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ssion some don't want exposed. was a lot of work from all blogs get their own. al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre coming soon nobody rivals or somebody's gun sometimes even. an unprecedented weather event that's affected one point seven million people most big zimbabwe and malawi declare national emergencies on to cycler. on the dow i have a cigar and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the british prime minister is expected to request a delay to praxis but the e.u. says the has to be a good reason as it would be costly and prolong the uncertainty plus. he is
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a terrorist he's a criminal he's an extremist but he will when i speak the name of new zealand's prime minister promises justice to the fifty victims of the christ church mosque. and bowing under more scrutiny over the safety of its seven three seven marks eight jets jets this time from the u.s. justice department. we begin with what's being described as the worst weather disaster to ever hit the southern hemisphere one point seven million people are estimated to have been affected by cyclists die in mozambique the sole first at the coastal port of bahrain last week bringing winds of up to one hundred seventy kilometers per hour and huge sea swells which flooded the city eighty four people and known to have
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died in mozambique but authorities say more than a thousand people may have been killed so i can eat i has also destroyed parts of neighboring malawi officials fear at least fifty six people have died there with nine hundred twenty thousand affected the storms ravaged areas in zimbabwe to the official number of dead there is ninety eight and more than two hundred missing all three countries have to national emergencies mark where passed the latest from bera in central most on peak. the advice people get in some places is the curfew in others they were ordered to evacuate. a lot of people didn't know the people weren't able to follow up because of course a lot of people around here don't have many resources to relocate when something like a cycling comes the moment we haven't heard any further warnings but if there is more rain of course it's only going to make things more difficult here among the worst affected regions right now it really district which is towards the coast the
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cyclon hit the coastal city of barrier but the problem is just of there now suffering very bad floods of all of the rain that fell here following the cycle is now right on through the country into that area and in that place then people stuck on the views of house is also stuck in trees away think rescued by helicopters if it's available mozambique does have some assistance from neighboring south africa to buy into the military and humanitarian assistance happen as an area of fifty square kilometers in that district is completely submerged in water a lot of people waiting for some kind of help when in isolated parts of zimbabwe those injured during the storm a struggling to get help. in the eastern district of timony money which was completely cost soft voice like they need i. some of the patients affected by the floods in china money are now being flown to this makeshift health center where
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they are being seen by medical staff and this is one of them this patient from what we see commits injuries he has less aeration his face arms and legs he's complaining that he may have a broken wing that's why they're trying to fix it temporarily until he can get to a proper medical facility and get treated to properly others are going to be brought to have been brought to these tents you see here they will be seen by aid workers aid staff nurses doctors who are on the ground who travel some of them for days because the roads were so bad to get here these are the people who managed to leave their villages when the floods came in crushed their homes they walked some of them for hours in a waves and waves of water mud and sludge to rita's facility this is the first time they're going to be seen by medical staff since friday when the floods actually poured in the ones who are seriously injured are we are told that the injuries are because when the floods came all of a sudden they crushed their homes or some were crushed underneath the rubble and
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then others were pushed back several meters when the water flooded in so they're the ones who are more serious they'll be treated to as soon as possible the problem is we've been told many many people are still stuck in stranded out there where it's hard for people to access because most of the roads have been damaged have been destroyed and people can access them the only way is through helicopters it depends on the weather of course the weather software has been relatively ok some choppers have been flying back and forth bringing people in art but right now there is no way of knowing how many people need help right now and of course how many people have been killed by the flash floods. be a use chief rex it negotiator says britain will only be allowed to delay its departure from the e.u. if it increases the chances of the withdrawal deal is ratified by the u.k. parliament the british prime minister is expected to ask the e.u. for an extension but least three months to reason mazed of austria has already been
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rejected twice by m.p.'s. if prime minister may requests such an extension before the open accounts are on thursday it will be for the twenty seven leaders to assess the reason and the usefulness for an extension e.u. leaders will need a concrete plan for the u.k. in order to able to be able to make an informed decision and the questions will be does an extension increase the chances for the ratification of the we do our agreement. there is hold up of how many can join us live now from brussels the whole debate you not going to automatically agree. to a delay. yes absolutely actually michel back again says that there's a lot of uncertainty now facing everyone involved he did say that voting for
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a no deal does not mean that that will happen and he also did say that asking for an extension doesn't mean that that would be granted either as you heard him there he was saying we need to know what is this extension for and what will change for any vote meaningful vote to happen next time around in case of a short short extension is us and then if a long extension is under the table then what will happen during that time window when we talk about long delay we're talking about something up to two years possibly so what will happen during those two years will do there be any significant change to the political process in the u.k. so there's a lot of questions on answered the e.u. seems to be frustrated we heard in the past we should ban is saying we heard from terrorism a what she doesn't want but we never really understand what she needs to make this
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withdrawal agreement be ratified by the house of commons now she hasn't yet formally for that extension that should be happening maybe or probably head of the e.u. summit which is later this week but i think before they take did their decision the twenty seven other countries they have to reach a unanimous position before they do that they want to hear from to resume and they want to hear. what will change and what is her plan and what the she had have in mind at the time he said money was very clear and actually also the head of the e.u. council said it earlier too that there at the end of the day yes they want to make sure that there is this divorce happens in the most friendly way possible but the e.u. at the end of the day has to look at this own interest and all of these delays and all of these uncertainties. point will go against the interest of the e.u. so it's a very difficult situation at the moment and you do feel that at certain here in
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brussels at least they are waiting to hear and to hear if there's something new and a table in brussels. been following developments in westminster. will to reason is right singh has written is in the process of writing to the head of the european council and just asking for an extension to our school fifty and a delay to bricks and clearly she's working on the assumption that that's going to be granted on some level but a lot of the music now coming out of brussels is to say why should we do it you can't tell us what you'll tentative plan is and certainly the french among others are suggesting they might not grant an extension asshole now just to extrapolate that that would mean that after the e.u. summit at the end of this week there would be one week left until the supposed bricks it dates of march twenty ninth to reason may would then have to come back as a parliament here and say this is your last chance about an ideal but even if she
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says that the ultra hard poll bricks it says will not vote for her because they would say more want to do that because we're out with no deal at the end of this week and that's what we've always wanted so if you assume then that even if she tried to bring a vote back the third time she would lose it's then the u.k. is staring down the barrel of either no deal crushing out with all the turbulence and economic damage that would pose or to resume a having to face the choice of abandoning bricks it's an revoking article fifty that would split the conservative party the government in half and probably would collapse the government so the decision of the european union is about to make is absolutely critical for the democracy of the united kingdom the future economy of the united kingdom all these things now are absolutely at a critical moment. i phone says has not accepted the resignation of a french cardinal who was convicted of failing to report sexual abuse on a geisha it's fairly bubble trouble to write to present his resignation to the pope
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after being found guilty of covering up sexual abuse committed by priests a statement by the church and leo says the pipe rejected the resignation on the basis of the presumption of innocence cardinal bob brown is planning to appeal against his conviction well father robert goal is a professor at the pontifical university of the holy cross he says this case could set a new precedent so judicial experts are watching this case very closely because if it is the case that he is found eventually guilty even after the appeal this would create new precedent under french law that someone would be required legally to report a crime whose that is already expired under the statute of limitations and this new precedent would be such that anyone anywhere would be legally were criers to report any crime including those that took place a long time ago that it starts or limitation has already run out because that is exactly what colonel barbary barberin has been held responsible for he's been convicted for despite the fact that the prosecutors themselves twice thought that
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he should be acquitted. still ahead so on the program in algeria webber test to see the president may extend his term in office despite vowing not to run in the next election and bonded together by grief powerfully infighting in mammal has brought this group of female range of refugees closer together. out of the stormy weather is eased a little bit in northern europe it's moving slowly eastwards so currently the center retold is in the baltic and this is a front on wraps around it disappears into the western side of the mediterranean where it produces showers and quite active weather that behind it so relatively quiet and warming up quite nicely once while temps are to twelve in berlin even stockholm's come up six degrees about some you get to say they are seeing that come
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up a little bit more as well the coldish are disappearing eastwards giving some snow in the western side of russia barely has warmed up a little bit back up to disappointing but sunny sixteen in athens so all the actions for the west might well catch the bally oregon's the southeastern part of the spine so to catch parts of north africa so off to morocco you're enjoying the sunshine a twenty one if your knowledge area particularly in the north or in tunisia is going to be windy cloudy and for some time wet as well it's warmer in these inside libya middle twenty's much the same as in the old egypt as well and the position if anything on thursday gets more disappointing was almost all of two newsier least the north covered in cloud of potential rain on shore breeze of forty in the capital and i'll just his coat is still a twelve degrees still go back to morocco and still enjoy the sunshine is only twenty there in about.
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against the odds and in light of the devastating loss of their loved ones and their homes women from crucial have shown enormous resilience fighting against the odds to keep going in the absence of their beloved brothers. twenty two the cost of al-jazeera while tells the story of female courage in the village the last of the. women of crucial on al-jazeera. and again undermines at the top stories here on al-jazeera two point six million people are estimated to have been affected by cycling which is torn across
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mozambique malawi and zimbabwe it's being described as the worst weather disaster to ever hit southern hemisphere. be used teeth bricks at negotiator michel barnier says an extension of britain's departure from the e.u. will only happen if it increases the chances of the already agreed with food deal being ratified by burson agreement has been rejected by u.k. and pays twice already. government protests in algeria have called on the army to not interfere in their movement the changes they take to the streets of algiers again to the mall president or to sick of resign immediately. the bodies of some of the victims of the christ church mosque toxic being returned to their families in with us palm tree speech since the mass shooting easiness prime minister jacinta all done promise justice for the fifty victims and vowed never to acknowledge the gunman by name one hey how small christchurch. after friday's attack in
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christchurch this sitting of parliament was not about politics in a rare move the floor of the debating chamber was given over to people from outside parliament they were religious leaders who came together to offer condolences and prayers for the victims. we ask you to grant patience and hall to all the family members affected by this tragedy. or lot we ask you to protect new zealand and the whole was from such calamities i mean in an emotional speech the prime minister urged new zealanders to support the muslim community of memory and she spoke of the man alleged to have inflicted so much pain on that community but refused to speak his name he saw many things from his act of terror but one
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was no shariah. and this is why you will never hear me mention his name he is a terrorist he is a criminal he is an extremist but he will when i speak be nameless and to others i implore you speak the names of those who were lost rather than the name of the man who took them. he may have sought notoriety but we and new zealand will give him nothing. the l nor mosque where the first attack took place is still cordoned off a forensic examination is coming to an end and the focus is turning to cleaning before worshipers are allowed back in there's been some frustration expressed by family members of those killed about delays in having bodies returned for burial but that process is now under way and for now the area behind the cordon remains a crime scene but it's believed that in the next few days both mosques will reopen . that will be a difficult time for people like. who came to new zealand from south africa twelve
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years ago he used to pray at the el nor mosque but at the moment this is as close as he can get all of the people in the most state and prays this. welcome guest to new zealand and most of him so there's we are all places all forced to eat. so it's he said. that's an emotion that will be around for a long time yet as the people here struggle to come to terms with the terror that came to this city wayne hay al jazeera christchurch. thomas can join us now live from christ church in new zealand and andrew bring us up to date with the laces swats actually happening where you are right now. we're five days on from the attacks and you can see people are still coming in like flowers at the memorials the al gore mosque that one talks about his report there which is behind me down dean's avenue that remains closed is not expected to reopen until friday but lin
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wood mosque the second one that was attacked last friday that should reopen late on wednesday tsai progress there in terms of people still in hospital there are still thirty people in hospital nine of him remain in a critical condition and one talked about the relative the families in his report there as well on the frustration for the families is that bodies have still not been released of the fifty people killed just six bodies have been released by the authorities to their families so far further six have been identified and are if you like available for the families to bury as and when they see fit but that still leaves what thirty eight bodies that are not officially released and the reason the authorities are saying is no they haven't done all top cities but they haven't completed formal identification on those people to the satisfaction of the car enough and without going into graphic details that does suggest that the way in which the bodies ah and were left in the book murder means that they're not very
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easy to identify so very distressing for the families and the families who really wanted to bury their relatives as soon as possible over the weekend still here on wednesday on table to do so so some frustration that you see this prime minister will be back in christchurch again on wednesday she'll be going to a couple of different memorial events and hosting a press conference later in the day and overall we are seeing people generally respect her. opinion that the name of the killer will the suspected killer should shouldn't be spoken. you know she's taken quite a lot of strong line about basically not acknowledging his name just calling him the gunman she's also being quite strong on the issue of but facebook video that was posted by the gunman and streamed live. she has and that the big tech companies the likes of facebook google twitter all the big brand names if you like well they have been criticized of course but they are saying that they have now taken out every single iteration of that video and if
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they see one pop up they take it straight down again other websites have not been quite as fast and they're coming under criticism a lot of criticism though here of turkey's president or is it because he's campaigning in turkey and he's showing excerpts excerpts of that video at his campaign rallies to essentially with pop the feeling that islam is under attack and to get his supporters to vote for him there's been a lot of criticism of the way that he's doing that on the one hand you've got a video that these ilands prime minister is asking people telling people not to share in fact you said very explicitly that it's illegal to share this video and if you do you might end up in jail some one man here is in custody right now accused of doing that and on the other hand you have another world leader showing it at his campaign rally so a lot of disquiet discomfort about that here certainly in christchurch thank you. the protests in algeria show no sign of ending with medical students and doctors demanding president abdullah sees beautifully resign immediately they're also
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calling on the military not to intervene in their movement and to respect the constitution has more details. her choose the marks the anniversary of the r.g.b. war of independence. this year it's coincided with unprecedented calls for change thousands including university students and medical doctors have joined the protests in the capital of jews calling on president of the isis but a few buttons on her the word change which for weeks was the exclusive demand of the protesters is now being used by their leaders to rule but while the protesters want to change the entire ruling class their leaders are talking about changing the constitution. according to state media president put a flipper has announced that an all inclusive national conference will be held soon what people can decide on a new constitution to throw a referendum senior algerian diplomat lot about
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a brahimi who is likely to be assigned a role in the political process weighed in by stressing the arrogant nature of the national dialogue. in an interview with the national radio he said there was a deadlock in the situation and desisted the demand for change is in his words totally legitimate comprehensible and expected. and circuses. to those who present themselves as the spokespeople of the street to those who say we need immediate change in our leader should go i say very well let us go but we have to organize it we can't just throw the keys and walk away to escape it's impossible and i've said it several times before in iraq they are left at once and look what happened after that. the head of the army also spoke out. the algerian people have proved to enjoy a supreme sense of civilization and nationalism it denotes a deep popular awareness that has amazed the entire world in light of this
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awareness of the sacredness of the nation its security and stability i now read knew my previous engagement before god the people in history to ensure the continuation of the rule of the national army as an impregnable fortress protecting our people in our nation in any imaginable circumstance. but a large section of the political opposition says official statements fall short of the mock and thirteen independent unions have refused to back the newly appointed prime minister's efforts to form a government risking further political economist in the weeks to come. that canada has announced it will ground all its spending seven three seven marks eight planes until july it comes off of the same model crashed in ethiopia earlier this month killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board prosecutors in the us are looking into how the plane type was cleared by america's aviation regulator
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a subpoena for information on the jet's developments has been issued by a federal grand jury gabriel and is on the has more from washington d.c. . boeing is said that they're going to be issuing a software update to a particular system within the boeing seven thirty seven max a lot of investigators here in the u.s. are looking at why if the problem was just a software upgrade did it take so long for it to the company to realize this this is a seven thirty seven max has very big engines for the size of the planes what boeing did is they moved the engines forward on the plane just a little bit and that causes the nose of the plane to go up just a little bit and so the company inserted. it's called m. cas maneuvering characteristics augmentation system it's fancy words for this computer system that would then bring the nose of the plane down the working theory is that is the system that perhaps failed at that might have led to the crash of
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the ethiopian airlines flight three zero two and the lion air flight six ten that is what boeing says that they are going to be issuing an update to is that particular computer system there in the flight data recorder that was taken from the ethiopian airlines plane was sent to france the french authorities downloaded the data and apparently sent it back to ethiopia where the officials there are now going through that data it's going to be key to figure out what the two pilots on the ethiopian airways. flight were saying in the moments before the plane crashed that's what investigators are going to want to know and that will be a key element in this investigation to figure out why that plane went down donald trump says he's strongly considering nato membership for brazil as he welcomed its leader to the white house. at the u.s. president talks in washington d.c. his first trip abroad since taking office in january also said he supported
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brazil's efforts to join the organization for economic co-operation and development tool o.e.c.d. secrete of the most advanced economies. the president of cause excel as announced his resignation after nearly thirty years in power no sultan as a buy at the central asian countries since independence from the save the union in one thousand nine hundred one head of the senate will carry out the presidential g. she's until a replacement is found. in min ma and i think buddhist leader has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for treason imo was charged over a speech he gave in twenty eight seen in it he called for an armed struggle against the government in response to the marginalization of the ethnic rakhine population a day later fighting began and seven people were killed among is the former chairman of the national party known for its hardline views against minority rangar muslims well the for the first time ever a female refugee has addressed the un human rights council i made
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a cartoon represented a group of women who first began meeting in the refugee camps of cox's bazaar in bangladesh brought together by their trauma shanti mahila which means peace women in the wrangle language a much more than just a support group stephanie decker has been meeting some of the members in cox's bazaar to find out more about their work none of these women knew each other before they fled me and a year and a half ago now each of them is forever a connected through grief. we've not identified the women at their request there is are horrific stories. that they would. tell our fathers and brothers were shot our sisters and mothers raped our little children were cut into pieces and thrown into the fire he just grabbed our children out of our arms. but they say they don't want to be seen as victims they are telling their personal stories to raise awareness what they want is justice i who am i but i'm now going
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to have you know they are who are going to be killed my husband and my son and they raped my daughter in front of me why did they humiliate us why did they cut my husband and son into pieces but the group known as shanti submitted a formal request to the international criminal court in may of last year for an investigation into allegations of genocide persecution the court is now conducting a preliminary examination into the case of the ringer it could lead to an official investigation the women are being supported by a legal and we represent them in various forums such as the international criminal court and should other accountability mechanisms arise then we will also support them in accessing justice through those who are it's difficult to comprehend what these women have been through difficult to imagine what goes through their mind but their public message is clear they're not victims they're not refugees but human
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beings who deserve and demand justice stephanie decker al-jazeera in cox's bazar of southeastern bangladesh and of course you can find out much more about that story and everything else we're covering by going to our website address is dot com out zero dot com for the latest news and. undermind of headlines on al-jazeera two point six million people are estimated to have been affected by cycling a die which is torn across mozambique malawi and zimbabwe two hundred people are known to have died in mozambique while officials in malawi say at least fifty six people have died there is a bar where the number of dead is put us ninety eight so i can eat i is being described as the worst weather disaster to ever hit the southern hemisphere the
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news chief rex at negotiator says britain will only be allowed to delay its departure from the e.u. if it increases the chances of the withdrawal deal being ratified by the u.k. parliament the british prime minister is expected to ask the e.u. for an extension of at least three months threes amazed it all still has already been rejected twice by m.p.'s the prime minister may requests such an extension before you bring a cancer unserved do it really before the twenty seven leaders do us this the reason and the usefulness for an extension you really do really need a concrete brown for the u.k. in order to able to be able to make an informed decision and the question will be those an extension increase the chances for director. of the review agreement pope francis has not accepted the resignation of
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a french cardinal who was convicted of failing to report sexual abuse allegations that he travel to rome to present his resignation to the pope after being found guilty of covering up sexual abuse committed by a priest the statement by the church in the all says rejected the resignation on the basis of the presumption of innocence. anti-government protesters in algeria have called on the army to play its constitutional role without interfering in their movement for change thousands of demonstrators have been protesting on the streets of the capital june is calling for president abdelaziz bouteflika to step down immediately ficus says he's not seeking a fifth term in power but protesters fear he will extend his current role. america the latest headlines here on al-jazeera there's more news for you in twenty five minutes time stay with us the stream is next.
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for me ok and i'm really good we are in the stream today people power in algeria we will ask how popular movement for political reform is changing the country are you in algeria what changes do you want to see but it's now live via twitter or in our you tube shop. there i'm a reporter i'm a little civil and you are in the stream. protesters in algeria are saying enough is enough for weeks young algerians have been leading a movement against president abdelaziz bouteflika who has ruled the country for
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twenty years into the pressure of protesters last week beautifully reversed his decision to run for a fifth term in office.


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