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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 85  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2018 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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see it and if you really want to get buy in from those communities. i mean. thank you very much indeed for your time and contribution to the program and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website. dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter and that is a.j. inside story for me has mad about on the whole team here by phone now. unpack it for us when you hear a lot when seeing whether on line or render things you're as old as they are there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on sat a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is
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a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join local oval conversation. june on al-jazeera. with media trends constantly changing belittling post continues to analyze how the news is covered it's the most widely viewed sporting event on the planet as russia prepares to host the football world cup we'll bring you stories from on and off the field from afghanistan one o one east investigates why so few girls are in school despite billions of dollars of donations one year since the imposed blockade of al-jazeera examines the political economic and human impact of the crisis unfold provoking documentaries witness brings world issues into focus through personal stories june on al-jazeera . al-jazeera as investigative unit exposes the criminal gangs fixing international
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cricket matches sixty to seventy percent that is because there is a fix here the fix bribing professional players they send beautiful goes to the players they give them houses rolex watches. cricketers good police work five children. al-jazeera investigations cricket match fixes i really felt liberated as a journalist love was getting to the truth as an eyewitness does what his job. rockets are fired from gaza into southern israel it's the biggest barrage of mortar
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shells and for years. watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also a heads north korea's former spy chief steps into the diplomatic flurry aimed at setting up a summit between his boss and the u.s. president donald trump. france hosts libya's rival factions in an attempt to resolve its crisis we're live in paris and the world's largest freshwater pearl known as the sleeping lion goes on sale. hello we begin with news from gaza several rockets and shells were fired into israel but few landed after being intercepted by israel's iron dome defense system
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is really military says at least twenty five rockets were launched towards communities in the south there have been no reports of injuries nor damage also in gaza preparations are on to break israel's eleven year long naval blockade two boats carrying several passengers including patients and students are expected to set sail from the gaza port bernard smith joining us from gaza port itself when do they set sail and what's the message they're trying to send out bernard. green any time now in the next hour or so they're supposed to set sail they've kept the identity of the boats on the rocks but we think well it's going to be this warm this is at least one of the boats they've been prepping this boat just sailed in here in the last little hour or so it's been prepped up they've even they fitted a sink on it they've taken all the lights off that you would normally. see on a fishing boat they filled it with water they got
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a new generator on it so we think this is one of the boats that's going to be used and we've also got a lot of activity with various officials behind me we're expecting this boat will list at least this boat to carry about eleven patients who need medical treatment outside gaza for students plus its crew and they're going to set sail from here and they're going to sail out into garza's mediterranean waters but what everybody knows is they are not going to get as far as israel's maritime blockade which is sixteen kilometers out to sea during the time how do we expect israel to respond because as you're saying this is not the first time that attempts have been made to break the naval blockade on gaza and israel has responded in the past. while the previous a times had been made to break the blockade of him by vessels trying to come in this happens to be the anniversary of one of the most serious of those the mavi marmara incident when a ship from turkey tried to sail in here and israeli commandos ended up killing ten
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people on board that ship but this is the first time one is actually trying to sail out israel will stop it in the last couple of weeks they've destroyed a couple of boats that were in this harbor that was suspected of being set up to make this voyage this is why this boat has been kept under wraps until now and israel will probably intercept them and that the very unlikely possibly taken to the israeli port of ashdod and from there they would be returned to gaza during ok bernard thank you for that update. now israel's leading banks are quote bankrolling illegal settlements in occupied palestinian territory according to a leading human rights group human rights watch says at least seven big banks have loan millions of dollars in loans to construction projects and building illegal settlements in the occupied west bank they're also giving financial assistance to read. local authorities to provide services like sanitation and education among
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others to israeli settlers but palestinians in the west bank don't have access to them the rights group says homebuyers in these illegal settlements are getting easy mortgages from the banks palestinian west bank residents are forbidden by military order to enter illegal settlements except as laborers with special permits said she is the israel and palestine advocacy director for human rights watch she says banks need to do more to comply with international law. israel's largest banks are providing services in and two settlements in the west bank that contribute to severe abuses settlements are a war crime it's unlawful for an occupying power to transfer its civilian population into the occupied territory and settlements also trigger severe human rights abuses such as restrictions on freedom of movement for palestinians they take place on land that has been stolen from palestinians and they also trigger
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a discriminatory regime in these cases banks are actively partnering with developers to build new homes on land that has been unlawfully seized from neighboring palestinians while residents of nearby palestinian villages can't even access their land much less build on it so israel as an occupying power has a responsibility to dismantle its settlements because they are a war crime but banks and all businesses have responsibilities to make sure their business activities do not contribute to or benefit from serious human rights abuses and we are asking these banks to fulfill those responsibilities by ceasing their activities inside settlements in what looks like the strongest indication yet it's a summit between the leaders of the united states and north korea may still be going ahead kim jong un's right hand man has been spotted on his way to the u.s. is the vice chairman of north korea's ruling workers party his considers to be a close confidant of kim jong il this andrew thomas reports from seoul there's been
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plenty of movement to with other players involved. with just one flight daily from pyongyang to beijing sharp eyed camera operators can watch and wait to see who steps off it's the man in the white shirt is kim yong troll stopping over in china before connecting onto a flight to the united states on wednesday kim yong heads north korea's into korean relations department and he's essentially the north korean leader on denuclearization talks he came to the winter olympics closing ceremony in south korea in february that events was the catalyst for the positive into korean relations since earlier this month he was at kim jong un side when u.s. secretary of state's mike pompei o visited pyongyang last saturday he was in the room when the leaders of the two koreas met for that surprise summit that he's on his way now to the u.s. probably to meet pompei again bodes well for the trump kim jong un summit so to the
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ongoing talks between the u.s. and north korean delegations happening inside the demilitarized zone this was the u.s. team leaving the seoul hotel early on tuesday morning led by an experienced south korean born u.s. diplomat soon kim their focus will be on the issues that donald trump and kim jong un would discuss trying to move from the general to the specific the u.s. delegation is staying hair and so they drove an hour north and just across the border on sunday possibly again on monday it's thought that's where they were heading again on tuesday in a phone call on monday the u.s. president and japanese prime minister agreed to meet in person. we agreed to have a tapan u.s. summit before the u.s. north korea summit and it's likely that will happen just before or after a g seven meeting in canada on the eighth of june like south korea's moon. wants to ensure his concerns are addressed in any u.s. north korea summit not just those exclusive to donald trump andrew thomas
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al-jazeera so the leaders of previous faxon's are to me. with the french president in paris for talks to end the seven year political crisis the eastern based renegade general is there along with his rival the head of the un backed government in tripoli prime minister. libya has been in a state of unrest and political instability since mama gadhafi was toppled in twenty eleven. covering the talks joining us from paris to tell us more about the aim of this meeting natasha. what the french president is trying to do is find a way out of the chaos and the political instability that has plagued libya since the fall of moammar gadhafi now he thinks that the best way to do that is by getting some of libya's main rival leaders around the table to try and agree he's hoping by the end of this meeting to some sort of roadmap towards holding elections
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by the end of this year to unifying the central bank and he also wants to see a support for a national army now he tried to do a meeting like this last year in fact he held a meeting like this last year i should say in july and at that time he invited the two main libyan leaders the main rivals the u.n. backed prime minister fires also raj and the renegade command. who's based in the east of libya he got them around the table but many people said that that meeting was an representatives because it left out many other parts had going to around the table who were who were simply not included so that's why the french president this time has decided to widen this meeting he's invited all the libyan leaders as well as representatives from the united nations various international organizations and nineteen countries who are in some way linked to libya now of the united nations has in fact been trying to put a process very much like this in place since last year is working hard on march but
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french diplomat say this isn't about trying to undermine that process but it's actually about trying to support it so like you're saying this is not the first time that france takes such an initiative when it comes to solving the libyan crisis why is france doing so and what's in it for my call. well under the french president madame r. called the country france has been very very much at the forefront of trying to push for stability in libya and that is simply because what happens in libya really often has an impact in europe just across the mediterranean in particular it is of course a major route for trafficking and migrants up through libya across the major mediterranean sea to europe and that's why leaders across europe have for some time wanted to see a solution for libya they've tried hard but in the know michael it's very much his style he's somebody who's very dynamic who thinks he can get things done and that's why he's at the forefront of this push the thing is it is fraught with risk and
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many analysts have said that it is perhaps on realistic to believe that these rival leaders will agree to elections by the end of the year and even if they do that those elections would actually happen others say that because a many of the other players in practice have been left out of this meeting because there are so many such a complex problem that in fact that they'll be many who want to disrupt anything that is greed at the end of this meeting and in the past meetings like this agreements on libya have simply failed ok and thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera colombia's military says it's killed eleven dissidents of the former rebel group the far as its place still looms large in next month's runoff vote three u.s. states are bracing for raising water from a tropical storm details in just a moment.
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by the skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. however a monsoon downpours in many parts of west near there have been from big thunderstorms all i'm off for it seems like a couple of weeks of france is no exception the french open affected by fairly regular thunderstorms as other parts of france particularly to size southern parts of the british isles as well with temperatures in the middle twenty's and humidity to the east of that weather and those thunderstorms the he's just been moving further and further north stuck ons max at twenty six and i think probably get higher ones who places of the next couple of days a sun just continues to shine miss a pretty good picture for summer as long as you avoid the flash flooding which certainly has been a result of some of these big downpours which will continue to the south those rather quieter the certainly cloud showing itself algerian to new zealand running through west inside libya received very little report of any significant dam poles
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just a few min raises here and there and attempts of course in the high twenty's or for some the low thirty's for example in eastern libya and egypt the biggest tropical downpours through tropical africa has been southern chad cameroon and running into nigeria again flash flooding is a likelihood but in the gap on the satellite picture is no reason to suppose it should be big showers to the west of that and still they extend eastwards to the ethiopian highlands. the weather sponsored by cattle and face. in the next episode of earthrise mclachlan to ensure greenpeace crew on a voyage through the window seems to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile antarctic ecosystem against an expanding list of my.


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