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the rest contribute to this think even more now the u.n. secretary general agrees there needs to be a full transparent investigation into casualties killing but his spokesman says until new good harish doesn't have the authority to launch it himself diplomatic editor james spader's has more from the un special rapporteur agnes cullum art says she's not happy with the progress of the saudi investigation she says one of the best courses of action would be through the un secretary general and tonio get terrorist to set up a criminal investigation that's not going to happen though just listen to his official spokes person the secretary general as we've been saying does not have the power or the authority to launch criminal investigations without a mandate from a competent into a governmental body. the special rough water is an eminent legal expert the secretary general is not a lawyer there are other lawyers who agree with her he has the power to do this what is basing this on his no one doubts.
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credentials this is from our. this is the secretary its position this is the secretary general's basis based on what the legal advice can they see the legal advice if there is legal annoys you as you know whether in any institution advice between a secretary person's lawyer. and that person is not going to be shared this is. our position based on the charter the secretary general ban is basing his decision not to act on this the u.n. charter the governing document of this organization but nowhere in here does it say anything about his powers to set up investigations it's relevant not just in this case the secretary general has said there should be an investigation into the recent tanker attacks in the gulf but again he says he doesn't have the power to set one up. let's cross over to her for more on the seas in istanbul force of
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course you know lots of reaction obviously around the globe over the khashoggi case . and indeed reaction really more so now from those very close to the victim. indeed so hale and war so for her these are junk is his fiance these are words with the 2nd of october outside of the sandy consulate here in istanbul he was supposed to meet with diplomas there with 3 of documents so that they can get married but before he went into the building he handed over his bible phones to her he said if something if i don't show up in some time then you have to talk to the turkish authorities and ever since i heard these are junkies has become the voice of the fighting global leave for his legacy to be honored by the same time wanting to see those who killed him brought to justice this listen to what she had to say well. when it comes to the comments from ship beer and other saudi officials that the
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u.n. report did not come with anything new i would like to ask them why they didn't put the perpetrators on public trial and why you didn't hold them accountable why can't the saudis be more open and provide us with details of the investigation and the so-called trial that is happening behind closed doors. what is venting her frustration of assad's government saying that the government is not really willing to come forward and give the international community and give her more details about those who are detained now in sandia rabia the proceedings which are underway the relation to the government and who gave the order to kill her found say it is the same sentiment that has been shared by the president as a player and also for minister of foreign affairs and all of us said that they welcome the findings of the inquiry but at the same time that they would like to
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see those killed. brought to justice now this is a case which is further straining relations between turkey and iran and saudi arabia the turkish government is waiting still to say whether the saudi government is willing to share more information about the whereabouts of the remains of the amount and who gave the order to kill him if that doesn't happen it could pave the way for the turkish government to move forward towards asking for an international criminal investigation indeed for the moment we'll leave it there of course and come back to when there are more developments thank you i'm sure. you're watching al-jazeera means the whole drama remind us of our top stories the u.s. says one of its military drones has been shot down in international airspace over the straits of hormuz by iranian surface to air missile but iran is disputing where the incident took place saying it violated iranian airspace in the south of the
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country. yemen's who the rebels say that they've attacked the power station in the saudi province of with a cruise missile there's been no confirmation from the white house says it's closely monitoring the situation. and a former top military official in turkey. along with 4 others has been given long life sentences for the attempted coup in 2016 they were among 200 people hearing their fate in court for their roles in trying to overthrow the government let's cross over to mehmet silica he's the managing editor of the daily subban newspaper and joins you know from istanbul were the length of these. verdicts the convictions expected in this sort of manner. i mean to comment on. her usual. approach to. it when it comes to get out of their own occupation. actually it's probably that.
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article. who has had time to lie. are our future and we should believe that. the current theory. on that night some of the actual masterminds like. i think. the fact that there are actually the caliber bullet charts i think. to my core. actually. i'm not attracted to. read.
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at a democratic show. ok we're just filler we're going to end it there because we just got really bad skype connection or we're trying to come back to you later on in the program or so he got the gist of what you have to say about those convictions in court thank you very much. denuclearization is expected to top the agenda as chinese presently jingping meet with north korean counterparts in pyongyang now their meeting comes just days before she holds talks with the u.s. president amid an escalating trade war let's turn our correspondent from china into a brown who's in beijing it's a significant visit really isn't a dream considering both countries have a very tense scenario ongoing with the u.s. and one that both would like to resolve in some shape or form. yes a very timely visit indeed so and president xi jinping is being feted in north korea
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he arrived early on thursday morning he received a 21 gun salute at the airport he was met not just by kim jong un and his wife but also by the entire north korean leadership apparently according to the shin one news agency some 10000 people lined the road from the airport into the capital with people waving bouquets there were banners saying things like the friendship between china and north korea was built on blood that of course being a reference to the war busy that china north korea fought against u.s. forces almost 70 years ago president xi jinping is in north korea because not just because it's 70 years since the 2 countries are stablished diplomatic relations but because he's concerned that the talks between president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un to try to persuade kim to give up his nuclear weapons are going nowhere those talks are stalled so in
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a sense both kim and also president xi could be beneficiaries of this meeting because if president xi jinping is able to demonstrate he has a constructive role in trying to persuade kim to give more concessions to president donald trump then president donald trump in turn might offer president xi jinping some goodwill in there so far unresolved trade disputes so there is an awful lot at stake here now just 2 years ago of course so president xi jinping was being portrayed as a lackey of the united states by the north korean media now of course the north korean media are praising president xi jinping and this new era of friendship between china and north korea and indeed president xi jinping before he boarded his aircraft from beijing on thursday spoke about the irreplaceable bond between china and north korea so i think if there is a message coming out. out of this visit it's yes china and north korea have fallen
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out their relationship is occasionally rocky but right now that relationship is very solid and that is a message i think they want to deliver to president donald trump indeed be interesting to see what they do say later on in the day as well adrian will join you for that as well if your brother in beijing. a group of protesters in hong kong including pro-democracy politicians are demanding to hold direct talks with the city's leader. but you. representatives from several teacher parent and artistic groups say they will wait for lam outside her office until friday that's when many demonstrators are planning to surround the government headquarters again over controversial amendments so the extradition rule . dozens of people have been killed during an attack at a military camp along the democratic republic of congo's border with ukraine and at lake albert thousands of protesters in a to re province against the increasing ethnic violence at least 460 people have been killed and more than 300000 displaced tensions between the lender and hammer
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tribes seem to be spurring on the conflict the united nations fears many more people resort to seeking refuge in uganda that sort of correspond. calbert in uganda force for more on this story let's just begin with. what's happening where you are right know. politically people from the 1st arrived there i went and they'd you had me there waiting for a truck from the u.n. to take them to a refugee equipment when we got here a few hours ago a both were coming in carrying a family with mother father and love for small children the other thing that they've been age was attacked a few days ago and they've been walking the gate to get to the shore of the lake albert when they got to lake albert they were hiking in and around the area they had to hide in the bush for a few more days when they felt it with they if they emerged got onto a boat and crossed lake albert here into ghana it took them 4 hours to get here we've been shown pictures of people the villian 3 were killed in the d.r.
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the and the bodies were hacked by machetes some of those bodies included people wearing. uniforms for example a sign that the conflict is intensifying aid workers say on average they get about 200 people a day coming here yes sometimes of 304-0500 but they say that this might have been the monthly fee in the most number of people crossing into uganda and they gave a very worried about what's happening in their health and of course a conflict like this isn't just a simple conflict about ethnicity it also involves geography religion culture food resources. what your gaining information there you know what do you think the reasons are for this particular outburst of violence in recent weeks. well it's important to know that this is not a new conflict this is being going on this into a fake conflicts has been going on for a couple of decades out on the north so some people say sweetie and your friend
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tries competing over land and housing for example but some others say it's a lot more complicated than that this area has a lot of resources a stinking nation some powerful politicians some powerful generals some people in the international community are trying to destabilize the d.-r. sea and the region because they want things like gold oil and gas all those facts as complicated as this conflict the sad thing of course is that the people who are suffering the most are the poor people running away from the villages that are being burnt left right and center one worrying thing some people telling us that even when they get to the lake albert on the shore before they cross here to uganda they say some militia groups are patrolling that area stopping people from getting on to boats and coming on which makes the journey from the d.r. he began that much much more treacherous and days for those trying to get away from the conflict to hell for the moment to relieve come back to you through the day thank you now one of president donald trump's 2016 campaign promises was to build
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a wall on the southern border these plans are being challenged in court later the trial declared a national emergency in february after congress refused to fund the project this construction them from small is temporarily halted supporters are carrying out the president's plans as high jocasta reports. the u.s. government was taking too long and they were tired of waiting this stretch of border wall just under a kilometer in length was built by private american citizens this was not about. race it was all about. illegal immigration we want you to leave the front door for the benefit of the you are. the reason either that or built on private land a grassroots conservative group raised more than $20000000.00 to fund construction they say they have president trump's blessing a solution to his administration's stalled efforts to use military money to build the wall we don't believe that the wall works but the private wall built by far
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right conservatives who came from across the u.s. lack support from the local community where it is built leaders of some one park new mexico say the construction process may even have been illegal they're hypocrites they talk about coming in here illegally when they're breaking every law every will they can where now on the other side of the wall on mexican territory this line in the cement is the actual international boundary and as you can see the wall is built well into the u.s. side so a migrant only needs to step over this line to make an asylum claim and the wall would not physically stop them from doing that but the wall is a psychological barrier assigned to robert will they he's not welcome we found the father of 3 at a shelter in what is mexico he's an electrician who fled civil war in the congo traveling 3 months to make it this far so we didn't miss we go to our conditions is
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not good where we get is for that way we are looking for a good place he's number 139951 the list of asylum seekers waiting for a turn to enter the u.s. legally at the nearby port of entry bridge. even as u.s. forces display their might in practice drills intimidating to asylum seekers says that is the place he wants to cross. he still working here. is it difficult for you to wait here. he says he wants a chance to prove to the u.s. that he respects the country's laws whether a wall guards it or not heidi joe castro al-jazeera on the u.s. mexican border. an art exhibition has opened in india's capital showcasing work by underprivileged children but some were trafficked or rescued from the streets and
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are now living in a shelter the project is teaching them how to paint and skills for the future to see around us. in this gallery in new delhi the excitement is palpable as bonding artists show off their latest work. again i say this here is a canvas we were given for topics to paint some of draw on a tree and animal or a building is everything on here. the students have been taught over the past year by local artist make a modern. day all the children and i have come here to show our work this is my painting i did it myself the exhibitions part of a fellowship by outreach and organization bringing up to vulnerable children makers help them explore various techniques and discover their creativity the meaning is that it lets them express you know there are going to do more than one thing to express as well so through art and through all these different mediums they would
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all just blurt out something they also don't even know that they have it in their own or probably they're just suffering with something they don't know how go back and. all the children live in a shelter which i'm to provide not just a roof over their heads but a home for those who escaped abuse lived on the streets been trafficked or forced to work. brianna was just 10 years old when she was rescued while working as a maid she doesn't know where her parents are and says relaxes her big day of the bed if i sit in one place comfortably then i can paint and i can make so many new things from my imagination so many here are provides an escape from experiences no child should have to go through. sometimes when i get bored then i enjoy painting when i get angry drawing helps me to calm down. the young artists
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are now not only more skilled they're more confident and in a society where they're often judged because of where they come from their work shows us their view of the world and how they see themselves brian al-jazeera. deservedly so rob a reminder of our top stories the u.s. military drone has been shot down by iran's revolutionary guard and what it says is a clear message to washington but the 2 countries are disputing exactly where it happened the u.s. says a surface to air missile was fired at a drone in international airspace over the strait of hormuz it's believed the drone was being used for high altitude surveillance but iran says the incident took place within its territory the revolutionary guards as it incepted it when it violated iranian airspace in the home province one of the key players in the 26.
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in turkey along with 4 other leading figures has been given a long life sentence former top military officials can work is when 200 people hearing their fate in court for their role in a coup against the government in 2016 hundreds ability personnel unsuccessfully tried to take control of the country. yemen sooty rebels say they've attacked our station in saudi province of design with a cruise missile there's been no confirmation from riyadh u.s. president donald trump has been briefed on the details of the strike on the white house says that it's closely monitoring the situation denuclearization is expected to top the agenda as chinese president xi jinping meets with north korean counterpart in pyongyang that meeting comes just days before she holds talks with the u.s. president trump amid an escalating trade war is the leaders 5th meeting since last march but their 1st on north korean soil those were the headlines about more news in half an hour here on the other stories cross on our web site at al-jazeera dot
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com the stream is next. al-jazeera. problems besides the instability is corruption we listen. to the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter just 0. and here in the stream how did an american missionary conduct medical work and uganda without any qualifications we discuss with our panelists whether some western volunteers are doing more harm than good in the developing world. the stream of course is driven by you our online community and today show and the story of her in a box was in fact pitched to us by mr both. and
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he said. freedom foundation that your you are. in a box traveled to uganda in 2007 when she was just 18 years old and founded serving his children a nonprofit organization she said what helped you bond in women care for ill and malnourished kids critics though say baku had no experience in either development work or about a set of perform complicated medical procedures on hundreds of youths in 2015 ugandan authorities closed the group's facility in the town of jinja amid allegations of medical malpractise but the organization still operates in other parts of the country and box case has again highlighted the issue of voluntourism while raising questions of whether some charities in the developing world have a white savior problem kelsey neilson calls herself
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a white savior in recovery like rene she traveled to uganda at the young age and shared her story with us. i had co-founded this n.g. with another young american woman both of us were fresh out of undergraduate school and we both came from an evangelical background and had access to funding from our churches and from people in the church community so it was not that we were more qualified or that we were actually the best to be in charge or to be co-founding this but because we had the power and privilege to do so if there's anything that we as foreign nationals need to do moving forward it is to remain accountable to the people in the country in culture is we're working in we need to be held accountable we need to own up when we make mistakes and we need to commit to doing better a lawsuit brought against serving his children has been adjourned until january 2020 and joining us now from kampala to help on pack the story a lasso
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a livia patients is the co-founder of the education advocacy group no white savior also in kampala beatrice is a legal officer with the women's pro bono initiative a group working on behalf of 2 ugandan mothers who say their children were among the many reportedly died under box care and in the u.s. state of illinois dr noel sullivan is a medical anthropologist now the stream did invite serving his children to participate in this conversation but the group said quote we are not commenting or responding to questions so welcome everyone to the program i'll start here with the had lied this from the news and then an ex an ordinary girl who said yes to an extraordinary god bedford native finds home in uganda and this came out september 26 2718 olivia for those who aren't familiar with this story what stands out to you the most about renee backstory.
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i think thank you very much what stands out on this story is the fact that someone with no medical qualification would come to a country like uganda and treat our children and then relate to being a call from god this is soul dangerous and it is happening in india and in the missionary a wild as well it is it is all about god it is god who seeks people to africa and most of the time i ask myself this question when is god going to send african people to america only part of europe to go on this lucian's of this torrent is really striking to me because this woman knew very well she had no medical qualifications but should tell the ugandan children into. buddies to experimenting on she did. she much as she is always saying the she sure wanted good for these
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children she would have god's sure ainda medical doctors to handle these huge rent but even the fact that she was seeing them die she was not stopping she was not stopping to do all this so this is sussed sure i king in my mind it gives me so many question. on why people who come to africa really take africans floor and also what comes to my mind is the people have ticket africa to be an experimental ground what you can come and do anything and walk away. without anyone holding you accountable this is a woman who is sitting really in the united states after committing such such things on our children but come to think of it if it was a black woman who went to the us or any part of europe and did this they'll be in jail right now but because of the white privilege that this woman. just
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feel that whatever she did was right and that well it shouldn't. be a strong start to this conversation so i want to bring in the voice. another publication here and this is of renee who of course did not respond to our calls to appear on the show and speak for herself so this is a quote and what she says the allegations that over a 1000 children died under my care is absolute lies and allegations i can't rule out the fact that children died like they do die and anyhow facility but still it's not true to say that i killed them so much right there beatrice what do we know about. her patients and alleged victim. thank you so much. writes no. i didn't find.
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you. particularly the fact that. rainey. she did big to get me. to where people can go and get. people my kids. will train or my family. maybe. we. will we hug them. identify. them.
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you know it's interesting we have so many comments about this issue it's obviously something people are very passionate about in fact on you tube live we have i think abt nick saying there are a lot of well meaning white folks in aid but aid keeps countries poor and it's always funny how t.v. commercials tell you a country's poor but never mention why it's poor or colonialism and if i may dr know well i want to actually bring up a conversation that people are having online h.g. flores trying to empathize perhaps with renee saying i believe the issue may be twofold rene bach may be guilty of practicing healthcare without a license and as such could be responsible for the unintended consequences number 2 of the group no white saviors are using this case to push the narrative of white people only hurt black people and forgive me for bringing this last week in but it's interesting to see the response like it's speaks volumes that you try to tone
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down what renee did hundreds of kids are dead and you're treating it like a mistake. dr no i'm curious for your thoughts both on the idea of colonialism and how that might factor into the emotionality of this but also that debate that played out right there. so this is sort of indicative of the kinds of discourses that happen every time white savior complex is brought up in the media we've had a lot of really good examples of that over the last year and ultimately it ends up being a case where it's about people's emotional experience of feeling like they're getting critiqued for power dynamics that they are complicit in but don't necessarily see how they're complicit in and so in terms of colonialism for instance to respond to what was said that's very much a case of what's going on today in that a lot of the governments that are supporting different types of aid strategies they're supporting things like hiv or malaria reproductive health but they're never
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actually accountable to the people they're helping the people that are being helped don't have a say in the kinds of help that is being rendered and a lot of that aid has ended up undermining the health systems and education systems that they're purporting to assist and the same is true of the ngo world so it's a very valid critique in that the people that are supposed to be helped are not the people who get to have a real true say in terms of what kind of help is rendered and there's very little possibility to render accountability for any kinds of unintended consequences for the actions of large development organizations as well as individuals there's nothing new about people with no medical training going from the united states or canada or australia or other countries in europe or elsewhere even to go and help in hospitals or to go start their own clinics this is something that i've been researching since 2011 and it's very common and there's a sense that the people that are going are sort of socialized from an early age to
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think i'm supposed to give back i am supposed to help it's my obligation but also later it's my right to do that and then they go and oftentimes if they're working side by side with. professional so. if i professionals in the countries where they're working they often under that expertise that the people had in order to construct a narrative in which they're the only ones available to help and we see that very clearly in rene's case as well that other people weren't helping they didn't have the ability to help so i stepped in even though i don't have those certifications so the idea of constructing a narrative of course is one that strikes a chord online before i dip into some of that we received a comment from a former employee of serving his children and he told the stream about the alleged practices happened under rene box watch so have a look by the time i was i started walking back to talking used to drain the some duct as we are trying to. pluck shouldn't to prescribe scene but
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searing new used to go ahead and con so what the doctors are prescribed. because one at one point approach one of the book does look to you but one. told me that you know you. have a much easier on your own deal for the right so to say but it would mean for them to go ahead and prescribe meds scene then for us you console is on. that looked as well to say the country. and for his safety and because he lives there he asked us not to show his face so he recorded that we use the audio from it so in it he says that rene would counsel what local doctors would prescribe and when other doctors were asked about this they said well our boss is a boss she's the boss what are you going to do so take a look here this via instagram good white her.


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