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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 230  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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michel i was feeding over so that i mean actually about your mother sudan to you was with. him as he was some sort of i mean assume you're in the fashion and that in that you had to have to do a lot certainly young one to have beef to have a good woman for some awfully good. and you come loose with a thing for foreigners are the ones who are not the following the you were the one who foresaw the left lot and or is a thought on is hope and his. book crowbar and as such the bottom of the not the most ardent where would i love the din but the. village to have their house all under you know who says. wish i had the baby with calamity or. has an a to b. he was the arch politician who played his opponents. he had the popular touch but
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he did sometimes miscalculate a plan to open up political parties in sudan backfired. nice un way yes chiquita is. the man i hear from leave it till i commit to get past the bitter history but i'm happy to be a machine. and i get free at the moment like i after 8 and you could when actually they might very well be we now know you will be right we now might start a fight lackey. i hope so hey were you that were out of the in while the one. and joseph emerged the shorter latika annalise who on the whole matter but enough soul and more than all round knew my hand and walked anough to help bill react that . is only when there are more when you have music
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a little i should have let me come in to read the apply have presented to you than i can to look at the. 10 members of al to robbie's own national islamic front wrote a memorandum openly critical of the movement's decade in power this became known as the memorandum of the 10 the letter demanded that. the group's own secretary general should have his power screwtape. was a killer. why amara. bob. was so mean during i mean alarm. lives i mean as a army the least for us the real. you and the more secular. that really.
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isn't. bad. for. me. is. not. the story the minute dizzee in would has and. he. told the story so the you can a new it is law from. what. let him. have reasoned with you well. what do abut a mole mean with the truth. and. we're heading for a political showdown the sa the president enough known for their. blood enough a no brainer but the physio was sold to the city but. the.
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one. we turn in getting for the north little one from december sad to say and all but i don't know how to do an about on for the. gotta to come for a couple of. a lot if you look at the bottom of your book i did anything that. anyone. you read a new robin on how the long run be good to have i'll be they on when i can no i get on that. what i can about assad out of about how tiny was the whole army was funded you can make any martin had the iron in them i had this who allowed 3 because someone halakhah was reanalysis to allow the mob in columbus getting my hearing clip in villa let me see if the new year with them in the i.c.
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but i can. just about all want them so long i want a hug and not done with you to love me let me let me look like little bob. to see the bubble. of a lost. island hollow already idle thought a link in the same you'll be doing now you know when you come up and then you will open the lid of the whole body at the last. open i mean the woman in the high the will of you are you with the eyes you know the gun home you know we didn't even get the leave the area. once again and to not be was put behind bars. bad for you to plume on the moon kind of your banality and legume can i'm tough not scared even yourself i'll ask the model. i should do. the model but also be a buddy. legan how the big data and how to mark.
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the if. you put it. in that would feel. hard done by someone. who would. like to. see the damage done. will. be with. someone in the life of the city you cannot leave us to.
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move. who or what will happen is of a tablet out the lady had this of her or thought of a. very. subtle synonymous with. the who knocked up. the last one to rob you who are lovely or who are about a war he levy. if you so that. drive you who are living at that began out you'll see who will also work i or will have elicited either again i let ye to be him a see i see you before i mean what i. don't know mark on a lawsuit or. that about of a way and then he would. see as. different possible and i could have had the who am
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i the spoke. in response and to not be formed a new grouping the popular congress party machinery media fosler be shot him obama shall be. is indeed the time bill the bill and now scandal of female time that will react will now america's ear when i hear or see as the. mass of the island mobile i shall be the one so ya know as i'm so you know not. what i want to have meant. to gordon. she has an amusing few guy name out who for ideal woman walked in with some of. so young they are then in us a coming messiah flooding the media not another. what the hell a scene you know when a one more time us army study we're going to see you and i said what i want to
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sorry to see you doing little you're not even i the one i know your. mom not. one not gonna. let me tell you when i go and when will be our nominee gonna drive the one is an obscene alpha to serve me it is out of the valar young will be your ruin your sassy as the midst of it during the let you out of the open 1111 has a lot money. was on the fossil well i'm you're still there and yet the matter over in america will civil war as i will have. in $24.00 teams and to not be and his popular congress party joins his bible president obama to be a shield in national dialogue it was a bold move for both sides in that breaking the political deadlock he wanted out of
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character in the holiday inn and you. and your man as female is about was was a was but daughter and yoko and in them you my about the money bob this was going to run for you of so me here as well you read only the. stock up there must follow his wilma a little howdy the police have me on sort of some of them are who know most reality car little interlock who are the ones that i am going to visit what had been your marvie who would rather low orbit so that but the mere woman to leave home more the moment colorado had it one of the unknown horror you will or your norfolk of oregon hope that. i me. the saddam was. donna no more demo simon sinek the moment you feel like the war for
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with the middle where bethulia. my son but i will yell government to be helpful in the book after their long and bitter political falling outs as should all be sought to find common ground with the she added these were his twilight years yet as it all be showed no sign of slowing down the thinker felt he still had more to give. the bridge. and yet in walked up for him but hopped called the it would mean so much. and. must.
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but the kind of there could be that hole you were for. the sort of the where there for it was a no miracle and was out of here gone well for one moment of your grin that said. what they would walk on. and not. and the the i know. what. but why beyond if so how do you get to. any commune in korea. and if you're such a bad budget the commute up like you know what i mean at the bottom.
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there would have to kiss them if so then look at the top yet they said about what to cut them on i couldn't have cared less let me and. i why we have. hell and hasn't and my bad that your side it hate and but i'm a sissy ass yeah i'm not i but i'm just done with my bad out in my den by i thought it and then want to live in assessing if you had. the bathers i'm a. slaughter taught our daughter to meto her 2nd of what. would be
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monica. whether history will be kind to us and has to be remains a matter of debate. charismatic and persuasive he certainly advocated parliamentary democracy and advanced the status of women in sudan his long periods in prison also gave him time to write many books on islamic fox his critics view him as a shrewd political operator a man driven by a quest for power whether delivered through the ballot box on the streets. even in death the spirit of hassan as to robbie is still very much alive.
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the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a 7 year old girl what is it would mean. giving over to our a few cheap families being the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between the lebanese and the refugees. my syrian friend. on al-jazeera.
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across the southeast of the united states this line of work his way up the east coast and again we could see a few more of those thunderstorms also for the weather working its way through the upper midwest but as we go through monday that line of rain tends to push up tools and all that ahead of that warm day in new york with a high of 30 celsius still very nice out in tucson francisca 20 degrees 26 days on monday a tad warmer there as we head into tuesday 29 degrees celsius that will change across the northeast that rain carried away quite quickly 30 celsius in new york but what we have got is more rain across much of the gulf region and also into florida not helping in some of those areas that have actually seen some flooding in the last couple of days and we had further south into the bin we have seen some clouds here with some thunderstorms. across into cuba but that wasn't the case 24 hours ago unfortunately the hanna the celebrations actually have to be poor suspended and this is why look at this some rather dangerous lightning and some
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pretty hefty storms as well for the next couple of days fairly unsettled we could see more than scottish. day it's a center weather pattern with you on your high the and havana. well if we can have. britain to control the french palestine would be an outrage. to find another. before we come to. britain and france made the secret change to sea. and so. now we can draw on the. psych's people. one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you
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know it's very challenging but in the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people believed to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth enemies and we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian figured this is the new life coming up in the next 60 minutes. where. the only. iranian oil tanker that was seized off the coast of japan set sail after a u.s. request to have it held again is tonight we have been very good discussions with
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the taliban who have a very good discussions with the afghan government u.s. president all trump says that progress is being made in afghanistan talks and gives a clearer picture of how many american troops will stay the. transitional council to announce what they must of the group that will lead the country's new democratic transition. after hundreds of thousands in hong kong defy the government and the weather to stage of the protest. the iranian oil tanker held for 6 weeks off the coast of gibraltar set sail earlier gibraltar had refused a request from the u.s. department of justice to seize the vessel a supreme court judge in the british territory ordered the tankers release al jazeera as andrew simmons is there with the latest. well.
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yes. that's the radio message from the portal source he to the adrian dab radio warm which had been known as gray swan reflagged renamed and under way moving slowly through the anchorage and into the strait of gibraltar eastwood's along the mediterranean and no one knows what its destination is then lies the question mark about the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next is that deescalation insights in the strait of hormuz unlikely but there is of course what happened 2 weeks off the tension of this ship on july the 4th was the detention the seizure by iran of a british flag vessel which is still being held the expectation walls that there would be a reciprocal action by iran and the release of that tanker butts there was
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a big bump the united states is intended to pay is to pursue this. to further legs what those legs might be it would be far fetched to think that they would possibly assault this ship which is very probably the most tracked ship in the world busy right now in international waters that sort of it is unlikely it would seem but then where will it go it could or where will it more and basically possibly trans ship these oil supplies elsewhere not any vessel taking them will be tracked as well so there's a long way to go in every sense not just the voyage but politically diplomatically this by no means is over right now as i say one chapter is over and this vessel is free. u.s. president all trump has given a clearer picture about the number of u.s. troops that will remain in afghanistan saying that around 13000 will stay in the
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country his announcement comes as eisel claimed responsibility for one of the deadliest attacks in the last 18 months in kabul trump also said that he's had very good talks with the taliban and the afghan government we're talking to afghanistan both the government and also talking to the taliban have a very good discussions we'll see what happens we've really got it down to probably 13000 people and we'll be bringing it down a little bit more and there will decide whether or not we'll be staying longer or not we haven't very good discussions with the taliban who have a very good discussions with the afghan government i think it's very important that we continue intelligence there in all cases because it is somewhat of a nest for him to get us and we have things under control very well with a small force we can probably make it a little bit smaller and then we'll decide it will depend on the taliban it will
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depend on the afghan government. but there is a case to be made and the case also is that we're going to be leaving very significant intelligence riyadh for just the reasons i stated. in afghanistan families have begun to bury those killed in saturday's attack eisel claimed responsibility for killing 63 people attending a wedding reception just a warning that you may find some of the pictures inshallah bonuses report to stopping. all awaiting that a suicide bomber turned into a massacre these people are waiting to hear with that their relatives and friends survived stephen was going to go what is it that i'm here to find out about my son to find out if he's ok some people say that his neck is injured some people say his hand is injured he's not answering his phone i don't know what to do. more than 1000 people at the waiting for a young couple from afghan shia muslim minority to his zahra the marriage certificate had just been signed when i saw a suicide attacker wearing
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a vest packed with explosives dition a ship in near the stage. there i was at the back of the wedding hall when suddenly a big explosion happened i fell down and when i stood up i saw titles and people scattered on the ground the scene was awful my brother was injured and most of my friends were killed i didn't know at that time what to do who should i help 1st in shock saki hasn't moved from the spot all night. at another hospital we found cerise 14 hours after the explosion he worked from his karma as we filmed he was the lead singer and keyboard player in the wedding band with us i mean the most wonderful nobody was being opened up when he was being when we leave our home in the morning we don't know if we'll come back to life if we send our children to school we do not know their fate we don't trust any security even at a wedding this can happen i do not know if we'll be alive in an hour or not. so
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respond was made up of 7 family members his brothers and cousins they were on stage preparing to play during the wedding dinner when the ball when told it's a race is the only survivor. and this is what he would have played. at the wedding hall staff cleaned up the mop the ground not the spilled drink but the spilled blood they lost colleagues to with dozens killed in nearly $200.00 injured this was the deadliest explosion in kabul in more than a. series family brought us to hill overlooking the city here is where the band's drummer mohamed haneef was buried just hours earlier in the obama vs and to go on was why should we be killed it's for nothing what is our sin what have we done wrong we feed our children and ice will is killing us without committing a crime we asked the government why they aren't stopping them. i still has claimed responsibility for the attack it often target shia minority in this neighborhood
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with elections just 6 weeks away president danny is under pressure and has called an emergency security meeting for the taliban also commented calling the attack barbaric to veteran and unjustifiable. leaders in the taliban lay blame children lay on their relatives graves too young to understand the forces that turned a day of joy into one of tragedy. campbell. is a former advisor to nato senior civilian representative in afghanistan he says the presence of the u.s. in afghanistan is important and that its withdrawal will create a gap. i think we are fully dependent on afghanistan in terms of finance as well as in terms of training as well as even air support for the u.s. and nato troops and of course there are more than 22 terrorist organization
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operating across the border between afghanistan and pakistan who are clear threat not only for the region but globally as well so i think if the u.s. troops withdraw from afghanistan not only financially their aid will reduce or even enter afghanistan but also there will be a huge vacuum in gap specifically in terms of fighting terrorism because the used to send afghanistan has 2 major task one is countering terrorism through special operations and unconventional troops and another is training advising and assisting the afghan national security forces so anywhere drop it will create a massive gap that gap will be filled by terrorist by insurgents and will try to back western society either to europe us or regionally as well unfortunately the government is so corrupt the system in the government is such that people have impunity for example even for this major attack the kabul city itself was cut on
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time by the entire security sector in afghanistan because the president supposed to have a speech and there are supposed to be a celebration of $130.00 or independence of afghanistan so during the tightest security situation this suicide bomb bomb made it to blew up you know civilians and this is not the 1st or last event or attack there has been so many attacks and it's mainly because the government including the present himself he's not an expert on security his national security adviser is a cartoonist not expert his 2 ministers at the interior and defense are acting and the depicting ministers who support to be very technical an expert they have no knowledge and education or experience in the security sector. sudan's military and opposition coalition are expected to confirm the members of the sovereign council in the coming hours the 2 sides signed a historic power sharing agreement on saturday following a military coup in april that ousted president bashir he is facing corruption
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charges and will appear in court on monday al-jazeera morgan reports now from khartoum on the political challenges that still lie ahead. outside.


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