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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 171  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2019 2:32pm-3:00pm +03

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reaction to his very own eco boat harbor to see that i can make someone's my so one gets hope that maybe he's going to show we'll be better maybe he could have more income tools for me. since he started in 2016 the growing success of his eco boat has inspired a smile to do move. it's his ambition to clear up cameroon and that begins with the country's 1st battle recycling scheme. out. this is the eco beam i cover it is made out of $255.00 classical. and it will collect 1000 brass orders so this is a place where people can come and bring their plastic ways this is the starting point offered so i do worry a store list sorting system of plastic waste in water so the idea of this eco been what you're trying to do here where do you think it can grow to we one our city be
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like of an example in that regard we aim to supply in the areas of all the corner in front of all the show the supermarket this code so it won't be easy to carry pick up the west side of all this so that's the vision we want to do there but how the which there is not easy. despite the challenges it has even bigger plans for the future by producing bottle made furniture and by educating the next generation. issues i really think. as a culture the jungle should be left to do got it yes. it's a legacy to take care of environment stick of our planet and to clean our cities. it's an inspiration to me that even in this global sea of plastic one person. really can make
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a difference. for environmental campaigners the global issue of plastic waste is now so serious it has risen to the top of the agenda. they believe we must rethink our whole approach to the material the scale of the plastic problem is huge it's over $300000000.00 tons a year plastic packaging itself is 78000000 tons year 32 percent of that leaks out in the environment. some of the biggest producers of plastic packaging in the world produce $3000000.00 tons a year so with that one producer changes the way they make plastic that is a massive change globally even the biggest producer of plastic packaging in the world can't fix this on their own this is about everyone competitors alike organizing around a system that can be regenerative and restore to if you look at our current economy it's predominantly linear we take the material out of the ground we make something out of it and then the majority that material gets thrown away we have
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a growing world population we have more and more pressure on resources the system we have today cannot run in the long term we need to shift that economy to be one that uses materials rather than using them up. within a circular economy right from the beginning you build economy so you design out waste and pollution you keep products cycling within that economy for as long as possible and then you look at regenerating natural systems through the biological materials to feed into that economy so effectively the straight line turns into a circle. to build out circular economy for plastics you need to go right to the beginning of the system we need to redesign the way we think about plastics the way we design plastics and the way we use plastics so we need to eliminate the plastic that we don't need we need to innovate for different forms of plastic which are 100 percent recyclable and we need to look at how we circulate plastics designing a system whereby that material is collected has value and feeds back into the system the thing that motivates me the most about the future. is there is
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a massive opportunity to redesign our global economy if we redesign the economy so it's circular not only will we build an economy that can run in the long term but it will unlock trillions of u.s. dollars of economic opportunity and it will effectively decouple economic growth from resource constraints. plastic pollution is the hot topic in the world environmental issues and the damage that it causes is no lasting and wide ranging but whilst there is a growing consciousness of the problems that plastic caused and you might even be doing things yourself to solve it there is one problem that is simply hiding in plain sight. every year week you always get your 374 trillion pieces of. what you might not know is that chewing gum is essential to the chewing this piece of plastic. bottles chewing gums and trouble
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comes right from oil. in fact gum is a very similar material to latex bicycle in achieves. and every year we chalk away $100000.00 tons of that globally much of it straight on to the federal. government is 2nd only to cigarettes as the world's most lifted right. across the globe we spent $25000000000.00 on gum every year. and demand is predicted to rise to $48000000000.00 in 2025. it is estimated that 92 percent of pavements in london have chilling gum stuck with $300000.00 pieces estimated to be on oxford street and. it's up to a small army of workers to clear it up. i'm 70 miles southwest of london in winchester to find out what damaged. can do. and how do you
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counsel john warneke is in charge of keeping the city streets clean. how much of a problem is common when just they estimate that every year councils in britain spending more than 60000000 pounds a year just clearing up go bust and say take me back. huge and i want. to well then just being spanked collecting all the waste off the full. of course is really only one way to get a true flavor of the gum problem on our streets. things are not count so operations manager has offered to show me the right. back yeah i'm going to wrangle me right i see that like that right yeah you do what you want to yeah yeah it's very much like if. you're coming out to.
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be quite satisfying job to be honest but. children such tough loss of respect for the guys doing so it's hard to. know. what it's come is for me it usually ends up in a landfill. as a plastic isn't biodegradable i would never decompose. but i've heard about an ingenious new initiative that's not only keeping the sticky stuff off the pavements but turning it into something useful. coffee cups i think the most impressive thing about them they're actually made out the recycled chewing gum him never knew you could reach that one but here you have it. it's quite impressive isn't that yeah. and seriously doesn't. make it so when they 1st came out and what were your pool so i thought it was a bit of a joke to be honest i just couldn't believe that this could be made out of people's material it just makes you. big oh so on reaching it's discussions day so that when
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you realize it's been through a beating heart system is completely down the tree is just really inspiring what can be done with chewing. the cups are made from a gum based material. when she's to university the room is for the cops are connected with the campus and distinctive bright pink bends. gum drops and inspiring idea from designer and the benefits. you must be honest hi nice to me hi nice. to these must be your friends tell me a bit about them yeah these are the gumdrop bins that they are been specifically for the disposal of waste chewing gum and the idea is that somebody can come along they use chewing gum and then once it's full the whole thing comes back to us and we recycle it and we can actually recycle 3 new gum drops out of one. it's based on a closed loop recycling process so why go all the solutions out there at the moment
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all address come in to once it's already been dropped there is nothing out there that is actually addressing it from the front and so i saw a gaffe in the market for a product like this and also way of talking behavioral change when it comes to the governator and giving people as opposed to place to spaces that change up so how does gum end up in a coffee cup. and it has offered to show me the prices in action at the gumdrop factory in worcester. so once we get the full gumdrop bins that goes through the 1st part of the process which actually size for jesus it can actually see that come true then it's been crushed up yeah you see all the other letters that are in there along with chewed chewing gum chewing gum cupcakes. and then goes through the 2nd stage which that creates the gum drop in the chewed gum and the other ways we then take. yes we've had mix it with
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we cycled materials which get he fit in compound the case these pellets which go on for she may not even when you come to bed early i will start again. become tech material can be molded into a whole range of products. not just cups but stationary key rings boots and she's. proud to call them into some of the products that we have at the moment ok and to the. best this is actually a really fun project we had this done in collaboration with a council announced i want to highlight the amount of dumbness to have such on the streets and stuff so you'll see the so here is actually a map of the street that we looked tat and. the gumdrop story continues to grow. there now some 650 come directly across the u.k.
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from train stations and city centers to airports and schools and with new interest in europe and the usa anna has global ambitions for the company and its ethos. working more publicly this definitely something that we want to do because that will save borden the awareness and the message around behavioral change and but we can actually do with with the recycle change. at the university of winchester where the gumdrop charles began were they employed a scheme designed to do more than just keep them off our streets. as well as installing the gum drops they also gave away the 10000 reusable gum based. the scheme inspired a paradigm shift to waste on. environment. as was behind introducing gumdrop to the campus. so how much of an effect have these cultures had
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on the sale of plastic and general kind of coffee cup yes today we have saved 85000 cops from being used there are now 10000 of these cups in circulation and we have just committed to eliminating single use plastic spice 2022 so the cops are really good stuff in the right direction and i think it has really captured people's imaginations because quite nice that we could link it to the chewing gum recycling and by having your coffee or helping to close the way. these gum drop pins have started a chewing gum recycling craze but it's much more than that it's about changing people's behavior and people like anna are inspiring people to think about the way they use single use products which is so critical if we're going to be able to reverse any of the current worrying and far mental trends.
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entrepreneurs across the globe tunning their attention to the plastic menace. in september 201824 year old dutch inventor boy and slots launched an ambitious operation to use a giant boom on the ocean's natural currents to clean up the pacific's giant island of plastic waste known as the great pacific garbage patch. 2 months later a crack in the system forced the prototype back to pool but the team was still able to collect terabytes of data and over 2 tons of ocean plastic waste. they report they'll soon be ready to relaunch. what can we do with all the waste plastic we collected. in the u.k. one inventor has found a clever way to plug holes with a new road material made in part from waste plastic. and. in the philippines
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a 15 year old schoolboy undertook to tackle the country's plastic bag problem with a biodegradable variety made from coconuts with clever ideas like these we may just be able to stand the plastic toy and. after years of overgrazing the damage caused to the precious grasslands of chile is being reversed with one of the world's biggest ever conservation projects. they're pretty emblematic of the patagonians that if they're plentiful and they're calm like this one is then you know that the system is going back and that they feel no threats and that's why you're on our rewilding patagonia on al-jazeera. you responding 6 continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondents live and
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bringing the stories they tell you that this was not a good news move on nothing but a lesser scale. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera slewed in world news monitored truck quantified i'm valued missing data big new car for. your data your identity is a commodity and you have to understand where i'm from but it come from ah so you feel it's time to reclaim our cyber so we have to put in them a something that can all be sold we are creators we are archivists we are geeks give us back our data and i just. they wanted $43000000000.00 with a weapon that was $6000000000.00 pounds in commission.
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there's no hope of any more because there's always a small album of people for really really good misfits. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. hello i'm mr hall with the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. media reports say president i will trump approved as strikes against targets in iran in response to the downing of an american surveillance trying planes away in the air and ships in position until an order was reportedly given for them to stand down targets of the raid said to have been raised on missile batteries it's not
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clear if the planned attacks might still happen while senate leaders have the president trying to act with caution and democrats are insisting on congressional approval before the launch of any military operation mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . grainy footage released by the u.s. department of defense shows the moment when the drone was shot down. earlier to release these pictures of a similar class grow our q 4 global hawk which costs over $100000000000.00. rainy and chris t.v. released the sportage of the attack saying it had been obtained from the iran revolutionary guard corps tehran contended the drone penetrated the ring in a space not so and so as the u.s. military iranian reports that this aircraft was shot down over iran are categorically false the aircraft was over the strait of hormuz and fell into international waters senior members of the u.s. congress have been briefed on the situation the high kanchan wires are up in the
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region for a lot of different reasons some bilateral region some multilateral some. high tension lines. and 3rd we must act in a way that does not that does deescalate and does not escalate the tensions and the situation here the president may not intend to go to war here but we're worried that he and the administration may bumbled into a war with told the iranians before they shut the drone down that if you engage against american personnel or assets you do search your own peril the president does not want a war with iran or anybody else and that he is the commander in chief national security figures gathered at the white house and the president sent out what appeared to be an ominous tweet iran made a very big mistake he said. but then during
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a meeting with the canadian prime minister the president indicated that the tweet was not a warning but a literal observation i think probably iran. i made a mistake i would imagine it was a general or somebody that laid a mistake in shooting that drone down i find it hard to believe it was intentional if you want to know the truth i think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid at the same time the president did not rule out a u.s. response this is how i think you'll find out and. you'll find out you'll find me i believe you are obviously obviously you know we're not going to be talking too much about it president trump has made clear in the past he favors some form of negotiation to resolve the crisis rather than action this despite the urging to forceful action from some in cabinet in particular the national security adviser john bolton the question is whether this latest incident will tip the
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balance in the favor of the administration's hawks at the expense of those who advocate dialogue michaela al-jazeera washington well iran's foreign minister has released a hand drawn map saying the drone was intercepted after it violated iranian airspace terror on says it was shot down your crema barak that's and hamas gun province in southern iran well in hong kong thousands of demonstrators have surrounded the city's police headquarters as you can see here they are condemning what they describe as police brutality and recent demonstrations mass protests have been held over the past 2 weeks against a bill that would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial and scores of people have been injured in violent demonstrations in georgia's capital tbilisi police fired tear gas at protesters who tried to storm parliament the unrest began after a russian politician was allowed to address lawmakers there well those are the
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headlines and next up it's out of their wealth. news.
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i want. elizabeth. and i.


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