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tv   Nowhere To Hide  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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as in the case now say the group behind the attack were actually paid to kill teasers friend sister fernandez a t.v. host who was sitting next to him and was shot in the leg during the incident. the target was not ortiz but another individual who was wearing similar clothes the attackers were confused by a photograph they were passing between each other in the minutes leading up to the attack the evidence shows that they were trying to get fernandez who was a frequent customer at the nightclub especially on sundays when he regularly reserved a table the n.b.a. draft takes place in new york later where franchises gets a snap up college players for next season zion williamson is projected to be the number one pick the 18 year old may not be appropriate but he's already got 3400000 followers on instagram of the standout performances from duke last season it's the new orleans pelicans who have the all important 1st pick and although they're not the most box office franchise williams says he'd be happy to go there i'm such
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a simple do. i just want to like honestly i want to be in. i don't have a. sister being. for every team. even if. you very much see you later i think you got to me in the club for this news up my colleague in london will be here right it with more of the day's news and just government. they wanted 43000000000 pounds with
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a weapon that was 6000000000 pounds intermission. there's no hope of any more because there's always a small cobbles people for really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. leah and her husband gavin worsley when 4 teenagers broke down the back the teenagers described as being of african appearance a still on the run the fall of this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color. whatever the focus on african gang crime began in march 26th jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne to gird so that african young people coming together and
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knowing there was a fort bragg at every time i rolling always feel like some of it was because the place because i'm involved in we started choice and they just tables and that crowd all narrative in the media at the top a lot of political pressure. these people to commit crime can do single race whole human gets blamed for the actions of the few. to people have to pay sites i have to feel saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with this well. you got to find out they made a very big mistake. president summons congressional leaders off to iran shoot down a u.s. surveillance drone over the strait of hormuz. no
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i maryam namazie in london you know with al jazeera also coming up on the program. as campaign a celebrate a court ruling that person broke the law by selling weapons to saudi arabia the u.s. senate votes to block sales to riyadh. kim jong il welcomes xi jinping to north korea it's the 1st trip by a chinese president in 14 years and of breck's it campaign a boris johnson and former remain a jeremy hunt all the last 2 standing in the u.k. leadership race. u.s. president donald trump says iran made a mistake when it shot down an american surveillance drone of the strait of hormuz he summoned top congressional leaders to the white house for a briefing on iran this hour but as the pentagon released video of the moment it
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was shot down also told reporters he found it hard to believe it was intentional. i would imagine it was a general or somebody that they did mistake in shooting that drone down unfortunately the drone was on arm it was not there was no man in it there was no it was just it was over international waters clearly over into the waters but we didn't have a man or woman in the drone we had nobody in the drone would have made a big difference let me tell you would have made a big big difference but i have a feeling maybe wrong and i may be right but i'm right a lot i have a feeling that it was a mistake made by somebody that should have been doing with the. i think they made a mistake and i'm not just talking to the country made a mistake i think that somebody under the command of that country made everybody still. but there's a very different message coming from iran. iranian
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press t.v. has both cost a video from the revolutionary guard showing the missile it claims shot down the drone iran's foreign minister says the drone took off from the u.a.e. in stealth mode and was targeted after a violation of iran's aspace he also says it's retrieved sections of the drone in its territorial waters will the u.s. is saying that the drone was flying high altitude in international airspace 34 kilometers off the coast of iran when it was hit myself is to air missile but to iran says it intercepted the surveillance tried when it violated iranian as space in almost gone province tensions have been steadily rising in the region with the u.s. accusing iran of attacking tankers in the gulf yemen's who see rebels who are backed by iran and also stepped up misidentifying attacks on at ports and other infrastructure in saudi arabia as go live now to our white house correspondent kimberly halt and interesting that president trump is now saying can't believe that
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he doesn't believe it was that iran intentionally shot down the drone is he then sort of backing down. i it appears donald trump is at least trying to leave space for that possibility giving himself maximum options while trying to appear very strong on some sort of potential for u.s. retaliation he is also it appears somewhat radisson for that type of a conflict they were watching very carefully here at the white house because we believe at any moment now that it was expected about $900.00 g.m.t. that congressional leaders would be descending here in the white house by invitation from the white house to meet in the situation room this is certainly ominous because this is where there would be very discrete intelligence highly sensitive information that would be shared and also passed on so it appears the white house is conducting a briefing with top congressional leaders to include the members of the house armed
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services committee and this of so many are viewing is a very ominous sign now having said all of this expected the president could get some pick pushback meticulously from now palosi the house speaker of the top democrat in the house of representatives who has said earlier that she doesn't believe the president wants to go to war also saying that the u.s. response needs to be strategic but that is not what a top republican in the u.s. senate is saying senator lindsey graham seemed to go much further than the president suggesting that some potential conflict or u.s. response it cannot be ruled out they're trying to break our will intimidate us to come to the go shooting table the president made an offer to negotiate the response was to attack a japanese tanker the emissary of the person chosen glib revolver and last night they shot down a drone so here's what iran needs to get ready for severe pain. inside their
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country. that their capabilities pillock comparison to ours we're not going to let them disrupt navigation of the seas attack or our allies and u.s. interests without paying a price so if they're itching for a fight they're going to get what. will be some very strong remarks coming from washington you say that president trump wants to leave some space for a deescalation if that's possible but of course it's not clear what the white house is willing to do to facilitate some sort of process or all negotiation. yes and the reason that many are taking away that donald trump is still somewhat hesitant for a potential conflict really has to do with selfish and political means he suggested in the oval office earlier that he will he didn't suggest you reminded the white house pool that in 2016 he made the pledge on the campaign trail to get the united
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states out of endless wars that is one reason why donald trump is here in this white house why many people in the united states supported him you have to remember we're going into a 2020 election cycle now donald trump just this week on tuesday really declared his his election bid for the white house for a 2nd term it's going to be very hard for him to go into that election cycle with a major campaign promise broken so that is one reason why perhaps you might be nervous about this the other reason at all of this is you have to remember that donald trump himself has suggested the number of times he may not want to go to war but it's getting an awful lot of influence from 2 very hawkish members of his ministration the national security advisor john bolton the secretary of state mike pompei oh and all of this comes on the heels of what many feared could happen that the united states would continue to push their maximum pressure campaign whether it be the escalation in very tough financial sanctions that just this week the sending of a 1000 troops to the middle east even that declaration of the iran revolutionary guard
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corps as a terrorist organization and of course that very grainy video just last week blaming iran for the attack on 2 tankers in the gulf of oman these are all things that collectively many people in the united states are very worried about very worried that this is now the actions of iran lashing back somewhat predictable after a very major escalation on the part of the united states repeatedly and for some time thank you with all the latest from the white house can really help it. iran's foreign minister tweeted this response to the incident the us wages economic terrorism on iran has conducted covert action against us and now encroaches on out territory we don't seek war but will defend our skies land and water as will take this new aggression to the un and show that the us is lying about international waters as bill said joe bari has more on the reaction from tehran. according to iran's revolutionary guards they say that this drone took off from a u.s.
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air base in the south of the persian gulf where it made its way towards iran now they say that this device of legibly turned off all detection devices while it was making its way towards iranian airspace and shortly after 4 am local time at 4 or 5 exactly the iranians shot this drone down now this comes as the head of iran's revolutionary guard has been speaking at a scheduled events in western iran let's hear what he had to say i know you're joining. we don't want to engage in any will but we are fully prepared for war today's incident was a clear sign that we will protect old notice iran's borders are already low in be careful we have experienced we have such a clear and message the drone had violated our borders. reaction has been coming in swift the spokesperson for iran's foreign ministry has said that this is an act of aggression and it will be noted and responded to accordingly we've also been
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hearing from a certain if you m.p.'s who said that they think this should go to the united nations that the iranians should complain to that governing body it was in the united nations and also it comes as tensions are high in this region the united states withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear agreement and really in stating some sanctions on iran has had the iranian officials saying that they are waging economic terrorism on iran and the recent escalation of tensions in this region is that it as a direct result of those policies in all the development saudi arabia says it's shot down a drone launched by yemen's who's the rebels who said they were targeting an airport in saudi arabia riyadh has confirmed that defenses intercepted the drone strike it comes a day after his the rocket hit a desalination plant also in his own. the u.s. senate has voted to block the sale of billions of dollars worth of weapons to saudi
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arabia and its allies backers of the resolution said they wanted to send a bipartisan message to riyadh that washington is not happy about human rights abuses the bipartisan vote covers military sales valued at a total of more than $8000000000.00 trump bypass congress to approve the sale in may as he declared iran to be a fundamental threat to the stability of the middle east well these are the 3 main countries supplying arms to saudi arabia the united states top's the list supplying 11 and a half $1000000000.00 of weapons the united kingdom is 2nd with 2 point $7000000000.00 and then france comes in 3rd with $733000000.00 worth of sales to the kingdom let's get more from john hendren in washington and of course this throws into focus yet again what appears to be a deepening divide between president trump and congress on this issue. that's right marion president trump has been able to rely on
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a republican firewall in the u.s. senate he's his republican party lost control of the house of representatives in the last election but in the senate republicans generally vote in lockstep for whatever the president wants and the one exception to that where you see a crack in that fire wall is on saudi arabia 7 republican senators joined democrats in order to block funding military funding for saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and they cited 2 reasons for doing that one was the killing by saudi agents of jamal khashoggi a u.s. resident and washington post journalist and also secondly the killing of civilians in the war in yemen those are 2 things that republicans several republicans joined democrats in saying they couldn't go along with and that includes lindsey graham he is the republican that you saw talking hawkish really about iran when you were talking to kimberly how get just a few moments ago he says that no threat from iran is going to be enough to get him
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to support arms sales to saudi arabia until they change their ways the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell thought very differently he said it at a time when the u.s. faces a potential military conflict with iran it is no time to be abandoning allies in that region who could help the u.s. in any such conflict so what does this all mean ultimately the president is destined to veto this measure neither house has the power the 2 thirds majority to override that veto they tried this once before the president restored that money in an emergency measure but this is a shot across the bow the senate is sending a message to both donald trump and to saudi arabia that they will not simply turn a blind eye to what they view as saudi aggression. thank you very much for the latest on that story from washington john hendren well judges ruled that the. government broke the law allowing weapons sales to saudi arabia activists argued
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that was a k. a risk that weapons fired in the war in yemen violating human rights laws and british government must now evaluate how and where its weapons exports to saudi are used bachar explains from london. british weapons sales to saudi arabia currently engaged in the war in yemen a law for the perfect of one of britain's highest courts. the case was brought by the campaign against arms trade it says the government license arms sales to saudi despite a risk the weapons could be used to kill civilians the u.k. government has played an utterly shameful role within this terrible war from day one it's time to end the arms sales and trying to end the policies which have allowed was arms sales to continue for so long the ruling doesn't mean the u.k. has to stop selling weapons to saudi but it does mean the government will need to scrutinize what british may weapons they use for the government says it will challenge the ruling and free issuing any new arms export licenses to saudi while
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it considers that decision we disagree with the judgment and the secret mission to appeal alongside this we are carefully considering the implications of the judgment for decision making while we do this we will not grant any new licenses for export to saudi arabia and its coalition partners which might be used in the conflict in yemen son yemen october 26th seen in the aftermath of an airstrike on a community hall the building was packed with civilians attending a funeral when their strike happened 140 people died the saudi arabian led coalition later admitted it launched the attack claiming wrong information. since the start of the yemen conflict in 2015 the u.k. slice and $6000000000.00 in arms sales to saudi including fighter jets and precision guided missiles exports the core beliefs of course indiscriminate deaths . saudi arabia says the deployment to produce may weapons in yemen is legitimate
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and that only iran stands to benefit from ending british weapons exports to saudi. public scrutiny of british arms exports to saudi has been growing and recently is the government's on the mounting pressure to prioritize yemen spiraling humanitarian crisis but the u.k. also has lucrative weapons deals to protect british defense company b. a east systems makes 15 percent of its annual profits from sales to saudi $13000000000.00 deal to sell $48.00 euros fine to typhoon jets the country is pending. the court ruling also has implications on other countries that sell weapons to saudi including problems its boosted its sales to the kingdom by 30 percent and 2018. the death toll in yemen is nearing 100000 people it is time secam pain is for britain to stem the flow of weapons and put people
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before profits. so i had for you on the program sentences more than 100 people to life in prison one of the biggest trials of a failed 2016 crew and hundreds of venezuela's own force has fled the country for and now why joe is forced to tackle accusations that money to support the defectors was stolen. hello temperatures in eastern europe particularly around the 30 mark and we set of thunderstorms day after day but we are not going to temps back a little bit by a cold front indicating slightly colder this comey in again from the atlantic and that's how it's positioned during thursday the temptress behind high teens low twenty's typically and ahead of it where berlin's up to 28 you'll see that change
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take place during friday 23 is a max and this mass of green here contains showers some which will be of hail many of which will be sundry and they've been wandering around in other parts of europe any particularly in turkey recently the tail end of it in switzerland in the northeast just plain could well produce or pretty big downpours i suspect not to take you to mean for audiences to overnight this tends to clear up the sun is out and saturday looks quite promising was rising temperatures they've maintained that drop in berlin was always come down $24.00 vienna likely will have dropped as well the green around here the czech republic for austria for southern germany could well be again a big thunderstorms there are fewer to the southeast certainly training it looks fairly dry hot in places tunis is 37 but surprisingly algiers despite a breeze as the interior remains at 26 robot 22.
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this is a dialogue reading about it for not actually staying at the international media and on t.v. a pressure to stop its competition with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we are small community without any network just eat healthy join the global conversation on al-jazeera all they want to do is start the debate the same kind of debate that we have here in st. welcome back our top stories this hour president trump says iran's shooting down of
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a u.s. military drone was a very big mistake the u.s. says it was in international airspace and the pentagon released this video but iran says the drone violated its airspace the revolutionary guard has put out its own video showing the missile that was launched take out the drug. and then judges in person have ruled that the government broke the law by allowing weapons sales to saudi arabia this as the u.s. senate voted to block the sale of weapons to saudi arabia and other arab allies of the concerns the weapons are contributing to the deaths of yemeni civilians. a turkish court has sentenced more than 100 people to life in prison in one of the biggest trials over the failed 2016 coup former air force commander i can alter was among those convicted of violating the constitution and attempting to assassinate the president the government has about 250 people were killed when a faction of the military tried to take control of the country since then the turkish authorities have arrested tens of thousands of people it blames us based
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businessman for 2 local land for the product. has more now from istanbul. the trial in i was one of the most important court appearances of the defendants following the 2016 attempted coup because 2 of the defendants are consider some of the key architects of the attempted coup. turk who was the former force command and also ali yes as a top military aide to president. there were 224 defendants 13 outlaws and 17 of the defendants got back to back life sentences multiplied more than 140 times a way of saying here that. they will spend the rest of their lives behind bars the international community has been concerned about some of the proceedings because we're talking about more than 77000 people who were arrested vizard personnel and also civil servants and the international community international human rights
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group groups have been asking for more transparency in this explains why the ministry of justice has been saying that they're proceeding so far are in compliance with the turkish constitution we're talking about a delicate issue here in turkey against the backdrop of the strained relations over many decades between the party and the military establishment which for many decades also presented itself as the guardian of secularism in the country that changed after 2002 when they managed somehow to sideline the military establishment and give more power to political parties and 2016 is widely seen here also as a turning point because that coup was the bloodiest so far in the modern history of turkey 250 people were killed and thousands were injured and i think some of the sentences that we saw today and in the past were message by the turkish government
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that it does not tolerate the army meddling into political life in the country. chinese president xi jinping says he hopes north korea can hold successful talks with the united states over the denuclearization of the korean peninsula she's comments came during the 1st of a visit to the rectory 7 nation and just days before the chinese president meets his u.s. counterpart on the trunk and a better trade dispute adrian brown reports now from beijing this is a visit it's been a long time coming but it was only confirmed on monday the welcoming ceremony for president xi jinping and 1st lady punk came with military honors and seamless pageantry chinese state media said. was awash with exuberance. a reception that possibly exceeded anything she could even expect in his own country the last time a chinese head of state was here was 14 years ago a reflection of
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a relationship that in recent years has often been strained mainly over north korea's nuclear bomb and missile development. so i think this is about repairing the relationship between pyongyang in beijing which has been very rocky area since . korea. in the 1st wave having its about that in the shorter term about. north korea and china getting on the same page about denuclearization negotiations with the u.s. which have installed president she said the international community wants those negotiations to succeed and china is willing to help during the past 15 months he's met kim 4 times in china but this was their 1st encounter since kim met u.s. president donald trump in hanoi 4 months ago which ended without any agreement on north korean nuclear disarmament officially president xi is in pyongyang because it's 70 years since china and north korea established diplomatic relations with the
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visits also happening just days before he's due to meet the u.s. president donald trump who so far been unable to persuade kim to give up his nuclear arsenal but a former senior north korean diplomat believes kim is using she as a messenger to pass on a new offer to try the could end the impasse they want to use the prison season as a kind of maybe in g. 20 brzezinski's impinges coming to joe pan next week and president season playing may deliver these new all directly to prison trump so it's up to president trump with she would accept this new proposal or not so she's visit to pyongyang appears timely what happens here could well determine the outcome of his planned meetings with president trump next weekend
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adrian brown al-jazeera asia. well then israel as opposition leader one wideout was sending his dick. representative in colombia to the order to meet military defectors that they accused of not supporting them as 2 of his envoys have been accused of stealing funds meant for those now stranded in colombia from cook at tanya at the venezuelan border alessandra reports. more than 1400 members of venezuela's armed forces have fled to colombia this year was heeding the call of opposition leader. to turn their backs on president nicolas maduro. at the time white dog praised their decision it's now way those representatives are being accused of stealing funds intended to help them from crack as way they are called for an investigation. we will not allow any mismanagement to tarnish what has been if it have all been aswat little's that's why we immediately sent the information
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gathered by my ambassador to colombia as attorney general's office to give a thorough explain nation to the country. well those ambassador in colombia their own promptly met with colombia's attorney general requesting a formal investigation. of him as well as government were quick to take advantage of the mishap accusing being behind the corruption scheme. show his representatives are materially responsible but quite do is the mastermind of the alleged theft is a blow to the opposition that is frequently accused of large scale corruption one of the causes they say for the economic and humanitarian crisis is their business well as endured for years most of the factors have been sheltered tells in the border city of course at a cost of more than $10000.00 u.s. dollars per day the bill was split between the united nations and the venezuelan opposition which was repeatedly laid to pay and times getting the factors thrown
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out on the streets i these defectors were evicted this week from this shelter for protesting for not receiving enough food i'm not getting we're going to we've been in the situation for almost 5 months now we are not simple migrants we are soldiers who chose the right side of history and we heed the call of our president and we can't be treated this way even if our situation is not as bad as what's happening to the people inside. the scandal comes more than 4 months after a one way door proclaimed himself interim president of venezuela but his efforts to topple so far failed in the current standstill any tarnish to his movements image could further weaken his chances to achieve a transition in this crisis stricken country anderson the. a court in hungary has sentenced for human traffickers to life in prison over the
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deaths of 71 refugees and migrants the bodies of 59 men 8. men and 4 children were found inside an abandoned truck off an austrian highway in 2015 they had suffocated to death inside the refrigerator a vehicle being transported from hungary to germany the judge said the traffic is a cho a cruel indifference to the lives of those trapped inside or here in the u.k. the contest for a place to raise a may as prime minister has been whittled down to the final 2 contenders 2 rounds of voting by conservative m.p.'s on thursday eliminated 2 more candidates that means front runner and pro breaks at m.p. parse johnson will face off against foreign secretary jeremy hunt members of the conservative party will now decide between hunt and johnson with the winner announced on july 22nd whether same as a special adviser to former home secretary amber rod and stuff it to david cameron and to reason may he says boris johnson might find the members vote more
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challenging. you know he's won by a country ma in the m.p.'s and now its members he's very popular with the members so it's in the according to some polls and other kind of anecdotal evidence but i also think that sometimes boris his worst enemy is force himself so in the next 4 weeks is going to be in 12 or 13 public hustings where he will be forensically challenge his ideas will be tested who have to answer questions rather than maybe give soundbites so i think this is the time where. things could start to unravel perhaps i still think he will win but may be you know this is the time it's all still to play for. i mourn everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com is the address. quick look at the top stories this hour the u.s. military drone a u.s.
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military drone like this as it's been shot down by iran's revolutionary guard president trump has called it a very big mistake the 2 countries are disputing exactly where appen with the u.s. saying it was in international airspace iran is saying that it was in its territory the pentagon has released this video. but iranian t.v. channel press t.v. has broadcast a video from the revolutionary guard showing the missile which shot it down to her on a saying the drone took off from the u.a.e. in stealth mode and violated its airspace. or just in bronc is a research fellow at the royal united services institute and says the drone is very unlikely to have accidentally flown into iranian airspace this is one of the least likely drones if you like in the world to get lost so the idea that this might have accidentally flowed into iranian airspace is very unlikely it's called missions such as to skirt space as well as maritime areas so that leaves you with either the
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iranians shooting it down in international waters or in international airspace. as a sort of controlled escalation a warning to the united states and the international community that the status quo with the sanctions particular oil exports is intolerable or you could argue potentially that it strayed into iranian airspace perhaps deliberately. yemen's who's the say they've launched military operations against an airport in saudi arabia riyadh has confirmed that it's added fences intercepted a who see drone strike the attack happened just a day after his the rocket hit a desalination plant also engines on. meanwhile judges in britain of ruled that the government broke the law by allowing weapons sales to saudi arabia activists it was a risk that weapons fired in the war at violated human rights. and it comes as the u.s. senate has voted to block the sale of billions of dollars worth of weapons to saudi
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arabia and other arab allies backers of the resolution said they wanted to send a bipartisan message to riyadh that washington is not happy about human rights abuses. the top stories this hour coming up next on al-jazeera is the strain. welcome to the stream hundreds of people in bangladesh have gone missing over the last decade with family saying that state agencies are behind in many of those disappearances ok i really could be alive today will hear from relatives pushing the government for answers and ask what these cases say about political freedoms
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and been bashed in your thoughts through twitter and you tube. the death of a father sister brother or mother one of the most emotional tests that any family can face but when a relative just found the lack of closure makes the loss even harder to cope with that's the situation many families in bangladesh are facing as days without their loved one turn to months and then yes several families say their relatives were simply snatched away by police and paramilitaries because of their links to the political opposition or activist groups. or mothers call is one organization that regularly protests for information on the whereabouts of those who are missing last month families braved the heat during ramadan to once again call for justice civil society groups say there have been more than 500 in forced disappearances since
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january 2009 that's when the awami league led government of current prime minister sheikh hasina came to power and cases are still mounting on saturday house and mahmoud a leader within the opposition bangladesh nationalist party was taken from his home by the elite rapid action battalion his family says the ira b. denies arresting my moon whose precise location is unknown for more on this we are joined from the bangladeshi capital dhaka. she's director of why i doubt that's mother's call which is campaigning for the safe return of family members who have gone missing personally i'm clearly is an exiled independent journal. this focusing on human rights issues he's in the swedish city of melbourne that we start out as a secretary general at the international federation for human rights which recently reported on missing people in bangladesh she joins us from paris we also invited representatives from several bangladesh government offices to join us including the home and foreign ministries but instead they sent us
4:39 am
a statement i will be sharing part of that statement with you during the program but i guess it is good to have you here to explain what is going on in bangladesh for some families let me share a family picture with you this is a very sad one this is a mother with a son who disappeared many years ago you are very close to this family sanjeeda this is part of your family can you tell us the story about what happened to your brother. my brother changed the islam she won 2000 turning 4th of december you was abducted by a rapid action back lee and it was just before the election of 2000 people generally you know you are not the world that the election and before that it action huge abduction happened by the law enforcement agencies in violation and my brother shows the muslim should warn and with him there were 5 other prince who were staying in bush in daraa and rapid action well in reptilian he came with their
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double garver and uniform and abducted and then from there. we got all the. and from that day we have started going to the off responsible agencies everywhere grab of 3 separate quarter from my family but they have denied and there was they were saying that there was an operation happen. in on that time with them but they were not actually even touching or taking any case we have tried to file a general diety we have tried to. if fire but police was not taking the case because we want to mention that a rabbi was arrested them and. it is like 6 years and within this 6 years from our side we doll these 6 families including on that particular day night 2 are the other person we're also abducted by
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a rabbi from our. families we have started doing. some reading that. all the legal documents to the law enforcement agencies including the home ministry. a rabbi offices police police office of business and then all the spatial branch office at our. headquarters but deal now or we have never had any order of investigation or any any reply from the right here side and that as indeed i think you for sharing that story because i know it can't be easy to talk about your missing brother in front of an international audience and to have to relive that every time you do so thank you for sharing it's powerful and you're not alone we got a tweet from someone who describes an attempted abduction so this is an organization. they say alert attempted abduction of vocal bangladesh human rights
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defender nor can director of human rights organization we got a video comment from nora himself who talks about the experience of what he believes is this attempted abduction have a listen to what he told us. when i left my office larsen my house. one micro bus. crossed. and then a striker's down. the stair and john and back to run course by a fish and tell us. i don't think that's going to have aids many. against and for his their parents and extrajudicial killings for that reason. they. maybe try to get me to 3 days before they try to collect some information regarding my moment from our stuff.
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so to state his rickshaw was stopped to in traffic he ran back to the office i mean this sounds kind of like a harrowing experience there but how common are stories like this and what do you know about nor story. well i was actually reading the story in ne and in a report that came out in commodity but this is very common we know that is he these are micro bosses are used by these agencies reputation battalion he's one the director general of fools intelligence these are not the detective bunch is another so all of them use these very fancy is he these obviously bought it using taxpayers' money to abduct the citizens and keep as secret prisoners so in bangladesh it is a very common thing that people are abducted and they are kept in secret detention as secret prison as it is a it is
4:44 am
a one party police state right now. debbie i want to show you a clip from a report that al jazeera dated back in february it's about a student leader of the bangladesh nationalist party who was abducted on the way to a birthday party and this is one of our correspondents talking to his wife have a listen debbie for those husband was abducted on his way to a birthday party he was a student leader of the bangor this nationalist party the main opposition force in the country that alleges number of the our it was on the 2nd of december 2013 it was his friend son's birthday hugh went out with 6 friends 4 of them are standing together at one corner and the other 2 are in front of the shop suddenly security forces got out and picked up 2 of them put them in a van both were white. very i'm just wondering with all of these cases the stories coming out of bangladesh are you working out who is it that is being abducted why
4:45 am
are they being adopted are they all the same kind of people. i think what's really scary to understand is that while the key says of people seem to oppose the ruling party have been targeted or have been highlighted you sensually the feeling is that anyone can be taken at any time it is a very strong climate of fear people do not feel safe whether they are going out of their house or even staying at home but any time of day and in this case simply going to a friend's birthday party could soon a position of being grabbed and so that there is there doesn't seem to be very much consistency there's no sense that well i'm a high level or organizer and danger there are people who simply went to a rally or simply said something on facebook and they disappeared to. let me share
4:46 am
this with you because i did say that the government of bangladesh sent us a statement i'm going to share this with you. reading treatise to how you respond to this the government strongly disputes reports about so-called disappearances of people in bangladesh the allegations of being manufactured to discredit the government by its political opponents and have no basis in fact in many cases these disappearances of turn out to be attempts by people charged with crimes to avoid prosecution sangita help me out with this the something in your brother yes he was a criminal. no actually they can check there was no case against him any criminal case in the police stations and where from our side our family are going to them to find him out wherever it is he is their responsibility to find him how do you know from independent country no one can we get is that they're like this. all right tell you when you were a smiling laughing but no in
4:47 am
a happy way when i read that statement and while i'm in the the statement if you look at it i mean it takes a special kind of psychopathy with 2 to come up with this kind of apology i mean what they're claiming essentially is that more than 500 people have just disappeared have just decided that they're not going to meet their mothers they're not going to meet their daughters they're not going to meet their son brother sister and they're just going to go to some i don't know elissa in wonderland kind of ripley's simply because they want to discredit the government i'm in i was expecting the government of bangladesh and india i mean obviously these are very smart people in charge of efficiently running a state or can be would have done better. you know like instead of coming up with this loss it will cover story. actually there is no you the thing is that you
4:48 am
actually bothered to come along with some kind of manufactured excuse but if you talk to send you down to other families of disappeared as i did i managed to meet with some of the families of the disappeared when i was in bangladesh recently they went to the police and they were not they were not just told they not to give a report the police refused to take their report when he went back and he kept assisting they were not just told change the way but then later on track then with being disappeared themselves because they were also your family also if i can add it is not only the families that are realizing it and you just not only know like journalists like me your human rights activists their duty i mean the former chief justice of bangladesh is to render kamar sinha has written a book in his memoir he specifically mentioned how the d.g. if i actually adox people and keeps them in
4:49 am
a secret prison equal to cut. there you are not the instance where a senior police officer has actually had me to during a seminar he was bragging that crazy do you remember we actually abducted that doctor and no one actually could you know like do anything to us so he was practically bragging about this and bangladesh government as whenever we bring this case a student i mean 1st they're trying to deflect and then they come up with this kind of very funny all adjustments they're not promised to investigate and they're never doing to see if these cases i think i think it is yeah that is why that the examples that you just listed there that is why we're seeing comments like this on you tube this person mentions an acronym that you just mentioned that the director general of forces intelligence some solemn on you tube says every single person in. bangladesh knows all of these disappearances are done by the ira
4:50 am
b d g f i and police it's an absolute and known fact he's not the only one someone else says actually this disappearance this is actually everyone knows the government agencies are involved but one other person on youtube writes actually these disappearances are a drama of the be in the b.n.p. of course being the opposition the bangladesh nationalist party so that seems to be the pushback people have what do you make of that back and forth there. the people who disappeared are not just members of the b.n.p. are supporters of the b.n.p. they are ordinary people who may have spoken up on some things some of them a labor activist some of them are students some of them people simply of express their opinion on facebook they're not aligned to a political party so i don't think we can see all this is a man effect at situation the reality is that there are hundreds of families out there in bangladesh still grieving and wondering what's happened to their loved
4:51 am
ones and all the government can do is simply deny obvious and blame the victims and even threaten their families would end their enforced disappearance the reality is that enforced disappearance is a crime against humanity and it's time for the government above where they actually did something and in a very transparent systematic moon sort of obs skating i think at this point and i conversation it's you want to hear from the government of bangladesh because there are so many accusations and they're reluctant to talk about apart from earlier on this year when galleries he's a senior adviser to the prime minister shekhar cinna was on head to head with medicare sam from al jazeera now before i play that clip i want to show you something this is a free arm on campaign and you can see the number of days since he was abducted is a barrister bangladeshi barrister had been sent but he's known to his friends as
4:52 am
ahmad so his lawyer during head to head aust well this question let's roll the tape when moving this government stop pushing the ridiculous line the disappearances are not happening and will these men be released so they can return to the family. room disappearances happen it is deplorable. and but i have also said that this is not a government policy of removing people so where is his club i wouldn't know since you are the lawyer gnutella readies your noodle i just want to respond one and with with proof there is credible evidence he was being held in dhaka can torment a military base in the middle of dhaka and that's credible evidence of foreign aggression is and your government knows where he is no one believes that you don't know. has been you were in the audience let's talk about waiving disappear people
4:53 am
are going well we know about at least 3 secret prisons in in tarka city there are 2 in inside the dark internment in military bases the headquarters of bangladesh military. headquarters of the d.t.s. far away there are several holding. units inside the headquarters compound and their ease in the holding facility a secret prison in another part of the cantonment it's called the e.t.t. the. headquarters and there is rather one quarter in tora. near the airport so we know about these 3 secret detention facilities which are absolutely illegal not only under international law
4:54 am
but also. law and. we have named i this me a very naive question but what happens that what you know is happening to people that. well at least in case of the rabid want water in torah i actually used to live right behind it many years back it is a it is a touch of chamber and the guardian newspaper actually ran investigative report about that you know people's fingernails being plucked out i have documented cases where people were tortured with dream machines but you know our in a very cynical way there was a time when these to torture people killed them and returned those bodies to the to the families but now this simply you know dispose of the bodies and they don't even let the families know what happened to do to their loved ones so in in
4:55 am
a very cynical in a very sad really. no dead bodies are actually. worse than having dead bodies who torture marks and this is what is exactly happening in bangladesh today and people like mr goh horace the are coming coming on international channels like iran and being you know they're trying to merge us with this missile reason actually promised during that sure i was in the audience that there will be investigations and i knew that there will be no investigations he is simply you know promising something that he cannot deliver we have not because this is a policy. sort of we have this are we have not seen any investigation the 6 years and there are plenty of examples of people who were abducted and came back up
4:56 am
to 2 years up to 3 years after 15 months and they hear the secret detention sales what is happening over there and. how. binded binding their eyes and how they are doing the torture instead the cell and they really the people who are under the top in on those sales actually did even don't know where they are all the are moving from one place to the places so i can say like we have seen some loud dean who was found. other side of the border so how come one person abducted by the law enforcement is involved in talk and then he is found later on in the company. said the border. there are plenty of examples what happened and goldman should reply on the actually government the we it's average where they
4:57 am
are replying that people are hiding themselves so i'm going to hand you that story that you just told us and the excerpts we just heard from to stream as horrific as they are explain these 2 tweets that i want to share here from the hunt for those who says authoritarian regimes use lots of tools to suppress opposition voices and people the reason behind using these tools is to create a reign of terror among people so that people will think twice before raising their voices or taking part in any protest against the regime we are always scared to speak out against the regime because of this widespread use of disappearances because family members of victims are put in an adverse situation they don't know whether their relative is alive or dead and it's very painful to think about still sanjeeda it is not difficult we know for you to be able to be part of an organization that so public speaking about something like this do you face threats you and your mother. although. we are facing that the last 6 years and when
4:58 am
you started standing for the human genome started campaign for my brothers as. filing the any application or case so we have started doing the human chain in press conferences so that that comes to the original. front of them so that they can do anything and so that they can actually calibrate and inform the public what they're seeing their elected selected goldman sunday to may i ask it i'm going to show everybody little bit of the report that we did review earlier on this chair and there's a picture of you your brother is always close to you literally very good as you have a look here on my ass of everybody so you can see what i say on my laptop take a great. always close and there's a picture of your brother do you know where he is right now i still believe. he's alive. the they have ducked it and they have begun to do that. and
4:59 am
the office you have showed me does that you was taken from rab want to have had water gets to be on 2013 and the us giving they went keeping the secret so it's actually so i still believe i still believe as you feel they do you feel that he's alive he's alive and i want my brother back i want my brother back because i do only supporting the opposition party being activists for the opposition but again not be a reason to be. dummy let me share this with you again what i'm back to the statement that the government of bangladesh sent to us and they put this whole issue in context from their perspective since the 26000 terror attack on da kos holy office and bakery individuals seeking to join banned extremist organizations or who left bangladesh to join jihadist groups have been using the term and forced disappearances to conceal their actions that last sentence we let out at me your
5:00 am
response to that is what. you are a very tough act to follow. when we stumbled on the saudi arms deal the outcome of our arms deal we really started to stumble on a central feature of british politics over the last 30 years his royal highness prince bandar has been at the heart of many of the great world events of the past. i was always preached to see him when i was prime minister because he brought me extraordinary insight and bold proposal. she informed us she considers saudi arabia as a strong friend and would be willing to sit.


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