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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 360  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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that kind of hot political. element in the pantheon. and no one notion solution hold what she wants to move and then go no quote from. oh right a low low low low low low rule our lives that are going to let. a live look at a lower
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thought i had finally found the. man. you know. what. serious question and we've you know it's been doing so is her but she actually told her when she got the phone is legal to sell so yes i'm going i said just finishing
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the job the sub is to be judged on the kind of just go to school it may seem even come out how does someone see all the talent to go to a job additions to the edge of the sofa to turn to you could sell do i see give them credit because i like that present a lot of falsehood and i feel very good question the. question good usage. on this stuff. that. is tough. one. i'll settle if it's no business in seeing how much was made. public. money so i knew the. question
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you gave him an example for mitt romney and it's a simple you know it's on topic and it's kind of looking into combat. what you that you don't see crucially the bush league. coming out of. the hood the whole time should be guys no doubt. since i'm on my. cushion now. to think ok save them some will come up to do so now the issue shall see that the judge in
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a tone like the two associate who will get involved with that nash was a ticklish ellen should now be giving to my viewers who by the time she come i don't see a situation to most have picked up on bill when he gets it we'll see if it was a bad. face hoping it would be if she sees you and says. no she says it wasn't and you say you're going to close up magic will come that will be some. sleazy. of. you to make the legal. analysis.
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on. was known as either she has now the attorney general her there with her father her . hand over times or each. other so it will go how the law see who handles you. least in the hot corners of. the closers fashion without ten joining who has engine know how to shoot. too bad that you should soon only charge you.
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with a sandal had the notions i collaborated with vise china on the shorter version of this bill in publisher the largest media site in china it got over one hundred thousand hits on the first day. to various suppress the commons in response to the video where nothing like the cyber bullying she was used to. so in a chinese clothing brand reached out to theory and wanted to collaborate with clay on his new collection. invitations to appear on more t.v. shows follow soon after a very jarring. show the monk. this time they or wanted to talk about her persistence in pursuing her drinks.
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there are four of us in hanna all made how she was forging woman don't wash rio down the shows you. the guy who was your fave hung around the show. is. that i shall fire. because it was a little higher you would even you couldn't have made up made how those. wall made how. your mr allison can talk it's so easy how you fall for treasure so you need the books of the day it's huge which is why don't give up where you thought the odds are that if you always see yourself as a dog which value anyone else administration wants to run away by god thank you thank you.
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step into the unknown with central america's first ever theatrical production by actors with down syndrome. a life journey illuminated on stage each performer transformed with the raise of a curtain. witness time to love a backstage to. on a jersey or. january on al-jazeera an in-depth
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exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth. as brazil gets ready to swear in its controversial president we'll have live coverage from brasilia an award winning series showcasing hard hitting stories from the world's most populous regions. as the united states prepares for a new congress we'll examine what this will mean for the country and the world. with maybe a tram's constantly changing the listening post continues to analyze how the news is covered. january on al-jazeera. to mourn the most and initial response had been inadequate but now it was time for bible talk a little slow and the muslims now moved from merely reacting to taking action putting the western crusaders on the defensive with hindsight this is seen as a breakthrough is
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a revival of the jihad in the muslim near east the crusades an arab perspective and for so to revive at this time on a. new stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. hello i must add with the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump has arrived in germany to visit american troops on his way back from an unannounced trip to iraq the iraq journey follows growing criticism of the u.s. president's failure to visit troops in combat zones he states had just three hours
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thanking troops and defending his decision to pull out of syria but what raised some eyebrows was trump not meeting anyone from the iraqi leadership robin supports from washington d.c. . resident donald trump got a warm welcome from u.s. troops during his brief visit to iraq. we came to al assad to share our eternal gratitude for everything you do to keep america safe strong and free. accompanied by first lady maloney a trump the president shook hands with service members at an air base one hundred sixty kilometers from baghdad he posed for selfies and signed autographs including one on a make america great again campaign camp he bragged about the defeat of eisel on his watch two years ago when i became president there were a very dominant group they were very dominant today they're not so dominant anymore
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. the visit came amid continuing fallout from prompts abrupt decision to pull out all u.s. forces from syria our presence in syria was not open ended and was never intended to be permanent trump said the withdrawal from syria would be strong deliberate and orderly he also met with military commanders i think it's an opportunity for him to explain to his generals on the ground and the troops on the ground what the syria withdrawal means and most importantly hear from those generals how they plan to execute that withdraw all troops said the u.s. has no plans at all to pull out of iraq. a day earlier during a phone call with the commander of the air base in qatar trump asked about the ongoing blockade of qatar by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. together with egypt and bahrain sure how are they doing it carter how are they
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doing getting together with saudi arabia u.a.e. you know we don't track this certainly the political followings of the saudi arabian u.a.e. . qatar but i will tell you they're fantastic on this this is troops first visit to u.s. troops in a conflict zone during his twenty three months in office the visit is likely to quell critics who say he should have followed the example of his predecessors presidents bush and obama who visited troops in harm's way earlier in their terms rob reynolds al-jazeera washington russia is accusing israel of endangering two passenger planes as it hit targets in syria and choose day moscow says syrian air defenses destroyed fourteen of the sixteen israeli missiles an israeli security official has confirmed the strikes to the associated press saying they hit iranian targets indonesia has said all flights around an erupting volcano which triggered
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a tsunami on saturday on a crocodile and continues to spew columns of ash into the days after it's crazy collapsed sending waves up to five meters high along the coast at least four hundred thirty people were killed the u.n. says representatives of yemen's warring factions have achieved a breakthrough as a meeting in the key port city of her days a retired dutch general patrick has been hosting the first talks in the city between the saudi and m.r.c. backed government and to see rebels voting in sunday's presidential election in the democratic republic of congo has been postponed in three opposition strongholds until march the election commission says it delayed to the voters of affairs of violence and. one of saddam's ruling parties is calling for an investigation into the killing of protesters during a week of anti-government demonstrations members of the popular congress party say seventeen people were killed after security forces used live ammunition at the protests but rights group amnesty international says at least thirty seven
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protesters died those are the headlines more news here after the politics of population control. the democratic republic of congo is finally heading to the polls to vote yeah the lady who will be the winner of this already controversial presidential election join us for special coverage of the p.r.c. the election. al-jazeera. this is a film about women who had to abort their daughters. about men who can no longer find a wife. about girls were kidnapped for that reason. and about desperate parents.
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on the five had settled on in. i.e. only. was. one she is a province in southern china panshin don't envy my shan or parents who are searching for their daughter three year old pang she taking disappeared a month ago without a trace. at first nobody believed that something terrible could have occurred in this peaceful village where everyone knows each other with the search for her has remained fruitless. wow me. you can see out here whoa fine until you can once i think how it's all the family all the time you
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know he does. all that remains for the parents are there memories and baby photos from happier times. to to get. because the area. the country about. do you knows a lot of despairing parents he works for a relief organization throughout china there are already two hundred thousand volunteers searching for missing girls such as pan shooting.
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her there are very high in a target i felt was a few other area are in the hundreds other than what i was ago. and there's michelle employer or the general miles home of the recall. is there it's had you and he is the better young god so you know that evolvers over doesn't it to the choir room. and then child on magda has a better harder today as she holds on. there is a shortage of millions of women in the world's most populous country one hundred thirty five boys are born for every one hundred girls in some provinces of china. this is the result of an experiment that started decades ago on the other side of
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the world in the usa after world war two. it was the era of the economic miracle people in the west were doing better than ever before if not for the fear that their prosperity could soon come to an end a big concern was constantly growing populations due to medical advances especially in developing countries. affluent americans started a new movement together they wanted to curb the large numbers of children worldwide most of them were men from well known scientists. like john d. rockefeller the third they were people with influence and connections to the highest levels of the american government. their foundations continue to exist today the ford foundation the rockefeller
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foundation the population council they triggered a rising tide of fear of a population explosion that soon also spread to other countries and they formed the head of worldwide measures taken to decimate the population of the impoverished. this has been examined by matthew connelly as tory in a columbia university in new york he has researched in detail the development of does movement from its beginnings to its impact today population council saw its not just to control the rate of population growth but also to address problems in the quality of population so they have an explosive mandate to try to do something about the growth of the fertility rates among people who they thought you know would eventually take over the world if something wasn't done to reduce fertility rates across the board but especially among people who they thought would be poor parents would have even more poor children. this way of thinking also took hold in
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american politics in one thousand nine hundred sixty six u.s. president lyndon b. johnson attached conditions for receiving development aid one of them being that recipient countries must reduce their population. and. it was a time of drought and starvation in india. the president spoke on the phone with the secretary of agriculture. are on the border. of the president. but if you want to. exhibit a i don't want to get. over thirty but what are you out on the road right now i don't know but i don't know what else to get out of. here compared. to. he stopped food deliveries until indira gandhi to the
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demands. accusations were made that the west had imperialistic intentions with its population control project if. a department was founded at the united nations in nine hundred sixty nine the un f.p.a. the united nations population fund through this ostensibly neutral paff western governments channeled millions into population control in developing countries the major donors besides the united states were sweden great britain germany and switzerland. south korea was among the earliest testing grounds for population control the country was devastated after the korean war at the same time there was a baby boom with the highest birth rates in the world the united states participated in the reconstruction from the very beginning population control being high on the agenda.


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