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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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wait for the streets to success in the green like you tell you this is your stepping stone. this long on al-jazeera. really understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what we use in college that matter to you ready. nearly a 1000000 people put under partial lockdown in spain's capital a surge in corona virus infections kills hospitals that. hello again i'm a start the attain this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up taiwan scrambles fighter jets as chinese warplanes approach its territory a visit by a top u.s. official is taking regional attention to a new level. discovering
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a new home thousands of refugees in greece move into their camp but there are growing concerns about conditions that. cause the u.s. steps up its tech war with china banning the download of tick tock and we chat. about a new surgeon coronavirus cases has forced several governments to bring back tough restrictions the number of infections world wide has now topped $38000000.00 in spain richmond in and around the capital in the dritte will be limited that's going to affect over 850000 people hospitals there are reaching capacity and health officials are making public pleas for more support a more quick and. we are saturated with people who need health care and patients that need care who are doing the best we can but we need more health workers we need more. sources and in the u.k.
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official estimates now show the number of new daily cases in england has nearly doubled to around 6000 in just the past week and leaders there are warning there could be another full scale lockdown if the situation doesn't improve and israel has now entered a nationwide lockdown for the 2nd time as infections their rise it's come at the height of the jewish holiday season and a blow to already struggling businesses well let's speak to nadine barber who joins us now live from london now dame madrid now in this partial lockdown talk us through these new restrictions. that's right nastasia. city with a population of around 6600000 people seeing infection rates rise 6 times higher than the national average and now for the city and the surrounding region or thought he's a saying that they're going to limit people's movement within areas where there
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have been outbreaks but also between hard hit areas as well as you are saying are almost a 1000000 in fact residents being affected now we have seeing scenes which we haven't seen for a long time in madrid like tents going up outside the military hospital to take patients away from the regular hospitals we saw those kind of scenes back in march and april spain of course the country with the highest death toll in europe but only over 30000 from covered 19 they're very worried about what's happening but they're also worried about the economy the madrid regional governor had said that we need to avoid a lockdown we need to avoid economic disaster so it's a balancing act that they're trying to carry out right now one that's being replicated by various governments right now following warnings from the w.h.o. the government of ireland we're hearing is now going to ban indoor dining for the
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next 3 weeks to try to drive round transmissions in the czech republic which is seeing the largest rise per population after spain and france they're there they're limiting numbers of people who can gather and they're also making mass wearing mandatory to certain outdoor events across the continent governments are really getting worried about rising transmission and cases rising in all age groups that's the worrying thing which is having a knock on effect on admissions to hospitals and also rising debts and india man made all of this leaders in the u.k. now also saying that they're potentially going have to take some very difficult decisions. they certainly are in the question is will they take the public with them right now the government here in the u.k. is considering advice from its emergency advisory group known as sage that they'll have to ring pose restrictions across the whole of england by next month if they're
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to avoid significant numbers of deaths from covered 19 already around 10000000 people around the localised lockdowns some were brought in this week notably in large parts of northeastern england next week more parts of northern england and other regions will come under their own localised restrictions things like making pubs and entertainment venues shut after 10 o'clock at night telling people that they shouldn't make journeys unless they're absolutely necessary on public transport or not mixing with other households where people have been through tough restrictions and have suffered a lot of course over the last few months the government he's urging them that this is necessary and that they should still follow the basic rules of distancing of washing hands and so on but at the same time the government is coming under fire for not having its tested tray system in place which will help people get back to work so it's a tough tough time for the politicians and for health officials here and elsewhere
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in europe. there with all the latest for us from london thank you so much indeed. for israel has one of the highest new rates of infection in the wild at the moment and as we reported earlier it's gone back into a nationwide lockdown force that has more on that for us from western. well the 2nd national lockdown has come at the beginning of a 3 week period of jewish religious holidays and there's no coincidence in that there was a concern that the usual mixing the traveling around the country household or household families and friends getting together that that could really have exacerbated what is already an extremely worrying situation in terms of numbers for several days this past week those new case numbers per day have exceeded $5000.00 benjamin netanyahu the prime minister on thursday night said that the health system had raised a red flag and that is why the government had to act in this way but even then even
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on the eve of these restrictions they were still changing some of them it was going to be just 500 meters that people were allowed from their front door. unless for some particular exempted reason that was changed to one kilometer on the eve of the restrictions coming in and that kind of thing has been a problem throughout israel's handling of the pandemic many people have complained of contradictory or confusing instructions and regulations coming from the government and there are concerns that people simply won't observe the rules this time around the same extent that they may have done in march in april during the 1st national lockdown there are 7000 police and soldiers that have been mobilized to try to enforce these regulations and taiwan's air force has repeatedly scrambled intercepted jets to track approaching chinese warplanes they're taking part in military exercises during the latest visit to taiwan by a high ranking u.s. envoy for china's government accuses the u.s. and taiwan of what it calls clears and to stir up trouble back to parts.
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taiwan scrambling its jets after 18 chinese military aircraft entered its defense identification zone before turning back. as it's done previously in the taiwan strait this military exercise by china was its way of showing displeasure at increased diplomatic exchanges between the u.s. and taiwan it comes as u.s. undersecretary keith crock the most senior state department official in decades continues his visit to the island that follows another visit last month by u.s. health secretary alexei's art as part of what beijing has condemned as a dangerous trend. of our whether it is to control china using taiwan as leverage or solicit foreign support it's all wishful thinking and destined to be a dead end those who play with fire will burn themselves. once again taiwan is
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caught in the middle of worsening china u.s. relations increasingly the u.s. is stepping up to back taiwan for a whole range of reasons but to counter china regionally mainly. want democracy as well as its critical job graphic location has assumed an increasingly more important role in u.s. strategy ending up civic so we're likely to see an increasing retching up of tension in the tarnish. diplomacy with taiwan seems to be part of a wider wreford by the us to rally an international coalition against what it sees as increasing chinese belligerence with mounting criticism of beijing's actions in shin jang and hong kong and its response to covert 19 as well as territorial disputes with its neighbors there's a growing list of countries sharing an anti china grievance china has shown it's ready to push back and with growing military power that it can call upon macbride
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al-jazeera. well now a number of u.s. states have opened their ballot boxes early for in person voting for november's presidential election president donald trump and his democratic rival joe biden will campaign in minnesota on that state's 1st day of early voting the u.s. postal service is also warned that millions of mail in ballots may not arrive in time to be counted on election day our correspondents you have returns as an arlington virginia where ballot boxes have opened early he's been speaking to versus them. postmaster general has changes which are. essentially slow down the mail that court challenges but the mail has been slowed down. saying quite openly he doesn't even believe in mail and balloting we're finding the people who might have intended to vote by mail coming in but here's a selection of what we heard from voters this morning i was worried that the. mail in ballots there i'm concerned that there might be. day.
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and i think there's a lot of visiting to be certain sides and. i think voting early you just. feel more secure about that. make sure. it's interesting there was a recent poll which said hall. voters intended to vote by mail just 110th of truck voters intended to vote by mail in part because you just tend to take the pandemic more seriously so you can see why may have been going off to the integrity of mail and balancing and that's what we're increasingly hearing from democratic party activists that if you want your vote to count and you don't want a long drawn out process there may be no alternative but to just put on a mask come down to vote early here on the day because that way at least we'll have more of a result we'll have a better understanding of the result on election night even though no matter what
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we're expecting a very long drawn out process perhaps an election week until we actually get a final presidential vote counted. now 2 of the most popular chinese aren't in the wild talk and we chat to be blocked from down the road in the u.s. within days president trump is ordering that they be removed from google and apple stores that will come into force on sunday video sharing app talk has 18000000 active users in the u.s. alone and we chat is a puppy messaging service and is also used one from about payments all transactions through those up to also be blocked our white house correspondent can be how could has moved from washington d.c. democrats as well as republicans in the united states seem to support this least on capitol hill in terms of the concern that china has been using a number of backdoor technologies the latest concern being we chat as well as tick tock in order to steal user data and essentially surveil americans so back in
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august the u.s. government essentially the target ministration saying look at we're going to need a u.s. buyer if you want to continue to have this very popular platform operating in the united states so that we can protect national security that kind of set off this kind of bidding war back and forth with a number of companies microsoft oracle as well as even wal-mart it looks like oracle's the one that's going to take this on they've put in a proposal to the commerce department but it hasn't been approved by the u.s. government hasn't been approved by the chinese government and in the midst of all of this there are still these lingering questions about security and it seems that that is kind of what's prompted this escalation by the commerce department as you point out now halting the downloads any sort of business transactions as of sunday for this very popular app in the united states. still ahead here on out as there are more u.s. states began knocking on the tropical storm sandy leaves
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a trail of destruction cuts. i'm wayne hay in bangkok where antigovernment protesters are preparing together in big numbers here at the site of one of thailand's darkest days. at the mall right across central and southern areas of china still fairly unsubtle as well across much of japan this long line of this is this long trailing frontal system so there is rain really pretty much all the way along bassam heavy about really pushing off the east coast of china today and it will eventually had to tools western areas of japan generally though it will stay just off the eastern side of honshu but again some pretty heavy downpours at times and all the while the rain continuing particularly into the southern areas of china a lot of this also is moisture of course with the remnants of the recent tropical
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storm which is headed across areas of indochina but to the north it's clear and fine in beijing $25.00 i'm beginning to prove it hope and once that rain eventually pushes off towards the northeast. across much of south asia have had some very heavy rains the last few days but take you across into the pole but also into the northeast of india so this is the areas of. the once again the streets are under water on a slightly more rain in the full cost over the next few days there are no warnings in place from the india messel this but the rains are going to be very heavy but securely again across western states down tools carol as you can see to the nolfi scouted showers and thunderstorms and then through sunday the rain is back to bangladesh. after nearly 2 decades of cool. i looked in afghanistan. the warring parties meet face to face at the negotiating table put watching them now we're in
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a different phase and i wish the afghans can't blame the united states the united states also looking at it with urgency it's a blast but i don't see that in the more urgent need of the african some of the key players of the peace process talked out 0. heard. and again i missed all of your take and that's remind you of our top stories here the south spain's government has announced limitations on movement in and around the capital madrid affecting nearly a 1000000 people public health officials are pleading for support in dealing with a surge in credit 1000 cases that. a number of u.s.
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states have opened their ballot boxes early for in person voting for the november 3rd presidential election president donald trump and his democratic rival joe biden will campaign in minnesota on that state's 1st day of early version. and the trumpet ministration will band downloads of chinese own dobbs to talk and reach out the president is ordering they be removed from google and apple stores that ban will come into force on sunday trump says they pose a threat to national security. sanitation facilities at a new refugee camp in greece of already started to break down thousands have begun to settle into the camp on the island of les foss but they fear the conditions will be as poor as they were in their old camp which burned down last week 12000 people had been living there but it was only designed to hold a quarter of that new site has space for 8000 people so far 70 deca has all the latest from their schools. more of the refugees and migrants and now being brought
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into the new campus is part of the operation that's been undertaken by the greek authorities to move people off the streets and into the new camp now. definitely around thousands are here this morning standing in very close proximity it is incredibly hot now being registered and they'll be undertaking carona tests as they make their way into the new camp it is a massive challenge many people did not want to come here for fear of once they enter not being allowed to leave there has been criticism already from some of the ngos doctors without borders saying that greece should not be building what it called another account of containment but that these people should be left to leave the islands this has to do something also with europe's failed migration policies this is something europe says they're going to look into but certainly looking at what is happening here. it's
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a terrible situation for these people and they will tell you that they don't have any hope that they'll be leaving this island any time soon. the libyan war has announced he'll allow oil production to resume from friday have to us forces in eastern libya have imposed a blockade on oil facilities since january but libya's national oil corporation says it will not resume exports until its facilities are demilitarized the u.s. has led efforts to end that shutdown as part of a wider push for political agreement between libya's rival factions. it has been decided that the resumption of the production and exportation of oil with all the necessary conditions and measures be put in place in order to guarantee a fair distribution of the financial proceeds not to utilize it supporting terrorism or to subjected to being stolen or squandered we will make sure that the production of exportation will be done properly in order to improve the standard of living of the citizens. heavy rain and even further. the flooding is for cost in
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parts of sudan in the coming week since july floods have ravaged nearly every single state killing at least 115 people their lives nations is now scaling up emergency food assistance and hundreds of thousands are living in desperate conditions in makeshift camps our correspondent ramadan reports from central and south western sudan that's one of the areas that's west affected by these floods. this primary school in seen just town is now home to some of sudan's numerous flood victims at least a 1000 people are holed up here every classroom hold several families there's no electricity and say they long for the moment they could return home. to the mob we've been here for 13 days the floods hit our village early in the morning we tried to build fences to protect our homes but the winds were too strong so we decided to salvage what we could and fled rather tell us a village on the banks of the blue moan was completely destroyed but then the only
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novellas we've lost all hope the floods destroyed our homes and swept away our livestock and everything we own and we have nothing left the worst floods in sudan in a century continue to displace thousands total of 18 villages in sanaa ruined by the flood waters and cut off from the rest of the state there's a lot of concern for the safety of the people who continue to live in those villages some of the aid agencies have been trying to acquit those who are willing to leave their homes most of them have been finding themselves in camps like this one. comes for the displaced are growing in number and size on the outskirts of single town that when they come 1st they need the basic. food shelter maybe seen. the food including the nutrition and also. some of them are like ice. now we had taken such as opposed to on going we
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use the community the local communities we provide they provided some food and as we compliment each other as you interior workers here and i just seen it in recent days the government has issued new warnings to communities living on the banks of the nile that rains in the highlands of the bring if you appear could lead to more flooding along the river according to the government's humanitarian aid commission 650000 have directly been affected since the start of the rainy season in mid july millions others are facing hardship as the cost of food and transport soars across the country prices of some staple foods like bread and sugar have increased by 50 percent over the past few weeks and their warnings this crisis will only wasson mohammed out the wall just a single south western sudan. well tropical storm sally has now moved to the
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eastern united states after causing widespread flooding on the gulf coast that trench will rain has fallen in virginia and the carolinas with tornadoes also threatened further south boats are being used to rescue people cut off by floodwaters in alabama and the florida panhandle reporter jay gray has seen the storm damage in pensacola florida. a full day after the storm has moved through and we're getting a better idea of the devastation i want to give you a look at what sally did here in pensacola these 2 huge boats pushed up on to the ground here along with other debris from the water you see the chaser boat there in a piece of the dock that was picked up and pulled ashore when you get back to the water though this is amazing devastation you see all the boats that are crammed together the piers that have been splintered and thrown on top of each other understand that before the storm this little inlet this little area was empty there
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were no boats here there were no piers here all pushed from hundreds of yards away into this area again just a testimony to how strong this storm was when it made landfall current situation on the ground you've got more than a half a 1000000 people without power and that's going to take some time to come back flooding the water still rising in some areas and rescues still going on right now a full 24 hours or more after the storm moved through the system is going to continue with slow march to the east coast and as it goes still dumping water we'll see flash flooding associated with this for the next couple of days. now university and thailand which has a history of political activism and violence is the venue for the latest anti-government protests planned for saturday the student led movement has for months now been cornered in new elections and a rewrite of the constitution when he reports from bangkok. i politics in thailand universities can be
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a colorful affair parades before events like football games are often used to criticize the government or highlight social issues students from thomas out university in bangkok are thailand's most politically active and there are again leading protests against the government's. but 44 years ago they were at the center of one of thailand's darkest moments when women go i had to run 2 bullets ahead and so bullets ricocheting and hitting buildings around me when i tried to leave the campus in 1986 r.p. 9 and other students were inside thomas out protesting against the return from exile of a former military ruler. they were surrounded by police and royalists who opened fire killing almost 50 people although other reports put the death toll higher. the tipping point was a student play that featured a mock hanging of. the royalists allege he was chosen at the time because he looked like the crown prince or who's now thailand's king long corn. bin and spent 2
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years in prison without charge and says any resemblance was a coincidence today student protesters are continuing the call of the a pretty to sis is for structural political change but they're also making unprecedented demands for reform of the monarchy including a call to reduce the political power of the king it's a dangerous move in a country where the royal family is supposed to be untouchable and beyond criticism several pro-government politicians and activists have warned that because the students are targeting the monarchy the violence of 976 could happen again. and they believe the young protesters are being used by corrupt politicians fake nails that fake news is being used to discredit the monarchy for political gain to make thailand weak and to cause conflict between people. they also allege the students are being funded by foreign governments trying to destabilize thailand
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a form of protest is accused of being communists in 1976 say that's a familiar tactic and are proud the new generation is continuing to fight for change i think that it's normal for thomas at students to come out and good for them to come out there are problems in our society so i support their movements we need a new driving force to fix those issues. so far the protests have been peaceful and the government says it won't try to stop them but history suggests that as they grow their patience may run out. bangkok. overcrowding and the coronavirus risk at one of the busiest maternity hospitals in the philippines as worrying health care workers and new mothers patients are now being forced to share beds and 3rd doctor has a far better hospital in then. and the education of millions of children has also been disrupted by the crime of arson in indonesia and paper remote communities
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don't have internet access so teachers are going the extra mile to support status but as jessica washington reports from even those close to the capital. it into these years with teeming it seems nothing can get between these teachers and their students from monday to friday they travel to meet them. and although this school is closed because of covert 900 precautions class is still in session you have any good reason to believe we cannot do online learning because there's no internet access and people don't have computers laptops or mobile devices the teachers go from village to village using makeshift outdoor classrooms with covert 900 safety measures in mind they say they're trying their best and limited resources to leave it at that we are thankful that even though the road to a village is bad and it's very far away the teach is still willing to come and teach us schools in this community like many across indonesia have been shot since
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march the teachers took it upon themselves to stop visiting the villages of the students knowing that without internet access and often no electricity online learning was never a viable option for most children here. the pandemic has disrupted the education of millions of indonesian children and it's not just remote provinces experiencing difficulties with distance learning but cities close to the capital as well. in tiger on the western border with jakarta schools are closed and these children have no internet access at home. the local government has set up an internet hotspot in this classroom the children to do their homework. there was. we started an online learning in march i really miss my school and i would like to go back the education ministry says it sees the need to change the system. before and we already have
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a plan that we don't like 3 years in the nation will be connected. meaning that they should have. the teachers without those resources it's a challenging time cause i think teachers are working twice as hard we're being overworked. some schools have reopened but for many teachers there's no sign when the challenge of teaching without a classroom. just in washington al-jazeera turned the wrong indonesian. plan a says al jazeera and these are the headlines spain's government has announced limitations on movement in and around the capital madrid affecting any a 1000000 people having health officials are pleading for support and dealing with the surge and private 1000 cases and in baba has moved from london we have seeing scenes which we haven't seen for a long time in madrid like tents going up outside the military hospital to take
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patients away from the regular hospitals we saw those kind of scenes back in march and april spain of course the country with the highest death toll in europe at only over $30000.00 from covered 19 they're very worried about what's happening but they're also worried about the economy the madrid regional governor has said that we need to avoid a lockdown we need to avoid economic disaster so it's a balancing act that they're trying to carry out right now. israel has imposed a 2nd nationwide lockdown it's come at the height of the jewish holiday season in a blow to already struggling business owners israel currently has one of the highest infection rates in the wild time anees fighter jets have been scrambled multiple times to intercept chinese aircraft that entered taiwan's s. space china's launch military drills in response to a senior u.s. officials visit to taipei beijing says the drills are to protect what it sees as
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its territorial sovereignty a number of u.s. states have opened their ballot boxes early for in person voting for november's presidential election president donald trump and his democratic rival joe biden will campaign in minnesota on that state's 1st day of versioning and the trumpet ministration will ban downloads of chinese owned apps to talk and we chat the president is ordering may be removed from google and apple stores that ban will come into force on sunday trump says they pose a threat to national security and libyan war khalifa haftar has announced he'll allow oil production to resume from friday for one month after us forces in eastern libya have imposed a blockade on oil facilities since january but libya's national oil corporation says it will not resume exports until its facilities are demilitarized well those are the headlines i'll be back with more news here off to talk to al-jazeera stay with us.
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world will. soon see. the people of afghanistan have seen war for much of the past 40 years from the soviet invasion of the late 1970 s. to the rise of the taliban in the 1990 s. . and its eventual fall from power in late 2001 they have been 6 democratic elections since then but finding consensus among afghans stance competing and diverse political groups has been challenging. while the taliban continued its attacks against civilians and government targets afghan forces and their allies
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have spent years fighting the group but after years of conflict where civilians are often the victims to become clear the way forward.


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