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minorities have cultures across the world. so no matter what you see al-jazeera will bring you the needs and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. a cautionary call from hong kong's leader to protesters as planned new security laws get closer to coming into effect. clum fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from our world headquarters in doha also ahead. remembering the war dead donald trump marks memorial day as a number of deaths from coronavirus in the u.s. edges closer to 100000 dying for an education the children in brooklyn
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a fossil caught up in conflicts that prevents them from going to school. and as people around the world are picked up at home because of the pandemic we take you to a part of qatar where red light is growing. thank you very much for joining us hong kong's leader is trying to ease fears about beijing's brand new security laws kerry has appealed for people to wait to see the details before they launch into another round of mass protests as a proposed laws are discussed behind closed doors insists imagist lation want trample on hong kong's rights and freedoms. we are very free society is sort of for the time being people have this freedom to say whatever they want to say but ultimately what is to be provided in this piece of legislation is for all of us to
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see in order to be assured that hong kong's freedoms will be preserved and hong kong's vibrancy and the core values in terms of the rule of law the independence of which should. the various rights and freedoms enjoyed by people will continue to be there to train e.u. is our correspondent in beijing joins us now live katrina the chinese national comics forty's discussing these hong kong security laws as we speak has anything filtered out at all. so far no we're still waiting on details we know that to today and yesterday that they were discussing the details of this bill and we know a lot of state media has come out in force these past 2 days to reassure the public that these fears of hong kong's freedoms being eroded are groundless that was basically the message of kerry lamb during her press conference today she was at pains to reassure an increasingly anxious public about the consequences of this law
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saying that these fears are groundless what makes hong kong hong kong what makes a different to any other province in china those things will remain the same the judiciary will be independent and that it will only target a handful of what you called law breakers that the majority she said of peace loving hong kong citizens will not be effective now this of course follows the announcement of this national security law by beijing last thursday it 1st came to light that they were discussing this and this bans secession treason and subversion as beijing sees it and many politicians in hong kong are furious about this as saying that this is the death knell of the one country 2 systems policy this is indeed the biggest challenge to hong kong's autonomy that beijing has launched since the hand over the british colony in 1997 and it has brought back some of those fears protests that we were seeing preplanned demick with some scuffles between police and protesters on the weekends and tear gas being thrown some of the
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details that kerry did seem to message to indicate in her press conference she said that the law would not be applied retroactively she said that those assumptions were imagined imagination so they cannot take this law and then arrest protests for protests or activities that happened previously so that's some relief but then she did also say that hong kong rights and freedoms are not absolute so that is quite telling that things will change and we suspect that this law may mean that no. for chinese security agencies chinese intelligence agencies will expand their presence in hong kong so they'll be able to do much more there and also potentially take people back to the mainland for questioning so we expect to hear more details about that law once china's national people's congress wraps up later this week on this day thank you very much for that katrina you live for us there in beijing. and china is preparing to repat treat its citizens in india ask corona virus infections
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their rise the embassy in new delhi the chinese embassy notify people of the plan on monday they have until wednesday to register to leave those suspected or diagnosed with over 1000 won't be able to go back india has announced an increase in a number of you infections in the past few days. u.s. president donald trump and democratic presidential candidate joe biden have both been marking memorial day and national holiday honoring the nation's war dead the event was overshadowed has been overshadowed by the cone of ice pandemic as the death toll in the u.s. nears 100000 rob reynolds reports. president donald trump visited fort mchenry in baltimore the site of a victory by u.s. forces over british invaders in $1814.00 the president framed the struggle to control the coronavirus pandemic in military terms together we will then where's
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the virus and america will rise from this crisis to new and even greater heights as our brave warriors have shown us from the nation's earliest days in america we are the captains of our own fate. in less than 6 months covert 19 has killed more americans than all who died in the vietnam war the war in korea and the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan combined former vice president joe biden the presumptive democratic party nominee made his 1st public appearance in 2 months he and his wife jill laid a wreath that a veteran this memorial in delaware the bidens wore masks something trump has refused to do in public the world health organization announced it was stopping trials of the anti-malarial drug hydroxy chloroquine do just safety concerns
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trump has touted the drug as a treatment for covert 19 and claimed he has been taking it to ward off infection despite lack of scientific evidence of its effectiveness the w h o's head of emergency programs warn countries to remain vigilant to avoid a resurgence of the pandemic countries around the world have to continue to put in place the public health of social measures the surveillance measures the public health measures the testing measures and a comprehensive strategy to ensure that we continue on a downward trajectory and that we don't have an immediate 2nd peak but social distancing seemed far from the minds of parents and children who flock to a water park in texas the park reopened despite orders by the state's governor that amusement parks should remain closed some splashy holiday fun heedless of
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potentially serious risks rob reynolds al-jazeera. to burkina faso now which is facing an education crisis after years of conflict according to human rights watch there was a rise in attacks on schools last year 12 teachers were killed in $2900.00 lone. role islam and i saw affiliates have claimed responsibility for many of these attacks before the government closed all schools in mid march in response to the coronavirus pandemic 2500 schools were closed to safety reasons it says national any $350000.00 students without access to an education al-jazeera as nic cock reports. armed gunmen had warned for 2 months and other children in her class not to go to school but they didn't listen and continued attending lessons during french class she heard the sound of gunfire fatoumata head close your eyes and
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prayed for her life. is only you close. to this i thought it was going to kill me ask children and teachers to leave warning they no longer want to see children learning in school. and i had the armed men burned books and the children's notepad some teachers like mr so we'll go escaped others were executed but. they told us to stop teaching in french that is their main issue they are targeting schools to fight the government in april 2019 we traveled to teacher i wouldn't go into too much as villages after fighters of the slum exceed in the greater killed a local pastor and members of the congregation shortly after they killed any moment worshippers in january they went to the towns of market and shot down merchants. according to the u.n. 848000 people have been displaced from the northern region fleeing the violence
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like for 2 months most are children with school shut the no longer receive an education. human rights watch says instead children beg for food or work with many young girls forced into early marriages school in a time of conflict is so important because it provides a place where you can have a routine and some security for students in which they were in where the rest of their life is in chaos and turmoil in addition to you have opportunities for the future and the longer that they get behind some of them may decide to drop out security forces are turning primary schools into military camps and this has made schools even more vulnerable to attacks from armed groups. the government says education is the country's priority but most facilities are shut. since the corona virus outbreak classes are being broadcast on t.v. for those children who have the luxury to watch it not for far too much who misses
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her math teacher but. she now makes careful count of the $20.00 a month she earns in this vegetable stall while it isn't enough to feed her 7 relatives or pay for an education she says $1.00 day she will be back at school to become a math teacher nicholas hawke al-jazeera. straight ahead on al-jazeera why election results in suriname could mean the difference between staying in office or prison for the president struggling to make ends meet how some workers in the philippines have been getting by during the current advice knocked down. how we've got some rather cold and shallow weather across central and eastern parts of you but it's a swarming out from the west clear skies here high pressure in shots so lots of
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sunshine and it's warm sunshine looking at temperatures getting up to $24.00 celsius in london on tuesday off in the around $26.00 the florida paris push a little further a switch but 7 same here in vienna 19 in warsaw will be up to around 20 there in but i mean you can see those showers in play there for the central and eastern parts of the continue not seeing the white further east was bryce's guys coming back in behind so the showers becoming confined to ukraine down towards rumania garia down towards what was still see a few showers just clinging on around grace for the west is warm dry and sunny still a few showers into west central parts of spain but they're in the process of easing as well fine and dry across a good part of north africa lots of warm sunshine coming through because the showers further south we've got the showers popping up now around the gulf of guinea will see the showers there to cameroon into look at part of nigeria through gonna very heavy rain sunny a possibility towards liberia at also into sierra leone the showers across the
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straits the way across central parts of africa still a few showers there through south sudan into the ethiopian highlands. after more than a decade of civil war life remains a challenge in sierra leone. full of the citizens of this war torn nation as they push their limits of course a ploy. risking using sierra leone. on al-jazeera. in the world.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories this hour china is preparing to repatriate its citizens in india as corona virus infections there buys the chinese embassy in new delhi notified nationals of the plan on monday they have until wednesday to register to me and hong kong's leader carry naam has defended beijing interpose new security laws she says an education want to impact hong kong's rise in freedoms and that fear is people will be arrested for speaking out are imagine. let's speak to claudia more about this she is a journalist and politician a democratic legislature in hong kong joins us via skype thank you very much for being with us claudia so let me ask you 1st how you know you view this message from carry lamb she is trying to be reassuring well this speech perceived as reassuring
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by hong kong residents. in the reassuring ships i'm afraid carrie learn has completely lost trust amongst the hong kong people of course she would need to be send what beijing wants to do with hong kong that she's doing it beijing's. beijing being her the real boss not the hong kong people now who actually say today attack the foreign politicians who adopting double standard because they too in western societies and countries have national security laws so what's the problem she wouldn't say. that in say a proper a morton western society there are proper saturation of how worse with checks and balances and they have grown fast press and on lying
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the internet to discussions the she will issue with all of that and say you have got it too so what's wrong with us now getting one right calling they are not a national security law. yet the truth is that we really don't know much about these laws yet there are a lot of details that are still being ironed out it would seem in beijing she said kerry ma'am that this law would only target a handful of lawbreakers that it protects the vast majority of law abiding peace loving residents in hong kong her words. but again we don't know the details there are a lot of things that we still don't know and the process says well do you expect the people of hong kong to have a say in it any of it. no not nothing i mean kerry lamb i would say all is well all is wonderful on behalf of on calm and that's about it
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i'm afraid but that's been as i was going to say as she was going into lecture lee dishonest oh she was saying that only a handful would be affected well i mean hong kong has a population of 7500000 people and our n.t. government protests this sense last june almost a year now they've arrested that that was no more than 10000 feet so if you look at the numbers. the arrestees are a very small number but that's not the wind the point is they are claiming a genius claiming complete jurisdiction over hong kong and they can do whatever they want because beijing has now realised that too many gaping homes and their version of the one country 2 systems in hong kong the hong kong story the homes
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being that hong kong people it turns out actually enjoy freedoms and rights to protest to criticise to complain to want some change and they think in beijing they think they've had enough of this and they're cracking down on us so how how then will hong kong residents and you know will respond to this how much bigger do you anticipate the anti-government protests that we've seen in the last year will geddes as a result of this. no that's the fairy hawk breaking trend in hong kong technically we can say no to anything because if you say oh this new low there is a technically an constitutional that's what some of our legal experts here are saying but then it's a chain itself though that is the constitution so what are you challenging then who are you trying to challenge right and we kneel taking to the streets and seeing the
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young getting getting all beaten up and and arrested for that sort of protest just may not be very sustainable but then the young are fighting for their future it's a van field and people in my generation and each and. what we could we should truth at least and show some i'm a standing right and so we're going to have a very i'm settling a thank you so much for talking to us about this and giving us your reaction claudia mole joining us and politician joining us advised i thank you for your thoughts. now the polls have closed in the south american nation and results could mean the difference between 5 more years in office for the president or possibly prison busy protests he was convicted of murder last year in connection with 1982 killings if it is on its money or up and over. voters
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went to the polls in certain am on monday in the country's capital a curfew aimed at containing the spread of coronavirus was lifted to allow people to leave their homes and participate in the national elections. boarders dawn the colors of their political parties as they made their way to the polls this have at my since i received my id card i can vote i'm a die hard member of the progressive reform party we're doing our job at the election station. some 380000 are eligible to vote in the country of 600000 inhabitants for many the number one issue is the economy my hope is that my people who work for change and that they will realize that they deserve so much better than they are getting right now so i don't know what's going to happen letting everything open but that's my hope here the ballots cast on monday were to elect members of the national assembly which is tasked with choosing the nation's leader . for surnames president desi belters who has ruled the country on and off for the
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last 40 years there's a lot riding on this election last year was found guilty of ordering the killings of 15 political opponents in 1902 the president is due in court again next month for mr about this and this election is very important because he has been sentenced to my decor to 20 years in jail for the murder and 15 opponents in 92 and as long as he's president. community from getting to jail. voters came to power through a military coup in. 1980 less than 5 years after the country's independence from the netherlands he spent much of the ninety's in the sidelines of government but returned as certain as president in 2010 is counting on reelection to avoid prison for voters though or more focused on a plummeting economy made worse by the corona virus is spread through south america
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the international monetary fund predicts economy will contract by 4.9 percent in 2020. should. the debt is. well i don't think days are as bad as. first of all we have a lot in prospect of oil and gas. for 5 years so that gives some going for elections observers from the organization of american states or overseeing surnames electoral process while the government has eased restrictions under the coronavirus walked down the country's borders remain closed but ended up al-jazeera. the daily coronavirus death toll in brazil has exceeded that of the united states for the 1st time the south american nation recorded 807 deaths in the past 24 hours while 620 people died in the us
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has more than 370000 confirmed infections 23000 people have died and a ban on foreign travelers arriving in the u.s. from brazil is due to go into effects later on tuesday 2 days earlier than planned a handful of brazilians have been scrambling to get on fights ahead of the u.s. tractions the white house says the measures will prevent additional infections in the united states. in el salvador 3 dozen inmates have tested positive for 19 the prison system was already facing criticism from rights groups over harsh conditions the government is now implementing stricter health and isolation product prevent the virus spreading any further salvador has reported around 2000 confirmed cases and $35.00 deaths now more than 2 and a half 1000000 filipinos have lost their jobs during a 2 month long down hardest hit have been no paid workers who are now forced to beg for food i mean an indian has a story from manila. julius even the least
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a used to earn around $300.00 a month as a jeepney driver that was barely enough to feed his family but he says somehow they were able to get by but life became much worse 2 months ago when the lockdown was imposed by the government to stop the spread of coronavirus he's unable to work and before the house rent in manila so they live like this now in a cheap begging in the street just to feed his family. this is really tragic concealed the children suffers. the situation here and we don't know in our next meeting. christian going to see also says the pandemic brought more suffering for his family he used to be a professional photographer but when the lockdown of the entire region of luzon happened work stopped coming in to. he found a job as
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a delivery driver earning less than half of what he used to image and i know i love god more professional ain't gonna imagine and years and years of professional experience i swallowed my pride and roll up my sleeves yes so i can earn thanks are heard but we simply don't have a choice anymore it is some other absurd by below the philippine government implemented one of the world's a strictest and longest quarantines a 2 month lock down for more than $50000000.00 filipinos the region of luzon accounts for at least 75 percent of the entire economy quarantine restrictions were recently eased in an attempt to restore some normalcy and limit the economic damage after 2 decades of uninterrupted grooves. but at least 2 and a half 1000000 filipinos have already lost their jobs since the lockdown began and the government says millions more are expected to be unemployed this year the impact of this health crisis is causing quite secular suffering to those who have
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very little to begin with. the government is giving cash aid to millions of impoverished families but leaders admit resources are already stretched and much of the government's so-called calamity fund has been used up those like julius of always lived on the fringes say they feel left out if the virus doesn't kill them they say hunger most likely will similarly in dog and manila. now parse of the natural world are flourishing during the coronavirus long downs here in qatar it's having a positive effect on an array of wildlife from whale sharks to turtles and hundreds of species of birds 70 deca has a story. every sunset off the coast of cats are a little bit of magic happens. thousands of course return to this island where they spend their nights. these beautiful images were taken by dr
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mussen. a qatari marine environmentalist we joined him on one of his recent trips he shows us the different species of birds we were these are herons like me when i fix the camera on the so you. think. it's there for me. so i can do something you know how to protect them from from the future. if you seem to know just how rich catarrh is in wildlife there are at least 200 species of birds and as we get closer to this little eyelet. they keep circling above us. and this is incredibly beautiful what they're actually doing because defensive behavior because there's a little island that they are that they are resting on for they're going to get off
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. to move and this northern part of cattle really not many people come here and so really nature left to itself. huge restrictions on movement due to the coronavirus there are hardly any boats on the water anymore and it's having an impact have you observed a change in nature due to corona and less people on the water less people out. not just anybody with even the vision you can see a clear sky everywhere the water to be clear more fierce coming close to the area and. tell us one thing where does. the. captain ahmed navigate the waters for us he works for the wildlife protection unit in the ministry of the environment he tells. since the pandemic started nature has blossomed. we spot flamingos casually strolling the shallow waters for food.
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but the sun is starting to set and we have to go on. we don't want to miss the main event. it is quite a spectacle. thousands of cormorants have been feeding all around cataract out the day and now is as the sun is setting coming back to where they spend the night and it's incredible to see they're just flying over our heads thousands and thousands of them. it continues until the sun disappears and in the dark we stumble across one last treat do you want to hear oh yeah then back on the 3rd of the north with we've been if this will come again to us tonight oh well yeah but maybe he will come out on by with the hearty that in total egg hatching season starts now and all these areas are protected we're told to walk into a lot of support has been given by the ministry of municipality and environment people
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are now aware of the importance of wildlife so the result has been great and the numbers of birds and turtles have increased as many of us are forced to stay home there are less cars less airplanes less boats less pollution and it seems at least here in this part of qatar the natural world is thankful stephanie decker al-jazeera of the qatari coast. my. dear again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera hong kong's leader kerry lamb has defended beijing as for paul's security laws she says the legislation want to impact hong kong's rights and freedoms and that fierce people will be arrested for speaking out our imagined katrina you was listening to carry lamb speech in beijing. she was at pains to reassure an increasingly anxious public about the consequences of this law saying that these fears are groundless what
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makes hong kong hong kong what makes it different to any other province in china those things will remain the same the judiciary will be independent and that it will only target a handful of what you called law breakers that the majority she said of peace loving hong kong citizens will not be effective now this of course follows the announcement of this national security law by beijing last thursday. china is preparing to repatriate its citizens in india as corona virus infections advise the chinese embassy in new delhi notified nationals of the plan on monday they have until wednesday to register to leave the world health organization has balls the global trial of the drug. over safety concerns the anti-malarial drug was being tested as a possible treatment focal that 19 a temporary suspension comes after a study said people taking the drug were at higher risk of death the daily coronavirus death toll in brazil has exceeded that of the united states for the 1st
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time a south american nation recorded 807 deaths in the past 24 hours 620 people died in the us has more than 370000 confirmed infections 23000 people have died in el salvador 3 dozen inmates have tested positive focal that 19 the prison system was already facing criticism from my school so harsh conditions the government is now implementing strict to health and isolation product all super event this virus from spreading any further out salvador has reported around 2000 confirmed cases and 35 deaths and polls have closed in suriname where long serving president de siebel tennessee is seeking another term despite being convicted of murder but tessie cost his vote in the election for the national assembly in the capitol those are the headlines coming up next it's inside story. when a prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own parliament that call means
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a lot to the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments that american a changing the world we live in get a break sit down that was a slogan that won it for the prime minister boris johnson counting the cost on al-jazeera. he's been fighting those he's called the terrorists now syria's president is turning on his closest bernese. complicating the assets of the billionaire rami muffled he just happens to be his cousin so what is exactly triggered this now after 9 years of war if there's inside story. hello i'm come all santamaria in a circle of syria's president bashar al assad has.


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