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is there going to be any kind of recourse is there anything palestinians can do to try and correct this and some way i think there's a lot of hopelessness in the palestinian street in israel but many civil society organizations such as myself which i work for and many other organizations as well are trying their best to hold meetings with ambassadors of sarin fine diplomats in tel aviv in order to express their concerns and also to appreciate the statements that sounded the diplomatic missions in a deal of it have expressed particular the european union has expressed its very deep concerns with regards to this bill and its implication for human rights so. hello. so what what can palestinians actually do and what would you say is their reaction now do you think. anything there there will be any kind of uprising or any kind of protest or any any any voice
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a unified voice against this. i think. so there was a protestant deal of eve quite a large presence that was joined by post a list of citizens and meaning of there going to be jewish arab partnership in israel against against racial hierarchy and against discrimination and for a real truth through partnership in this plan which i think that again as i said there's a lot of hopelessness and even some people are wondering if postilions troops continue to have presentation in the parliament i'm not sure if they are going to be large protests as there was in the past against the proverb land that was intended to displace palestinian bid ruins in the negev but definitely there is a lot of efforts from civil society organizations to reach out to the international community and to to try to gain its support. thank you so much for taking the time
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to speak to us thank you very much meanwhile israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu has welcomed this hungary and counterpart viktor our bond to jerusalem calling have a true friend of israel leaders visit has drawn criticism as has been accused of being anti semitism but netanyahu praised our ban for combat in anti semitism and thanked him for hungry spro israel stands. at this summit ism is been the scourge of the jewish people for thousands of years. it claimed horrible. tragedy was committed in the greatest tragedy of them all the holocaust in the twentieth century it must be fought continuously relentlessly on a big useless. in july hungry sponsored the statement in the un it's your condemning out to services in march you're not doing it it the renovated synagogue it was but. you said it was quote
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a moral duty the jews live without fear and practice religion freely. as accepted in egyptian proposal to end its disputed fatah and former reconciliation government it's not clear though whether fact that has also accepted the deal there dipshit proposal reportedly calls for the lifting of palestinian authority sanctions on the gaza strip in return for a number of concessions from hamas. on gaza's health ministry says one person has been killed after the israeli army far down palestinians flying burning kites and balloons across the border protesters have been sending kites carrying petrol bombs over the border fence for nearly four months now israel has threatened a military action if it doesn't stop but its child stratford reports from gaza palestinian political factions have called for further mass protests on friday. the skies over gaza have turned black with smoke from burning tires every friday for months now israeli army snipers and all the troops have killed around one hundred
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forty palestinians since the protests started in march thousands of others have been injured protests to say they'll continue to fly kites in balloons carrying petrol bombs and burning ranks across the border until israel lifts its twelve years siege of gaza israel says fires started by the protesters have destroyed flown to areas of farmland and crops this protester who insisted we hide his identity says life in gaza has become so unbearable he and his friends are determined to force change nothing or. our aim is to end the siege completely the situation in gaza is unbearable often no electricity no enough medicine and no good life employment there is no future for young people here for you simple materials like the brilliance to protest this is the palestinian. so what would it take for israel to begin to lift the siege on
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gaza and potentially and the protests some experts say the solution has a lot to do with ending rivalry between palestinian political factions israel began its land and sea blockade on gaza in two thousand and seven when hamas took control now there are some analysts say that unless there is reconciliation between hamas and fatah and a unity government useful then israel sea and the violence between hamas and israel will continue. repeated egyptian efforts to broker a reconciliation deal between hamas and fatah a failed. refusal by hand to hand control of gaza's internal security to the factor dominated palestinian authority is a main sticking point another involves paying the salaries of twenty thousand from a simple yes how much is reportedly accepted the latest egyptian proposal and he's waiting for fatah to respond we need to talk about cease fire but it still requires
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simulation election within the military society making political fundament that what it's going to form intelligent how else to be a part of the legitimate palestinian political system this is how we fight with each a finalist status. and. so he's ready politicians have called through food bloated military offensive against hamas to stop the points and balloons hamas says young promise to millions have every right to protest against the blockade using what it cools peaceful means the committee representing political factions in gaza has called on palestinians to protest the game on friday the seventeenth week in a row. and coming up this news hour from london on the anniversary of the revolution that propelled him to power nicaragua's president faces both internal and external calls to step down.
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the sound of gunfire as russian troops drive through a village in armenia the prime minister tells al-jazeera it's a provocation plus. your truth does matter. and you are not alone. the victims of the biggest sexual abuse scandal in sports receive an award for their courage in speaking out. syrian state television is reporting that ten buses have entered a village in connector province to begin ferrying rebel fighters in the north now earlier though government planes carried out more air strikes in the province to spite the opposition agreeing to evacuate the area has been the focus of an intense aerial bombardment over the past few days connector is sensitive territory because of its proximity to the israeli occupied golan heights. as director of the policy
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analysis center for research and policy studies and and he says serious military could soon turn its attention to the north. they want to see that he was the first one is that we're going to see. fighting over it blip in the north part of the country this is the main the main the only remaining opposition held territories in the countries because we have seen over the past few months there is taking control of most of the two or three that was under the control of the opposition in damascus in the south and north of homs south of hama and now the only remaining opposition have territories is it so the first scenario is that we're going to see fighting over that office but that has to. i mean there should be first of all i mean some sort of talks between the russians and the turks because turkey is the main actor in the north or i mean this could actually believe that we for the
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political solution to the crisis as you mentioned the russians might now try to put more pressure on the regime in order to start some sort of a political process over the constitution leading up to an election hundreds of iraqis have stormed an employment center in the southern city of basra in an attempt to register for work officials say they've received more than sixty thousand applications for jobs since opening the center three days ago which city has seen more than two weeks of protests over poor basic services and i unemployment here cleric other political bloc won the may elections let's call them politicians to delay forming a new government until the demands of the protesters are met. nicaragua's president's done l.-r. take as holding a rally to celebrate the thirty ninth anniversary of the revolution that puts him in charge of the country for the first time from one nine hundred thirty seven to
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one nine hundred seventy nine nicaragua was a dictatorship under the u.s. backed somoza family who was characterized by rising inequality and political corruption in one nine hundred seventy nine the same moses were violently overthrown by take a sandinista national liberation front he was leader for eleven years until one nine hundred ninety when he was voted out and since being elected again in two thousand and seven he's tightened his grip on power and stalling relatives in key posts in april social security cuts were announced then quickly dropped but protests turned into calls for take a to leave office and rights groups say at least two hundred eighty people have been killed since then. go is a senior fellow and program director at the enter american dialogue and he joins me now from washington d.c. so it seems the irony hasn't escaped so many people in the sense that ortega took
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over from what was a dictatorship and now people are calling him to step down and what he's just seen as having created its dictatorship for himself do you think it will be effective. it's really a painful situation. and is i think the pressure from the international community from the nation that suv is going to push him to say to the quiz from these how long is this going to go. continue this thing's been sort of position. to take a has been a consolidating power for years now since he was voted in he changed the kong constitution so there are no term limits on the terms he can rule he's brought as wife as fice president among other things he pretty much obliterated the opposition what have people put up with it until now what was the tipping point. the tipping point was basically
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a realisation that he practically absolute power he controlled eighty percent of congress eighty percent of the supreme court eighty percent of the election committee had monopoly of the force the army and the police had on his side the head of the police is a relative of his. he had a relationship with the private sector but there were differing abuses that he started to come out one on corruption from the head of the elections committee followed by a mishandling and mismanagement of a national reserve in the country and then the abuses regarding reducing pensions from social security for the elderly all those things came up basically to get what the pinpoint where people just were not prepared to continue accepting the level of police to control is there an opposition possibly strong or forceful i like the sandinistas were when they overthrew the somoza does
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something like that exist now. i think there is a very consoling their opposition there are student movements there are civil society organisations from different sectors the left on the right there is also the private sector agglomerated around this coalition called the civic alliance for democracy and the catholic church even they went jellicoe church is supporting change business organizations are also there is basically something of a multiclass coalition quite similar to what exists the did in the overthrow samosa the main difference is that this is a nonviolent movement and so do you see as an amazing a cemetery where the opposition is really putting itself in front of the streets to demonstrate for the resubmission of the president while the president is responding with bullets yes and given that can he really see anything changing are the
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protesters being able to convince this government can mr take out to step down or even call elections any time soon. i think the illegitimacy of the government is clear on the side of the military and his wife but the way they see it the interpretation is that they need to find a way out that is relatively. honorable a way out where they don't come out humiliated or are going to prison and they decide they decided to use repression to doubly gate to subordinate people in order for them to propose perhaps elections in two thousand and twenty and this is basically they couldn't balance of power where things stand in chile or take a will have to let go of power the question is where is he prepared to let go of the person who is prepared to die on the decision stances so that's what makes it really difficult to get a sense of whether he will resign in the next six months or negotiate
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a transition whereby he comes across as the person who led the transition but not all scott thank you very much. stay with us now for the hour still to come. in security forces an armed separatists are accused of grave abuses against residents of the country's english speaking regions. the e.u. warns member countries and businesses to prepare for the worst in case britain crashes out next year without a deal. and support the basketball fight that's ended up costing both sides more than three hundred thousand dollars. hello and welcome back as we look at weather conditions across europe we've got
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pretty unsettled conditions all the way from both warsaw eastward so some severe storms likely some longish periods of rain temperatures are average not much better than not this central area down through much of germany and then through austria towards the balkans is looking good. plenty of sunshine high temperatures further towards the west with the high temperatures also a very severe storm risk for to cross parts of france western areas and then gerry's ahead into the weekend that risk further towards the east and extending across the alpine region to u.k. looking fine twenty six in london should be fine in madrid there temperatures in the low thirty's as you move into north africa we've got fine conditions here for the most part the mediterranean breeze keeping temperatures in cart a very pleasant thirty six degrees so. thirty seven but pick up a wind from the desert so the sort of the chance we could see temperatures get up as high as forty five degrees here during the course of the weekend move towards
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central parts of africa is looking pretty lively in west africa north senegal seeing some heavy showers even i think as you move up into mauritania so the chance of say one of two big thunderstorms here. we headed to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this story with a lot of internet we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters. the pressure is on for fifteen thousand people posing an imminent threat to israel use live with this they want to hear from the top israeli diplomats hamas people not palestinian people
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going to what's known over there same thing that he does on the base are sending them to the it's a cause coalition's area when they come and attack us it's a war zone he was attacking maybe his son goes head to head with daddy and what israel is doing is deliberately choosing to slaughter house and al-jazeera. hello again here's a reminder for top stories and al-jazeera the white house says talks are underway for a meeting between president trump and the russian president vladimir putin in washington later this year the two leaders met in helsinki on monday. arab lawmakers in israel
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have expressed their fury at the passing of a controversial bill which declares israel the nation state of the jewish people critics say it legalizes discrimination. the syrian government has launched more air strikes on connector province near the israeli occupied golan heights despite the opposition agreeing to evacuee. human rights for chess accused cameron security forces an armed separatists of committing grave abuses against residents of the country's english speaking regions now the group is warning that the situation has had crisis level many in cameroons western regions feel marginalized by the french speaking government protests turned violent in the twenty sixteen after heavy handed response from the authorities even rights watch say says separatists have extorted kidnapped and killed civilians as well as prevented children from going to school while government forces are accused of killing civilians torturing suspected separatists and burning hundreds of homes
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more than one hundred eighty thousand people have been displaced by the conflict since december twenty sixth. jonathan is an emergency researcher of human rights watch and he joins us now live from new york so how bad is the situation if you had to describe it just give us a picture of what is happening there. i think right now we are at the tipping point when it comes to decide to asian india and the phone regions of cameroon this is a situation that has been brewing for two years now we have groups of armed separatists that are becoming stronger by the day receiving support from the diaspora from abroad who have a very strong sense of what they won't independence for camps for the english speaking regions of cameroon and on the other hand we have
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a government that is responding to this security situation in an extremely problematic manner using scorched earth tactics that have been pushing in fact the population towards the armed separatists towards the more extreme factions so this is really a problematic moment in the history of cameroon the elections are coming up in a few months and this is quite honestly a very worrying situation for us it is it's one of these situations that hasn't received much attention why is that why has there been pretty much very little heard about this and how has it managed to escalate to this level with so little international attention that cameroon has never been quite open to international attention or. you know a lot of journalists have tried repeatedly to get access to this country to cover
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not only this question but also security operations in the far north against boko haram and the government unfortunately has a history of being rather return to accepting you know government journalists to access these these more troubled areas of the country this is you know also a country that is known for its stability it's one that the u.s. france the u.k. have been relying upon this part of the security architecture for central africa you know this is a region that is you know you know full of countries that face extremely difficult challenges nigeria the central african republic or the republic of congo so i think it's you know it comes as a surprise for a lot of people that you know such kinds of abuses might be committed by what remains a very strong international partner for security in the region now your colleague has described and their report described this as reaching crisis levels yet saying
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that that situation could even get far worse with our far more atrocities committed and called on the international community to do something what is it that you're calling on the rest of the world to do. well i think first of all it's important for the government government of cameroon to acknowledge the difficulties it's facing and acknowledge the fact that its security forces have committed abuses if they don't do that what we're going to see is more people joining the armed opposition we're going to see this crisis entering a more protracted phase in which it becomes much more difficult to actually allow for a solution but it's important to remind everyone that you know this is a country that has been ruled by the same man for you know over thirty eight years now is running up for reelection very soon it's a country that receives military assistance from the u.s. as well as from france so you know there is a lot of leverage that the international community can in the use to force the
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government of cameroon to do these steps you know the government is able to hold its soldiers accountable they've shown that they had the willingness to do that in the in the handful of cases but in our opinion that's far from enough much more needs to be done that soldiers don't commit the atrocities that we. and the international community plays a key role in in reminding the government of its responsibilities in the face of international law jonathan pad not from human rights watch thank you autumn day slavery in rich countries is far higher than previously thought according to the latest global slavery index the report from the walk free foundation says more than forty million people across the world are living in slavery north korea the worst offender and a gallacher reports from the un headquarters in new york. forced to work against their will on any given day across the world millions of modern day slaves toil in
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fields and factories seventy percent of them are estimated to be women and children the problem isn't restricted to developing nations according to the walk free foundation researchers say despite strict laws slavery is a growing problem and the world's wealthiest nations the numbers of modern day slavery a much higher in reached developed countries like the united states like the united kingdom like my home country astray or the numbers of modern day slavery in those wealthy countries is much higher than we previously understood the study also says that north korea is the slave capital of the world and to an estimated two point six million forced laborers for this latest report fifty defectors were interviewed forty nine of them say they suffered some form of slavery either as children or adults and. the thing that sets them apart is that they don't really understand what's being done to them because they're told this is the way to live this is just how things are. on the high street to the impact of modern day slavery is
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a growing issue walk free foundation save billions in at risk goods that use forced labor of flooding the market every single thing that we buy has a positive or negative impact on a human being's life when we say the goods we buy we don't want to abuse another person in the process that's a wave that's coming and i think the business is really want to be on the right side of this report paints a shocking picture of slavery across the world its authors are urging businesses and governments to prioritize human rights and do more to address slavery and supply chains but it's ordinary consumers and those that don't live beneath the threat of slavery that could make a difference campaigners say urging those in power to do more could at least reduce the vulnerability to millions and gallacher al-jazeera at the united nations in new york. media reports from eritrea suggest troops are being withdrawn from the heavily militarized border with ethiopia the leaders of both countries signed
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a peace and friendship agreement earlier this month and during their twenty years state of war there a train embassy that is of about reopens on monday and if he or she has appointed a new ambassador to eritrea. reports from attis of about. a statement from the press agency since the move to the group of forces from the border was on october conciliation one month to full slaven goodwill between the two countries the statement also appealed to all fools who value the stability of the horn of africa region to help at a tree and if you are moved beyond senseless war and in a move. if you could be thinking about following suit and withdrawing its also from the boulder the parliament has been called from recess to discuss on friday wolfish will say. related to the peace process between the three and if you appeal to appeals also appointed on the bus and on thoughts that it was smart of his mr one to sing
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a former minister for communications and the cut of the mustard into island. i mean yes prime minister has criticised russia for carrying out a military exercise inside his country earlier this week. residents in a village called panic complained about going far as russian military vehicles drove through the russian commander later apologized and said the rounds fired were blanks russia's hundred thousands of troops based in armenia and prime minister nick called passion in has been trying to balance relations with both russia and the west but he told al-jazeera this incident was unacceptable. it was pretty cation against the armenian independence will mean a saloon to mania and a nod and buries investigation that started it and i think that who is guilty for that incident should be punished and robin forest
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a walker has more from me out of. it's important to note that nicole question and also told us that this was a provocation against russia and i mean is relationship and i think the reason he said that is because he acknowledges how important the russians are for armenia they act as a security guarantee hole here against the potential for turkey show as area aggression against all media for that reason i don't think it's the question and wants to point the finger of blame directly at the kremlin nevertheless there are concerns here tensions between the public and the russian military presence here but nevertheless legal pressure is aware of the fact that russia is very much here to stay provides an important economic lifeline to and of course military presence but he's also here recently on winning the revolution where he came to power of the mass street protests calling for big changes you know he wants to push
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through big reforms to turn this country into a liberal democracy and to take on the only goal kicking the who have connections with the with the russian state with the with the russian elite and so mr preston ends plans for me although he needs russia at the same time and not entirely compatible with the current relationship that he has with russia between caravan and moscow. you can see you up in full interview with nichol question yan on saturday july the twenty eighth at four thirty g.m.t. on talk to al-jazeera. footage showing one of the french president's top aides beating a student protester and may has triggered a fierce public backlash alexander was not on duty at the time but he was given permission to observe police operations sonic a go has the details from paris. was
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a violent attack on protest is that the man who took them isn't a police officer he's an example of an honor a former bodyguard and currently an aide to president mcconnell he was only given permission to observe the may day protest topple hosp says he was there and filmed the incident. i didn't recognize him at the time i thought i was filming an example of police brutality so i feel his face looked like he was worried about being recognized so he didn't he was beating up on the floor those in proximity to power may fall under the illusion that they actually wield it and what should have happened here is that mr benn a lot also been reported to the police but he wasn't and that's left many opposition politicians saying that it is one rule for those close to mr mcconnell has another rule for the rest. but not was suspended from the fifteen days but he was soon back working even accompanying the victorious french football team on the
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open top bus tour on monday the president has since been accused of a cover up he said little on the matter when asked by journalists on thursday really commenting that the french republic was stuck fast. and they were. leaving it instead to the prime minister to denounce banal as actions. that while he was authorized to observe he went beyond the status of the investigation will allow us to look at how and why this happened. the incident has so far reflected badly on president michael he has been careful about cultivating an image of a dynamic youthful leader but his detractors it is yet another example of a president growing increasingly out of touch with that image something i go out jazeera paris they are pinned commission has warned tate's and businesses to
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prepare for the possibility of a no deal back set in case the u.k. government fails to negotiate an agreement this morning came just before the u.k.'s breaks administered dominic robb met in negotiator michel barnier in brussels to discuss progress on the withdrawal agreement thirteen weeks left before the october zero your friend comes from during the star show time we have two things to do. we must finalize the review agreement and we are not yet there the document. we must or should prepare for political declaration and now we're pretty sure russian ship might come out today to discuss and the details.


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