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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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investigation asks whether water should be a free natural resource or a commodity traded for profit and what the u.s. election shaping up as the country calls it 19 we'll look into whether it can survive this historic said june announces iraq. a passenger jet crashes into a crowded neighborhood of karate killing all but 2 of the 99 people on board. they want to know is there a live from london i'm dead navigator also a heads the world health organization says latin america has become the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic as brazil's death toll possums 20000. with
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as few as $31.00 people tested per 1000000 warnings war torn countries like yemen jeopardize the global fight to contain covert 90. and hong kong activists call for people to rise up against beijing's plans to impose national security laws on the city. hello thanks for joining us an airbus jet liner with 99 people on board has crashed into a crowded neighborhood near the airport in the coastal pakistani city of karachi 2 of the passengers survived it's not known how many people were killed or injured on the ground aviation officials say it's too soon to determine what caused the crash harding has more. the crash happened as the pakistan international airlines flight was attempting to land for
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a 2nd time. initial reports say the airbus pilot sent a mayday message reporting problems with both engines and made a go around a few minutes later the airliner came down in a highly populated residential area near karate international airport the horse that actually got up the funding for just the last words we heard from the pilots was that there were technical problems he was told on the final approach the both throwaways are ready and you can learn the pilot decided he will to go around for that reason the technical problem was well good to go and look at that. airplane parts were strewn among burning homes security forces were sent to help the rescue operation and managed to pull at least 2 passengers from the wreckage pakistan's prime minister imran khan tweeted saying that he was shocked and saddened by the crash offering prayers and condolences to the families of the dead. aviation apps
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identify the aircraft as a 15 year old airbus a $320.00 it was one of the 1st in p.i.a.'s fleet to restart flying this week after flights were grounded to stop the spread of the coronavirus. crash investigators are expected to arrive to begin the search for clues and find out what went wrong on the relatively short flight of an hour and 45 minutes from lahore to karachi the crash coincides with the end of ramadan normally a busy time for travelers returning home for the need holiday it's also 4 years since another air crash in pakistan during ramadan killed all $47.00 people on board the hearting al-jazeera. haidar has the latest from islamabad. well we now know that there were $99.00 people on board earlier it was said that there were $98.00 people on board and those 2 people being rescued and also by the 1st responders it was the locals in the area also ways that rescue teams arrived
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but because just. yesterday with narrow alleyways leading to the site of the crash the military was then called in red to heavy equipment to try and catch access and . now nightfall rescue and relief efforts are still underway many people are trapped under the rubble. and most of the people who have been turning up in hospital with serious injuries emphatically other people who were on the ground at the time of that crash investigators obviously now will be looking out towards really happened in the final moments after that mayday signal but it appears that the plane was gliding which started engines i'd already gone and probably dodge one of the reasons but investigators really have to find their ears because they did indeed a tragedy does particular story is likely to remain for the next granted 38 hours
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because the rescue effort is going to be difficult it is nighttime it is ramadan and people will be working around the clock to anybody's botted under the rubble of those destroyed homes. the world health organization has raised the alarm about the current virus outbreak in south america the agency's executive director of health emergencies has also warned against turning to untested treatments. south america has become a new at the center for the disease we've seen many shows american countries with. increasing numbers of cases. and clearly there's a concern across many of those countries but certainly the most affected is that at this point. we also know. the government of brazil has approved
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the use of hydroxy chloroquine for broader use but we do point to the fact that our current clinical systematic review is carried out by a kind of american health organization and the current claim that clinical evidence does not support the widespread use of hydroxy chloroquine for the treatment of cope with 19 or brazil's coronavirus death toll has now passed 20000 after almost 1200 deaths were recorded in one day and health experts say the true figure could be much higher due to a lack of testing the number of confirmed infections is over 300000 making brazil the 3rd worst affected country after the u.s. and russia despite that president dire balsa narrow continues to press for reopening off the nation's economy let's bring in john home and he's joining us from mexico city to 1st discuss brazil and how all of this is going down over there . i think you summed up there in terms of that the
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president is asking for the economy to reopen that's what he wants he wants to get people back to work and he's wanted that really since this crisis began to hit coronavirus but state governments especially rio de janeiro and sao paolo a municipal governments in brazil are saying no we've got to keep this closed down we've got to have quarantine because otherwise our room hospital services are going to be completely overstretch and that has happened in parts of the country like this if man now it's in the amazon region of brazil which really was sort of overcome by all of this so there's a real tension there with the government with the president lawyer heads with the lower level of authority and with other thinkers in his own government this is a president that's lost 2 of his and 2 of his health ministers over the last few weeks since this crisis began in brazil so this is a country that seen crisis is the worst hit of all of the countries in latin america and that sort of dislocation of powers and pulling in different cities
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directions isn't helping it and john as w.h.o. said latin america is the new epicenter so what is the situation like in the rest of the region. well where we are now in mexico the situation is getting worse in terms of that there's still daily record number of cases and this was despite the fact that the government had said that in the 2nd week of may if everyone stayed in their houses that this were peak and then we'd start see a decline there and that's a bit worrying for mexico because from the 1st of june it's going to start a gradual reopening of the country i thought that it did get past the peak but we've yet to see if that's going to happen it's going to be fairly close to the peak even if they do do that when we go further south the country of peru at the moment we're looking at a lot and that's because in the last 2 weeks the number of cases has doubled there and that's despite the fact that peru had quite an early look down quite
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a sort of therm aggressive lockdown the government really went hard to try and deal with this but what health experts there are saying is that that was ignored by a lot of people that a lot of people keep going out in the street it's a country where 70 percent of people live hand to mouth and so people were going out and it's now facing its own sort of coronavirus crisis in that country the country of ecuador as well for some time now has been a sort of a center of worry about coronavirus especially the city of wire kill when seeing in weeks past images reports coming out of bodies being kept in houses because they haven't or sometimes even in the streets because they haven't been able to have space made for them in morgues so that's another country that's trying to deal with this on the other end of the spectrum is costa rica and that's a country that's dealt with this so well that they've managed to open up their football league again the only country in latin america that's managed to reopen up
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the football league all right john home and thank you for that update from mexico. now the international rescue committee is warning that a lack of testing in countries affected by conflict is jeopardizing global efforts to contain covert 19 it's data highlights the danger of undetected and uncontrolled outbreaks in countries like yemen which is only done $31.00 tests per 1000000 people northeast syria at a rate of $59.00 per 1000000 in comparison germany has carried out more than $42000.00 tests per 1000000 war torn states also have the highest covert test positivity suggesting a far larger but undetected level of people have in fact been infected in somalia 45 percent of those tested came back positive for the virus in afghanistan the figure stands at 30 point one percent but in germany only 6 percent of the tests have come back positive while the united nations says yemen's health system has essentially collapsed so the country's reported about $200.00 cases of cope with
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1030 deaths but aid agencies believe the number of infections is likely much higher catch a look at her day on reports. for many life in yemen was already difficult before the coronavirus now the pandemic is making things even worse over the last 2 months more than 20000 families have turned to camps like lisa in the ma'ariv governorate their homes are now makeshift tents health care here is limited social distancing impossible the u.n. says yemen's health care system has essentially collapsed we hear from many of them that yemen is really on the brink right there the situation is extremely alarming they are talking about that the health system has in effect collapsed they are talking about having to train people away because they do not have an oxygen they do not have a lot of the protective equipment doctors are getting ready for
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a rise in the number of patients but they have little to offer them yemen is particularly vulnerable to the strain of the virus poverty and water shortages have left the war torn country highly susceptible to disease and money is running out we are heading towards a fiscal cliff if we do not get the money coming in the programs that are keeping people alive and very much essential to fight back and gets cold it will have to close and then have to witness what happened in a country without a functional health system that can cope with 98 agencies say infections are likely underreported because of scar's testing limited resources and government secrecy and calls to stop the fighting amid the pandemic have been ignored they've even more people at risk was forced out of their homes by armed men conflict file and this is the dominant dicked on international diplomacy in their lives why humans of
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the armed groups. but also the security council which has not in any way. the secretary general can. corral not irish she's trying 5 years of war between allies of yemen's government and who the forces have destroyed or close more than half of the country's health facilities people are now left facing a disease that threatens to further cripple their country already devastated by war . of the young al-jazeera a surge of corona virus infections and doug a stunt has prompted the russian government to build field hospitals the caucasus region of southern russia has become one of the hardest hit in the country there have been reports of overwhelmed hospitals and medical staff dying after a contract in the virus according to official numbers there are 4000 confirmed cases in dagestan but experts say the number is much higher with nearly 700 deaths
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recorded from quote pneumonia. still to come on al-jazeera in just a moment despite a death toll that's nearing 100000 sun starved americans get ready to hit their newly opened beaches. with their possessions washed away or smashed by the storm cycling victims in india and bangladesh seek out to start again. how i would say the big cool from the weather across southeastern europe with sundry downpours breaking that hates those and rather wets when the blustery conditions up towards the northwest with quite a tight little area of low pressure rattling across the british isles bring some heavy rain across scotland that will push across into norway i make fun of this
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weather system which runs all the way back across the central parts of europe sit down into the out so we're going to see some rather heavy rain from time to time we can see that grassy sinking further southward and ace was behind 18 celsius there in london somewhat cooler into the southeast as well ahead of that system of around $25.00 celsius for athens still a few showers there into eastern turkey as we go on into sunday but dry weather does come back in temperatures holding on into the mid twenty's for the time being a few showers rolling across the balkans some wet weather also pushing over towards moscow where temperatures are struggling to get towards double figures 9 celsius is around 9 or 10 degrees below the seasonal average made it warms up up towards the northwest of europe so london getting into the low twenty's i with the next couple of days still the parts of africa still generally fine and dry still very warm it's a current $33.00 degrees somewhat cola but pleasant there for bats at $28.00 degrees.
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more than 10 years after the global financial crisis you've taken home more than 480000000 dollars your company is now bankrupt our economy is in the state of crisis i have a very basic question for you this is where millions lost their homes in the u.s. alone who's held responsible i will be fabulously wealthy and i will pay and price for it thank the lord the man who still looms on al-jazeera. the. fellow again the top stories on al-jazeera an air bus jetliner with 1000. residents
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still area near kharaj civil aviation authorities say 2 passengers survived as brazil's coronavirus death toll possum's 20000 the world health organization south america is now the epicenter of the pandemic. the united nations says yemen tell system has essentially collapsed the country has reported about 200 cases of code 1030 deaths but aid agencies believe the number for infections is likely much higher. the president all trump says he'll order the u.s. flag to be flown at half mast over the next 3 days as the u.s. coronavirus death toll approaches 100000 all 50 states have partially reopened after 2 months shut down even though some are still recording a rising number of new infections trump has been urging governors to safely open the country to help the economy recover despite fears that could lead to a 2nd wave he's also called for houses of worship to reopen this weekend saying
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he'll override any governors who don't allow it's let's bring in chris the salumi is joining us from long beach over new york with a question is whether he has the author already to do so chris that. yeah it's really not clear but he is promising to override governors who don't listen to his order to reopen churches here in new york the governor has already said there can be worship ceremonies of 10 people or less he's encouraging churches to have parking lot services and things outside to maintain safe social distancing in order to be able to do that. but there's a lot of questions about how this is going to be implemented i'm in long beach new york right now which is just outside of new york city and they are still officially under lockdown here they have not begun official reopening but the beaches are reopening here and in other places throughout the state and the northeast and we're
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going to talk to a member of the new york state assembly about this todd kaminsky. can you talk about efforts to reopen the beach are you confident that it's safe to do that here given it's still a hot spot where we've seen more cases than anywhere else in in the country new york city that is in the greater new york area show a welcome to long beach you know that the beaches here are the lifeblood of our economy they're part of right then to the i grew up in this community so we're really happy to be having them open albeit at 50 percent capacity so tomorrow morning when these beaches officially open it'll be act one scene one of a brand new play where there's never been a dress rehearsal i have confident confidence in the officials here to be able to regulate this and figure out how to do this the town here and the surrounding beaches frankly a long island have said that they're limited to residents of these areas only because when the city announced that they won't be opening there was a fear that it's really hard to keep a safe and healthy beaches 50 percent capacity with tens of thousands of people
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coming out from the city so we're going to try this on a local basis tomorrow see how we could do social distancing at 50 percent to be honest with you the weather looks crummy for tomorrow so it's really an issue. for sunday and monday but i have confidence we could do this i think people will bring their mass will act responsibly and hopefully as the virus receives more and more and people do their part to have that happen we can have less restrictions on the beach but just to have the beach at this time just have this boardwalk here in the background is just a wonderful thing people are jubilant as this open yesterday coming on the boardwalk for the 1st time in a few months it's a sign of hope and hopefully we'll be able to handle it this week and yeah you talked about new york city not officially opening its speeches do you think people know the difference between what's happening in new york city and what's happening here you know do you have to wear a mask here are people going to know that i mean given there's been so much so many different rules for different jurisdictions how is that going to are you concerned
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sure well for the you know new yorkers should know by now you should bring your mask everywhere you go you don't know where you're going to be encountering somebody and even on the beach if you're able to be 60 from someone else you may have to go to the bathroom walk to an entrance or an exit go down by the water where maybe a little more crowded so you have to bring your mask with you wear it when it's necessary and you know at this point we should all be comfortable doing this or as comfortable as a is going to be and you know the city is kind of made for the refinement on the rules they said you could come sit on their beaches walk on the beaches that's what most people can do anyway so. you know i think there will be city people go into the city the state beaches out here in long island jones beach is the most famous will be open for everyone the local beaches here will be for the residents around here and then we'll have to see if these restrictions can be loosened up and hopefully this weekend will be a good test of how well we could do and you know continue to have more access to things as the virus recede yeah certainly i know a lot of people looking forward to getting outside this weekend should the weather
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cooperate one thing about new york city that i should tell our viewers one of the reasons that the mayor there has been so resistant to opening up the beaches for swimming with lifeguards and so on as the senator said people can walk there. is that people in the city are so reliant on public transportation and that's one thing that they're concerned about in a city of 8 and a half 1000000 people flooding the subway system in the buses to get to the beach to get some relief from this 2 months of lockdown that they've been seeing they're really worried that would be just too much so they are promising to take it slow but a lot of pressure for the mayor to reopen the beaches they are as there is pressure all over the country to start getting things back to normal but also fear about doing so safely. allouni thank you thank you for that update. now hong kong's chief executive kerry says her governments will work with beijing to introduce a new national security law as soon as possible so the proposal to ban treason
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secession sedition and submersion subversion could see mainland intelligence agencies set up in hong kong the important thing is for the people hong kong to realize that with no protection of national security many of the things we enjoy many of the things that we treasure. will be lost so this is really the time for us not to waste any more time and to get on with this important than just native safe thoughts the plan has already triggered protests leading pro-democracy figures say it's the end of one country 2 systems which was supposed to continue until 2047. thank you realize that how they really like universal values those human rights principle that we believe we must want you to fight you about my case the national security law just like how that's going to be for the
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government so we've got a local version of each other to be able to try to you know. well the u.s. secretary of state my home peo has called the proposal arbitrary and disastrous saying it could affect hong kong special status the bill was proposed that china's national people's congress and beijing also announced it won't set growth targets for the 1st time in decades as a chests its focus to repairing the economy post pandemic adrian brown has more from hong kong on how people there have reacted to news of the security law. well this has been a dark day for people who were already concerned about autonomy here in hong kong now china's leaders say that this new law is needed to come back things like terrorism succession sedition as well as foreign interference now the latter is a reference to the united states which beijing has often accused of being behind and funding some of the protests here in hong kong now on friday this new law was
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debated by members of china's national people's congress that's the parliament which meets once a year in beijing and it seems this new law could take effect as early as august there were protests in hong kong on friday as well as skirmishes inside the legislative assembly now currently social distancing rules mean that people can't gather in the streets in groups of more than 8 now those rules of judah continue until june the 4th the question i guess is when will those rules be lifted and what happens when they are will there be a return of those big street protests that we saw last year in the meantime hong kong's government says it will fully implement this new legislation it says the legislation is needed to punish those who create violence as well as punish those who support independence there was one line in premier league chung's speak to the
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n.p.c. on friday which has started a lot of speculation here in hong kong he said that there needs to be a mechanism to ensure the law is implemented that is led to many people suggesting that china might now set up its own spy agency here in hong kong something that would be separate but parallel to the hong kong police force. well india's prime minister narendra modi has visited the areas hardest hit by the region's most powerful cycle in decades at least 96 people died in eastern india as well as neighboring bangladesh and they are 40 are struggling to restore road links and electricity to millions of homes priyanka gupta has more. there is nothing left to save for bundled up patra and her family. who are hours of cycle non-fan destroyed her home built over
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a lifetime and both spangled state. storm came the day before yesterday and tore through our roof i was at home at the time and i had to rush outside for safety. for farmers such as from present marco a lot of calls to peak harvest season is devastating. they are trying to salvage whatever they can to survive what looks like a daunting summer ahead with their income on food gone. ok we're going. we've lost all our crops farmers that lost their grains and their livestock the situation is very bad. india's prime minister nuri interim or the new into the provincial capital kolkata a city of 14000000 people will repair crews are racing to clear the wreckage of fallen trees untangled pollens to switch electricity supplies back on more these under pressure to declare a national disaster which would allow more thought of funds and support for the
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damaged states away spangle on neighboring odisha i think that. we're still allocating $131000000.00 to the state of west bengal at the moment so they don't face any troubles in restoring normalcy it's a similar picture of devastation in neighboring bangladesh where coastal areas and districts were also battered by sight on fun. social distancing is difficult here with the need for survival more pressing under threat of corner virus. $26.00 areas have been affected and all $26.00 areas have reported destruction it's still hard to assess exactly how much damage has been caused by the cycle and officials will lead us now in about 7 days and there are many remote areas including the. region of india. which the main. experts are trying to sense just how much damage the site has left behind.
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and to see our forces loyal to libya's u.n. recognized government are mobilizing around the town of town hall now that's around 100 kilometers southeast of the capital tripoli it comes a day after they seize control of the strategic town of la on an important supply route for troops allied to warlord khalifa haftar has been waging a year long campaign to seize the capital but government troops have made significant gains recently capturing several towns as well as a major air base the u.n. special operator who investigated the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi says the fight for justice isn't over. is calling on the u.s. to publish secret findings on the saudi crown prince mohammed bin said a man's involvement in the crime this after these children said they forgave their
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father's killers clearing the way for them to be spared the death penalty the journalist fiance has rejected their forgiveness and says no one has the right to pardon his killers. well you can find much more on democrats of g.e. on our web site al jazeera dot com there you can head and find out more about the day's top stories all the latest news on the pakistan passenger plane crash that killed 1000 i people it's all that al jazeera dot com. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera an airbus jetliner with 99 people on board has crossed into a crowded neighborhood near the airport in the coastal pakistani city of karachi there are at least 2 survivors on the plane it's not known how many people were killed or injured on the ground the cause of the cross is still under investigation
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brazil's coronavirus death toll has now passed 20000 after almost 1200 deaths were recorded in one day and health experts say the true figure could be much higher due to a lack of testing the world health organization says south america has now emerged as the epicenter of the global pandemic it has become a new at the center for the disease we've seen many shows american countries with. increasing numbers of cases. and clearly there's a concern across many of those countries but certainly the most affected is that at this point. we also know that. the government of brazil has approved the use of hydroxy chloroquine for broader use we do point to the fact that our current clinical systematic review is carried out by of 10 americans health organization and the current claim that clinical evidence does not support the
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widespread use of hydroxycut requests for the treatment with 90. the united nations says yemen's health system is essential the collapsed country has reported about $200.00 cases of covert $1030.00 deaths but yemen has one of the lowest rates of coronavirus testing in the world at only $31.00 per 1000000 people hear us president says he'll order the u.s. flag to be flown at half staff over the next 3 days as the u.s. coronavirus death toll approaches 100000 all 50 states have partially reopened after a 2 month shutdown even though some are still recording a rising number of new infections trump has called for houses of worship to reopen this weekend saying he'll override any governors who don't allow it's up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera we'll have more news coming up after risking it all and borneo we're looking at the people who transport giant logs
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along dangerous rivers that's next.


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