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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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starts to become an informant this is corrupting the young generation of a country with undercover investigations and in-depth reports people in power reveals the use and abuse of power around the world on al-jazeera. 70000 people have now died from coronavirus with europe accounting for 50000 of those deaths. this is all just there live from doha also coming up 10 days after testing positive persons prime minister is admitted to hospital the battles coronavirus. the pandemic forces the democratic republic of congo to shut down its capital's main commercial hub plus. i know we just played gun makers are soon water and started.
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campaigning in the time of crisis the pandemic is reshaping this year's lead up to the us presidential election. the global death toll for the coronavirus is now hit 70000 with 50000 of those reported in europe it comes as britain's prime minister abbas johnson remains on the observation in hospital with continuing symptoms 10 days after testing positive for covert 19 a spokesman says he was at michoud as a precautionary measure and is still leading the government johnson tweeted from his hospital bed that he's having routine tests and is in good spirits on sunday evening queen elizabeth made a rare televised address to the nation she urged the british people to remain united and resolute to overcome the outbreak. numbers released from spain show the
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debut death toll is continuing to fall $637.00 people died there in the last 24 hours that's down nearly 40 from the previous day and japanese prime minister shinzo ave has begun steps towards declaring a state of emergency as infections surge across major cities we have 2 correspondents this white house correspondent kimberly help get to standing by in washington d.c. but let's go 1st to roll reach chalons who is in london for us so rory boris johnson is tweeting from his hospital bed what more can you tell us. yeah we've got pretty much the same message coming from both boris johnson as you say via twitter and his spokesperson who couple of hours ago briefed the media in the lobby of the houses of parliament and the message from boris johnson on twitter is last night on the advice of my doctor i went into hospital for some routine tests as i'm still experiencing coronavirus symptoms i mean good spirits and
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keeping in touch with my team as we work together to fight this virus and keep everyone safe and he went on to thank the brilliant n.h.s. staff as he put it taking care of him and all others in this difficult time the message from his spokesperson a bit more expansive than that saying that yes the prime minister did still have a cough and a fever this been going on for 10 days or so that was why he was admitted to hospital for the routine tests they put it's going to a bit more about how he is still performing his functions as prime minister he said he was still receiving his box of work there any decisions that needed his attention would get them that he still led the government but that he was handing over for the interim. the chairmanship of the coronavirus emergency meeting that happens every day to dominic rob the foreign secretary there are big questions though. is that boris johnson's health in significant risk
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the spokes person was asked in the in this briefing does the prime minister have signs of pneumonia and the question wasn't really given a proper answer the answer that they got was well he has symptoms that are persistent consistent with persistent coronavirus 19 another question that doesn't have an adequate answer yet is just how if he's actually in the hospital getting all these tests and being given treatments and essentially doing what doctors would tell anyone to do in such circumstances getting some rest how in those circumstances can he still be leading the government being prime minister we don't actually have the right answer to that yet. thank you for that update from outside the hospital where bostonians being treated for intelligence. u.s. president donald trump has struck an optimistic tone of his daily coronavirus briefings saying an end to the outbreak is in sight but with
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a number of deaths in the u.s. approaching 10000 health experts are warning the worst is yet to come can we hope that joins us now live from washington d.c. so some mixed messages there just give us the latest. yeah there's no question that the administration whether it's the public health officials or the president himself seem to be speaking from different song sheets when it comes to the message to the public at issue right now is a lot of confusion over the messaging coming from the president and even is one of his top economic advisers trade representative peter navarro both have been touting the benefits of potentially trying an anti-malarial drug to treat kovac 19 even though they haven't gone through the proper trials yet in terms of their effect of this and the question becomes whether or not it is appropriate for a president to be suggesting an unproven or untested drug even if there is legislation that gives americans the right to try. given the fact that he has no
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medical background so the president is getting a lot of pushback about that here in the united states he's also been getting a lot of pushback from a top democrat on capitol hill chuck schumer he is the top democrat in the u.s. senate for suggesting that in fact there should be a medical or rather a military person overseeing the distribution of whether it's medicine whether it's ventilators and that this should all be centrally located the u.s. president's push back on that saying that there is such a person in place but still calls for a so-called czar if you will to make sure that this is being properly dispatched it's growing ever louder in the united states committee at the same time public health officials have been sounding the alarm about the week ahead what are they saying. yeah well what we've seen from the president is kind of this optimistic note but at the same time the surgeon general has said that the
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week ahead and the weeks ahead expect them to be pretty bad now as you point out at the start of the show the numbers 338000 cases or infections here in the united states of chronic virus were approaching 10000 deaths now in the united states and the feeling is is that the picture is not complete because testing has been sporadic and spotty across the board and then there are many people who are perhaps showing only mild symptoms who are not getting tested at all so the feeling is that in the united states the spread of corona virus is much larger and more vast than is being presented and also expect that these deaths are only going to continue to climb a but again the u.s. president has been surely not just in his latest task force briefing that took place on sunday night but also again on twitter early monday morning usa strong is his latest message but again many people arguing that the u.s. is not particularly strong when it comes to the coordination of resources thank you for that across developments in the u.s.
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complete that. as we've said there's some hope in spain with a number of deaths dropping for a 4th straight day lots of it it has the details from madrid. this is the lowest number since march 24th this means 2 weeks ago but we have to be a little bit cautious with these speakers as during the week and the reduced or it's a slower as process soon we need to more of figures to compare with these slow don't trend is 100 percent certain spanish prime minister better santa reported yesterday he's slamming apart from approving these 15 day extensions in the congress passing this approval of these until april 25 they're also thinking in a for a future plan whether to be more toughening or easing the measures because that will be an extension kind of descent so they need to plan what they're going to do next one of the things we know is that he's asking the 17 regions in spain to provide at least of private and public infrastructures you know order to isolate
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a symptom and seem to matic coronavirus patients china a few days a few months ago with these project called north ark and in a way to to stop the spread of the pandemic these work very well in china but we don't know whether in spain is going to work because despite the health ministry has distributed $1000000.00 test kits we don't have enough so we need to have more and more supply of test kits in spain in order to to it be to be snores arc project be effective. germany has confirmed more than 100000 cases but so far it's managed to avoid fatal if he's on the scale of some of it's here pay neighbors all spittles in several german regions are even treating patients from italy and france and the german government is proposing a plan to provide financial support to struggling european financial states at the level it is dumb it came reports from berlin it may not go as far as some countries
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want a man ministers senior ministers are making a financial off to european countries of assistance that is saying that the european stability mechanism a mechanism that's been in place for much of the last decade should be applied so that countries such as spain and italy can immediately draw down funds to help them to fight corona to fight the problem that they're facing and it's many millions of euros we're talking about here something in the region of about 70000000000 almost immediately in these countries could double down but they are in the form of loans not in the form of grants that's the sort of thing that these governments are really crying out for some sort of new marshall plan for european countries in other words the sort of scheme that was will stand by the victorious allies after world war 2 to help countries that are in terrible distress economically that's not what the germans are offering right now and that they have a lot further than they had previously been prepared to do the democratic republic
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of congo's government has shut down the capital's main commercial hub for 14 days is the epicenter of the nationwide outbreak many of the 12000000 people who live in the city will be impacted by the decision because they also work or do business and going back a virus has infected 161 people and killed 18 nationwide welcome web has more on how the measure would impact the spread of the virus. well there are government buildings foreign embassies the headquarters of large companies and other commercial buildings but it actually makes a very small part of the city or kinshasa outside of the center city to 3rd largest city in africa about 12000000 people living in cramped conditions it's low rise it goes on and on and on and it's business as usual in most of the suburbs so whilst closing down gone there is certainly a very visible measure in the center of the city's heart see how this is going to
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stop the spread of the virus in all of those suburbs where millions of people are living in cramped conditions kenyan president to her kenyatta has banned all movement in the capital nairobi for $21.00 days dress the nation to announce measures to combat the spread of covered 90 the ban also applies to other areas affected by the outbreak kenya has reported 158 cases and 6 deaths as we continue to face the challenges ahead of us assuring you that as a government we will both do everything we can to combat this writers and to reduce the health impacts on our society while at the same time working together and working extra hard to ensure that as a country we shot over come still to come here on al-jazeera
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seen and seen it i don't have a working radio or t.v. i don't even have a computer to listen to those learning programs the global crisis has altered the state of learning it's made me poor students with no computers who are suffering the most also of heart was. staying connected in chile where you look at some of the creative ways people are socializing and keeping in shape and down. fellow we've got lots of sunshine in the forecast for japan over the next couple of days our area of wet sanitise wintry weather now in the process of pulling out of the way still quite a key northerly wind coming in behind the northern parts of temperatures will struggle to get up towards double figures sapporo at about 8 celsius to the chance
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of want to show us here on tuesday much of pakistan and dry the korean peninsula also fine and dry much of china actually looking largely fine and dry part of the old rock shop was northern passes because through wednesday by way to say we could well see some wet weather just pushing towards the far south west of china but hong kong should be dry cooler than it has been recently temperatures here at around 22 celsius fought a dry same across much of the philippines because some showers there into india china positive vietnam cambodia laos will see some showers on longer spells of rain for a time some showers today pushing into the far southwest of india some big ones in the a possibility here is we got one through the next day also as we go through tuesday those showers will push up to was going to talk out of carola to go on into wednesday the slot over towards tumble not want to see showers gradually pushing up towards under protest over the next day or so but further north it's fine and dry.
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talk to al-jazeera what we were force with when you saw that document for the 1st story we listen to after the war saying you know you've been to go build united states of you but we will not be. with you we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on the 00 understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world is another matter when you call home we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. to. a i.
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doughty auxerre a reminder of our top stories this hour more than 70000 people have now died from growing a virus globally with europe accounting 450000 those deaths spain and italy have reported the most fatalities in the world. britain's prime minister abbas johnson is undergoing tests in hospital 10 days after being diagnosed with corona virus he tweeted that he's in good spirits despite suffering continuing symptoms meanwhile the death toll in the u.k. is approaching 5403 fatalism is reported over the past day. u.s. president donald trump is sounded a note of optimism saying there is light at the end of the tunnel as despite a warning from his nation's top surgeon that americans should prepare for their hardest saddest week. a pandemic is for schools around the world to close with students continuing their educational why many of them in some parts of africa are missing out because the results is just aren't available catherine sawyer reports
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from eastern kenya where thousands of students and urban informal settlements and rural areas are struggling maybe we'll skip this but this is the new normal in many schools in kenya we are due to a quick check in before the last one starts and julius my sharia is settling into the idea that he might be remotely teaching his students for months my machine has heard some of the challenges we are experiencing. is dealing with a few technology and the fact that not all children might give 100 percent in vachel classes it will not take us through this light but he says a coronavirus has shifted the future of landing by jury to their mom now organising some groups that they're doing their own discussion for their discussions with and getting teachers in ways that are truly unimaginable about 150 kilometers east of nairobi in which this parent homeschools he still.
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he uses a television lining program started by a government institution but it's not easy you know the program is coming. up for the laughter because sometimes. sometimes the. tens of thousands of students across the country are now adopting to virtual studies on t.v. radio or online but many have no electricity internet or devices to keep up state school students are suffering the most in 2030 in the government promised free laptops to primary schools saying it would gradually expand the program to secondary schools but our project has been slow to implement coronavirus has disrupted every aspect of life education has been badly affected by the disease and it's now closed indefinitely many children are likely to lag behind in their
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studies. ray told by the reason he entered secondary school but now she's back home and her days full of housework and chores she lives with her mother and siblings and today the only mill they have is for mentored partridge in school should have had 3 hot meals senior and senior i did have a working radio t.v. i don't even have a computer to listen to those learning programs i'm afraid when i go back to school i'll be behind the children who have to devise is the only time bertha gets to revise is just before sunset and only for a little while because once that mist sets in she's limit head with no electricity and money to buy solar land tends to uses flash lights her story at code by many others across the country katherine sawyer al-jazeera when east and kenya. u.n. secretary general antonio says there's been a horrifying rise and domestic violence cases around the world during the pandemic
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is warning of the dangers of enforced lock downs for tens of thousands of women at risk for years all governments to make the prevention and redress of violence against women a key part of the national response plans for coverage 19 that means increasing investment in online services and civil society organizations making sure systems continue to prosecute abusers setting up emergency warning systems in fantasies and groceries declaring shelters as essential services and creating safe ways for women to sick supports without alerting their abusers a tiger at a new york zoo has tested positive for covered 19 the bronx zoo said nadia a 4 year old female malayan tiger had developed a dry cough and was tested as a precaution zoo officials said 6 of the tigers and 3 lions also develop symptoms it's believed they were infected by a zoo employee. and a straight
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a criminal investigation has been launched into how hundreds of passengers were allowed to leave a cruise ship despite some showing flu like symptoms 11 deaths and 600 coronavirus infections have been connected to the ruby princess which docked in sydney last month more than a 1000 crewmen members remain on board and there are reports that up to $200.00 a sick the government is only letting the critically ill interest radio the pandemic has forced the u.s. to re-examine its 2020 election cycle dozens of states have postponed primaries and campaigns have moved on lyme now there's warry of what the situation will look like for the presidential election come november ellen fisher has more. this is the shape of campaigning for president in the time of coronavirus and i know with this pandemic there's a whole lot of anxiety everything has moved online the big rallies have gone shaking hands kissing babies the cliches of presidential runs have disappeared
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because of what we fear in social distancing coronaviruses change the way politics loops but not the underlying principles most elections in terms of actual work is really done in the phone calls and the turning out voters through personal appeals in the past those were all done sort of knocking on doors and then you saw people move to the telephone and now you've seen them move to email the candidates challenging the president are also missing out invaluable if the around the key swing state would bring free media coverage through to attention even donations but they're not happening. and the president doesn't have that problem donald trump has had to cancel rallies and he loves food in rallies but he's been speaking to the country every night from the podium in the white house and he hasn't restricted himself to just talking about the voters he covers many of the topics
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that his base expects if you look at nato. the abuse that was given to eric cantor you know they really began with vice president hence the recurring information in a setting where he had been put in charge of the task force and not too long where after president trump kind of commandeered the show. one of the highlights of the campaign is the conventions the large gatherings to from the nominee attended it's not even clear if he can be held this year or the president trump insists there's no way he's cancer and if this lasts until november there will be questions of how people can even vote safely coronaviruses made an immediate impact on campaigning in the u.s. at times like these the country tends to rally around the president but his response to the virus will make it the core issue in the 2020 alexion on fisher al-jazeera washington to some other news now and as many as 23 soldiers have been
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killed in mali target attack on a military base in the galleries and happened in the town of bomba about 4 am local time sources say the camp was destroyed a military item stolen no one has claimed responsibility nicholas hawke explains what fighting is all about. well this is an area where several armed groups are you have a lot of islam will mostly mean which is an al qaeda affiliate and then a new comer the islamic state in the greater now both have been in talks in january to try to join arms together but those discussion have fallen out and now they have been. attacks between the 2 groups and that's a recent development just as early as yesterday the 2 groups were launching attacks at each other in the area further west of this area of go 150 kilometers away is where there was
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a major un peacekeeping stabilizing force and the french forces side by side we were there just a year ago and the u.n. peacekeeping forces were keen to show us their firepower and their ability to quickly react i know there were so close to where this attack took place they failed to prevent this attack it's a big blow to the money and forces who have been on the forefront of conflict with these armed groups that are more and more active in the north of mali just to give you a perspective on when this is taking place there's been $83.00 aerial deployments from the french forces and it comes at a time just 2 weeks ago where the mullion opposition leader was kidnapped not too far from the area now there's been discussion between the government and the armed forces to try to free this opposition leader but it seems that these attacks will
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go on until the government can find a better solution to this conflict in the north of mali. yemeni president rubber mansour hadi has ordered the release of all prisoners in the southern city of tire is with the exception of those who are jailed on major criminal charges this comes after shelling at the women's section of a prison in the southern city on sunday local sources say 5 female prisoners were killed and several others injured with the rebels are being blamed for the attack but they have denied any involvement tires as yemen's 3rd biggest city in a major center of the conflicts. a former soldier will spend 23 years behind bars in slovakia for the 2018 contract killing of an investigative journalist and his fiance journalist john could check had been investigating alleged high level corruption before he was shot dead by miroslav martek the double murder led to nationwide protests and eventually brought down the government of
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slovakia a separate trial is set to resume soon with the 3 people charged with ordering the killing. and chile is one of the america's worst affected countries for corona virus with more than 4000 reported cases and like many nations lock down measures have dramatically changed everyday life so many people are getting creative to keep themselves busy there is latin america editor they see in human reports. signal. is ready to roll out on the show tonight i'm having a party and i'm going to cook a barbecue here is the meat. the cools are already lit and snacks and drinks are ready to and here are the guests all connected via internet. for couples sharing a saturday night and a good laugh each from their own home their whatever meanwhile 25 year old look
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less heritable is just starting to party without leaving his bed all he needs is this application so no. i don't need to spend money on transportation that is 100 percent safe and i can travel instantly between one party and another with the possibilities of socializing a much faster but i don't know what i'll do fight in the heart of the so i ask myself what if this quarantine happened 20 years ago. with schools and offices closed and confinement now amongst chileans are discovering countless ways to stay active and not just physically. a year ago cmon michelle launched an online platform that offers psychological consultations with professional therapist with total privacy but in the last 2 weeks since cold 19 changed everyone's lives the number of patients has soared this young man
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specifically allowed us to film him. i'm feeling a lot of anxiety because i don't know what's going to happen with my job. confronting these uncertain times can generate anguish stress fear sadness and anger seem a leap in consultations from couples who are struggling because of their confinement to people who are alone and feeling panic will. become another cause for insecurity is the lack of personal protection products until it's been weeks since anyone can find a facemask to buy so people are making their own and this is how the kitchen towels you fold them like this and then with a string or ribbon even an elastic you staple them at the ends and when you open it up you'll have your own homemade facemask like that gentle pull of the young and speaking of creativity the center of cinema is offering children something to look forward to. reading them
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a different story every day at 5 o'clock. the santiago ballet's dance master cyril demountable hasn't stopped giving dancers classes now on instagram the class is now also open to anyone who wants to join just another example of how this crisis is increasingly inspiring people to share their creativity in captivity. you see in human al-jazeera santiago. this is almost 0 these are the top stories more than 70000 people have now died from chronic virus globally with the europe accounting 450000 of those deaths spain and italy have reported the most fatalities in the world. there is however some hope in spain with the number of deaths dropping for a 4th straight day according to the health ministry 637 people died in the past day
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just 2 days ago more than 800 people died. britain's prime minister broads johnson is undergoing tests in hospital 10 days after being diagnosed with corona virus in twenty's and thirty's in good spirits despite suffering continuing symptoms death toll in the u.k. is approaching 5000 with 403 fatalities reported over the past day. president on trumpet sounded a note of optimism saying there's light at the end of the tunnel that's despite a warning from his nation's top sides that americans should prepare for their hardest and saddest week us is reporting more than 9000 deaths so far. canyon president to her kenyatta has banned all movement in the capital nairobi for 21 days a dress the nation to announce measures to combat the spread of covert 19 the ban also applies to other areas affected by the on break kenya has reported 158 cases
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and 6 deaths as we continue to face the challenges ahead of us assuring you that as a government we will both do everything we can to combat this writers and to reduce the health impacts are not society while at the same time working together and working extra hard to ensure that as a country we overcome in other news as many as 23 soldiers have been killed in mali during an attack on a military base in the gulf region it happened in the southern town of baumberger about 4 am local time so to say we can't was destroyed the military items stolen no one's claimed responsibility. that's it from a talk to al jazeera is coming up next hour from go away. how much is the coronavirus on the stock market affecting the race to the white house looking to
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buy but it's time to secure the democratic nomination up early we can be down trump follow all the developments in the u.s. election campaign on al jazeera. see. hello there. u.n. headquarters in new york now this is a building i work in most days and i have to tell you it is very early quat now normally there's about 10000 people come into this compound every single weekday now at the moment there's only about 300 people accessing this building every day they all the skeleton staff most of them working trying to get the video conference and systems working to allow the rest of the u.n. to continue its vital functions those peace keep.


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