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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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certainly this is a process that has to be laid out meticulously that's one that the white house is keenly aware of in fact the president has responded in the last hour or so with regard to whether he would cooperate with the request for documents he said i cooperate all the time with everybody you know the beautiful thing no collusion it's all a hoax. it was great all the time with everybody and you know. no it's all over you as you grow older it's a political hoax there's no because you know. maybe you. a little bit chaotic in there that's because the president was surrounded by college football champions obviously very happy about their win some of them were told were snickering as the president repeated what he said for many months this is all a witch all a hoax but in fact the fact that the president continues to say this is a witch hunt is exactly why the democratic chair of the house judiciary committee
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jerry navl or says he believes that it's worth investigating further he cites the fact that the president has called the moeller investigation a witch hunt the fact that he has tried to protect his former national security advisor michael flynn the fact that he has been investigated and that he fired the former f.b.i. director james comey didn't attempt to allegedly try and stop the rush of probe is all evidence to this committee that the president needs to be investigated further that's what they intend to do notably though absent from this request for documents is the president's daughter of banca tromp we speculate that maybe because she remains largely very popular in the united states the fear is that this could in some way help donald trump's reelection efforts if his family was to protest perhaps look like a victim in all of this that's something the democrats certainly do not want to do so they are calculating this very carefully this will be taking place over several
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months and through many committees all right kimberly how can live for us there in washington thank you bill. plenty more ahead on this after more than five years in an egyptian prison renowned photojournalist. finally returning home. where one of its richest regions where immigration policies thrive migrant labor is key to the economy. and later in sport a night to forget for the reigning major league soccer champions us here with that story. all that still ahead but first one hundred fifty eisel fighters defending the group's last territory in syria have surrendered to u.s. backed troops there among hundreds of people to leave the eastern village of syrian democratic forces try to liberate the town the s.d.f.
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says some myself fighters are still in but who's has more from beirut. the battle for but who is maybe coming to an end. are surrendering dozens emerge from the armed groups last pocket of territory in syria besieged and outgunned they gave up their tiny enclave along iraq's border there are others who are refusing to give up the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces who launched a final assault on the town on friday. remained in the enclave but the numbers are unclear. early monday the kurdish led for said it would slow down its advance because i saw fighters were continuing to use civilians as human shields. we are taking into consideration the possible presence of civilians who are with the terrorists who are being used as human shields or even the families of boys who are fighters who decided to stay with the terrorists. last week thousands of civilians
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were transported out of booze mainly women and children families of i saw fighters the exodus worse than what was already a humanitarian emergency the new arrivals weak hungry and tired were brought to an overcrowded camp the population of fall in north east syria is now over fifty five thousand aid agencies are overwhelmed. there are still so many new arrivals coming in and you know the aid agencies are going to the best they can but we weren't prepared for the number of that are going so we're struggling with having it. we have found forty children and separated from their parents during the journey so or have been able to reunify several of them but their needs are immense eighty one deaths have been registered many from hypothermia almost two thirds of them infants some died on the way to the camp others shortly after reaching it four years ago i saw controlled eighty eight thousand square kilometers of territory from syria to
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iraq and ruled over eight million people but it was in two thousand and seventeen when the armed group began to lose major cities in both countries in separate offensives by different players. losing booze would be a symbolic blow to the armed group but it will continue to be a security threat many fighters have slipped into iraq and others are in the desert in eastern syria. beirut. or i was going to talk more about what is happening with so many of those civilians there with the panel says he is the regional humanitarian coordinator for syria crisis at the united nations office of the coordination of humanitarian affairs he joins us now from a man in jordan thanks very much for being with us so i want to ask you first of all do you know how many civilians are still inside backhoes and whether they're being held there against their will or not
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as far as we know and what we have been told but no more civilians of this very point actually we haven't seen any civilians coming the last few days at the moment there we have no additional information of any more that may be trapped or maybe coming out do you know do you know if there are any anyone anyone from the minority who may have been captured by i saw years ago and i still in. not to our knowledge just far as we know the protection of civilians protection of vulnerable groups women children is clearly on top of our agenda in terms of the humanitarian response and of course asking everybody to ensure the protection and make sure that these are safe in the last few weeks we have seen more than says since the beginning of the year i actually have seen more than forty five thousand women and children primarily who are now in
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a whole camp the camp is absolutely over congested as we saw in the pictures but what is also extraordinary about it is the fact that more than ninety percent of the people who are in our whole calm that now are over fifty five thousand people more than ninety percent of them are women and children and this shows you really the dramatic impact we have seen in terms of the civilians fleeing out the vote loser area in the last few weeks and what are conditions currently like in the. camp these is there are the device agencies. properly equipped to to to deal with all of them it'll hold cam there is a clear of a congestion and they're really in an emergency mode receiving thousands of people imagine is like having to build a city with tens of thousands of people just overnight there is a number of united nations of finance governmental organizations in c.
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including syria and organizations who are literally working around the clock to be able to provide lifesaving assistance to people food health basic psychosocial shelter plays the roof to be able to have above their head so that is really different teams at the moment who are receiving and assisting the thousands of people of arrive in a camp that is absolutely overcome just that but still doing everything possible to host it accommodate these people who are arriving in a very poor state and in really need for support to speak with you montanus thanks very much for being with us. now the leaders of eritrea and ethiopia are in south sudan on official visit ethiopian prime minister ahmed and eritrean president he says of work arrived in juba where talks will focus on regional peace and economic ties south sudan's president salva kiir who was on another tour were cut
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short his trip to meet with the visiting leaders s'posed ethiopia and eritrea promised to play a key role in helping south sudan return to peace it will morgan has more from hard to. the visit of the prime minister ahmed and the eritrean president as i was aware to came as a surprise the president of south sudan salva kiir was touring the states in the country and he had to cut his tour short to go back to the capital juba to receive the prime minister really appear and the president of eritrea now the foreign ministry of south sudan said that some of the things that will be discussed will be bilateral relations and economic ties between if you're eritrea and south sudan but they also said that the peace deal that was signed in september last year and if you think of it so i disavow will also be discussed now that peace deal as per the e.u. the. intergovernmental authority for development which is a regional bloc and the u.n. they say that that peace deal is being slowly implemented that it's behind schedule and let's not forget that by the end of me the trying to transition period comes to
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an end the transitional period should be starting with the opposition leader of wrecked my car who is currently in khartoum returning back to south sudan to take up his seat as first vice president but there is thing the u.n. is saying the e.u. saying and the i get into government authority for development is saying that this peace deal is being flown be implemented that they are behind schedule and they need to be discussing about certain groups that have not signed the peace deal fighting has been continuing in south sudan there have been tens of thousands who have been displaced over the past two weeks over the past two months and the u.n. is saying that people are facing hunger so they are concerned about how that peace deal is being implemented and asked for their foreign affairs of south sudan that will be discussed and to find ways to implement the deal faster so that any further bloodshed and for the displaced in south sudan should be stopped it's not clear if any agreement would be reached and the i get said that they're not going to renegotiate the peace deal to try to bring on board the people who have not signed on the people who have not signed the peace deal say they do not recognize the peace deal they don't recognize the government that they will continue to fight so
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it's not clear what these talks will produce but one thing is for certain is that they will be discussing the peace deal and they will try to find ways to reduce the fighting if not and it. hopes of peace in the central african republic are under threat two militia groups are abandoning the deal after one month the peace agreement brings together fourteen armed groups who control most of central african republic latest agreement marks the eighth attempt at a formal peace deal for the country nicholas sock is live for us in dakar with the latest on this now so nicholas what do the two groups who walked out want. well it's no longer two groups it's four groups at least who are walking out of this peace peace deal and essentially what they want is to be part of the government and this was part of the deal that was signed in early february back in neighboring sudan a deal that was backed by the russians the african union's and the united nations
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and the time president took to the stage and he said history will judge severely will judge us severely if we fail in our in our plight now it seems to be an all menace speech because just weeks after that it seems more and more of those fourteen rebel groups that were involved in this peace deal are trying or are walking out of the deal what do they want they want to be part of the government that was the deal signed back in february and now out of the thirty six cabinet ministries that were reshuffled on sunday only six went to rebel groups one of the leaders in daraa says this violates the greenman it's another one. who is in charge of a large part of the northern border with chad in central african republic says this government is working bad faith it is amateurish incompetence at best and this is a real blow to the government but not just to the government who is in fact who has
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lost control of most of the territory of central african republic and has and we're talking about a territory this size bigger than france it's it's a territory rich in oil as are in diamonds gold and minerals but this is really a blow for the people of the central african republic who are suffering the most from this tussle of power that involves the government and these fourteen rebel groups them so with four with four these groups pulling out now and nicolas what are the chances that this deal will break down completely. well if it does break down it wouldn't be the first time there's been eight attempts for a peace deal in the past and they follow the same pattern they're able you know if various brokers are able to get them around the table and then they sign a deal and then a few weeks later they walk out of it it seems to be an inherent issue and the
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reason being is that the grievances that need to be addressed are not being addressed through through this through to the p.c.'s it's not just about ministries and cabinet position it's about issues that are much more at the heart of the conflict a conflict that started in two thousand and thirteen where select a rebel fighters overthrew francois busy the president and the time and the issues that needs to be the grievances are about nationality citizenship because a lot of people in banking in the capital see these rebel groups as foreigners people coming from neighboring countries from chad from south sudan or from cameroon invading their own can country so the issue of citizenship is that is at the heart of this of this conflict not only that it's the conflict between nomadic herders and the north or traders versus farmers now these are issues of the land rights for instance is an issue that's very important but needs to be addressed and
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also how we deal with former fighters who want to go back to civilian life those are all issues that were discussed in the peace deal but of course the issues that are more important for those who are dealing or leading the these factions is to be part of the government it's about power for them and so we're seeing one after the other of these rebel groups walking out again of a peace deal and at the detriment of the people of the central african republic who let's remember half of them that live on humanitarian help. just months ago the world food program was saying that we were perhaps heading towards a famine famine in the twenty first century the united nations in the event said that a humanitarian catastrophe was unfolding in the central african republic and they're the one to suffer from this deal that seems to be falling to pieces. nicholas
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hockin thanks very much all right still ahead on al-jazeera rescue teams try to reach tens of thousands of people caught off by floods across afghanistan and pakistan. in sport james harden is the rocket man as he fires houston to another when. hello there the weather is all quietening down over parts of the middle east now we are seeing one area of travis gradually working away towards the northeast seeing more cloud making its way over post turkey and syria this is given a some pretty heavy rain and some strong winds but it is gradually easing instead there just be a handful of showers across that coastline of the mediterranean as we head through the day on tuesday elsewhere in fact that will see the temperatures beginning to
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rise now we get to around twenty three degrees just to the south of us that we more cloud beginning to build on wednesday and that will take the edge of the temperatures a little bit now here in doha been quite cool particularly overnight the winds go to a bit of a bite to it but as we head through the next few days that wind's going to change so late on tuesday and overnight the winds will be coming from the east and that will draw in some farm ah there could be a little bit more in the way of cloud though so the outside chance of showers but it won't feel quite as chilly at night so lara what is malta for us will be up at twenty nine degrees but we have further south there's more in the way of wet weather here you can see it stretching for i go all the way down across parts of madagascar and here we are now seeing quite a cluster of thunderstorms develop this system is just going to nudge is way a little bit further north as we had three chews day so many of us in mozambique are looking at a pretty wet day expect some flooding. the
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president's son donald trump jr was promised damaging information about hillary clinton for allegation like to see an investigation stick the troops did the trump campaign colluding with russia did you at any time of the urge the former f.b.i. director james call me in any way shape or form to close or to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question bottle field washington on al jazeera. in germany's capital there is a barber like no other is that according to. the basra cross what you have. but as his city changes he's moving with the time. and going on the roads. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live there. that master barber of berlin this is erupting on al-jazeera.
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hello again you're watching i do see a reminder of our top stories this hour venezuela's opposition leader returns home to cheers and applause after defying a travel ban on why don't have warned of president maduro against arresting him following his tour of latin american nations to gather support for his leadership. the united states house judiciary committee issued new requests for donald trump's sons and former white house counsel investigation against the president the committee chairman says they're focused on corruption obstruction of justice and abuse of power when asked about the requests trump said no collusion. one hundred
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fifty eisel fighters defending the group's last territory in syria have surrendered to u.s. backed troops there among hundreds of people to leave the eastern village of but who's suing democratic forces trying to liberate the town. the u.s. consulate in west jerusalem has been absorbed by the new u.s. embassy to israel and the decision to turn them into a single diplomatic mission was made in october the consulate acts as a defacto u.s. embassy for palestinians or many of them consider the move a downgrade in diplomatic relations the jordanian government says israel is trying to intimidate top palestinian officials who oversee jerusalem's holy site the clerics banned from entering had been extended it comes after they defied israel and reopened a part of the compound to muslim worshipers harry force as. well lawyers for the
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islamic work for the organization which runs the alexa mosque compound known as the temple mount to jews in cooperation with the jordanian government they say that this latest action by israeli authorities by the police to bar three senior clerics from the site along with in total one hundred thirty people for various lengths of time up to several months is something that is totally unjustified and must be challenged and changed it all stems from what's been happening here in the last few weeks the decision to open an area of the site the mercy gate which had been closed since two thousand and three that was a decision by the israeli authorities at that time linked to the wish and action to disrupt the activities of a group inside the site that had been linked to hamas those a further court order in twenty seventeen in the same terms which led to the extension of that closure well the legal team for the walk says that that should never have been targeting any particular site that it should have been just about
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targeting a group and their activities and that is why it is totally right and within the authority of the works to decide to reopen that area for worship and for access to worshippers should they wish to go there it's something that has been very much celebrated by muslim worshippers at the site as a successful challenge to israeli authorities here and as far as the laws themselves are concerned they say they aren't going to challenge any of this in the israeli courts because that is not the policy of the work they see that is legitimizing israeli claims here potentially rather they are looking to jordan for further action already the jordanian jordanian government has called these actions by the israeli police intimidation. ariens are continuing to protest after the president submitted his name for a fifth term in office that's the spites abdulaziz beautifully attempt to appease them by promising electoral forms if he wins next month's vote or of the honeyed
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reports. the protests continue algerians voicing their opposition to the candidacy of incumbent president of the lassies beautifully for a fifth time the recount in the appended to verify these pictures posted on social media here in the city of goma but there have been daily demonstrations around the country ever since beautifully can nouns he will seek another term people are demanding that the constitutional court stop beautifully standing in next month's election. in response to the protests to defeat his campaign manager signaled the president will not rule full long if you wins april's election where in one year there was some in one of the doubt i pledged to organize early elections to be set up by the independent national conference i pledged not to be a candidate and that selection a compromise that failed to convince several presidential candidates have dropped
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out of the race leaving the upcoming april election in disarray. that same anger was voice on the streets of france in paris and other big cities where there are large populations of algerian descent we are all mobilizing through for example today being many speaking up against their fixed mandates but also against the system they have taken our country away from a president beautifully kept who's eighty two has used a wheelchair since suffering a stroke in twenty thirteen and is rarely seen in public many complaints the president spend most of his current term getting treatment overseas than running the country. on saturday he sacked his veteran. campaign manager possibly a tactic to calm the growing protest movement who then two hundred people including dozens of police officers have been injured so far the protests represent the
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biggest challenge to beautifully kez rule since the twenty four thousand election which was denounced by the opposition but analysts say this is different to the protests during the arab spring i don't think there is the anger and hostility against the president which you saw in egypt that he did help to heal the wounds of the civil war he has he has brought some measure of prosperity but he can't buy off the votes is because the economy is is crumbling. many of those under streets have only known beautifully as president young people who feel marginalized from public life and who now want to steer a jury in a different direction and that the. chief financial officer of chinese tech giant huawei who is facing extradition to the us is suing the canadian government when one jones lawyers say her rights were violated when she was detained and questioned in vancouver last december a lawyer say she believed she was going through
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a routine customs check china's foreign ministry believes her legal rights were violated. china's position on the case is very clear and firm the u.s. and canada have abused their bilateral extradition agreements and arbitrarily taken compulsory measures on the chinese citizen which constitutes a serious violation of the citizens' rights and interests. well meanwhile canada's prime minister is reportedly concerned about the arrests of former diplomats michael coverage and businessmen michael spann for the two canadians were both detained in china days after the arrest of huawei c.f.o. both suspects both are accused of spying and gathering sensitive information they face charges of endangering china's national security again is live for us in new york so gabriel lots of develops developments then let's start with the two canadians what is china accusing them of well china is
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basically saying that they're spies and this is important because they were detained in early december but china has not given any information up until now on what they're actually being charged with or what they were being detained for so that sort of the family and the canadian government has sort of been kept in the dark about this the whole time and now the chinese foreign ministry confirming that it is spying charges against both men but not going into any more many more details other than than that now the canadian government rejects this canadian prime minister justin trudeau spoke on monday in canada. basically said it was unfortunate that china was partaking in what he called these arbitrary detentions and also one of the men michael covert works for the international crisis group a brussels baik think tank and they put out a statement saying imploring for his release and saying that he had nothing to do
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with any sort of spying or any sort of nefarious activity while in china but basically the situation between china and canada is not deescalating it's actually escalating with these latest back and forth here between the two countries and what has been the reaction from china then that deaf or ministry spokesperson talked about about the case today what did they say. yeah we played a little bit of what she had to say there and canada is going sorry china is going back to what they've said all along they are furious and have been furious about man was detention in vancouver canada and december they say it's unfair it's just didn't violated her or her rights or detention she's the daughter of the founder of wall way one of the biggest technology companies not only in china but really the entire world the company's come under under suspicion by many countries around the
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world for perhaps spying the company spying on other countries that it that it works in but the company said no they're independent they don't do any of that but the u.s. wants to extradite her to the u.s. from canada where she could face charges or would face charges that could land her in jail for over twenty years she's fighting that extradition and that's part of the reason why she is suing the canadian government she will go to court in canada on wednesday will be her next court appearance but this is long from over her appeals process to avoid being extradited to the u.s. could go on for months or even years so this could go on for a very very long time all right gabriel is in new york thanks very much at least twenty two people have been killed when a series of tornadoes hit the u.s. state of alabama rescue teams are searching the wreckage of homes and businesses destroyed in lee county it's feared the number of dead could rise to such
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a bari has been. this is what is left of lee county in eastern alabama after several tornadoes struck on sunday the u.s. national weather service says the first tornado packed winds of up to two hundred sixty six kilometers an hour carving a path at least a kilometer wide people tried to leave the area before the tornado hit i got a doorway or my kids. wide level two more going to my mother in law as we were just trying to get out of this area right here coming up around the corner as i was making a left right up there around thirty. and then follow area right here. is pretty much just gone. the scattered debris is hampering rescue efforts in certain areas we've done everything we feel like we can do to save the area is just very very hazardous to put anybody into a just point in time debris everywhere and it is just as it has mentioned
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previously this evening just some massive damage to structures and residences in the area catastrophic is toward being used by many to describe what's happened here more than ten thousand people are without power across the state of alabama cold weather is forecast for the area after tornadoes with temperatures predicted to drop to near freezing the state governor has warned people there could be more extreme weather to come and there are tornado warning still in place in parts of alabama and the neighboring state of georgia door such a pari al-jazeera. floods in southern pakistan and afghanistan have killed at least fifty people heavy rain over the past ten days as kind of tens of thousands of them the afghan government says flooding was the worst in kandahar in at least seven years shiela bella's reports from kabul. the afghan military flying over
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flooded kandahar province on a mission to rescue one thousand people trapped by floods there's been heavy rain in afghanistan and southern pakistan for more than a week on saturday flash floods swept through towns and villages across the region we didn't just do a partner in that a disaster took place in kandahar as there's no drainage and there is little public awareness which is why so many people were affected most of the fixed people were already internally displaced and living on the river banks so they were hit harder than the others the traditional homes constructed from modern clay stood little chance as the flood waters search through rose garden. where i'm a poor man the walls of my house have been damaged my two children were injured i'm asking the government to help me by providing tents it was a city and a city and they were distributing emergency aid on the advice of the governor we made a list of three hundred ninety seven families of that two hundred fifty families had their homes fully destroyed the u.n.
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is sending teams in sitting up shelters to help the displaced i think another issue that we're dealing with is accessibility in some of the more rural areas that we're only just getting to people are quite cut off they are quite vulnerable so obviously an event like this has a big impact on. the destruction extends from kandahar through six different provinces to harass and far in the west for than five hundred homes have been damaged or destroyed as well as schools mosques and bridges in pakistan the southern province of baluchistan has been hardest hit the military rescued hundreds of families stranded by flood waters relief camps have been set up for those at high altitudes dealing with heavy snow. back in afghanistan most people were hurt as their homes collapsed around them others was swept away in the waters in kandahar those who could travel made their way from far away districts tomorrow i say hospital those who couldn't.


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