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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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play an important role protecting you and. ringback this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. hong kong leaders say they're ready to work with china but not everyone is happy about a proposed law to give beijing control over security. the 1st time in over 3 decades china doesn't set
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a growth target as its economy reels from the coronavirus pandemic. a massive cleanup operation in india and bangladesh after cycling sweeps through the region. also ahead the sky's not to the limits the u.s. pulls out of a longstanding open skies arms control treaty saying russia violated it. and in sport costa rica become the 1st country in the americas to resume their professional football league. the government in hong kong says it will work with beijing to introduce a new national security law as soon as is possible we are expecting more details later but it's believed to criminalize secession foreign interference and subversion of beijing's state power news of the plan has already been met with.
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protests in hong kong and leading pro-democracy figures called at the end of one country 2 systems the chinese premier li announced the bill at the opening of the annual national people's congress its meeting 3 months late because of the pandemic also coming from the parliament for the 1st time in decades 30 years china will not set a growth target premier league said development will be set aside as beijing works to repair an economy badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic we have correspondents on both sides of the story in a moment we'll go live to hong kong and my colleague adrian brown 1st to beijing and al-jazeera correspondent there katrina you katrina what's the logic behind this for the big powers that be in beijing. well premier league your tongue as you mentioned gave the annual government work report and compared to previous years his tone is very sobering very cautious there was very little of the ideological flourishes that we had come to expect at this kind
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of event instead it was heavy on pragmatism now he spoke about the coronavirus 1st off and how big of an impact it had on china he said that it was quite an achievement for the communist party to have contained it so quickly that no effort was spared and it was worth paying the price to do this yet he also acknowledged that the economy had taken a very big hit because of this he went on to focus on measures to not boost the economy but to stabilize it so we haven't seen any large scale stimulus measure mentioned and also for the 1st time he mentioned because of the pandemic and continuing uncertainties in the global market no g.d.p. target was mentioned for the 1st time since 1988 instead some of the measures that he spoke about were prioritizing employment introducing 9000000 or so jobs he also talked about a continuing the goal to eradicate poverty by the end of this year as well as
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focusing on domestic consumption because of instabilities when it comes to foreign trade he also issued a very telling instruction to the rest of the communist party officials to all levels of government saying that it was their duty from here on to tighten their belts so a very somber look at the economy it looks like the government is going to really struggle to revive the economy following the impact of the pandemic and it seems like premier league was also possibly ushering in a new period of austerity here in china thanks very much ok let's take a closer look at beijing's plan national security law and points considered controversial by many people in hong kong the territory is governed under the one country 2 systems rule. that defines its relationship with beijing up until 2047 guaranteeing rights and freedoms for the people of hong kong in 2003 an attempt by the hong kong government to enact a national security law was met by widespread protests and the bill was laid to shelved now beijing has bypassed the territories legislature and proposed
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a national security bill directly to the national people's congress now that bill aims to prevent as we've been hearing subversion foreign interference and what's described as quote terrorism live now to hong kong and our correspondent there adrian brown adrian does this mean that the powers that be in beijing can in effect do a big circular turn around the legislature in hong kong and run the place exactly as they want to. yeah basically that's the the worry here of many people in hong kong that they can basically as you say now go around the hong kong legislature when they want to get things done in the future now china says the reason it's pushing for this new security bill and pushing for it so quickly is that this should have happened years ago but the hong kong government simply didn't do their job so beijing is saying well where do the job for you now this new bill could become law as early as august now
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a lot of analysts say that one of the reasons why beijing is moving so quickly is that there are elections in hong kong for the legislative assembly in september and these analysts say that perhaps beijing wants to use this law against some of the more radical legislators to perhaps hamper their chances of running in the elections even to get them disqualified now the hong kong government as you mentioned earlier had said that it will work to fully implement this legislation it says that it's needed to punish people who create violence and also to punish people who push for independence but let's be clear it's not just the chinese government that is pushing for this bill this is come from president xi jinping and in many ways he has succeeded in making sure that. we've lost that loan that sewage and brown in hong kong apologise for that we will try and go back to adrian if we can before the end of the program emily lau is the
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chairwoman of the international affairs committee of the democratic party and former member of the hong kong legislative council she says imposing the law means hong kong will lose its autonomy if they would only sit and talk to the pro-democracy can see what their concerns are. each side make some compromises i think they can have a consensus but they refused to do it they just want to bhutto's it threw it tried into all of 3 failed and now they're trying it again and this time they don't even want to take it to the legislative council they just want to do it in beijing and then foist it on us and in so doing beijing is declaring the end of one country 2 systems if that's the case it's going to be one country one system we have will be just like any other chinese city and even the hong kong people who
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belongs to the national people's congress when they travel to beijing yesterday to attend the meeting they didn't know about it it just beijing just sprang it on everybody oh it was so shocking and disgraceful i'm sure there will be more protests and and my party will be wood working with at the pro-democracy parties and organizations to plan the protests about of course now we have to buy receipt so people have health concerns and also their social distancing groups and so people have to be careful because if we quick break the rules idea could be a rest us and we will be charged and maybe we have to go to jail so everybody has to be aware that this school happened but still i think many people just will not wear it they will come out to protest and we want to be international community to speak out and particularly we want the british government to speak up because
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britain handed millions of people over to communist rule in 97 and if you look at the statement by the british government yesterday saying they will want to turn the situation it is so real a dream and so weak i think it's quite disgraceful. ok let's talk to your he's the president of the center for china and globalization a think tank based in beijing he has multiple policy advisory roles inside china as a counselor for the state council appointed by premier li in 2015 mr wang good to talk to you here on the news hour on al-jazeera you are very very close to president xi jinping article 4 of this legislation is arguably the most controversial it talks about a must improving national security situation in real terms what does that mean for hong kong. well. i think that in
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our form how we've seen that in the last year there is a lot of. unrest and a lot of a dispute and lot of demonstrations and some of very violent and it's really greatly interfere in the media lives around and also actually put on going into really. is the point about really since the since the handover and actually not receded tourism is information that is it's not there anymore because support is not there anymore and the hong kong really losing a lot of appeal to the national community because their hometown is now basically. cannot be invested anymore because of the political instability and also the violence so i think what is trying to you know is that what is' the situation but also to introduce the law so that there is no you know as uncle independence
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there's no are no more violence and of course this is really for the for the for the good of i'm gone i think there's you know we used to be a lot to be discussing and so this is really important after we got too many and of. ok when you talk mr wang about ending the chaos you surely must understand why those pro-democracy demonstrators and the pro-democracy campaigners that we've spoken to on this program on this channel they say it is an end of one country 2 systems because what you're doing you are imposing a bolt on piece of legislation on hong kong that gives the central government in beijing arguably precisely the same powers in hong kong as it already has across the rest of china. whoa whoa i don't think it's the end of a country to a system actually i think one country towards them is very much alive we are has been able to benefit the plant from mainland china for the last you know 23 years
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since it is a land where even before that on how is there is a bridge between china and also what is the financial center for the mainland china and hong kong has many ways actually benefited from the this connection to the 2 to mainland china so for example every year millions of tourists from tehran come to harm our spending on you know these the land everything soso and also lost tons of how to chinese students study hong kong and many chance company best so it's really it's all it's a lifeblood of hong kong and so i think that you know that count 102 says the work was fine of course but mr lang always come apologies again for interrupting you one more time so this legislation's got nothing to do with disneyland or disney world it's got nothing to do with chinese students studying in hong kong it has to do with what the beijing government is empowering itself to do by handing a decree and that's what it is it's not legislation is being voted on it's
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a decree that in itself is controversial and it's how that is known to many just let me finish the point so it is how that is implemented on the ground if there are more protests and demonstrations. yeah because of the for the home coming home of their home home you know i mean we cannot do anything so we want we don't want the story on how it all or our separation are going to pan everything to really sort of i'm coming home now is a is a is a part of china and so so if it's part of china that we really have to really work together and really start those difficulties and really a car and a sink the common ground but what i think. what we've seen and also there is no economic activity is not in me and that's really ok how it's going not innocent how much of this is motivated by fear fear of what might happen in the elections showed chilled for september because if the local pro-democracy parties do well in that election in september and you see more protests and more
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demonstrations beijing has a big problem. what i think you know you know though right now china is doing very well in the economy is one of the fastest growing you know or and it's has you know quickly counting the mars and now home production is reviving trying to almost 200 so we would like of hosel you know benefit from you know we don't want the whole can't become so political allies and also interference from other countries and also become dependent you know that's the key so we are really coming to an end and nowhere is that the worst prosperity whereas the livelihood of income people that i would like to see more tourists coming from we like the heartland spend what money there and has a more kids go to harlem to study what we ask you know the hunger what chinese investment was there what company least in hong kong so that ok can't really ban ok
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1st time in 30 years we haven't had a growth prediction from the government in beijing what has to change what has to tilt or pivot in the right direction before we get to that kind of prediction we get them every year and we've had them every year until this year. well i think you know i think perry has a lever his powers of reporters. earlier effectively this morning actually even though it is a target of. 2020 because 2020 we're already past 5 months now and they're you know because of that and that is so they're still in there in the calculation and in the in the planning stage what moreover you know the war is still in the widespread and as they were in deep into so the chinese economy is partly whately travellers who weren't so until world economies they were like this how can you predict what exactly grows on chinese our economy the chinese economy is intertwined with the world economy but under the gun protests give a very clear object if there's
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a caucus at the exam about 2020 john is going to eliminate all extreme property that's the object of never compromise cheat also china has a government issued one trillion a bomb another trillion of the bills to stimulate the economy and also in turn i'm going to train the 35000000 workers and the laborers to do up with the skill channel to actually also hired you look to recruit 2000000 of occasion or stay with them to really build up of workforce so there's there's a host of the matters that trans gum is taken to continue to stimulate the economy to stabilize the economy to boost the confidence of china and also the arab world china also turns probably those of us as china continue to open we open them up wider we'll welcome all the foreign company to be a china with their own additive at least so so as a math class we met mr wang good to talk to beijing we appreciate your time and
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your insight thank you so much thank you. lots more still to come for you here on the news hour including on the front line of the virus crisis in mexico paramedics when the hospitals are reaching a breaking point. in this was news no fans no problem germany's top division continues the massive showdown in the capital. the indian prime minister narendra modi has gone to areas hardest hit by the region's most powerful cyclon in decades at least $96.00 people died in india and neighboring bangladesh surveyed the damage done by cycling on pond from the air before meeting rescue teams the authorities are struggling to restore road links and electricity to millions of homes in kolkata streets were flooded trees and power lines were torn down there are concerns that corona virus could spread among people who've gone to emergency shelters in bangladesh people have been able unable
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to return to their villages after some were left underwater storm searches flooded low lying areas food parcels of being given to those who've been left homeless we've got reporters in both countries tanveer choudhry is standing by for us in dhaka in bangladesh 1st let's go to premier in kolkata just take us through what the latest information is there. it is a seedy situation in brisbane drug which is happening on the credit mind going by this and the last song. off of that of course i caught on fire which has wrecked lot across was our chief minister mum about a jeep accompanied indian prime minister not into more the under governor are all across saw you know was not. armed so it wasn't ideal of you or what the prime minister grog and what the devastation is not an ounce of initial ground 0142000000 euros god knows that the state of west bengal and the family of the deceased and those injured he has he has given out about our $2800.00 euro storm those and
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$700.00 us dollars respectively from the prime minister's or defund this is found out of course notify me of those what are robbed of the seized and injured and apart from but he said he will stand by listening to what i need to do is best to see back the communication services are restored almost in the state and also he understands the situation that the state is grappling under the clinton that i guess you are bound to make as well as the cycling which shows that. our neck have been western but we must understand as far as you know our ground situation is concerned when it comes to that for example but our trees fadden on the streets which is causing a concern because sentients imus's is a problem but it comes to reaching fucking areas and that is something that the because parties have to go as quickly as possible. i'm so sure that people are not inconvenienced i suppose is going to be a challenge for the people as it is a civic authorities with david most patients doing all that it can to see that the
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city is back on its feet again on the scene for the state as well back to you from a thanks very much tempe sandra joins us live from dakar in bangladesh tenby a welcome back to the program how many people been affected then. thousands of people i mean before the cycle on the 2400000 people who are in the shelter now according to the disaster ministry about 200000 plus homes were destroyed in saw was buying with in the coastal areas a lot of this people are stuck in the shelter and this time of pandemic pandemic so social distancing and preventing any kind of infection is going to be a major challenge now that maybe the coast guard and the army has been deployed to take care of these people providing that really the big challenge and the question still remains what to do with all these people they don't have a home to go back and this isn't a situation when the country's going to economic challenges due to the shutdown
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people have to be provided relief us to be given 10000000 people are without electricity i mean all the mobile towers are gone dikes have been washed away hatcheries up about 180000 had to strain farming it's a big business in southwest abang with that is totally washed away farmlands and in 46000 of farmland washed away so the government has to think in a long time rather we have believed a despicable because they don't have a girl home to go back to and keeping them in the shelter also is a double edged sword because they this time a pandemic for coronavirus so major challenge ahead for the country to deal with this fallout from the. we have a developing breaking story for you coming to us of the pakistani city of karachi we're getting reports saying that a plane carrying almost 100 people has crashed into houses neah an airport in
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karachi the p.i.a.'s the pakistan international airlines jet was on its final approach to the airport we understand according to reports when it went in a residential area called the multiple of the mood colony there is footage doing the rounds on social media but we can't stand up as being authentic although there are pictures going around showing black smoke billowing into the following the crash of the a $320.00 it happened about 2 45 pm local time we understand the flight number as well was p k 8303 it was a domestic flight as well from lahore. correspondent following this developing story come out what else do we know well so far what really know is that they've crossed a factor in a plane as you mentioned the train gate probably started in action airlines on the
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government to fly what slime from not want to go to archie and why you're not awarded on your final approach for line dating. be accidental mates rico know what exactly happened but da crockett patently according to reports has gone over a populated residential area crag short of the airport and according to reports of more people on board i said to have been this is we're creating great knowledge and also we understand kimmel that the local civil aviation authority has declared an emergency at the airport that is standard procedure i guess in this kind of situation. absolutely we had during the day what some if you're. languishing gad but it is not yet going from how they've made watch on the final approach for 9 days karachi have called so much to have radio and that all the procedures
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go into action that run rate. to ensure that if they did a crash landing or if there is a problem with the landing that all the necessary precautions that they can. confirm knowledge that he would not be able to reach the airport and we are able to see pictures on local television. going all right a legit in chile area do we know if law enforcement or rescue officials are at the scene as well now rented a car going through what we had able to keep right. 4 on the television screen age that the military had to 3 have crossed the airport had that military control and went close by the military has it right did it take black smoke billowing out from that crash site so it would be difficult to approach it like that patently. fire
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brigade or any firefighting equipment casein but did the picture that being shown on t.v. . come out thanks very much just to sum up if you're just joining us here on the news we've got that plane crash it would appear involving a p.r. a a $320.00 an airbus a $320.00 with up to 100 people on board passengers flight crew and cabin crew this crashed on final approach we understand going into kharaj airport we don't know what the weather was like at the scene there are no claims as to what may have caused this we're seeing one report saying that the plane came down on top of at least half a dozen houses and also according to correspondent there come a high who is monitoring reporting coming out of the rescue officials and law enforcement agencies they are at the scene as we speak will get you across all the developments assumes we can the united states has announced it's pulling out of an international arms control treaty the u.s. president on the trump accusing the russians of routinely violating the terms of
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the deal the kremlin denies that is rogue runnels. the open skies treaty ratified by $34.00 countries allows an armed military surveillance flights over each country's territory it was primarily intended to promote openness and transparency between nuclear superpowers the u.s. and russia allowing both nations to gather information about each other's military forces and activities now president donald trump is withdrawing from the agreement saying russia took unfair advantage of it russia didn't adhere to the treaty so until they are here we will pull out but there's a very good chance we'll make a new agreement or do something to put that agreement back together among other things u.s. officials say russia barred u.s. flights over certain heavily militarized territories use the treaty to attempt to normalize its forced annexation of crimea and tried to gather nonmilitary
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information about critical u.s. infrastructure with a possible view toward disabling it during a conflict in moscow a senior foreign ministry official said the us was not behaving as a reliable partner and that abandoning the treaty will force russia to employ what he called a plan b. without elaborating another official called the u.s. action unjustified meanwhile the troop administration wants to begin a new 3 way arms control dialogue including china along with russia trump is optimistic we're probably going to make a deal with russia our arms treaty and china will be maybe included in that we'll see what happens u.s. officials say both countries are aggressively expanding their nuclear arsenals regarding russia a white house official says they've adopted a highly provocative nuclear doctrine that embraces early ask lation and use of nuclear weapons what the russian military is calling escalate to when the u.s.
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and china have not. strategic arms negotiations and there are no signs that beijing is interested in 3 way party arms talks beijing like moscow is intent on building up its nuclear forces and using us forces to try to intimidate the united states and our friends and our allies u.s. officials say they will strongly press russia to help bring the chinese to the negotiating table robert oulds al-jazeera joins us here in the news hour called built to stockholm former prime minister of sweden of course currently serving as the co-chair of the european council on foreign relations called bill good to talk to you again so the official u.s. line is there have been repeated russian violations they haven't been repeated have they but there have been regular violations so do we understand why the u.s. is signaling this will happen in 6 months. i don't buy into that we use the term violations that's all it has been throughout the course. the history of this
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particular treated there has always been that discussions and sort of disputes and . some areas of disagreement actually how you see it that way via when you've lied but overall i would have to say this has been a useful contribution to transparency and that was nothing in it from the u.p.a. point of view that made it necessary yes keep the value thing there were discussions ongoing with the russians and for example they did a lot of flying over to leaving or by the americans recently were you very sensitive area for the russians obviously. so from the you pin point of view did the priorities that we see this matter to your entire structure well of course mention of london and on control in europe and that is orton's or does this potentially leave the european allies slightly exposed in as much as there is a symbolism aspect to this surely and it's this that the united states can get 99.9 percent of the intelligence that it wants anyway from its satellite technology but
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it doesn't share that technology or that information with its nato european allies necessarily necessarily i mean they're supposed to share it necessarily i mean they're supposed to show it but there are degrees to the sharing of that particular version so yes that is true. but we don't know what's going to happen with the treaty i think you'd be nations i mean the nato west story your nation's whatever you call it would probably try to preserve treated together with the russians see if that works we don't know what's going to be in the direction of russia in which case by the way the russians can fly over us military is that nations in the in in europe wind back is caught if they're licensed bobby rush pardon me for interrupting you call bill if the russians have violated it on a semi regular basis isn't that more of a reason for the united states actually to stay on board to fix it if it's essentially flawed rather than walking away. that i'm quite certain
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is the is a prevailing opinion in europe that there have been discussions i mean continuously over exactly how you use this particular thing and exactly when you fly and where you value and there have been over the years issues we did that on both sides i'm quite certain that being sort of case is sort of mutual mutual discussions amusement questions so absolutely the best would be to stay in the treaty and see where in changes or what it has to be set that it is slightly less 'd relevant now and so do 40 years ago new view of the development of other technologies that this is an additional instrument that gives an additional element transparency and in addition to that man guy and all in a period when really it's a desperate need or who do you think 1st off might say let's talk and when might that conversation happen mr putin's popularity is not going in the right direction
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for him donald trump of course he's got an election come november he's a jobs president his jobs statistics are looking absolutely appalling for the united states because of the pandemic. once folks are going to see in this particular case of the russians or act i think that is the words coming out of moscow that they have a plan b. whatever that b. s. then we should be aware of that fact and you alluded to that in the in the written report that we have the big issue coming out of this start treated the new start treaty the big framework for strategic looter of control between the russians and the and the americans and americans don't pretend want to continue with it they want to include the chinese that's much easier said than done and i would suspect that in that particular case the russian who like to take in the french and the brits the chinese will not in taking the news we go to very very complicated that it receives of course that that entire. nuclear arms control regime is going to
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fail as well and then we'd be unraveling things that have been building out for for 5 decades in order to increase study get pretty good in it is dirty tricks the ability that is that you who are called else good to talk to thanks for coming on. thank you time for weather with a button for most papers coating down across much of here for the next few days but then it will bounce back so we're not great changes overall but at the moment we're looking at this the clutch of storms just around greece and turkey that's the thundering breakdown so the hate that we saw and then up towards the northwest this swirl of plaid looks something like a swiss roll it's a deep area of low pressure that's rattling him across the northwest through the british isles and it will gradually bring some very wet weather blustery conditions on usually windy weather actually across the northwest and eventually will push its way up towards norway you can follow this cold front the blue line that i've drawn
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on the chart here as are we going to see some rather heavy rain as we go through the next couple of days but for the time being through the remainder of friday wetter weather's going to be across scotland making its way into norway into denmark when you see how blue line that's the one the stretches down across germany feeding into the low countries into northern parts of france as we go on into saturday that wetter weather that's going to pep up will see some rather heavy rain for time across the out of the 2030 millimeters of rain down into the southeast 25 celsius for athens when we are close to 40 here just a few days ago cool enough in moscow 7 i should be about 18 degrees we go on into sunday the shabby rain will sink its way further south with an ace was brought to sky started to come back and temperatures will gradually recover and be $22.00 in athens plate up a touch of $24.00 in london and it's and thanks very much still to come here on the news our shops are shut so the rent on pays for the pandemic is shaking the real estate industry done to its foundations. and in the sports news with mention the
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united reveal how much money they've lost so far because of the coronavirus. that can bring your people back to life from start. mark dayton the best of al-jazeera is documentaries in libya was the 1st of all you like and the others to the green line continues with spirit chart to do stories that have impact on society i testified in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys are put behind bars so many people have gone to jail as a result of my work rewind on al-jazeera. the protest by a palestinian artist using a symbol of national identity to create postage and passport stamps. but as for some burglaries another story during a large come fly anywhere sending
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a message of resistance about the arab israeli conflict a loss of friends who come to palestine. palestine sombat a stamp of defiance on al-jazeera. world. welcome to just joining us you're watching news coming to live from doha my name's pizza don't be your top stories pro-democracy activists in hong kong have condemned new national security legislation by china beijing's aiming to pass a law that could be the biggest limitation to hong kong tanami since it was handed over by britain and $97.00 in china isn't setting
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a growth target the 1st time in 30 years almost as beijing works to repair the economy the premier mr levy told the annual national people's congress development isn't a priority during the pandemic. at least 96 people have been killed by the most powerful cycler instance in india bangladesh and more than a decade cyclon. landfall on wednesday uprooting thousands of trees and destroying power lines. ok we're just receiving the very latest pictures coming to us out of pakistan that p.i. a 320 with 100 people on board crashing on final approach into kharaj she was on to domestic flight from lahore clearly there you can see still very much an ongoing situation it is not a search and rescue operation per se although all the relevant agencies we understand are on the scene the accident happened at 2 45 pm local time those
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are the latest pictures. 100 people on board that a 320 more on that for you just as soon as we can. paramedics in mexico city say hospitals are reaching breaking point in treating virus patients and an independent survey is suggesting the infection rate may be 3 times higher than what the government has been saying it is reports from the capital. for 3 days waiting for their next dispatch to red cross workers on standby at this office in a cow to pick mexico i think. here half of the ambulance units have been refitted to specifically deal with coated 19 patients but the paramedics say they're worried the region's hospitals are nearing capacity see if he ever does he have it was that i think we should be worried about the level of saturation at hospitals because we've arrived in an ambulance and found there is no space for our patients we have to wait 123 and had to wait for up to 4 hours. in independent analysis
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more than 4500 death certificates is adding concern the region's health system could soon become overwhelmed the findings suggest the death toll in mexico city is actually 3 times higher than what the government is reporting that me and i act as if once you're in there for you. there are death certificates of people who either did not know they had the illness or died in quarantine or without being tested this thing is certainly a factor also they are not adequately reporting the deaths of people under the suspicion of coronavirus. the mexican health officials are not denying the findings of the new report but mexico's deputy health minister who is get there is questioning the methodology he says that a majority of the death certificates in question are part of the subset that will eventually be included in an official code $900.00 death to. mexico city and its surrounding municipalities have become the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak
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in the country people seeking medical treatment are finding it increasingly difficult to find hospitals that are still accepting patients as hospitals in mexico city continue to fill up people are turning to a mobile phone application wants but the city government that indicates which hospitals have reached capacity as of this week all but 5 of the region's medical centers appeared either completely full or nearing capacity. paramedics say calls related to covert 900 are still on the rise making the workload constant they're also worried and oversaturation of hospitals could lead to patients dying while waiting in the back of ambulances. up in mexico city. processed a broken out in the indian capital of the suspension of labor laws the changes to working hours wages and health and safety standards are aimed at kickstarting the economy after 2 months of the coronavirus covered 1000 locked up but the unions say it will leads to exploitation in india correspondent elizabeth. the process here 'd
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in the capital delhi that was called a protest against changes to labor laws broken up by police that is because there's actually a ban on more than 40 people gathering in the main from place to stop the spread of the current i was never there for people that are going to get to protest against those changes the number of days and it was 7 populous up there where they were more than 220000000 people live on the job monday after they have scrapped the most labor laws for the next 3. yes that is what the people here have gathered to protest against the other states have made other changes so it was my friends were doing working all the time and working out wages overtime occupational health and safety and. the 1st thing the people who are protesting. was my was that exploitation i would. say that the changes are
1:42 pm
necessary to get us out he was on to me i have to meet him on. the budget strength. and state which i rolled my problem is that everybody i don't i just the problem you know b.j. was i was the government i didn't let these dangers and that was the 1st time i don't know what is wrong. that has you think the chinese are you know you saw the prices being broken up i believe your. health officials in the u.k. a warning a contact tracing system needs to be rolled up urgently to avoid a 2nd search in cases the n.h.s. confederation says look done measures should not be eased until a clear plan is in place jonah hole is on the isle of wight where a trial of the tracing up is underway so joan of the pilot seen it there is it
1:43 pm
working. they say it's working here on the island but it's emerged in the last 2448 hours or so that the app is not going to be ready for a full national rollout by the prime minister's deadline of the 1st of july by which time he wants to see a full trace testin isolate system in place in order of course to begin to further lift the lockdown and get the economy going again the economy in this country absolutely pummeled by covert 1000 we're not being told why the f. isn't going to be ready the government only saying that issues with it are still being worked out it's part of a broadly speaking 3 prong system is the app and the apps job is to test to trace rather remote contacts those are contacts that a virus carrier doesn't necessarily know that they've come into contact with that operates in conjunction with the human tracking element an army of call center workers bashing the phones to known contacts getting hold of them and making sure
1:44 pm
they get tested and then testing of course is the 3rd arm of this now without the app it seems the government is intent on pressing ahead with that 1st of june deadline with the human tracking and the testing elements going out alone with the app to follow there are frankly issues with those as well with the training of the thousands up to $25000.00 tracking recruits that needs to happen in the next 10 days there are also problems with the length of time it still taking for test results to be returned which undermines the overall speed of the system but as i say they're pressing ahead and in the face of increasing warnings about a 2nd wave the most recent you mentioned there from the heads of the national health service confederate confederate confederation that runs the n.h.s. warning that any further lifting of the lockdown without a fully functioning trace test in isolation system in place risks another deadly wave of this virus turner thanks very much. well the coronavirus pandemic
1:45 pm
is causing a crisis in real estate markets around the world as recessions buy fewer people are able to think about buying their own home analysts say the asia pacific region is the hardest hit investments down 5 percent this year compared to the same period last year in the u.k. house sales are down by 70 percent since the government implemented lockdown measures and in new york city the number of newly signed last month plummeted by a similar amount to the lowest level in a decade that he has more from london. mark wells is hoping things are beginning to get back to something approaching normal he runs an estate agency in london since physical house viewings restarted last week after a long lockdown marks arranged to steady stream of visits to this property and he says business is surprisingly brisk we opened our doors less than a week ago and you know the flat we have 10 viewings multiple it's on it's just going under awfully close the asking price another property just just looks like
1:46 pm
it's going to wander off the asking price just under a $1000000.00 pounds but that optimism is far from universal between march and april applications for home loans fell by more than 50 percent and there's still huge uncertainty about the economy and job losses now the center for economics and business is predicting u.k. house prices will fall by as much as 13 percent this year a lot of people are very worried about their jobs and they don't want to take on big commitments when they're worried about jobs they think that if they lose their job and get a job job they may be paid less and the combination of these things means that the amount of money people prepared to spend on we think going out in the future is now just less than it was previously. the pandemic is also having a huge effect on commercial property one company into which owns huge malls like this in britain has suffered a slump in rental payments as many shops shut down now it wants extra time to pay
1:47 pm
back its own debts while in the us $1.00 survey said that in april shopping malls collected only 28 percent of rents and then there's a question of office space social media giant twitter base in this building have told their employees they can return to work once offices reopen but if they choose to they can stay working from home forever and google and facebook are told very stuff they can stay working at home until the end of the year so what does this all tell us about the demand for office space in future you should do. that whole part of your impression i'm going is that chuck nature us and also your space densities average space desk and most important part asia is our average hog size average of polls that's potentially very small and whether you have the internet or your senate seat to support the working from home act yet is the big question mark so nobody's predicting the end of the office but with millions of people working remotely and with more people relying on shopping online than ever before these are
1:48 pm
uncertain times for everyone including real estate investors. al-jazeera london. iran's supreme leader has called for a continuation of the fight to liberate palestine in a c.v. address on could soar jerusalem day the ayatollah ali khamenei described israel as a cancerous tumor in the middle east and he said the occupation of palestine is a crime against humanity iran has held the annual could stay since 1989 a show of support for the palestinian struggle let's get more now from is in basra via our correspondent in tehran zain tell us more about what he was saying. well peter this is an important foreign policy point for iranian leaders it has been since the islamic revolution in $97.00 and as you said and normally we would see large scale rallies in cities across the country but because of the pandemic because of the coronavirus pandemic and the outbreak that's been going on for months those rallies were canceled and the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini took
1:49 pm
the opportunity to give a live address something that he hasn't done in the past for the specific event before that he took this opportunity to make a speech to criticize leaders of arab countries that neighbor iran leaders that he described as treacherous for giving up support for the palestinian cause and trying to normalize diplomatic relations with israel something he said that was not a good idea even as a practicality he said that anything like that he would see as problematic now in the last 24 hours we have seen one of the 1st flights and it's a hard flight from the u.a.e. land in israel with aid meant to help combat the coronavirus pandemic but even something like that is something that the supreme leader described as what he sees as a mistake. normalizing the presence of the zionist regime in the region is one of the major policies pursued by the united states a number of arab governments in the region also act as the minions and cronies of
1:50 pm
the us they have been setting the grounds for normalization by establishing. this whole states from the supreme leader is very clear iran has a track record of shaping the events in the countries in this region and no policy can stand and no conversation can necessarily be had without iran in the mix without iran as a part of the conversation and even as arab countries seem open to the idea of diplomacy with israel iran is leaders inserting themselves into this issue making it very clear that iran is as important. a partner or a speaker on the palestinian issue with any of its arab countries spoke to the palestinian people encourage palestinian groups on the ground to cooperate with each other pledged iran's continued support for the palestinian cause and even called for a referendum made up of people of all religions to decide the fate of the palestinian
1:51 pm
israeli conflict zain thank you very much. ok let's wrap up all the international sports news for you costa rica has become the 1st country in the americas to resume professional football matches the central american nation is credited with having one of the best coronavirus strategies in the region the relief of football fans is my motto pollo. this week marked the return of 1st division football in costa rica after the country suspended matches on march 17th. it may not be a return to the packed stadiums of the past but the sport is back at least on screen the 1st matches are being held in empty stadiums but in easing of restrictions given the relatively low coronavirus contagion rate in the country means people can watch from other public spaces and the role of. people come to restaurants to share and celebrate the same us in the stadium reopening the full tournament means a light at the end of the tunnel a light that gives us hope players have been able to resume regular training and
1:52 pm
complete the remaining 7 rounds of the regular season albeit under strict new rules though many footballers just seem glad to be back on the pitch some of them could warm the person we were trying before but it was without contact and it was in the sorry today we were afraid to let the 1st day of school come again to training having contact having some time on the pitch these things we used to do thank god we're back. it will still be some time before fans can return to watch live games and authorities say that while the coronavirus remains a threat extreme sanitation measures will remain in place if. you had to draft a manual for procedures to meet the sanitary guidelines set by the health ministry this includes disinfecting stadiums why games a plague the need for spectators to wear masks and social distancing inside the stadium football is considered as national pastime at the government's decision to
1:53 pm
reopen the regular season has been widely applauded for media. thousands of families make a living directly or indirectly from football and in costa rica football is a feeling a passion it's a joy that the country has been without for 2 months and we as a federation are obliged to try to stabilize its economy. it was the 1st country in central america to report the arrival of corporate 19 widespread hearings by the general public to containment rules and guidelines appear to have paid on the al-jazeera. most european countries are still yet to get their football seasons back under way in england premier league players are training in isolated groups under strict health and safety rules manstein 19 say they've already lost 35000000 dollars because of a covert 1000 crisis and they expect that figure to go up premier league bosses are aiming for a restart in the middle of june but no date has yet been confirmed however top level football in germany is back later on friday the 2nd week of matches in the
1:54 pm
bundesliga kicks off with lynn darby dominic kane as more how to better lean squad is put through its paces in preparation for the local darby a game fans of wasted 2 months for with no football during the lockdown and after a season of managerial comings and goings how to finds itself in the bottom half of the pond as the guy with opponents who might once have seemed easy to beat now closing in especially local rivals f.c. who no one has come through this is not the derby would have been watching there is absolutely no question about that but we don't want to think about it anymore we've had enough of that over the past few months now our focus has to be on what we can influence as we did in off and high but we want to build on our performance there and take the situation as it is. the fans won't be here on friday evening but the expectations will be because for both clubs they have quite
1:55 pm
a bit riding on this their haueter the home team it's about continuing recent good form and for the opponents to neuron it's not just about beating the big city rivals it's also about staving off relegation worries. who knew on beach how to at home in november now the manager wants a repeat performance that i mean he was explaining extols the scenes that i don't to getting 6 points in total an additional 3 would help us achieve our main goal of being in the league for me that is the 1st priority being in the league not being the best in the city both would be nice but our priority is to move 3 points closer to the target in some ways the empty stadiums hurt clubs like more than half because it's loyal fan base is renowned throughout the bonders league as being like a 12th man in games like that when you got. to the start of the board when you're not with your own people not your own members not your own fans when you hear the
1:56 pm
game on the radio you hear them cough hear them sneeze play here play there it's not football so for me no i have to accept it but i don't think it's nice definitely not like it was the punters legal authorities say games behind closed doors are the best way to finish the season while minimizing the economic damage to the clubs but it also means fans like dagmar and all of a calm play any part where it really matters dominant kane al-jazeera berland. nascar is one of the only major sports to return in the united states after 2 months out there packing the show jewel to make up for lost time always new fans in the stadiums on thursday the 2nd year finish the series returns in south carolina and there was an emotional when for chase briscoe he crossed the line 1st just days after his wife suffered a miscarriage. it's for my wife you know this is ours we have ever had to deal
1:57 pm
with and. he wanted to lead with 50 to go and i was crying inside the race car and . you know just emotionally i wasn't there at all this is more than a race when this is you know the biggest day in my life you know after the toughest day of my life the major league baseball season is yet to get started but that's not stopped one major bit of business getting done this autographed card of early angel star mike trout was snapped up in an auction for $900000.00 u.s. the sale ties the modern record for a sports car it's from france 2009 rookie season since then he's become an 8 time all star. when we come back on the other side of the break sam you'll have more on the breaking story for that plane crash the p a a 320 with 100 people on board that went on final approach to the international airport at karate looks there like somebody being taken away on a stretcher
1:58 pm
a search and rescue operation still very much ongoing you're watching al-jazeera stay close. with no guaranteed paid sick leave millions of americans are forced to choose between work and health i don't use my leave my mammograms i use my leave to care for my mother as the coronavirus brings employment laws into stock focus fold lines examines the human cost of putting business before he. faces fall in behind people get sick the impossible choice america's paid leave crisis on al-jazeera.
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what this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. they want as much extreme content as they can get on the cover to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera this underwater treasure is a risk of disappearing juice a coral bleaching caused by rising temperatures. great. strain the area cultural 'd heritage it's iconic and the tourism industry baseband says we will lose it instantly if we have another bleaching event of feast my b.g. is continue just where the opportunity for the corals to recover in between those
2:00 pm
magic. scientists according full strong climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without so this situation was on the get worse. a passenger plane crashes in a residential area of pakistan's capital around $100.00 people were on board. i'm sam is a dan this is live from doha also coming up. on kong leaders say they're ready to work with china but not everyone is happy about a proposed law to give beijing control over security amassed.


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