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boys and their coach out continues there was a clock over when they have to get that down that is because the monsoon rains are expected to start again we've been lucky with the weather last couple days it's expected to start again in three days on sunday you see that there's still training right now trying to get that water level is low is possible now when you think about the logistics of getting these boys out yes obviously the part about training them the basics of screwed up but also there are different stages to this exit you know this is something that a situation where they're forty five kilometers in and it's not all the same terrain it's not all the same water levels will have different stages to go through so that being said if rain starts to fall again what they're planning for right now where there are chambers that aren't submerged where there could they can leave supplies that could change if there's more rainfall so they need to try this process before the conditions inside change now it's going to be very difficult for that but also when you think about bringing them out it's going to be in stages they'll probably have to rest for hours you know once they get out of the main part
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into a safe chamber once they get to that t. section they might have to rest there so it's going to be a long process to get thirteen inexperienced divers many who don't know how to swim out of there so it's going to be a very very long process and then because the rains are coming in on sunday there's really a hard deadline on this operation but right now they're still training and planning for exactly that. still ahead here on al jazeera. all right forces. now they're pushing them away i just tried to remove activists a tense standoff with moves to evict villages in the occupied west bank plus i'm tapping is a service which will provide the best medical advice and treatment to everyone every man woman and child in this country a milestone for the u.k.'s public health service which urgently needs a checkup of those stories when we come back.
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how i once again welcome to another look at the international forecast i'm seeing some rather lively showers recently into central parts of canada down towards that eastern side of the u.s. of a clutch of storms just spilling out of the canadian prairie is pushing across the northern plains and that will ease its way further east with as we go through thursday then so fair amount of warmth around thirty three celsius there for autumn we getting up to twenty nine in new york city to the four d.c. down into the southeast in kona bits and pieces of cloud right shabby right heavy downpours from time to time to be some wetter weather making its way out to texas arkansas same some of that cloud right eventually it pushes through louisiana and mississippi and it's a little further east was going on so the a reasonably high temperatures for the southeastern corner not quite as hot it's still pretty humid up tools and northeast is because through friday said twenty five twenty six for all to and also for new york similar values two for seattle he
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was fine and right pleasant sunshine coming through here not a pleasant sunshine say into the caribbean so western side of the caribbean there will be the lion's share of the heavy rain over the next couple of days some big downpours coming into nicaragua costa rica on to risk. but you brought across the eastern side of the region want to two showers there for the greater antilles. expelled from their base in jordan in the last. three billion rising in the ranks of. was this just another inevitable stamp. this is a. story. of the conflict that would cost an aside his leadership in life. chronicling the story a strong. history of around. the now deceased.
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welcome back you're with al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories u.k. police see two people critically ill in southern england have been exposed to the same nerve agent used to poison a russian spy and his daughter the man and woman the found unconscious on saturday in the town of amesbury that's near solsbury and your script poisoned in march. iran's real revolutionary guard say they're ready to carry out their presidential threat to disrupt oil exports from the gulf rouhani has warned of taking action if u.s. sanctions prevent iran from selling oil on global markets. and syria's government
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and russia have intensified their bombing campaign in southern iraq province that's according to opposition media which say strikes escalated after ceasefire talks with the rebels broke down three hundred thirty thousand people have fled their homes since the offensive began more than two weeks ago. as prime minister is defending a new law that forces supreme court judges to retire at the age of sixty five he says the country has the right to decide its own legal system the european union is warning the move. will undermine the judiciary david chase an hour from warsaw. a drumbeat of defiance was sounding as thousands of protesters converged on the supreme court it was a boisterous reception for the former chief justice. who returned her death from the first day of her in first fertile. ground of almost lost in the crowd she declared she was determined to defend the legal order of the country not to play
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politics but to bear witness to the truth but far removed from the sounds of the protest the ministry of justice was turning a deaf ear to her claims of a vacancy and told the building of a can be in there of a can they can be there as guests but vacant workers judges because they are retired. that uncompromising line was repeated by poland's prime minister when he addressed members of the european parliament in strasburg eucharistic drive each state has the right to shave their legal system according to their own traditions but with the european commission bringing legal proceedings which could land poland in the dock of the european court of justice the e.c. j many experts are predicting a compromise so i am expecting the polish government to show the respect to their opinion as well and to at least to freeze the law not to appoint new judges they're
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allowed. to decide on this issue at the moment the highest court in the land appears to be in a state of the legal limbo with neither side showing any signs of backing down. once again protesters are gathering outside the supreme court determined to defend the country's constitution and limit the growing powers of the government david chaytor al jazeera warsaw. the chairman of korean family has been at the center of a series of scandals is now in courts in seoul a really expected on an arrest warrant for sixty nine year old chu young hugo he's suspected of tax evasion and embezzlement court last month rejected a request to arrest shows wife on charges including assaulting workers chose two daughters have been at the center of temper tantrums dubbed not rage and water rage . b.c. of migration continues to cause problems for the german chancellor angela merkel
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has a parliament to support her new migration policy now vassal follows a compromise deal with her conservative coalition partners the christian social union to limit the number of asylum seeker arrivals this is merkel also needs the backing of her other coalition partners the social democrats and the european union . police have detained a woman who tried to climb the statue of liberty to protest against the u.s. president's immigration policies she was on new york's famous landmark for two hours before she was arrested the woman said she wouldn't climb down until donald trump's of ministration released all the children has detained at the border with mexico. several people have been injured after israel began to destroy a bedouin village in the occupied west bank a military exclusion zone has been established around a village on protesters put themselves in the path of the bulldozers are a force it was there. on the dusty rocky ground below the bedouin village of qana
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heavy machinery prepares the way from friday this will be a military exclusion zone a clear signal of the villages impending demolition near the threatened homes israeli security forces moved in another bulldozer had been stopped in its tracks by protesters stand off and then they started dragging people away. that was ready for the forces of the two now that bush was as they tried to remove the activists the most obvious although this is what the activists are trying to do to try to stop what is activity this seemingly imminent demolition here and they're being moved out of the way by israeli security forces was. that the treatment was marginally better for members of the media judged to have got too close. the apparent aim to allow for easier access to the area for large vehicles potentially required for the demolition of the villages one solid structure it's school. has
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lived here since his birth he says the pressure on the community has mounted drastically in recent days. we haven't been sleeping not just last night we haven't slept for two weeks since the decision came out every day they show up on the top of the hill over there they come here they scare the children in the school. going to. the village lies in the way of a long plan. expansion of the illegal israeli settlements in circling jerusalem in the occupied west bank in may the israeli supreme court ruled that qana school and homes had been built illegally in military controlled area c. and therefore could be demolished with its residents transferred to a palestinian town on jerusalem's east infringements. international community as. are we coming through one day that can be held accountable or if not it means you're pushing this region. of violence and violence and it seems
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back in. the israeli operation ground on and the scuffles continued to break out the palestinian red crescent society treated dozens of people injuries in the background the bulldozers moved with a sense of inevitability laying the groundwork for what now seems the imminent destruction of this community are a force that al-jazeera. in the occupied west bank. well as his former prime minister has vowed to clear his name on charges of corruption and. deny counts related to a state fund set up during his ten years in office florence louis now from kuala lumpur. was not arrived at the political high court to want to charges of corruption at criminal to trust which carry a maximum twenty year prison sentence i. outside his supporters mostly from the political party who wants that child to three nights a. month and he's the former prime minister and party leader has done
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a lot for malaysians now that he's facing such trying times i've come here to lend my support to him and his family malaysia's former prime minister pleaded not guilty and off to be released on bail set the case against him is a political vendetta. i expected this this is what the new government wants if this is a price i have to pay for my twenty four years of service to the nation and its people i'm willing to pay that price but i hope and pray that the court process will be fair and in accordance with the rule of law i believe in my innocence this is the best chance i have to clear my name. the court set bail at two hundred fifty thousand dollars and ordered not to surrender his passport he's accused of using his position as finance minister and prime minister to enrich himself with public funds and transferring ten million dollars into his bank account in two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and fifty prosecutors say the money came from s.r.c.
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international a former subsidiary of the state investment fund one m d b this case is part of a larger investigation involving one for which not jim and his associates are alleged to have a four and a half billion dollars let me state the obvious maybe just the word want to be when everybody uses the word want him to be. it's a it's a shorthand. statement to describe what happened over four five years so there were discrete separate transactions. or for firewood or for five year period it would just be in the public domain the fraud scandal is also being investigated in several countries including the us the initial investigation into this case started several years ago but stalled when one ship was prime minister allegations of a cover up have been made since the new government came into power in may it has made recovering money stolen from one and a top priority not jobs trial will likely started next year he's the first person
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linked to the scandal to be prosecuted and is ugh likely to be the last florence lee. and on thursday the u.k.'s n.h.s. the national health service celebrates its seventieth anniversary guarantees free access treatment regardless of a person's income or status and became a model much should model run the world paul brennan looks at its evolution from the postwar period to today. the national health service was nothing short of a revolution it provided universal health care for britain's post-war population and funded it through a system of tax and national insurance by nine hundred forty five all three main political parties was supporting the concept art is a service which will provide the best medical advice of treatment to everyone every man woman and child in this culture but when the left wing labor party swept to power in the one nine hundred forty five election it fell to the young health
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minister an hour and bevan to take on the task of making the n.h.s. a reality in the face of bitter opposition from the medical establishment and despite britain's postwar financial hardships bevan's n.h.s. was established in one nine hundred forty eight in one thousand forty eight it was post-war with all the russian ing the challenges facing the n.h.s. were very different infectious disease was really the biggest killer in those days because we had tuberculosis we had all sorts of other infectious diseases so you won't be surprised if you see many warts which were built back in those days they would have been designed in a very different way secondly cardiovascular disease and cancer. the prevalence of that was obviously the big challenges facing the n.h.s. then. the n.h.s. changed british society to myra lean and eileen were among the thousands of women
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whose n.h.s. careers in the one nine hundred fifty s. and sixty's gave them not just employment but advancement and they were on the front line the n.h.s. continuously improved patients chances of surviving and recovering when i was doing my general training if one had their appendix out to be in for ten days. now. the next matter the next day when i work in any. definitely american series we didn't get down in the hospital now sally says more and more and that's made a difference today the n.h.s. is the fifth biggest employer in the world now offers more than two thousand three hundred different surgical treatments and treats a million patients every thirty six hours trish bonds has previously had an n.h.s. heart bypass and is today recovering from a hip joint surgery all i can say really is i'm just full of praise for more than
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everything a.j. faurisson and the country needs you continue the n.h.s. but in an era of tight budgets the n.h.s. is struggling to cope with the costs of an increasingly elderly population and increasingly expensive treatment options the medical need is clear but if the n.h.s. celebrates its seventieth year its future is less clear paul brennan al-jazeera london. time is running out to save the great barrier reef that's the warning from australia's climate council its latest report says coral bleaching could happen every two years by twenty thirty four to two rising sea temperatures the council says that rate of bleaching will continuously set back the recovery of the reef global warming has led to more frequent and longer heat waves in the world's oceans ecologists a damage to the reef may be irreversible they've noticed a drop in the diversity of fish species and the number of young fish settling on the reef martin rice is acting chief executive of the climate council he says the
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bleaching is very worrying. when we look back in one nine hundred eighty s. we'd see a return of coral bleaching at twenty seven years because of a change in cause i'm an intensification of climate change and warming surface temperatures we're seeing that return every six years now so when we look at the great barrier reef ahead to the future and lastly urgently and deep rooted you see greenhouse gas pollution levels and we could actually see a return of late ching of the two years that's effectively going to sign. a new lease reset larch. this is al jazeera these are your headlines so far u.k. police say two people critically ill in southern england have been exposed to the same nerve agent used to poison
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a russian spy and his daughter the man and woman were found unconscious on saturday in the town of amesbury that's near seoul spree and you'll be a script will poison the market. on monday the second of july due to concerns over the symptoms but if the man and the woman would display samples from both patients we said support down the burra tree for analysis. following the details analysis of those samples we can confirm that the man and woman have been exposed to the nerve agent. which has been identified as the same agent that contaminated both and so case. iran's revolutionary guard say they're ready to carry out the president's threat to disrupt oil exports from the gulf rouhani has warned of taking action if u.s. sanctions for twenty one from selling oil on the global markets the syrian government and russia have intensified their bombing campaign in southern province that's according to opposition media which strikes escalated after ceasefire talks
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with the rebels broke down three hundred thirty thousand people have fled their homes since the offensive began more than two weeks ago. food supplies and medical treatment helping build up the strength of the football team trapped in a cave in northern thailand for twelve days rescuers are working out how to get the twelve boys and their coach out including a crash course in scuba diving tying navy seals are using a chamber about seven hundred meters into the cave complex to base their rescue operation but every rain is expected in the next few days and that could slow down progress. poland's prime minister is defending a new law that forces supreme court judges to retire at the age of sixty five hundreds of people supported the chief justice as she defied retirement and returned to work the government says the changes are needed to reform an inefficient legal system. the chairman of korean air whose family has been at the center of a series of scandals is now in court in seoul a ruling is expected on an arrest warrant for sixty nine year old cho ho more news
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in the half an hour i will see you very soon. bradway when this idea popped into your pocket when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief goal. of again inequality in society today or if you join the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bringing you to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to be the speakers for change join the clovelly conversation on out to zero. in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o.
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has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since. the little. expelled from jordan and then never been on the p.l.o. seem to be running out of options. forced into a corner its leader yasser arafat's soon found himself in gauged in a fratricidal fight for the control of the p.l.o. and for his life. with the withdrawal of the bulk of its forces from beirut the p.l.o. was in limbo once again few out of countries wanted to welcome thousands of palestinian fighters for the first time the p.l.o.
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is existence in exile would be without the military force that had characterized it stays in jordan and lebanon. the price of defeat in beirut soon appeared before artifact the weakened p.l.o. leader found himself under attack from palestinian leaders within the p.l.o. and even from within his own father factions. the critics said artifact style of leadership was too autocratic and they accused him of abandoning the revolution by evacuating beirut and seeking a negotiated settlement. yes i offered to lead to any argument that you have to set up yes that arafat wants to abandon the struggle we want to continue but he came to damascus and attempted a coup in fattal to kill the revolution which we want to preserve arafat has sold out because he is no longer interested in the revolution. syria which had always wished to make the p.l.o. subservient to its will sought to exploit fats vulnerability.
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every defeat has a price and the part of the price was the split at the time syria tried to settle a score with the p.l.o. leadership that's what transpired was a syrian attempt to dominate palestinian decision later that should direct syrian intervention or through serious palestinian tool that was met with there is a lot defense of independence of palestinian decision making. the syrian intervention found the third child breeding ground of differences and power struggles with them further. and you have a medal for the s.s.e. if you shut up that it was. out of our birds a direct responsibility for that split in the p.l.o. there were two choices that arafat's made the choice that there exist in swirls futile. palestinian opponents start a fight for breakaway groups splitting from out of its main front the faction one group called itself fatah intifada syria and libya were only too willing to support
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the rebels. the tensions within the p.l.o. were rising the battle lines of a fratricidal struggle were beginning to appear. and. let it affect them at objectively speaking in the beginning the demands made to arafat's were just demands and possible to realize i presented them to him he said he could accept them but he distrusted the intentions of his opponents and i conveyed his acceptance to fatah intifada it was very obvious that they had no intention to arrive at an understanding i was convinced of there was a conspiracy and the other split serve the interest of certain our countries it was a joint syria libyan decision. hona but that that that was what. we called for a dialogue to resolve the differences between both wings of fact that was rejected
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by arafat's components in fact to happen to. what they thought they could take complete control of fact. and the other hand artifacts fact that was initially receptive to our proposal. arafat's arch rival abu nidal quickly allied himself with the anti out of fat faction. in april of one nine hundred eighty three at a meeting in portugal the abu nidal organization assassinated by some subtle we three leading p.l.o. moderate and artifact representatives who had been negotiating with israeli. alf's . israeli leadership on peres also in attendance was left alone are. enough to. a. week or so i thought was assassin later on i saw him in tunis and i asked him why he hadn't also shot that is he said he's ordered to kill some power we only saw one day i hope to write an article about abu nidal and some thought i
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would call it who is a traitor the murderer or the victim the victim was innocent and honorable a man who knew where his people's interests lay but the murderer was a tool and a traitor abu nidal discredited the palestinian cause in the eyes of the world when in one thousand nine hundred five two of his european cells attacked rome and vienna airports killing eighteen and wounding a hundred and forty people. a cia document at the time claimed that abu nidal had not attacked a single israeli target back here. in june one thousand nine hundred three when it was syria declared on a shuttle persona non-grata and expelled him from damascus the break was cemented. so what's going on now. as you see you have to go there on the air and just have a go said it's going to. do you mean exactly as a point. that. there were you know i am very. i have
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a meeting here after having the thing i really want meeting with no. and with everything and the president here you have to leave it there. but. i respect that but you have to wait and see. i think the command. going on now anything is going in an extent way ok ok thank you. fema back. food. bias to be out of cut it out either the minute i say do it out to be a bus. but the minute a minute than. what the new book the studio.
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with very much on the. face so what if. but no one can harm fatah fatah is very strong and no one can harm its leadership or unity we cannot be dictated to it would be very easy to get on a plane and go and surrender to syrian president. i assure you if i did that both problems on the factions would vanish but we are against this for the sake of our people and the dignity of this movement and this model kind of he said. half as our last side had grand strategic calculations he viewed the palestinian issue as his to god and preserve there is no such thing as the independence of palestinian decision making in the syrian lexicon. syria's foreign minister once told me so have you had a palestine something syria. in july nine hundred eighty three fighting broke out in the bekaa valley in lebanon between pro and anti artifact forces on
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a fact now faced an armed revolt against his authority by process elements within the p.l.o. . i thought loyalists who had found their way back to lebanon were besieged by the syrian army and its palestinian allies in the city of tripoli in north lebanon. in a daring errancy journey from his new headquarters into the out of that managed to slip into tripoli in disguise and join. pro series palestinians responded immediately. i mean most tell us all the daddy if you yeah well that the body and the heavy it in for this teeny. the heavy it in. one of the. what do you find the now. as.
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well. why did he well. soon enough see why shaaban finest cluny human. the defense of tripoli was led by artifacts deputies. that are known as abu jihad it's so they met that over the city and decision this is he rejected the description of the ongoing battle as a purely palestinian affair you're seeing this out of what's think is that it's the bank from the syrian army you see your car look you can follow it it's. just the ferry was to defeat coming from the city i'm not a museum to them and they had to. sit in command but as you see. on a fox opponents kept up that tax claim they had the support among palestinians in the occupied territory of us and to me listen to me about that and what we can see that yasser arafat used to be
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a symbol for our people but the people are beginning to gradually see the truth and realize what is happening to this person who was interested as a fighter for the independence of palestinian decision making is now abusing his position to make. such claims were not borne out by facts on the ground palestinians in the west bank in gaza rallied around on a fact who expressed the philosophical view of the ongoing conflict you have to understand what the meaning of the war is a loud voice for fun to see. the loud voice of politics was taking a heavy toll on the residents of tripoli. faced with mounting pressure to end the conflict saudi arabia's foreign minister traveled to damascus and announced an agreement had been reached and hostilities and evacuating out of us forces from tripoli we have. reached an agreement. here
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based on the two principles that. refill these principles with a. preventing. any destruction of the city of of tripoli and stop the fighting between the factions to fully and call for the withdrawal of of armed forces at a syrian un forces out of tripoli well these principles have been enunciated in this. in this document. the united nations made arrangements for a lot of thought and for thousands of his fighters to depart the coast and lebanese city on board five greek ships. following his second expulsion from lebanon on a fact once more defined the enforced xx.


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