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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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was in full stealth mode as it turned off its identification equipment and engaged in a clear spying operation despite repeated radio warnings it entered into the iranian airspace where the air defense system of the islamic republic of iran acting on the article $51.00 of the united nations charter targeted the intruding aircraft at 4 o 5 hours in the last iran says the drone was in the air for almost 4 hours it says it doesn't want a war but it reserves the right to take any necessary measures against hostile acts it wants the international community to respond so far though no meeting of the u.n. security council has been scheduled james out 0 at the united nations now thousands of demonstrators in hong kong are occupying roads around police and government buildings as part of protests to push for the complete withdrawal of an extradition bill they're calling on the police chief to retract previous statements describing
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demonstrations as riots there also seeking the resignation of hong kong's leader you're watching live pictures now from hong kong you're seeing those growing numbers there than mass demonstrations in the past fortnight against a bill that would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial while our robert bryant is on the streets there where he joins us from hong kong rob we've been seeing those numbers building over the last few hours and now we're seeing barricades in the streets as well what's happening there now. that's right the stars here the protesters mainly students several 1000 of them as you mentioned have once again taken over one of the main highways this is hardcore road it runs through the center of hong kong they started gathering. this friday morning down at the legislative council complex and government buildings that's about half a kilometer that direction once they got the numbers together the demonstration seems. spillover into this highway and the reason why they took to this highway was
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to come here is about half a kilometer or so down this main highway to the police headquarters these are the main headquarters of the police of hong kong this is the back entrance of the police headquarters round of the front entrance there's another couple of 1000 demonstrators there back at this back entrance there are demonstrators who are completely blocking the entrance and in fact when they arrived luckily for these police officers this police van they stopped them from going through the back gate now there's been something of a standoff here the officers are still inside it's peaceful but there has been circling through to say a certain amount of verbal abuse sent in their direction there have been negotiations going on with a local law make a legislator here to try to let the officers leave and proceed inside the headquarters for the moment though. remains a certain amount of anger here from the protesters about the way that the police in
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their eyes have overreacted have used excessive amounts of force but the police themselves are keeping a low profile or keeping it seems well back to stars here and rob it's been almost 2 weeks now since we've been seeing such huge numbers of demonstrators out on the streets and how long do you expect these protests to continue. it's difficult to say and interestingly i think the organizers of this protest you've got to remember that there are very few leaders that's one of the hallmarks if you like about this protest movement that there are very few people putting their names to these protest of messages here seem to get passed around by social media but the they have not called for another mass rally i think that having 2000000 people on the streets as you did last weekend is not going to be beat you can't get more people than that in a city of 7000000 people so they have decided to change course maybe have smaller actions more direct actions do it joshua long one of the one of the leaders of the
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occupy movement of 5 years ago he as we know is back on the streets he has been talking about possibly having acts of civil disobedience much smaller actions as far as mass rallies are concerned this protest organizers are hoping to get up the numbers again for july 1st that seems to be the next big event on everybody's marching calendar it's an annual march an annual demonstration that's held every july 1st and so people are expecting and hoping for a big turnout then the stars here how correspondent rob mcbride on the streets of hong kong with those protesters thanks for that update. on the weather is next still ahead on our jazeera pomp and pageantry but has there been progress on nuclear talks a report on the chinese president's landmark visit to north korea plus i'm weighing how your reporting from northeastern thailand where we'll tell you why the people here are using rockets as a way of saying thank god. ok
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this time the year's all about the wind wind and dust strength of wind temperatures dependent they're all you can see some cloud around not much except in turkey roses and slow moving pretty big thunderstorms and they're light to carry on aleppo's a 30 by roots count to 28 in the forecast baghdad dying to about 40 mark and this is the time of year where you tend to get a breeze coming out of the plains or rock or moving southward so that can be quite a strong wind as it has been just recently was tending to ease a little bit which will attempt is to rise a little bit to around 37 lock in cobol now dry is $31.00 sun the breezes been a dusty one but recently cleared up on friday it's weakening some degrees it comes down across qatar where has been very much notice $42.00 degrees is reduction in
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temperature still middle forty's in the far south in the n.t. quarter and 45 cross in mecca the chance of showers has increased somewhat in western young but it's not a big chance to be on his tents disappear come saturday and the breeze has become whiter so it's a dry and hot picture the opposite will half of the drying cultish picture for most of southern africa there are a few showers around coming off the waters here into places like harare if you're lucky otherwise it's sunny. al-jazeera world meets some extraordinary women. who are making things happen the way. following their daily struggle to survive. for their families to thrive. egypt's women
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street silent as on al-jazeera. hello again i'm the stasi attainder a reminder of the news this hour u.s. president donald trump is reported to have ordered air strikes against targets in iran but then withdrew the order of planes in the air and ships in position the planned attacks were meant to be in retaliation against iran chop down a u.s. surveillance drone washington says the drone was shot down an international airspace meanwhile iran's foreign minister says the drone took off from the u.a.e. and was shot down by the revolutionary guard off to it violated iranian airspace
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the iranians say it was shot down near curry mobarak. province in southern iran. and thousands of demonstrators in hong kong are occupying roads around police and government buildings as part of a series of protests pushing for the full withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill you're watching live pictures now from outside the government headquarters which have been closed with protesters there calling for the resignation of hong kong's leader. now dozens of people have been injured in violent demonstrations in georgia's capital tbilisi police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters who tried to storm the parliament they were angry after a russian politician was allowed to address the assembly priyanka got to reports. thousands of protesters trying to storm the georgian parliament incensed by the presence of russian politician surrogate gavrilov earlier inside i protest has
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faced off with white police and then pushed into retreat. the cycle repeating much of the night leaving dozens injured in moscow on nuclear power is going on but this is not the local. people who took the issue in the. issues of each week and so now these protesters along with some opposition politicians want snap elections tensions were already running high on thursday a surrogate gavrilov who was visiting as part of an assembly of petitions from orthodox christian countries address the parliament in russian something that many in this form was soviet republic fall that acceptable not tolerate russian expansion to georgia and will not tolerate rationalization of the georgia which happening unfortunately under this dormant for the last 7. 20 percent
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of georgia state's 3 has been under an illegal russian military occupation off to war in 2008. more school recognise south of satyr. as independent states and set up with its military bases there the 2 countries haven't had any diplomatic ties since and most influence in a country which wants to join the european union at me too is often a flashpoint in georgia's domestic politics russia if requested. in the east all destroyed territories members of the russian it's another question whether the boys actually call it because there is no opposition there but these individuals you know you must not have been allowed into georgian territory. georgia's prime minister is blaming the opposition for thursday's violence moscow things radical political forces are behind what happened it's deputy foreign
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minister says russia will keep trying to globalize relations with georgia that's something these protesters will do anything to fight. al jazeera. china's president is on his 2nd and final day of a state visit to pyongyang xi jinping was greeted in the north korean capital with a lavish welcome as he met kim jong un state media say the 2 leaders have agreed to strengthen ties has a time of complicated international affairs she's visit as the 1st fired chinese president in more than a decade while our china correspondent adrian brown now joins us live from beijing adrian from the beginning we've had so few details about this visit talk us through what we've seen so far. well if you want to know what a cult of personality looks like the stars that is what is playing out on the streets of pyongyang for the past 24 hours state t.v. has been showing pictures of north koreans swooning over president xi jinping and
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really what we're seeing right now is a sort of ideological rededicating of the vows between china and north korea they haven't always enjoyed good relations 2 years ago kim and she fell out over north korea's missile and nuclear program but all that's been forgotten now as the north koreans lay on this sort of elaborate pageantry which they do so well seamless pageantry thousands of children and other adults have been pressed into service for the occasion and what we're seeing is in a sense both the leaders of north korea and china reemphasizing their friendship and we heard the north korean leader in fact at a banquet on thursday night saying that socialism was the unbreakable core of the friendship between north korea and china so yes this is the sort of scenes that we're seeing are really reminiscent actually of another era takes you back to the
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time of chairman mao and kim jong un's grandfather and this is you know scenes that have really you know i haven't seen anything quite like this in north korea for a very long time and in many ways actually you're starting to see the same sort of stuff in china under president xi jinping this sort of orchestrated propaganda and adrian and it's been quite the show that as you say some of this has been televised how is all this being seen by viewers in china. well there was a very lengthy report on the main channel here last night at 7 o'clock the main 7 pm news and this report ran for more than 20 minutes of xi jinping visit to north korea and now that report is being repeated throughout the day on the main news channel here so the people of china are being left in no doubt that their president is being feted by the people of north korea interesting me enough while the world
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was looking one way on thursday china decided to show pictures of the former chinese head of interpol appearing in court and pleading guilty on corruption charges now this is no coincidence this is a classic strategy of the chinese government because of course monk hong ways appearance in court was completely dwarfed by the images of xi jinping visiting north korea also you know last night the stars or the chinese leader was was fated to a mazing fireworks display this time the projectiles were the sort of thing that would concern north korea's neighbors and as i say he was also being treated to a lavish banquet this in a country where the united nations says there's still plenty of evidence of starvation and allowed to turn a correspondent from beijing thank you andrea. on the saudi u.a.e. led coalition fighting in yemen says it's targeted who's the rebel sites in the
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port city of data the attack was in response to a drone strike on the saudi city of just today that is yemen's main entry for a delivery last month that he's pulled out of the port as part of a un brokered deal but now the world food program says it's partially suspended its aid program in yemen that's happened after it failed to reach an agreement with the rebels on just how to deliver food to yemen's most vulnerable people the u.n. agency has complained that some of its food supplies have been diverted since the start of the war the w.s.p. has been feeding more than 10000000 people there every month now hungary in court has sentenced for human traffickers to life in prison over the deaths of 71 refugees and migrants the bodies of 59 men 8 women and 4 children were found inside an abandoned truck off an austrian highway and 2015 they had suffocated to death inside the airtight refrigerated vehicle while being transported from hungary to
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germany the judge said the traffickers had shown a cruel indifference to the lives of those trapped inside. well it's the time of year and north east thailand a neighboring now when some areas are declared a no fly zones and that's because of rockets being launched from farms below or as part of a buddhist festival when he reports. cry for people here each rockets into the skies is a high velocity message to the gods they're not meant as aggressive or threatening symbols but it did explosive gestures of gratitude some festivals in this region are about wishing for good luck at the start of what they hope will be a bountiful wit season for farmers this one in roy it's northeast thailand is about saying thank you to the gods for answering prayers made at a nearby buddhist temple. my prayers and wishes were answered that's why i launched
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the rocket today it's a tradition that if you get what you want you launch a rocket to all of the gods and spirits. people like not to pay almost $500.00 for someone to build the rockets but there are no qualified rocket scientists here just secrets and techniques passed from generation to generation chacha one sees on for example is an electrician for most of the year now. it's like my family business my uncle was the one who asked me to help him and it's been more than 8 years that start building rockets once to fester wars of a call back to my full time job in bangkok. was at this festival there are 2 sizes of rockets and as well as the religious theme there's a sporting side to it there are prizes for the longest flight time with the winning larger rockets spending around 7 minutes in the air before crashing back to earth hopefully in an uninhabited field but increasingly it's also become about gambling with money bet on where the rockets are launched smoothly or spiral out of control
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the noise is deafening the smoke is choking and it's dangerous but people come in their thousands. it's a frenetic scene here there are hundreds of rockets launched over the course of the day the largest of which are packed with 200 kilograms of propellant. safety doesn't appear to be a main priority but everyone has a good time those who take part say they are determined to preserve the festival will once a year everyone becomes an expert on flight and some really do become rocket scientists wayne hey al jazeera roy it thailand. and these are the headlines u.s. media reports say the u.s.
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president donald trump ordered air strikes against targets in iran but then withdrew the order with planes in the air and ships in possession the planned attacks were to be in response to around shooting down a u.s. surveillance drone washington says the drone was shot down an international airspace around disputes this iran's foreign minister has released a map saying the drone was intercepted after it violated iranian airspace terror and says it was shot down your cooey mubarak that's and hamas province in southern iran well congressional leaders in the u.s. are urging president trying to proceed with caution we have an untrustworthy adversary the high kenshin wires are up in the region for a lot of different reasons some by land on the region some multilateral some religious whatever is the high tension ones are and 3rd we must act in a way that does not that does deescalate and does not as to collate the
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tensions and the situation there. another day of protests is underway in hong kong with thousands of demonstrators occupying roads around police and government buildings the government headquarters have been closed as you can see here with crowds gathered there calling for the resignation of hong kong's leader as well as the complete withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill mass demonstrations have been held over the past fortnight against the proposal that would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial. and scores of people have been injured in violent demonstrations in georgia's capital tbilisi police fired rubber bullets and tear gas protesters who tried to storm parliament the unrest began after a visiting russian politicians sergey gavrilov was allowed to address lawmakers there well those are the headlines the news will continue here on al-jazeera after earthrise thanks for watching and do stay with us.
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americans are struggling to pay their rent the problem isn't just limited to pleasure city it's. a former governor of the indian social back has cost jobs in the country goes global. we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. the explosion of plastic waste across the world threatens the very survival of life on our planet. every year up to $12000000.00 metric tons of plastic and saw ocean moves. from poisoning marine life to littering landscapes and cloaking waterways
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plastic waste in the environment is set to trickle in the next decades the problem is so vast it can seem overwhelming it's by reimagining this waste as a result we can begin to redress the balance i'm tony can you lay in cameroon where a young entrepreneur is turning the tide on plastic waste by building boats out of bottles and i'm back in the cabin in the u.k. where one company is tackling a really sticky caustic problem also making unique and sustainable products in the process. here in cameroon's economic capital while the scale of the country's plastic problem is painfully clear plastic waste is talking up the streets and bridges of cameroon's major cities polluting waterways threatening marine ecosystems and
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making life especially difficult for local fishermen. it's estimated that across the city of tijuana $1300.00 tons of plastic waste is generated every day. so much of it is thrown into the city's rivers yukon see any trace of water. i. have never seen anything like this before. i don't even know how you begin to fix a problem this big is no doubt this is a major challenge for the city. but one local man has made it his mission to deal with it head on his name is smile is so many it's miles. i says it to me to most a region that is i mean it's quite a place to meet i must say so is this normal here in douala you know so sad when you have older brasseries that truly whereby people in the east we
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in the house and then you have the reverse the water that all the way club does bridge and you have people. in the river and you can see that last about the poor among educators who how the money deal with so fortunately these numbers it's overwhelming to see this but you don't find it overwhelming why do you see this and think that this is something you want to take on for yourself i realize that although we were a form of plastics no one k. no one what is these and i was shocked to see that so i decided to do something and work. when shooting people. by showing the way. began an initiative to curate the waste from all of the one is 10 choked rivers. he calls his company mike did and nature
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meaning water and nature in the local sour language. he recruits a team of 30 volunteers and today i'm giving them a helping hand. but it quickly becomes clear to me what a tough job this is. so we're standing on this board because much of this looks like a bit of plastic there's actually a river underneath it so it's not very stable. and. it's very hot and very humid here so when you have this amount of waste in the water a whole a holes in the state hose and other kinds of water borne diseases and there are people who live all around here so this is not just an environmental crisis it's a possible health crisis as well kind of serious about. the work you're doing here is amazing that there are so many bottles and it feels like this is just a dent and it's really only individuals like you who are taking it on there is no citywide plan or nationwide plan to tackle this enormous problem no days no star
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greens just been here in car on our bridges. or the problem for the priorities so. no one's care for the environment and this is the morse urgent problem so we need to jump on this year in many ways. it doesn't just see all this plastic as waste he sees it as a valuable material and an opportunity to do good. he turns bottles into boats for the region's fishing community. and it all happens here inside his workshop. botolf. yes i want her prayers in my house here so i'm here with some of margaret and we probably wish more. ishmael's boats built using traditional techniques he taught you how to do. you know i'm from a fishing community and my dad and fisherman oh well so when i was young i was
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fishing with my dad this technology are just the plastic bottles so is that why this idea came to you yes because i'm afraid the river and now you cannot gush because. he's full of glasses so. i do hog not only to clean. but. because it's not easy in the video just for someone to buy. so now would be cheaper board that would be useful so we have part of our seed done what's next you won't press this yeah i'd love to try to do that. so we tie this up and not tear. not so bad. it is a little scary to think that. what we're putting together someone's actually going
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to be sitting on out in the waters so i feel a little bit of responsibility to not mess this up but. i proud of my handy way back yard oh you got me it isn't so bad you know. once he's built the frame ties it to the base. and then he adds in the seats. of his build 37 boats to date given that it takes 650 bottles to build one that's over 24000 bottles removed from his rivers and put to good use. so how much does it cost to make a boat like this with material or covering it. simple jugnu bordeaux's the rest as you have done. to both take just a few hours to build. and they're so in my 20 to be easily transported to the ocean. it's
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a 3 hour drive to nearby creek gives the boats to local fishermen. traditionally made fishing boats can be extremely expensive but even so when a small 1st started giving away his eco boats it was easier said than done these look very different to all of the local fishing boats that we see what was the reaction from the local community when you brought these here the 1st time 1st i thought they was a joke show it will never go in the world enough but when we went to the water boy universe it is walking and then they start to move to try to understand and try to stick to go fishing with bears one. of the real proof of course is in the floating let's go test it out it's got this is ok you lead the way up.
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it was a bumpy entry but this feels so much better it feels stable i don't feel unsafe in any way i feel really comfortable fishing in one of the. good old could. just. talk about. what a great idea and there's so many possibilities of what we can do in the future back in at the same time to be an almost issued a plastic waste a camera doing what an incredible young man said that was really fun. now we know the bow to see where the we're delivering it to the latest happy customer. i was going to test it out on a nearby lake. oconee was it. really this is going to be the fisherman of good to meet you what do you think of your new boat that it development.
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how do you think having this new boat is going to change things for you. so you will want to be pretty soon here. with you all of us would really appreciate the argument put out of office or maybe the accessibility and affordability of eco boats will be something that convinces people to give them a try where it's safe to do. so but you will probably. be. forced to leave soothingly and you also when you all. do want to try it out you know let's see let's see how it works. how do you feel about camille's reaction to his very own eco boat harbor to see
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that i can make someone's my so one gets home maybe he's going to show will be better maybe he can recover more income to his family. since he started in 2016 the growing success of his eco boat has inspired ishmael to do more. it's his ambition to clear up cameroon and that begins with the country's 1st bottle recycling scheme. how. this is the eco brain i cover it is made out of $255.00 practical. and 1000 bucks for us so this. is a place where people can come and bring their plastic waste this is the starting point offered so are to do with the store list sorting system of plastic waste in water so the idea of this eco band what you're trying to do here where do you think you can grow to we won our city be like example in that regard we just apply recall
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being in the area of all the corner in front of all the show the supermarket this code so he won't be easy to carry pick up the west side of all that so that is the vision when we want to do there but how the which there is not easy . despite the challenges it has even bigger plans for the future by producing bottle made furniture and by educating the next generation. taker you should i really think. as it does with the junk i'm going to be left to do got it you know. it's really his to take care of environment to.


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