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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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in a secret israeli operation assassination in tunis on al-jazeera. investigating the use of across the globe on. a sharp rebuke from china after the u.s. president again attacks the world health organization over the coronavirus pandemic . now again i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha where coronavirus coverage again dominates our bullets and including a bleak forecast for nigeria from the combined effects of the pandemic and the slump and oil prices. because of the mess that we're talking about is that there's
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a hole you made my house we get advice from a doctor on how to stitch together your own protection from the virus. and also coming up hungry and exhausted hundreds every hinge are rescued but others starve to death in a refugee but. now donald trump says the number of new corona virus infections in the u.s. is slowing the president is making the prediction despite a record $2300.00 deaths in just 24 hours he says restrictions could be lifted and up to 30 states in just 2 weeks time but he's also struck another threatening note as mike hanna reports. these daily news briefings up a ported lead to keep the nation informed about the battle against a coronavirus but invariably the president strays off message and today he used the forums to rail against what he described as congregational obstruction in the
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confirmation of government officials and threatened to adjourn congress and then push through his nominations during the recess the senate should either fulfill its duty and vote on my nominees or chewed formally or june so that i can make recess appointments we have a tremendous number of people that have to come into government and now more so than ever before because of the virus and the problem it's a threat against congress that no president has made before perhaps it's never done before it's never been done before nobody's even sure if it has but we're going to do it we need these people here we need people for this crisis and we don't want to play anymore political games many in congress would view this as an attack against a fundamental principle on which this country is democracy is based a system of checks and balances that separates the powers of the executive the judiciary and the legislature it's the latest in
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a series of actions that would appear to amount to an abuse of executive power and follows a suspension of funding to the world health organization that congress had already approved and the insistence that the president has the right to order states to follow the guidelines of the executive in deciding when to lift the mitigating measures president trump says he'll speak to governors before announcing new guidelines thursday making clear these involve the easing of restrictions in a number of states pretty you're ready know will be opening up states some states much sooner than others and we think some of the states can actually open up before the deadline of may 1st. and i think that will be a very exciting time indeed the president and at the briefing with these words big day tomorrow on this day as evidence it's not clear whether this is a promise or threat. mike hanna al-jazeera washington well trump has also double
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down on attacking the world health organization he suggests it deliberately misled people in the early stages of the outbreak tragically other nations put their trust in the w.h.o. and they didn't do any form of ben and you see what happened in italy you see what happened to spain you see what happened to france w.h.s. guidance had failed to control their borders at a very crucial phase quickly unleashing the contagion around the world that was a horrible tragic mistake or perhaps they do i'm sure they didn't know the gravity of it but perhaps they knew because if they knew the gravity that would be an even worse offense well the head of the w.h.o. is calling for unity following trumps criticism when we divided the
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virus exploits the cracks between us we are committed to serving the world his people and to accountability for the resources with which we're interested in due course w. chose performance in tackling this pundit mic will be reviewed by w 2 as member states and the independent bodies start our employees to each will try to spot and see an accountability but for now our focus my focus is on stopping this virus and saving lives well has also been reaction in china to trance criticism let's go now to katrina you who's in beijing katrina the foreign ministry has had quite a bit to say talk us through what we've been hearing so far. that's right so for a few weeks now china and the u.s. have been gauging engaging in a bit of
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a war of words regarding the current virus pandemic and for china trump's attacks of the world health organization are just following on from his attempt to shift the blame from from himself from his own mismanagement of the outbreak to the world health organization as he had been trying to do in previous weeks to shift blame to china and chinese state media really been reflecting this message we had global times which is a state media newspaper and they had an editorial with some really strong words attacking trump's decision to withdraw funding of the world health organization saying that was setting a horrible precedent at a time when the world really should be rallying behind this organization it said that the world health organization had become a bit of a scapegoat for trump and really that he was using this as a political ammunition to really bolster his chances of being reelected in the u.s. elections later this year and chinese media as well as the chinese foreign ministry
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they've been really conversely and unsurprisingly painting china as a leader when it comes to this global fight against the pandemic reminding the public that china in fact turning to $20000000.00 true. or in march and that china has been sending plane loads of supplies aid and medical teams to more than 80 countries in the last few weeks and katrina as we've been saying for some time now there's also been plenty of speculation around china's transparency throughout the outbreak you're on the ground there in beijing talk us through all the grounds for all the criticism that we've been hearing all these weeks. definitely grounds for this this criticism and grounds for the questions raised about this transparency because we know or there have been numerous times of the past few months which china has changed the way that it's counted the numbers of infections here in china and here in china the beijing has said that there have been still around $82000.00 infections which is vastly lower than many other countries
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including the u.s. and some european countries and also the associated press this week had an investigation where they showed that china's national health commission actually met with china's leaders one generally the 14 to explain journey the 14th to explain the severity of the situation saying that this outbreak was the most severe thing they've faced since the severe challenge they face in sol's in 2003 and really it had the potential to develop into a major public event and those words were supposed to reach the highest echelons of the communist party and they were really expecting chinese leaders to act then but they did not announce to the public but this outbreak was of grave concern until january 20 that is 6 days later and many critics and experts believe that those 6 days could have been used to to really adopt some measures to prevent the outbreak spreading further perhaps a lockdown could have been put into place sooner and also we know that this was
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revealed on top of knowledge that we knew that there was some doctors as early as late december who tried to sound the alarm about the severity of the outbreak and they were in fact silenced and punished for doing so katrina you there in beijing for us thank you katrina well in contrast to trump a stray leah's prime minister has praised the world health organizations response in the asia pacific region scott morrison also announced lockdown measures will be kept in place for at least another 4 weeks more than $6400.00 cases of the virus have been confirmed in a strain. well the pandemic will cause economic growth to stall at 0 percent for the 1st time in 60 years that's the latest dire projection from the international monetary fund the outbreak has taken an unprecedented toll on the region it's expected to rebound next year but the outlook remains uncertain and nigeria is facing its west recession in more than 30 years the i.m.f.
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predicts that africa's biggest economy will shrink by 3.4 percent this year the pandemic and global lock downs have pushed down oil prices and about millions of people are expected to lose their jobs amid interest reports from a bridge or the global coverage $1000.00 pandemic is taking a human and economic toll on nigeria its main resources oil demand and the market price is falling was quite adding to the crisis a dispute between major producers saudi arabia and russia which has driven prices to their lowest level in nearly 2 decades all the world producers have agreed to cut production in order to shore prices there's been no significant rises yet it's not going to be easy for us and that what the president as dawn was the president told us is he does a want. development projects to suffer who've taken the little preemptive steps and we are very confident that would be shielded from some of
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these losses that being the specter of nigeria cut its daily output from $2100000.00 barrels to 1800000000 before the oil producers meeting a few days ago. and the new agreement has forced another cut in production by a father 417000 barrels a day. economists say this is leading to plant closures and job losses which there is to meet to be between 15 and 30 percent for now so companies that may have a stellar record now nobody knows where that will eat. their food at the end of the object to have. absolutely also a month to be up there yet experts say even for those able to keep their jobs that are no guarantees of doing that for long. generous a session is projected to continue into next year though at a slower rate representatives of organized labor here are concerned entry into jobs
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. injury. too many already guess injury to life and they want. you both know. the national bureau of statistics report of 2900 said i generally had 23 percent unemployment in 2018 but one official admitted that the number could top 33 percent this year and that was even before the current $1000.00 pandemic and a sharp decline in oil demand and pricing the nigerian government is cutting its 2020 budget estimates by nearly 40 percent with negative implications on financing development and job creation. i report from the world bank predicts africa's economy will lose between $37.00 to $79000000000.00 in output this nigeria in particular is expected to account for
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a substantial part of that loss more bad news for a country which only 2 years ago emerged from its worst recession since 1987. al-jazeera. we have more coronavirus coverage coming up here on al-jazeera including. waiting for takeoff a wife thousands of pakistanis have been left stranded as a ground. without the right protective equipment then there will be people who died because of being out. past not protective equipment all the lack of it remains a critical issue in the u.k. . hello there was so thing trying to rain showers across areas of thailand laos and particularly across into cambodia quite a bit out here in the last hours the rain is actually quite heavy through the gulf
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of thailand and then we'll see more. and also heavy again across into borneo you'll notice some heavier showers as well pushing into northern sections of the philippines a similar story really is a go through saturday and still those rains the pushing down into southern thailand and again on into the mid a peninsula and some heavy across the southern and western areas of borneo mostly care of fine across much of australia not quite the fine across the system coming through some very strong winds through the bass strait and they really are falling right there cross the tasman sea more rain child strong gusty winds across into really both islands over new zealand and then it is a bit cooler in adelaide in melbourne just 19 and 18 degrees and really for the next couple of days we could see quite a few showers but it's a warm day friday in perth the 27 little bit cooler on the south it is still feeling very nice and those sunny skies with a high of 23 degrees celsius and generally dry across much of the north maybe want to get
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a thunderstorm in and around ken's similar story in brisbane and say staying cool with across and adelaide with a high few of 90. alaska's phone nor a pristine environment that's become a battleground with the trumpet ministration keen to let oil companies start drilling some of its remote communities are tempted by the promised wealth we leave here we make the rule not there but others bitterly opposed we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas crossing the high peaks of the arctic circle to investigate the people in power at the edge of the earth on al-jazeera.
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hello again i'm. a reminder of our top stories this hour president on trump says the number of corona virus infections in the u.s. is slowing that's despite a record $2300.00 deaths in just 24 hours he says restrictions could be lifted in up to 30 states in just 2 weeks. chinese state media have criticized trump's decision to cut funding to the world health organization the global times calls it a move against humanity to distract from the u.s. president's mismanagement of the pandemic. and the pandemic stall airs as economic growth at their 0 percent for the 1st time in 60 years that's the latest diet assessment from the international monetary fund. well let's take you to some other news now and more than 2 dozen refugees have died of starvation on
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a boat that's been adrift for 2 months off the coast of bangladesh and early 400 people were on the vessel trying to reach malaysia they were rescued by bangladesh as christ caught on wednesday hundreds of thousands of a hand to have fled to pass acute. tanveer chattery is in dhaka with more on what's another survival song. we verified this with a local chairman and elected chairman of the area by area where the incident took place he has a very fide that list 400 people were rescued some probably died and i caught into that one of the survivor who spoke to local people and we have amateur video clips of those the survivors said that they were in a flood at least 2 months in the sea they couldn't get into malaysia and at least 28 people have died and we cannot independently verify those the news are still sketchy as some local news medias are carrying this this people are what we know for so far it has been detained by bangladesh coast guard they're kept informed
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because there is fear of coronavirus the local people are saying they are kind of afraid of the situation what is complex is we don't know whether they went from rock kind or the tech now for. the local member chairman told us that they are from tech now from our product and there were refugees in bangladesh not from iraq and state we also know this is not the 1st incident and typically between november and march many joining us from the camp with the help of the human traffic are trying to cross the sea to get into malaysia because they have relatives there some are going out woman have their husbands there they pay for this straight to their trafficker many incident their arranged marriage with the woman that's why many of the victims in these boats are women and children. well returning to a coronavirus coverage and tens of thousands of pakistanis have been stranded abroad awaiting repatriation of life now the government says citizens will soon be
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brought back from countries such as the united arab emirates and has will. as a moment with his family but not with some of his relatives they're stuck in the united arab emirates desperately wanting to come back to pakistan you can only speak to them on the phone. i recently came back to pakistan after spending 20 years in the u.a.e. but now my nephew and other family members are stuck there they are desperate to come back but unfortunately due to the incompetency of our government there isn't any plan for the repatriation of their least bothered about the plight of pakistanis stuck in the u.a.e. or elsewhere. some 35000 people have registered at the pakistani embassy in. the u.a.e. will allow them to return home but pakistan must provide a crippled creation flights something it hasn't done so far pakistanis are angry at
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the government's handling of the chroniclers pandemics. they accuse prime minister imran khan of not doing enough to tackle the crisis and for not taking decisive action early on the foreign ministry says plans are underway to bring about pakistanis who are stranded abroad the government barbara starr is fully seized of the situation being faced by no good but attributes and bugs on the nationals in different parts of the world in your ear and other parts of the gulf region this is uppermost in the mind of the go to pakistan and a comprehensive plan for iraq all our national is being read the book study government is set up for 18 facility on its border with afghanistan to house nearly 1500 people who were with recently it wants to show this is a successful aspect of its response to the pandemic but pakistan like many countries is struggling to cope with a global latency and things only thing slowly which is frustrating many who are
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worried about family and friends stuck abroad americans deserve all the russias outbreak is growing rapidly for the 5th straight day now it's reported a record day rise in infections more than $3400.00 new cases have been confirmed bringing its total to nearly $28000.00 the government says at least $232.00 russians have died health authorities are now warning they could run out of hospital beds of france has reported its highest single day jump in coven $1000.00 related deaths more than $1400.00 page teletubbies were reported on wednesday taking the toll to more than $17000.00 but the government says the figure includes deaths from previous days that haven't been reported yet the number of patients in intensive care is continuing to decline. around the while the more people are wearing masks and gloves to try to protect themselves against private 19 and there's been plenty of advice on how people should use them. here's how you can
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take off and store a surgical mask for reuse without potentially contaminating inside all this video for instance a death toll of a plastic container against a loft and then putting the straps over the outside of it. well dr gregory poland heads the vaccine research group and is a professor of infectious diseases at the u.s. based mayo clinic and he explained the best way to use loss and. you know i brought with me a standard surgical mask is has a malleable so that you can mold it over the nose is hooks like this but the way you take it off is this way you never touch the outside of the mask you have to assume that that's contaminated and you throw it away then with a glove if you have gloves on the reason you can't reuse gloves very well as the only proper way to take the gloves off is to slide
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a finger under this and peel it off so now it's inside out and gets disposed of i would say you wear a mask any time that you're going to be around anybody who is not your family member and the kind of mass that we're talking about is a is a homemade mask so this is an example of one that my wife is making so it has 2 layers of very tightly woven cotton and then an interface layer that's very thick so that when she makes that and the malleable part is just a bread tie she can make a this one happens to be 4 layers back. go do over your ears like this and again when you get home you take it off put it right in the washing machine or into a plastic bag that you're going to wash later these are very valuable in 2 ways number one it decreases the chance you're going to breathe in the large respiratory
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droplets that can carry the virus and the 2nd thing is that it's a memory it so you don't touch your eyes nose or mouth and that turns out to be very important. well terry of the wild the largest economies have been criticized for failing to provide protective equipment for their frontline health workers and the moment we have a report from john hall who's in the u.k. about the doctors and nurses they're having to improvise to keep themselves safe but fast christensen to me has been speaking to new york is who are taking matters into their own hands. at a time when most new yorkers are staying home this warehouse is bustling with workers they once made signs and displays for major fashion houses but now they have a new job producing face shields used by medical personnel treating coronavirus patients boss mike to god couldn't be prouder there is government programs for people going in for you know this everyone can make it your choice right now and they're there because the choice to come here and do something. to help our 1st responders who
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are doing amazing things. less than one week after the mayor put out a desperate call for supplies to gaol and partner bednarz for shipping their 1st order it is inspiring to see how quickly people figured out a way to do something that was needed and not just do it in a small way but do it a very big way to go as one of several companies that this industrial complex alone that's retooled its operation in response to the coronavirus now the city wants to produce task kids locally as well as productive gear. experts say millions more tests will be needed to make sure it's safe for everyone to go back to work and school this lab in indiana donated 50000 to new york hospitals now it's under contract to sell that many pearl week to the city and is pumping to establish more local production facilities if you. across the country to go in
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major cities this country can very very easily make a 1000000. and. working in the midst of a pandemic does require precautions like these temperature checks when employees show up to work. most say they're thankful to still have a paycheck and it just does not want to spend time at home and be you know i don't know it's so nice to be able to give back. giving back in getting by but hardly business as usual christine salumi al-jazeera new york. l.t.r. a renowned surgeon with many years experience in the national health service donna campbell a health care support worker who could light up a room with her infectious laugh just some of the u.k. health care workers who've lost their lives to covert 19 often for want of proper protective equipment my basic understanding of infectious diseases increased
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exposure equals increased risk of contracting that disease and as and key workers as health care workers particularly we are at increased risk of exposure because we are working with people who have current virus every single day and without the right protected and then there will be people who die because of being at work every doctor is a nonprofit organization run by doctors campaigning to keep health workers safe as well as highlighting how far behind other countries the u.k. is in the provision of protective equipment or p p e every doctor hears daily from medical staff forced to use improvised methods to keep themselves safe this is happening months after concerns about corona virus were 1st raised by health workers in the u.k. and despite repeated government promises that items of p.p. have been procured in their hundreds of millions and of being widely distributed.
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as britain nears the peak of its epidemic dangerous gaps remain well i'm sorry if people feel that the happy failings will be very very clear about that but at the same time we are in an unknown in an unprecedented global health pandemic right now it is critics call the home secretary's apology half hearted and the public services union unison says the time for excuses are surpassed what we're continuing to see significant problems with the supply in 'd social care so you can't staff is still telling us that and there are major shortages we've got some members telling us that employees are refusing to wear face masks. to help close the gaps this group of london based on true prognosis pitched in 3 d. printing devices for n.h.s. hospital staff was inspired by one very sad story part nurses who are using been
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back to check out these in 3 d. printers behind us label to manufacture his facial. facial it can be reprinted in just under 2 hours and he's even just some simple elastic and as a team she has been is a cut we can ship these out directly to the hospitals that desperately need there will be a time for answers time to ask who failed how and when but for now there is only reality to cope with health workers in hospitals and care homes across the country short of basic protection as they tend to the sick and the dying and in some cases having to decide whether saving a life is worth jeopardizing their own job or how al jazeera london. well now a british war veteran has raised more than $50000000.00 for the u.k.'s national health service captain tom moore was hoping to collect a $1000.00 by walking $100.00 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday at the
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end of the month but his drive has drawn messages of support from celebrities politicians and even a sinew from soldiers. so good to fool proof. good now. if you look. to see. who he was a brave. the a telegram mrs al jazeera and these are the headlines president all trump says the number of new corona virus infections in the u.s. is slowing that's despite a wreck or 2300 deaths that in the last 24 hours he says restrictions could be lifted up to 30 states in just 2 weeks chinese state media have criticized donald trump's decision to cut off funding to the wild health organization the global
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times called it a move against humanity to distract from the trumps mismanagement of the pandemic katrina you has more from beijing. state media newspaper global times launched a scathing attack on president trump today saying that his decision was a move against humanity and setting a horrible precedent at a time when the world really should be rallying behind the world health organization it also accused trump of using this move to really put aside situation as ammo to try to bolster his chances of being reelected at the end of this year and also that that this really is just a scapegoat for president trump that he's shifting blame away from himself from his administration to the world health organization in an attempt to divert attention from his own mismanagement of the outbreak back home of the pandemic will cause asia's economic growth to stall at 0 percent for the 1st time in 60 years that's
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the latest dire projection from the international monetary fund the outbreak has taken an unprecedented toll on the region is expected to rebound next year but the outlook remains on. a strain is prime minister has praised the world health organizations response in the asia pacific region scott morrison also announced that lockdown measures will be kept in place for at least another 4 weeks more than 6400 cases of the virus have been confirmed in straight. and nigeria could be facing its west recession in more than 30 years the i.m.f. projects that africa's largest economy will shrink by 3.4 percent this year the pandemic and global lock downs have pushed on oil prices and millions of people are expected to use their jobs well those are the headlines the news will continue here on al-jazeera after people and power stay with us. join me steve clemons on the bottom line for your weekly take on u.s. politics and society i'm changing but the institutions frequently don't the system
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itself is set up to benefit those who understand that you have people who actually believe things that are not true that is a crisis for democracy is a crisis of concentration the bottom line on al-jazeera. alaska's far north as one of the world's last pristine environments but now the trumpet ministration wants to let oil companies through here as campaign is take on the white house and the energy industry indigenous communities are divided between those who want jobs and those who want to preserve a unique landscape and way of life through photos zoe daniel went to find out more .


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