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held within fifteen days well let's get more on this now we're joined by bill. he is a wagner fado at the washington institute for near east policy and he's joining us on skype from washington d.c. very good to have you with us on our just say i say this manual recount has not changed the outcome so will the parties that called for the recount now accept this result do you think to be with you it's actually surprising that despite may twenty fifth when the investigation into fraud allegations started the so called for investigation by the your wife your lift your commission and appoint the judges in their stead and at that time big called the investigations that resulted in the recount they called the incidence of fraud as dangerous and they agreed to this and yet here we are with the old was one hundred percent. recount the matching dollars in the elections this may mean one of two things one
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much of the prior happened before the elections due to the actual through the preterist networks of the corruption that exists on the other hand as you are you saying those don't fix it let's the rates so events on the ground with the burning of the ballots with one of the protest on the street the other three your emergency vices have created the sense that it's better to move forward rather than linger on a new election look at the misuse questions now you have raised some of the key issues and very big challenges facing the government at the moment so we'll with the results as they are do you think that mock the other has an alliance as the need be able to form the coalition that they need. to govern. so the parliamentary system in iraq. works in the fore in the sense that the
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party that wins it doesn't necessarily want the government either majority and no political party or lots of thousand and five at elections won a majority to comfortably fund the government of their own and therefore victory alone is not enough for him what the government needs a coalition so the question remains and this is mainly and into a shia question so the question that the me question within the shia house is who will be the core elements of the next government is it going to be an inclusive government what everyone is in or will it be a majority government in which we're all going where we're going to have an opposition for the first time my hunch is that this government the next government will be like the previous government a government that everyone at this point i don't know one of the political parties
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will be in the question in particular to mr snyder is that today he issued a statement threatening or giving all of the other political parties at fifteen day old to meet them to meet his shoes a forty point condition for the next prime minister so probably other parties it's damn if souther is in and if he's not because on the one hand he's a couple yeah in government and he is also a danger to join the protests on the streets and what about for the international community watching because there are so many interest in play is not the least iran but also saudi arabia the united states has seemed to be sort of an acceptable figure to all of them recently said one of the sort of regional and even wider implications of a possible father led government. so it's possible that he might be leading the big government after all he could be
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a tie breaker. if his alliance and negotiations with the other two groups that he has with led by some others have seen and the other one led by the sitting by minister. and on the one hand and today we speak with the issues on the one hand. the libel and ultimatum on the other hand also delivered in all the branches of sympathy to iran and by attacking the united states only to sing it of of causing hunger in the region so i think by playing this diplomacy he is so to win both sides play on the end. trick that he has ever since the popular movement started on one hand but also signaling to the iranians that you will be a threat to them in the hope that you might be aligned with the prime minister and
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be the cooler of the next government regardless of whether they will be the majority or in government a unity government most of all have thank you very much for your insights into this that is the law joining us live from washington d.c. thank you good to be with you. now a saying isn't bob when opposition figure has been granted bail after being charged with inciting public violence and unlawfully announcing the election results tendai biti of the movement for democratic change was arrested on thursday after being denied asylum in zambia his bail conditions include paying five thousand dollars to the court and surrendering his passport is also banned from addressing rallies on news conferences until the case is ended. it's been an ordeal but we survived. it's a key to the. muscle for africa return to strict rule of law in this case standards but we survive we live to fight another day i'm glad to be to be home and to morrow
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we because it's no issues of our own day what happened to me and why i am here with a miserable to be with. her how to toss a has the latest from her. tendai biti has been charged with breaking the electoral law he gave a press conference where he announced nelson chamisa the main opposition leader had won the elections and the zimbabwean law only electoral commission can announce results he's also been charged with causing public violence last week during protests it's alleged that he told opposition supporters to burn cars and destroy property in an allegation he denies the judge has also told him that he cannot address press conferences until the matter is finished in court the charges i think are worrisome on the face of it we will continue to follow this case closely and we will continue to insist that mr beattie's physical integrity human rights and constitutional rights in the constitution of zimbabwe are respected the main opposition m.d.c.
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alliance is just going to file papers in court to try and challenge the election results which they say were rigged they haven't done that yet they have until friday they say they have enough evidence to stop the inauguration from taking place which is scheduled on sunday but officials in the rulings on a party say they are confident whatever evidence that the opposition says they have is not strong enough they are planning ahead with the order to her sing and some presidents have confirmed they will attend the inauguration ceremony on sunday well the u.s. state department says in the aftermath of the election received reports of human rights abuses by government forces and zimbabwe we've seen a disproportionate just proportionate use of deadly force against protesters by the security forces which is a great concern of ours were concerned by those numerous reports of human rights violations sense the elections have taken place about a week and half or two ago we have received credible allegations of detentions of beating and other abuses of the people of zimbabwe particularly targeting
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opposition activists. there are plenty more ahead on the news including creation crime or chasing it police in the u.s. city of chicago accused of and trapping young black men will the force be with them the u.s. reveals its military plans to protect its assets and space i don't fault joins real madrid from chelsea and the mega money deal on transfer deadline day. malaysia's former prime minister is back in court for the next stage of his corruption case it's expected the hearing in kuala lumpur will set a trial date for on corruption and money laundering charges they relate to multibillion dollar looting of the state investment. denies the charges this goes
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well correspondent now she's joining us live from kuala lumpur and we saw him in court just over an hour ago florence what's happened so far. all of the lawyers from both sides defense lawyers and prosecution are arguing over and again this is an application made by not just lawyers his defense lawyers have asked for a gag order saying they don't want any discussion of opinion based comments on this case if you're in that it may prejudice its case and prosecutions are the prosecutors are arguing that this matter really shouldn't be a gag order on this matter seeing that it is of immense public interest not just in malaysia but also in the rest of the world with the one corruption scandal is being investigated in at least six countries now of course this case against pertains to money that he's alleged to have taken from a company called s r c international not exactly part of one n.d.
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but formally a part of one entity but this is a company that was under the finance ministry and not at the time that the offense was allegedly committed was not just the prime minister of malaysia but also the finance minister of malaysia he's facing several counts of and team of money laundering of abuse of power as well as criminal breach of trust and it all relates to some totaling about ten and a half million dollars allegedly deposited into his personal bank accounts between the months of december two thousand and fourteen and february two thousand and fifteen thank you very much for that as florence to be with the latest live in kuala lumpur thank you. well puerto rico's government has the knowledge that harken maria killed fourteen hundred people that is more than twenty times the official death toll the government made the new estimate in a report to the u.s. congress where it's asking for one hundred thirty nine billion dollars to rebuild the island castrati has more. when hurricanes irma and maria
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struck puerto rico nearly a year ago they're furious winds and waters were initially reported to have killed about a dozen people. president donald trump highlighted the number when he visited days after the storm hit. power. but trump's words would prove premature the disasters drawn out aftermath the days and months without power fresh water and working hospitals has taken many times more lives on thursday the puerto rican government acknowledged for the first time that the death toll could be twenty times the current official count of sixty four a report from the governor's office says there were one thousand four hundred twenty seven more deaths in the four months after the hurricanes the normal but as
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the cause of yacht that may or may not be attributable to the hurricanes. where me there's no doubt that they have to do. and you still need some you to use stories. keep telling you how everything their money or how they don't have any rain or how they lost their houses or your farms how they don't even have money to one who don't that they will this summer some puerto ricans are living under the same blue tarps in dealing with the electricity outages which continue to plague swaths of the island story. i feel powerless it's called powerlessness because i can't do anything puerto rico's governor has asked congress for one hundred thirty nine billion dollars in relief assistance noting that almost a year after the disaster permanent reconstruction has just begun does it get us
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the very moment if only the government had given me a little more everyone i called offered a hand but i'm still waiting. for the people of the island who are suffering and dying to help cannot come soon enough. castro al-jazeera now the u.s. plans to have what it calls a space force in two years' time it will be its first new branch of the military says line nine hundred forty seven and its primary purpose will be to defend u.s. satellites and spacecraft from attack alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . trump has been pushing for the creation of a new branch of the military for months he talks about it often that is wrongly we may even have a space force his vice president says donald trump's vision will become a reality while too often. previous administrations all but neglected the growing
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security threats emerging in space president trump stated clearly and forcefully that space is in his words a war fighting domain just like land and air and sea the new force will be used to protect u.s. satellites in space which provide vital services like communication it can also protect spy satellites which direct military operations and there is the growing commercial space market too it's not a new idea in one thousand nine hundred three president ronald reagan called for a space based missile defense system just a year after congress demanded the establishment of a new space force the defense system dubbed star wars by critics never got beyond the research phase the u.s. already has a space command this part of the air force and some see the new branch as an expensive waste in fact defense secretary jim mattis initially resisted it but just earlier this week signaled he was no on board we're in a point alignment with the president going to burn it down they are after him
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basically could be worth hearing or economy are going to have to address it as other countries capabilities what they're creating a new branch of the military needs congressional authorization and funding if republicans lose control of the house of representatives in november's midterm elections it might never happen former astronaut mark kelly says he doesn't see the point there is a threat out there but it's being handled by the u.s. air force today doesn't make sense to build a whole nother level of bureaucracy spaceports if approved would become the sixth branch of the u.s. military it would be led by a four star officer and would pull resources from other military branches. russia has a space force china's space program is run by the military and the white house will include and the billion dollar funding request for their new space force in the next budget alan fischer al-jazeera. washington. now pavan some of the poorest
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communities in the u.s. city of chicago say they're being targeted by racist police and tactic local activists say police and trapping young black men for the so-called bait truck which is packed with sportswear and then left unattended and unlocked they say the office is a creating crime rather than preventing it from chicago john hendren reports. back of the truck at all he. says as opposed to a truck. police pull over the bait truck on locked and loaded with boxes of nike shoes they look at on the side of the road in one of chicago's gritty is neighborhoods locals say sometimes the back is rolled up to reveal the one thousand shoes inside the store yard chasing crime drama great drug crime then they wait for the young men of englewood to discover on these you tube video posted by anti crime activist charles mckenzie outraged residents call that entrapment. is the basis of the baby and he probably wants the money from the streets of chicago's south side
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or among the city's most violent but neighborhood activists say the bait truck preys on poor black children tempting them to steal what they wouldn't touch of police hadn't put if there was any problem want to be like trying to make it mighty hot in the ghetto. in the ghetto this young man apparently took the bait each year across the u.s. the f.b.i. says cargo theft costs twenty seven million dollars in losses but local activists say police tactics here are racist they say there are no reports of bait trucks being parked downtown or in the affluent white neighborhoods of chicago's north side many here are now asking why now hundreds hasn't seen police officers of park a truck full of bones and mac books in a white neighborhood. wonder how many white kids actually go today and is trying to start looking into their grammar in after all the math books you know a little earlier go over there do the same b.
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and like he had to do it in his statement chicago police told al jazeera quote the operation was conducted by norfolk southern railroad police the chicago police department assisted with enforcement as necessary but i think this is. really one of the. richness of how we're going to look now at this time neighborhood activists persuade police to move the truck along. and on it goes to the next neighborhood john hendren al jazeera chicago a magnitude five point nine aftershock has shaken the indonesian island of lombok just days after sunday's earthquake that killed three hundred nineteen people the latest quake hit the northwest of the island on thursday causing panic among survivors and evacuees the government says they have been more than three hundred aftershocks. still ahead on the news how edinburgh festival
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isn't benefiting people on the city's fringes and. india battle each other as well as the weather on the cricket field peter will have the details and talk. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello there we're looking at a wet couple of days for the southern parts of china if we look at the satellite picture we can see plenty of cloud to the south of us at the moment to this is a developing feature this whole area of cloud and rain is pushing its way northward for many of us in the southern parts of china and looks wet on friday and on saturday as well some of the downpours are likely to be very heavy it could cause us a problem with flooding as well and the rain does extend across hong kong too in fact even further south will see the rains enhanced across many parts of the philippines
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particularly in the western parts of luzon a bit further towards the south and you can see the showers that we've had recently luzon obviously plenty of them bad but also further west we're seeing quite a few showers some heavy persistent rain over parts of thailand as well this is still going to stick around as we head through friday and into saturday further south a better chance of getting away with some long stretches of dry weather that includes for us in k.l. and singapore as well if we head across towards the west we can see what the monsoons doing we've had some pretty active monsoon rains over parts of northern pakistan recently we'll see a few more showers as we head through the next few days but somewhat so weather is likely over policy nepal and across the central belt of india some of the showers here very heavy as they rumble their way west there with sponsored by qatar airways . the fire burning. here people living in one room talking about passing people out for women's liberation movement freedom victories for anybody sexual assault
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continues and iconic feminist and seminal writer and we think for solution yes we need to do something well to waste on dear boy i'm not really sorry maybe his son goes head to head with jimmy i can't do anything and i'm just. trying to shore push it should see if the o.p.'s economy is growing at a faster rate than any other african country seems journalists could star in the world. here's that gives you an indication of just how close the fighting it's groundbreaking documentary debates and discussion just six months ago we were to bring people here. with the program take you on a journey around the globe. on al jazeera.
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good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories the u.n. has called for an independent investigation after assad the emraan coalition air strike hit a box full of school children and yemen's held about problems fifty people were killed saudi arabia and six the strikes hit the judgment targets. hamas the palestinian group which controls the gaza strip has told al-jazeera that a truce has been agreed with israel but israeli media suggesting that the israeli government has denied that an agreement has been breached that follows a major flare up in cross border ballance on wednesday and thursday and iraq's top election bodies has a manual recount of votes from the parliamentary election in may has confirmed that
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the alliance of the populace. that is in the lead the ballots will be counted after widespread allegations of fraud the results must now be ratified by the top courts and baghdad. a major military operation has begun in northwest liberia to crack down on criminals who've been raiding villages as estimated that more than two thousand villages in the area have been killed by gunmen since twenty eleven. reports from northwest of nigeria. digging in for a fight these soldiers are part of a one thousand member force sent to fight gunman wood laid siege to villages in northwest nigeria for more than seven years they sacked many villages looting killing and raping the criminals are forced up to forty thousand people from their homes yet despite the military operations civilians continue to seek refuge in larger towns. sanny our committee says his village was raided and you could hear my
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e. ticket are going to kill my father they walked right into israel i shot the old man there we did our cattle and camels some of my villagers were kidnapped for ransom they took our women raped and abandoned them for us to take to hospital. more than one hundred people ice committed to have been killed in the past six weeks alone survivors say their tigers showed no mercy it what i would tell my neighbor who was pregnant was shot at close range she lost the baby but she survived she's now in hospital. each day at meal time they line up their plates to be served but the quality of food has not been good an outbreak of cholera swept through some camps recently leading to several deaths but officials say it's been brought under control this camp in given can open just ten days ago and officials say already six thousand people have registered or thousands more are living with their relatives in town some say they are eager to go back home but most say they're afraid to even
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step out of town this is their villages are not saved by the army which is trying to battle so many crisis across nigeria says it can guarantee their safety i will continue to assure them of their protection as long as they are willing to go back to their localities of viciously six thousand people listen to the army's advice and returned all but more than thirty thousand others are still waiting to see if it will ever be safe enough to go back home with the release al-jazeera north-west niger. south sudan's president salva care has granted amnesty to former vice president by char and all rebel fighters involved in the five years of a war a power sharing agreement was signed earlier this week it gives care and has former deputy of a child eight months to form a transitional government south sudan's opposition has criticized the amnesty announcement saying care first needed to answer for the atrocities committed by his
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troops. the u.s. and african union have praised joseph kabila as decision not to seek a third term as president of the democratic republic of congo could be there is instead supporting close ally emanuel brothers on the show that r.t. there are concerns kabila will remain a political force behind the scenes from kinshasa catherine sawyer reports. when president joseph kabila finally made it clear that he will not be seeking reelection and hunted over the baton to. a diary it ended two years of speculation and anxiety characterized by partisan violent confrontations between police and demonstrators some of his critics like martin for you luke who wants to be president legacy is tainted. gone harmony's security the second is a big issue there is no precise. scripted to the contrary
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miller legacy is a province and. we became. the president inherited a country that was just getting out of a civil war back in two thousand and one his father had been assassinated and he was thrust in the thick of the democratic republic of congo complex politics he's credited by some for unifying a country that was divided bringing a sense of normalcy reforming the military and starting an ambitious rebuilding program went up became president well off you paid through the concerts but not at all in many other parts of the country that has changed especially the coptic people but as a means to build a world being different parts of the country some people say that what he's done is not good enough. but his advisers say he's done what he could in incredibly difficult times while doing that we are hearing all sorts of bad things
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about him but think sunshines here sunshines their. wars but came from outside to come and invade the country so while fighting the war there was still building what i've just said that music infrastructure were destroyed books airports bridges you name it. in marketplaces like this one in the heart of kinshasa people see. who's going to make their lives and more bearable on the basics and corruption jobs for their children and to feel they're living in one of the most resource rich countries in the world. i want someone to stabilize the economy so i can take my children to school feed my family and even afford to buy a house. is forty seven years old a shrewd politician many people we've talked to say whatever his legacy the fact that he's agreed not to run tom can only be
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a good thing for country that has never seen a peaceful transition of power. to argentina now with a months long debate on visualizing abortion has ended with politicians now early voting against change senators defeated the bill by thirty eight thirty one laughter debating for more than fifteen hours the proposal would have allowed abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy pro-abortion rights protesters fought police who used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the crowd. now immigration activists in the us are accusing the president of her. donald trump has been critical of the policy of family reunification which goes relatives of citizens preference for immigration now his wife's parents have been out of citizenship seemingly as a result of the same policy. reports. for years president donald trump has railed against the u.s.
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immigration system calling it flawed and in need of reform specifically trump as argued against chain migration the practice of giving preference to the families of legal immigrants who also hope to come to the united states. under their current brokenshire as a single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited number of the. relatives wonder are. we focused on the immediate family by limiting sponsorships to spouses and minor children. this vital reform is necessary not just for our economy but for our security and for the future of america but that effort by the president to end the longstanding u.s. policy known as family reunification appears not to apply to trump's own family on thursday victor and amalia canards parents of first lady malani
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a trump were officially sworn in as u.s. citizens the application the process is no different than anybody else's a pair is from slovenia where malani i was born and raised until she moved to new york the iranian who poc recy was not lost on twitter users who on thursday expressed outrage over the news pointing to the fact that the president on twitter just a week ago called for the end of chain migration program that appears to have granted his in-laws citizenship we must have border security get rid of chain lottery catch and release sanctuary cities go to merit based immigration he wrote we're glad that this administration in their family is benefiting from this but it does seem strange the timing of it and the fact that they are willing to benefit while not giving others the rest of us the opportunity to benefit from our family
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immigration system a spokesperson for the first lady refused to comment to al-jazeera saying her parents are not part of the administration and deserve privacy the subject of family reunification is a sensitive issue in the united states especially given the trumpet ministrations recent zero tolerance enforcement of illegal immigration that has even included so . rating children from their parents kimberly help at al-jazeera washington. now the edinburgh international and french festival is underway bringing together thousands of performance from around the world the events generate a huge amount of money for the local economy that is the back of a pool reports many locals and see the benefits all guns blazing for the welfare state their scarred of society austerity austerity austerity this is killing mark a play about growing up on a housing estate penned in by poverty
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a place where addiction and depression are rife is a neglected narrative one that's found a stage at the edinburgh festival but the writer of the play questions whether the festival is truly accessible to those whose lives she's depicting. we need to encourage more working class a more underclass people into the theaters and that's really tough because obviously. again money dictates access to these things that. ticket revenue is exceeded five million dollars every year the events are a feeding frenzy for local businesses the hotels the restaurants and shops it sometimes with their prices up just for the month of august and then the vibes themselves well they're often powered by an army of volunteers or low paid workers after all the show must go on beyond the fringe of real life continues this is my house the city suburb still reeling after the recent murder of a local woman edinburgh has some of the poor.


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