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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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heartfelt accounts from those left behind trying to move on from the pain of the past women who refused to die on al-jazeera. another record breaking day more than a quarter of a 1000000 people are affected by the krona virus in just 24 else. i'm convinced this is all just there a lie from dog also coming up. iran's foreign minister has landed in baghdad to talk energy security and the economy. a new battle looming in libya government forces and those loyal to woodward fairly fast are preparing to fight for the city of service. and waiting for aid in india as are some sticks
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a long way down his efforts to help flood victims. coronavirus infections have risen by a record by record levels rather across the world for a 2nd day the world health organization says more than a quarter of a 1000000 people were diagnosed in just 24 hours the biggest increases were in the united states brazil india and south africa w.h.o. also reported more than 7300 deaths that is the biggest day the increased since may 10th more than 600000 people have now died since the pandemic began. brazil's president jaya both an auto says coronavirus restrictions are killing its economy also not or has repeated they fought against state governments who have imposed dulls it's estimated the economy could shrink by more than 6 percent this year.
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depression still forced virus so we have to face pandemic by keeping the head up regrettably people are going to die. time missing tang region has declared a war time state after a small increase in cases 28 new infections have been reported since friday the capital city of rome she has suspended large gatherings of people mass screenings are being carried out china is facing international scrutiny over its treatment of ethnic minorities in jan including ethnic we care and muslims u.n. secretary general antonio good said it says the pandemic has pushed the world to breaking point exposing deep divisions in societies he made comments during a speech marking nelson mandela international day my hope is that people will understand that when recovering when taking profits of the opportunity that of course after the coffee we need to restart when recovering people will be aware of
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the need to address the fragility is that have caused the chaos that we have in today's world with the government and that requires fighting inequalities that require active crime addiction that requires international cooperation on the digital space that requires a in the end much stronger unity and solidarity in the way international relations are are conceived. and the us a heated debate is taking place nationwide the 1st day of the new school year protarchus should children be sent back to classrooms during the pandemic brannon's reports from los angeles. well sanjay list parent brenda dell hero is helping her 10 year old daughter emma with school lessons online it's been kind of stressful just because i i thought i could get more work i feel like with that more work here than art school emma's mother says virtual learning is not ideal but she's against sending her daughter back to class the risk outweigh
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everything i can of my cat risk my kids getting sick or possibly getting somebody else sick or their teachers or vice versa on friday california governor gavin newsom laid out detailed guidelines for school reopening including mandatory mask wearing schools in counties with low numbers of cold cases and downward trends may reopen otherwise the school doors must remain closed schools that don't meet this requirement they must begin the school year this fall the distance learning school reopening has become a national political issue president donald trump says democrats are scheming to make him look bad and they think it's going to be good for them politically so they keep the schools closed no way so we're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools back in may house democrats approved 90000000000 dollars to support schools reopening safely but the republican
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senate has not approved that measure but when you make it about politics than just people trying to. score points and get elected i mean that's what i really think it is a disservice to how to credibly important this issue is the conservative dominated school board in orange county california recently voted to allow schools to fully reopen without masks or social distancing it's time to get these doors open and get these babies but the school board has no power to order schools to reopen that's a decision made by local school districts and so far the county's largest districts say they'll opt for virtual learning los angeles and san diego schools will also use distance learning for students brenda deal hero has a message for trump my kids are not guinea pigs i'm not going to send my kid to school to see if they're going to get covert and to see if they're going to survive
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an agonizing dilemma for parents teachers and kids now weaponized for political purposes rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles iran's foreign minister has visited the site where a top military commander was killed in iraq divides or he stopped at the place where the revolutionary guard general come from sort of mommy was killed in a u.s. drone strike again this year serif is in baghdad to meet senior iraqi officials the talks rock is under pressure from the united states to reduce reliance on iranian oil and gas and to curb iranian backed armed groups your prime minister called them is expected to visit both iran and the u.s. this week as well as saudi arabia. well some of old team is standing by for us in baghdad just talk to us about the context of this visit what's the point of it all and what are both sides hoping to get out of it. all is quite an important visit 1st of all it's the 1st time of the foreign minister visits iraq after the
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assassination of the rain in general customs and the money on january 3rd and as the picture shoulder earlier he stopped to visit the site where the killing took place and he's expected to raise this issue as he needs iraqi officials particularly in light of the recent ruling by the united nations that basically ruled that the killing of money as well as an iraqi official. this was illegal so this is something that is that if it's expected to bring up in his meeting with his counterparts and perhaps pressure to iraqi government to take some sort of further action against the united states now it's also important because this is the 1st time you will be meeting with the new government of prime minister the me which was formed in may after months of political crisis and the me is somebody who is seen by many as being closer to the united states compared to his predecessor are these so it's very important for iran to try to reestablish these
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relationships to ensure that there is a balance between iraq's relations on the one hand with iran and on the other hand with the united states as well as its gulf allies now the visit of the budget that comes just a day ahead of the prime minister's visit to saudi arabia which will then be immediately followed by a visit to iran and it is expected that there will be some messages that will be passed through car than me in some sort of shuttle diplomacy to balance out their relations between iran and saudi arabia and i'm sure we'll be coming back to you we will be taking that press conference live with iran's foreign minister zarif and his iraqi counterpart on the same a little a later in the program. european countries are threatening sanctions against foreign governments interfering in the conflict in libya joint statement that the days of france germany and italy urged what they call for an act is to
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respect the un's arms embargo several countries are backing opposing sides in libya turkey supports the u.n. recognized government to tripoli on the u.a.e. egypt and russia. and a new battle is looming over sirte forces of the tripoli government are closing in on the city and that's a gateway to libya's main oil terminals the government of national accord says it's planning to recapture the area from half the us forces what does that say about $200.00 vehicles have moved east woods from misrata toward the town of tal where. syria is holding its 3rd parliamentary elections since the uprising against president bashar assad began 9 years ago voting will be held in some form opposition strongholds for the 1st time and it is so horrible. syrians will elect a new parliament it's the 3rd such vote since the start of the uprising in 2011 the last time large parts of the country were outside government control president
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bashar al assad's forces have since recaptured nearly 70 percent of territory they had lost to the opposition as in previous elections candidates need to be bettered by security and the credibility of the election has been further questioned by the exclusion of millions of syrians who left their country or have been displaced by the conflict in 1000000 people in the north of the country for example won't have any representation in the next parliament and the deputies who are supposed to represent regime held areas are not real representatives they won't stand by the people they are beholden to the regime which has absolute power and control. but president bashar assad is facing challenges results of previous elections were not recognized by the international community the syrian leader will need to agree to political reforms in order to receive western aid to rescue the economy devastated by hears of war and corruption. and the election.
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process. after much delay the u.n. announced the creation of a committee to rewrite the constitution ahead of internationally monitored elections there hasn't been any progress elections contradict the political transition agreed on by the international community but assad seems to have different objectives many say syria's president is ensuring the incoming parliament whose job is to ratify a new constitution will reject any changes to the president's powers and tenure in office he brought all the warlords. all well we learned people who fought with his forces and so he was the core why these people would be
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voting for the constitution. they know they would be accountable changing the constitution when you talk about. transitional justice the syrian president showed little willingness to agree to political concessions even when he was losing the war he now believes he's won largely thanks to the help of his russian and iranian allies for many this latest election shows how little has changed in a side syria. to take you live now to a press conference where hearing from in baghdad there was got to iraq's finest to fight hussein and iran's foreign minister javad zarif let's listen in between our respective countries has recently declaw and simply because of the coronavirus pandemic and the closure of border points during the meeting we examined the means. to continue with. our
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economy and trade cooperation despite the fact that we are faced with this. demick will also examine the issue of. religious visits paid to the holy sites and the measures to be taking in order to combat the coronavirus. as to the regional issues we emphasize the importance. of safeguarding iraq's server into his excellent sea it is rated that the stability. of iraq means the stability of the entire region on our part we reiterated that we look forward to continuing our balanced relations with the regional. countries and neighbors based. on 1st our international
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1st our national interest then on mutual interest with our neighbors without any intervene feeling in our own domestic affairs. we also reiterated that iraq and the entire region must be set aside from international tensions emphasizing the importance of iraq's sovereignty. during the visit we also discussed. visit of the rocky delegation by most of all causing me the prime minister which will be paid recently to the islamic republic of iran. this visit will be within the coming days and. once again i welcome to. this venue the.
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foreign minister of iran who will be meeting with the president the speaker of the ball moment and also the prime minister. he will be also having a meeting with the leaders of kurdistan province and this is evening once again i welcome him to this vision. in the name of allah the most. merciful. the most gracious let me. begin by thanking the representatives of the media so. thank you my iraqi counterparts for the warm reception and the generous hospitality. i also.
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thank you express my appreciation for the friendly atmosphere during the visit there is no doubt that our relation is deep rooted in history and are key partners in our fight again as i said for our stable powerful iraq is and today interest of our respective countries and that's why we look forward to continuing our going to struck the bilateral relations again the stability security and peace in iraq is a stability of the entire region we also have a little active role played by iraq in maintaining security and although the region
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. during our meeting we examined issues of mutual interest. and other of a lateral issues stressing that we should continue to cooperate with out and serving in any other countries domestic affairs. the iraqi people have an. active recently as putting. forward. and we. bank on these efforts in order to serve our respective people we have also active. cooperation in the energy sector.
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and we believe that we should continue to do our best in order to take these levels of cooperation to the aspiration of our respective people and as invented by our respective leaders and so there are certain agreements. agreed upon. hearing the visit of the prime minister the agreements are made to interests of our respective people and current is also having agrement. the railway sector and other maritime. transportation and security issues. this also applies to the issue of health and medical tourism. religious
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traipse. paid to the holy side. as i said we should continue to dovetail our efforts to save our respective people and help maintain security in the region i regret to say that assassination of qassam said a man who was an act of a criminal act it is a loss. to our country. and to the entire region and 8 undermines the international efforts for combating i sell and terrorism in the region. again. so
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that is the reef there and foreign minister earlier we heard from iraq's foreign minister for the same a little later on today we're hearing. will be meeting with the new prime minister of iraq most of our could be made just wrapping up what happened there. we had hussein talk about the importance of iraq's sovereignty the importance of the relationship between iraq and iran we heard the reef talking about how their relationship is rooted deeply in history that a stable powerful iraq is in both country's best interests interesting lee hailing the active role of iraq in ensuring security i want to bring in some on a full team so i guess we heard there in a knowledge meant of iraq's moves to rein in militias and also we heard about drugs mentioning the assassination of of concepts of the mahdi calling it. a criminal acts i mean how much of this is a diplomatic balancing act. well it very much is
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a diplomatic balancing act because iran and iraq are mutually codependent iraq is heavily reliant on gas importance on imports of consumer goods in general for iraq very much must maintain good ties with iran on the one hand but iraq also need relations with for example the gulf countries as well as the united states so this is a 1st visit by. iraq is very much an effort to try to reestablish and perhaps heal a little bit the relations with iran that have gone through a rather turbulent period 6 phase over the past few months. i mean the new prime minister is somebody who was very close ties. to the united states and he's somebody who is seen as being closer to the united states compared to his predecessor. the he's somebody who has vowed that he will restrain the weapons in
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the hands of the states and very recently he has made a move to try to curtail the influence of iranian backed armed groups in iran to certainly on the part of the iranian government or maybe a feeling that their influence in iraq is perhaps not as strong as it was during the previous administration and dismiss the disparity much aimed restabilizing those relations and ensuring that the mutual interests of both countries are secured not just in the security side but also on the economy side because one of the reasons that one of the topics that the maid is expected to touch upon when he go through the arabia is for example energy investments in iraq to wean iraq of gas imports and that is of course something that iran will be looking at with concern because they very much need as a market for not just their gas but also for consumer goods so it's very much in
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their interest to maintain it and to make sure that iraq has a balanced relationship with both iran and the gulf and the united states on the other side thank you so much for that some awful thing there live for us in the. protest by black lives matter demonstrators took place in the u.s. city of portland again last night it's been 6 weeks without a break on friday the state of oregon sued federal law enforcement agencies accusing them of unlawfully detaining demonstrators dozens have been arrested the state attorney general is asking for a restraining order to stop federal agencies making any further arrests after an identified agents allegedly drag protesters into unmarked vans. and u.s. president donald trump has tweeted to say he's saddened by the death of civil rights hero john lewis flags have been lowered to half mast in the capitol in honor of the late congressman many u.s. politicians paid tribute trump's electoral rival joe biden called him
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a moral compass former president barack obama said lewis got to see his own legacy play out in a meaningful and remarkable way let's bring in amanda seales from los angeles she's a comedian and creator of smart funny and black and she is also the host of podcast small doses she is many things and she's also a very late thank you for your time as possible there and we've been talking a lot about the legacy of john lewis in the past 24 hours how do you see its legacy i think john that was his legacy is one and. a commitment to more alan. and i think it's something that a lot of us almost feel is impossible firstly to have in politics but that he demonstrated with. just such commitment. in this day and age it really is important that we continue to look at his example
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as an example for us in how we carry ourselves. in many of the obituaries about john lewis talks about the time he was beaten by police in selma it's always mentioned but with what we're seeing on the streets right now in america particularly with an international audience looking into what's happening in america you know we just talked about what's happening and poor them with federal offices how far has america come do you think. i think it's an illusion i think that you know america has gotten very good at the cosmetic presentation not the kinetic affectation and what i mean by that is that you know as america continues to do little tweaks in turns of advancement that look like oh we're changing they're continuing to move on the same tracks that we had to build an entire underground railroad to get through to freedom america was built on oppression so when we talk about the civil rights movement of the sixty's the truth
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of the matter is we never left the civil rights movement we just stopped moving in the right direction a lot of us did you know there are many of us can't moving in that you know have sustained that work and john lewis is one of the few who really continued in earnest to make that. make that work threaten center but a lot of us were distracted as we got the internet as we got a black president as we had culture you know expanded we saw our black arts you know become such a global phenomenon yet again because it has many times before but we still continue to be where we are and anyone who's watching if not in america should understand that what's going on in america. is not a moment this is an x. lotion and eruption of consciousness for many but for others they see it as an incredible time for them to suppress and so it's not going to just be americans
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that challenge this it's going to be the world who loves what black america produces in terms of arts culture and innovation and coming together to support this movement that has raised a lot of. a lot of questions or at least has put those issues front and center around the world of systemic racism injustice inequality how white supremacy is in institutions i want to weigh your show in small funny black alive show you talk about the contributions of black people about celebrating black experience and black culture how important is that in tackling addressing all of these all the big issues where you know consciousness in my opinion and mental health are the key to us maintaining the stamina that's going to be needed to fully challenge and eradicate systemic racism and fortify our community you know for many of
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us. the energy is always to simply fighting the power but we have to fight for our joy and i truly believe that if we're putting all of our energy into fighting the power and we don't get to have our joy well then they won regardless so we create it's my perennial black because we have we are inundated with all these negative images of black people whether it's racist images of fellow citizens whether it's police brutality etc and i say we need to have a place where we can celebrate black culture where we can celebrate black advancement where we can celebrate ourselves and we have allies in the building as well who are supporting that but the truth of the matter is you know as black folks in america globally we are considered a young ethnicity you know when we're talking about the community as it exists around the world you know they're going back before christ you know as black americans in america we're still we're still young and rooted but growing and it is important that in that process in our development as a community as
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a people that we continue to love ourselves in order to challenge the hate absolutely thank you so much for your time so eloquent amanda seales there comedian creator of smart funny and black live from los angeles thank you the corruption trial for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is set to resume later on sunday and the growing anger of his government's handling of the pandemic police used water cannon and west of them to try and disperse crowds gathered outside netanyahu his residence israel reimposed restrictions on for a surgeon coronavirus cases last week there from protests for weeks of the economic situation and lockdown mischa's there are also calls for prime minister benjamin netanyahu to resign. well in certain floods of forced more than a 1000000 people from their homes in northeast india red alerts remain in place across our some states rescue teams have dispatched hundreds of boats health
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officials say at least 72 people have been killed although the flooding is seasonal emergency services have been put under greater pressure by the pandemic. police have arrested a man after a fire at a cathedral in the french city of mold the blaze destroyed stained glass windows and the organ of the st pierre and st paul cathedral the building a 600 years old and has been described by french president to many more khan as a gothic jewel. this is just there are these the top stories corona virus infections have risen by record levels around the world for a 2nd day the world health organization says more than a quarter of a 1000000 people were diagnosed in 24 hours or than 7300 people died china's jang region has declared a wartime state after
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a small increase in cases 28 new infections have been reported since friday the capital city of chief has suspended large gatherings of people basque remains are being carried out china is facing international scrutiny over its treatment of ethnic minorities engine jan including ethnic weaker and muslims iran's foreign minister has visited the site where top military commander concepts are mommy was killed in iraq gerard zarif is in baghdad for talks with senior iraqi officials syria is holding its 3rd parliamentary election since the uprising against president bashar assad began 9 years ago voting will be held in some form opposition strongholds for the 1st time in years. european countries are threatening sanctions against foreign governments interfering in the conflict in libya in a joint statement the leaders of france germany and italy called what they call urged rather what they call foreign act is to respect the un's arms embargo several
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countries are backing opposing sides in the via turkey supports a un recognized government in tripoli or the u.a.e. egypt and russia. are. in floods of forced more than 1000000 people from their homes in northeast india red alerts remain in place across our some stage and rescue teams have dispatched hundreds of boats health officials say at least 72 people have been killed over the flooding is seasonal emergency services have been put under greater pressure by the pen demick and police have arrested a man after a fire at a cathedral in the french city of mold the blaze destroyed stained glass windows and the organ of the singer in st paul's cathedral the building is 600 years old those are the headlines more news here on al-jazeera right after inside story do stay with us. counting the cost cold war true could the u.s. break on calling spread to the. turkey at war in libya and syria
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president putin hoped to kick start the economy this yeah but how will he pay for his big plans. cost 0. already embroiled in a war for years in yemen faces an unprecedented environmental disaster a damaged oil storage facility is not really threatening marine life in the red sea who is to blame and can catastrophe be averted before it's too late this is inside story. hello there and welcome to the program i'm laura years of civil war have torn yemen apart fighting has divided the cities destroyed the economy and triggered the world's worst humanitarian crisis now the country is also.


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