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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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most russians will be achieved not. russia on al-jazeera. trailblazing u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has died at the age of 87. live from doha and i'm come out santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera president trump and the republican controlled senate are now expected to fast track a replacement for ginsburg they're trying to expand the top court conservative majority but democratic presidential contender joe biden says whoever is elected in november should have the right to pick a nominee and in other news protests against the president in peru but the more
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makers of voted not to outsmart it's caught up in an impeachment trial. the breaking news out of the united states this hour is that supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has died from complications with pancreatic cancer the 87 year old was a pioneer in the champion of women's rights and the leader of the court's liberal wing she served there for 27 years and was only the 2nd woman appointed to america's highest the body people have gathered outside the supreme court to mark her passing late friday evening in the u.s. both president trump and democratic nominee joe biden have also made statements expressing their us politically that her death gives president trump a chance to expand the supreme court's conservative majority with the presidential vote just over 6 weeks away but it's also been revealed that ginsburg dictated
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a statement to her granddaughter a few days before her death saying quote my most fervent wish is that i will not be replaced until a new president is installed more on all of that shortly 1st castro looks back at the life and legacy of ruth bader ginsburg. physically ruth bader ginsburg was diminutive but she loomed large on the u.s. supreme court ginsburg was a blunt talking liberal who often challenge her conservative colleagues on the bench warrant to jewish immigrants in brooklyn new york in 1933 ginsburg was a brilliant student she was one of only 9 women to enroll in harvard university law school in 1956 later transferring to columbia university where she graduated at the top of her class but as ginsburg told one television interviewer no law firms wanted to hire the married mother i had 3 strikes against me what i was jewish to i was a woman but the killer was i was the mother of 4 you. heard that
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as the 1960 s. and seventy's launched the women's movement ginsburg found a place in academia then as co-founder of a women's rights project for the american civil liberties union she wrote the 1st supreme court brief on gender discrimination after 12 years as an appeals court judge in washington d.c. president bill clinton appointed ginsburg to the u.s. supreme court in 1993 ginsburg proved to be a consistent liberal voice on the increasingly conservative high court she supported abortion rights and gender equality she also advocated using international laws to shape u.s. laws the outspoken ginsburg was known to verbalise spar with her conservative colleagues and courted controversy over comments she made about president donald trump during the early days of his administration but her candor along with the biography notorious r b g helped make the supreme court justice something of a cult figure even spawning parodies of her on late night comedy shows still
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ginsburg took her role and her legacy on the court seriously i would do this. as long as i feel that i can do it ginsburg strive to maintain strong liberal voices on the supreme court to balance the conservative ones now her own voice has been silenced castro al-jazeera. a little after 11 pm in washington d.c. here's alan fischer outside the supreme court and the fact that people are gathering there for a judge has died allan shows the high regard that she was held in. high regard in which she was held but also politically how important her position on the supreme court was with her passing that of course challenges the democratic minority and they could become an even bigger minority it could be a 63 split on the one person supreme court here in the u.s. they started to gather just after news of her death brought you can see that there
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are no hundreds of people here on the steps of the supreme court where the very small ruth bader ginsburg loom very large over proceedings here in fact the route in front of the supreme court has no being closed the the flags flying at half staff people have been lighting candles and quietly talking there was a point where supporters a number of them appeared with megaphones in what had been a largely quiet very silent vigil here at the supreme court and started talking very loudly about how donald trump must fill the vacancy as soon as possible he was showed to don't by chance of our be on please go home so when they were shutting him down in they were still being very polite he left very soon afterwards but you can see the people are coming from all over from virginia from maryland from here in washington d.c. to pay their respects to someone who they might not know personally but they
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certainly knew a lot about alan take us through some of the political reaction so far because that's going through very quickly. of course things are made difficult by the fact in 2016 just before about 10 months before in fact the election justice antonin scalia a republican appointee he died mitch mcconnell who was the republican leader of the senate then and. as the republican leader of the senate no said he would not put forward barack obama's nominee of merrick garland to fill the vacancy he said that the republicans had been elected in 2016 to make sure that the last days of the obama administration they couldn't push something like that through and they had a majority in the senate to do just that no i asked the recently just in the last couple of hours if he intended to push forward with a nominee if donald trump put forward a name he said absolutely here's the difficulty you could possibly get the hearing on to this the judiciary committee but it's unlikely he'll be able to get
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a senate vote before the election however if he did it after the election and joe biden won the united states would be thrown into a constitutional crisis and democrats who in a poll just released a couple of hours ago it's been suggested could win control of the senate would then change the face of the supreme court by stacking seats making it an 11 or even a 13 member jury and then that would give them a majority because make no bones about it if donald trump gets a pick it will be his 3rd pick since his time in office and it will change the complection of the supreme court not just for one or 2 election cycles but indeed for a generation know donald trump hasn't been talking about putting forward any names over the last few hours he's held a rally this evening and all he did afterwards was pay his respects to justice ginsburg. i didn't know that i just don't remember the 1st.
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days you know i. was going is a you is an amazing woman. you is an amazing woman. and in many ways you live. near and then. thank you very much. she has. absolutely. consistent. for. for freedom an opportunity for everyone. you know or. should never fail voters should pick the president the president should pick the justice for the senate to consider this was the position of the republican senate took in 2060 when there were almost 10 months to go before the election. that's the position the states must take today. joe biden
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is well aware of the situation in 2016 of course because he was vice president at the time but it seems as if mitch mcconnell is going to push ahead just in the last week donald trump has released a list of names of people that he would like to put on the supreme court if he won a 2nd term he might not have to wait for the election to get one of those names onto the supreme court before the election and as i say that could create a real constitutional crisis here in the united states alan fischer is outside the supreme court in washington d.c. thank you allan plenty more tributes coming in from across the political divide chief justice john roberts 'd announced ginsburg's death in his statement he also said our nation has lost a justice of historic stature we at the supreme court have lost a cherished colleague today we mourn but with confidence that future generations will remember reef better ginsburg as we knew
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a tireless and resolute champion of justice former u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton whose husband appointed bader ginsburg to the supreme court said this justice ginsburg paved the way for so many women including me there will never be another like. and former u.s. president george w. bush is also on a ginsburg in a statement he said she dedicated many of her 87 remarkable years to the pursuit of justice and equality and she inspired more than one generation of women and girls justice ginsburg love our country and the more we have just blackman with us now a constitutional law professor at south texas college of law in houston he's on skype from there now will come on to some of the political ramifications in a moment but 1st. the woman herself and i said the story correspondent the fact that people are coming out late on a friday night to the supreme court to mourn the passing of a judge that doesn't always happen really bitter it is true it was
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a giant and i don't use a word literally she was quite small but she was the giant of constitutional law for nearly 50 years she was at the center of all the major legal developments in our country and we are also sat in profoundly deeply by her loss this this is this was not what we expected to happen now with that she pulled through at least maybe some of more time but this is this is really tragic and so comes the process of replacing her and alan's you know outlined this for us but really the the the fact that the republicans are going to push ahead with what is it 6 weeks to the election. it's not surprising that it flies completely in the face of what happened 4 years ago but there is a level of some might say hypocrisy there. i think everyone split positions both republican democrat and 2016 the democrats said the president has
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a right to pick his nominee and proceed to get here and republicans that know of no hearing now republican say hearing democrats say no hearings so every once in a from side to side i think this is politics at its worst i think there are a couple things that can happen. from the probably make a nominee the 1st step in the process he makes nomination the 2nd step is there's a hearing before a senate committee the minute senate committee votes and there's a full vote of the entire senate truckin probably make the nomination he might be able to get here before the election although probably tight i did it is very unlikely they have a vote before the election but you might get a boat after the election if you can be that some senators who lost their election as lame ducks as we all have in the states can vote to fill the conspiracy that is very likely to happen before january any thoughts on replacements on who might be nominated the last 2 nominees who've been successfully confirmed that is brett
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kavanaugh and neal gore such both younger men which illustrates the idea of having them there for a longer time changing the makeup of the court for a longer time. i think the odds on favorite is a appellate judge in indiana her name is amy coney barrett choose from a lot of press or she's been on the court now for a few years she's very well liked she's well regarded and she's been on trump shortlist for some time so i think that's probably the person we see very soon just like when joining us from houston as we mark the passing of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg thanks josh thank you so much. the rest of the day's news is coming up as local research and are imposed across europe and france records the highest number of coronavirus deaths in 4 months and place on the great
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content of life for some reason more people into a new refugee camp but there are already reports all is not well. hello there the remnants of sonnie still producing flooding rains across more eastern sections of the united states this massive county can see that is it is eventually carrying away from the east coast and study by south it should be much drier day generally not in the goals this is the tenchi the next tropical storm will fade this will bring some fairly heavy rains this coastal areas but as i say across the east it's a fairly good clear picture and some very good rains pushing into the pacific northwest you can see had how much is a well down in seattle and the rain really just what tools the east the only downside is the winds will increase so to more of those red flag warnings in place
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and also with the winds coming in from the sure it will actually push that snake much further across eastern sections of the united states that generally on sunday it's a fairly clear picture apart from the gulf coast particularly texas that is where we're going to see some very strong winds and also those heavy amounts of rain meanwhile down into the caribbean we're also watching this is major hurrican teddy on its way towards bermuda. we got a case of scattered showers and thunderstorms some heavy downpours at times in southern sections of mexico and a system just heading towards the coast of texas that's where the very heavy rain will be elsewhere as we go through sunday scattered showers and thunderstorms. for decades criminals made millions tracking. drugs through thailand when one least explored is why the country has now become the 1st in southeast asia to legalize medical marijuana. on al-jazeera.
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if you want to help save the world's. sneeze into your own. to. the breaking news this hour on al-jazeera is the death of u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg she's passed away complications related to pancreatic cancer. the 87 year old had been a champion of women's rights and the leader of the court's liberal wing. the tributes have been pouring in from across the political divide people gathering
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outside the supreme court on a friday night in washington to mark the passing of president trump and democratic nominee joe biden have made statements expressing their sentence as well. but republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has already said whoever president nominates as bader ginsburg's replacement will receive a vote in the u.s. senate even with the election just 6 weeks away that wasn't the case 4 years ago when the president is a democrat in february 26th in justice anthony died he was $79.00 and had served on the court for 3 decades but it took just one hour for mitch mcconnell to say quote this fake and see shouldn't be failed until we have a new president at that stage the election to replace president obama will still 9 months away even so obama nominated merrick garland a moderate to fill its position the republican led senate refused to hold any hearings or votes and left his nomination to expire after donald trump won the election he nominated neil gore such a conservative for that still vacant post he was easily confirmed by the senate in
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april troubles or went on to nomination confirm another conservative supreme court judge in july 28th that was brought cavanagh who faced allegations of sexual assault prior to his confirmation or melanie sloan is a former us federal prosecutor and attorney who told us earlier ginsburg's death could trigger some radical change. it is impossible to overstate the implications of ruth bader ginsburg's death right now given what happened to the last appointee when and in barack obama's turn america are lightened and how the republicans refused to confirm him saying it was too close that it was a year before the election democrats will not stand still while trump inevitably nominate someone and mitch mcconnell says he will try to confirm them i think we're talking about the potential for riots in american streets this it's impossible to overstate. how serious they are ginsburg's death will be
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a call to arms this will be on both sides democrats and republicans because the supreme court is so important should somebody be confirmed for her seat should mr trump be able to confirm somebody i think and then biden wins the presidency and the senate is lost by republicans and democrats take it over and you will see an effort to expand the supreme court which will inevitably happen and you'll see democrats try to pack the court in the next term so we're talking about a massive upheaval in american life with brute ruth bader ginsburg's death today on to other news in peru as president has survived an impeachment vote that's taken place in the congress there and it's got to have been accused of corruption but he denies interfering in an investigation into government contracts which were awarded to i mean it was also a friend of his might have a son says following this one for us from lima ohio indiana was this the expected
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result. welcome all we really didn't know although really early today we started listening from members of parties of different parties who were saying that they would vote against pietschmann so the congress has indeed been rejected the impeachment but now many questions begin to rise how is it possible that only last week just one week ago the opposition congress passed a majority of them passed a motion to impeach the president and now they voted against it so what happened during this week or what exactly did they where are they thinking when they decided to impeach president of the disc are also questions about why did the president of congress who was one of the point persons leading the impeachment hold
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the military last week before the motion was passed to ask for support although he says he called the military to tell the military that they must remain calm in this process it was then reported that he was asking for support a crime that is the crime of sedition so he will most likely have to face that also we have to hear about the person who recorded the audios herself why did she do this did she do this alone or was she told to do this by someone perhaps some of the legislators in congress. the question is was there a conspiracy to oust the president and that will soon of course be revealed many people are already talking what happens with president martin discover now
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it's very difficult that he will have a very difficult time governing until july of next. here with these. words there are a lot of animosity in congress his image has been very affected and the image of congress as well very affected after this past week of having begun this political crisis in the middle of the worst health and economic crisis in the country in more than 100 years so a lot of questions to ask however there's already been a reaction from the justice minister who wants to put things in a positive mode and she has said that there is a victory this is been a victory for the people and a victory for democracy come on man a son she has the latest on political developments in peru thank you. to corona virus news in the top health agency in the u.s. has reversed a guideline on covert 900 testing after widespread criticism since august the
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c.d.c. the centers for disease control and prevention had said people didn't need to get tested if they'd come in close contact with an infected person but didn't feel sick themselves that prompted objections from scientists who allege the revised rules came from donald trump appointees we want a surgeon coronavirus cases for several governments to reimpose some restrictions infections worldwide have now gone past 30000000 spain for example is limiting movement in and around the capital madrid and the british prime minister has warned the 2nd wave is inevitable this from the. early on in the pandemic spain was hit just about as hard as anywhere in europe now in the capital madrid the health system is under a new pressure with covered 19 cases rising one in 5 hospital beds in the region is now taken up by someone with corona virus. we're set you're a good with people who need health care and patients that need care we're doing the
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best we can but we need more health workers we need more resources. spain's one of many european nations now bringing in localized lockdowns worried about a 2nd wave of covered over winter months for this bus driver bringing his son in for a test it's the right approach and i understand that we need to save the economy and move forward the health is the most important thing without health we don't have money in the czech republic there were more than 3000 new cases on thursday adjusted for population only spain and france within the european union have seen a bigger jump in the last 2 weeks now bars are having their opening hours reduced and in prague people will have to wear a face covering it outdoor events with more than 100 attending in the u.k. covered cases have doubled in a week and health officials are worried about rises in infections and hospital admissions among all ages next week people in more regions will be told not to mix with other households just like nearly 2000000 in the north east of england have i
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think it's a fuss because and one hand she's got people going honey do this if the papers here can go into james it's a paper that we're going to restaurants in pope's up to 10 o'clock at night but you can't have your own family tree house i mean i don't understand this. where's the sense in western logic if they hadn't if we hadn't come along to well you know people that have been kicked more nor. we wouldn't be in this position now would be so they don't like the u.k. government's considering warnings from its scientific advisors that restrictions may have to be imposed across england next month to drive down transmission we are now seeing a 2nd wave coming in that we saw in france you see spain across across europe it's being absolutely i'm afraid inevitable you see it in this country in scotland the 1st ministers calling this the most decisive moment since march we may not be on a 10 airlie or a stage or a similar path to that that has been taken in recent weeks by france so our task is
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to make sure if we can interrupt that and we don't end up we're the hour now here in london the mayor city can is warning that the city's about 2 weeks behind those regions of england already under local lockdown he's also hit out at problems experienced by londoners needing a cobbett test citing government incompetence across europe governments are having to act fast winter is approaching and with it predictable pressures on public health facilities but persuading the public to abide by new curbs on their freedom could prove a tough challenge the dean barber al-jazeera london. israel has imposed a nationwide lockdown for the 2nd time and that comes at the height of the jewish holiday season and a blow to already struggling business owners israel currently has one of the highest infection rates in the world many shop owners say their businesses are unlikely to survive this 2nd closure. britain france and germany say u.n.
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sanctions relief for iran will continue beyond september 20th which is when the u.s. wants all measures to be reimposed last month washington triggered a 30 day process at the u.n. security council person for a return of the un sanctions on iran by saturday remember the u.s. quit the iran nuclear deal back in 2018 and in a letter to the 15 member body britain france and germany warns such u.s. action now would not have any legal effect or police on the great garden of law as well so continuing to move people into a new refugee camp that sanitation facilities there are already reported to be breaking down around 6000 people have been resettled so far after the previous camp on the island burned down stephanie deca has more from that's false. it's a crush of broken hopes the suffocating heat not making their weight any easier on
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the 2nd day of a greek police operation to move refugees into the new camp on the island of les voss we saw them rounding up hundreds of people in various areas making them wait before joining the long queues and. the situation is bad run fortunately affected by problems created by for example the afghans they do awful things who were put in the same basket there's no justice now the police came to our tents and kick us out what can we do as the day went on this road once packed with refugees and migrants almost empty. some try to argue but there is no point the last few finally making their way to the new camp they prefer to sleep on the streets rather than move into the new facility aid agencies are concerned it is problems with the conditions. especially today where the camp is not ready for the people 10012002 be taken to it what is it for are we talking about 2nd morea with the
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people piling up the terrible conditions or talking about a reception camp for transit of the population on their way to other places but we're extremely worried that in fact it's just a containment policy that's going to be maintained that is just going to keep people there for months on that or even years and conditions are going to be worsening usually this would be an ideal location nestled on the shores of a greek island but these tents are a symbol of broken policies of delayed bureaucracy as well as broken spirits and lives on hold most people have now been moved off the streets where they were sleeping to this new camp many of them reluctantly many have told us they don't want to be here fearing that this camp could be worse than moria because it simply isn't right the next few days will tell how this camp deals with the influx of thousands of people stephanie decker bus island greece. well police in romania have
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recovered rare books stolen in a sophisticated heist in london in 2017 the books worth over $3000000.00 include 1st editions of works by galileo galilei and isaac newton they had been buried in the floor of a house in rural remain. her minder of the breaking news on al-jazeera a u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has died of complications from pancreatic cancer the 7 year old had been a champion of women's rights and the leader of the court's liberal wing tributes coming in from across the political divide and people are gathered outside the supreme court in washington to mark her passing but president trump and democratic nominee joe biden have made statements expressing their sadness and fisher is outside the supreme court with more with her passing that of course challenges the
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democratic minority and they could become an even bigger minority it could be a $63.00 split on the one person supreme court here in the u.s. they started together just after news of her death broke you can see that there are no hundreds of people here on the steps of the supreme court where the very small ruth bader ginsburg loom very large over proceedings here in fact the route in front of the supreme court has no being closed the flags flying at half staff people have been lighting candles and quietly talking the other headlines peru's president to survived an impeachment vote that's taken place in congress martin his car had been accused of corruption but he denies interfering in an investigation into government contracts which were awarded to a musician he's also a friend of his. spain's capital madrid is going back into lockdown after a rise in corona virus cases also in the u.k. the prime minister says a 2nd wave is inevitable and that another lockdown might be necessary and israel's
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imposed a nationwide lockdown for the 2nd time coming at the height of the jewish holiday season and it is a blow to already struggling business owners is where a county has one of the highest infection rates in the world to many shop owners say their businesses are unlikely to survive the 2nd closure and britain france and germany say u.n. sanctions relief for iran will continue beyond september the 20 s. which is when the u.s. wants all the measures to be reimposed last month washington triggered a 30 day process at the u.n. security council pressing for a return of un sanctions on iran by saturday however the u.s. quit the iran nuclear deal in 2018 and in a letter to the 15 member body britain france and germany warned u.s. action would now not have any legal effect up to that would be headlines on al-jazeera one of when he stood next. to him as the sun goes down. plays a very challenging place to work robin i think you're always thinking. part of the
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time from always on the love we are travelling the extra mile where are the media going to go we go there. for decades drug kingpins made millions trafficking heroin opium and cannabis through thailand. in response to thailand's long became top. of its prisons are bursting at the seams. but there's. even government ministers are extorting the virtues of cannabis we have seen that. not only. illness for people could become a major income. people.


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