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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2019 11:00am-11:33am +03

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thousands of feared dead and most. horrifying damage and more rain is expected. is a criminal. when i speak. new zealand's prime minister to give any notoriety to the attack and. under investigation u.s. federal prosecutors launch an inquiry into the development of the ball in seven
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three seven max. crashes and five. leaders across southern africa have declared national disasters in the wake of. more than eighty people are confirmed dead in mozambique but the president says that number could be as high as a thousand the storm brought down homes and trees and cut off communities then moved on to zimbabwe and caused more deaths and destruction farm in the middle has more now from beta as one of the hardest hit areas and. the situation here appears to be becoming increasingly difficult just behind us as you can see power lines are down in this particular street but that is the picture across the city there's also
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no communication we're using a satellite phone to communicate with people here we don't have that luxury and that's what adding to a some of the difficulties that people here are facing so far the government has said that sixty eight people were killed during that cycle in the days after but it's expected that figure will rise because there is there's no communication people aren't able to call for help will determine where missing people are all just also the extent of the devastation and aid agencies is that just one of the biggest challenges apart from accessing areas especially rural areas in low lying areas where floodwaters are continuing to rise apart from having difficulty in accessing those areas they simply can't determine just how bad the devastation is an aid agencies that have been able to fly overhead say that the floodwaters are of very high that entire villages have been swept away now here in bear away the thin
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true hospital is that services the city of half a million people the roof of that hospital was torn torn away during that cycle own and that hospital also is running out of medicine now the government is holding a meeting in a para at some point during the course of the day to to work out what to do with people who are also disappointed they were told to evacuate before the cycling but the question for them was where do we go and they have a number of grievances with the government and just how it's dealing with this disaster so far and what happens next given the scale of devastation let's get more on it are now on the trolley just kevin corriveau is joining us bad news with move rain forecast for the areas kevin that's right it is rainy season so we. the remnants of the storm over the area and the ground is already saturated so this is not good news for the recovery relief efforts that need to go in that area and the flooding is going to continue or stay high across much of that region i want to
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show you what's been going on right now take a look at the satellite image this is about twenty as it's about forty hours behind i want to put this into motion and show you what we're looking at right now as the storm system you can see those clouds they dissipate a little bit but they increase again they do form so this is the big problem with what this region is dealing with now you notice pira is right on the edge of where they have us rain is most of the heavy rain is up here to the north but i want to go back in time and show you what this storm has done and why it has been so significant across the region of course we were talking about the storm on march fourth when it formed over the mozambique channel this is the path there's a storm made of course it did affect not only mozambique them allowing several you know we're talking over seven days ago went back into the mozambique channel then made landfall right at the area one of the worst places it could make landfall of course it made landfall also at high tide and it was just a very strong category two storm when it did make landfall so this is what we do
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expect to see over the next few days heavy rainfall across the region as we did mentions today as we go towards tomorrow we do expect to see more of the same across that area in terms of rain let's put this into motion for you we can we're going to be staying here on tuesday i think we know we can't go there we go we're going for to wednesday and we do see that the rain is pushing up a little bit more towards the north and terms of accumulation over the next few days well we do expect to see two hundred to three hundred millimeters more of rain across much of that central area mozambique as we go towards the northern part of mozambique it could be even higher we're talking anywhere between four hundred to potentially five hundred millimeters of rain across that region over the next few days so this is going to be a huge problem for much of this area of course we're talking a lot of roads are out. it is difficult to get in here because of the flooding situation kevin thank you very much for that. well after mozambique cyclon a diabetic zimbabwe isolating thousands of people one of the burying the dead as
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thousands wait for relief supplies communities have begun digging mass graves at least ninety eight people were killed across the country and more than two hundred a missing aid agencies say several roadways have been destroyed making it hard to reach those who need tell. let's move on to other news now new zealand's prime minister has paid tribute to the fifty people killed in the christ church mosque attacks in the first parliamentary session since friday's mass shooting just ask the public to remember the victims' names and deny the shooting suspect the notoriety he seeks she also promised justice for the families he will face the full force of the law in new zealand the families of the fall and will have justice he sought many things from his act of tear but one was no surprise. and this is why you will never hear me mention his name. he is a terrorist he is
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a criminal he is an extremist but he will when i speak be nameless has gone out of our correspondent way in hey he's joining us live from christchurch we have heard so much from prime minister our daryn over the past three days away but this was the first parliamentary session the first time she talked to nor makers about their responsibility now. yes that's right this was an emotional speech from the prime minister in parliament the first sitting of parliament in fact since the attack in christchurch on friday she spent most of the time understandably talking about the victims the family members and the wider muslim community and the need for new zealanders to support the muslim community's rights around the country but she did talk about some of the key issues that she is very keen to pursue that came out of this attack one of course is the change in gun laws which we will know more about according to her
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within the next six days before the next cabinet meeting and the other one is social media of the social media companies which she says particularly facebook and not doing enough because this attack of the gunman live streamed the attack on facebook that video was then shared many times right around the world and that decision by the prime minister to criticize the social media companies call for them to take more action is being echoed now by big business in new zealand we have some of new zealand's largest companies withdrawing advertising from facebook and now a new zealand three large telecommunications companies have written an open letter to twitter facebook and google calling on them to take action they are saying that they urgently need to find a solution to the problem of things like what we saw on friday this gunman's attack
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being live streamed on social media and videos being uploaded and shared so certainly it seems the prime minister wants this issue to be pursued and she has the backing of big business now in new zealand all of that happening in the public arena wayne we're now hearing and private that some bodies being released to family . yes it's been a long haul for those family members of the people who were killed in the mosques there has been some criticism some concern among some of those family members that this process of returning the bodies to them has simply taken too long there is confirmation that six bodies have left the hospital have been returned to the family members so some of those funerals will be able to starts immediately really and all the autopsies all fifty have now being completed so that will certainly be welcomed by the family members the prime minister had said that she hoped that that
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process of returning the bodies would be completed by wednesday well it's late tuesday now so it appears that that process is well underway we're also hearing that the mosques will be reopened in the coming days when thank you very much for that for now that's wayne hay with all the nations live in christchurch thank you. to the u.s. now where prosecutors are looking into how the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft got the green light from america's aviation regulator a subpoena for emails and other correspondence involving the jet's development has been issued by a federal grand jury investigators have found similarities between last week's question ethiopia and another in indonesia five months ago both involved seven three seven max eight planes mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . well the justice department investigation is virtually unprecedented in fact there's only been one occasion before in u.s. aviation history where this type of criminal proceeding has been launched in the
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wake of an accident now what the justice department is looking at in particular is the certification process of these boeing seven three seven maxes and the role that the federal aviation authority if they did or didn't play in the certification process now it's significant that the subpoena was issued by the federal jury of the day after the crash in ethiopia however this was a coincidence the investigation had been ongoing it's taken since that particular day for news of the investigation to emerge boeing's chief executive officer has issued a statement on these accidents saying only that boeing remains committed to safety it is carrying out its own investigations but he does not address the issue of a justice department investigation an investigation that will not only look at boeing's procedures but is also likely to look at the relationship between the
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federal aviation authority and boeing with regard to these safety procedures the british prime minister is set to hold crisis talks with her cabinet on tuesday after her break that plan suffered another setback the speaker of the house of parliament has ruled that she can only hold a third voice on her deal to leave the e.u. if that's fundamentally different from the previous one and has been rejected by m.p.'s twice john holl has more from london. but it may be a little while yet before we have a precise idea of how this is all going to turn out no doubt it's a major blow to the government's hopes of holding a third vote on trees amaze briggs it deal this week perhaps at all much will depend on what happens i think at the european union council meeting at the end of this week will for instance reason may turn up there and as she's now mandated to do by parliament as a result of the vote last week ask for an extension to the brakes a deadline and
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a long one this time in the absence of an agreed deal might she be on bended knees begging for more in the way of concessions something she can contain in a letter suffix to the deal that might satisfy the speaker and allow a vote proceed next week might she dispense with both of those options and fall back on the ultimate threat of a no deal exit at the end of next week dangle that over the speaker's head and see if he changes his mind aside those options there are two issues of parliamentary procedure that seem to be possible one would be a vote in parliament to overturn this step this parliamentary procedure this precedent that goes back hundreds of years in the rule books the speaker said yes that might be possible if you can get a majority the last option is a radical one it has been done before could it be done again the pro gay ssion of parliament closing down this session of bottom of the queen would have to be involved she'd have to order it it would be reopened immediately with the queen's speech in order to be able to put the vote to a third to parliament for
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a third time in a fresh session of parliament could that happen who knows is the short answer. for the head on the boat and dutch peninsula restaurant to three people are killed on the tram but there's confusion of the motion and for hanging a refugee we're going to present themselves at the hostel the fight for justice where reports from buying a. hello again are welcome back to international weather forecasts well things are going to get very very nice across much of europe once this particular front right here goes through now it is making its way towards the east it's bring some clouds and some showers towards parts of eastern europe but take a look what we expect to see today we are going to see that system make its way still towards the east into parts of western russia as well we could see
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a mix of rain and snow from moscow temporarily getting up to about four degrees there out here towards the west though things looking quite nice right now we are seeing paris at about thirteen degrees putting this into motion as we go from tuesday to wednesday we are going to be see this area of high pressure really dominating much of central europe and this is going to stay as we go towards the end of the week as well so as you see here on wednesday a lot of sun and temperatures are actually moderating across much of the area with vienna at ten degrees burl and a beautiful day for you at about twelve degrees there now down towards the south though that is where the problems are going to be in the mediterranean we do have some storm systems across parts of algeria and that is going to be rain across much of the area over the next few days take a look the forecast map here on tuesday rain approaching algiers at thirteen degrees we do have some clouds over here towards tripoli but as we go towards wednesday we do expect those clouds to push towards egypt and twenty seven for cairo. that was sponsored by a town in. tennessee
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. my prison my freedom my life my languages my occupation. a rock and a hard to please coming. to have you with us on these are our top stories. president says more than a thousand people may have been killed. ninety percent of the port city of beta has
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been destroyed they have to clear officials have to bear and zimbabwe and. the bodies of six but the christchurch mosque attacks have been returned to their families. have been completed on the fifty seventh promise to promise that all parties will be returned to families by wednesday. and u.s. prosecutors are investigating the development of bowling seven three seven max they have been turned face with plane crashes involving the jet within five months. police in the netherlands are investigating the monks of a shooting on a tram that killed three people. launched a manhunt in the city of tricked thought he is a still investigating a possible terrorism related march of other reasons have not been voting a family dispute. has more. an empty tram on the
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corner of a junction on the outskirts of this is where a man opened fire on passengers on monday morning. and eight hour manhunt followed while residents were urged to stay inside their homes schools were closed and security was increased around mosques as heavily armed police and counterterrorism units raided several buildings in the area a photograph of the suspect shooter was released on social media by police event if i came as a thirty seven year old man born in turkey early reports by authorities pointed to a possible terrorism motive but later added that other factors could have been behind to killers action. what has happened today before going into deeper research the first indications of the facts the statements that have been made in the tracy that have been found to take into account the terrorist much of a sion the dutch prime minister mark speaking after two suspect was arrested said
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there was still some confusion about his motive but acknowledged he was known to its origins. there are many questions in rumors it is still unclear what the motives are behind this attack now predominantly there's a sense of horror and disbelief which prevails over the terrible events of today that innocent people have been taken away from their relatives in this way this shooting on the country's busy public transport has shocked people who are on the cusp of violent crime. forensic teams are working through the night to uncover what really happened here. and that means. a quarter in chechnya has sentenced a human rights defender to four years in prison after he was found guilty of drugs possession but his supporters say the charges against him a fabricated step. for more than nine hours i you kitty it was
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forced to stand in a cage in a heavily guarded courtroom to listen to the verdict relatives human rights activists and diplomats had come to shali a town near the chechen capital grozny to support him against criminal charges they've dismissed as absurd duty of was arrested early two thousand and eighteen after police say they found marianna in his car ahead of the chechen branch of russia's main human rights organisation memorial the night the drugs were his words humiliation. in this case was fabricated as you know twenty seven of our legal arguments were rejected what can i say the verdict was guilty how can it be fair the authorities in chechnya did not respond to our request to comment on t.t. of scase i think the best way to understand the circumstances of his arrest is to read a fantasy novel about unicorns fairy dust and pixies because that's that's the degree of reality that you'll see in the evidence that's been concocted against him
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today if was investigating cases of torture and extrajudicial killings at the time of his arrest he had continued the work after his predecessor natalee. was murdered ten years ago. this is not about the verdict but about the u.s. criminal prosecution about the fact that the drugs were planted and that it was impossible to prove his innocence after the drugs were planted in his car drugs were also planted in our office this means that they're ready to use any possible measures against independent human rights defender. well prosecutors had asked for a four year prison sentence the judge decided that duty of conserve his time in a so-called colony settlement which will give him some freedom i have to do your first trial a new level of hypocrisy and cynicism is a prison sentence is seen as a strong message to women rights defenders to stay away from chechnya marking a new phase in the crackdown by chechen against opposing voices. leader.
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has announced that after the trial human rights defenders will be no longer welcome here raising serious concerns about an increase of abuses in a region that has come under international scrutiny for its poor human rights record already step fasten al-jazeera chechnya algerian opposition there does a corner on the president to step down at the end of his term next month that as he's beautifully has confirmed he plans to stay in power beyond the april twenty eighth deadline but a flicker did abandon a bed for a fifth term after weeks of protest they also postponed elections and promised reforms but hasn't given a timetable for the changes. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has asked his entire cabinet to step down as he struggles to maintain control of the country has been facing off with opposition leaders on why bill for more than two months lived or declared himself venezuela's interim president in january char as
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a boy has more. the government of unequal i don't know announcing who chuckling the whole having the vice president does you know the it's also said that the president had kept the rest of nation of members of the cabinet and that he was card naming and giving information about who's going to be part of that cabinet when this is not given to quell any but that's not a has had at least for vice president since taking office but this is clearly an attempt to lean on cheap administration show the venezuelan people especially his followers of the government is trying to solve many of the problems that people in this country are facing today among them there's been an enormous power outage in venezuela for days people where without electricity without more from one of the things people struggling with hyperinflation shortages of food of medicine among other things and everything pellets that the situation is going to get the boys to peer past us sanctions have an impact in venezuela they're expected to begin the
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all of sanctions against this country later in april but we're being told that it's already having an effect i'm not sure if you can see here i am in port but i could live in the state of i'm so i think you and i can count from here at least seven or else hunkered that venezuela has not be filled with the oil that venezuela has not been able to sell in its way like trying to we've made the place of the united states has in the oil markets here but an apparently they're trying to send it to india and of course russia and succeed a lot of people outside of what we're being told that there is already what is known here is over compliance people that are afraid of buying venezuelan oil because of the consequences that something like this could have with the united states and angering their night in states in the meantime the opposition leader flung why you don't sense that he was going around the country and trying to get
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people to march towards the pilot to be applauded that's where you call out my little sidestep the presidential palace that would be massive an enormous demonstration that's what a petition you know for why you don't is trying to do when i was so totally generate more tension in that country. to colombia now where there's concern over the president's move to make changes to a special tribunal vest to go to war crimes critics say could undermine the already fragile peace process former fuck rebels. peace must be respected is the students rallying cry as they march in the fence of colombia's fledgling peace process. we are here to defend the peace tribunal that the president is trying to undermine and it's important that we speak up to save our opportunity for peace this is the second rally since president called for changes to
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a special tribunal tasked with investigating war crimes committed during the conflict i say his right wing coalition won the election promising to change a deal it sees as too lenient on fire rebels accused of atrocities but protesters feared the veto is aimed at state fling investigations into the ties between conservative politicians the military and right wing paramilitary groups during the war. critics of the legislation believe one of the problems of the accord is that it ends up equating the fighters with legal members of the military who have committed crimes however do more than shoot housing members of the security forces who have already gone before the peace tribunal believe the government should not be speaking in their name. former army mayor of one of them he's accused of murdering eight civilians in pretending they were rebel fighters to boost sticks in the war against the good of the year after five years
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in prison he was released thanks to the peace now he says the veto left him in a judicial limbo any fears going back to prison. we face the same risk a spark members who believed in this process and what message are we sending to future processes if any. you can change them or you can trust this day. more than ten thousand members of the fire curry expected to be judged by the tribunal and received lenient sentences in exchange for truth and reparations but the lack of certainty could convince some of them to pick up arms again if they missed it by just want to turn the page on the conflict and build a better country if we came this far it just doesn't make sense to go back to a debate we thought that already been resolved many mistakes have been made during the war but we need to look ahead. it took over six years of negotiations to end the fifty year conflict with five gravels but building real peace in
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a country so profoundly divided remains an uphill battle i listen to them. now a female running a refugee addressed the u.n. human rights council for the first time last week i made the catherine as part of a woman support group brought together by their trauma they began meeting in the refugee camps of cox's bazaar and body stephanie deck of reports they are much more than just a support. none of these women knew each other before they fled me and a year and a half ago now each of them is forever connected through grief. we've not identified the women at their request there is are horrific stories an amalgam unit that played a little gem and when we learned would you tell our fathers and brothers were shot our sisters and mothers raped our little children were cut into pieces and thrown into the fire beaches grabbed our children out of our arms. but they say they don't want to be seen as victims they are telling their personal stories to raise
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awareness what they want is justice i who am i but i'm now going to have you know they are who are going to be killed my husband and my son and they raped my daughter in front of me why did they humiliate us why did they cut my husband and son into pieces. the group known as shanti submitted a formal request to the international criminal court in may of last year for an investigation into allegations of genocide persecution the court is now conducting a preliminary examination into the case of the it could lead to an official investigation the women are being supported by a legal and we represent them in various forums such as the international criminal court and should other accountability mechanisms arise then we will also support them in accessing justice through those forums it's difficult to comprehend what these women have been through difficult to imagine what goes through their mind.
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but their public message is clear they're not victims they're not refugees but human beings who deserve and demand justice stephanie decker al-jazeera in cox's bazaar of southeastern bangladesh. hello again aman is a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera and leaders across southern africa have declared national disasters in the wake of sipe lone a die more than eighty people are confirmed dead in mozambique but the president says that number could be as high as a thousand the storm brought down homes and trees and cut off communities and then moved on to zimbabwe and malawi were caused more deaths and destruction. we don't have food here it's a problem we don't have anything last night we didn't eat it all the years there have been storms but not like this this year has been the worst ever washing away
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homes away cloves soaking the food leaving us with nothing but i don't know i was sleeping and i woke up because i felt like i was floating but my leg was actually in the water so i woke up my mother and we took our food and we went to look for a safe place we were able to save some food but i lost all of my school books and my clothes. the bodies of six victims of the questioners mosque attacks are now being returned to their families police say autopsies have been completed on all fifteen victims prime minister just into our dirt has promised that all bodies will be returned to families by wednesday prosecutors in the us are looking into how the bombing seven three seven max eight aircraft got the green light from america's aviation regulator a federal grand jury issued a subpoena for emails and other correspondence while the jets development investigators have found similarities between last week's crash in ethiopia and another in indonesia five months ago both involved seven three seven max eight planes britain's prime minister is said to hold crisis talks with her cabinet on
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tuesday after her break the plan suffered another setback the speaker of the lower house of parliament has ruled that tories in may can only hold a third vote on her deal to leave the e.u. if that's fundamentally different from the previous one may's deal has been rejected by m.p.'s twice police in the netherlands are investigating the motive of a shooting on a trend that killed three people when thomas is in custody after police launched a manhunt in the city of tricked dutch authorities say they're still investigating a possible terrorism related motive but other reasons haven't been ruled out including a family dispute. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us the stream is coming up next the chance for a reunion after decades of separation caused by a. one i want to use joins us. to reunite with the son she lost more than sixty years ago in the korean war on al-jazeera.
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and here in the stream today east africans poured out grief and anger on social media in the wake of the ethiopian airlines flight three zero to crash with many criticizing foreign media coverage what did you think of the reporting tell us in the you tube chat and i'll do my best to get your comments into the conversation. the. one hundred fifty seven people were killed on march tenth when flight three zero to crash shortly after takeoff from. nairobi kenya victims from.


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