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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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if there are life away and guarantee the occupation of the land in the last home in the fights deep down the song this is not only a land conflict but a conflict of narrative brazil the age of both n.r.o. whose truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. the taliban wants to make a deal we'll see if they want to make a deal is going to be a real deal but will see. a resumption of talks with the taliban as president trump makes a surprise thanksgiving visit to u.s. troops in afghanistan. but i'm down in jordan this is our desire on live from doha also coming up so down approves a lot to completely dismantle any trace of former president omar al bashir his regime. more chaos in iraq security forces opened fire on crowds in the south as anti-government protests intensified. 13 years after the worst disaster in british
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sporting history a former police chief was found not guilty of the deaths of $95.00 football. donald trump has announced peace talks have resumed with the afghan taliban the news came as the u.s. president made a surprise visit to afghanistan's background airbase where he met president ashraf ghani and u.s. soldiers stationed in september declared top of the taliban dead after a deal was reached in principle to pull u.s. troops in afghanistan. the taliban wants to make a deal we'll see if they want to make a deal is going to be a real deal but we'll see but they want to make a deal and then they want to make you feel his you're doing a great job that's the only news that i want to make of you so i want to thank you and i want to thank the afghan soldiers. and jordan joins us live now from washington d.c. ross so this is president trump's 1st trip to afghanistan how significant is it and
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what more they have to say them well donald trump also says that the talks have been ongoing really for about 6 months but let's not forget there was that very public break in early september after the taliban carried out a bombing in which a u.s. soldier was killed the president suspended talks and also suspended plans for what he said was going to be a visit to camp david by taliban leaders in hopes of announcing a real progress in those peace negotiations but even though that break happened diplomats have been working very quietly to try to move the process along and of course we saw just recently the prisoner swap the taliban gave up 2 western hostages and 10 afghan soldiers in exchange for getting back 3 of their senior leaders who had been an afghan slash u.s. custody for several years that is being considered
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a step in the right direction but what we have not heard is anyone suggesting that the taliban is ready to demilitarize to lay down its weapons in order to be in an integrated into the afghan body politic and roses traumas visit a way of perhaps dealing with political problems he has back home and also with the pentagon leadership. well this certainly could be read that way the president has been locked in a very public dispute with pentagon leadership because he has been engaged or some would argue interfering in the military justice system in the case of a member of navy seal team 6 this person had been accused of war crimes in the fight against eisel including in shooting and killing someone and posing for a photo with that person's corpse but the president had said that this person
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didn't do anything wrong and should be able to retain both his rank and his membership in seal team 6 this is something which the pentagon leadership finds alarming and so if you have a photo op as it were of the president with some 1500 u.s. forces serving in a war zone it might persuade those who had been on the fence here in the united states that perhaps the president did the right thing again not directly connecting it to the situation involving to the seal team member but certainly smoothing over some of the controversy arose in jordan the in washington d.c. ross thank you well as a republican strategist and political analyst she believes the taliban see the trump presidency as a chance to strike a deal with the u.s. . i think the taliban understands that this president is a very unconventional president and that things in washington are not just you audit but also be written who on the forms of us decide you're able to be written
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almost overnight and that's the challenge i think expect your i don't think that they've lost confidence that they can get somewhere and present china franky this that represent the bhowmick gretly this this this announcement by the president of reopening he stopped a moment an opportunity and i think that their efforts there are people who are part of the republican of south class here in washington and they're pretty angry because they were pretty angry when it was announced the president when it's you break the taliban over again even so there are people you're we're going to be critical of the president or what is the total sort of seasons as a window of entry and there also were not great of those 3 rules that our president is let's just put anything out there and see what sticks i think it almost sort of sounds from the fact that the president big genuinely interested in our military operations since before he even launches me and throughout his campaign he took
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office we see but he doesn't appear to want to understand how certain things are really done and he said just want to criticize the previous administration says that on the street he was able to give you the doug so we get to a guy like me who the business deal maker and let me try to get something done i think that's exactly what he's operating with right now is a sense that people who lost him because he comes from another sector and could perhaps bring that expertise to deal making saddam's government has approved a law to dismantle the regime of former president omar al bashir the country's prime minister says the decision is not an ounce of the venues but anger preserving the dignity of a sudanese people and always posture of a joint meeting of saddam in southern council on cabinet. was removed from office in april after months of anti-government protests on tuesday was he morgan has the latest now. there's the creech basically embodies the demands of the sydney's people sense december last year when they took to the streets
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demanding a change in government demanding that former president i wouldn't be here and has parts each be removed from power now that is something that we have seen repeatedly over the past few months specifically on the 21st of october when people took to the streets even after a transitional government was long and people saying that members of his following are awesome and were now asked for this decree members of the former ruling party cannot stand in a political position for the next 10 years and all assets that were on by the from really party will be seized by the government so this is quite significant and to a certain degree it does fulfill the demand of the people who have been protesting for the past few months demanding a change in government demanding new figures to take the place of those who have been running for the past 30 years prime minister issued a statement or via twitter saying that this is not an act of the french have this is something that is in the flex the will of the people who have been out on the
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streets for months but they're also very cautious about was fond of those who have been loyal to the former ruling party for the past 30 years people are quite worried the government specifically is quite worried about the reaction of those who are loyal to the only party let's not forget that they have been in power for the boss that he is sort of you have with the around in every single governmental institution including military institution so we are concerned that there will be a backlash. iraqi security forces have opened fire on the crowds in a southern city a sign to government protests worsen at least 33 people are reported dead after the protest in the arena and another 11 deaths in the jeff well the army earlier dispatched commandos to the provinces with instructions to restore order on wednesday the rainy and consulate in the jeff was set on fire by john june reports now from the capital baghdad. in iraq a dramatic escalation hundreds of anti-government protesters storming the compound
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of the iranian consulate late wednesday in the southern city of najaf setting parts of the diplomatic mission on fire replacing an iranian flag with the intent of how to go when the consulate was set on fire all the right police in the job and the security forces started firing and as if we were burning iraq as a whole the right police fired tear gas canisters intensively and the security forces rangers heavily with live bullets. protesters say iran is exerting too much power in iraq and they want their government to take action to limit it according to analysts it's not just this attack that significant but also the symbolism of where it took place this is the city where the ayatollah khomeini used to live it's considered to be you know the heart of the shia muslim world and iran thought that it had the population the iraqi shia population on its side in terms of its you
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know regional policies clearly that's not the case. this is the 2nd time this month that an iranian consulate in a shiite majority city has been targeted by iraqi demonstrators 3 weeks ago security forces killed 4 demonstrators who stormed the consulate in the city of karbala both attacks feed into the wider anti-government protest movement that's engulfed iraq since october. hours later violence in the yet another shia majority southern city dozens killed or wounded in nasiriyah when security forces opened fire with live rounds and tear gas to disperse crowds of protesters. military announced the troops would be dispatched to southern iraq to restore order anti-government demonstrations have been raging in iraq since early october with protesters accusing the government of corruption and demanding a complete overhaul of the country's political system since the unrest began at least 350 people have been killed and thousands wounded. political analysts say the
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only way for the government to find a solution is by pushing for reform to talk about what they are going to issue a new electorial role for the best of the people to hold early elections off to be rocky paula been dissolved itself and the government resigns but many protesters say much more needs to be done day after day the demonstrators that we speak with be they in baghdad or other cities tell us they don't feel the government is taking their demands seriously they say that no matter the risk it will continue to come out and press for the rights and opportunities they say they deserve how many times woman does it but that dozens of yemenis have been a welcome back home from jail in saudi arabia as part of a prisoner swap 128 men were flown into some international airport aboard red cross planes u.n. special envoy martin griffin says welcome the swaps that came during a new push to end the 5 year war the saudi led coalition announced on wednesday but
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some would reopen to limited flights allowing patients to fly out for medical care mohamed el tom was at the airport in sanaa as a prisoner arrived. this flight is the 1st flight. for the president before this the 1st offer szell. swarup all relays are for presidents or for by saudi arabia u.a.e. little qualification people are hoping this would push forward for achieving all realizing the peace in yemen which has been going through difficult and destructive times throughout nearly 5 years many of those wife talk to hope they will find their relatives. to agree to go out of this international both but so far we couldn't know that. the exact number of who though more will be ripe but according to the news that i have heard
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that some of them have been detained and. which is a just 40 kilometers from son are also those who are being detained in areas in the course the lawyer and the coastline of. there are also fisherman. are concerned that the they want their fighters to be released also there are thousands of people who are being detained who are that's involved in the war especially those who try to travel outside yemen through the areas which are under the control of the saudi you a little qualification. time for short break here al-jazeera when we come back more on why thousands of iran even the hong kong to express their gratitude to the united states. are not according nato brain dead the french president a money problem comes face to face with its secretary general more not stay with us .
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and their fate a quiet picture site if you will sudden sections of china quite a bit of cloud streaming in from the west but it doesn't make it to the south coast so 22 celsius you in hong kong on friday feeling a little bit cool 13 degrees in shanghai quite a bit of cloud as you can see there we also got the showers really lingering over the next couple of days across much of vietnam quite a strong haul mishal flow there just pushing the moisture in the day we've got some of that moisture in the form of rain and snow working its way out of the interior but little bit warmer in hong kong on saturday with a high of 24 degrees further to the south that rain is a say affecting vietnam pushing right the way towards the south as well not a bad day really friday across much of the philippines if you shot as across most southern areas but mostly dry into manila the rains of course off the south
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generally pushing into southern areas of borneo still se but not really making much headway down across into somalia maybe we could see just a scottish out of thunderstorm in jakarta over the next couple of days but the bulk of the rains tending to stay for that to the north and actually a better day generally across the philippines on saturday as you can see clouds but it should be mostly dry and then weather wise in india it really is all about the showers in the south tamil nadu and across into sri lanka. whether sponsored by cancer. does the mind play tricks a vampire is always parked right there they really out then. bam by pull up a monster and drag in here at like they're not in the car the filmmaker takes the f.b.i. to court to find out approximately $33120.00 pages of records and in the process mobilizes her community as long as people are free to talk and there is one check
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against the feeling of being watched on al-jazeera. out of our top stories here on al-jazeera donald trump says the u.s. is resume talks with the afghan taliban announcement came as the u.s. president made a surprise visit to afghanistan where he met with president musharraf gone. saddam's government has approved a law to dismantle the regime of former president omar al bashir the country's prime minister says the decision was not about to revenge but aimed at preserving the dignity of the sudanese people. under iraqi security forces have killed at least $33.00 protesters in the city of nasiriyah as anti government demonstrations worsened the army earlier dispatched units to the provinces with instructions to
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restore order. now for the maldives president that delhi i mean has been handed a 5 year prison the money laundering the court rule you mean that taken a $1000000.00 in state money collected for landing fees he's also been ordered to pay a $5000000.00 fine the president for 5 years until a surprise defeat last year follows an al-jazeera investigation which expose corruption within the movie's government. activists in hong kong are calling on world leaders to follow the u.s. after president trump signed a bill backing pro-democracy protesters the law allows the u.s. to sanction chinese and hong kong officials guilty of human rights abuses beijing is accused trump's administration of sinister intentions and has vowed to respond sarah clarke has more fun. in central hong kong they gathered to say thank you to the united states president donald trump signed into law the hong kong human rights and democracy act on wednesday the pro-democracy protesters embraced it as
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a sign of support i think is a good thing for hong kong biggest given the special are how do say that the baby economic. situation the phone call. to all mainland china actually yeah. i think it will affect. the whole situation i'm very organised to be a part of hong kong and stay standing here. i'm not saying the word celebrate but to to. to share one delightful moment of being here yes for this reason of course that thank you mr speaker i thank the legislation had rare broad bipartisan support in both the u.s. senate and the house of representatives and for the people of hong kong it allows the u.s. to introduce economic sanctions against hong kong and withdraw the city special trade status if it believes the government is failing to protect democracy and
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human rights pro-democracy activist joshua wall held the legislation as a victory for the protest movement which is paralyzed parts of the city since june it just encourage world leaders around the world and politicians aware that it's time for them to it's down to hong kong but the hong kong government rejected the legislation accusing us of interfering in the city's internal affairs and sending the wrong message to violent protesters critics included the city's former chief executive of the all these years on me as to why people in the west are going to happen. to most of the countries as if they had done better dealing with the domestic problems china echoed that message describing it unnecessary and. warrant it and some of the u.s. ambassador in beijing jungle hong kong is china's hong kong with hong kong's if as purely chinese internal affairs no foreign organization foreign government and
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foreign individual has the right to be which i'm going to the u.s. legislation comes less than a week got to blow democracy party secured a landslide victory in the city's district council elections that too has been a morale boost for these protestors but so far the government is showing no signs of compromise in meeting these demonstrably little reform sarah clarke 0 calling for. more than 18000 people remain displaced by floods in kenya recovery efforts and unchallenged by more heavy rain and landslides in the west polk art major roads and bridges have been damaged making it more difficult to provide humanitarian aid to the areas affected least $120.00 people across the country have been killed. 3 world health organization workers have been killed in democratic republic of congo it's the latest mess series of attacks on a bone a virus treatment centers it comes as protests were held outside the united nations peacekeeping mission in the regional capital goma one of the soldiers has been
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accused of killing a demonstrator on monday and 70 people have been killed in attacks by different groups as the army it launched an offensive last month. bolivia's interim government says it wants to work towards improving relations with the united states the 1st step in the process has been to appoint the country's 1st ambassador to the u.s. in more than a decade as follows a host of changes to foreign policy after a former president has resigned and fled to mexico where he was granted political asylum john home and has been. he's proof of a radical change in bolivia's foreign policy under its interim government. is the country's 1st ambassador to the united states in 11 years. but it's a big swing socialistic president ever morale is so the u.s. isn't of bursaries the empire he called it now so that the his total dizzier his
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1st job is to rebuild trust with washington i will practically results by the practical results they always come of a good partnership of a girl association. and love his vertical create. the closer to home there's been no love for bolivia's former leftist allies the interim administration has moved quickly to leave the regional bloc and cut off relations with the macdougall government in venezuela perhaps the most controversial part of all of this is that this is meant to be a caretaker government just looking after things until fresh elections are called instead they've really changed the direction of the country's foreign policy nor are they sick man we asked the new foreign minister why they didn't leave these decisions to an elected ministration she said quick action was needed to stop foreign interference. in the political activism that the venezuelan
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diplomats were demonstrating couldn't wait for months for us to complain about it and it's not a measure that means a traumatic change in our foreign policy. but there's a chance that the changes could be short lived movement to socialism ever more ellis' party still has the majority in both houses of congress congresswoman trinidad russia has says if it wins but the presidency it will reverse things going any further this is how. it is we had respect from other countries not just from argentina venezuela but all of latin america and now it's painful for us that now there's been this chain reaction from the united states to finish with our indigenous and rural people regular mental yes but one of the movement to socialism party blames the u.s. for the crisis so that the is already planning for his 1st visit to washington next week if we can become good neighbors then cooperation is possible. not cooperation from a muster to
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a little country cooperation between equals when you respect the collectivistic of it neighbors. so. that's my wonderful miss and. his role is still only temporary just like the rest of the administration but there's no date set for elections yet in the changes keep coming. john home and now does it or. the u.n. high commissioner for refugees says he's seen disturbing conditions in greece is crowded a refugee camps for the programming spent 2 days visiting the camps on the island of lesbos so far in 2019 more than 60 $5000.00 people have arrived in greece and 80 percent increase on the year before. french president to money or macro has welcomed nato secretary-general un stoltenberg for talks in paris the meeting comes weeks after criticize the organization calling it brain dead well the comments of spontaneous question about the role and future of nato. reports now from the french
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capital. it was a longer handshake than usual for the french president it seemed to be a sign that a man who was in a conciliatory mood as he greeted nato secretary general at the least say only a few weeks after he described the military alliance as brain dead but if you install timberg had hoped for an apology or a retraction he didn't get one as mike ross stood by his claim that nato direction because it was a sort of a through the questions i ask are open questions that we have not result of peace in europe in the treaty the relationship with russia the subject with turkey who is the enemy in so injuries or decision let's not negotiate cost sharing a burden sharing maybe we needed a wake up call if you permit english expressions stoltenberg said nato members often had different opinions but that didn't mean the alliance has no future so the policy is that while questions are being asked about the strength or the
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transatlantic north america and europe are doing more together than we have done for decades it's clear that michael. comment that nato is brain dead didn't go down well with stoltenberg pretty certainly shaken up the alliance and focused minds on coming up with some new ideas germany's foreign minister has suggested that a group of experts from outside nato could be created to review the organization some analysts say such a move would be constructive it was war in ukraine there's a huge problem in middle east or war in syria or iraq or iran is behaving differently so this is something very useful and it's much better to discuss the problem we gather with experts inside the alliance than criticizing the alliance and. your party the. next week and they told leaders meet in london for a special summit to markets creation 70 years ago during the cold winning it was a time when members agreed on their aims and who was the enemy today its leaders
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are politically polarized and the security challenges have changed nato might not be at death's door yet but most members an expose concede that for it to survive successfully it needs a fresh approach. i'll just sirrah paris. now air pollution could be having a bigger impact on health than previously thought researchers from the harvard university found that poor quality can contribute to parkinson's diabetes and you are a tract infections past 30 years have already linked pollution to brain cancer strokes miscarriages and mental health problems. a former british police chief has been found not guilty of the manslaughter of $95.00 football fans at a match 30 years ago they were ducking feels in charge of policing the $989.00 f.a. cup semifinal of hillsborough in sheffield where the supporters were crushed to death in iraq reports that much as are. here for
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a cup match between liverpool and not even forrest at sheffield wednesday skills for a ground that started on time but outside the stadium the 1st signs of disaster a boy lifted clear from the crowd still waiting to get. inside the ground behind one of the goals horrific events were unfolding. thousands of lives whole farms were being crushed behind high anti-riot fences commons at the time. police and players struggle to comprehend all this happening. a major inquiry blamed a breakdown in policing including a failure to delay the game and a decision to open gates that allowed fans to surge into the stadium and then into the already packed standing areas. the munch commander was former chief superintendent david duncan field trial for the gross negligence manslaughter of 95 people the 96 victim dunn i don't know schoolies off to his brother can feel didn't
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give evidence because he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. computed initially claimed that liverpool fans had forced a gate open and rushed into the stadium he later admitted it was a lie. police have been accused of trying to shift the blame on to the fines relatives of those killed fear they will never know the full story of what happened at hillsborough for many the not guilty verdict came as a blow they say they'll continue their search for justice but not like. all of you . on this is that you ought not to say rapes. to the 96 year old one of these things this has been just that i want to say on this the.
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subject of. hillsborough is see it into the country's consciousness. altering safety standards of sports venues around the world and changing british football forever. a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera donald trump has announced peace talks have resumed with the afghan taliban the u.s. president made the revelation during a surprise visit to afghanistan's baghran air base where he met president ashraf ghani and u.s. soldiers stationed there in september declared talks of the taliban dead after a deal was reached in principle to pull u.s. troops from afghanistan the taliban wants to make a deal we'll see if they want to make a deal it's going to be a real deal but we'll see but they want to make a deal and they only want to make
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a deal to do a great job that you know is they want to make a few so i want to thank you and i want to thank the afghan soldiers saddam's government as approved a law to dismantle the regime of former president omar al bashir the country's prime minister says the decision was not an act of revenge but aimed at preserving the dignity of the sudanese people the law was passed during a joint meeting of the sovereign council in the cabinet bashir was removed from office and i probably after months of anti-government protests. iraqi security forces have killed at least $33.00 protesters in the city of nasiriyah as anti-government demonstrations intensify earlier the army dispatched commanders to the provinces with instructions to restore order. dozens of yemenis have been a welcome back home from a jail in saudi arabia as part of a prisoner swap 128 men were flown into san al's international airport aboard red cross planes u.n. special envoy modern griffis as welcome the swaps that come during
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a new push to end the 5 year war the saudi led coalition announced on wednesday that some airport would reopen to limited flights allowing patients to fly out for medical care. for movies president mean has been handed a 5 year prison sentence for money laundering the court ruled yemeni men taken a $1000000.00 in state money collected for land fees he's also been ordered to pay a 5000000 dollars fine the president served for 5 years until a surprise different last year. and activists in hong kong are calling on world leaders to follow the u.s. after president donald trump signed a bill backing pro-democracy protesters thousands of people rallied to express their gratitude to the united states the laws could see sanctions imposed on chinese officials deemed responsible for human rights abuses. those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the inside story station that's watching.
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iran out starts what angry iraqi protestors were shouting as they set fire to the iranian consulate in the city of najaf a significant anti test run escalation but how much influence does iran wield in iraq is it a force for good or is it holding back the country and its people this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm adrian finnigan after months of violent antigovernment protests in iraq anger has turned towards neighboring iran
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demonstrators stormed the iranian consulate in the holy city of najaf before setting fire to it on wednesday a number of people were killed in the crackdown which followed adding to the hundreds who died in the last.


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