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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 99  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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and building a liberal politically correct society that we really missed a trick here in terms of keeping an eye on our own safety. since 2001 muslims have been the target of riots by singhalese buddhist nationalist groups then like last year the runs followers were accused of retaliation by singing buddhist statues. the police investigation uncovered a large cache of explosives which shocked ralph hakim and other thing in muslim politicians intra lanka's government we minister has brought it up in the cabinet wife. in front of the president and prime minister that all of us believe that is a very sinister force at work and we need the government to take quick action to prevent. something that could be much worse and harmful. but he says nothing was done it was only after the easter attacks that security
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forces descended upon cost including a muslim enclave on shore lanka's east coast with the run found in teach. the oath or she's arrested 100 people affiliated with the group and seize weapons and other materials which they say indicate the n t j well organized and planning further attacks. because special forces of into this building because they suspect a member of the intake air with building bombs here. some local muslim leaders say the raids a too little too light because they've been warning the author about zara since 2016 when we knew that he just thought down preaching and propaganda and the company misleading the youths some of us we have believing he's going to
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leave didn't mean extremism you know he's thought to do it in a speech. to me days did you report him to the police yes of course everyone knows that individual people no police no everyone know what my question is why you did not ask him. muhammad subfield leads an association which oversees $56.00 mosques in cuts including he says he was concerned about xerox on one 3rd which called for the killing of nonbelievers. but muhammad couldn't stop him building this religious center downtown. i strongly believe you i did my part. by the police. and all of them to conduct the program then they did the program so the security personnel must take all the responsibility in terms of this misters ironic duties.
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mahmoud hizbullah was the governor of this region at the time of the attacks a political ally of sri lanka's president he's been accused of not doing enough. before the in-store attacks did you have any knowledge of the in t.j. and their role in iraq if in this area of course they're there they're functioning no 2. indeed it as as a discipline this group. not terrorists we don't know about the terrorism as a religious group they are functioning but only think that it's on the religion when wasting their norm using nothing in the white could be a tux a photograph surfaced from 2050 showing his blood shaking hands with zara as 2 other easter sunday suicide bombers gone. to his school law and some polity.
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really knew on winning knowingly or unknowingly supported these type of extremists you had these groups without you know concerning the consequences of this a number of politicians have accused you of being involved in the n.t. before the attacks is that a fair accusation how involved did this come. portended denying the allegations. of the count to 10 percent of sri lanka's population and most practice if it is but in recent years conservative interpretations of the faith have taken root at towie. gradually within the 2025 years that this community have a very very keen interest to practice islam as a saudi arabia as the middle east you know because within 15 yes they have the muslim community they have changed the address. critics of the law say
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as governor he allowed too much change to the social fabric of cutty. to this town have a problem with radicalization. this abyss when we can listen and specially extreme is we had some issues with 4. years ago or they're taking this paper and. from that we know there is. that extreme is a religious group. that national but we never expect that. in order to the terrorist groups or. muslims that conservative tar we mosques say they follow peaceful teachings and are now being unfairly targeted at one of these mosques we meet mohammed. when the suicide bomber
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was in his light. and was identified as though he had from the beginning so we say and because he committed suicide people are looking at us suspiciously and i thought he thought but not although he'd sent does follow his line of preaching. you know 1st in sri lanka who are align ourselves with. his action has affected all the muslims in sri lanka where there are no he'd also feeling a little bit. muhammad says as ron became more radical he lefties months and started delivering his own hardline sermons i lean i think across scotland. then in 2017 he will need the hiding after a violent clash with a group of sushi muslims when they are the artist but he has antagonized politicians and also in take
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a nice islamic groups who are against his teachings or who didn't follow his teachings so he accumulated enemies on all sides because of his actions he says clerics now educate youth year about the dangers of extremism but he fears. islamophobia and new aggressive security measures who discriminate against members of the muslim community. they go over the border but it's where they get their checking every house and the muslims are welcoming them and are prepared to identify the perpetrators. but every decision continuous it's natural that the muslims will feel victimized. again so these actions have to be stopped if we want to stop most people are exhausted on being brainwashed in a way then we need to unity and cooperation among all the risks. under the state of emergency 10000 soldiers have been deployed across the country
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and as during sri lanka's civil war had been given powers to search interrogate and arrest anyone without a court order so they've been sweeping the same houses in this neighborhood for the last guy searching again and again and again. some politicians fear a whole community is being demonized for the actions of a few. that needs to be education among security forces so that they will not. over do over each their mandate and. certain producers to create a sense of grievance among minorities certainly governments should not become regulators of lifestyle. but the government has imposed a temporary ban on muslim face coverings islamic schools and sermons by clerics and
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now subject to tighter monitoring conservative members of the government also want bans on foreign islamic teachers and burkett's on things solutions islamophobia no. people's identity their faces right and as a human not as a mostly as a human we all human should you know that we need our faces mostly my didn't. need the clampdown we hear reports of attacking shops in homes owned by muslims we head to a town 2 hours north of columbus where there's been an outbreak of communal violence and inflammatory social media post by a local muslim has reportedly triggered the mob spirit apparently a curfew has been in parts and papal i'm allowed out but we're going to see if we can get close to the thought that there's some damage over there you can say
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there's some damage over there and it appears and i someone is trying rocks into their shops. when we begin filming a storm owned by a muslim man grab your stuff they are stopped the police try to stop it stop they say showing such images make sure lanka look bad. but a day like that there's no hiding the violence sweeping the country. 20 movie which is are a top to. hundreds of muslim owned properties of burn down. the government says the only way to stop such attacks is tougher hate speech laws the while and attacks against the other media that cannot be accepted we should totally already get that type of extremist groups with dates coming from. their days coming from islam is where those coming from. in recent weeks there were
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demonstrations by powerful signal of buddhist groups links to past violence they accuse governor has blocked into local muslim politicians of being involved in the attacks the men deny having links. to the empty jar and quit the government parts we had to stop all this ridiculous i'm not totally muslim even saying hello in solar darcy ralph how cute and 7 of the muslim ministers also step down they insist the government is filing to keep muslim site from persecution their gender fierce a causes that is being exploited by certain unduly elements certain is enough forces out there who survive on propagating their own brand of ideologies. as face becomes the new front line in post bush among those scarred by the easter
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attacks feel abandoned and where in the future as cattle a previously unknown it's no worse but you are no worse a lot of people call upon very. mean in the harmony my message here try your best to keep close to your relationship when we need to members. though somebody has a family and also catholics or. just be together and to work together. i mean tension and heightened security st sebastian stretching new gumbo is slowly trying to recover but the hope of priests like father pereira. yeah i mean that interesting i mean there was a chance he stayed in the and i will watch my people miss this in the novel.
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but for many parishioners church will always be the place where loved ones came to pride and never came. a parliamentary inquiry is investigating the security lapses that led to the easter sunday bombing but sure lanka's president is refusing to cooperate his. father pereira says the politicians are just as culpable as the suicide bombers i would like to say that it's a terror act by them though and they have done what he would damage to our families i mean it it even to the christians. and these members should know how to resign and. i myself in person really. i'm never going to want them. in future. so you have no forgiveness for what i have done.
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me how part of the. act. i am not ready to accept them because they may going to do the same here i mean it is again. laxman says he writes that his family were not harmed in the easter sunday attacks . but for him for lanka will never be the same again. and i would to family and. how do you consult a family who is experienced at album that in one house the father is alive but the children a dear little died. in another but children are life but the father does not want them wadi in the church there was one abandon charge crying without beatings. who will console the child and what i've said politicians come and go but the
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charity will live it to swaddle whatever. the lot of them in future i hope you can move forward and that all religions can prosper together in harmony. for now unity remains elusive in a tiny island nation of many faiths and in the cities. where bigotry often spirals into bloodshed another war with the could to rile the prosperity built from 8 years of pace. in a war torn city in iraq a medic documents the stories of the survivors recording best hopes and dreams for a peaceful future after american troops withdrawal. but the conflict is far from over. he turns the camera on himself when i still take control and his family off forced to flee no where to hide
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. when the news breaks these protestors and the stolen bits. when people need to be had been treated as if it looked like as if you don't have the right to live. in the story needs to be told. al-jazeera has teens on the plan to win the world when documentaries and lightnings on air and online. you're watching the news hour life from headquarters in doha i'm dead you know bill
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gates coming up in the next 60 minutes. a. u.s. senator is urged caution after iran downs an american drone the escalating tensions between the 2 countries in the gulf region. iran calls the unmanned aircraft provocative and very dangerous as it justifies its decision to shoot down the american drone. police in georgia fired tear gas is thousands of protesters tried to storm the parliament over the visit of a russian politician. hundreds of thousands are fleeing the conflict in the democratic republic of congo report from a refugee center in neighboring uganda. hello tensions between the u.s. and iran continue to escalate after an unmanned american surveillance drone was shot down over the strait of hormuz by the iranian revolutionary guard well donald
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trump has called it a very big mistake u.s. congressional leaders are calling for a robust response but they're also telling the president to act with caution the pentagon has released what it says was the flight path off drone the u.s. says it was flying at high altitude in international airspace when it was hit by a surface to air missile but iran has disputed where the incident took place the country's foreign minister has released his own version of a map there it is saying the drone was intercepted off the. violated iranian airspace and the downing of the drone is the latest in a series of incidents in the gulf since mid may they include suspected attacks on 6 tankers that the u.s. is blaming on iran or u.s. security officials were summoned to the white house to discuss a response to the downing of the spy drone mike hanna has more from washington d.c.
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grainy footage released by the u.s. department of defense shows the moment when the drone was shot down. earlier to release these pictures of a similar class drone argue for global hawk which costs over $100000000000.00. rainy and chris t.v. released the sportage of the attack saying it had been obtained from the iran revolutionary guard corps tehran contended the drone penetrated the range in a space not so and says u.s. military iranian reports that this aircraft was shot down over iran are categorically false the aircraft was over the strait of hormuz and fell into international waters senior members of the u.s. congress have been briefed on the situation i don't think the president wants to go to war there's no at the change from going to war in our country we're told the iranians before they shot the drone down that if you engage against american personnel or s.s. you do search your own peril the president does not want
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a war with iran or anybody else and but he is the commander in chief national security figures gathered at the white house and the president sent out what appeared to be an ominous tweet iran made a very big mistake he said. but then during a meeting with the canadian prime minister the president indicated that the tweet was not a warning but a literal observation i think probably iran. i made a mistake i would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down i find it hard to believe it was intentional if you want to know the truth i think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid at the same time the president did not rule out a u.s. response because i think you'll find out. you'll find out you'll find me i mean obviously obviously you know we're not going to be talking too much about it president trump has made clear in the past he favors some form of
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negotiation to resolve the crisis rather than armed action this despite the urging to forceful action from some in cabinet in particular the national security adviser john bolton the question is whether this latest incident will tip the balance in the favor of the administration's hawks at the expense of those who advocate dialogue mike hanna al-jazeera washington let's get an update from heightism castro is joining us from washington d.c. where there was a closed door meeting heidi what's the message being sent out or what are you hearing from congressional leaders there. shorter while not only was this meeting at the white house closed door but it was classified so democrats who have been in tendons spoke briefly with reporters upon its completion but offered few details we did hear from house speaker nancy pelosi though that what she did learn from this
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briefing was enough to convince her that this u.s. drone was in international airspace when it was shot down she said however that democrats are stressing a strategy of deescalation she said that military options were not shared with her at this briefing but that she and other democrats to demand that the white house see congressional authorization before doing any of these military responses also senator chuck schumer another democrat spoke with reporters cautioning against the u.s. repeating mistakes in its past such as the invasion of iraq which had been based on faulty intelligence. the president may not intend to go to war here but we're worried that he and the administration may bumbled into a war we told the room that the democratic position is that congressional approval must be required before funding any conflict in iran one of the best ways to avoid bumbling into war a war that nobody wants is to have
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a robust open debate and for congress to have a real say we learned that lesson in the runner up to iraq we have an amendment supported by every democrat to the n.d.a. in the senate it's led by senator udall it would require congressional approval of any funding for a conflict in iran it's supported by all of us we are asking leader mcconnell to do the right thing and give us a vote next week on the n.d.a. on that amendment now it's notable that the further actions here are really based on which set of facts is true the degree. in the longitude and latitude given of the location of this u.s. drone from tehran versus from the pentagon are off by only a few tenths of a degrees less than 7017 kilometers in distance and it may be that the iranian foreign minister when giving his coronet said that was the point at which a u.s.
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drone had been targeted versus the coordinates we got from the pentagon which say where this drone was shot down so it's still so many unanswered questions here we know that the u.s. president has a tendency to punch back harder when he feels that he is under attack however he also promised voters who elected him to the white house that he would try to disengage and avoid foreign conflicts involving the u.s. . castro thank you well let's take a closer look at the 2 conflicting versions as heidi was saying the pentagon has released this video right there the u.s. military insists the incident happened over international airspace in the strait of hormuz 34 kilometers away from the iranian territory then iran's foreign minister on the other hand says the drone took off from the u.a.e. and violated iranian airspace and it was shot down near. the hormones gone province
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in southern iran. iran's ambassador to the u.n. has called for the international community to demand that the u.s. and what he called its unlawful and destabilizing measures in the goals get more from our diplomatic edge of james bay that the united nations headquarters in new york what more the iranian ambassador had to say. well as you say it's which version do you believe rain ians want the international community to believe they are telling the truth and that's why we now have this letter that's been written by the iranian ambassador to the u.n. to the u.n. secretary general and to the current president of the u.n. security council he goes into some detail he says that the drone took off it just after midnight local time from the south of the persian gulf he says it was in full stealth mode as it turned off its identification equipment and engaged in a clear spying operation he goes on that despite repeated radio warnings that
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entered the iranian airspace where the air defense system of the islamic republic of iran acting under article $51.00 of the u.n. charter targeted the intruding aircraft so that is article $51.00 which is the right to self-defense that is stated in the un charter he goes on to say that iran doesn't want war but it will do this again if there are hostile acts against it in addition to the letter to the security council and to the secretary general it's interesting that iran has protested as directly as it can to the u.s. itself remember the 2 countries don't have diplomatic relations but it has been in touch with the swiss who act as a go between between the 2 and james that as we're saying this particular incident the downing of this drone is just really the latest in a series of incidents since may in the gulf region how concerned are diplomats there of the escalating situation between iran and the u.s.
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. diplomats are very concerned about the situation the iran issue is being looked at here at the u.n. with 2 different aspects to it the tensions in the gulf but also the iran nuclear deal which reaches a pretty crucial point in the next week or so and i think european nations have a big question whether they're going to continue to deal with these 2 things separately or deal with them together iran certainly wants a response from the international community for now no meeting of the u.n. security council that i think is for several reasons of course any member of the security council can call a meeting but it's partly at the discretion of the president of the security council and clearly that as it's kuwait is an ally of the u.s. so that i think is an important factor in this all the wealth we're telling you that most of the ambassadors of the security council just happen to be going on an unofficial trip to one of the member states which is the dominican republic and
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most of them have now got on a plane that doesn't mean that they can't be a meeting deputy ambassadors remain here so i says think it's possible if this thing escalates further that we could see the security council meeting ok james meigs thank you. so let's take a look at the type of drone that was shot down the r a q 4 a global hawk aircraft system is one of the u.s. military's most sophisticated pieces of hardware it provides intelligence surveillance in real time and can reach an altitude of 60000 feet that's 800000 meters much higher than a commercial aircraft and it doesn't come cheap industry experts say one drone costs about $130000000.00 it's been used in iraq afghanistan north africa and parts of the asia pacific region let's bring in mark kimmitt he's a retired u.s. army brigadier general and former assistant secretary of state for political military affairs under president george w.
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bush he's joining us from washington thanks for being with us once again on al-jazeera so we know the type of drone that it is because both iran and the pentagon.


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