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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 154  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2020 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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government attorney you reaction from china's foreign ministry there in libya the un recognized government says forces loyal to warlord highly for half talk and losing ground in areas leading to a stronghold of. government troops carried out at least 10 airstrikes earlier targeting an airport they are trying to liberate in southern tripoli after fighters launched an offensive to seize the capital just over a year ago and authorities in sudan have put up barricades outside the military headquarters in khartoum crowds are gathering to mark a year since our violent crackdown by security forces killed more than 100 people and injured 700 others the protests so president omar bashir removed from power but many victims say those who replaced him are yet to deliver justice well that's it you're up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera the news continues right after inside story stay with us.
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adding fuel to the fire defiance and alfredo to donald trump threatens protesters across the u.s. said he could deploy the on the deal but is that the outset to growing public anger and will this be give it more momentum this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm convinced many a calling for a healing speech from president donald trump tackling racial inequality and police reform head on those the demands of many protesters who are outraged by the death
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of black american george floyd at the hands of a police officer after several months of the worst unrest in decades trump had this message he is the president of law and order he said he's an ally of peaceful protesters but threatened to deploy the military if local officials fail to control the unrest that's led to criticism that he's threatening an escalation of force and as he spoke peaceful demonstrators close to the white house were being dispersed by tear gas and rubber bullets the president then walks to a church damaged by riots and posed with a bible in front of the building we cannot allow the righteous cries of peaceful protesters to be drowned out by an angry mob. the biggest victims of the rioting are peace loving citizens in our poorest communities and as their president i will fight to keep them safe i will fight to protect you
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i am you're president of law and order and an ally of all peaceful protesters but in recent days our nation has been gripped by professional anarchies violent mobs arsonists looters criminals rioters and tiefer and others streets in the u.s. empty only days ago because of the pandemic have been filled with protesters following the death of george floyd dozens of cities have a post or extended curfews most demonstrations have been peaceful but there's been some violence and looting too autopsy reports concluded floyd's death was a homicide medical experts hired by floyd's family said he died of asphyxiation as his neck and back with compressed police offices and official examiner blamed heart disease neck compression and restraint and also said he had previously used
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intoxicants that contradicted an initial funding suggesting his death was due to preexisting conditions george ford's brother has called for calm as we heard earlier president donald trump has blamed the un rest on professional anarchists looters criminals the leftist group anti fair and others let's have a listen to why some protesters have taken to the streets. we're doing this because not only are we not present physically we are oppressed mentally we are pressing to keep police offices our press their minds are poisoned to believe that they haven't heard us and they see a lot of this system oppresses all of us black white brown and everything in between we are here to free the minds of everyone so that they understand and in liberated enough to take the spam for themselves so that we can all live a life that's free humanity should be able to prosper on their own we are all humans but we aren't all together until we respect one another until we take those from underneath us and bring them up with us. i cannot just sit in my room continue
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my studies continue to work as if nothing is wrong this is something that is affecting every single black person in the united states and it is the duty of non-black allies like myself to come out here to put our bodies out to show that this is not acceptable it never was and so we're here today to really demand that there are investigations into the death of the murders of george floyd but also that police brutality is addressed specifically here in los angeles. people need to come out like give positive energy give off positive positive of positive a push in the right direction against like how do i say this against on. against the fact that everyone matters everybody has a place in this world so. as you can see they i just. when i was president trying to make better decisions everybody on his were on this planet matters everybody on this planet has
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a place everybody has everybody has power and we need to unite. join us now are our guests from washington d.c. we have now become assistant professor of political science at howard university from here and the how. he is a political analyst again from washington d.c. jennifer victor associate professor of political science at george mason university one welcome to you all now me i'd like to start with you donald trump has made it pretty clear he is doubling down and taking a forceful approach to these protests he's calling himself the president of law and order threatening even to dispatch the military how do you see this all playing out is this going to escalate things absolutely and i think in a place like d.c. where we don't have a governor as a stop gap between the president and his deployment of military resources this is going to be very bad that this city but in other places where he is calling for
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more strident kweli of these these righteous protests i think this is going to. end badly i think it's going to make people more frustrated and i think it's going to give law enforcement more license to harm activists we saw he did this yesterday in advance of the curfew that the d.c. mayor had put out at 7 he started firing on people earlier than the actual curfew so i think this is a bad idea jennifer if if we go down that road what should the trump administration be doing then. so just to agree with my colleague here. we had several decades of social scientific research that shows that when you have confrontation of this type and civil unrest in the street when the law enforcement comes out with riot gear and basically a militarized presence it escalates the tension and creates more violence the
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research shows that when the law enforcement comes out with a sense of listening and solidarity and a sense of protection and helping to promote the free speech rights rather than to create a sense of conflict then it can have the effect of deescalating the violence mamma took away about to bring you in is this president trump have at a point at all that some amount of force may need to be used i mean people are being injured some people have been killed businesses are being looted does he have a point at all what i think there are 2 issues here one this is a confrontation between comps the right for power politics events is more of the politics or more obviously and i think those riots the 1 absolute legitimate reasons why we have this collision that is a frustration then is the fear of the future of the us consumer what unemployment and so forth the other issue i find quite alarming problems presidency
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is we have tendencies to weeks or responsibility i don't see it is so so good to live here but there is a record of this could be fun for you was actually. the single thing is he so more than. was a certain sense or who have been with you all and i think you laid out his role of over the course of this truth not be. something that would help you live this is the undisclosed group. he is really. an american that unfortunately we don't get the point does multiply or that this is a fine for reasons a more are. brute force and now he is donald trump in denial about the state of
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america the hurt the anger is he in denial about what's happening i don't think he's in denial i just think he doesn't care i mean these are not new things that will fade to be fair to donald from a lot of the issues that these protesters care about pre-date donald trump i mean these are centuries old in some cases issues we had with anti blackness in this country that said donald trump is very aware of what people want of why people are angry but he doesn't act here that people are hurting what he cares about is this show of force and i think what he wants to be is an imperial president and the fact that he cannot keep people from expressing their 1st amendment right and that all this police force of this sort of showing of the national guard is make people more resolute to resist and so i think donald trump has a narrative that he wants to play in his head where he gets to show himself as sort
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of the hero of this story rather than looking at the people listening to the people and actually trying to figure out a way where he can use this moment right as a real leadership moment right this may be a test for him as a president but he sees it now as a test of the great into live up to the moment but he sees this as a moment to sort of squelch in beat down citizens of the united states who have rightful righteous grievance and so i think donald trump will not will not rise to to the moment jennifer assuming donald trump does go down. this this way does put himself forward as the president of law and order does try to appeal to his his base of support is i mean is it likely to work for him being that the president of lore and order or putting himself or does the president of lower in order to work for nixon in $968.00 but this is not $968.00 is it going to work for trump. yeah
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there's a there's a number of ways in which this isn't 1968 and the main way in which it's different is that we have much greater partisan polarization today than we did in 1968 when there was actual agreement across the political parties on some issues even related to racial justice what i think is important to look at when we're trying to calculate both why trump is providing the rhetoric that he is and how successful it's likely to be is his track record and his track record shows that he has gained political advantage every time he has works to stoke divisions so it seems absolutely clear to me that the reason he is using this rhetoric that is very aggressive and very much centered on threat and security and this sort of machoism approach to understanding what's happening right now rather than listening to grievances is that every time in the past when he has used that type of rhetoric it
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has worked for him it has elevated him it has galvanized conservatives are certain elements of conservatism to his side and he's hoping that that will happen here he's doing that as a way to both distract from the disastrous american response to coronavirus and the disastrous economic consequences that we're now also experiencing and to rally his troops and create the divisions between his supporters and those that are raving grieve raising grievances about racial justice in the past it has worked whether or not it will continue to work as this dramatically escalates and is likely to continue to escalate i think remains to be seen it's not certain to me that she should count on it. mohamed in a report to you wrote back in 26 steyn to president trump was elected you posed this question will president trump now distance himself from the racist xenophobic assault on a stick and islam a foe the positions heralded for by candidate trump during his 17 month campaign those are your words your own question for his latest same what was saying now on
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the streets how would you answer your own question. so i heard high hopes he would learn from the practice of presidents the way the house and he would learn from. hands on. up this big. he was not from the political the fisherman but unfortunately i must express my ideas up long term and rico we have done the high on high end this tendency of pushing things need to wait we go through the un they don't think that we have a good. so kill all the brides those around him so whole building. like. this it could do what with the groups that he. is one of the 3 through the front wall of the if we didn't bring him the growth for wind since then and i think both gentleman's matter from seeking to do things that are
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going in there and. now he's left with more pomfrey in the lives of the sort of raising him probably i think one of the one of the main stakes is even being ripped in full 30 percent of the vote looking about right wing extreme right and even within the who need me to leave who would sue and then they resent me for him being a love in the snow or i think the dynamic things he has most learn to listen and also he has not really updated ringback the awareness of what we have won in the way america what we're going to have and i think it will end if i can put it in a nutshell he is not a president of leadership and manager. jumps from one crisis to another one on the things he can do if you sense that and i think this is going
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to be a moment of truth whether even those right wing will need to sit down and to deflect any then i think this is a little point in the history of cost efficient and democratic united states ok let's move on just from looking at donald trump now is america's moral legitimacy some might say it's even in the past tried to project moral superiority is that being eroded now. well i mean i think it's always been questionable particularly for those nations that have looked at earth around the world and have identified racism as a beer of law in the united states if you start in vietnamese are during the cold war so it's not new i think what is new is having this particular president donald trump is a businessman who knows leadership but he does not understand governance and when
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he doesn't understand about governance is that sometimes when you're leading you're also serving right most of the time what you are doing is being in service to your people to your citizens he does not understand that i think donald trump views the united states as a business and he wants to run it as a search and he wants to be able to be the last decision maker and all time to not understanding that he has unlimited power and that on purpose right the constitution is written in that way on purpose because they're supposed to be co-equal branch branches and right now with a he has been aided and abetted by a thin majority who is not saw fit to put a stop gap on some of these bad behavior and have gone right along for the ride so he hasn't done this by himself there are other actors who are also complicit in it and i absolutely think that the united states is doing in the world. because jennifer as we heard earlier various people have blamed various posses for stoking
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violence the majority of these protesters are peaceful but as we've heard you know trump has blamed anti fire was heard other sides blaming you know extreme right wing groups left wing groups foreign agents is blame being assigned for political game now. i think blame is probably almost always assigned for political gain and again this is part of donald trump's playbook you know he has not shown any interest in using messages of reconciliation or unity he uses much more aggressive rhetoric and to build a little bit on the point my colleague was just making not only is he i think it's fair to say that his skills are not just in business but they are in media he's he's kind of a media genius and he really does not appear to know very much about governance or bureaucracy or the structure of bureaucracy or even how his his own people who work
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under him often are organized you know he's been pointing to the leader of the chairman of joint chiefs of staff as taking over something which makes no sense he's he is that the chairman of the joint chiefs is essentially an adviser to the security at the white house that provides military advice for the for the strategic purposes of the president and he doesn't lead troops in that sense in any case it just emphasizes that what the way that trumps project leadership is by creating these divisions and assigning blame and raising a sense of outrage in a sense of anger and the more one side feels the side that is closer to him sort of galvanized by that than the other side of course in races up in opposition because it's incredibly on just it's often very violent the rhetoric he was using yesterday was incredibly incendiary talking about using military forces on american citizens
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we've never heard rhetoric like this from from an american president in this widespread kind of way it's incredibly unusual darry uncertain and i'm settling it's the type of rhetoric you hear from from authoritarian dictators not from united states president and it does wind up degrading and eroding further the the the democracy and. the level of democracy in united states to the extent that there are both judicial protection and civil liberties that are under threat and i think the world is seeing that speaking of authoritarian dictators mohamed trumps leadership has been compared to that of some middle east and maydays autocrat dictating his you may remember he referred to egypt sisi as his favorite dictator at the g 7 last year is that comparison fair comparing him to those surveyed is what i think the competitors in the news right we've been saying this idea that he is trying to militarize i don't host it's really different why do we need sold to
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you as to why those brothers of i think we have the leaders but this we have the government of the various states who can have a situation so there is no room for. injury and i think since my colleague mentioned you know the political coming. from so fun i was asking the question what to do is be the involvement from political mind or progress over the process on the how to you what is really all i can think of is the. new being done then. why is he good she said that he likes. him it's just his mom rick rising is going to free the really fun of him as a mother to him almost to the we all restrictions lefties are the
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only song with the old gun regained the new york slice of life to. me it was so. nice so you know we're not americans despite many of us being warm who really blow them over this day. with the we love your name or we find you reduce if you say everything is a series of rave you have neither of them so i think the unity of focus problem that we've been. unifying ringback. to relieve. the phone by the well is that i've been a rock doesn't have lost you know. breaks basically so we've. all been for now by as you said it's not all on donald trump's shoulders if we look to the more systemic racism here how can the conditions that have created this
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instead of make racism that we see now how can that be tackled same americans do vote out donald trump come november does that tackle anti blackness. absolutely not i mean that is a a a an american to me right a foundational principle of this country i mean this country was founded. on our native american removal in inflation in exclusion of all those who were not considered to be of the people right all those who were not considered american and so we thought that this was our rate a week. kind of stitched together country that never gat as far as it did without resistance the reason that there is a voting rights act and the reason that there's any kind of symbolism of. of social justice right now is because people have actively resisted their own exclusion in
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this country all of that comes before donald trump or what donald trump has done is brought that kind of racist feeling that has always sort of been there but had no place no place of safety and no place of legitimacy he's brought that in from out from the cold as if you have a place here i mean look at the people that he surrounded himself with it right like steven miller in the steve bands of the world now but that was just one last question to you given all of this ok if we're looking ahead i mean how should the truck administration change its rhetoric now what can donald trump do to change the course of what's happening on the ground now. well honestly i think he's painted themselves into a corner he has a law and order he has made that statement yesterday and i think it's very difficult for him to now walk it back because these groups that are on the ground have been telling us how to do that bring deescalate the situation take the police
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presence down don't but towners don't make the right let walk with that in fact these are very clear directive that he was getting all this week and instead he doubled down on being the president of law and order so i think for him to take a step back he would look weak and i think he would see himself as weak so i think he's committed right to this this language of violence and biting it inciting it the violence there is so i don't think there is anything he could do to change course even if he did i don't think people who like me and others will actually believe that it was sincere and all now ok we'll have to leave it there for a time i really appreciate all of your time from washington d.c. and now because to and jennifer victor and from doha mohamed in chicago we thank you thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website under there dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page
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