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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 157  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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and if he boos why doesn't i love dylan delusional provide tools. discrimination don't work kiddie cleavers poor four dollars for a shitty forces don't leave or you. have a clue suki version the truth or to tell ya to do a problem in reverse to tell your boss who will know how to do get two kisses from feel cool ditto remember christian remember press popular you stream us from if you go mental or. want to model or. prescription i know we're going to see to treat me like you but to say i was born in poverty. to just a few different. women suck on a community shot and clean the lawn and street is only one of us from the band's.
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name lives opus on party me sonny pastor still teaching of any religious community you don't believe what you detest going to see nazi germany thing garrulity truly be are a stocky bird a minimal very first and i find it tastes similar civvy lead to discrimination in the up of town called the plane was made in lima by some similar priefer team in a paradox sixty one made in our new movie today closing very own bruises community but gave up tied comarca at bar and bizarre the most strident political voice on identity and immigration at the national front led by marrying look pan she was beaten by sixty six percent to thirty three percent by emmanuel micron and the twenty seven thousand presidential elections before in the devonian fison citizens on the one kisser. compo brain economy is so short there's only who are actual
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confronting it was she. in a security could see generals in a secure into the center. but it didn't cost river in a security. hole ski figure was only affects young boys on the home if you want to force it on the fans respected and well respected fundamental civil society forces . of a doctor to sort of fell on the bone or it will suffer off. expect the national front may have got to the presidential runoff but it still only has eight m.p.'s elected on their platform of limiting immigration and stopping the so-called islamisation of france that's a sentiment give him a ticket to ride on and says it's a little featurette and if you're john of a dramatic great experience.
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it too much to trickle down that. they are me i mean malicious if i think of well i can just run for the record just before the option on the ground i can join as i am for early on when jerry except i think i'm second i've been well to our view for court tomorrow and some we for expect election children may not be. the friends city suburbs get quite negative coverage in many mainstream news outlets. these are from looked long and l'express. more and is a broadsheet newspaper. i met one of its senior journalists rafael back in the former editor of its monthly diplomatique edition a land rush to get their views on media coverage of the suburbs. other folk are in the lamby lab s. what mill. at the division will. i. will
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express because do jani. with dorothy. jani which have does a walk in the she is slim young fit. for the washing. work but still. why just come on pond you. come on paul. while on the first get your heart. and moan the year i look is wrong they're bad for you there's emerged only one. they didn't have is in the show that it was
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during. the film and what your keyboard. in this room. only. and she and the father. when i built about the phoenix people from the washing. machine. i said to raphael at the media often criticized bostic my time is in the suburbs and reporting them in a very negative way they said we have. the fed said this with others at the top of the net effect you know the president barely ferric. the elegiac venue supportively. the top. five then you know
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i've been pretty there are only the you don't the super high person. but if. i stay off prosecutor committed. may only suppose that i could be a serial was moved yeah there is a bit of a caterpillar in the bone you're. not the source of what will initiate an elaborate been. from. here. young. and i don't wish any of it will mostly meaningless you didn't show. we friends even into mentioning. we don't often see martha hamill have been in between the shit and tom morton in most tell a few minutes of in the r.v. and. me. that we are beyond the fee. is there
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at the. thought of him i asked if you mean one would employ an arab from this about our woman wearing a headscarf patch and she wanted to. enjoy minister have a car while. fast prospects a horrible problem. and the families are all numb to pop but that's part of what. would. be if it has it on to see it has a how. i would like us to be. the al-jazeera production team on our l'express interviews but they both declined their request. picking up on what alan greste said it seems to me that the legacy of colonialism place a bit part in the debate about what it means to be french.
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what's the relationship between mainstream french culture history and identity and the sections of the population descended from immigrants from the former french colonies in africa. this seem to me to be two separate francaise and that the one does not really want to accept the other. i decided to bring together a few young french people from different intellectual political and ethnic backgrounds to debate the key issues around french identity. something to go back to the whole point of.
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view if you can move your issue through we feel good enough before you can get to that i'm a totally. focus was because of the feel of the steelers experience it was it good for the next dog owner to be good to talk to him before what was the mission of the c three of the boulders of absorbtion would have been going to consume sutured you dumb a cow those are. all folks to. come on here. but luckily upon crewmen of us constantly of course depicts the tediousness number that we are up of the it is these two are going up exactly the harmonic really like you look local government you don't go there you are most of those people who
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thinks it's going to be going to do to the market is busy with the city received it . in the course of the move by some members of a business meeting a deal was done to put on notice it rippling on and they're going to think it was enough of them have to defect to littleton that when you really did the last act google would you kill just because one of us is kinda stuck up over the new pins lists a good looking man your commutes to fit. who don't want to know many good men what just really are if you don't get it defies bit of them on the moment he joined what is to fit to talk to tony just. to talk a lot ok that is what you measure me to kick in that i meet in the know because if it was doing stupid systematic not fully circle best interest of s.s. is going to. go soon fast i am just on. you know i'm
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a shock to the. core part of the going to be. she didn't like. us i'm not just that. it was about us would also end up with me sitting of a bucket of what i got off to reveal no one looks at you but to his replies in. bold you don't you think that's. conditioned of all this is. revealed to you too because if not then if left us. the security of the ship still said. this would it put that on board you know i ask mine and if she would accept as president. that's a difficult. for
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a republican though it goes. with the. record but maybe you don't know we said it is a living. legacy. france has been looking at how to address the social and economic problems of its population and the city's suburbs since they were developed in the way rejected by president emmanuel mccraw in may twenty eighth reportedly for being too costly. microbe also suggested that the future of these areas my book leave depend on the people who live there. what was clear to me in making this film was that although many in trunks the need to address the problems of the suburbs they seemed no real commitment in central government to find any lost in solutions.
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when i was a kid. who for me was a pleasure and. we want they always found the ball to play with a toll in the living room. five to pick out one playa who's made the difference to me g.i. outs or a boy is it the big farm or some who can make things up and people can make things change you know thank you football tuireann brahimi on al-jazeera world.
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welcome back a look at the weather across the americas this time so as we look at the weather across north america you can see we've got an area of clad across the upper midwest and through into the canadian perry so some showers are likely here too in the course of thursday the eastern seaboard is all looking fine much of the west is also looking pretty reasonable for the brain of the rockies but no big deal and then as i move the forecast on see that system begins to move further towards the south and a certain official could be a wet day at times of heavy rain but with us southerly flow is still looking pretty warm that washington d.c. in the upper twenty's meanwhile down in the caribbean region you see there's still a fair amount of cloud across cuba and towards the bahamas but otherwise jenny weather conditions not looking too bad despite the cloud the still be enough sunshine for light is a concern to make there with highs of thirty two through central america still plenty of rain is looking pretty wet at the moment and that rainy stan southwards once you get further north you can turn potential in mexico looks fine plenty of
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sunshine but mexico city could see the old shower so heading down into south america we've got some heavy showers still across venezuela northern parts of brazil and towards ecuador and colombia further south we've also got a weather front just affecting southern parts of cells or rio could be closed it stands for the chance of showers in the mice and temperature of twenty five. a year is passed since the start of the blockade. qantas foreign minister talks to al-jazeera about the impact of the crisis on regional politics. and how his country is coping with.
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al-jazeera. swear every. big story it's generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why i'm guy. with the listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. logs the whole rahman you're watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the iraqi parliament orders a full recount of its may election which led to a victory for shia leader there are other. the president of the origin time
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football association apologizes for canceling a friendly match with israel citing safety concerns also bigger arguments trying to stop a government crackdown by staging a national strike plus. to each of you and to the muslims around the world ramadan will bark u.s. president bill trump marks the muslim holy month of ramadan with an if. our dinner at the white house will tell you why some people are protesting outside the event. welcome to the program iraq's parliament has ordered a manual recount of every vote cast in last month's elections that comes the day after prime minister. said there had been serious violations parliament also approved the cancellation of overseas votes and those of displaced people in some
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provinces and it sank to the election commission charles stratford reports from baghdad. allegations of voter fraud have been mounting since the may the twelfth parliamentary elections but no one expected this iraq's parliament voted for a total manual recount of all ballots across the country and to cancel results gathered strew the electronic voting system that was used in the poll there are fears for the political stability of the country if the recount is vastly different to the original result and. i believe we are about to witness much changing dynamics and variables and could also be dangerous some political blocs might agitate the iraqi street and the country what plans are not restricted to the government alone there are proofs of frauds according to reports with all the warnings have been clear from prime minister hydrilla body in his weekly news conference on tuesday he banned all high ranking members of the election commission
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from traveling abroad he said a ministerial committee had found what he called dangerous violations jurong the election yet it did criminal charges might be brought against those responsible on wednesday parliament voted to freeze the work of senior election commission members nine judges will be delegated to oversee the manual recount instead. prime minister hyderabadi has blamed the electronic voting system for this crisis he says that it proves that the system was not properly tested before the vote now it's believed a manual recount across this country could take at least two weeks and that means the process of forming a new coalition government will be delayed child strafford al jazeera baghdad. farm and the farm is a lecturer in politics and international studies that the university of cambridge she says the recount is a good first step. there was a great deal of concern about the corruption and also the credibility of running
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this particular election especially as in kirkuk for example there will be a further election coming forth in december about its status and then till something like this restores confidence something like that is very difficult to conduct it's already sparked a number of demonstrations all over the country and particularly in the north so one would imagine that will continue and in fact this will prolong the process of the entire electoral not only count but the outcome therefore who is going to be politicking in order to create it the government which by the rules of the constitution is in any case a long drawn out process and at least ten people including two children are being killed from twin bombings in the capital baghdad and in the stronghold of the other side that. the bombs were detonated. in baghdad's sadr city district iraq's interior ministry called it
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a terrorist attack a new group has yet claimed responsibility. the president of argentina's football association is apologize for canceling a friendly image with israel saying players' safety was at stake palestinians have protested against the man it's being held in jerusalem if it is it will normalize israel's claim to the contested city but israelis say the palestinians are crossing a red line by politicizing the issue but it's with reports from west jerusalem. moving a friendly with argentina from the port city of haifa to the stadium in west jerusalem has turned into something of an own goal for israeli football now israeli fans won't get to see leon all messy in the rest of the squad in a present world cup warm up on the palestinian prussia argentina has pulled out the palestinian football association accused israel of politicizing the game because it ignored the anger there is over the u.s.
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decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is a government that interferes moved from haifa to start talking that this is on this event it and it was this that was stupid of israel fifty one and it said. they brought it into the so. resume. and there is a new government exists to ensure israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is reported to have phoned argentina's president to try to get him to persuade the team to change its mind or it's you know mockery here wishing the squad luck said it wasn't up to him in the knesset israel's sports and culture minister said threats against messi had we force the argentinians to cancel the friendly she lashed out at the israeli left who blamed her for moving the game one of my lead the bill. how much do we have to take how much nonsense do we have to deal with how much effort do we have to make to make ourselves undistorted why do people have to
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be side bad and loyal and have no national pride. the argentinian f.a. said security concerns that forced them to cancel the game sets you in the actions on the threats that have been made of lead us to the decision not to trouble my responsibility as president of the is to look after the health and safety of the entire delegation and in my role i made this decision i simply want to apologize to the israeli community it's not against the israeli community or the jewish community i want everyone to know this decision. it was made for world peace israel wants to normalize the idea of jerusalem as its capital in the minds of the international community trying to host an international football game here fits with that strategy but this time the plan backfired because instead everybody has been reminded of the final status of jerusalem is far from settled bernard smith outers era question whose. vote has more from one desire is. the president
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of the argentine football association said that the reason why the match was suspended in argentina and as well was due to security concerns and for world peace however for several weeks there's been concerns about the place where the match was going to happen initially it was scheduled to happen in the city of haifa and it was later on move to do neither the argentine food while association or the argentinean government wanted that match to happen in jerusalem because of the diplomatic impact it could have you know on the streets of one side if the news generated mixed reactions that they should have thought about it before were not organized to much given the conditions in the area because whenever you go it's a dangerous area and if the players are afraid you can't do much more it was a risk but it was also a commitment israel has already invested around nine million dollars on this much a million and a half has already been paid to the argentine football association so this obviously generates some conflict for now the argentine food bowl association here
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in one aside it is trying to control the damage jones incoming prime minister. has pledged to work with other parties to reach the turks rule that will suit everyone despite the promise thousands of people rallied near the prime minister's office for a seventh straight but they're angry over attacks from they say hurts the poor and middle class the sugar the report song was becoming jordan's largest protest movement in years. the protesters demands have been clear they want the government to scrap plans to raise income tax by as much as five percent some say until that happens they need to keep applying pressure on the whole in the room here because the citizens cannot take any more this is too much this was the straw that broke the camel's back through a number of shops pharmacies and hospitals went on strike but the protests were smaller than in previous days some said they wanted to see. what the jordanian
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government's next move would be. on tuesday king abdullah appointed a former economist as the new prime minister we will know it was out and we think this new government will take action therefore we have a different opinion about the strike and we will not participate but the anger is still simmering and there are fears the government won't give people relief from attacks law protestors believe will unfairly burden the poor and the middle class jordanians are struggling with rising prices and an official unemployment rate of more than eighteen percent. of the protests were given a chance to the new government give them a chance but people are not optimistic as they think it's a same as a previous government but with new faces and not with new policies. and influx of refugees from syria and iraq has strained resources in a small country that has always been heavily reliant upon foreign aid the proposed
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tax hike is part of a number of reforms requested by the international monetary fund jordan is thirty seven billion dollars in debt digging itself out of that debt and reviving the economy may mean things get worse before they get better natasha going to al-jazeera. business son is a nicaragua's capital oh calling for a national strong to pressure the government to end his violent crackdown on protesters then one hundred thirty people have been demonstrating so have died sorry since demonstrations began in april manuel repeller. at the busy minute gaggle would be undone open air market in my now while thousands of vendors and shop owners are preparing for an act of civil disobedience a majority of the small business owners say they will no longer pay taxes or utility bills until the government commits to ending the violence that's gripped the country for the last six weeks the thought of
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a long war by adding the i one we're not going to pay for electricity because that's the money the government used to pay kidnappings and killings the land ahead is owns a shop here and is one of the organizers of the action. and money will no longer be used to our own people with more than twenty thousand shops and stands the middle gather is the largest open air market in central america it generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and taxes every year it lend us says the civil disobedience is the most peaceful and efficient way to protest. action as business owners is to apply pressure in a legal way that may not declaring civil disobedience and not paying taxes. not everyone at the market is on board with the strike some vendors here blamed the demonstrators for inciting the unrest knowing it was no way i will not participate in the disobedience we.


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