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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 149  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2018 8:32pm-8:46pm +03

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people in the east have no trust in the political institutions of the worst yeah and i think this is one of the major challenges that libya's going to have to get past you know whether it's elections or we conciliation or whatever kind of political agreement you know comes out down the road having the source security institutions under control having the militias under civilian state control is one of the priorities you can't really have rule of law or any kind of stability without the kind of accountability that comes from having these state security structures under the control of a civilian state as you mentioned the egyptian led military reunification talks have been going on the last two months have had some success and they have managed to make some western and eastern elements i think that is a positive starting that saying that can be built upon it hasn't got some of the involvement of some of some of the western militias but equally we've seen within the west some of these militias that previously fought against each others in terms of arthur who are now starting to have some conciliation at
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a local level as you said though that the real challenge at the moment is that sometimes libya can almost feel like two separate countries at the moment between east and west and really it's finding a way to bridge that gap. person not convince the elections at this moment is the way to do that because actually you might just find it ceding more division and actually each faction seeking power for their own. in their group rather than for the for the cookie but i think that something can be worked towards and i think there are some some good foundations to work on salahi have been involved in all the terms post two thousand and eleven to force unity and put it to the conflict in libya why is it impossible to achieve that goal is it because of the very nature of the libyan society or is it because of regional interference. ok first if i may i want to address your guest's comment about first having to
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create an army i think this is just like he suggested that elections don't create a state an army at least our experience in the arab world and in the third world and army never creates a state it creates a new prison for the population that's the history of the arab world hastur has always insisted that the military has to rule the country for a period of years to create stability is that what we want. and besides we need security forces to secure the country but not necessarily an army not necessarily definitely not have to run his history in the area so what we need now is consensus political consensus what has delayed the consensus and this solution is real interference the egyptians him are artie's the
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saudis and the french the french got their soldiers killed fighting on the side of have today their bit there can be the last here the egyptians are bombing the hell out of libya everywhere every once in a while. every time there is a terrorist attack in egypt the iraqis have built. an airbase in marriage and they are supplying have to with with weapons that that's documented by the team of experts for the security council in every report so what we need to do is stop this interference regional interference in libya and then we may make some progress i mean i mean the. mr mccone says that there is a need for unifying libyan institutions and at the same time he brings in aggy. and his chief of staff as two separate. delegations
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each would over thirteen members and their interest and you're talking about unifying the legal institutions i see your point rhino the french president among women cronies clearly trying to inject new momentum into the french foreign policy by trying to bring all the parties a libya to go shoot a settlement does he have the stature the leverage to convince key which are not players who have been meddling into the affairs of libya. to that maddening. i think that. he had. the statue said that very very hardworking knowledgeable intelligent well respected man in the in iraq and even in the u.s. and even in russia the problem is that it's that of a difficult tough let's see if you have
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a phone since and that requires the fishes. to not difficult for you to make it's tissue soup from this acquired but if you want to trust for all the fish soup into and that cryo it will be much more difficult for you and it's exactly what happened when not stuck with you and frauds unfortunately in two thousand and eleven you started to meddle in the liver interval. and created it with the british and they thought this mess. they made efficient for not quite so now you know as the french president not fulfil. it feels a bit responsible for a huge south of drought in libya to try to do something but it's not slow difficult whereas when you have that destroyed their case that it was very bad yes sure it
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was cruel and sore but that leaves the widest the at least there was security at least you could travel from tripoli to benghazi at night nothing nothing would happen to you ok just you could not punish but the west and the folks in glutinous do not like. critical dictatorships and we can understand that but they forgot something that this father in in this part of the world of a worse that. but it because dictatorship they say on iraqi face always worse than a nike there is civil war they just we just forgot that now it would be three me extremely difficult to build a new libya because at least galaxy he was you nineteen all this strikes as a matter of fact i think it will be only one when you have tonight all this all
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this ok. and we have been activated and considerate just to do. libya has become a hub for human trafficking. broad circle groups. warlords creating huge concerns for the region for the international community and for europe then again no one seems to be willing to go. together and solve this problem yeah i mean obviously there we should mention as well of see this causes a huge problems for for the libyans themselves as well but you know i mean these are really difficult issues to solve and part of the problem as you mentioned in the migrants one with all the sort of smuggling of drugs and weapons and ideologies and extremist groups that goes on in the saddle region the problem is it's not just libya yes libya is a key part of that problem but actually to be able to solve the issues it needs help from lots of other countries it needs other countries that are bordering those two to help out and i think you know for example in libya that the south is
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a much forgotten region actually a lot of the so destabilizing impacts in terms of the smuggling routes and where some of the the weapons are you know seen a resurgence of isis recently where a lot of the migrants coming through is in the south of libya and you know they are really showing their forgotten in the political settlement in the security settlements and economically as well and i think that's the other thing that's key to to note in some of these situations they're not just security related they're not just political there's also an economic a strong economic element to all of these and actually that's becoming an engineering problem that actually to be able to destroy some of these kind of war economies actually to get rid of those vested interests is very difficult because there's a lot of people in libya and outside who actually are owning a lot of money from that the current chaos in the country and it becomes even more difficult then to to undermine those and rebuild. salam do you believe that the time is the still there for the libyans to unify the institutions the financial
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institutions build confidence and trust among themselves and try to internally come together and solve their problems or do you think it's too late and that the only way out is international intervention in a way or another now we need international help to do this definitely but it's all for a wrong to lay the blame to the international community because what it did in two thousand and eleven what we are suffering now is due to forty two years of what total to tell italian regime that's not forget that the international community interfered in two thousand and eleven and we thank them for that yes they failed in their follow up but didn't want to get involved in state building and so on but the blame squarely on get there if it's forty two years of one man rule and the situation we're in all thought it through to say that ok we're going to have to
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settle for a dictatorship or to carry a regime or the alternative is chaos no we refuse to acknowledge that we say that we have another way of doing it we deserve and we expect a democratic system i mean where we don't have to be condemned as arabs to either dictatorship or chaos as some think that somehow they are not deserving or they come out to handle it. smith thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program today. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again and its time by visiting a website. discussing go to our facebook page facebook dot com for was last a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation. about the whole team here
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by phone now.
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june on al jazeera. with media trends constantly changing the listening post continues to analyze how the news is covered it's the most widely viewed sporting event on the planet as russia prepares to host the football world cup we'll bring you stories from on and off the field from afghanistan one o one east investigates why so few girls are in school despite billions of dollars of donations one year since the imposed blockade of al-jazeera examines the political economic and human impact of the crisis and fought provoking documentaries witness brings world issues into focus through personal stories june on al-jazeera.
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getting to the heart of the matter if more stuff i can see the turkish cypriot leader calls you today says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like that of people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea here their story on talk to al-jazeera. this is. this is the news hour live from london coming up.
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israeli war planes hit targets across gaza following early a mortar attacks from the strip and israeli vessels around the palestinian boat trying to breach the sea blockade of gaza top north korean official heads to the u.s. to resurrect the proposed nuclear summit and bias training why coffee chain starbucks has closed thousands of its shops in the u.s. for a day.


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