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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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one very close aide of the prime minister what we've heard is that these four rival leaders from libya have agreed to create some sort of constitutional framework by september for libya which would then pave the way to elections later in december and now if that is the case it would be seen here in france as something of a success for call one of the aims of this meeting was to try and come up with a road roadmap which would pave the way to these elections there is no word though on whether or not the leaders agreed on some of the other points that were going to be raised at this meeting such as creating a national army and national and unifying the central bank as soon as possible but we are waiting to hear from some of the main protagonists very shortly and why is taking such a prominent role in trying to end the libya crisis. and
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there's no doubt the. has really played a very prominent role in trying to find some resolution to the instability which is plagued libya since twenty eleven since the for all of gadhafi now. point of view there are a few reasons for this and one of the main ones is the fact that any instability in libya does affect europe it is of course just across the mediterranean sea we're talking about not just the trafficking of drugs and people it is on the margaret route but also there is a real concerned about armed groups getting into europe so that is one of the big concerns about a mark or something that he wants to stop and something of course europe has wanted to stop but it seems for many years nobody has been able to find a solution the french president believes he's the person who can maybe change that that's why he's been pushing ahead but there's no doubt most on this agree that no matter what is agreed here it is very difficult to try and. find some real
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resolution to what's happening in libya when you don't have all the main players here we have four main libyan leaders but there are several factions who have boycotted this meeting because they say it doesn't represent them so how can this meeting really change realities on the ground that is ready one of the questions that will remain after this conference ok natasha butler for the time being thank you and you heard let's also mention president mcauliffe so when we hear from call as well as the other players in paris in a few moments we expect we'll cross over and bring you that press conference live right here on al-jazeera now at least three people including two police officers have been killed by a gunmen in the eastern belgian city of he opened fire on a police patrol and went on to hold a woman hostage in a nearby school before being shot dead by security forces. still ahead on al-jazeera. and scarcity
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across brazil as a trucker's strike enters its second week and its golden state against cleveland in the n.b.a. finals for a fourth time in a row. hello heavy rain is not to be unexpected in japan this time the a bit to the last couple days it's significant the sydney cloud around does it look sick to you that it will stick and i think to some degree to be a large year the cost picture in hong sure south korea there will be some rain not suggest something heavy for a time in tokyo and osaka but maybe it's starting to show itself again obviously on thursday as a line of green sticks have been sued to sudden hong shoot and the cloud still covers these tar off of south korea bill not it's far and it's increasingly warm in
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beijing in the sunshine thirty three to thirty five degrees and rather still she's not particular to sing in the middle of summer. now in china we have seen some pretty heavy damn polls over the last couple of weeks and you think from the full cost is going to be more than it should be this circulation here the darker greens just us for the heavy rain will be west of will hand. hong kong for example looks to be humid but to drive but there's a good scattering of showers and anyway i could get a decent dimple that eventually. includes shanghai south of this still plenty of moisture still plenty of potential big showers could well be around last fall sized at the diddies it but if you're on the on the job or especially if it's fine. yes.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera israel is having positions of hamas and islamic jihad in gaza this after a barrage of rockets and mortar shells were fired from the besieged strip toward southern israel the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu promised to respond to those attacks with what he called great forests the leaders of libya's factions
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have been meeting the french president in paris for talks to end the seven year political crisis the eastern based renegade general is there along with his rival the head of the un backed government in tripoli prime minister is a north korean spy chief and a senior official kim young is headed to the u.s. after stopping over in beijing he's likely to hold discussions with u.s. officials regarding a possible summit between kim jong un and donald trump. and there's the rival libyan factions trying to find a common ground that will also be the goal of an upcoming discussion between the u.s. and russia and jordan on syria's southern deescalation zone the announcement comes as washington warns of stronger measures after several troops violations in the region the deescalation zone includes that i should all where rebel factions are preparing for a possible syrian government offensive the group say such an attack would
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compromise an area that's part of the deescalation zone agreement it's for a challenge the latest from moscow. well the deescalation zone in the south western corner of syria was agreed last year last july between russia the united states and jordan it's a little bit different from other deescalation zones in syria which were agreed between russia iran and turkey this southwestern corner because of the cease fire has actually been relatively speaking fairly peaceful in the interim in the duration of this cease fire so far but there are concerns in jordan and the united states that the syrian army the syrian government forces are about march down there launch an offensive and essentially tear up this deal. last week the syrian army dropped leaflets all over the area basically telling the armed groups there to pack
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up and leave or surrender the united states has responded by saying that if there is a government offensive then washington will take firm and appropriate measures jordan believes that it has russian assurance that this ceasefire will hold the russians are saying that they have had bilateral contacts with both the united states and jordan about this and that now the scene is being set for a trilateral round of talks all three countries getting together to try and sort the crisis out as to when this is going to happen no firm date yet but the russians are saying that it should happen as soon as possible it's the strongest indication yet a summit between the u.s. president donald trump and the north korean leader may still take place kim jong un's right hand man has been seen on his way to the u.s. kim young child is the vice chairman of north korea's ruling workers' party and this andrew thomas reports from seoul there's been plenty of movement too with
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other players who are involved. with just one flight daily from pyongyang to beijing sharp eyed camera operators can watch and wait to see who steps off it's the man in the white shirt is kim yong stopping over in china before connecting on to a flight to the united states on wednesday kim yong heads north korea's into korean relations department and he's essentially the north korean leader on denuclearization talks he came to the winter olympics closing ceremony in south korea in february that events was the catalyst for the positive into korean relations since earlier this month he was at kim jong un side when u.s. secretary of state's mike pompei o visited pyongyang last saturday he was in the room when the leaders of the two koreas met for that surprise summit that he's on his way now to the u.s. probably to meet pompei again bodes well for the trump kim jong un summit so to the
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ongoing talks between the u.s. and north korean delegations happening inside the demilitarized zone this was the u.s. team leaving the seoul hotel early on tuesday morning led by an experienced south korean born u.s. diplomat soon kim their focus will be on the issues that donald trump and kim jong un would discuss trying to move from the general to the specific the u.s. delegation is staying hair and so they drove an hour north and just across the border on sunday possibly again on monday it's thought that's where they were heading again on tuesday in a phone call on monday the u.s. president and japanese prime minister agreed to meet in person. we agree to have a tapan yes summit be forward to yes north korea summit it's likely that will happen just before or after a g seven meeting in canada on the eighth of june like south korea's move. it wants to ensure his concerns are addressed in any u.s. north korea summit not just exclusive to donald trump untruthfulness al-jazeera so
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to reuters journalists detained him in amar have appeared in court accused of possessing secret government papers while owen and so could face up to fourteen years in prison if convicted they were arrested while working on an investigation into the killing of muslims and rakhine state earlier a police officer revealed the journalist's mobile phones were searched without a warrant and the men have been in custody since december a political crisis has gripped spain's prime minister mariano jorge is set to face a no confidence vote after his ruling people's party was linked to a corruption scandal parliament will vote on friday to decide whether the socialist leader petro sanchez to take over for hoyer has been under increasing pressure after a court ruled his party profited from an illegal scheme twenty nine people have been sentenced in the case including the party's former treasurer. truckers in brazil have refused to abandon industrial action despite an offer by the government
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to cut diesel prices the strike is in its second week causing shortages in fuel and some food items around the country and there are signs the crisis could deepen as oil workers threaten to join the protests. are reports from sao paulo. in brazil yet they're saying they've reached agreement in the protest is over but brasilia is a long way from here a most of the rest of brazil. at least truck drivers tens of thousands of them either haven't received the message or don't plan to heed it don't know something's going on we are not only here for the truck drivers but for all brazilians who are suffering with the rises in electricity water gas everything brazilians have to work just to survive we are not members of any political party we are the people who are suffering the most. the same the rise in the price of diesel makes it hard for them to earn a living and tempers afraid and get this used to be
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a strike now it's more than a strike brazil is realize that we can't keep going with these politicians who over the years we've seen involved in corruption bribery and scandals. the government has offered a ten percent reduction but can hardly afford the more than one of the costs a billion dollars it will have to pay the state oil company petro brass in compensation was taken many here by surprise is just how quickly a country as well developed as brazil with the seventh largest economy in the world can be brought to its knees with the economy fragile a weak government could only offer temporary partial solutions with everybody here now very well aware of how reliant we all are on a constant flow of fuel. protesting drivers have been blocking roads across brazil it means many gas stations have run out of fuel while those still have supplies attract lines of desperate motorists the. can stretch to several kilometers is. not
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the economic recovery many x. but second is happening. in illinois. brazil's economy is not weak was weak as the political movement in this country we've got a former president arrested and now have a weak president in office he has no leadership or charisma and the increase in oil and gas prices is just added to the problems that. even if all of brazil's truck drivers return to work immediately it would still take several days for the country to return to normal but the presidential elections due in october that would be a normality fruitless tension and the threat of more strikes and protests the most when there are just. two weeks after iraq's election politicians are busy forming blocks for a government politics has seats in so all forms of expression and iraqis say arts is a powerful tool for holding to account those in power both new and old a summons of aid has met
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a few of baghdad's creative minds. this is in its creativity at the workshop is canvassed and recycled. in this piece the horns represent evil and even unfair treatment and the dangling keys for the beard are twisted it's a corrupt politician he says someone who hides the solutions and continues to make iraq the suffer. today i can't work on a lot of topics while i see my country in ruin is the lack of honest politicians and missing respectable representative shows iraq's image to the world and that's unfortunate. since the us invasion which overthrew the government of saddam hussein fifteen years ago iraqis have been going through one crisis after the other but creative iraqis have continued their work despite a myriad of problems. for generations with an a b. street has attracted artists writers scholars as well as those who value creative
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works here's a run risks in iraq has had an impact on the national discourse whether it's art or media almost every form of expression has a sectarian or political tone and many here in baghdad's cultural hub are hoping that a resurgence of art and culture will bring change to the national dialogue. but a writer criticizes issues in society that his views and his artistic projection will be reflected that makes people interact with different forms of expression and that has an effect in molding people's stands for or against issues young people argue social media also needs to be included in traditional modes of communication and expression are to the powerful tool that is used to guide and influence the pulse of the iraqi street and that is apparent through many works which lead to the correction of crucial issues on the political spectrum. negative rahim uses his caricature to reflect on the shortcomings of those in power destroying depicts the hypocrisy of politicians who fight in public and are friends in private since the
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election is to weeks ago there's been a flurry of meetings between the same politicians who are calling each of their names before the vote his play on the doj on this arabic word changes the meaning from alliances to in-fighting. of my drawings became a vehicle for what is in people's hearts and minds that interaction of people transcended across social media as well as for protestors at the harir square. back in st it's time for a different mode of expression lyrics which reminded rocky's of times gone by when a carefree society focused on culture politics. down to zero like that. colombia's military says it's killed eleven the senate members of a former rebel group far in the country south the defense minister says they had been threatening politicians entrepreneurs and civilians in the conquest a region the operation comes
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a day after the first round of colombia's presidential election the government's peace deal with far has been one of the main issues. that are most of this demonstrates the renewed ability to dismantle this residual group that has brought so much pain to the area of colombia we are continuing operations in the area bernardo perez salazar is a researcher of armed conflict and peace process at the catholic university of colombia he's this puting the government's claims about the operation against fark dissidents certainly there's a clear message from the government great that day after the first round of the elections to deliver such a lethal lukens to the group which has not been clearly identified as a renegade. and they have been identified as being. extortion threats but it's not very clear. what they
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were i don't use the baby part but it's not clear in that sense was a lethal you know you don't know if that was a military operation or a land. ration but that certainly puts a high. bar for sure whether it be. or acting in the territory doing things so such as excluding business and government the world's largest now in fresh water pearl called the sleeping lion will be up for auction in the netherlands on thursday the three hundred year old pearl has been owned by some powerful and famous people over centuries sarla bellus reports. inside the star chart studio lies.


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