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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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keeping you up to date is one of the voices situation where we have a human rights crisis that persists beyond the health crisis answering your questions is a dialogue just nothing we are now approaching across route this is an opportunity that we must keep on the stream on 00. 0. hello welcome to the news hour it's great to have you with us i'm comfortable coming to you live from the headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes coronavirus outbreaks in spain force 200000 people back into lockdown on an indolent classes are being raised to big new steps toward normality. thousands of
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people few wearing masks crammed together to hear u.s. president donald trump deliver a fiery independence day speech. suicide attempts fights on board and people jumping into the sea forces humanitarian rescue ship to declare an emergency. and the palestinians being forced out to make way for a new high tech called been occupied east jerusalem. about peace a symbol of the sport necessities valtteri bottas is on pole position for the 1st race of the delayed formula one season of the action coming up and all eyes on may see as he trains with barcelona he'll leave the spanish giants. more than 200000 people in spain a bakken locked up as the government grapples with the now. coronavirus for their
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up residence in parts of the northeast and catalonia region will not be allowed to leave the local area and won't be confined to their homes as an early lockdowns it's a very different story in england where queues have been forming for what's being dubbed super saturday pubs restaurants and bbs have reopened for the 1st time in 3 months there are fears however that it may be too soon u.k. prime minister johnson is urging everyone to behave responsibly and look at the johns hopkins map shows us how far most of the world is from getting this pandemic under control the number of cases worldwide now stands at just over 11000000 more than half a 1000000 people have died total u.s. infections are heading towards $3000001500000.00 in brazil now get to latin america later if a now worry challenges on the streets of soho in central london live to him after we speak 1st to the barber who is in a european use center. so spain had previously said head coach at 19 pretty much
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under control but now some 200000 people are going into lockdown what more can you tell us. that's right kim this is a very localized lockdown a mini lockdown if you like it concerns a fairly rural area of catalonia in northeastern spain around a town called later this area is home to around 200000 people and on friday health authorities there said that over the last week there had been almost doubling of covered 9000 cases from 167-2320 5. now they've told people that they can't leave the area and people won't be allowed to enter the area as of saturday but as you were saying in the introduction they can leave their homes it's not a full lockdown as spain had before which was very very restrictive but they're telling people they can't gather in numbers of more than 10 so it's a big inconvenience and it will be
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a worry some of these cases of have been linked to picking operations in the area others to at least one care home and we know that there are at least 2 care homes near the regional capital barcelona that have been closed now in the background to all of this yes spain has got on top of its national pandemic if you like but they have just started to receive tourists notably from britain that's been going on since the g 8 since june the 21st but on friday britain announce its own list of so-called safe countries where if people traveled there they wouldn't have to be in court and seen when they returned spain very noticeably on the list along with places like italy and so the tourism sector in spain very keen to put out the message that localized outbreaks will be slept on if you like and brought under control rapidly i think that's where the input is coming from ok d.m.s. the picture in spain what about the rest of europe i mean are these local very
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local lockdowns likely to become the norm. absolutely they are we know that health experts are saying you cannot prevent these localized outbreaks these upsurge is in the numbers of cases it's very controversial though where they're applied because of course it is a big inconvenience now here in britain in the middle of england the city of leicester has been at the center of an argument because local politicians there say central government didn't give them localized enough data and they say that they lost a week in which they could have locked out the situation there now is that up to friday there were 500 new cases of covered 19 and people there unlike the rest of the country as you were saying getting ready to visit restaurants bars and go to the hairdressers people they're being told stay indoors unless it's essential and schools of shut again so really under the restrictions that they didn't want to
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see going forward i think that it really will across the continent depend on rapid action be on the ability to test and trace contacts of people who test positive for covered 19 it's a huge challenge let's not forget that in spain there even though there's been this upsurge in the 24 hours to friday they recorded their biggest death toll from 19 of 17 people or here in britain the rolling average of daily deaths is a 103 hugely larger so i just remind you what challenges lie ahead here in britain . thank you for that. picture across europe speaking of britain let's go to rory talent's who is joining us from the streets of central london rory that scene behind you used to be so normal now it's almost jogging to see so many people gathered together how's it all going. yeah the
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ancient and inalienable rights of frequent people of the united kingdom to go to the pub was how boris johnson put it some months ago when he took that rights away well it's back again at least. in england soon as you can see behind me there are plenty of people who are taking that right up again with some enthusiasm it's a big experiment though all of this is not just pops of course it's if you're lucky enough to have you can go back to the head dresses and get it cut so you can go and watch a film in the cinema you can go to hotels etc all of these things it's a big step it's being called super saturday and it's perhaps the biggest incremental jump in returning england at least to normal life that has been taken since the lockdown began the experiments is what's this going to be in for the 19 and for businesses is it going to be worth it can they host all of these people safely and
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off. and if not enough people come is economically viable for them to be open anyway the government knows that this is a big risk and it knows that there is a possibility that allowing people to mingle again in parks and cause etc will possibly lead to fresh flare ups of covert 19 they're hoping though that whatever flare ups do you happen if that is the case that they can tackle them with the kind of rule localised lockdowns that nadine was just talking up about their say in leicester and in spain as well rather than going back to the full national lockdown that we've seen for the last few months. thank you so much for that update there rory talons of live from a central london. united states arranged by father worst hit nation but donald trump made little mention of it during a speech at the foot of
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a john monument what's on his presidents of the past and his wasn't born reports he dug deeper into his country's divisions. donald trump kicked off the long independence day weekend with a trip to mount rushmore but instead of making a claim for national unity at a monument honoring for us president trump attacked protesters who want to take down monuments honoring slave traders and confederate general. angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders to face our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities many of these people have no idea why they're doing this but some know exactly what they are doing they think the american people are weak and soft and submissive. but know the american people are strong and proud trumps tone was angry he accused the racism protesters
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of engaging in quote far left fascism and he vowed to not just prosecute statue top lawyers but to also build a new monument honoring the people he called true american heroes they want to silence us. but we will not be silenced. except for a reference to health care workers at the start of his speech trump said nothing about the covert $1000.00 pandemic he's already been criticized for bringing together in a tight space $7500.00 spectators with no physical distancing or required face mask keeps public health officials say the event could accelerate the spread of kogut 19 states such as florida texas arizona and california are recording thousands of new cases each day and the national death toll it's near
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130008 top administration official is urging people to be extra careful they fix feet from others when we can and when we can stay 6 feet from others please i'm begging you where a face covering some florida resident piled into a public hearing to say the government had no right to tell them what to do no matter what you want to believe this is a very political issue it is patriots versus communists i don't care how you feel i will not be wearing a mask i will not go to jail and i won't pay a $500.00 fine that's against the law for you to even threaten us with that since when do i not get to either my body. back at mount rushmore a small group of native americans tried and failed to keep the event from going forward and the fireworks donald trump wanted lit up the sky a rush of explosions mimicking the tense climate in the u.s. on its birthday rosalyn jordan al-jazeera alexandria virginia. among the stories we
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have coming up the philippines does the u. turn on easing its chrono virus lockdowns. infections in the capital. iran accuses the e.u. of failing to honor the 2050 nuclear deal and formally activates the dispute mechanism. and the last. when redskins say they will review their name page it will be here to explain why in sports. a humanitarian ship in the mediterranean has declared a state of emergency crew members on board the ocean viking say they can no longer guarantee the safety of the 180 migrants and refugees that rescued many a dangerously distressed is italy in malta continue to refuse to let the ship dock shall about its reports. volunteers chase after migrants who have jumped from the
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ship the ocean viking after being stuck on board for a week the 2 men made a disparate attempt to swim to europe the risky ship has now declared a state of emergency. it says more migrants are threatening to jump all commit suicide. because except this people can't jump you can't he creates problems won't solve anything we've been doing this for for 4 and a half years ago bringing people always to a safe place but this is the 1st time there's been a thing like this cleric at. market thanks everyone the ocean viking is waiting to be given a port of entry to disembark 180 migrants at risk youth them during 4 operations and italian and multi search and rescue zones on the 25th and 30th of june the migrants head south from libya.
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in the last week the ship has made 7 requests to italian and maltese with dorothy's for a port of entry or will have been ignored or denied italy has tightened border controls in response to covered 19 migrants have been told to wear personal protective equipment and then transferred to ferries off the coast to wait out a coronating period 28 migrants who transferred from this risk you ship to a ferry known as the moby zaza tested covered positive 10 days ago risk usa the taking precautions but argued the migrants mental health must take priority it's very unprecedented just because it's the 1st time in more than 4 years of operation that we reach such a such a level of an satie and. such a situation and war at the moment we are left without any solution with that kind of emergency situation on board because it is a situation that we cannot guarantee we can control at any moment. and some relief
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for rescue is a few migrants are attempting the sea crossing according to the international organization for migration this time last year 29000 migrants had arrived in europe via the mediterranean sea this year it's fewer than $24000.00 of that greece italy and spain roughly share the arrivals or their italy has seen a recent surge shallop ballasts al jazeera frederick is the director of operations for s.o.s. meditate on the group that has a team on board the ocean viking he says they're waiting to hear what's next after a visit by an attending and medical team. what happened is that about 24 hours ago the ship the ocean viking has launched her state of emergency appeal for for assistance 24 hours later the only the only assistance we receive for doing that a very grave that we never used in the past over the 5 years abrasion is the proposal of a visit for an assessment from
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a medical team from italy this team has been doing or an assessment over the last 2 hours there at the moment they just left you know shin viking they've done multiple discussions with the rescue people on board they had a long discussion an extensive discussion with our medical team on board and now i suppose but we are left without so much as information i suppose that they are going to report and the situation remains the same for no more than 8 days on the ocean working so we're waiting for instructions in greece the government has extended a lockdown and refugee camps however it's being accused of misusing the pandemic to limit the movement of migrants therefore no deaths so far monk $32000.00 people in various camps thousands are being transferred to the mainland his grace prepares for the tourist season. a sit in protest against growing insecurity in sudan central darfur state is now in its 7th day those involved want the heads of the police and military to be 5 saying they're not protecting them or their properties
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in a recent attack 3 farmers were killed near the town of f.l.t. prime minister abdullah humble says he'll send a delegation to discuss the problems. they are being processed in the philippines against an antiterrorism law signed by the president on friday about $200.00 activists in manila denounces as a threat to basic freedoms give security forces extra powers and allows people to remain in detention without any charge of says he needs the law to defeat armed groups but rights groups say he will use it to further silence his critics. and the philippines has imposed $48.00 lockdowns in areas of manila to deal with new corona virus infections the most severe restrictions imposed in the country since it began easing covert 19 measures several weeks ago to be the island and has more from manila. this is what a total lockdown looks like in one of manila's busy areas more than $7000.00 people
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in this community have been ordered to stay at home for 48 hours more than 30 villages across manila were told days ago that they wouldn't be allowed to leave their homes starting on saturday and less it's an emergency. in smaller alleys like this one residency they are finding different ways to cope but for many look at this 48 hour door to lock down makes no difference to her family she says they've been under quarantine for months even when we couldn't earn enough so we had to open a small store just to sell to me worse thankfully we do get to receive some aid like food and sometimes cash from the local government but i hope this situation doesn't last long. but many businesses here remain closed which means thousands are unable to earn a living and are dependent on eat the philippines implemented one of the world's
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longest and strictest quarantine that's more than 50000000 people forced to say its home and the entire region of the zone for almost 3 months but coronavirus cases than seeing it. to go up over the last few weeks forcing cities like manila to implement its own master sting program will fishel see the lockdown is bent not just as a restriction of movement but also to conduct rapid tests and we did lee isolate those who are test positive march 5th being the 1st they have done and. able it's hard because of that he said that's the sense of people that people don't have enough money in jobs to sustain the people slowly and know they use. more than 300 people were tested on this day the philippines still has one of the highest growing cases in southeast asia but the government has been under intense
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pressure to reopen the economy which is now officially on their recession many other provinces have eased quarantine obstructions but in manila the situation remains uncertain the rabbit says results came back no one tested positive and all the residents here were grateful they see the feel as though their lives really suspended they prayed for better days ahead duggan al-jazeera manila. the european union says iran has triggered a dispute mechanism as part of its 2050 nuclear deal to route is accusing european poles of failing to live up to their side of the agreement foreign minister zarif sent a letter to britain france and germany but did not provide specific details on where the countries fell short of their obligations as a babe reports on the friction between the 2 sides. the reef has written to the e.u. foreign policy chief joseph barrow again complaining about the noncompliance in regards
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to 2015 nuclear deal now this comes after spoke at the united nations condemning the european countries france germany and the u.k. for what he called complacency and not standing up to the united states bullying now this isn't the 1st time that iran has complained to the e.u. back in 2018 when the united states pulled out of that 2015 nuclear deal iran gave the european countries those 3 european countries one year to come up with a way around u.s. sanctions so the deal could be maintained that the europeans were able to do that to iran such a satisfactory standard iran started back in its commitments that deal now what has angered and frustrated your reins is other than what they see as noncompliance of the dream and these 3 european countries put forward a motion to the international atomic energy agency asking for access asking for us
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access for a number of sites inside iran and iran considers those sites not part of the 2015 nuclear deal or those on military sites but you have questions about those sites and activity that took place before the 2015 nuclear deal now iran maintains that its nuclear program is for peaceful means and that i already has access to all nuclear sites in iran and 247 or 9 monitoring but iran has warned that any interference between the iran by foreign countries could have a negative impact on that relationship. the 2015 iran nuclear deal has survived for more than 4 years just signed by iran and 6 nations led by the us president barack obama in a deal to lift sanctions in exchange for monitoring of iran's nuclear activities then a year later president all tromped withdrew from the agreement called. it a bad deal for america and re-impose sanctions the others have tried to keep the
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pact alive that following another wave of tough u.s. sanctions in may last year iran began rolling back its compliance 1st to increase its stockpile of enrich uranium and in january after the u.s. killed its top commander it scrapped all limits on the nuclear program. is a policy consultant on iranian affairs he joins us on skype from of germany thanks for your time sir what should we be taking away from the fact that iran has triggered this dispute mechanism is very much looks like. a situation in which iran is trying to read all the legal process towards a potential end of the nuclear agreement with the with this dispute resolution mechanism is the complaining party. is directly in the position to if the responses from the other signatories are not satisfactory to you on iran is in the position to say ok then we will leave this agreement so it's basically as
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our colleague from germany that's w p well that was only a lot has already said it's a way to legalize you iran's exit from the movement aka terror on has already stopped at herring to keep parts of the deal but does it have a point in accusing european powers of not living up to the terms. yes of course the point is that ever since the u.s. has withdrawn from the agreement iran is expecting the remaining parties the european countries and china and russia to compensate for the economic loss that is basically generated through the rest of the drawn into real because it's not sanctions the other parties and particularly the europeans haven't been able to do so which is why you ran after a year of patients then started to scale back its compliance with the agreement that is now in a final escalates removed when you could say has iran built up any resilience to
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the u.s. sanctions since they've been in place. indeed iran has done so i mean economists have to explain to you in detail how they have done that but in fact it was clear that after one or 2 years of negative economic growth iran will be able to stabilize its economy and gradually go back to us increasingly stabilise economy iran says it is on track in this regard but that doesn't mean that a lot of social or economic hardship is still on the shoulders of 80 plus 1000000 iranians so how do you think this is all going to play out in the in the medium to longer term i mean is iran going to leave the deal will there be a replacement deal how do you think the u.s. is going to approach all of this. well with the current state of affairs a very much looks as if we're going to see the end of the nuclear agreement by the end of this year a lot will depend on the run up to the presidential elections in the united states
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in the member and if that happened if if the deal fell apart we may even see you ron leaving the not clear and nuclear nonproliferation treaty n.p.t. and raising the stakes are nuclear nonproliferation globally again might be a better bargain in position for iran to then enter a new talks directly with the americans at some point next year so the but that the time until then his extreme the dangerous and we have to to really brace ourselves for more attention to flare over the summer and the summer do you expect european leaders to step up and respond to terror on triggering this dispute mechanism because of course european they've as the target that spain mechanism themselves previously and then rolled back that so how do you think europe is likely to respond. it's very difficult to imagine europe doing some magic that it has that it
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hasn't been able to do up until today the prospect of iran being serious about leaving being serious about leaving the n.p.t. and the consequences that could have this might be another reason for europe to say ok now we're really close to to the abyss and we have to do something but it's difficult because iran will expect nothing short of very very concrete economic incentives economic incentives for iraq to say ok it's still beneficial for us to abide by the agreement and that would really mean that over the summer europe has to offer something we need tangible and i'm at least that it's got a tickle that you're open to be able and willing to do that thanks so much for your analysis there by a policy consultant on iranian affects pleasure. iran is threatening retaliation after a fire at one of its nuclear sites officials suspect it may have been the result of a cyber attack and say they'll respond if it's confirmed they now towns syces
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monitored by international inspectors who say the fire did not threaten any nuclear materials. and the news ahead we're in india where there is anger of the rising number of deaths in police custody. hiding in a luxury home in the woods using a fake name to tell you more about the arrest of a british socialite charged with sex trafficking. and it all blacks legend makes his return to rugby in able to people have the details and scores. of. i know the horse and dusty throughout much of the middle east but further to the south across areas of on and yemen we have seen quite a bit of cloud even some scattered showers and thunderstorms plenty of 1000 calls
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into santa in the last few hours and this is why it's a dramatic images as the sun was setting all that shocked how the coals up in the sky more showers like you go through sunday and we could just see the odd a shower just really playing with coastal areas of oman now the temperatures are very high at the moment 48 in baghdad 14 on kuwait the winds are strong coming through the interior and as we go into monday. actually up to 50 degrees celsius which is $122.00 degrees fahrenheit and remember all these temperatures are actually for the shade say feeding of course in the sun wins a little bit lights on monday but another warm day and with a high of 45 degrees how much is natural bearable further to the south into southern africa plenty of activity though across central regions the ticket of leave on the gulf of guinea as we go through sunday scattered showers elsewhere right up into ethiopian highlands and all the while want to just again with the coast of mozambique and across into tanzania meanwhile down into south africa
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remains fine and dry and how much is not a 21 important is about. from the prison this is going to be inspirational. from founding the independent state. to fiercely defending his people sometimes make plans in the conclusion of a 2 part documentary series how does your room expose the lies to our. independent bosnia herzegovina. from prisoner to president or not just say you don't. examining the impact of today's headlines i need to go to work because i need to make money risking our lives by going in setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions racially charged social unrest want to steal my seed into international filmmakers who moon class
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journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you to terrorist but you hear the story of your city walk the path for now just 0. 00. 0. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour spain is locked down an area that's home to more than 200000 people following a surge of corona virus infections residents in the sacred have reached a new will only be allowed to leave the area for. restaurants and hairdressers a reopening across england for the 1st time in 3 months u.k. prime minister abbas johnson is urging people to act responsibly as coronavirus
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restrictions are released. and coronavirus cases a surging in more than 40 us states that the issue was not addressed by president donald trump during a rally to mark independence day and found fresh. let the americans corona virus infection numbers now exceed that of europe the region has more than 2 and a half 1000000 confirmed cases it's being driven mainly by brazil which has reported about one and a half 1000000 infections cases in chile peru and mexico also rose sharply on friday. he joins me now live from bogota sounder so the regions corona virus infection numbers now supposing that of europe i mean that is not sort of touching the region wants. definitely not came in as you were saying of course the bulk of cases are in brazil has been the case throughout this crisis but we've seen a shop churning cases in
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a number of other countries from rule to colombia where we are peru and chile are now approaching 300000 cases each this is very warm been our 810000 dates in. 6000 in 2 so the situation is quite dramatic across the region are a lot of it has to do with the reopening of the economies in this countries people here are i've been flirting with the idea of going back to a strict quarantine about that seems quite difficult to do especially in countries with such a large portion of the population working formally then they need to be out on the streets and so the government what the governments are saying now is it's very important to continue focusing on the use of face masks when people are about
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on the streets on social distancing brasil in this case as well is the case on itself because on friday the president to hear bold so narrow essentially watered down a new law that was requiring the use of face masks that pretty much in all ok jand outside of people's home the president there essentially said it's ok to require it on the streets or when people are on public transportation but it's not necessary when people at church or at the office at their work and so on and so people worry that this could further affect the situation in brazil when you're looking at a country that has a. more than 60000 confirmed deaths and that the numbers the real numbers are probably much higher here in colombia where we are last week the mayor was also
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calling for a return to a strict lockdown given the uptick in cases the president said for now that's not necessary and here in bogota which has been at the center of the spread of the infections in the country more than $300.00 new ventilators have arrived to set up a new intensive care unit. that way to use hope busy that even if the numbers continue to rise in the number of hospitalizations they'll be able to contain it and that the health service will be able to sustain this the rhythm. is a shoes thank you for that i did there. live from. israeli authorities are planning to turn in a dust real neighborhood in occupied east jerusalem into a technology help but opponents say the project is another attempt to illegally solidify israeli control of occupied palestinian land for example.
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for decades if you wanted to fix the time. discount groceries an occupied east jerusalem what he has been the police to come but a new israeli project would see this neighborhood a short walk from the old city remade as a hub for tourism and high tech. i don't know any rents the land on which he operates his garage he and dozens of others have recently been issued eviction notices accusing them of breaking zoning laws instructing them to move out before the end of the year in the hold i want to sit we have been here for the last 60 years the municipality sent us evacuation orders without negotiating without giving us alternatives or compensation the sulak on what the neighborhood. the west jerusalem municipal government along with israel's interior ministry want to rename what he jos silicon wadi with office space for high tech businesses as well as hotels all part of a more than 600000000 dollar development master plan in the occupied east but
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a project on this scale in occupied east jerusalem isn't just an issue of business and investments and jobs it's also an issue of politics and control throughout 53 years of occupation palestinians have been regularly denied building permits had homes demolished while israeli projects have sought to solidify israel's claim to unified city the municipality says the intention with silicon wadi is to improve employment and living standards we would love it if we had investment from the arab community themselves we don't want to take this and own it we want to do it in order for easter some to continue developing the way that it deserves to develop. the municipality says garrels you news will be compensated but a lawyer acting on their behalf says the eviction notices suggest no such thing and that the entire project fails to meet the needs of residents. if you ask people here they'll tell you they want housing before i take the municipalities unfortunately fantasizing outside the palestinian vision it violates the 4th geneva
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convention to me and see this decision as internationally illegal has no long term plan and on the plans to manage the daily lives of the people as someone who owns land and businesses here. has been in talks about partnering in the project but he'd rather have permits to build apartments it's too big for us what they're asking and we don't want to be invested people and. it's very important thing was we want to make balance that elusive balance is at the heart of the issue in occupied east jerusalem the dying need for investment in infrastructure set against the cost of accepting increasing israeli control or a force of al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. akiva eldar is a political analyst and author of lords of the land the war of israel settlements in the occupied territories he's in tel aviv thank you so much for your time what have you made it what do you make of this latest plan to turn the joe's into
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a tech help is it is it just solidifying israeli control or is there an argument here for progress and investment. i think the answer is double t. it's about trust and timing 1st of all trust. my career just mention he said the municipality of west jerusalem. the israeli authorities the israeli government and that there is a consensus among. 99 percent of the israeli jews jerusalem is united there's no such a thing as east jerusalem and west jerusalem and in the last year or so we even saw president trump making some statements about the unifications of jerusalem in trump's plan that we may discuss in the future jerusalem should be united so look for this rally is what he joins this area that
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is supposed to be the palestinian israeli silicon valley for the palestinians it's part of the occupied territories for these various it's. so there is. no such thing as mutual trust about anything that has to do with this changing the status quo or even when we say it's in favor of the palestinians is going to produce new jobs and so on the palestinians don't really believe that it's about their wealth. the other thing is timing is you know came we are now. we started the countdown. about the annexation of the annexation of the west bank this really settlements part of it and we're just waiting in gauge to hear what the white house has to say about it so
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when we're talking about. next in part of and they actually defrocked or because if you were is one already and the next is jerusalem so greece is taking another part of jerusalem under the control of the israeli minister parity and it's another unilateral step because we didn't ask the palestinians if this is what they want no israel said they did not. in terms of those and exciting plans at least for now they're on hold is that because you think netanyahu is just waiting for the green light from washington or other also domestic considerations that play to. there are some domestic considerations but as we. said in a meeting with his likud colleagues in the cabinet he said that blue and white the spartans were his coalition added by banning guns is not holding the
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key to the annexation doesn't have a grito over the exception he's waiting to hear what president from has to say about it and it looks like president has other things on his mind. he believes that really you know his problem is with the democrats and axing the white house. so. this is kind of the paradox of money and we're talking about israeli sovereignty expanding its sovereignty on the other hand we give president the president of the united states well it's a superpower but still it's a foreign country the last word about the israeli borders. i believe we will have to wait until the american elections but the damage has been done because the palestinians really didn't if we didn't happen now it will happen
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sometime in the future or else it will be president biden who will put the ricoh on any changes of the illusion of the status quo especially in jerusalem where we are sitting on a time bomb and we have to of course to act to add to the lack of trust and the timing the coronavirus because user is not now busy with producing new jobs and good people are losing their jobs and being both israelis and palestinians are worried about their businesses. and now in the problem yeah there are a lot of moving parts thank you for your time akiva eldar there political analyst and author. thank you. at least a dozen people are believed to have been killed in japan after severe flooding in the country's southwest 10000 soldiers have been deployed to the region after heavy
6:44 pm
rains triggered flooding and mudslides well then 200000 people have been ordered to leave their homes and seek refuge. 5 police officers in the indian state of tamil nadu have been arrested in connection with the deaths of a father and son in custody had been detained for leaving their shop open minutes longer than a lot of the coronavirus locked up walls and there's a little bit prana reports it's called an average across the country. these 5 men who are in charge of up hold in the law as police officers in india's state instead they're being investigated for murder. p.j. and arjun his son bennett's died after being arrested on june 19th sparking protests police have detained the father and son for keeping their mobile phone shop open just minutes beyond what was allowed under lockdown restrictions. they died in hospital 4 days later. the killers has now become a murder in which we have arrested one sub-inspector we are conducting further
6:45 pm
investigations into the involvement of other officers in the case. a female police officer who testified that the men were beaten and sexually assaulted has been given witness protection and. has taken over the case after allegations destroyed evidence including secure. debts. says she has been documenting cases like these involving police for the past 30 years. this practice. but also just completed to. linger on. a non-governmental groups says 1730 people died either in police custody or last year. in delhi the son the family is still waiting for
6:46 pm
a hearing into their nephew's death at a local police station 2 years ago. when he was detained accused of theft and sexual harassment. a day later police told the family he hung himself but 3 other detainees at the station told them. all night. we need justice what's happened to us happened to many others and they don't speak out we've been threatened times the police even came here and offered money to the case but we said no. he wasn't allowed to see his nephew's body human rights groups say india must ratify the convention against torture and implement police reforms to prevent such deaths occurring elizabeth al-jazeera. the arrest of a long time friend of convicted sex offender geoffrey epstein has raised questions about her movements and actions before. glenn maxwell is accused of recruiting
6:47 pm
girls as young as 14. their trafficking. has more. there were rumors she was hiding out in paris or maybe her home in london and alleged sighting of her in los angeles in the in the lane maxwell was living in this raleigh and secluded home in new hampshire there is no cell phone service along the one kilometer long wooden road that leads to the home authorities said she paid cash for it under an assumed name to hide her whereabouts we've been discreetly keeping tabs on maxwells whereabouts as we work this investigation and more recently we learned she had slithered away to a gorgeous property in new hampshire continuing to live a life of privilege while her victims live with the trauma inflicted upon them years ago neighbors in the town of bradford population 1500 say they were shocked when believe. of all places were in the middle of nowhere assuming maxwell fights
6:48 pm
these charges and the case goes to a trial it would happen here at this federal courthouse in manhattan the big question then would become how many of her alleged victims would be willing to testify for years doesn't this of alleged victims of jeffrey epstein the now deceased sex offender have said maxwell long time associate of epstein played a central role in recruiting and trafficking girls into sex until a trial prosecutors will fight to keep maxwell behind bars they say she's a flight risk in possession of 3 passports and access to millions of dollars in more than 12 banks that she's linked to but the mystery of her whereabouts now solved with her arrest in a place she certainly did not want to be found gabriel is on doe out is it a new york. so comments for space peter brother will tell us about another american
6:49 pm
team that has decided to review its controversial. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs for much better marketer bill gates for apple is going to reinvent stuff fall below made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired a digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera. rewind continues i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of all diseases documentaries the struggle continues from baghdad to now use districts revisiting this soon to face we're going back to
6:50 pm
a poor south african neighborhood when using and tradition come together in an annual competition but the people who know you really want on al-jazeera. time now his board has peter thank you very much kim the sadie's. clinched pole position for the 1st race of the delayed formula one season in austria the 1st was fastest in qualify for coming off the track and taking a bumpy the 2 over the gravel in the cross. will start alongside teammate and world champion lewis hamilton who changed 2nd place. stepan rounds out the top the.
6:51 pm
mysterious failings of off the qualifying shakes something something special when he appears to got to the limit and obviously been preparing for this for a long time and feels so good ron said all of that and all team. amazing job you know we seem to be on our own league. great job by valtteri in. may this is a great start. to the season have to be. meanwhile drivers have been told they can show their support for ending racism any way they choose on the grid ahead of sunday's race the grand prix drivers association has been holding meetings with all 20 drivers on the issue us hamilton has been a vocal supporter of the black lives matter campaign and his driving an all black mercedes the season sunday's grand prix will be the 1st since march when the australian race had to be cancelled at the last minute because of a case of coronavirus that one of the team's formula one has put in strict control
6:52 pm
since then earlier we spoke to sports formula one correspondent philip duncan who says everyone is getting used to a new way of racing during this pandemic. it's been more than $200.00 days since the last action we had back in abu dhabi on the 1st of december and obviously we have the australian grand prix which which never got off the ground you know these these drivers all they know really throughout their life has been been racing in the best months without drugs been married to different difficult for them i suppose in many ways today there was a nice to be back on the track obviously it's very strange very unusual circumstances the teams are operating in bubbles so they're not. interacting with anyone from any of the teams and then we've been the teams they're operating in in many pubs if say one of them within those bubbles. in the forest. for 5 members of the team than they have people on standby you can then be drafted in your place that small bubble and then effectively the show can go on one
6:53 pm
published the results this morning actually to say that more than 4000 people have been tested 4000 travelling personnel have been tested in quite a no positive result so that's see very good news as we go racing in this in this very strange era yet facemask prevalent. everywhere we've got a race is. scheduled to take place in the next 10 weeks i think they're hopeful of getting a full calendar out for this for this opening race but given the circumstances we're. just hasn't been possible for the. boss said earlier this week that he will have races in america in brazil obviously we've got no room for the 1st time since it's the $58.00 races in 10 weeks definite concerns and then beyond that which is have. formula 3 also made its return to the track at spielberg on saturday or straightly and driver oscar p.s.
6:54 pm
street survived the 1st corner collision to clinch victory in his debut f 3 race and then celebrated by spraying champagne all over his rivals on a social distancing podium. $31.00 major league baseball players have tested positive for the coronavirus even so plans to start the season later this month are all going ahead all 30 l.b. teams began training camp on friday and this was the results of the 1st round of testing but while $31.00 players testing positive doesn't sound good the good news is that the total positive tests represent just a fraction over one percent of all players and staff. meanwhile one of the sport's all those teams that are some friday they would be reviewing the nickname that has been in place since 1915 and surprisingly the cleveland indians name is also cause debate over the years in 2018 cleveland removed the red faced mascots chief wahoo from the game jerseys and caps however it is still present on
6:55 pm
merchandise. and on the topic of possible name changing the washington redskins n.f.l. team says it will also review its name in the last couple of days the redskins have come under pressure from sponsors and shareholders as well as activists they say the names of fame served to native americans and racist interestingly in $26.00 in a washington post poll found a 9 out of 10 native americans did not find the redskins name offensive contrasting lee an academic study earlier this year said roughly half of its native american respondents surveyed were offended by the name. in a statement released by washington redskins owner dan snyder he said in light of recent events around our country and feedback from our community the washington redskins are announcing the team will undergo a thorough review of the team's name this review formalizes the initial discussions the team has been having with the league in recent weeks. spanish champions barcelona trained on saturday amid growing speculation their star messi is planning
6:56 pm
to leave at the end of next season the origin time has been a pastor only career as a year left on his current deal but talks about an extension have reportedly broken down and has been linked with manchester city who are managed by his old boss paper guardiola eventers have also been mentioned which could see him teaming up with christiane a renowned us learn of drawn 3 of their last foreign trail real madrid in the spanish title race by 4 points with 5 games remaining. winner you're i'm not going to speculate i've not heard him say anything at all about leaving the club i'm not sure if these reports came from him so i'm not going to talk about it because it's not my job i see messi is doing fine anything else is just speculation your job i see training good and we're talking about what we need to talk about nothing else china's 2 time olympic badminton champion lynn then as announces retiring the 37 year old had been planning to compete at the tokyo lympics before was pushed back
6:57 pm
because of the coronavirus pandemic but after a decade at the top of his game the 5 time world champion says his physical fitness and pain no longer allow him to compete with these periods. that he is someone who is making a return to sport in his native new zealand all blacks great baron carter has turned childhood rugby club as he prepares to return to super rugby for the blues once he is up to full fitness the 38 year old who won 2 world cups for the national side played the full 80 minutes for southbridge if they beat opponents west melton . if anyone saw that game today they're probably also myself a little rusty to be almost like a player. but you know you list lesions and things like that out of a coach as good as good and you just make it work and potentially. and that's all i have to say most sports news lately. dan katter is not just an old tax guy he is a hero to us kay was just saying. there's
6:58 pm
a with us i'll have more news for you in just a few minutes time we'll have the latest on this but of course on a virus particularly in latin america to stay with us 20. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such to moms as a global power developed into the basement company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against eastern we provide business growth promote social
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economic benefits and provide innovative safe and vironment to sound energy solutions for future generation the breastpin i am hearing future. presidents on donald trump jr was promised a damaging information about hillary and to allegations like to see an investigation sit down to see did the trump campaign with russia did you at any time of the urge the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer the batten down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question battlefield washington on al-jazeera. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we dole as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have devoted our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as
7:00 pm
a whole. there's another religion this is the politics myanmar an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs. washing. coronavirus outbreaks in spain forced 200000 people back into lockdown while in england gases are raised to meet new steps toward the magazine. i don't convey now this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. thousands of people few wearing masks crammed together to hear u.s. pres.


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