's needed to get these goals back on track most experts say greater cooperation among world leaders but that's been severely lacking during the period of the pandemic james bays out 0 at the united nations. the police in romania have recovered rare books stolen in london 3 years
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ago now they include 1st editions of works by isaac newton and galileo the rarity is worth more than $3000000.00 were found buried under a house in a rural rumania. welcome it's just joining us let's update you with all the top stories u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has died at the age of 87 she had pancreatic cancer hundreds have gathered outside the supreme court building to honor her life and legacy tributes have been coming in from across the political divide senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says a vote will soon be held on trump's choice to replace ginsburg the democratic nominee joe biden is insisting that should be made after the elections in november ellen fisher is outside the court with her passing that of course challenges the democratic minority and they could become an even bigger minority it could be
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a 63 split on the one person supreme court here in the u.s. they started to gather just after news of her death broke you can see that there are no hundreds of people here on the steps of the supreme court where the very small ruth bader ginsburg loom very large over proceedings here in fact the route in front of the supreme court has no being closed the flags flying at half staff people have been lighting candles and quietly talking taiwan says it scrambled jets in response to an approach made by chinese aircraft for a 2nd straight day the incursion comes to an oversight by a senior u.s. official to taiwan. peru's president has survived an impeachment vote in congress martin biscardi was accused of interfering in best a geisha into government contracts awarded to a musician who was a friend hundreds of student protesters in thailand demonstrating against the government there calling for
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a new election the constitution to be rewritten and reforms to the monarchy the rally is expected to draw tens of thousands of people prosecutors in colombia have charged 2 policemen with the torture and the murder of a man whose death sparked riots ordonez was arrested for violating coronavirus restrictions 13 colombians were killed in the days of unrest that followed britain france and germany say un sanctions relief for iran will continue despite american pressure the u.s. triggered a 30 day process at the u.n. security council last month pressing for the reimposition of sanctions as of sunday madrid is going back into lockdown after a rise in covert 19 cases in the u.k. the prime minister says the 2nd wave is inevitable up next the listening post i'll have more news in 28 minutes i'll see that.
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al-jazeera. every week. surprise announcement office at the time. was right by. now. somebody said to have. another scott electioneering for trump and ya. know i mean actually sitting in for richard ginsberg and you're watching the listening post working from home here are the media stories we're covering this week the abraham accords behind all the talk about peace between israel and the gulf states there's a lot of posturing and.


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